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  Boss Buck 55-Gal. 3" Slip-On Lid Wildgame Innovations Game Feeder Replacement Motors Moultrie Pro Magnum 55-Gal. Tripod Feeder Boss Buck 600-lb. All-In Protein Feeder American Hunter 6-/12-Volt /110 V Outlet Charger Boss Buck Build-Your-Own Tripod Feeder Kit Boss Buck 2" Down Spout Moultrie® 30-Gal. Quick-Lock Directional Feeder American Hunter R225 Pro VB Tripod Feeder Kit American Hunter 225-lb. Hanging-Feeder Kit Moultrie 6.5-gal. Pro Hunter Hanging Feeder Moultrie® 30-Gallon Gravity Tripod Game Feeder Boss Buck Replacement 12V Heavy-Duty Blower Motor Moultrie® Gravity Game Feeder Kit Wildgame Innovations Replacement Spinner Plates for Game Feeders Moultrie Pro Hunter Feeder Kit Boss Buck 55-Gal. Hanging Bail with Pulley Wildgame Innovations Analog 6-Volt Power Unit Moultrie Metal Feeder Feet
  Boss Buck 55-Gal. 3" Slip-On Lid Wildgame Innovations Game Feeder Replacement Motors Moultrie Pro Magnum 55-Gal. Tripod Feeder Boss Buck 600-lb. All-In Protein Feeder American Hunter 6-/12-Volt /110 V Outlet Charger Boss Buck Build-Your-Own Tripod Feeder Kit Boss Buck 2" Down Spout Moultrie® 30-Gal. Quick-Lock Directional Feeder American Hunter R225 Pro VB Tripod Feeder Kit American Hunter 225-lb. Hanging-Feeder Kit Moultrie 6.5-gal. Pro Hunter Hanging Feeder Moultrie® 30-Gallon Gravity Tripod Game Feeder Boss Buck Replacement 12V Heavy-Duty Blower Motor Moultrie® Gravity Game Feeder Kit Wildgame Innovations Replacement Spinner Plates for Game Feeders Moultrie Pro Hunter Feeder Kit Boss Buck 55-Gal. Hanging Bail with Pulley Wildgame Innovations Analog 6-Volt Power Unit Moultrie Metal Feeder Feet
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Boss Buck 55-Gal. 3" Slip-On Lid

  • Protects your feed from wind, rain and critters
  • Sturdy 18-ga. galvanized-steel construction
  • Fits most 55-gal. drums
  • The Boss Buck 55-gal. Slip-On Lid weighs a hefty 9 lbs. to protect your feed from wind, rain and hungry critters. Its sturdy 18-ga. galvanized-steel construction ensures lasting durability. Fits most 55-gal. drums.
    23.75” dia. x 3”D.
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    Wildgame Innovations Game Feeder Replacement Motors

  • Works with most power-controlled game feeder systems
  • 6-volt motor has a 1/8'' drive shaft
  • 12-volt motor has a 1/4'' drive shaft
  • When your game feeder's motor quits on you, replace it with a Wildgame Innovations Game Feeder Replacement Motor. These motors work with most power-controlled game-feeder system, including brands other than Wildgame Innovations.
    • 6-Volt Motor – Features 1/8'' drive shaft. Wt: 1 lb.
    • 12-Volt Motor – Features 1/4'' drive shaft. Wt: 2 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    hi welcome back to burning river bush craft today we're going to be setting up. And assembling this wild game innovation game feeder so. Idon't know a lot about game feeders I've never actually used. This for Christmas this was. Ibelieve from tractor supply. This is an entry-level model so I've got the front off. This weatherproofs case. All the electronics are poked back in here. And the only thing left to do is to test. Now before you need to make sure. You have clearance on your broadcaster. You turn this broadcaster is going to spend so you've got to make sure. You have your fingers. Everything else away from there on the face of the controller itself there's an orange test button I'm gonna go ahead. That weren't you test button. And then it gives the self a little bit of time. You don't have time for you to step back. And get out of the way so. You don't get pelted in the face One thing I did not do correct on assembly. This wingnut in there was supposed to be a regular nut. That went behind the wingnut. That way the bolt itself would stay rigid. You could loosen the wingnut. And raise and down. You know I admitted. That I'm not even going to go back. It in it's not that big a deal to.

