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  La Crosse Technology® Wi-Fi Remote Monitoring Color Weather Station Acu-Rite Indoor Thermometer with Humidity Acu-Rite 02080 5-in-1 Color Weather Station with Lightning Detector (6-in-1) La Crosse Technology® Forecast Station – WS-9133T-IT-CBP La Crosse® Technology Color Wireless Wi-Fi Professional Weather Station La Crosse® Technology Wireless Color Temperature and Humidity Weather Station AcuRite® Weather Station with Color Display – Black Acu-Rite 5-in-1 Pro Weather Center Davis Vantage VUE Weather Station AcuRite® Digital Color Weather Station La Crosse Technology® 308-1417BL Backlight Wireless Forecast Station AcuRite® 01046DI Color Weather Station Acu-Rite 00509 Color Weather Forecaster with Temperature/Humidty Forecast La Crosse Technology® 327-1417BW Wind Speed Weather Station with Combination 3-in-1 Sensor Davis Wireless Vantage Pro 2™ Weather Station La Crosse Technology® Indoor Temperature and Humidity Gauge La Crosse Technology® 724-2310 Wireless Digital Rain Station Bass Pro Shops® AcuRite® 5-in-1 Weather Center With Color Display La Crosse Technology® V21-WTH Professional Wi-Fi Weather and Wind Station
  La Crosse Technology® Wi-Fi Remote Monitoring Color Weather Station Acu-Rite Indoor Thermometer with Humidity Acu-Rite 02080 5-in-1 Color Weather Station with Lightning Detector (6-in-1) La Crosse Technology® Forecast Station – WS-9133T-IT-CBP La Crosse® Technology Color Wireless Wi-Fi Professional Weather Station La Crosse® Technology Wireless Color Temperature and Humidity Weather Station AcuRite® Weather Station with Color Display – Black Acu-Rite 5-in-1 Pro Weather Center Davis Vantage VUE Weather Station AcuRite® Digital Color Weather Station La Crosse Technology® 308-1417BL Backlight Wireless Forecast Station AcuRite® 01046DI Color Weather Station Acu-Rite 00509 Color Weather Forecaster with Temperature/Humidty Forecast La Crosse Technology® 327-1417BW Wind Speed Weather Station with Combination 3-in-1 Sensor Davis Wireless Vantage Pro 2™ Weather Station La Crosse Technology® Indoor Temperature and Humidity Gauge La Crosse Technology® 724-2310 Wireless Digital Rain Station Bass Pro Shops® AcuRite® 5-in-1 Weather Center With Color Display La Crosse Technology® V21-WTH Professional Wi-Fi Weather and Wind Station
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La Crosse Technology® Wi-Fi Remote Monitoring Color Weather Station

  • Indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity
  • Dynamic forecast icons
  • Wi-Fi connection option lets you connect to a free app
  • View and track weather history with graphs on-the-go
  • Customizable alerts
  • The La Crosse Technology Wi-Fi Remote Monitoring Color Weather Station provides a vast array of weather data on a bright LCD screen, and includes a Wi-Fi option that connects to the free La Crosse View™ app. The screen shows indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity, dynamic forecast icons, outdoor trend indicators, daily high/low outdoor temperature records and more. Connect to the app to view and track weather history with graphs, share weather information, set customized alerts and more. Five settings for LCD brightness, plus it can be hung or displayed on a counter. Display runs on included power cord or three AA batteries. LTV-TH2 sensor runs on two AA alkaline batteries. Sensor Transmission Range reaches up to 400 ft. (121 meters) in open air.
    Display: 7.8"L x 1.25"W x 6.45"H.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Acu-Rite Indoor Thermometer with Humidity

  • Check levels at a glance with the easy-to-read display
  • Indoor-comfort house icon shows ideal humidity level
  • Records daily highs and lows in °F or °C
  • Easily monitor home temperatures and humidity levels with the Acu-Rite Indoor Thermometer with Humidity. The big display lets you check 32°F to 122°F temperature levels  and 20-95% relative humidity, even from across the room. Indoor-comfort house icon shows when levels are too high, too low and optimum. Monitor records daily highs and lows, including temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Includes mounting magnet and stand. Requires one AA battery (not included).
    3"H x 2.5"W x 1.3"D.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hi I'm Joe and I'm Ryan. We are the unpredictable weather guy today we're here with. One of our little wireless thermometers. This nice tower sensor. That goes along with. And Ryan can you tell. Is a little bit about the splay unit sure. This cool little display unit. That gives you your outdoor temperature real big right on top with the trend arrow. It also has a Intelli time clock. This is really neat. You just put your batteries in. You select your time zone. It goes with time it is it's really cool not worth. It yeah that's cool it's got a little it's just built in its program factory okay that's great so um. And at the bottom we've course. We have our indoor temperature you'll notice right next to. Each of the temperature displays. We have a little trend arrow to tell. Whether the temperature is going up. Or staying steady so. You can tell at a glance what's going on does. This give you the school yeah. You just push a button. And I'll give you your man. And your max you can clear mouth noise. You clear about what about. It automatically clears like for daily. Ithink every night at midnight it'll throughout for you that's awesome.

    This sensor actually. That will go down to negative 42 so those of. You in the northern parts of the states like. Is trying to worry about a con can out on. This is the 754 yep file 754 indoor/outdoor thermometer. That 100 meter range so. You can place your sensor.

