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  Caldwell® HydroSled™ Shooting Rest Champion® Shooter's Ridge Gorilla Shooting Bag Caldwell® Lead Sled DFT® 2 Rest Caldwell® Tack Driver® Shooting Rest Caldwell® The Rock™ Deluxe Shooting Rest Caldwell® Lead Sled® 3 Rest Caldwell® Lead Sled Solo Gunrest – Green MTM Front Rifle Rest Hyskore® Parallax Pistol Sighting Rest Primos® 2-Point Gunrest Primos® Group Therapy Bench Anchor Rest Caldwell® Stable Table Lite Hyskore® Machine Rest Caldwell® Stinger Shooting Rest Caldwell® Rock Jr™ Shooting Rest Hyskore® Swivel Pistol Rest Hyskore® Black Gun® Shooting Rest Hyskore® Rapid Fire Precision Shooting Rest Hyskore® Compact Shooting Rest
 Caldwell® HydroSled™ Shooting RestChampion® Shooter's Ridge Gorilla Shooting BagCaldwell® Lead Sled DFT® 2 RestCaldwell® Tack Driver® Shooting RestCaldwell® The Rock™ Deluxe Shooting RestCaldwell® Lead Sled® 3 RestCaldwell® Lead Sled Solo Gunrest – GreenMTM Front Rifle RestHyskore® Parallax Pistol Sighting RestPrimos® 2-Point GunrestPrimos® Group Therapy Bench Anchor RestCaldwell® Stable Table LiteHyskore® Machine RestCaldwell® Stinger Shooting RestCaldwell® Rock Jr™ Shooting RestHyskore® Swivel Pistol RestHyskore® Black Gun® Shooting RestHyskore® Rapid Fire Precision Shooting RestHyskore® Compact Shooting Rest
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Caldwell® HydroSled™ Shooting Rest

  • Weight reservoir holds wet or dry media
  • Advanced rear recoil-absorbing pad
  • Reduces recoil by as much as 95%
  • Rack and pinion elevation ram
  • Padding protects firearm finish
  • The Caldwell HydroSled Shooting Rest features a weight reservoir that holds up to 50 lbs. of various media types, including dry weight, water, sand, pebbles, and more (not included). The added weight plus an advanced rear recoil-absorbing pad reduce recoil by as much as 95%. A rack-and-pinion elevation ram allows precise adjustments for elevation and windage, and a steel tube frame with rubber-capped feet provides a solid platform for fine accuracy. Padded forearm and buttstock cradles protect firearm finish, and an elastic front retention strap reduces muzzle jump. Easy to transport. 
    Color: Grey Black.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Howdy folks my uncle Sasquatch it jaden from time to time on a channel i plan on. Bringing you review of products that i. Feel like it's worth invest in my own hard-earned wampum in and the case is. With this product we're about to look at today this is the caldwell matrix. Shooting where s something i invested my. Own money in and ordered the bringing to you today just take a quick look at it's. Not a really expensive deal it's about $50 retail but the neat thing about it. This is adjustable back here. Front and back in this back part also comes off where you can use this as a as. A pistol dress it has a covered pad. Right here that you can remove for tools. Under whatever it is supposed to be able to be able to use a ar-15 type of gun. And still have the magazine that not get it in your way now one of the reviews. Are some of the reviews that you'd say I've read online as people are complaining about the forward part of the wrist which is adjustable with a. Tiny spare your thumb spray right here you can increase or decrease the. Elevation they're saying it won't stay put Mario old i think what they're doing they either not go to the cymbal grind, and they're not tightening the tension is very back here because i can push pretty hard down on that and it's not moving you can adjust it up and down. Like that pretty neat gonna paste the. Gear will place the gun up there on it. As you can see it moves up and down with. The thumb wheel that's a little bit with. This particular gun with the n type stock a little rock back and forth but you're gonna be behind it with. Your shoulder but i think it's just really neat that's a couple of recess. Places on each side that you could put ammo or tools or anything you might need. Other place here you can put two but i. Really felt like this is something worth investing a few bucks on is it as good. As some of the other products out there on tomorrow it's made out of steel or aluminum or. Something no it's probably not but for light duty general use i felt like this. Bigger i shoot and rest and in the future we'll probably be doing some shooting videos using this wrist and see. How it works out in the field thanks for. Watching keep your powder dry not you. Top not pilfer.

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    Champion® Shooter's Ridge Gorilla Shooting Bag

    Always be prepared to sight in accurately in the field when you carry these easy-to-transport, shot-stabilizing bags. The Gorilla range bag grips your gun while sighting in, reducing recoil when used in the “X” position. Unzip and roll out the bag to provide a solid shooting platform. Carry strap allows easy transport. Imported.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Caldwell® Lead Sled DFT® 2 Rest

