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  Texsport® Tent Spikes – 7'' Aluminum Spike Coleman® CPX™ Fan/Light Combo England's Stove Works Survivor Black Bear Camp Stove Kelty Nobendium II Stake Six-Pack England's Stove Works Survivor Camp Stove Bottom Savers Nite Ize® Reflective Rope Cabela's Big Horn™ III Tent Roof Protector Snow Peak Steel Head Peg Hammer Texsport® Tent Spikes - 15'' Steel Spike Gear Aid™ MiraZyme™ Odor Eliminator Sea to Summit Mosquito Shelter - Double Cabela's Instinct® Outfitter 10' x 10' Roof Protector Nite Ize® SlideLock Carabiner – Three-Pack MSR® Stake Hammer Gorilla Glue® Clear Repair Tape Gear Aid™ Tenacious Tape™ Tattoos Gorilla Glue Super Glue Nite Ize® 3" Gear Tie® Clippable Twist Tie – Two-Pack
 Texsport® Tent Spikes – 7'' Aluminum SpikeColeman® CPX™ Fan/Light ComboEngland's Stove Works Survivor Black Bear Camp StoveKelty Nobendium II Stake Six-PackEngland's Stove Works Survivor Camp Stove Bottom SaversNite Ize® Reflective RopeCabela's Big Horn™ III Tent Roof ProtectorSnow Peak Steel Head Peg HammerTexsport® Tent Spikes - 15'' Steel SpikeGear Aid™ MiraZyme™ Odor EliminatorSea to Summit Mosquito Shelter - DoubleCabela's Instinct® Outfitter 10' x 10' Roof ProtectorNite Ize® SlideLock Carabiner – Three-PackMSR® Stake HammerGorilla Glue® Clear Repair TapeGear Aid™ Tenacious Tape™ TattoosGorilla Glue Super GlueNite Ize® 3" Gear Tie® Clippable Twist Tie – Two-Pack
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Texsport® Tent Spikes – 7'' Aluminum Spike

  • Great choice for tent stake replacement or upgrade
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Replace or upgrade your tent anchoring system with Texsport Tent Spikes 7'' Aluminum Spike. Made of high-strength aluminum alloy.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Coleman® CPX™ Fan/Light Combo

    Stay cool and illuminated with this combination ceiling fan and light. The fan/light combo attaches to any tent ceiling using a magnetic plate or carabiner clip. The fan and light operate with independent controls. The fan has four bright white LED lights and one amber nightlight. The powerful fan features two airflow settings and can run up to 24 hours on high or 48 hours on low on four D batteries (not included). The fan has soft-to-touch foam blades for safety.
    Available: CPX Tent Fan w/ Light.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    England's Stove Works Survivor Black Bear Camp Stove

  • Built to deliver a lifetime's worth of camp cooking and warmth
  • 224 sq. in. of cooking space accommodates big meals
  • 1.8-cu.-ft. firebox delivers warmth for up to a 14-ft. x 16-ft. space
  • Door gasket, circular draft and air redirect controls fire's burn rate
  • HexaTech firebox delivers six-hour burn times with one load
  • Built to deliver a lifetime's worth of camp cooking and warmth, England's Stove Works Survivor Black Bear Camp Stove is a perfect addition to your outdoor adventures. If you want bacon, eggs and pancakes all at once, it has 224 sq. in. of cooking space to accommodate big meals. Surface temperatures can reach up to 700°F for faster cooking times. As a heater, the 1.8-cu.-ft. HexaTech™ firebox delivers wood-burning warmth up to a 14-ft. x 16-ft. space, and this special hexagonal firebox creates burn times that last up to six hours with one load. The stove comes equipped with a door gasket, circular draft and air redirect for efficient control over the fire's burn rate and temperature. Strong metal legs remove and fit inside the stove for easy storage during transport. Made of heavy-duty American steel. Easy assembly. Pipe kit sold separately. Made in USA.
    19.25"L x 17"W x 25.4"H.
    Wt: 49 lbs.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Kelty Nobendium II Stake Six-Pack