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    Acu-Rite 02080 5-in-1 Color Weather Station with Lightning Detector (6-in-1)

  • Easy-to-read color display with automatically dimming backlight
  • Weather Ticker feature displays weather facts and information
  • Future Forecast determines the forecast for next 12 to 24 hours
  • Set alarms for temperature, humidity, wind speed, rain and pressure
  • Rain feature shows enhanced rainfall history
  • Indoor Conditions shows indoor comfort level indicator
  • Lightning Detection detects lightning within 25 miles
  • Stay on top of the weather with the Acu-Rite 02080 Weather Station. The illuminated color display is always on, featuring a backlight that automatically dims in the evening, so you can easily read the screen at night. Weather Ticker feature automatically displays weather facts and information as it becomes relevant, plus it has a complete library of interesting weather records and facts from your very own backyard. Outdoor Conditions feature tracks outdoor temperature and humidity, trend indicators, daily high and low, barometric pressure with trend indicator, wind chill, dew point and heat index. Future Forecast with Learning Mode feature analyzes barometric pressure changes and local sensor data to determine the weather forecast of your exact location for the next 12 to 24 hours. Rain feature displays most-current rain total, shows full rain records (for today, yesterday, week, month, year and all-time totals). Plus, the Rain feature allows you to set audible alarms and updates every 36 seconds. Wind Speed and Direction feature indicates previous wind direction, displays wind speed average and peak, allows you to set audible alarms and updates every 18 seconds. Indoor Conditions feature displays indoor temperature and humidity, indoor comfort level indicator, daily high and low and long-term records. Plus, it updates every 60 seconds. Lightning Detection features automatically detects lightning within 25 miles. It displays lightning detected indicator, indicates how many strikes detected, indicates distance to lightning strike and displays lightning-strike records for the week, month, year and all time. Also features self-emptying rain gauge. Outdoor sensor requires four AA batteries (included).
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This is the review about the AcuRite zero-one-zero 21 m collar weather station with rain gauge. And lightning detector there's no name o meter of course which. You can see and there's no bridge. Or internet connection so. Some kind or fixed yes set which. You can't expand with. Anything you can't expand with an anemometer. Or with the internet access like the Internet bridge there's no way to connect so. You want to have just. Some information for you then. It could be the thing for you it's really. Nothing it costs only seventy-three dollars. It has come down a little bit in price. Some really decent features. Ithink it's one of the best values. Or the best packages. It makes a lot of sense of course. Ihave been using the xride five-in-one with the internet rage for a couple of years but at the end. Nobody cared about the weather data which. Itransmitted to the internet. And wind speed so it's completely inaccurate with so. We had a hurricane last week Irma.

    We heard about wind speed of. Each wind speed of about 90 miles. And my five-in-one and no meter detected about 60 miles here. It was on top of the chimney. It was as yeah it doesn't get. Any better I think then on top of the chimney so it's basically. Imean it's not totally useless. It doesn't show accurate information the thing which. You can get really accurate is the thing from the rain gauge. And maybe lightning detection can help. You as well so yeah basically it's the three parts three components. You have the display. You have the rain gauge. You have the lightning detector. And the good thing which. They have really made a good conception. Ithink is this part is not only the lightning detector.

    It is also the temperature detection so that's really good a really good thing because. You want to have the temperature sensor in the shade somewhere maybe in the north on the right on the north side of over a friend's maybe. Imean defense has to be a little bit protected by bush. Something or on the north side of your house. Something where you have really accurate accurate temperature readings. And not at the direct Sun which. You have with these five-in-one sensors which accurate has a apart from. That usually you have the rain gauge. And the no yeah the wind speed thinking it's a little bit difficult world.

    And no matter yeah you have. This five in you have the thing which the rain. You can't put it in the shade. And also the wind speed meter. You can't put it closes to your home so. You have it outside. You have to have it outside really good exposed but then is also exposed to sunlight. You have always way to high temperature readings with. These five in one sensor so. This is not good so. This is not a bad thing indeed. It really it comes with a decent price so. Istart with the display it's a little bit old-fashioned in my based on my opinion. They have already been producing a little bit. More contemporary things a couple of years ago but yeah it's its as. And the thing is you look at. It the strange thing is. You look through the camera. You can pretty good read the display but. You don't look through the camera it's not so good from. All the angles like from here from the right. Or from left or from the top it's almost invisible so but from the front it's no problem at.

    They have more expensive displays. They work better on the display is not the very best but at least. Some decent functions. You have the brightness. You can change the brightness little bit but as. That difference is not so much there are three levels. One is automatic detection like. It doesn't work with brightness the like environment brightness same so. It works just within a certain time. Ithink of the 10 o'clock pm. It tames down and in the morning at 6 o'clock. It stops dimming and. It will be very bright but not. Everybody wants to wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning it's a little bit silly so. You have no idea about. It didn't add a sensor but yeah. You can choose these three levels but the.

    Even the lowest level is still very bright in complete darkness. Idon't know you really want. That in your bedroom so the only thing which. You have you can't. You can disconnect the power. And then it's dark except. You tip on it brightens up for about 10. Or 20 seconds and then. It dims down so what I have during the night the good thing is. You stop talking for a. Itip on you can clearly hear. This is not too loud so. You have been able to hear. This is really good. Ihad already a lot of other computers. You click on the light thing then. It was really loud you can wake up your wife. Something like this is not really helpful here. They have made a really decent show so basically. It has a few different functions. It has the current outdoor conditions with maximum temperature. Ihave here I have Celsius. And millimeter and those things but.