  • New enhanced version of the legendary Lead Sled DFT
  • Dual Frame Technology eliminates nearly all vibration
  • Skeletonized nonmarring front rest
  • Rear rest features a nonmarring Shock Eliminator pad
  • Adjusts 18" to fit most firearms
  • One-handed target centering
  • Nonskid rubber feet
  • Caldwell's Lead Sled DFT 2 features Dual Frame Technology (DFT), a nonmarring skeletonized  front rest and a nonmarring Shock Eliminator pad in the rear rest that solidly stabilize a rifle or shotgun to eliminate nearly all vibration and felt recoil. Adjusts 18" forward and back to fit most firearms. Front rest's height adjusts up to 2.5" and also has a windage adjustment. Rear rest also features a nonmarring cradle. Rear elevation knob adjusts 2" to make target centering an easy one-handed operation. Baffled tray secures up to 100 lbs. of weight (four 25-lb. bags of lead shot, not included) to tame the heaviest magnums. Nonskid rubber feet.
    30"L x 12"W x 15.6"H.
    Wt: 24 lbs.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Well I've been having some issues at the range and i don't know whether it's me or my gun so i went ahead and spent the money on a lead sled i purchased the dft. Which is which i paid $200 for d f t. Stands for dual frame technology i don't. No i really didn't need the premium one but if you look in the photograph. You can see two tubes going down there. Connecting the back rest to the front so. Anyway I'm going to put this together take it to the range do a little review on it and give you my opinion of this. Guy see if it was worth the 200 i paid for it well everything is here according. To the assembly instructions so the only. Think different from the picture is these bolts here were assembled that is. The washer and the nut was attached this. Guy was assembled here the bar and the. Lock was assembled the pad was separate. But besides that everything's here I'm. Not gonna do a step-by-step put it together alright here it is the lead. Sled dft dual frame technology assembled. With a 270 smith & wesson model 1500. Shown on there so that's how it's gonna. Sit when i fire the 270 i think some of. My other guns are. By pot on this one. There's a ruger 77 so then it looks like. A nice fit we'll see how it works as far. As the weights I'm going to use like dumbbells to weigh it down with actually. Just the weight of the unit itself. I might even strap it down depending on. What vehicle i take my suv i have. All kinds of straps in their I'll just strap it to the table you'll see got to. Be different here's an ar of course i have a ten. Round clip, you know that's gonna. Clear it super easily then put it in all. The way go up too there. 20:20 will probably clear again is going. Up to here 30 yeah 30 of work — no. Problem again going up to here so it's. Good for the ars I'm at the range I'm. Probably trying to do too much I've got a new load I'm trying to develop for my. Rifle got the chronograph set up check. The speed and i have my new lead sled. This is the dual tube technology paid a. A Hundred bucks for it so I've got it all sighted in best i can tell i won't shoot the chronograph when i fire it so I'll. Probably fire a couple tests rounds and then start taping also i have it strapped down instead of putting like. Led on there or weights dumbbells or. Whatever like that just because it's just easier for me to do that so let me fire this thing well i started. Off at 1866 feet per second and it. Progressively dropped down to 1803 all. Right so here was my first round i just. Fired it where it was resting and then i deliberately tried to line it up when i. Saw it was on the vertical and this was. My other grouping i don't know what order it was in I'm pretty sure that was. Number two because i ran down here to look at it but between then and now my. Memory is a little off so I've got a pretty nice tight group this is 25 yards. It's a 357 magnum and a ruger m77 so let. Me keep shooting then maybe I'll take it out to a hundred yards so what I'm really doing is I'm going for speed anytime i use a light bullet like a 125. Green i try and pump those suckers up and you notice i haven't marcus rifle. Because it is pumped up i don't want to really put that speed through a revolver. All i have is 4-inch revolvers anyway and I'm using i am or powder i like that. The best i like pretty much all the DuPont powders so a lot of people like. Unique that's what i was raised on so. I'm shooting the xtp oops that's really. Not what i want for shooting things. Other than paper this is just a fun. Round that i want to have to help me practice my hundred yard shots so this. Is just having fun with it. So i have my 50 rounds and I'm gonna. Start firing them off so what I'm gonna. Do is just record a couple rounds from different angles see what i got here. But the camerawork on that last shot wasn't all that great but as you can see it's really holding a really tight group so I'm gonna go ahead and move out to 100 yards and see what it'll do well I'm losing daylight so I'm gonna go ahead and just shoot a few more rounds and. This lane doesn't have a 1575 so i went. Right out to the hundred fire a few. Shots see what happens well it's getting dark in time to quit but i definitely. Like this lead sled it definitely helps out it's a good product it's well-built. I really enjoyed it the first time out. My first impression is excellent so. Here's my 100-yard target which is interesting i got a couple fliers low in. To the left that's kind of standard for me but the majority are on the. Horizontal which means I'm not getting much bullet drop i didn't adjust for the. Difference for the extra 75 yards so. That was pretty interesting i also think. It's spread out because i was in a hurry it was getting dark on me i was actually trying to develop a load i was looking. At some bullet speeds my chronometer was starting to get off i was expecting. Under 2,000 feet per second i did that. On the first 10 rounds and it was dropping and then. The next 10 rounds at the chronometer. Just started recording these huge. Numbers so i expect that it really. Wasn't seeing the bullet very well it was getting kind of dark so anyway get back to the lead sled pretty much happy. With this one this is the dual tube one. It's about $200 retail plus tax that. There's plenty of room for adjustment. I really enjoyed shooting it today and. Performed very well and my first. Impression is excellent like i said. Earlier.

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    Caldwell® Tack Driver® Shooting Rest

  • One-piece shooting bag for convenience
  • Easy to use on benches and in the field
  • Self-tightening surface grips your rifle or shotgun
  • Comes filled for immediate use
  • Get the precision you've been aiming for with Caldwell's TackDriver Shooting Rest. This one-piece shooting bag takes the place of two, making it the most user-friendly and effective on the market. Easy to use almost anywhere, on both shooting benches and makeshift positions while hunting. Self-tightening surface grips your rifle or shotgun to reduce recoil without marring the finish on your gun. Comes filled for immediate use.
    11.4”W x 8.85”H x 7.5”D.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Caldwell® The Rock™ Deluxe Shooting Rest

  • Keeps your rifle rock steady on the range
  • Wide legs for exceptional stability
  • Three adjustable feet make it easy to level on any surface
  • 7.25" of ht. adjustment and a forend stop to ensure consistency
  • Make your time on the range more profitable by removing human error from the equation with Caldwell's The Rock Deluxe Shooting Rest. Wide legs provide stability and team with adjustable feet that allow it to be leveled on any surface. Heavy-duty design checks in at 5.5 lbs. to ensure your rifle doesn't budge unless you want it to. Large steel post provides 7.25" of ht. adjustment. Forend stop means your rifle stock is placed in the rest consistently every time. Cradle is compatible with all Caldwell Deluxe Universal front rest bags and comes with a filled medium Varmint front bag.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    It's a lightweight smart and easy to adjust rest for citing in at the rain the caldwell rock deluxe shooting rest. Is ready to boost your accuracy shot. After shot durably built and easy to. Adjust it's as simple as turning the large elevation wheel then level it out. With three independently adjustable food the four end stop and rear weighted bag. Ensures stability and precise shot placement get in the groove for dead-on. Shots when you order yours today.

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    Caldwell® Lead Sled® 3 Rest

  • Reduces recoil up to 95%
  • Precise “no-wobble” elevation shaft
  • Adjustable weight tray holds up to 100 lbs.
  • Fingertip elevation adjustment
  • Nonmarring feet and front yoke
  • Improved Shock Eliminator Technology in rear buttstock cradle
  • The next generation of Lead Sled is here. Like the original, the Lead Sled 3 Rest reduces recoil up to 95%, while securely holding your gun on target. Features a precise “no-wobble” elevation shaft that eliminates play in front elevation. The adjustable weight tray holds up to 100 lbs. and accommodates a variety of weight types, including 25-lb. barbell weights, sand or lead-shot bags. Fingertip elevation adjustment. Rugged rubber feet. Height-adjustable rear foot. Ideal for magnum rifles and slug guns. Elevation-adjustable front and rear rest. Skeletonized front rest. Rear rest features a Shock Eliminator Technology pad and nonmarring cradle.
    37"L x 12"W x 13"H.
    Wt: 15 lbs.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys matt again here at shot show. 2017 and I'm here to talk about the. Brand new lead sled 3 it's replacing the old lead sled plus with a lot of great. New features starting on the front we have a brand-new design front bag the. Old bag was made out of fabric and people weren't liking that of a snag on. Quad rails and it was flipped, so we wanted this molded design that soft on your firearm so it's got a solid bottom just like a really high-end sandbag if. You move around to the back so you can see that we removed the rear flip cover. We have this new over molded feature to protect the finish of your firearm on your stock, and we've added this one inch super Gucci supersoft pad that's two. Benefits enough it cushions your stocks you don't have to worry about it ever break and it dampens the recoil even. More than it's used to and then the last thing that you're going to notice is we have the new color scheme we've got rid of the green on green we have a smooth black frame with a green tray, and we think it's a really great look if you're looking for one of these visit your local australian gun dealer or store.