    Me but in certain situations. You know definitely assemble. It as the manufacturer directs. All right so this has been a wild game innovation photocell game feeder assembly. This assembly on it's been pretty straightforward no real problems with. It as far as legality of a game feeder. You know check your local state federal laws. You know these aren't legal in. All areas they're not legal for all species. You can hunt over a game feeder for deer in Ohio. You cannot do it with turkey as well. Any type of federal migratory birds. You can't hunt over a game feeder as far as ethics go with a game feeder. You know I have never shot an animal over a game feeder before but behind. Me there's a lot forty acres of woods surrounded by about a hundred. And twenty acres of fields so. You know corn is not like a novelty in my area. You know there're fields everywhere there's not a lot of made of food for the deers to eat so.

    This lets you know maintain a sizable population in the off season. When they're sitting in a cornfield they're not going to come out of the feel to come to my game feeder to feed so. This is just another way to improve my habitat for the game in my area alright till next time. This has been Jaime blogs with burning river bush craft see. You soon swinging for this far

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    Moultrie Pro Magnum 55-Gal. Tripod Feeder

  • 55-gal. bulletproof metal barrel
  • 9-ft. of fill space with a capacity of 400 lbs.
  • Includes Pro Magnum’s Feeder Kit
  • Attract trophy deer to your land while keeping pesky varmints at bay with Moultrie’s Pro Magnum 55-Gal. Tripod Feeder. Its 55-gal. metal barrel is bulletproof and offers 9 ft. of fill space. You’ll go months without having to refill thanks to a maximum capacity of 400 lbs. Square, locking legs add long-lasting stability and the belly band ensures assembly is easy. Built-in varmint guard. Includes Pro Magnum’s Feeder Kit.
    60"H x 24"Dia.
    Capacity: 400 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    All right I'm gonna do a quick video to show the way. You set this feeder so. When you turn it on. And when you look at. It show your battery power it's showing how. Many days until your buckets empty. And if you just click. One of the buttons it'll show. You the current time. If you need to adjust the time. You just press the up. Or down button that's. How you change your time. If you want to change your feet are times. You just click set and you'll go to the first feeder time which I've got set for 6:00 am for one second. You can go to your second feeder time. If you need to adjust. It you just hit the up. Or down arrows to adjust the time I've got. It set for 7:00 am again. If you had set again. You can adjust your feet. Or time and you just continue. That whole cycle all the way through. It gives you six different feed times. You can set you can set. Each one for different feed radiuses so. If you want to throw for 10 seconds in the morning in. One second in the afternoon. You can do it if you just want throw. One time a day you can do. That as well and that's. It once you're done. You just leave it alone in it'll go back to the cycle. Where it shows you. How many days till empty. It shows you your battery life.

    And that's it pretties easy setup.

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    Boss Buck 600-lb. All-In Protein Feeder

  • Durable, all-weather feeder with a UV-resistant hopper
  • Galvanized and stainless steel components resist corrosion
  • Large capacity means fewer trips to fill
  • Developed with input from "Dr. Deer," James Kroll, the Boss Buck 600-lb. All-In Protein Feeder converts from a protein feeder to a spin feeder in mere minutes. Height is 81" from the ground to the lid, and the distance from the ground to the feeder spout is 42". Inside leg spread is 40" for excellent stability. Hatch lid is 3" deep. Holds approximately 600 lbs. of corn or 500 lbs. of large protein pellets. The hoppers are constructed of thick, UV-resistant plastic that keeps precipitation and varmints out. Galvanized and stainless steel hardware resists rust and corrosion. Made in USA. 
    600 lbs. 
    Fill ht: 81".
    Feeder ht: 81".
    Wt: 95 lbs.

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    American Hunter 6-/12-Volt /110 V Outlet Charger

  • Charges 6- or 12-volt rechargeable batteries
  • Change voltage charge with easy-to-use switch
  • Alligator-clip connectors accommodate most styles of battery posts
  • Keep your wildlife feeder running at full speed with fully-charged batteries courtesy of this 6-/12-Volt Battery Charger. This convenient and versatile plug-in rechargeable battery charger charges both 6- or 12-volt rechargeable batteries. Change voltage charge with the flick of a switch. Alligator-clips connectors accommodate most styles of battery posts.

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    Boss Buck Build-Your-Own Tripod Feeder Kit

  • Comes with everything you need to build your own tripod feeder
  • Pulley system and 1,200-lb. winch makes hoisting heavy loads easy
  • Corrosion-resistant construction stands up to harsh weather
  • Boss Buck's Build-Your-Own Tripod Feeder Kit includes a hanging bail, tripod header and a winch so you can create your own feeding station so the deer in your area know the hand that feeds them. Bail secures a standard 55-gal. drum (not included) and supports up to 1,000 lbs. Tripod header uses a pulley system to make it easy to fill on the ground, then hoist to feed. Rugged 1,200-lb. winch and hook provides smooth operation. Corrosion-resistant construction stands up to harsh weather.
    Bail ht: 17.81".
    Bail inside width: 22.06".
    Tripod header plate: 6"L x 6"W x 0.5"H.
    Tripod header legs: 9.5"L.