    You don't yeah it's no problem for you. Ihave Celsius yeah maximum minima minimum maximum for the day humidity here. Some weather forecasts probably based on humidity. And pressure you have heat index in the summer. You have a dew point in the winter. That will come up automatically then. You have the lightning strikes wait based on. This equipment and also an indicator. When it's having problems. And having problems so maybe it's close to a computer. Anything else this yellow light will flash. Or just yeah be lit up so. It will indicate you have to remove. Another place so that's really good usually it's really good working and. You can put it on mute so. It doesn't beep all the time. You can set up that it's beeping for every lightning strike which. You probably won't need so that's a good thing and here. You have the rain readings the yeah. And here you have the indicators of your sensor there's always there are four things.

    And actually I don't have. These things connected. You have an indicator for the signal strings for. Both of the sensor and the battery level for. Both of the sensors the annoying thing is. Ihave the lightning detector connected but. It doesn't show any battery reading maybe. Ihave to connect this rain gauge before so the good thing is. It has a really big letters for time. And date and yeah the lightning is the amount of strikes. And the distance of the latest strike so. You have also a couple of records. When you click on. This button you can see the low temperature with date. And time high temperature with date. And time low humidity high humidity the lowest pressure which was miss freaking airman of course the highest pressure then. You have the amount of strikes for the month year.

    And days since lost rain forty-eight hours reign seven-day total rain. They arrange for the months right for the previous months until the beginning of the year. Even for one year don't remember. And then you have to total for the current year. And total for the previous year that's eight. You have also these alarms which. You can set for temperature humidity. Ithink pressure and rain that's about. It regard the alarms but that's. Than enough this in its three batteries. It has three frequencies. It can be operated with three frequencies. You have any disturbance but of course. You have to do the same with. All the sensor centers there's also a reset button. And okay here you can see here. We need four of these AAA batteries. And same thing with the frequency that's really easy chop the thing is which is a little bit complicated so. They will show you can open.

    This by pressing these two flaps then. You have the language gauge. This protected of course. You have to remove it's similar to the five in. That the only thing which is a little bit annoying you have the adjustment below. This thing so you have to remove the dy poor yeah before. You can adjust in the five in. These screws were from the button so no need to remove. This sensitive part so. Idon't know why did. They didn't do it the same. It had been much easier so but usually. When it's okay then it's okay. You don't have to change. All the time and the thing is the thing is which is. Most annoying of the whole system is the battery compartment.

    They say you have to press. These four things at the same time. It with the screwdriver. Ialmost got silly I couldn't find out so at the end. Ifound out the best thing is to open. This rain gauge compartment. And push here and also on. This side so you can push from front. And the back and then that's very easy to open. You have access to the battery compartment. Idon't know why they didn't describe. That so that's very easy. You try to remove it by pressing these four things at the same time. It will be really difficult just open the compartment. And then push from both sides. And then that's very easy to remove. This thing so apart from. That it's a really good thing I mean. Ihave not tested everything I didn't have.

    It outside I just left. It inside I checked the lightning strikes. And a little bit the display. It works and I'm very pleased so. Ithink the really good thing is. That the temperature sensor is within. This lightning sensor which. You can put I think up to 100 feet. Even further away like 330 feet away. And the rain gauge you can put about 100 up to 100 feet away so. You can place that really in the shade. Where there is no Sun. This is much better. That the five-in-one which had. All always bad temperature readings. This is really good. Ilike the thing they meet. And just click on that during the night. And have some checksum readings. All the connections to your sensors. And yeah this it's pretty good it's not the highest quality but.

    They have really made a decent shop. And put a lot of information into. And it's really good thing the only thing is. Imean the reviews are not really good three. And a half stars is actually really bad but. Imean yeah I probably can tell. You after some time. Ihave just made some initial checks. And for me at the moment. It looks really good so. Iwill place it today outside. Iprobably will make. Another video in a couple of weeks. Or months you know. It was really outside in the Sun. And rain everything but at the moment. It looks really good. II don't get any money for this review but. Ithink it's really good I'm not a big fan of AcuRite systems but.

    They did a really good job for so. Little money so yeah no really big complaints about. That so that's about. It for a moment I was able to help. You a little bit with. You want to decide on but why or not. You liked the video give. Me a thumbs up subscribe my channel thanks for watching see.

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    La Crosse Technology® Forecast Station – WS-9133T-IT-CBP

  • Weather forecasting with 3 weather icons
  • Weather-tendency indicator
  • Wireless indoor/outdoor temperature (°F/°C)
  • Displays minimum/maximum temperature
  • Alarm with snooze
  • Stay prepared with the La Crosse Technology WS-9133T-IT-CBP Forecast Station. This weather station features a weather-tendency indicator, forecasting with 3 icons, and an alarm with snooze. Display features wireless indoor/outdoor temperature, minimum/maximum temperature, and a 12- or 24-hour time display. Indoor temperature range: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C). Outdoor range: -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C). This La Crosse Technology Forecast Station can be wall-hanging or free-standing. Imported. 