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    Caldwell® Lead Sled Solo Gunrest – Green

  • Compact versatile design
  • Smooth pivoting elevation system
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Offset frame accommodates all rifles
  • Caldwell's most affordable Lead Sled is also one of the most compact gunrests you can buy. The Solo may be small, but this design is just as stable and versatile as you would expect from the brand. Smooth pivoting elevation system adjusts fast and precisely using a single knob. Heavy-duty steel construction ensures a rock-solid shooting platform. Integrated weight tray holds a 25-lb. bag of shot. The added weight and a heavy-duty spring in the frame significantly reduces recoil on all calibers. Offset frame accommodates all rifles, including models with detachable high-capacity magazines like the AR-15, as well as lever-action guns. Durable rubberized coating on front support. Welded steel brace with rubber boot secures the butt of the gun. Gun-retention strap on front support. Imported.
    26.5"L x 18.5"W x 13"H.
    Wt: 15 lbs.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    How's it going everybody hey i got a new. Lead sled rifle rest on black. Friday cabala's was selling these for. Over 50% off this is the lead sled dft. The dft stands for dual frame technology. That just means that this tube here. There's two of them side by side versus. Just having one tube that goes down the. Center now a benefit of that is you. Can have an ar a mini 14 whatever in. Here and have a 30 round mag in here and. It will fit between these bars very nice. Feature i think that was this is the lead sled that i wanted to get simply. Because of this and cabala's actually. Had the thing on sale for $99 and there. Regular price on it was either 210 or. 220 bucks so when i saw that i jumped on. It i just want to point out some. Features of it i will tell you that this sled is very well constructed very. Sturdy it is just it's just stout it's. Not flimsy it's not junky it is it's got. Weight to it's pretty stinkin heavy and you put your rifle in here and if. It's there to the human element is gone. When it comes to zeroing your rifle on. Target you know to zero in either a. Scope or a red dot or whatever obviously. This will work with a an ar a mini a. Full-blown hunting rifle you know that's. What they're designed for i just wanted. To show this in here to show about the 30 round magazine fitting down between. Here like that which i think is a phenomenal feature I'm going to take this out let you just. See the rifle rest this here these pans. Right here are for lead bags okay. This is designed called well the maker. Of this sled right there caldwell is the. Company that makes it obviously, and they make bags that are specifically designed to slide in here and you can put sand. You can put shot you can put lead. Pellets whatever you want to put in it to help weigh the sled down if you're. Shooting a rifle that has high recoil. The more weight you can have up here the better it is because it isn't going to recoil and cause your rifle rest to. Move around okay so that's what these. Here are for is designed for two bags the bags that are designed to slide in. Here each bag will hold 25 pounds of lead. Shot like shot gunshot so you can put in. Additional 50 pounds there abouts right. Up here on the front to virtually eliminate any kind of movement whenever you're out of the range zero in your rifle let's start back here this has an. Adjustment that you can turn back here. To raise and lower the back end of the rest very simple to use move up this. Right here they're very solidly mounted where your stock goes into very solid. But the thing i like the most is. Is this up here in the front. Give you a little bit different angle here this has got quite a few different. Adjustments on it okay I'm going to. Start down and work up this whole. Assembly right here is movable okay it. Comes with this setup here this is a can over lock down setup and it takes just a. Little bit of fiddling around to get that adjusted just right so that whenever these are up this will move. Okay you can slide it forwards and. Backward wherever you want it to go and then you can just cam these down just. Like this and now it's its rock-solid. Very nice design real easy this is all. Metal no plastic in here. Whatsoever this right in here is metal. You move up this is the elevation. Adjustment wheel okay this thing right. Here actually rides down in here on a. Ball-bearing that you install your turn. This raise this thing up to adjust your. Elevation up and down this is a metal. Wheel no plastic this right over here is. An adjustment for wind age left and right. You watch this hole and it's very. Very mine you'd you know I'm putting. Quite a few turns on that this is moving this way so if you won't need to you. No move adjust that fraction of a hair to get them crosshairs right in the center of your bull's eye that right. There is just great you don't have to shift your gun you don't have to do anything you get this really close you. Use all these different adjustments to get that thing dead-on and then boom you don't touch it you don't touch it you pretty much just reach up and all you do. Is pull the trigger on the rifle you don't have it against your shoulder or anything so all the human element is. Gone this there's a knob right here as. Well you can loosen that and that will. Raise and lower this okay. You don't need to do that with this but. You can if you need to make a radical adjustment you can lift this thing up. Wherever you want okay but it's all. Threaded this is threaded all the way down this is just be quicker you can do this by turning this it'll just take a little bit longer so it takes care of. Your elevation in the front your elevation in the rear your wind age right. Here these little dog ears flip up and. Down to adjust this for whatever gun you. Might have in here okay. This is my first real what i would. Consider quality shooting rest i have my. Other rest that i use for different. Things but it's nothing to the level of. This caldwell lead sled so if you guys. Have been in the market for a rifle rest. To use to take to the range to zero your. Weapons your guns whatever they are your long guns the let's let dft if you. Have the guns that have the thirty round mags and you need that ability for a magazine to fit down between these tubes this one right here would be the. One to get they make i don't know how. Many models of lead sleds five. Or six or seven but most of them have a. Singular tube right in the middle and you put this in here and you try and put your rifle in with a thirty round mag it's going to hit that tube and it isn't. Going to sit down in there so anyway i. Just wanted to show this let you all know that the quality on it is very. Very good very stout virtually no. Plastic in this is metal. The bags they hold on with velcro if you. Need to change out your bag you can velcro that off take this bag out put a. Different one on this is they'll prove it on here in the back as well so i was. Just impressed in a bottom-line i was. Impressed with the quality i was expecting something much more flimsy a lot more plastic and this just appears. To be a very well-made shooting rest so. That's the lead sled dft and that's. About it guys so one of these days I'll have this out. Actually put her to the test i. Got the bags ordered i ordered bags for this and i have. Discovered this shot is very expensive so I'm trying to wrangle a way to get a hold of some kind of metal. Scrap balls ball bearing something like. That to put in because just to buy like. 50 pounds of shot is like $8090 do you. All have any ideas of anything different or a place to go to get that stuff a lot cheaper I'd appreciate you letting me know so thanks for watching y'all take. Care appreciate all the new subs i truly do. We'll see you.

