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  Rapala® Floating Magnum #18 Musky Innovations® UV Reflex Bull Dawg Musky Innovations® Shallow Invader Storm® FlatStick™ Chaos Tackle Mini Medussa Lure Hogy Lures 10" Jerkbait Lunker City® 9" Slug-Go® Smithwick® Devil's Horse Storm® Jointed Flatstick 19 Crankbait Bagley Monster Shad Rapala® Skitter Prop Joe Bucher Super Top Raider Livingston Lures Predator Series Striker 173 Crankbaits Windel's Muskie Harasser Bucktail Tyrant Dictator Bondy Bait Prophet Crankbait Bondy Bait Royal Orba Savage Gear Hybrid Pike 170 Rapala® X-Rap® Magnum® 15
  Rapala® Floating Magnum #18 Musky Innovations® UV Reflex Bull Dawg Musky Innovations® Shallow Invader Storm® FlatStick™ Chaos Tackle Mini Medussa Lure Hogy Lures 10" Jerkbait Lunker City® 9" Slug-Go® Smithwick® Devil's Horse Storm® Jointed Flatstick 19 Crankbait Bagley Monster Shad Rapala® Skitter Prop Joe Bucher Super Top Raider Livingston Lures Predator Series Striker 173 Crankbaits Windel's Muskie Harasser Bucktail Tyrant Dictator Bondy Bait Prophet Crankbait Bondy Bait Royal Orba Savage Gear Hybrid Pike 170 Rapala® X-Rap® Magnum® 15
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Size - 4-1/2", 3/8 oz. - 7-1/2", 3-oz. 5". - 3/0. 8", 4.5 oz. 9". - 6-3/4”. 4-3/4", 1-5/8 oz.; Dives 15 ft. - - - 9", 3.25 oz. 13" (including the tail), 7.7 oz. 6-3/4". 2.1 oz., dives to 6 ft. 7.5", 3.5 oz.

Rapala® Floating Magnum #18

This floating lure is one of the best traditional baits for large fish. Each has a wide, contoured body made of durable African odom wood. Strong corrosion-resistant hooks.
Length: 7".
Weight: 1-1/2 oz.
Colors: (001)Silver, (005)Gold/Fluorescent Red, (011)Red Head, (021)Fire Tiger, (281)Silver Mackerel, (692)Dorado, (724)Mullet.
 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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Musky Innovations® UV Reflex Bull Dawg

  • 100% soft-plastic lure with balanced head
  • Swims down at a 45° angle on the fall
  • UV attraction
  • Large curly tail gives it enticing action
  • The Bull Dawg is a 100% soft-plastic lure with a balanced head that makes it swim down at a 45° angle on the fall and horizontally on the retrieve. The curly tail rocks the bait back and forth on the retrieve creating a motion that drives the big ones mad. This is a highly versatile bait that you'll need in your musky arsenal. The added attraction of reflected UV light is easily detected by fish but invisible to humans. It penetrates water up to 10 times further than natural light to draw fish from a distance. Per each.
    • Regular – 9", 3 oz.
    • Magnum – 12", 6 oz.
    • Pounder – 15", 16 oz.
      Colors: (820)Gold Pepper, (821)Parrot, (822)Silver Cisco, (823)Sunrise, (824)Yellow Perch, (825)BTW, (826)Copper.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    2011 season some new product our new bait for 2011 is the double dog right here the reason. We called the double dog it's got the two tails on the back right there then of course. These crazy arms on the side neat thing about the double dog is that's different. Than the regular Bulldog is. It adds a lot more vibration in the water has a different kind of water displacement in. This bait actually rides quite high in the water column so. You know rip it over the rock piles. And the weed beds and stuff. You right over the top so. What a bait you know. Imean musky fishing is called come so far in the last. You know in the last ten years with. These new plastics and it's amazing. You know that guys are consistently growing these baits. And you're catching tons of big muskies on these new big soft plastics great. You know on the prototypes alone. Imean there was this fall just unbelievable amounts a big fish going on.

    This thing the biggest one being a 56. And a quarter inch I mean it's insane. You know that well thanks for having us grad. Ipre bit big they were an awesome product.