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    La Crosse® Technology Color Wireless Wi-Fi Professional Weather Station

  • Measures temperature and humidity functions
  • Measures wind-speed functions
  • Measures rain-fall functions
  • Connects to Wi-Fi for enhanced functionality
  • Tree icons change with the seasons
  • Become a backyard meteorologist. The La Crosse Technology Color Wireless Wi-Fi Professional Weather Station measures temperature, humidity, wind speed and rain fall to give you a complete picture of the local weather. Temperature and Humidity function displays indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity readings, outdoor trend indicators, daily high/low outdoor temperature records, feels like and dew point, and high/low records with time stamps. Wind Speed function displays current and top speed as well as history records with time stamps. Rain Fall function displays history records and is time-frame selectable. Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to enhance the station's functionality. Get the AccuWeather® dynamic weather forecast, chance of precipitation for the day, forecasted high/low for the day, prevailing-wind direction, and time and date. You can also use Wi-Fi to connect to the La Crosse View™ app to monitor the station and sensor information from anywhere. The app also allows you to view history with detail graphs, customize alerts, and share your weather information. Tree icons on the display change every 3 months to reflect the seasons. 12- or 24-hour time display and weekday and perpetual calendar displays keep you on time. LCD screen sports 5 levels of adjustable brightness for easy viewing in a variety of light conditions. Also features a guided settings menu and indicators for low battery, sensor connection, and Wi-Fi connection. Hang the station on the wall or use the kickstand for freestanding display. Display includes a 5V, 600mA power cord, but can use 3 AA batteries (not included) for backup power. Temperature/Humidity Sensor requires 2 AA batteries (not included). Wind Sensor requires 2 C batteries (not included). Rain Sensor requires 2 AA batteries (not included).
    Display: 8.98"L x 1"W x 5.43"H.
    Temperature/humidity sensor: 5.73"H x 1.97"W x 0.75"D.
    Wind sensor: 18.57"H x 7.1"W x 7.1"D.
    Rain sensor: 7.14"L x 3.43"W x 4.94"H.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Today we've got a lacrosse technology professional monitoring remote monitoring weather station. This is the second lacrosse weather system. That I've owned the other. One died it would tell. Me the temperature outside but. It wouldn't tell me the rain. Or the temperature you know the wind speed. Or direction Eddy that stuff so. One on Amazon $109 comes with the display takes a 5 volt wall wart adapter got the remote sensor got. One unit here that mounts on a pole. That has a rain gauge empties itself it's a speed the direction of the speed of the wind. One unit supposed to have a 400-foot range. And we'll see about. It hooked up it has the LaCrosse view app. That lets you use your phone connection disconnects by Wi-Fi to the Internet. You can use the app on your cell phone to look. What the temperature. Everything is without going out to your kitchen. Wherever to read the display, so we're gonna open.

    What it looks like apparently. What you see is what you get. Because there's not much on the box. It explains the settings. What everything does Wi-Fi enabled. It connects wirelessly to the National Weather Service as long as. You got Internet and white. And Wi-Fi and give. You your local stuff but. It also gives the National Weather Service chance of rain. And the other forecast it's definitely a step up from the. Ihad before so let's open. What we have we've got a quick set-up guide in English no foreign languages so. How to do is step by step I've also been told there's YouTube videos. Icould go watch so. Iprobably won't need the YouTube videos since I've owned a LaCrosse before ok we've opened up the box there's a little white box in here with AC adapter got screws for mounting things on the wall.

    What have you 5 volt wall wart adapters that's for this display that's a fake display here. It likes hanging on the back with hooks but did. You do the different screws. What have you will mount. It does have three double A batteries that's for backup power. If the 5 volt power is lost for like a power failure it's got the buttons up here on top for doing different things. It supposedly has a there's the deal for sitting down at. Whatever angle on a desk. Or counter top what-have-you but. All the settings for alerts rain wind temperature to do the different settings it's. All on the top edge it's not a touchscreen. This is the temperature sensor also got plastic over. It says 43 degrees but. Now it's nothing degrees.

    It also takes two double-a batteries I'm doing all. This for the first time. Me read the instructions. This guy here I'm going to pause. And take the wrap off okay. This guy here it is aimed at the solar charger for the batteries here I'm not saying yeah there's a battery mount three double A batteries yeah three double A batteries in here back up the solar charger. You can mount it on a pole right there for doing a pole mount. And put screws in to hold. It in place you can use the mount. Provided this has screws four of them there. You can use the mount. You can rotate looks like. This thing can rotate. And turn so yeah it's get screwed going through there so. It looks like you kind of flexible. It has a bubble mount on the top so. You can make sure you get a perfectly level the water goes in to the rain here.

    It drains out the bottom down here. And so it's one piece the other. Ihad had a separate ring gauge with a separate. When anemometer and temperature are your directional deal I'm going to try to get. This up as high as I can in the air. If it's too close to the ground it'll be blocked by the trees for the woman rain. And be blocked by the trees in the house for the wind speed. You have to use a there app on a smartphone to program the thing so. You can't just program. It through the console. You have to actually download the app. And use your phone to do. It the device is using 24 gigahertz wireless not 5 gigahertz so. If you've got a network at home. That uses both 58 gig. And 4 24 gigs you're going to have to force. It to go over to the 24 gig. Or deactivate the 5 temporarily. While you're setting it up. And then you can turn. It back on to normal but that's the customer comments. That was one of the comments made was. That it's a 24 gigahertz Wireless. If your phone is on 5 gigahertz network you'll never succeed.

    And setting this up so that's. Igot I'm going to go home. And hook what it does.