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    MTM Front Rifle Rest

    An affordable all-around shooting rest. The versatile Front Rifle Rest provides rock-solid stability, has a nonmarring rubber shooting pad and gripping rubber feet that reduce the chance of slippage. Locking precision-dialed adjustments offers 3" of vertical deviation for pin-point accuracy. Also works as a pistol rest.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Hyskore® Parallax Pistol Sighting Rest

    A sight-in session with this Pistol Rest will have you punching holes through the 10-ring in no time. Adjustable to accommodate any length of modern handgun, the ambidextrous vise snugly holds your firearm. Foam-padded feet stabilize the rest, and additional foam cradles your gun. The precision elevation adjustment moves groups just as much or as little as you need. The integrated carry handle makes toting the rest to the bench a snap.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This is the high-score paralax pistol. Sighting wrist and this rest is really. Neat because you'll be able to cite your handgun in three to five shots the. First step in citing in is to have a. Target you can use a bull's-eye but we. Found a little bit easier to use a cross target like this that we can you can make with a marker put a 50 feet away. And fire a three or a five shot group. Take careful aim at the center of your target and fire a capital 305 shot group. As you can see we're a little bit off the mark but that's our group and the. Important thing is to have a good tight group know what you need to do is mark the center of the group we've supplied a. Number of these iridescent orange pocket. Plasters and here you can mark the group. Very clearly now what we've done here is we've removed the target for the purpose of illustration in actuality you would. Leave the target in place mark the center of it and then come back to the bench another thing you may want to pay. Attention to is if you missed the paper move the target closer to the gun until. You're on the paper and then adjust from that point and then move the target back to your normal range since you will not. Be firing a gun anymore in this process unload it removes the magazine now adjust. Device and fix the gun in the vise. You'll note that device can adjust back and forth to accommodate virtually any arrangement in a gun and any barrel line one of the things you want to pay attention to is to keep device in the same location as when you fired your group on next step after the gun is. Fastened and device is to look through the sight what we want to do now is we want to get the reticle the crosshair or the red dot dead center on our original. Point of aim now in our case that's the cross target if using the bullseye of course it's the center of the bullseye do not touch the sights what you want to. Do is you want to move the rest left to. Right the wind age and you want to use these elevation adjustments to change. The elevation until you get the reticle dead center on your original point of aim this is the final step we're going. To mechanically and optically align the. Points of impact and point of aim move. The scope caps look through your sight. Put the reticle or the red dot dead. Center on the original point of aim now in our case that's the center of the cross of course at the using a bull's eye target would probably be the center of the bullseye now without touching the gun or the rest what you want to do is move the. Adjustment from the scope so you look that reticle or process directly into the point of impact which we already marked with that round here a destin orange marker once you've done that you. Have a line point of impact and point of aim and you are sighted in. You.

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    Primos® 2-Point Gunrest

    The Primos 2-Point Gunrest quickly supplies a tripod with a stable shooting rest. Attaches to any tripod with a 1/4"-20 thread pattern. Height and tilt is easily adjusted.
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    Primos® Group Therapy Bench Anchor Rest

  • Accessory tray for gear or weight bags
  • Buttplate guard cancels recoil
  • Includes a front shooting rest
  • Rugged, studded feet easily hold the bench in place
  • With up to 2" of precise elevation adjustment, the Primos Group Therapy Bench Anchor Rest is the ideal high-performance shooting bench for both left- and right-handed shooters. This rest also provides a convenient accessory tray to accommodate everything from weight bags to all of your must-have gear. Lightweight all-steel construction allows for simple, hassle-free transport. Includes a front shooting rest, and a buttplate guard that cancels recoil. Studded feet for turf-gripping traction. Only 15" wide. Length easily adjusts from 28" to 30". Imported.
    Wt: 18 lbs. 5 oz.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hi folks this is donnie d want to make a. Quick look and review video on a bench. Press that i recently purchased I've. Used it about three times so i think i know enough about it to give a reasonably intelligent review i was. Looking at been wanting a dense rest for a while and i was wanting a recoil. Absorbing or reducing rest and i looked. At lots of different ones including the. Comb well lead sled a couple of three. Different versions of that and I've. Settled on this one because mainly because it had really good reviews and it had a really good price it is the primo's group therapy i. Believe that's available at Walmart at. Times but my local Walmart was out of it. So i find it at sportsman's guide for. Somewhere around fifty by fifty-eight. Dollars and i had to pay some kind of boy it wasn't a ship a shipping fee some kind of tax or something like that i can't remember what it was but anyway regardless that came up to be just over sixty-four dollars delivered to my house to my place of work probably where i get stuffed a little usually I'm kind of. Going to pant over it kind of slow back and forth as i talk about it so you can kind of get a look at it first thing to let you know out of. The box when you first get it you'll. Notice that it's very heavy which is a good thing for recall of sort of in. Benchrest you don't really even have to use bags with certain calibers or rifles. But as you can see it does come with a. Pan or a shelf or whatever you want to. Call it so you can put weight bags on it I'll get to what i did about weight bags. In a minute also very easy to assemble. Probably took me five minutes to put it together maybe ten like that as you can see it's got one. Two three four height adjustment knobs. Actually this one here really is not a. Height adjustment knob as so much as it is one of these screws that hold it back. Arm and weight tray to the front. Assembly and of course there's a pin up here that holds it all together this one actually shouldn't even contact. The table you need to allow the front. Two and the rear and real one to be the. Ones that contact the table output at the bottom those little ends of those or. Bolts have a rubber foot on them that you can take off if you'd like in the. End of the botes it's pointed so regret the surface i prefer so far at least with my bench to use the rubber feet so it doesn't scratch the surface these. Adjustment knobs allow you to raise and lower and of course the actual base itself and to level it as well as the. Ground you're shooting off of your dentures on may not be level you can get it level with these as well these green pieces once you get the knob. Turn and adjust it to the right height you tighten these green discs down and. They act as walk nuts i really am. Impressed with well one thing the fact that it came with the front bag that's really nice but I'm really impressed. With the locking mechanism and the. Height adjustment wheel that is really. Smooth really well-made heavy-duty works. Really good i was really impressed with that really simple to use you just turned out about a quarter of a kind of loose adjust the height to whatever you want it to be then tighten it right back down again it has the tray for weight bags. You can buy weight bags on the internet. And spent some money or you can go to like i did went to walley world just look around in there at different departments i can't remember where i find them but i find some a little. Different black zipper the canvas bags they're probably about 7 or 8. Inches long by about 5 inches high and. With a zipper on i just filled them up with some steel bbs and then i don't know how much they weigh but two of them are adequate to weight this thing down for my freeway rifle so that's what i. Use but anyway back here on the back of. Course you've got your yoke or whatever you want to call it that. Catches the butt stock of your rifle to. Absorb the recoil nice and wide so it'll. Accept pretty much any rifle stock you want to put in it a narrower stock of. Course will be in here loosely if you want it to be in their jam it in tight i just stopped which i kind of do when i. Was using my 308 i just wrapped the stock with a little bit of foam rubber and pushed it down in hand and held it just fine another thing i really like. About it is the fact that it's really easy to take apart you can remove the. Pen and the entire rear arm assembly so. You've got just a front rest because. Once i get to the stock set i got my. Stocks excuse me my scope set i removed. This and just use this with a real bag that's the way i prefer to do it you may want to leave this on i prefer to take. This off and then just use this as a front rest also by taking this off it allows you to use this to shoot insight. In handguns as well which is really nice all of these surfaces like this part. Here the wheel here and also this back. Yoke it's got sort of rubber coating. On it keep you from scratching up your gun on. More think of this base here full year. Are shooting bag you can loosen up this. Little narborough right here and it will allow with the swivel really freely well. You can tighten the knob down to keep it so it doesn't swivel like that but anyway i was very impressed with it i. Was in dick's today looking at some guns and stuff and i saw one of the car wheel. Lead sleds went 449 95 at dick's so and. I am looking at the picture I've never shot a red sled so i can't really speak to how well it's made how well it would. Do but i just cannot see how it would be. Much better than this guy right here for less than half that are about sixty-five. Dollars ship i just don't see how you. Can beat it but anyway everybody to there are each. To their own i chose to go with supremo's group therapy recoil absorbing. Benchrest and i recommend it highly and for right. Now this is donnie d and I'll see you later buy.