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    Boss Buck 2" Down Spout

  • Easy to install
  • Durable steel construction 
  • Powder-coated paint finish
  • Rust- and corrosion-resistant
  • 2” spout opening
  • Great as a replacement for plastic parts on manufactured feeders, the Boss Buck 2” Down Spout is super easy to install. Simply cut a hole in the bottom of any drum, center the spout over the hole and attach the screws. Solidly constructed steel spout with powder-coated paint finish resists rust and corrosion for long-lasting performance. 2” spout opening. Includes mounting screws. Imported.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Moultrie® 30-Gal. Quick-Lock Directional Feeder

  • Built-in UV-resistant hopper with 100-lb. capacity
  • Agitating spinner plate breaks up clumps and improves feed flow
  • Straight feed pattern works well for concentrating on narrow paths
  • Includes directional feeder kit
  • Put some automation into your game-feeding routine. The Moultrie 30-Gal. Quick-Lock Directional Feeder dispenses feed from its built-in UV-resistant hopper with 100-lb. capacity. Agitating spinner plate breaks up clumps and improves feed flow. Straight feed pattern works well for concentrating on narrow paths and trails. Includes directional feeder kit. Requires one six-volt battery (not included). 

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You never know when you're gonna come upon the perfect place in the woods to put a feeder. And sometimes that's right up against a tree. Or a post when that's the case. You need the Mountie 15 gallon directional feeders. This weather resistant hopper is designed to be attached with the included bracket. And ratcheting strap right to the side of a tree. Or post then it'll shoot feed out along a trail. Or path with its hundred pound capacity. It holds plenty of feed the Mountie 15 gallon hanging directional feeder.

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    American Hunter R225 Pro VB Tripod Feeder Kit

    The 225-lb. capacity feeder has three 8-ft. sectional galvanized legs. Barrel is heavy-duty polymer with a quick-release lid for easy loading. Includes R Pro Feeder Kit with Varmint Buster that adds electric shock deterrent to unwanted pests that can rob feed. The analog clock timer permits one to 24 daily feeding times with three feed rates. Kit is easy to install and compatible with nearly any feed container. Runs on one 6-volt spring-top battery (not included). New heavy-duty no-blow slinger for less wasted feed.

    Well we're going to take. It rights out to the lease. And check the feeder pull the camera card got a little work to do to the blind mark off the trail. We go to walk in two different directions with walk in from the east. And from the West depending on. One direction so take a drive out here Saturday morning nice weather for in the 70s. Itake the whole family out here see. We are going on daddy what's a buzzard is a vulture. They eat the dead animals on the side of the road. And stuff oh they're kind of vultures there's black ones those are there black vultures are. They scared of people yeah every daddy is involved it's a bald eagle scare the people well here's my feeder it's working I get corn on the ground. This summer put a plexiglass window in there so. Icould see the corn level from a blind went with the American hunter spinner I'll tell. You about that in a second put. These shark teeth on here. They work pretty good they're pretty sharp get them on. All three legs I kind of want to put. Something the backside. They still tend to climb up a little bit but the shark teeth definitely help the feeder.

    Idid a lot of research. This summer a lot of YouTube videos. Ipicked American hunter. Because it's got a lot of good options too with the solar panel. Igot the varmint buzzer on there also so it'll up in here. They talk touched at. They get a pretty good shock. It works I can tell from my camp pictures. One second they're climbing up the next second they're. All gone completely the good is. Ilike the product everything seems to be working now the bad is their customer service is horrible. Ihad an issue I first put. It together basically the corn was jamming up in there. And wasn't using my brains to figure. Ithought maybe the battery didn't have enough juice.

    Ihad a brand-new battery so. Icontacted him through email. And the first time they didn't respond. Icontacted him again through email told him. What the problem was. They said well you got to get a new battery told him. Idid get a new battery. And the battery I got which. Ihad seen in other American Hunter videos was a perfectly fine battery well. They told I need to go with an energizer battery so. Iput an Internet Energizer battery in there. It still did the same thing when. Somebody could have contacted. And easily said hey try adjusting the spinner. And lowering it and that's problem was the corn was getting locked up in there.