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    La Crosse® Technology Wireless Color Temperature and Humidity Weather Station

  • Features indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity displays
  • Indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity records 
  • Weekday and calendar (day/month/date) displays
  • 308-1409TH features: indoor temperature and humidity display
  • Outdoor temperature and humidity display
  • Set up a comprehensive temperature and humidity weather station at home with the La Crosse Technology Wireless Color Temperature and Humidity Weather Station Combo Pack. It includes the 308-1415TH station and the 308-1409TH station in 1 money-saving package.
    The 308-1415TH station displays the indoor/outdoor temperature, indoor/outdoor humidity, and high/low indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity records with time/date stamps. In addition, it features a 12- or 24-hour time display as well as weekday and calendar (day/month/date) displays. 4 levels of adjustable backlighting offer easy reading in a variety of light conditions, and an auto-dim function won't disturb you in low-light conditions. Also features 3 language options, signal-strength indicator, and low-battery indicator. Display includes an AC adapter for power, but can also use 2 AA batteries (not included) for backup power. Sensor requires 2 AA batteries (not included). 330' transmission range.
    Display: 5.98"H x 3.24"W x 2.16"D.
    Sensor: 5.11"H x 1.5"W x 0.8"D.

    The 308-1409TH station displays indoor temperature and humidity, outdoor temperature and humidity, and indoor/outdoor temperature trend. It also features a 12- or 24-hour time display. Requires 2 AAA batteries. 330; transmission range.
    5.11"H x 2.64"W x 1.32"D.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    AcuRite® Weather Station with Color Display – Black

  • Illuminated color display
  • Can automatically dim backlight in the evening
  • 24-hour high/low indoor/outdoor temperatures
  • Temperature, humidity and barometric pressure graphs
  • IntelliTime self-setting clock and calendar
  • The AcuRite Weather Station with Color Display is a great way to stay on top of changing weather trends. It features an illuminated color display with an option that automatically dims the backlight in the evening. Its strong, wall-penetrating signal has a 330-ft. range, and its IntelliTime® self-setting clock and calendar automatically update for Daylight Saving Time. It displays 24-hour high and low indoor/outdoor temperatures, moon phases, and trending graphs for humidity, temperature and barometric pressure. Self-calibrating for altitude. 14 different weather icons.
    Color: Black.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Acu-Rite 5-in-1 Pro Weather Center

  • Stay on top of the weather at your exact location
  • Displays weather facts and information
  • Tracks indoor and outdoor temperatures and more
  • Weather-resistant sensor transmits data every 18 to 36 seconds
  • Automatic self-emptying rain-collection cup
  • Stay on top of the weather at your exact location with Acu-Rite's 5-in-1 Pro Weather Center. The illuminated “dark theme” color display features an auto-dim feature so you can easily read the screen in changing light. Tracks indoor and outdoor temperatures, hygrometer with trend arrow, daily high and low temperatures, barometric pressure with trend arrow, wind speed and direction, wind chill, heat index and dew point. Rainfall tracking displays current rain total and also keeps records for the week, month, previous two months, current year, previous year and all-time record rainfalls. The weather-resistant sensor transmits data every 18 to 36 seconds to keep you on top of changing weather conditions. Automatic self-emptying rain-collection cup. Hardware included for easy installation. Display runs on 5-volt adapter (included) or six AA alkaline (not included). Sensor runs on four AA alkaline or lithium-ion batteries (not included). Manufacturer's limited one-year warranty.
    Display: 7.5"H x 7"W x 1.25"D.
    Sensor: 10.8"H x 5.6"W x 13.8"D.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Well good Wednesday afternoon to. It stands I want to welcome y'all to my home. And the sticks laura mercier. Ihope everybody's having a showing of good hump day I'm here to tell y'all. It is certain enough nice outside Dan. What are you doing up on the ladder well let. You so give me a second I'll tell. You about all right y'all let's go. This is in a queue right five-in-one weather station. This is the outside sensor. Iactually had to replace my old weather station. It was a really old. One there's about eight years old. It finally went kaput so. Ihad to save up and invest in. Another weather station it's pretty cool. Iactually like one a lot better it's got a really nifty weather vane it's also got a solar panel operates. Or drives and aspirating fan on the inside of. This outside sensor. That does is it actually draws the fan actually draws in air so. Ican get an accurate temperature reading which. Ithought was really cool.

    It also has it monitors rainfall which is. Something I really liked. That was one of the main things. That drew this weather system. It actually drains out right there. And there's the battery compartment there's an anemometer spinning and again there's a weather vane. That floats the one thing. One does that my other. One didn't do was this system actually gives. Me real-time wind as far. How fast it's blowing in the direction my old accurate. And I'll show it did was just y'all. It did was just gave. Me maximum and minimum wind speeds not real-time wind speed is like. How fast is the wind blowing right. One on top of my Shack well on the roof of my Shack uses. Some 3/4 inch PVC I want to say. This is about 4 foot but. You dive off into the directions for this weather system. Ithink the National Weather Service actually suggests having this guy up 33 33 feet in the air. Idon't think I'm gonna go 33 feet up in the air. It seems like it's working good right.

    Where it's at I just have. It secured using these clamps fairly sturdy it's not going anywhere. This thing is pointing due south getting really good measurements wind measurements. And rain measurements using it but I'm liking it. What I'm gonna do is. This is the outside sensor, so I'm gonna bring you let's go in my Shack. You the inside monitor. You will all right y'all here. This is the actual monitor it's its very it's really nice it's a it's a color LCD monitor gives the outside temperature. And humidity inside temperature. And humidity it also gives a feel like outside like. You factor in the humidity here is a really cool rainfall feature. That I'm diggin on and right. This system is in a learning mode takes about two weeks for this thing to figure out what's going on so. It could actually give accurate data it's fairly accurate down but. It is learning what's going on in my area so. Ithought that was that's pretty cool — down at the bottom it's actually got a weather ticker -.