    Ultralight, super-strong Nobendium stakes help secure your tent on almost any terrain. Crafted of high-strength aluminum with a hexagonal shape, they have a long tapered point that makes staking easy. Per 6.
    Length: 7".
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    England's Stove Works Survivor Camp Stove Bottom Savers

  • Protect your firebox from extreme heat
  • Increases your stove’s life
  • Protect your value investment with England's Stove Works Survivor Camp Stove Bottom Savers. They place a barrier between the fire and the firebox to prevent damage, resulting in a longer stove life. Made in USA.
    • Small – 16"L x 7"W x 3"H. Fit Cub Camp Stove (Per each).
    • Medium – 16"L x 7"W x 3"H. Fit Black Bear Camp Stove (Per 2).
    • Large – 24"L x 11"W x 4"H. Fit Grizzly Camp Stove (Per 2).

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Nite Ize® Reflective Rope

    Ever tripped over your campsite's tie-downs in the dark? Using Nite Ize Reflective Rope, you'll see these hazards before you end up in the dirt. Made of 2.44mm nylon, this strong rope features a woven-in strip that reflects brightly when a flashlight shines on it. Perfect as a tent guy line, tying up tarps and shelters, or anywhere where rope visibility will add to your safety. Imported.
    Length: 50 ft.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Cabela's Big Horn™ III Tent Roof Protector

    This flame- and spark-resistant panel connects with side-lock buckles to the roof of the tent. It helps prevent camp stove sparks from damaging the tent material on the roof, adding to the service life of your tent. Imported.

    hi YouTube welcome to the Emporium my name is Michael today we're looking at the Cabala's Bighorn 3 tent which have just purchased for hunting season. This year for general camping as well I've just served up in my garden. Ijust as a make sure. All the components are there. Ialways do this I've been burned twice before by taking stuff straight out. And having missing pieces. And it's not a fun experience so. Ialways always test stuff somewhere close to home. Or in my garden if possible it's just a much safer way to be so. It set up I've done. Some measurements so. Ican actually outfit the tent correctly so. Ijust want to show. That looks inside so. Ihaven't fully staked out the tent as yeah I've just staked out. One side of you can see. How wide all the windows open as well. Some details five cents. These kind of cut trays organizers it's very high can't. Even reach the top even hold my small tripod out so watch almost every video there is on YouTube regarding this tent. Ithink it's hard to portray the size quite effectively. One thing I did not realize is there isn't a Dorothea far-end. Ithought was actually yeah. Both ends was this is a G fixed on. This side this has a window. And here's the stove pipe as well. And there's four windows in total so. What I'm going to do is actually just lay down a tape measure. And give you the exact sizes of the inside so the tent is a stretched out hexagon which gives. It lots of room inside the narrowest part it's 8 foot across provides easy access in.

    And out of the tent along the widest part that's 12 feet so. It does stretch out quite a bit. This provides great room for cots. Or seats whatever you want to put in there. And then this the overall length which is 13 foot 8 so again. It goes quite a ways back quite comfortable for a number of people stovepipe is a five-inch hole a six. And a half so the highest point in the tent is right in the center. And that's eight foot seven. It is quite cavernous it's a quite the ceiling it's far too high to hang. Anything from there. And there is nothing to hang from that's. One thing I did notice so the other end of the ridge line is seven foot three. And that's easy to walk underneath. And at the showers point on. One of the sides it's five foot three but doesn't seem to hinder. You stand gap I can still stand pretty close to so. All the space is usable so think this tent is actually an eight man ten.

    Ithink you'd have to stack people pretty tight in here to get eight people. Ithink with hunting equipment in the wintertime. You could probably get three people in comfortably think. One across this side here. One across opposite the stove. One down the other side maybe. One in the center but. Ithink with all the paraphernalia. That goes along with winter camping and hunting I think. It would be a tight squeeze but three cots would be my max in here ideally two guys. This would be palatial with a wood stove. All the wood that goes with. It as well then obviously. You got to consider. Idon't see you'd only be too close to the stove. They heat up and cause the hot. And cold overtime so that's a consideration for sure I'm very happy so far with the quality of what I've seen the stitching's good there's no loose threads it's taped.