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    Caldwell® Stable Table Lite

  • Lightweight and compact for easy transport
  • Supports up to 250 lbs.
  • Ambidextrous rotating seat
  • All-weather table top measures 34"L x 23"W
  • Adjustable table depth
  • Weighing less than 30 lbs., the Caldwell Stable Table Lite gives you the option to carry your own table to the range or the field for consistency you can count on wherever you go. The compact, yet robust size supports up to 250 lbs. of weight and fully collapses for easy transport and space-saving storage. Ambidextrous rotating seat (17"H) accommodates right- and left-handed shooters. All-weather table top measures 34"L x 23"W supported by 32"H legs. Adjust table depth to maximize shooting comfort.

    That's jp here from jp shooting and. Hunting ventures actually it's the jp. Hunting and shooting adventures okay. I'm bringing you a video because this is an unboxing video okay I've been wanting. To get one of these for a while now i just didn't know if i wanted to get it. Or you know trying to see if i could make one but i wonder i went ahead and. Got it okay you see that this is a caldwell shooting staple table and it's. Because ya got it right there in the back of the truck I'm gonna unbox it out. It together and see how portable it is. Because i want to really take i want to take this out to not too much to the. Hunting areas that i go to you know and maybe set up some targets where i can you know sack my rifle in and get it. Ready or maybe just maybe put it in the blind see how it works but regardless. I'm excited i want to take it out of the. Box see what it looks like see how hard it is to put together and go from there. I'm gonna use my favorite little knife right here to get this box open and see. What this stable table looks like and put it together but anyway you guys stay. Tuned and I'll show you what this. Shooting table looks like. Let me show you what's all included in this box okay of this table okay watch this. Called will shoot supplies called oil. Shooting calm this is their stable table. Shooting bench that's what it looks like what a person on it okay but according. To this the legs looks like they have. Some kind of bench leveling mechanism so. If you're on unstable ground you know. The legs can i guess get to be leveled. Okay on top of that says is built for. Ultimate accuracy because i get a knob. On the bottom of the table to rotate. You also got a knob or a stem down at. The bottom you know for rotation and according to that you know you can unify. Rotation okay so you can lock the table. And the seat and stem together okay. Allowing 360 rotation as a unit so this. Whole thing can rotate around like maybe. If you're in the back of a truck or something and you're out hunting and you need to rotate to you know see the game. Okay so that's interesting i didn't know. That's i like that and also i guess. You can rotate the top of the table you know and you know and the seat you. Now in opposite directions okay. Independently okay anyway i wanted to. Show you guys this shirt okay this is my bors all-day shirt got. It from the hunting grounds that i went back in november over at a boars all day in texas okay. Nice shirt i know you guys can see let. Me step back a little bit okay for his nice shirt got the emblem of texas on it captain i like that chris is a local one. It and on the back check it out wars all day okay if you're looking for. A place to go in texas to do some hunting some hogs, and he's got. Another game on his property as well okay I'm gonna put a link in the description and i want to try to link. The video somewhere in here okay to the. Hunted video i did back in november out. On his property okay but anyway you guys go check out his website okay if you're interested in a hunt you know give him a call you know bucha hunt you know and really nice facilities. Got a really nice hunting lodge you know when we went out there in november we. Had a great time he's a wonderful host alright so let's go ahead and finish. Taking this stuff out of the box. We got three legs right here. Guys there's a heavy-duty duty steel. Okay cuz this is not wimpy this has got. Some heft to it nice and heavy okay imma. Put this over here. Looks like the fact this might be where. The seat goes where you can rotate on right got some pins. Okay either here's a big old hand they. Look like maybe 3/8 3/8 inch steel okay. Nice little looks like a rest for your. Gun put that right there — not sure what. These were for these are some knobs or. Something kind of look at the instruction see what all that's about oh here's the other hand for your gun. Rack for your gun rest see nice and. Cushiony — big little poles coming out. Of the bottom you know obviously that goes down you know you don't want to sit on them okay. Assembly instructions you definitely. Want to hold on to them okay oh i see what those things are for you know those. Are rubber feet you can k for the bottom of your legs or something looks like we'll see what happens but. Definitely got a wood onto that. Got some parts it's like this might be. The collar that sits on the legs and the table sits on top okay we'll put. This over here no some kind of plate. Maybe for the table definitely. Got to read the instructions now yeah. That's obvious where that goes on the bottom and the lake's comes up right there collar sits right here for. The for the top of the tables guys it's. Heavy duty this ain't no messing around this is built very good you know you see those. Welds right there those are nice beads. You know that they built okay so this is. Not it's not a cheaply made product this. Feels heavy-duty okay this is cool okay. This is the table nice and light okay. Made out of some pvc plastic or. Something okay let's start putting it. Together because that's all that's in. The box you go need these three pins. For the legs. Okay i see how that works now. Gotta put this uh gasket in here i guess. That's what helps it rotates sure enough. You could put it rights there for now get. The idea chair goes here table goes on top okay. You will need a half inch wrench okay. Because the nuts that come with it to. Hold the seat down in the you need it so. I went ahead and took this portion of. The of the table off so i can go ahead and mount my seat to me — we'll put them. On But that's how that goes I'm gonna see. If i can go ahead and speed up the video here okay all you're gonna see is just. Me tightening this down. All right well that's it okays put them. Two bolts on their holds your seat on. There let's put it on next step is to. Mount the table mounting bracket to. The table and it's got just six screws. They give you the allen wrench for it and it's not difficult you're. Mechanically inclined should be fairly easy to put this on you know you can't. Really mess this up because the way the bolt pattern is it won't allow you to put it on the other way, so they've made. These things so easy to fit together now you almost don't need the instruction booklet okay i did need to read the. Instruction booklet to see what this part was called this is called the table mounting bracket okay so I'm gonna go. Ahead and speed up the camera again and. Finish putting these on. There it is no big deal six screws back. This out so you can dip that conduit on. This sleeve and guys we're almost done. But there it is. Oh yeah this is nice and sturdy okay. Well just picture you know this maybe. Like on the back of the truck put your. Right foot on here would you buy pot on it even when you drive it down the road at your trunk and you see some game you. No obviously if you're gonna do something like that you got to make sure that the honking rules and the. Laws of wherever's whatever state you're you're hunting that allows it okays some. States don't allow you to shoot out of the vehicle or a moving vehicle like that but this allows you to do this okay. Turn it around besides that's. Really about it if you're looking to go to texas to do. Some hog hunting look them up I'll put a description down below his name is chris. Day and the name of his website is. Called boars all day guy is the nicest guys I've ever met you know in the in hunt. Aaron's great plains got a great large for hunters look I'm on ok put a link. Down below boards allday.com go check. Him out hope you guys like this video and I'll see you guys on the next. One