    This thing gets out of learning mode. Ibelieve the data it provides is going to be a tad bit. More accurate but this thing can monitor. What it feels like outside the rainfall in days rainfalls since last recorded rainfall. Or the heat index the dew point. And a windchill so I like to leave. It on the heat index that's. Something I really like to know as far as the rainfall. It set on like today which. We actually had no rainfall today on the 18th. Ihad point two seven inches but. It actually goes by month. And year and last year but of course. Ididn't record anything last year. And all-time rainfall record so.

    Ithought that was. What really drew this thing right here the anemometer. That really drew because as. You could as it's showing right. Now the wind is out of the north-northwest at two miles per hour a two-mile power average. And a peak of seven miles today seven miles per hour today so. You just shifted to the west but here is the weather ticket down at the bottom. It gives just some basic information the seven-day low temp was 67 degrees. That was recorded today. And it's going to scroll through a. Few other things 30 day high temperature 101. That was recorded on the 16th oh. This is my new accurate five. One weather station. This is a model zero. One five three one accurate professional weather center it's got a battery backup on. Ilose power the weather station will still operate. And that's really cool it's real easy to pair. This display with the outside sensor. Icouldn't be more happy with. It there is my old weather station. And it's just an accurate. Even remember the model number on.

    This is just a basic weather station the. One thing I told y'all is. It didn't provide up-to-date. When readings that was. That was something. Ireally wanted was. Ireally really wanted to know. What was going on with the wind. Because high winds over here are dangerous so. It starts to peak real bad. Ican get it's all secure. And stuff but naturally. You could just qualify. And go yeah it's on your window there's the old outside sensor, so I'm going to say seven years. Ieight years it finally went out. Igot my money out of. Ithink it's worked real well so accurate makes a really good product I'm real so far I'm real happy with. This fight the new five in. One system I wanted to shout out with y'all. And y'all are into monitoring the weather. This is certainly something that'll do. It for you it's not really hard to set up fairly easy. This thing runs about a hundred bucks at box stores. Iactually got caught. One on sale so it's pretty happy with. That but I'll drop a link down in the description too accurate just to point.

    You in the direction maybe. You want to do some reading on. You know you possibly want to get. One I'm not sponsored by a curate. Anything like I wanted to show. That thing's doing over here for me yo again. Ihope everybody's having a show enough good hump day like. This video go on and give it a thumbs up. They help you haven't subscribed to the homeless six channel Lord. And mercy y'all need to come on over we're gonna look cuz I'm always doing stuff really. And with that being said. You know it's coming oh damn referees showing up always gonna say. It don't let nobody dog your shine. Nobody showing off get your shine on especially.

    You want to monitor the weather with a accurate five-in-one weather station. We will see and y'all in the next video You

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    Davis Vantage VUE Weather Station

  • Highly accurate sensory array at an affordable price
  • Outdoor sensor sends a packet of updates every 2.5 seconds
  • Transmission distance extends up to a whopping 1,000 feet
  • Console has large backlit LCD screen and glow-in-the dark keypad
  • Known for legendary accuracy and long-lasting durability, Davis Vantage's VUE Weather Station delivers a highly accurate sensory array at an affordable price. Two key factors set the Vantage VUE in a class by itself: the refresh rate and its transmission distance. The outdoor sensor sends a packet of updates every 2.5 seconds. That means that when the wind is blowing, you'll be able to know – almost immediately – how fast those gusts are travelling. The transmission distance extends up to a whopping 1,000 feet. That's almost three times farther than similar units. The rain collector reads in precise 0.01" or 0.02mm increments. The integrated sensor suite combines a rain gauge, temperature/humidity sensors and an anemometer/directional wind vane into a single, high-performance unit. Lithium battery provides backup power. It has a waterproof cover and durable corrosion-resistant protection. Built-in bubble level. The console has a backlit LCD screen and glow-in-the dark keypad. Tracks daily sunrise/sunset times. Five-position arrow shows barometric trends. Gauge automatically empties every one-hundredth of an inch of rain. Made in USA.
    Display: 4.15" x 3".
    Vantage Vue Console: 6”H x 7.5”W x 6”D.
    Vantage Vue Sensor Suite: 14”H x 15”W x 6”D.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Okay it's time to have. Some fun just got my Davis weather box. And I'm here to set. It up today I want to show. You all the equipment so here's an equipment package right there it's got the ISS that's the integrated sensor with. All the equipment on. It that big white compartment there. You can see the anemometer to the top. And the wind vane it also has a great data logger. It is Wireless and it's solar powered so. This is going to be up in my backyard I've got to transmit. It wirelessly to my computer. It gets all the data logged on my PC then sends. It up to the Internet. And also I have a smartphone app. That I'm going to set up with. This too so it sounds complicated it's going to be simple I'll show. You in the next few steps okay to set the ISS up but the equipment on it's really simple. We have a wind vane anemometer rain gauge battery in its closure compartment. And then a little debris catcher for the rain gauge. Ialready put the anemometer on. It just simply slides over a little post at the top here. And then you have an Allen wrench it's applied. That tightens that anemometer the wind vane is just as simple. You just take it here. And there's a little o-ring on. It you slide it onto. That post there and we're. All done with the wind vane rain gauge just as simple. This unit here tipping bucket rain gauge. You slide it under a lip at the top of the component here.