    All looks good there's lots of equipment. That comes with the tennis world lots of steak slots the ropes of tying out for extra strength obviously. This is a four season tent it's got to be able to take things like snow loading and your high winds etc but my first impressions without actually using this for real so far so good, but we'll we'll see. What the it comes with the weather so look out for more videos on the Cabala's big corn 3/10 I'll be posting more videos as. Iused ten and give. You feedback as we go forward of in a couple of weeks. And years so until next time take care. And as always thank. You very much for watching if.

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    Snow Peak Steel Head Peg Hammer

    Easily drive in a Snow Peak Solid Stake, or any tent stake for that matter, using this peg hammer. Its forged steel peg offers unprecedented strength for getting stakes into rocky, tough ground. Shaped, knurled oak handle makes for a tighter, more secure grip. Black electro-depositing coating on steel. Safety strap. Imported.
    Weight: 1.4 lbs.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Texsport® Tent Spikes - 15'' Steel Spike

  • Great choice for tent-stake replacement or upgrade
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Replace or upgrade your tent anchoring system with Texsport 15" tent spikes. Steel spike tent stakes feature a high-impact polypropylene top with a thread-through wrap design.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Gear Aid™ MiraZyme™ Odor Eliminator

  • Fragrance-free solution does not mask odors
  • All-natural biodegradeable blend of microbes
  • Penetrates into fabric pores to safely remove odors
  • Destroy smelly odors before they become noticeable with Gear Aid's MiraZyme Odor Eliminator. The all-natural biodegradeable solution uses a blend of microbes to penetrate into the pores of fabric and safely remove odors, including those associated with mold, mildew, bacteria and algae. Fragrance free and safe for use on pets, tents, training gear, synthetics, footwear and more.
    Size: 2 fl. oz.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Chances are over time your gear is gonna start to stink. That be your fleece. That you've been wearing to the campfire. Or the tent you put away. It was still wet after a rainy camping trip. That backpack that smells like wilderness well. We have a solution for you. It smears I'm this is our enzyme based odor eliminator it's. All natural and it's biodegradable so it's going to be safe to use on. All of your gear it's a concentrated formula. You can use as a soak here's. How to use you take 1/2 ounce of the formula add. It to 20 gallons of water completely saturate the item take. It out let it air dry so. That gear is dry it'll be smelling like new again.

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    Sea to Summit Mosquito Shelter - Double

    Mosquito Shelters are indispensable when traveling or backpacking in bug-infested regions. The black mesh netting is made from a multifilament polyester that offers better visibility than white mesh. The fine, 500 holes per square inch hexagonal mesh prevents most insects from entering. The asymmetrical center hanging point gives practical headroom and uses less netting than other shelters with a center hanging point, keeping the unit lighter and more compact. Color-coded corners cut down on setup time and stress. Tuck-in sides offer extra protection. Handy stuff sack included for easy packing. Height adjustable. 22" spreader pole which packs down to just 6".
    Dimensions: 7'10"L x 5'6"W x 4'3"H, 13.3-oz., packs to 7" x 5".
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Cabela's Instinct® Outfitter 10' x 10' Roof Protector

  • 210-denier polyester-oxford with a 1,200mm waterproof-rated backing
  • Attaches to tent using a simple buckle-to-buckle connection
  • Includes a 210-denier polyester carry bag
  • Made of rugged, 210-denier polyester oxford with a 1,200mm waterproof-rated polyurethane coating, our Instinct Outfitter 10' x 10' Roof Protector keeps your Cabela's Instinct Outfitter Tent in excellent condition by protecting your tent roof from hot embers. 210-denier polyester carry bag makes it easy to transport. Four webbing straps. Male SR buckle fits into the fly sheet's female buckle. Silver-colored stove-jack cover. Imported.
    69"L x 69"W.
    Color: Tan.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    What's up copy here I'm back home. Ijust realized I deleted the first scene on my 10th video, so I'll catch up to speed but to Colorado. We came to about 9000 feet try out the wood-burning stove with the new stove jack installed so here. All right we're the team cutter Scylla. We burn stove first. We got silicone mat there's a second. One it's a forty-six outside right. It seems way hotter I've got a couple little thermometers here. They give you the minimum. And the maximum temperature but take the battery out. And pop back in for the night out. One outside one inside. And we'll see what happens mainly worried about condensation on the tent. Because before this was. All open outside the tent was wet but. This was dry, so we will find out supposed to be down to 25 tonight which doesn't seem. That cold out there right. Now sup that's the following morning plan to get out here before Sun comes up let's get real windy around there 562 right. How a 79 low in the 1054 not setting down here lows little thing because it's its why we're rule. You seem you can understand. How sound look at that 32. Now with the 32 now 50 65 high was. Some shine on yesterday 30 for a low I'm not really hot cold enough to use as a stove but stayed going real good. That kept it toasty inside there.