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    Musky Innovations® Shallow Invader

  • Crankbait head with a soft plastic body and tail
  • Serpentine action drives large game fish crazy
  • Durable, replaceable soft tails
  • Musky Innovations' Shallow Invader combines a hard, plastic crankbait head with a soft-plastic body and tail to create a serpentine action that drives large game fish crazy. Durable, molded plastic lips and replaceable soft tails. Per each.
    Size: 9".
    Colors: (001)Walleye, (002)Firetiger, (526)DL Perch, (752)UV Natural Perch, (754)UV Whitefish, (928)White.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Storm® FlatStick™

    Flat sides and an oversized body create a wide-wobbling, high-flash action big fish can’t resist without the length or weight typical of big-body baits. Deep, loud rattle adds to the fish-catching attraction. VMC® black-nickel treble hooks. Per each.
    • Flatstick (FS16)- 6-1/4’’, 1-3/4 oz.,
    • Giant Flatstick (GFS22) - 8-1/2’’, 3-5/8 oz.
    • Colors: (004)Gizzard Shad, (018)Chrome Yellow Perch, (576)Green Tiger, (592)Black Chrome, (606)Chrome Gold Sucker.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    It out wounded in this easy-to-use twitch stick from storm is a brilliant lure for anglers of. All levels of twitch baiting experience on a steady retrieve the twitch stick produces a strong rolling and wobbling response. While the internal rattle sends out a beacon of noise in every direction. That no fish can resist additionally it's super responsive design creates sufficient action from the first crank of your reel allowing an ultra slow presentation. And erratic twitching maneuvers. You feel so inclined. Some days you will need to be. This fancy but it's nice to know the option is there. If required pro tip the suspending nature of storm's twitch state allows. It to be used in an inconsistent manner throughout the retrieve without losing its position within the water column try a stop. And go retrieve with a. Few rod twitches combine the twitch stick seductive colors. And scale pattern you have a perfect representation of an injured bait fish reflecting light in a distressed manner you.

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    Chaos Tackle Mini Medussa Lure

    A miniaturized version of the popular Medussa swim bait, the mini come to life as soon as it hits the water. Three fish-attracting tails bring out true, lifelike action that performs with a jerk, rip, troll, slow roll or even just a standard cast and retrieve – simply put, there is no wrong way to reel in a Mini Medussa.
    Size: 8", 4.5 oz.
    Colors: (103) Hot Perch, (003)Black, (007)White, (102)Black Orange, (104)Sucker, (105) Firetiger, (106) Walleye, (109)Copperback, (928) Char Cisco.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Everybody Brian skate from Cass tackle here with my friend Dan butcher from the outdoor trade show channel. We are going to talk about chaos tackle. And the plastic rubber baits offered like no you're gonna Todd you're gonna talk about. Ifinally got Brian here. And finally get a chance to. This is I've been looking forward to. This for a long time, so I'm gonna let Brian take take. It away okays well so for muskie fishing I mean. One of the top baits anymore is a soft plastic bait. Or a rubber bait we just so happen to have a retail version of. That called the Medusa. It comes in six different sizes the monster which is approximately a pound husky regular mid mini. And then all the way down to. This little micro Medusa which actually could be a heck of a bass out west mm-hmm. We catch a lot of bass on. Even in the Midwest here yeah so the Medusa's is kind of a swim bait pole bait. Iguess the most common. You know most kind of question. Iget is you fish them. And really there's there's no wrong way to fish. One of these baits you can cast. And do a straight retrieve. Imean there's enough going on back here. That just with the tails kicking around there's there's plenty going on to get a fish's attention the. Most typical type of retrieve is sort of pull.

    And then pause so you got pull on the bait. And then she comes up yep. That comes up goes down that's. Where I've had my best luck with the Medusa yeah. Where the fish is gonna hit on. One of the real important things. You have to remember. When you're fishing. That way is you give it. That pull and you're reeling back down. You want to keep a tight line yeah. When you're really feeling yeah you're gonna feel. That fish pop and then. You set the screws to them so that's the. Most common way probably. One of the least common ways of fishing one. We actually have on catch deny about doors. We have a video that shows. You can jig you can just do a straight.

    And a straight vertical jig. We my friend need caught three fish in a matter of hours I'm fish. That we're following in on other baits which. We wouldn't you see them. We just see them on the locator yeah no they're following in low. And slow and without the locator. You would never know there was a fish there so. He would just take his mid Medusa. He was casting and started jigging next to the boat. And boom caught three fish like. That so that's that's a very underutilized way to fish them. What you can use them. That way but I had heard. They were used is on. They try to think it's a Detroit River Dam the backs up. Where the head waters of Lake st Clair. And then the springtime those guys in 25 30 feet of water.