    And then you close. It down and tighten. It with a set screw. And the rain gauge is. All set and then you've got your battery the battery is a lithium battery. That just goes in its compartment right here it'll slide into the compartment. And then there is a set screw. That goes on to this so there's the closure right there. And turn it around pop. It in, and we'll screw the set screw on here. And then when you do. That you should be seeing a little LED light. That lights up here. That shows that it's transmitting and then finally the top of the unit there. Where the rain comes into their's. This little debris catcher it's got four little nibs on. It you just push it down. And in and that's all set in there to keep debris from collecting and getting through into the rain gauge itself so that's the setup that's really simple. Now we're going to go outside. And we're going to put. It on to its post and setup the software as well.

    And we've got the unit outside. Now it's just been mounted to the top of the pole using the enclosed u-bolts lock washers. And nuts and I've set. It up so that it's pointing to true north. And south and its operating nice. Now we'll go inside. And see how the software works. And now it's really simple just to open the weather link software. And set your station up. You can do a new station open a station do a lot of things with database files. And even set up Weather Underground for your reports the setup file. Or tab is where you actually do. Everything and I suggest the easiest way to do. It is just go through a walk through again it's very simple for you to set. Everything up once. That set up you're gonna be able to look at your data. And that's also just a really easy thing to do, so we'll go right here to our notebook.

    And pull up my recent data. That I've got here so. You can graph it you can do. All sorts of other things with the software so it's its fantastic so enjoy. One other note here regarding Weather Underground. If you want to port your data up to Weather Underground. You go online and it's very simple. You go to a link and. You download the DLL file Weather Underground but. It puts it into the Downloads directory. And you must make sure. That you move it here to the weather link directory. And I'm going to go there. And show you under expansion modules. And weather link there is a Weather Underground length the DLL file.

    If you don't put it there it's not going to work so a. One important bit of information it's in the instructions but a lot of people miss. It and the last thing to do is download the phone app for your Davis station. This is fantastic when. Igot my Davis station. They actually had a bar code on there. Ijust scanned it with my phone. It went right to the apps page downloaded the app. And actually loaded my station then. If you don't have the bar code. You can go in and just put your station ID in there. And sure enough you'll find it. And there it is for me. Ican find it from anywhere in the world. Ican go and find out what's going on in my own backyard so enjoy.

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    AcuRite® Digital Color Weather Station

  • Color LCD screen with backlight
  • Self-Calibrating Forecasting predicts the weather for your location
  • Indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity readings
  • Provides daily high and low data as well as all-time records
  • Intelli-Time clock and calendar adjusts for time changes
  • Stay informed about the latest weather conditions with the AcuRite Digital Color Weather Station. This device uses patented Self-Calibrating Forecasting that's generated from weather data measured by a sensor in your yard for the most accurate 12- to 24-hour forecast available for your exact location. The vibrantly colorful, backlit LCD screen includes indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity, moon phase, barometric pressure with weather trend indicator, time, date, and a humidity level icon to easily convey a low, high or ideal indoor conditions. Intelli-Time clock automatically updates for Daylight Saving Time. The AcuRite outdoor sensor features powerful wireless technology, a weather-resistant design, and an integrated hanger for easy mounting. Display uses a 5-volt power adapter (included; recommended for optimal display color) and three AA alkaline batteries (not included). Sensor uses two AA alkaline or lithium batteries (not included; lithium batteries recommended for temperatures below -4°F.) Manufacturer's limited one-year warranty.

    Get the environmental information. You need to plan your day with acurite's color weather station the weather stations illuminated color LCD screen displays the weather forecast indoor. And outdoor temperature. And humidity with daily high low records humidity level icon. That indicates high low. Or ideal indoor conditions barometric pressure history chart with trend indicator Intel. And time clock that comes reprogrammed in the correct time. And automatically adjust for daylight saving time. And an adjustable back light the wireless outdoor sensor features a built-in thermometer a compact weather resistant design. And is integrated mounting options for easy setup get the time. And temperature information. You rely on every day with the accurate color weather station.

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    La Crosse Technology® 308-1417BL Backlight Wireless Forecast Station

  • Speedy wireless technology with up to a 330-ft. range
  • Backlit display is easy to read in any light condition
  • Forecast icons let you check predicted weather at a glance
  • Tracks barometric pressure, temperature and humidity
  • Temperature alerts are ideal for monitoring greenhouses
  • Monitor climate data anywhere from a wine cellar to your backyard with La Crosse Technology's 308-1417BL Backlight Wireless Forecast Station. Wireless technology boasts a 915 MHz transmission that sends data quickly and up to 330 ft. from the sensor to the display. Backlit display can be set to high, low and off, ensuring it's always easy to read. Forecast icons let you check future trends at a glance. Integrated atomic clock with an alarm and calendar. Tracks indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity as well as barometric pressure. Provides daily high- and low-records for temperature and humidity, while an easy-to-read graph lets you track barometric pressure readings from the past 24 hours. Adjustable temperature alerts are ideal for monitoring greenhouses. Indoor temperature range between 32°F and 99°F, while the outdoor ranges from -40°F to 140°F. Records humidity between 10% and 99%. Display includes a 5-volt AC power adapter and can also run off three AA batteries (not included) for portable use. Sensor requires two AA batteries (not included).
    Receiver: 6.88"L x 1.25" W x 6.42"H.
    Sensor size: 1.57"L x 0.79"W x 5.12"H.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    AcuRite® 01046DI Color Weather Station