    You go the wood-burning stove in the tent with the new stove Jack worked perfectly. It should it came like that.

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    Nite Ize® SlideLock Carabiner – Three-Pack

  • More efficient design
  • Unique slide-to-lock operation
  • Cross-sectioned, rectangular stainless steel body
  • Nite Ize's SlideLock Carabiner has upped the ante on traditional carabiners with its more efficient design. Unique slide-to-lock operation locks the gate with an easy push-and-slide movement and unlocks just as easily. Instead of a tubular, weighty design, this carabiner has a cross-sectioned, rectangular stainless steel body that is rugged and slim; feeding smoothly through smaller openings and sits flat in pockets. Includes one of each size: #2 (1.7"L x 1.1"W x 0.3"H, 10-lb. load limit), #3 (2.3"L x 1.5"W x 0.4"H, 25-lb. load limit) and #4 (3.1"L x 2"W x 0.4"H, 75-lb. load limit). Per 3.
    Color: Black.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    And fellas so I wanted to do. Another video on an item. That I found recently. That I thought it was interesting so again. Ilike to acquire gadgets. That I think that are gonna be useful for a daily basis. And I think this was. One of them so with. That being said please check my other videos. Ijust started this channel so. II've been reviewing a. Few items particularly pocket knives. Or up box openers if. You will carbines. And some other stuff so. That being said this is the item. Iwanted to do an unboxing and go over. It briefly the night Heisey I'm not sure. If I pronounced it rights but it's called the sly lock through 60 it's a magnetic lock in dual carabiner quick release. Or locking collar I think. Ipaid I think it's $1499. Or 15 bucks plus tax cuz. Ibought it locally. Icouldn't get him back from Amazon. Because I don't have. It yet so I bought. It on early this week from REI. And so let me do in the Box in here. Ialready opened it of course packaging powerful neodymium magnets keeps item successive ball.

    Yet secure I believe. This item is actually made in China also yeah it's a design. And engineer by night eyes Inc in Boulder Colorado. And it's manufactured in the U in China manufacture in China so. You get the picture right their throw. That out and this is. It so it's a it's a twisting carabiner good thing about. This is the locks right here got. This little plastic right here slide. It down and it locks the spring so. You won't be able to remove. Anything or get it off loose. Or anything like that. And then to release. It or to open it or. You got to do it just push the button the plastic button up again. It turns 360 hences the name. And then what's cool about.

    This is the fact. That it's magnetic so. This you twist this to unlock. Or — yeah to unlock. And then just light. It put it's very powerful actually -. And then if you don't think you're gonna be removing it constantly. Or you have to do to secure. It locks it that's it. You won't be able to remove. It from there so that was kind of cool we're worth. It again it's like 15 bucks. Idon't mind spending. That money on stuff. That I think that. Iwill be using but that's. It you know I want to say. That it's made out of aluminum. Because I did try a magnet on. It and it did not magnetize so let. Me see this is the magnet here the spring is metal the spring is definitely metal but the body is it's gotta be. Some kind of aluminum. Or something like that. Ithink it's a great design 15 bucks will work.

    It sees that's the magnet right there so just to show. You how strong it is. And we're looking at about a little bit over probably about a half. Iwanted a half inches in distance. And that's it very strong. Iwould I wouldn't lock. This if I was gonna use. It constantly because. Once you're lucky you can't remove. It so if you're not gonna use. It constantly I would recommend. That you lock it so. You don't lose anything like. Anything that you have attached to. It but yeah I think. Ithink this is great it's 15 bucks REI. Or Amazon if you can find it from there. Or maybe you can even buy. It from maybe Home Depot I'm not sure.