    Ihad read some stuff online. And said the lower that spinner. Ishould have thought about. That but I didn't but at the same time. Ithink the customer service could have told. Icommunicate a little bit better basically after the last email. They never wrote me back so. Iliked the product but. Idon't like the customer service so that's just my two cents but. Ilike the spinner, so we'll see I'm going to pull the camera card. What we got on camera but that's my feeder holds about five. Or six bags of corn. All right we'll see. You here's the blind. Ibuilt yeah John. Some plywood at Home Depot. It was clearance tout with. This camo print you know pretty happy with. It you'll you can hear. That camera anyways let's come up deer blind just put a new roof on there had. Some issues with it leaking last year the door to enter the back there's my corn over there's a creek. That runs through here. They like to travel through there's.

    Some trails going through the woods over here I'm gonna try to make a shooting lane out of the side of the vine over there. This year maybe next week. And I'll come out here. And put the chainsaw that's my blind. It came out really good it's been holding up together. This is been year three. It seems to be fun together. Some cameras coming off a little bit but that's alright it's still in good condition so want to show. Something real quick. Ido a lot turn your season. Igo to the local stores at sell corn. Ilook for broken bags. Iscored four 50-pound bags today for five bucks total five bucks. This corn would have cost. Me thirty some dollars to buy four bags. And then what I do is. Ihave chickens so I keep on my chicken bags. And I'll just reload them into my chicken bags so just a little tip I'm sure. You have thought about. That but all the time. It saves me a ton of money look for rip bags. And make them a deal just offer.

    Whatever you can hey. Everyone this is Nate with dirt-poor outdoors. Ijust want to kind of introduce myself I'm gonna start up a youtube channel here. And kind of share my hunting experiences. Ihaven't been doing it. That long but I met a lot of good people. And had a lot of good help over the years on learning what to do. How to do I wanted to explain. Inamed the channel dirt-poor outdoors. And a lot of you hunt on a budget we've got. You know three little ones. And have to watch how much money. Ispend so I kind of make videos on how. Ican do things a little bit cheaper sometimes. Ican save some money. And still do what I love which is hunt whitetail, so I'm going to go through. Some stuff like corn buying corn on discount. And stuff like that but. Ijust kind of want to introduce myself let.

    You know what I'm going to be doing this year I'm going to try to film my whole season beginning to end, so we'll see. What happens I appreciate. You watch subscribe. It shares it with your friends. You can in the you can see film -. Iappreciate that don't take care you.

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    American Hunter 225-lb. Hanging-Feeder Kit

  • Feed one to 16 times per day or on different days of the week
  • Heavy-duty polyethylene barrel
  • Adjustable feed rate
  • No-blow slinger resists wind and grain trickle
  • One of the most flexible feeding systems on the market, the American Hunter 225-lb. Hanging-Feeder Kit meets the demands of all wildlife hobbyists and managers. The system's digital timer allows you to feed one to 16 times per day and even on different days of the week. The heavy-duty polyethylene barrel offers long-lasting performance. Adjustable feed rate (one to 30 seconds). Powder-coated no-blow slinger resists wind and grain trickle. Quick-release lid and heavy metal hanging bail. Built-in varmint guard. Uses 6-volt battery (not included). Includes varmint buster accessory. Made in USA.
    Feeder: 33"H x 18" dia.
    Wt: 21 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Let's join Wade Middleton as. He talks about some american hunter feeders. He is set up for over 25 years American hunter feeders has been dedicated to building the best built. Most innovative products on the market today their feeders are designed to ensure quality. And reliability that lasts. This is the American hunter are 225 pro series of feeders it's a great wildlife feeder. That you can use for a lot of different scenarios for me personally. This is an incredibly durable feeder. That doesn't break the bank. When you get ready to go buy. One it's easily contained. You can carry it out in a box by yourself. And quickly put it up in just about. Any hunting situation. And scenario you're gonna come to find let's go to. Some featuresnow the way the legs are set up here. You can interchange them. You can make it a little shorter a little taller depending on what you're needing say for instance you're wanting to feed around a fishpond. You wanted a little lower. This is a great way to lower. It closes to it or. You want to get it up higher to get a wider area feed you've got a metal band.

    That sits just below. This rise raise the edge right here. That allows it to be very sturdy. When the unit is totally full of feed which is. Ilike to use mine so. Idon't have to go fill my feeders. All the time on top of. That you've got a great locking lid mechanism. That keeps moisture out which allows. All your grain or whatever you're feeding to stay dry so. It doesn't mold mildew therefore causing it to gum up. And not come down to feed. Once you get down to inside the timer feeders here you've got a digital. And you've got an analogue choice to work with from the analogue scenario. You can take the pins in. And out and set it to feed numerous times. All day long basically use. Many pins as you can put in those holes. That feeder will go off at a variety of times.