    What they'll do is they'll use Medusa's. And down till they can get. It down at 2530 feet no system to just dig them. This is dig'em that guys use. These ins is the speedwell. And Castle Rock dam is. They get them a net in. That heavy that fast water death they'll throw the Medusa's in. That fast water these muskies are just sitting in. That seam you know. Iknow guys that sit there at speedwell dam. And they'll just sit on. That scene with the Medusa's. And they'll catch fish after fish. That they're catching a lot of fish yeah. You know council rock. And people all are prior to the best places in central Wisconsin well to. All our communities. And so speaking of those two spots specifically we'll move on to the next bait. And it's called a Pegasus. Now compared to the Medusa. It doesn't look like much. You know you do with. Some new so you got tails. Everything going on so. What it first came out. Everybody mistook it as a jigging bait right.

    And true you can use. It to jig it works just fine jigging but that's about on the list of things. We like to do with it it's its towards the bottom okay. This was made to be a open water deep water casting bait okay. You can cast it out gives it a couple second combat rolling bait. They troll absolutely hit wrong okay yeah but. You can get even work those 15 20 feet down. You know not a straight retrieve. It works like a big rattle trap. It has a little pregnant but. It works like a rabbit trap. What a lot of guys do especially a little castle rock impede well is. They cast these right up into the rocks. They just all right bounce around on the rocks. They crush fish on this bait casting it rights question. Ihave trick to being the plastic. How does it work with sense does. Ithink your sense would work a lot better in your plastics.

    Than with your heart never really played around with. That much but it Center big deals today at UPS. They were huge just everybody's into the sense. You know your plastics. Ithink would absorb. You know they would. You know yeah it's it changes don't worry next year it'll. All be different but yeah so. This bait is a casting bait first. And foremost secondly it's a trolling bait. And lastly it's probably a jigging made. It does every single. One of those just fine yeah so. What we did is based on. This profile and it's our third style bait. This is the Poseidon yeah so. This catches fish it certainly does ss again. Iknow a casting bait. And guys certainly were trolling it v token from today's angler up on Green Bay he's caught quite a.

    And I'm sure you check out his videos early on yeah. This year he's got a nice 52 inch. Ibelieve one of his clients caught. You actually know Poseidon yeah so the beside. And 10 it's a 10-inch swim bait lots of. You know it rolls side to side it's got a good kick to. This has been catching a lot of fish lately yeah well. We don't want to go too long. Because people don't like to watch right here. What I want to tell people is. This go to today's angler okay. You cele going to catch the vibe outdoors. You can watch Brian catches a lot of fish try to. You catch like big we're going to catch the vibe outdoors go to today's angler. And then I always ask people to send. Me videos to the outdoor trade show channel. And like share and subscribe. Everybody interact with our different are different avenues of trying to share information so there's a lot of good fishermen in. This area and a lot of as making an awesome bait. You know Lee makes top water bait so. We make top bar bass part of the party chaos tackle so.

    You guys got a lot of. It we're gonna do a lot. More of these you guys get a lot of stuff so thank. Everybody thank you thanks Dan.

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    Hogy Lures 10" Jerkbait

  • Popular with inshore and bluewater saltwater anglers
  • Versatile, easy-to-work action
  • Slow-moving appeal
  • The Hogy jerkbait is popular with inshore and bluewater saltwater anglers for its versatile, easy-to-work action and slow-moving appeal. Famous for catching big fish. Per 4.
    Size: 10", 1 oz.
    Colors: (001)Bone, (002)Bubblegum, (005)Black, (037)Black Pearl.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Lunker City® 9" Slug-Go®

  • Works in saltwater or freshwater
  • Balanced, natural-looking construction
  • Mimics injured baitfish
  • Saltwater or freshwater – it gets results. Balanced construction for natural-looking, injured-prey action that triggers instinctive strikes. Per 8.
    Size: 9".
    Colors: (001)Bubble Gum, (002)Black, (003)Albino, (005)Eelskin, (007)Alewife, (008)Arkansas Shiner, (009)Ice Shad.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Smithwick® Devil's Horse