    Ihaven't seen it at Home Depot but amazon should be carrying it soon. Iwasn't sure why they don't have. It yet maybe a brand-new item. Idon't know I just came across. It so see you just attach. It to a backpack or. Something like that. You need that if you're gonna use. It you can just lock. It or if you think. You may be using it constantly. Iwould unlock the don't twist the lock. And once you need. It just remove it comes back then you're done so. This is it I think it's great 15 bucks go ahead. And buy one yourself. They don't work for these guys. Ijust like gadgets I'm gonna do a review on. This little guy — it's a pretty cool little knife. You probably came across. It already that's the stainless that's nice state well the knife itself the body is stainless but anyways I'm not revealing.

    That right now this is just for the SiteLock slide lock 360 magnetic locking duo carabiners very cool. Ithink you should own. One is at one point. It will become useful. And even if you want to separate. These two and just use. It singular like just to like put. It on your fridge or. Something like that. And just hang something from here. You know you can just do. Something like. This to give you an example but. This is too big this car. Because too big for example. This if you had a key. Or something like that. You want to hang to your fridge. Or something like that. Or something bag or metal just do. It there and then just remove.

    It but I think that's that's pretty much. It that sums it up people. Ithink think I'm gonna probably buy. Another one for my backpack. And one for my keys. Or something like that. Ithink it's a great design like. One anywhere so cool well. If you think of anything I think. Icovered pretty much. Everything regarding it. If you have any questions always send. Me a message if you want. Me to review something else let. Me know but subscribe like the channel like the video I'll be posting some. More stuff down the road. Ido need your support. Though I need you too. If you watch the video just give it a thumbs up. It would help me or give.

    Me motivation to keep making videos. Iknow there's a lot of videos out there's a lot of you tubers. That post-slap more interesting stuff but. You know for the general population. Something like this. That it's affordable. And it's useful I think. You should buy one so that's. It peoples I hope you liked the video. And check out my other videos from.

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    MSR® Stake Hammer

  • Hardened stainless steel head drives tent stakes home
  • Well-balanced design fights fatigue
  • Convenient built-in bottle opener
  • We like smashing our fingers while using a rock to pound tent stakes as much as anyone – which is to say, we don't like it at all. That's why we know you'll love MSR's Stake Hammer. Hardened stainless steel head drives stakes home, while the balanced design fights fatigue. Integrated bottle opener allows you to celebrate a successful tent raising with your beverage of choice.
    Length: 11.25".
    Wt: 11 oz.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Iwelcome along to another rugby team. And reviews today this is gonna be a very quick review on perches are made. And today at Cotswolds outdoors. It is the MSR at the mountain safety research stainless-steel peg hammer a paid 28 pound for this from cross bolt. You look online you can get. It cheaper but I do get discounting costs hold. It makes it about the same price. You take my discount off. They to anybody wasn't discounted it's about 28 pound so the hammer itself it's quite an excessive. Ithink price for a peg hammer but. It looks pretty cool so material wise. That is stainless steel. It weighs 312 grams so it's not particular v. All the weights down. This end of the way. You need it for driving the pegs in to toss material. This off to the unfinished sort of stainless steel. This base kind of brushed lock of darker gray with the EMS. All the mounting safety research logo on. And then a bump on the back just tells. You about weight that kind of stuff that's hollow. That end so that's helping keep the weight down. And with a little red lanyard. You can attach it to your pack your belt.

    Whatever you needed to the end but then. Or the business end of. It so it's quite a thick probably centimeter sin two. And a half depth here so it's pretty weighty there are little dimples on the top there so. You know dissipate some of the impacts onto the pegs. This end it's obviously for driving the pegs out. And it's got a little tiny like a bevel bit at the end just so. You can sort of see. That just so you can get underneath those pegs to drive them out. One of the little neat little features about. This end here is a bottle opener so. You needed to open a bottle after you've spent. That effort banging those pegs in with your expensive core lock in peg hammer. And you've forgotten. You can opener your bottle opener no problems it's on your 28 pound MSR peg hammer so that's. It that's the equipment view is. It worth it courses it's worth. It why wouldn't it be yeah. You can get a peg mf'er 2-pound look.