    And it just works its way around. And every time it its the trigger point the feeder goes off the digital series of feeders allows. You to come in and manually change the time. And the rate of feed based on how. You want to set it up. This particular timer is very easy to set up. You can set numerous feeding time. All during the day you can also choose. What days you want. It to set and throw. Me personally I like to set. It up to throw seven days a week. And I'll set mine at like 7 am. And 5 pm for a normal deer hunting situation for those of. You they're wanting manipulate their game in different scenarios. You may find a pattern. That works a little different for you that's. One of the great features of. This digital feeders. You can set it to go off a variety of times. And feed up to 30 seconds at a time. Once you get that. All dialed in and set up you've got a wide range of accessories. That you can put on here. You can put a remote control on. It you can put a solar charger on.

    It you can even put a varmint Buster on there to keep those pesky birds. And squirrels and raccoons from getting up here. And wasting your grains speaking of wasting grain. This feeder right here has a no spilled Cup built into. It that keeps that feed from falling out. When it's just sitting there in the wind's blowing too hard. And we all know the winds gonna blow at different times but what's. This no spilled Cup you're not wasting game. You also notice it's got a great guard around here. That once again keeps those undesirable species from getting any feeding when. You don't want them as. You notice this is a very simple contained unit it's not hard to put together. And it's not hard to maintain. This is the HH 353 this is an on-demand wildlife feeder that's very popular with your protein feeder applications to. Where the deer can basically come in 24 hours a day seven days a week.

    And feed they're not relying on a timer of. Any sort the feed is gravity fed through. This funnel and they just come up here. And pick it out this. All metal construction incredibly durable which is. What you want and some type of feeder like. This where the animals are actually going to be bumping into. And feeding on the feeder. This type of the cover right here allows to keep the moisture off. It funnels the moisture away which keeps the protein dry so. It will continually feed out. One other great aspect of. This particular on-demand feeder is. This internal sleeve right here which allows. You to move it up and down to control the rate of feed.

    You can slow it down to a trickle by moving it. All the way down or. You can really increase the flow of feed by raising it. All the way up that allows. You to match the current range conditions with. How much feed you want to put out with a 350 pound capacity. You can put some feed out in an area. And really get some great antler development using this particular feeder right here it's. One that I highly recommend set up right next to your timer feeder since. You can use it from December. All the way up till about October to get. More on American hunter feeders. And accessories or to make a purchase visit their website at American hunter feeders dot-com.

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    Moultrie 6.5-gal. Pro Hunter Hanging Feeder

  • Provides ample amounts of feed up to six times a day
  • Feed times can be customized from one-20 seconds 
  • Diamond sling plate with 360° coverage
  • Durable, rugged metal bucket in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity
  • Hanging design keeps varmints out
  • Manage your stand and grow healthier, larger game by providing them with ample amounts of nutrition up to six times a day. Feed times can be customized from one-20 seconds in duration through the to-the-minute timer. Diamond sling plate with 360° coverage throws feed over a wide area, making it easy to cover your property in feed. Durable, rugged metal bucket in concealing Mossy Oak® Break-Up Country® finish. Hanging design keeps varmints out. Runs on one 6-volt battery (not included).
    Capacity: 6.5 gal, 40 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You need the easiest hang up feeder. You can carry into the woods then. You need the Mountie Pro Hunter six. And a half gallon hanging feeder. All the great features you've come to expect from the pro Hunter series including a digital timer. That can disperse feed up to six times a day but in its six. And a half gallon bucket with handle it's easy to carry. And it's covered in mossy oak break up so it'll be nearly invisible in the woods the Mountie pro hunter six. And a half gallon hanging feeder.

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    Moultrie® 30-Gallon Gravity Tripod Game Feeder

  • Dispenses feed with gravity kit
  • Gravity kit adjusts for feed flow
  • 30-gal./200-lb. capacity
  • Square-tube metal legs
  • No power required
  • The Moultrie 30-Gal. Gravity Tripod Game Feeder uses an adjustable-flow gravity dispenser, with 3 feeder funnels. The gravity feeder does not require power from any source. The 30-gal. hopper holds 200 lbs. of protein pellets or corn. Tough square-tube metal legs hold up weight efficiently. The Moultrie Gravity Game Feeder offers simple and reliable operation to keep deer, turkey, and other game on your property and feeding, where it's advantageous to you.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Boss Buck Replacement 12V Heavy-Duty Blower Motor

  • Replacement motor for Boss Buck 12V Feeder Kits
  • Compact and powerful
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Installs easily into any Boss Buck 12V Feeder Kit
  • Don't let a bad motor in your high-performance Boss Buck Game Feeder keep you from feeding your local game. Replace it with a top-quality Boss Buck Replacement 12V Heavy-Duty Blower Motor. Measuring just 3"W x 3"H, this compact, yet powerful, 12V DC motor keeps any 12V feeder kit going strong.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Moultrie® Gravity Game Feeder Kit