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    Hyskore® Machine Rest

  • Delivers optimum repeatability and dampens recoil
  • Two N20 compression dampers absorb recoil and return your gun to battery
  • Compression dampers are fixed to the lower frame in the gun carrier assembly
  • Windage adjustment can be operated from either the left or right side
  • Elevation can be altered by either hand using a capstan-style knob
  • Remote hydraulic trigger release prevents shooter-induced motion contamination
  • Hyskore's Machine Rest is a precision-sighting tool that delivers optimum repeatability and dampens recoil from 5.56/.223-cal. up to and including .300 Win. Mag. and .338 Win. Mag. cartridges. The two N20 compression dampers absorb recoil and return your gun to battery after each shot. Compression dampers are fixed to the lower frame in the gun carrier assembly. Lower frame incorporates two chrome-plated shafts and the gun carrier assembly has four linear bearings that ride along the shafts. Windage adjustment can be operated from either the left or right side using the same system. Two linear bearings ride on two chrome-plated shafts for precise and smooth adjustments. Elevation can be altered by either hand using a capstan-style knob and locked in place with a T-handled bolt. Remote hydraulic trigger release removes the chance of shooter-induced motion contamination. While engineered for hands-free calibration of gun, sight and ammunition, rear vise assembly can be removed – exposing a platform for a rest bag for use at the range.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The hiscore black gun machine rest. Ultimate technology for precision. Sighting in nothing personal but you. Don't want to be the jerk at the range when getting your scope on the bull's eye that's why this shooting platform. Comes with a hydraulic trigger release to prevent jerking or any movement that. Can grow op zero in you can fire entirely remotely for the purest results. Gently push the plunger to fire and. Recoil pain can be a thing of the past. You can shoulder fire when you wish but this rest is stable enough that you don't have to all the elements are fully. Easily and precisely adjustable to make sure each shot is repeatedly on target. This is the sighting tool that your valuable gun and optics need grab this. Dead-on deal now.

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    Caldwell® Stinger Shooting Rest

  • Spring-loaded front adjustment knob for one-handed changes
  • Front and rear cradles hold your gun steady for rock-solid shots
  • Molded design protects your gun's finish
  • Rigid steel frame enhances stability
  • Cam locks secure it once you've found the perfect position
  • Compatible with high-capacity magazines and lever actions
  • 3" of elevation adjustment
  • Boasting a spring-loaded front height adjustment knob, Caldwell's Scorpion Shooting Rest makes one-handed elevation changes a breeze. Nonmarring front and rear molded cradles protect your gun's finish, while ensuring slip-free performance. Heavy-duty metal frame features cam locks so you can slide it back and forward to the perfect position, then lock it in position to fit any shooter. Design is compatible with high-capacity magazines and lever actions. Features 3" of front elevation adjustment and 1" of rear elevation adjustment.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Prevenir en horas. Pero no. Así. Con ese acento. Sí. Ah. Con boxes. Yasky en eso. Ah. Weiss. Ok. Una explicación. Costa. Lo que es. Ah. Los días. Weiss. Bueno. 6. I. Piensa. De just mente. 3. Ahora. Vais. Ah. A. Durante. 6 estamos. Bueno. White. Más. Fran walsh. Con. White. Igual. Y hoy Los árabes. Más. No. Picada. D. Cualquiera. Pero hay. En esta. Reducida. Ritmo. Agua o té de muerte. Vuelvo. Ese señor de una buena práctica. Es una arena. Ya no estaba. Armario. Igual.

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    Caldwell® Rock Jr™ Shooting Rest

  • Compact design for easy portability
  • Heavy-duty design keeps your rifle steady
  • Comes with both rubber feet and metal spikes
  • 7.25" of height adjustment
  • Caldwell's Rock Jr Shooting Rest is small enough to take to hunting camp, making those last-second changes possible. Heavy-duty design checks in at 5 lbs. to ensure your rifle doesn't budge unless you want it to. Large steel post provides 7.25" of height adjustment. Comes with both non-slip rubber feet for bench shooting and metal spikes for shooting off the ground. Includes a filled medium Varmint front bag.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Well shooters that re loaders out there it's fortune-cookie 45 lc coming to you. From the hot lead zone and wishing you a. Very nice easter weekend but anyway what. We're going to talk about today is that. We're a nation of riflemen, and so we're. All working up our acker loads this kind. Of thing which means that we need to have good rest to shoot from at the. Range whether that set up at a public. Range or a weather's on private range out in the back lot this kind of thing. So the rest is very important and this. Video is about the caldwell rock br. Competition shooting rest is a front. Shooting rest so here's the rest with my. Remington model 700 ps and 223 calibers. We'll go ahead and take the rifle off so. You can get a good look at this rest wheel a great debt of thanks to larry. Potter field because this is one of those. Baton filled companies that is a spin off. Of larry potter field midway usa so this. Rest is substantial you need a rest that. Is stable this one weighs 15 pounds has. A cast iron chassis and it has a 15 inch. Footprint now it's fully adjustable in. Height by using this wheel here and. That's elevation adjustment but it as well. Has wind age adjustment with a little knob here that when you turn it actually. Moves the rifle for wind age now this is. Much more advantageous than having to. Try to move the rifle by shifting the. Rear rest and getting that rifle on. Target or trying to adjust the elevation by. Squeezing the backrest sandbag when. You're doing that you're actually putting a load on the platform so that. It's not stable it's not neutral to. Shoot our best groups we want the rifle. To be absolutely neutral and on target and the features of the full. Adjustability of elevation and wind age allow this rest to give you those. Adjustments so that the rifle is neutral on target and that allows us too then. Move into the rifle and make out. Connection to the rifle and do the trigger pull from a neutral position. Instead of having to load it up by squeezing a rear sandbag and maintaining. That squeeze through the time we're actually squeezing the trigger also so. This is much more beneficial than having. A rest that doesn't have the adjustable features even though those rest could be nice and solid the problem is you don't. Have adjust ability to get the rifle on. Target now there's also a level here a. Bubble level that allows you to level. The rest and that's important also mo. Stressed out that we bi don't have that. Feature now the rest comes with two bags but. This one happens to be a aftermarket protector bag so don't look at that do. You have a bag that's similar to this but i wanted this bag because of the. Slippery nature of it nice smooth slipping action the side panels here can. We adjusted to squeeze the rest make it. Conform better to your rifle so that's a. Nice feature and of course it has a front for end stop so that after we call. You can slide the rifle back against it. And reproduce the rifle position with a. Good consistency now allow me to. Demonstrate the elevation adjustments. You have here a lock for the course. Adjustment so you unlock this you can go. Ahead and slide the main ram up and then. Lock it that gets you close then for the fine. Elevation adjustment you unlock this. Side and then you can use the wheel now. The wheel is on ball bearings so when. You turn this is a very smooth action. And it will use a screw here notice how. Smooth that is and that will give you. The fine adjustment and it'll go up. Quite a bit more than we need but give. You an idea once you get the elevation. Where the rifles on target and it's. Neutral that you lock this now if you. Need to have some wind age then that's. The knob on the left-hand side let me. Show you that so by cranking this knob you'll move the. While platform from side to side and. There's no backlash and a very smooth. Move of the platform so you can get on. Target very easily with that knob and. There's no need to lock it because it's. Not going to move from where you leave it now the front foreign stop has some. Adjustment in and out and also up and. Down with this rubber knob here once you. Get it where you want it you lock you. Lock it in position like that and you. Lock it in the position like that and. That gives you a fair amount of adjustment to get that on the foreign without a lot of trouble now this rest. Comes with two bags there's one bag that. Looks like but doesn't have the real slippery surface on their like this protector and. It also comes with an unfilled bag that. You fill yourself and it's more for. Wider for ends this rest is very. Substantial and has good quality of. Construction and materials. Nothing cheaply assembled here now the. Important thing is that this rest is priced right at a list price of a. A Hundred and fifty-four dollars at this moment right now easter weekend going in. The next week of the year 2019 this rest. Is on sale right now at midway usa for $99 that is outstanding I'm sorry that i. Bought this a month ago when i didn't. Have the sale to take advantage of but. $99 I'm letting all of you out there know who are looking for a new front. Rest that you've got a good option here now of course for bench rest competition. This will be a entry level rest only because most bench wrestlers that are. Serious are going to use rests that are in the 500 to 1000 dollar category and. Over the most sophisticated rests don't. Have these controls they have let's call it joy stick the stick comes back and. That one move can make the rest do all the adjustments with one joystick but. We're gonna be paying a lot for that feature this is all we really need so. There's the caldwell rock be our front. Rest well I've already shot this rest at. The range and needless to say i like it that's why I'm doing this video about it. Get the call well adjustment. Call that one just a little bit little. Yep so see you at the range and buy for. Now have a happy easter, and we'll see you the next video.