    Made of handcrafted wood, this classic, topwater lure uses two balanced, water-churning propellers to duplicate the commotion of fleeing shad.
    Size: 4-1/2", 3/8 oz.
    Colors: (005)Yellow/Black Stripe, (007)Tiger Roan, (009)Perch, (027)Bullfrog, (031)Chrome/Orange Belly, (032)Chrome/Blue Black.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The Devil's horse has been around for many years. And has withstood little changes from. It was first brought out. Something isn't broken don't fix. It generations of anglers have enjoyed. This classic top water lure. And a cult-like following in the southern parts of the United States has a rose due to its unique action the lure has a slow top water slide across the surface as aided by the prop on the nose. And tail we have two different sizes. We have the 3/8 and 1/2 they're. Both pretty easy to throw. They cache really great but. You need to have the right equipment to fishermen. You need about a 6 foot to 7 foot medium action pole fast action with a soft tip but so. Whenever you get a bite. You know you can set the hook. And it's not gonna pull the treble hooks right out of the fish's mouth. Ilike to fish this thing with a fast reel 7 to 8 to 1 gear ratio. Because your popping is slow. You get a bite it's its pretty ferocious they're gonna take. It they're gonna dive. You need to really pick up. Some line you know to set the hook. And get them in the boat line is probably the. Most important part with. This thing because of the spinners on the top. And bottom I recommend throwing it on a heavy mono filament line 17 to 30 pound test. This lures what's known as a target casting lure you're typically fishing this thing around would cover lily pads standing timber grass things. You really can get snagged up in. You can break off mono filament is great. It floats and it's great.

    It doesn't get hung up around. These spinners I recommend braided line as well. If you're fishing really heavy cover but braid has a tendency to get hooked around the spinners on the top. And bottom it can cause. You a lot of problems right. Now we're in Florida which is. Where the devil's horse is probably the. Most famed at let's talk about. You work now you're gonna fish. It just like you would a traditional popper just cast. It out let the Rings dissipate from. It pleases that popping it with slight twitches of the rod tip. You let the fish dictate. They want it sometimes cold front conditions. They just want it barely pops just to make a little bit of disturbance sometimes they're really aggressive work. You know really get. That bait moving and creating. That bubble trail there's. One callosum it's made out of wood which gives. It a completely flat lay on the surface unlike. Any other plastic top water prop baits.

    It comes in two wave variations but they're. Both in the same length. This gives the lure two different distinct body shapes. That apply to different situations. Most people believe the smaller size appeals to smaller fish. And the bigger vice versa but actually the larger size is better for windier conditions. When there's more chop on the surface. Because it's more buoyant. And since the top the water with a higher posture. You can work more effectively during rough conditions the color patterns are standards. That have been in the Smith wick catalog for many years. This is simply they consistently catch fish.

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    Storm® Jointed Flatstick 19 Crankbait

    With its jointed body and open mouth, this FlatStick crankbait screams for attention underwater. The 3-D holographic eyes, external scales and classic and UV bright finishes strengthen its visibility, plus the loud, deep rattle the jointed body and multiball construction produce is just what freshwater predators want to hear. Each lure has a premium black nickel VMC® treble hook on the tail and belly. Weighted mouth brings bait down to run at 1-1/2 to 8 feet deep. Per each.
    Size: 7-1/2", 3-oz.
    Colors: (576)Green Tiger, (577)Orange Tiger, (591)Black Chrome, (598)Gizzard Shad, (601)Chrome Yellow Perch.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Bagley Monster Shad

  • Top-selling big predator bait
  • Ideal for both trolling and cast and retrieves
  • Solid shad-shaped hardwood body
  • If you're fishing for the biggest predators you'll want Bagley's Monster Shad, the top-selling big predator bait, in your arsenal. The vulnerable hand-tuned action is just the feast they're looking for. Troll at varied speeds to vary swim depths from 10 to 12 feet, using sudden turns to fire strikes from following predators. Or troll at a steady 3-4 miles per hour and move straight along drop-offs, using sonar to stay above hanging fish. For casting, look for weedlines or for shorelines with small, timbered bays. Construction details include solid shad-shaped hardwood body and 4X VMC® treble hooks.
    Size: 5".
    Colors: (001)Tennessee Shad, (003)Hot Tiger, (005)Gold Perch, (007)Yellow Dots, (009)Realistic Shad.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Rapala® Skitter Prop