  • Dispenses feed with gravity
  • Adjusts for feed flow
  • No power required
  • Quicklock adapter
  • The Moultrie Gravity Game Feeder Kit attaches to any barrel or Moultrie feeder, using a Quicklock twist-on adapter. The 3 feeder funnels utilize adjustable flow to get the most out of your feed. The gravity feeder does not require power from any source. Compatible with protein pellets or corn.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Wildgame Innovations Replacement Spinner Plates for Game Feeders

  • Galvanized steel construction
  • 6-volt model compatible with 6-volt motor with 1/8'' shaft
  • 12-volt model compatible with 12-volt motor with 1/4'' shaft
  • Fix your game feeder with a Wildgame Innovations Replacement Spinner Plate. Spinner plates are available for 6-volt and 12-volt systems, fitting 1/8'' and 1/4'' motor shafts, respectively. Featuring a galvanized steel construction, these game feeder spinner plates are built to last. Designed to dispense different amounts and types of feed.
    Available: 6-volt model, 12-volt model.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Moultrie Pro Hunter Feeder Kit

  • Programs up to six feed times per day
  • Customizable run times (one to 20 seconds)
  • Quick-lock adapter easily mounts kit to hopper or barrel
  • Wind-resistant metal spin plate
  • Thanks to its digital timer, Moultrie's Pro Hunter Feeder Kit can be programmed to feed up to six times per day with customizable run times of one to 20 seconds. Quick-lock adapter easily mounts to any barrel or hopper. Wind-resistant metal spin plate and funnel are housed in durable ABS plastic. Built-in battery indicator, feed-level estimator and varmint guard. External power port. One 6-volt battery required (not included).

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hi today I'm going to show. How to do the Mountie feeder. That works off the D cells let. How to go ahead it up okay it's I'm going to go ahead. And do the current time so. What I'll do is I'll push the down button for the UP button. Either way I need to go down it's 1046 am here so let's go down to 1046 hit set okay the next come is feed remaining and. Iput 80 pounds in here, so I'm going to go ahead. That up to 80 it starts off at zero. And then the first this is your set timer your feed time so the first. One is going to be at 7 am it's going to feed for 4 minutes. Or 4 seconds that's approximately 1 pound of food, so I'm going to go ahead. And move it down I'm morning resting evening type feedings, so I'm going to go ahead. And move that down to 1 to 1. And then we're going to go ahead. And go to the next set up. This one's at 6 pm this is automatically set up on. And it's going to do the same thing it's going to have 4 I'm going to move. It down to 2 and then on my third setting this is. This is the only this is the first. We really have to customize I'm going to have a feed at 3:30 pm. And I'm going to let. It runs 4 seconds so that's going to put. That about a pound at 3:30 let. Me go ahead this has 6 6 feed cycles. Iknow I'm not going to use. We just go through and hit set ok so. It comes back to the main screen. Ihave 80 pounds of feed it's 10:47. And my battery's hundred-percent. Ihave 38 days left before. It runs out so that's kind of how. It works pretty easy to set up it's not hard at. All thanks for watching and have a good day.

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    Boss Buck 55-Gal. Hanging Bail with Pulley

  • Painted and sealed to prevent rust
  • Can be used with a tripod- or winch-feeder setup
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Pulley supports up to 1,000 lbs
  • The Boss Buck 55-Gal. Hanging Bail with Pulley turns a 55-gal. drum into a hanging feeder system in minutes. Simply drill holes on opposite sides of the drum, allowing for the lid (not included) to sit on the top. Painted and sealed to prevent rust. Can be used with a tripod- or winch-feeder setup. Mounting hardware included. Pulley supports up to 1,000 lbs. Imported.
    Ht: 17-13/16".
    Inside width: 22-1/16".
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    Wildgame Innovations Analog 6-Volt Power Unit

    Analog controls offer up to 24 feed times with a duration of one to 20 seconds.  Wide 30-ft., 360° dispersal range.  Powder-coated, galvanized-steel case. Galvanized-steel spinner plate. 2" drop funnel. Requires 6-volt battery (not included).