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    Hyskore® Swivel Pistol Rest

    Hyskore's Swivel Pistol Rest provides you with multiple shooting options. With the lockup knob in place, it is a solid, portable, fun support platform. With the platform less than 3" off the deck, it allows shooting at full arm extension. Remove the lockup knob and it smoothly pivots over 150° on an industrial ball-bearing set.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    With a practicing sighting in was. Shooting varmints a highscore rotating. Pistol wrist has more usable features than any other rest the rest is. Rock-solid and load to the deck this. Allows the shooter to practice and full. Arm extension with the elbow locked so. We can emulate offhand shooting in. Addition by removing this locking knob. The rest can smoothly rotate through. Over a hundred twenty degrees for adjustments the wrist features an. Adjustable v-notch locks in place with. His collar knob two adjustable lockable. Leveling jacks end if you feel the need. To anchor it's awfully to the bench top. There are four anchor points that you. Can use to leg it into place he trust. Comes equipped with magnetic back vile. Spirit level so you can make the exact. Perfect setup lock the rest in place so it doesn't. Rotate simply a matter of inserting this. Knob tightening the rest features. Convenient carry handle foam padding on. The v-notch and foam padding on the. Platform the rest uses a three-part. Industrial thrust bearing assembly the. Bearing is over four inches in diameter and this allows the rest to rotate silky. Smooth but it also provides ample. Support for the platform on occasion the. Bearing may need cleaning and lubrication to access the bearing remove. The locking knob then remove the large. Nut. Lift off the platform now you have. Access to the bearing we're going use a. Clear hot soapy ammonia water solution. And then air dry use several drops of. Acid free light machine oil like sewing. Machine oil to lubricate the bearing and. Then reassemble the final step in. Reassembly is to adjust the drag with. The tension on the platform and the amount of play tighten the nut until there is no. Up-and-down play in the platform and. Then simply a matter of tightening or. Loosen the not just a little bit to adjust the drag the rest measures 13 and. A quarter by 14 the bottom of the. V-notch can adjust from as low as 5 inches to as high as 7 inches you can. Use the leveling jacks to increase the amount of elevation the rest works. Equally, well with long guns. Spring and compression damper technology. Progressively observed the recoil she. Grabbed high relief and sight picture. Remain unchanged the dead eye gives a. Shooter an opportunity to actually deliver a high volume of rapid fire on. Multiple targets shot after shot rifle. Risk get you on the money and keeps you. There recoil sensitive people can now. Enjoy unlimited shooting without flinching and without the pain of recoil. Guns designed on the ar platform have. Several unique features flow to third. Stack with no dropper to heal pistol. Grip and the ability to accommodate high-capacity magazine the dead eye has. Been designed to complement these characteristics. The good eye works equally well with. Death and semi other guns and a man is. Similar to a tenuring reciprocating. Shooting rest the dead eye uses our patented spring and compression tampa. Technology to progressively observe the recoil returned the gun to battery and. Keep your crosshairs ripe on the target shot after shot to fit your. Gun to the rest first lay the gun up in. The v-notch fasten the three stored. Restraining straps then take the large. Recoil transfer strap put upon the pins. Around the bed of the gun make sure it's. Securely on the pins or the bend back so. It's seated firmly on the strap and finally snug up the tree restraining straps from the factory that that out. Comes equipped with two yellow springs each providing two pounds of resistance four inches of travel to red spring each. Providing four pounds of resistance two inches of travel and two blue springs each. Providing four pounds of resistance four inches of travel in addition. Factory-installed compression damper to. Provide 17 foot pounds of progressive resistance if you want more or less. Compression damper resistance 11 and 22. Pounds compression dampers are available. As options on the replacement parts list. To check to see if the compression. Damper is providing correct resistance. For the gun you're using put a little grease on the shaft of the damper and. Fire your gun if the grease residence shows that the. Damper has traveled less than one inch then you have too much resistance you. Need to change to a lighted damper and or just use spring the transport storage. All the times when you want to lock the rest in a fixed position there are two. Adjustable and removable. And lockups at the rear and run riveting. Rock up the treads right in here. It stores right here different guns. Have different balanced characteristics to change the balance of the rest first. Remove the upper assembly remove the. Bench grip rotate the base and the day. To degrees now reattach the bench grip. From the other end take the upper. Assembly mount it to the base like this. And you're in business. There are two mounting positions on the. Base and on the other assembly there are. Also two mounting positions give you for total of four different mounting. Provisions candy springs etc is an easy. Process simply remove the two retaining nuts. Front of the rest go to the rear of the. Rest removes two with compression example. Retaining nut a bit of tension against. The springs on the upper carry here elevate the eyelid after over the sped. Now move the entire tail assembly forward rotate it and remove it now you. Can access the third mounting stud for. The gas spring under the nut and you're. Done replace the carrier assembly and. The damper first mount the shaft end of. The damper to the third mounting stud on. Carrier tightens the nut to complete. Revolutions now supporting the damper. With one hand engage the two third tubes. Over the two filled with pins about one. Quarter of an inch don't you do that the two richards will. Drop the head of the to wear pins and you contrition entitles temblor back against the spring tension put the out of the damper over the mounting stem put. The nut in place and tighten it now go back take your wrench and tighten the. Third mounting not on the damper so that. It's flush with the end of the stud one. Think you have to do is put your. Retaining nuts in place and you're in business the foam heads and the v. Notches have been specially designed and. Located to easily clear swivel studs. Other features the rest include adjustable vents clip-on. These transfers recoil investment events. Walk of a leveling jacks one of these. Side in the front and a vile spirit. Level the collage locknut does two. Things first by making it tighter or looser you can. Exist the drag on the swivel function. Second it allows access to the bearing. You.