    Following in the footsteps of the popular Skitter Pop, the Skitter Prop is a natural extension of the Rapala topwater series. The floating balsa wood lure features a stainless steel propeller that churns and sputters like a wounded baitfish. Great for both freshwater and saltwater use. Comes equipped with two #3 black-nickel VMC trebles.
    Length: 2-3/4".
    Weight: 1/4 oz.
    Colors: (001)Silver, (006)Frog, (010)Shad, (021)Firetiger, (030)Silver Blue, (057)Gold Chrome, (079)Lime, (807)Chrome.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    With top water focus. And precision design the ex rap drop represents the first ex rap in the productive prop 8 categories with a long history. These baits have proven their effectiveness year after year by simply adding ex rap attitude. We have taken a really good bait. And made it great primary went fishing top water around grass lines. And shallow cover a. Few twitches of your rod tip. And the ex rap prop jumps into action counter-rotating stainless steel blades churn spit. And gurgle grabbing the attention of. Any fish in the vicinity. Whether fishing with a snapping pod straight. Or shredding retrieve the blades ensure a straight track back to the boat ex style finishes with internal laser etched scales in holographic oil offer an impressive flash pmc black nickel hooks. All around with a flash feathered teaser tail dangling off the rear internal long cast mechanism ensures. You can cast into the. Most timid of fish without your boat spooking them the ex rap prop from Rapala.

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    Joe Bucher Super Top Raider

    One of the most sought-after baits for muskie, and for good reason – it’s a proven catcher of the biggest fish. This 9" version of the world-famous Top Raider produces splashing, sputtering and gurgling sounds that attract muskies from far and wide. Counterweight prevents roll and twist, even at high trolling speeds. Other highlights include a toothproof ABS plastic body and tail, one-piece shaft that speeds tail revolution, internal rotator bearings, tangle-free hook placement and a built-in rattle in the tail. Per each.
    Size: 9", 3.25 oz.
    Colors: (011)Black/Fire Tail, (013)Baby Loon, (044)Firetiger.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Livingston Lures Predator Series Striker 173 Crankbaits

  • Durable through-wire construction is ideal for big, toothy predators
  • Produces lifelike wobble when trolled or cast and retrieved
  • EBS technology mimics baitfish sounds electronically
  • Heavy-duty VMC hooks
  • Livingston Lures' Predator Series Striker 173 Crankbait trolls and casts well, delivering lifelike side-to-side wobble that triggers aggressive strikes from big, toothy predators at almost any retrieval or trolling speed. Electronic Baitfish Sound (EBS™) technology emits noise through a smart chip that sounds like food to predators, meaning you attract fish even in cloudy water. Durable through-wire construction. Heavy-duty VMC® hooks. Per each.
    Size: 6-3/4". 2.1 oz., dives to 6 ft.
    Colors: (523)Threadfin Shad, (526)Matte Tiger, (531)Chrome XXX Shad, (573)Gold Digger, (588)Juvenile Pike, (928)Black Perch.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Windel's Muskie Harasser Bucktail

    Turn the fish of 10,000 casts into the fish of one well-placed cast with Windel's Muskie Harasser Bucktail. Windel's heavy willow blade fronts a series of solid-brass beads on heavy-wire foundation. A 5/0 treble ahead of the 3/0 trailer will hold onto the greenest 50-incher. Per each.
    Sizes: 7'', 9''.
    Colors: (017)Perch/Flame Blade, (033)Black Chartreuse/Chartreuse, (108)Brown/Gold, (137)Black/Orange, (170)Yellow/Silver, (326)Black/Silver.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Tyrant Dictator

    Bring out the Dictator when you want to hook and conquer the biggest of muskies. This wooden-top topwater lure is made of high-pressure polystyrene, giving it the density and characteristics of more expensive balsa lures. This means it won’t leak or lose its buoyancy like comparable wooden topwaters. Equipped with through-wire construction, Iron Fist split rings and wide-gap short-shank hooks. Strong and sturdy wings. Per each.
    Hook Size: 6"L. 2.75-oz.
    Size: 3/0.
    Colors: (001)Black/Orange, (002)Clown, (003)Firetiger, (004)Loon.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Bondy Bait Prophet Crankbait

  • Unique shape and profile sits higher on the water
  • Slight cut in the body creates realistic action
  • Solid plastic with through-wire construction
  • A proven fish catcher, Bondy Bait's shallow-diving Prophet Crankbait will not go unnoticed by large, toothy predators. Unique shape and profile make this lure sit higher on the water than traditional crankbaits, and it's really buoyant. Slight cut in the body creates realistic action. Made of solid plastic with through-wire construction. Outfitted with 5/0 VMC® round-bend hooks and a custom-cut 1/8"-thick aluminum tip. Ideal for targeting muskie, pike and lake trout. Dives 2-3 ft. when casting and deeper when trolling. Per each.
    Size: 7.5", 3.5 oz.
    Color: (447)Black Perch.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Bondy Bait Royal Orba