    Hey wait record live here from the little chilly basement today gonna put together the wild game innovations monster d. And thank it for digital. This is a 225 pound deer feeder. Or game feeder just give. You a basic overview of what's contained. How long me things like. One for the smaller. On their monster P. Iused the summer up the camp. And outside my house it's been out there for almost 365 days. Now I'm still working fine so. We can see I'm sure can see right here is listed for $88. It for 69 69 so as you can see end of the season sale maybe. This end of the season in your state but in Delaware. It does continue on in January. We have custom season shotgun season a muzzle loader season. All coming up in January. And in Delaware you want private land. You hunt on private land. You can feed deer in your own area so as. You can see we've got the monster D. We got on the things 30 gallon feeders 225 pound hopper digital power control unit. Ithink that's where the D comes in. It does have Poli design so. This is poly not steel building funnel. And proprietary dome style lid so. Idid check that out. It does have a dome lid so you're not gonna get a lot of water sitting up top of your lid here which is good easy to assemble C. And heavy-duty and also check. That out looks like power control it's got metal legs on. All looks pretty easy so let's let's take. This box off the table. And put the parts up see. What we got okay have. Everything out of the box. We have our two pieces. Or poly barrel again. This is the unit itself the spinner of the motor the battery will go in here.

    And of course the timer. We have four legs right here pretty heavy-duty legs. And we'll see we get them out I'll have our instruction manual just like a bag argh. And the lid again it does have. That rounded design unlike the buckets on like the monster pea. Where the water does sit in there. Icould see will roll off of there so. It looks like a good design. Or two pieces have the bottom for the. Either corn whatever. You have in their pull. And put our top put. That together you can see the. It so the rain would just go over the side here. We have our top so let's go ahead. And start to put this together okay here. We are with the bottom section. And again we can see a slope design so. You put your feet in there you're not gonna have a lot of feed left on the bottom. That is not going through that's again that's a different design from the bucket itself from the monster pea pale design which. Ican definitely see as an improvement so first thing we're gonna do.

    That gasket and we're gonna put. This gasket in here's your gasket basically a little piece of rubber then we're gonna go ahead. And put right into a little indentation. We have within the bottom section okay. Ihave the gasket into the bottom piece. You may be able to notice just a couple pieces of masking tape to help hold. That gasket in place until. This top piece on I did want to pop out a little bit. And fall out so just a couple people two pieces of masking tape held. That in there we might be a little tip for you to send them we'll go ahead. And get our top line. It up with some holes in there. That on there, and then we're gonna go ahead. And take a bolt one of the nuts. They have and go ahead. That probably get my drill out to help with.

    And we're gonna go ahead. All the way around the outside here's a quick tip for you. When you're putting these screws into the bottom to attach the pieces together the nut. You use is a ten millimeter. This is ten millimeters so grab a driver that's. Either ten millimeter. Or get your ratchet set out as a ten millimeter. And then when your gone ahead. And putting this on. You got the ten millimeter in there I'm gonna go ahead. And use the drill gun. You can see I think there was a nine. Or ten of them all the way around the outside so. This is fastened together on. One strong piece and we'll go ahead. And start I think on the top okay the next thing we'll go ahead. And do is we have a hinge. And we're gonna go ahead. And put the hinge onto the top of the unit itself go ahead the liner holes up.

    Some small screws washers. And nuts to go that with. That so I'll go ahead. And attach this on my top hinge is on so let's get the lid have the lid on. We have a pin that goes through the lid itself. And through these hinges. All the way over and on the other side leather cotter pin we'll go ahead. And put in there that will hold. It in place I have a functioning lid good. And we'll turn this around. And on the other side I'm gonna go ahead. And put a lock on there so the lid won't blow open can't really see locking people out of. It who characters usually corn. Whatever in there but. Ithink it's more of a wind issue. That case that wind would blow up. And get your feet. All wet so let's go ahead.

    That lock on next so first thing we'll do put a little hitch on just a teeny hitch on at the top of the lid there isn't. Any marks actually for the latch piece so here's our latch. And I'm just going to go ahead. And make a couple marks drill out a hole for. And put them a couple. More screws on there. That will certainly latch. That lid down right in their nice and tight go ahead. And shut and lock that lid up so. When it's not gonna blow. That off of there and it's still using a lock. Ijust think I'll take. One of those D rings. That in there I'll see. Ican find one around here right. Ican't find that d-ring doesn't really matter for right. One on later the next thing they actually want.

    You to do is start putting the legs on, so I'm gonna flip the unit over I'm actually not gonna put the legs on cuz I'm gonna transport. It down to the forum as. You can see we already have a hole on the bottom of the unit. That of course but we already have the marks. Where our unit our timer unit. And dispersed motor. And we'll hang itself so. You don't have to worry about figuring. That outlet which is nice. You did have to do that on the pail itself but. We will have to put the spout on. And go from there I really doesn't have good instructions for putting this on not really. That difficult but that a 7/32 drill bit grab right here make a hole with. That found Pete millimeter not driver works real good for putting these screws in here.