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    Hyskore® Black Gun® Shooting Rest

  • Specially designed for AR-15 or AK-47-style weapons
  • Fits bolt-action and semiautomatics, too
  • 4" x 5" rear platform
  • Removable padded yoke
  • Welded steel framework
  • Along with bolt action and semiautomatics, this shooting rest is specially designed to accommodate AR-15 or AK-47-style weapons and other high-capacity (up to 40 rounds) magazines and pistol grips. Since many shooters like to use rabbit-ear rest bags, this rest offers a 4" x 5" rear platform beneath the removable padded yoke allowing for a wide range of gun-support options. The lightweight powder-coated, welded-steel framework easily reconfigures for convenient storage and easy transport. Features include a reliable three-point leveling system, a magnetic spirit level and ambidextrous microelevation. Comes with a front leather rest bag and an auxiliary buttstock strap.
    Dimensions: 17.5"W x 16"L
    Weight: 10 lbs.

    What's lien green and mean why it's the. Beefy built high score x ring plus precision shooting rest take it to the. Range for dead-on zeroing of your rifle scope with controlled recoil works well. With all long guns including high-power ar-15 style rifles instantly make. Leveling changes at the turn of a few locking dials that securely grip to most. Shooting surfaces and dial up accurate. Windage and elevation by making adjustments without leaving your position once said there's no creeper. Drift just dead-on hair-splitting accuracy shot after shot factory. Prefilled leather bags support your firearm in the front and rear for a comfortable rock steady shooting position / improve zeroing with. Razor-sharp accuracy make this rugged shooting rest your new range buddy order. Today four years of top performance.

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    Hyskore® Rapid Fire Precision Shooting Rest

  • Compatible with almost any firearm
  • Easily make submillimeter adjustments when sighting in
  • Will not creep or drift
  • Works for both left- and right-handed shooters
  • One rest for all your guns. Hyskore's Rapid Fire Precision Shooting Rest is compatible with guns such as AR-15s and AK-47s and also permits the use of lever-action, pump-action and bolt-action guns. Elevation assembly can be moved close to the rear gun support to make a perfect pistol and revolver rest. Elevation assembly also uses an elegantly designed precision scissor mechanism with linear motion bearings that glide along polished steel rails. By turning the ambidextrous controls, sub-millimeter adjustments are easily made. In addition, there is absolutely no creep or drift. Rear gun support has a choice of five locations so that whether you are a left-handed or right-handed shooter, the gun can rest securely on the rear gun support. Set includes a front-filled leather rest bag, rear rabbit-ear-filled leather rest bag, magnetic bubble level and padded V-notch that can be used in place of the front rest bag. Four-point leveling and protective rubber caps are included to protect points on the leveling jacks.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    What's lien green and mean why it's the. Beefy built high score x ring plus precision shooting rest take it to the. Range for dead-on zeroing of your rifle scope with controlled recoil works well. With all long guns including high-power ar-15 style rifles instantly make. Leveling changes at the turn of a few locking dials that securely grip to most. Shooting surfaces and dial up accurate. Windage and elevation by making adjustments without leaving your position once said there's no creeper. Drift just dead-on hair-splitting accuracy shot after shot factory. Prefilled leather bags support your firearm in the front and rear for a comfortable rock steady shooting position / improve zeroing with. Razor-sharp accuracy make this rugged shooting rest your new range buddy order. Today four years of top performance.

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    Hyskore® Compact Shooting Rest

  • Accommodates all long guns, including ones with pistol grips
  • Compact for easy transportation and storage
  • Fine adjustments are easy
  • Gun-contact surfaces are padded with closed-cell foam
  • Hyskore's Compact Shooting Rest provides a stable, lightweight gun support platform that accommodates all long guns, including those with high-capacity magazines and pistol grips. It is also compact for easy transport and storage. Features two forward leveling and elevation jacks and one elevation jack at the rear, which also serves as a fine elevation adjustment. All the jacks can be fixed in place with a locking knob. Forward V-notch gun support can be adjusted for elevation and rear pedestal. All gun contact surfaces are padded with a closed-cell protective foam.
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     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Today we're gonna be looking at a pistol. Rest from ctk precision we picked this. Up here a few months ago we've been using decided our different guns for our. Hunting seasons and just random things here we used it on the 44 mag project as. You can see we've got the ruger super red hawk in there and the thing works phenomenal we're just going to talk about some of the features here alright so in the front we've got the elevation adjustment knob and again simple to use just the post inside of it post drops. Out tighten it easy to use elevation a nice wide view with some foam padding and some felt in here protects your barrels in the rear you can also adjust. The where how long your barrel is. The stuff so you can adjust this forward and rear if you've got a short rig up in here like lance's glock you can drop this pose down slide this forward and. And then you've got a perfect dress for. You know a smaller gun also the rear has. An elevation adjustment all it is a. Simple slider here with a with another. Spin dial that you can lock it so it doesn't spin and it's just a little late hands just sitting up platform again foam and foam padding also there's more adjustment on the rear you can tilt to tilt it down and again it's got the same. Dial lock that is in the front so you. Can literally make this thing fit any gun that you want the nice thing about it is it's actually designed for ending pistol rape or a pistol grip so you can take an ar stick it in there. Raised in front of you got a nice. Little pistol nice little pistol grip. Breath so you can take the range instead of dragging a lead sled out there if you don't have a bipod and a gun or you just want something with more stability it's very compact very easy to use very simple not a lot of moving parts you have to worry about anything or an out so the ctk precision compact. Shooting rest comes with the v-notch post mount and you can see that they have some graduations here so if you've got different guns you can come you know memorize or write them down so you know what elevation need sometimes you have to adjust that for different elevation but kind of extra feature you can reference back to an option that. Comes separately is this pistol post. Mount it's 15 bucks it's a extra option to carry and what it's meant for is for. Short barrel pistols so you can see that. You know if you've got a short barrel it might stick here in the v-notch and you. Might blast out and you know tear or burn some of this so for 15 bucks you can pick up this extra post and it's meant for short grail pistols i would. Say my favorite part about the rest is that it is so small and you know most of. What we do here at hijack is a lot of pistols pistol grip based off a ours. Pistols things like that so if you need a rest you know we took it out with the ryan's air pistol and it works. Phenomenal except the thing in there. It's light and easy to take carrier to the range you can set it as to set it anywhere, and we used it decides its gun and now something like that it's almost. Impossible to use any anything else to cite that in and you can use a bag you can use that but you'll never good yeah as good as rest as you would with something like this so it's definitely. It's super handy super small and. And you guys check this out from ctk precision.

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