  • Long tail and blades create fish-attracting action
  • Made for medium to slow straight retrieve or stair stepping
  • Ideal for targeting muskie, pike and lake trout
  • Put a Bondy Bait Royal Orba lure on the end of your line and hold onto your rod. Large blunt nose and double-bladed tail move a lot of water, provoking large toothy predators to strike. Made for medium to slow straight retrieves or for stair stepping down drop offs. Tough plastic construction handles bite after bite from muskie, pike and lake trout. Per each.
    Size: 13" (including the tail), 7.7 oz.
    Colors: (302)Pearl, (526)Crappie.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Savage Gear Hybrid Pike 170

  • Hard body with soft tails
  • Replaceable tail sections create two lures in one
  • Based on a 3-D scan of a baby pike for realism
  • Equipped with ultrastrong hooks
  • Blurring the lines between a hard and soft lure, Savage Gear's Hybrid Pike boasts a hard body with replaceable soft tails to trigger strikes from musky and pike. Plus, it's based on a 3-D scan of a baby pike and features lifelike colors to ensure realism. Includes two switchable tail sections – a paddle tail and a ribbon tail – to give you two lures in one. Wire is attached to a swivel in the head so fish can freely twist with the bait without throwing it. Equipped with ultrastrong hooks. Per each.
    Size: 6-3/4”.
    Colors: (003)Blue Silver Pike, (005)Black Orange Pike, (007)Pike, (021)Firetiger.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys I want to juice. You to a brilliant new lure from savage here. This is 3d hybrid pike 3d hybrid pike is a hardware with a detachable. And changeable soft T detail. And under the hybrid Pike here is a great new release system so. Once the fish are hooked. They will actually the lure will actually release. And come away from the pike the stinger here is attached to a built-in swivel. That can actually turn so. When the pike is trying or rolling trying to throw the hooks. They cannot that swivel will just rotate the front hook here. You can choose to leave on. It off the swivel and the stinger clips perfectly up in. This little slot under the belly here as. You can see the 3d hybrid Pike comes with two different tails the paddle tail have. This great rocking swimming action. You can just unscrew. You can see the hot body here has a corkscrew. And then you can just change. That into the crow tail the curl tail may not look natural for the pike but. It actually leaves a very interesting swimming pattern the curl tail is designed so. That the front body doesn't rock. It just goes straight so. You ever watch the pike. It actually has the body quite straight on the swim. This is exactly what will happen with. This curl Taiwan and the curl tail here leaves.

    This really provoking an enticing movement pattern the water. And the pipe they just love. It so combine the super realistic features on the 3d hybrid pike with. This great movement pattern. And the super release system here. You have one incredible lure. It comes in two sizes the baby version here is a 17 centimeter. And the big one is a with the paddle tail it's a full 25 centimeters but actually with the coral tail as. You can see comes pretty close to a 40 centimeter lure so 3d hybrid pike from savage here awesome.

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    Rapala® X-Rap® Magnum® 15

  • Ideal for unassisted deep trolling both inland and offshore
  • Reaches depths of 15 ft. and runs speeds up to 13 knots
  • Textured, translucent body gives aggressive darting action
  • Corrosion-resistant components will endure hit after hit
  • This is the lure to have for unassisted deep trolling in pursuit of larger species both inland and offshore. Capable of reaching depths to 15 ft. and running at speeds up to 13 knots, the X-Rap Magnum 15 is ideal for tuna, grouper, wahoo, muskie, salmon and lake trout. All the X-Rap features are here including a textured, translucent body and hard-cutting, aggressive darting action. An internal long-cast system transfers lure weight to have you throwing it far and strong. Corrosion-resistant components will endure hit after hit. Per each.
    Size: 4-3/4", 1-5/8 oz.; Dives 15 ft.
    Colors: (001)Silver, (382)Silver/Blue Mackerel, (499)Blue Sardine, (556)Bunker, (822)Bonito, (928)Hot Pink UV.

    This is the x-ray Magnum from a power. If you're after a really strong. And durable blue water. Or saltwater trolling law. You can't go past and I'll tell. You why it features. That internal holographic foil. That enables a strong solid plastic coating and plastic bib on top of. That it's got the fully wire through construction from bib to tail which is really great for improving the Luas strength as well as. That you've got the VMC 3x perma-seal hooks. And 3x split rings these lures are designed to be fished at certain depths for example I've got the X wrapped Magnum 30 in my hands which in the right circumstances an environment can be fished up to depths to 30 feet there are the models in the range. And depending on which. That determines how deep the Louisville go the X rayed Magnum comes ready to swim straight out of the box at up to 13 knots. If you're a big game enthusiast. Or a saltwater fisherman we've got to get your hands on.

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