    Ihave two screws in here right. Now tell you the truth. This is not going anywhere. You know what I don't. Even think I'm gonna put the other two in there. One thing it does since. These screws do project through to the bottom. They sort of block the corn from flowing out naturally into the opening and again. This is on here tight I'm only gonna use the two screws right across from. Each other look at they just develop. Icould grab I could pick. This thing up with it so it's not going anywhere. Ididn't strip anything didn't loosen. Anything tities can be two screws I'll do. Itook them in a couple minutes to clear. Few things off the table here.

    We have the control unit itself. That we're gonna go ahead. And put together it's basically a little latch on the bottom for opening up. You have access to the inside first thing we'll do plate on the side. And we'll put one of our hangers on their go ahead. And put the not through the hole as. You can see there's a hole redrilled in the side of the unit with the not through hanger goes into the groove metal groove right on the side of the theater itself have a washer. And then wingnut to hold. That in place and again don't have to tighten. That down to any certain depth go ahead. And turn the unit on the side again go ahead. And get the other one in there so as. You can see our hangar is on.

    We have four screws right here. That will go into this redrilled spots in the bottom. All right up through hangers-on out. That down for a sec do. You need to get yourself a six volt lantern battery for this. You have your control unit is showing ready at 12 pm as far as the time batteries shown about half for this. This was a used battery. Idid have so we can hit. Or P for program it wants. Us to set the time let's just set. It for 5 pm get the program button. That would set our minutes I'm gonna leave. It at 5 pm all right. We have the time set. And we're on ready so. Ican use the buttons here to set a feed here's. We have actually six settings through here, so I'll set a here it's set for 7 am it's actually that's a little early right. Because that's righted at dawn I'm gonna set. This actually for about 7:45 ourselves so.

    Now set for 7:45 it set the spin for seven seconds which is not bad gonna leave. It there and the RPM level. You can actually set. How fast you want the motor to spend have a high low. And medium I'm gonna leave. It on a medium spin here's our feed to. And we'll set this says five. And that's actually a little late Earth's a little late cuz the dark by. That so let's set that for four o'clock which is actual a little bit better 4:00 pm. And again a seven-second spin. And the RPM at medium. And we'll just let, and we'll just let. It go back to the clock. We are back at ready so. It set for two feedings, so we'll go ahead. And do a test it's gonna come off an eight-second show. You the spinner itself of course no corn in there it's not attached to the unit there's set I'm ready set. It up throw a little porn in there. Ihave a unit upside down. We have our leg units like piece of. It just slide right in its no attaching no screws on.

    That let's get the rest of the leg pieces out. And we'll put those. And the leg units come in a box like. This what's up in this box. You know doctor a couple of these leg pieces out. Ithink they're all the same actually so. We get three out okay. All three of our leg sections together. They come in four pieces. They just fit together. They do come off easily as. You can speak not held together with screws. Anything and it's not drilled through. And screws holding anything together screws nuts bolts, so we'll go ahead. And turn this on its side start to put a couple legs on. And then flip it up on to the other. One thing with these leg sections. You didn't want this high off the ground for some reason maybe so. You could fill it a little bit easier.

    You could take a section off. And of course it wouldn't be as high does give. You a little bit of flexibility I'm gonna actually take a look at. Both ways and see what's best for me. Igot flipped it rights on the camera so. One thing we can't see let. Me go back for a second but it's pretty darn tall I'm trying to put 50 pound bag of corn in there without. Some type of ladder. That so let's take I still can't get into. That 200 some pounds of corn in there let's take. One leg off and see here. We are down on three legs. You have your four-wheeler with. And you're standing on the back of. That four-wheeler big tall four leg sections in there have the feeder unit here itself the dispersing on the timer unit eight millimeter socket wrenches for the four screws.

    That are gonna go into the feeder so let's get. That attached I have the dispersal unit attached the timer unit motor attached. This distance right here between the spinner plate. And the funnel want to bring. That down to about 3/4 of an inch. Or so spinner played on. We got her battery connected I'm not gonna set the clock. Anything like it did have. It off last night oh we're gonna do a little test run there is a test button on there. You see about ten seconds to close up the box get out of the way I'll see. It Those so this is the wild game innovations. This is the monster D. It just needs more thing and won't be finished oh yeah here. That finished it off quite nicely. This is way rock 85 sign. Now from the Delmarva Peninsula.

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    Moultrie Metal Feeder Feet

    Keep your feeder stabilized on soft, wet ground and prevent it from being knocked over by wildlife. Moultrie's Metal Feeder Feet work with any tripod feeder stand with 1-5/16" legs. Holes in feet allow you to easily stake down the feeder for extra security. Includes three feeder feet and three stakes.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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