    One looks at the nuts so. Isay oh it's even got a little MSR logo at the end here so. You know you paint the quality so thanks for watching as always. You want leave a comment leave a comment subscribe I'll put. More reviews on shortly but thanks for watching MSR peg hammer.

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    Gorilla Glue® Clear Repair Tape

  • Extra-thick adhesive layer creates an airtight seal on smooth surfaces
  • Crystal-clear appearance blends in
  • Waterproof backing resists weather and UV rays
  • Use the Gorilla Glue Clear Repair Tape to fix, patch, seal, hold and protect almost any surface with crystal-clear appearance that blends in and won't yellow from sunlight exposure. Made with an extra-thick adhesive layer, the versatile tape creates an airtight seal on smooth surfaces worthy of thousands of repair uses including leather seat cushions, plastic inflatables, tarps, awnings, covers, plastic, labeling, camping, and cracked smartphones. You can also use it for labeling. Waterproof backing resists weather and UV rays. Notched edge design makes it easy to tear by hand. 1.88" wide. 27 ft.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Torn pool cover crack taillight cellphone busted need a lasting and visible repair meet gorilla clear repair tape clearly made to take on the toughest jobs on planet Earth northern tape offers the clarity strength. And durability of gorilla clearly bigger gorilla clear repairs crystal clear weatherproof UV. And temperature resistant. And won't yellow outdoors its airtight design makes. It ideal for patching smooth surfaces the notched edge design makes. It easy to tear by hand. And it's extra thick adhesive layer keeps. It hold on where other tapes won't heavy-duty with Gorilla Tape strength gorilla clear repairs the ideal solution for most. Any repair fix patch seal hole protect. And repair almost any surface for a perfect fix every time from the. Most ordinary everyday applications to the. Most extreme the rila clear repair is unlike. Any other tape gorilla clear repair can be used. Both indoors and sticks the. Anything gorilla clear repair. You repair awaits gorilla of the jobs planet Earth clearly.

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    Gear Aid™ Tenacious Tape™ Tattoos

  • Decorative tattoos feature popular themes and shapes
  • Ultra-aggressive adhesive stays put in rain, snow or shine
  • Repair or customize gear, jackets, cell phones and more
  • Why use the same old boring stickers or repair patches when you can repair or customize your clothing or gear with Gear Aid's Tenacious Tape Tattoos? Unlike stickers, Tenacious Tape Tattoos utilize an ultra-aggressive adhesive that stays put through rain, snow or shine. Put them through the wash or run through the dishwasher, Tenacious Tape Tattoos stay put. Add decorative tattoos to clothing, backpacks, cell phones, luggage, automobiles and more. Taslan® nylon fabric. Includes two 10"L x 3"W strips with cutout designs. Imported.
    Available: Happy Camper, Wildlife, Sasquatch.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Gorilla Glue Super Glue

  • Industrial-strength, waterproof formula
  • Bonds wood, stone, metal, ceramic and more
  • Expands up to 3X to penetrate crevasses
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Like the beast it's named after, Gorilla Glue's Super Glue delivers the incredible strength you need to get the job done. This industrial-strength, waterproof formula bonds wood, stone, metal, ceramic, foam, glass, concrete and more. Versatile polyurethane glue expands up to 3X to penetrate crevasses. Indoor and outdoor formula withstands temperatures from -40°F to 200°F.
    Size: 0.53 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Nite Ize® 3" Gear Tie® Clippable Twist Tie – Two-Pack

  • Sturdy double-gated S-Biner clip attaches nearly anywhere
  • Flexible Gear Tie conveniently holds gear
  • Quickly and easily attaches and detaches
  • Add functionality to any zipper, loop or D-ring with the waterproof Nite Ize 3" Gear Tie Clippable Twist Tie. Features a sturdy plastic double-gated S-Biner clip on one end and a flexible Gear Tie on the other. Gear Tie sports a tough rubber shell for an excellent grip. Internal wire holds its shape so you can secure gear right where you need it. Quickly and easily attaches and detaches. UV-resistant material won't fade. Made in USA. Per 2.
    4.2"L x 0.5"W x 0.3"H.
    Color: Yellow.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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