  • Illuminated color display
  • Self-calibrating forecasting pinpoints your location
  • Indoor/outdoor temperatures
  • Atomic, self-setting clock and date
  • Wireless tabletop or wall-mountable design
  • The AcuRite 01046DI Color Weather Station uses self-calibrating technology to provide your personal weather forecast of 12- to 24-hour conditions. The self-calibrating forecasting is generated from weather data measured by a sensor in your yard, giving you the most accurate forecast available for your exact location. The illuminated, extra-large color LCD screen includes indoor/outdoor temperatures with daily high/low readings, and a self-setting atomic clock and calendar. The powerful outdoor sensor transmits data every 16 seconds, and has a range of 330 feet. Weather-resistant design has an integrated hanger for easy wall mounting.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Pack yourI'ts color weather station delivers. All the features you need to plan your day with confidence setup is effortless simply place the wireless temperature. And humidity sensor outdoors using one of the integrated mounting options the sensor wirelessly transmits your weather data to an attractive easy-to-read illuminated color display for quick access to vital information the display features indoor. And outdoor temperature indoor. And outdoor humidity the weather forecast barometric pressure moon phase. And a handy humidity level icon. That lets you know of your home is in a safe. And comfortable level the integrated. And tellin time clock comes reprogrammed with the correct time. And date it automatically updates itself for daylight saving time enjoy the weather. And time information. You need at a glance with the accurate color weather station.

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    Acu-Rite 00509 Color Weather Forecaster with Temperature/Humidty Forecast

  • Illuminated color display has an always-on backlight
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature (°F/°C)
  • Indoor humidity with 24-hour highs and lows
  • 12/24-hr. future forecast
  • Track the microclimate in your backyard and inside your home conveniently with the Acu-Rite 00509 Color Weather Station. Illuminated color display has an always-on backlight with auto-dim and manual dimmer controls to make weather info easy to see in all lighting conditions. Outdoor sensor can be placed up to 165 ft. from the main unit to monitor indoor and outdoor temperature (°F/°C) and indoor humidity, with 24-hour highs and lows. The 12/24-hr. future forecast with patented, self-calibrating altitude adjustment features icons to match 14 different weather conditions. Use the barometric-pressure trend arrow to track and anticipate changing weather conditions. Use the moon phase to know the best times to hunt, fish and plant. Easy-to-set clock and calendar. Main unit powered by AC adapter (included) or three AAA batteries (not included). Outdoor sensor powered by two AA batteries.
    Main unit: 5.8"H x 3.4"W x 1"D.
    Outdoor sensor: 4.8"H x 1.6"W x 0.9"D.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Get the outdoor environmental information. You want right in your own backyard with AcuRite’s Pro Color Weather Station Its high precision 3-in-1 weather sensor accurately measure three different conditions including the temperature humidity. And wind speed giving you easy-to-understand comprehensive data about the elements surrounding your home The weather station’s illuminated color display features a weather forecast indoor. And outdoor temperature. And humidity heat index dew point. And wind chill wind speed information 12-hour historical data for pressure temperature. And humidity and an adjustable back light The 3-in-1 Sensor is easy to set up includes mounting hardware. And features a 2-year battery life for maintenance-free operation Stay informed of the changing conditions outside your home environment with AcuRite’s Pro Color Weather Station.

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    La Crosse Technology® 327-1417BW Wind Speed Weather Station with Combination 3-in-1 Sensor

  • Fast wireless data transmission from up to 330 ft.
  • Tacks current and historic wind speed, temperature and humidity
  • Forecast icons let you check predicted weather at a glance
  • Heat index and dew point deliver feels-like-adjusted temperature
  • Adjustable alerts for temperature, humidity and wind
  • Monitor the weather from the comfort of your home before planning your outdoor adventures with La Crosse Technology's 327-1417BW Wind Speed Weather Station with 3-in-1 Sensor. Display receives data from up to 330 ft., allowing you to set the sensor and display where they're most convenient. Tracks current and historic (up to a full year) wind-speed data. Wind-speed graph gives you a quick view of recent wind speeds. Forecast icons let you check future trends at a glance. Displays what conditions actually feel like by incorporating heat index, wind speed and dew point into data. Integrated clock with a calendar and snooze alarm. Tracks indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, providing daily highs and low for each. Adjustable temperature, humidity and wind alerts. Display is compatible with up to two additional sensors. Indoor temperature range between 32°F and 122°F, while the outdoor ranges from -40°F to 140°F. Records humidity between 19% and 79% and wind speeds up to 111.8 MPH. Display is powered by three AA batteries (not included) and sensor requires two C batteries (not included). Simple-to-follow instructions and included hardware for hassle-free installation.
    Receiver: 6.88''L x 1.33''W x 6.37''H.
    Sensor: 6.24''L x 5.63''W x 11.90''H.
    Height with bracket: 18.57'H (wind cups: 7.10'' Diameter).

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Davis Wireless Vantage Pro 2™ Weather Station

    This is the first and only weather station in its class to use special frequency-hopping technology that enables the instrument shelter to be positioned as far away as 1,000 ft. from the receiver. Some weather stations require wire connections between the instruments and receivers, and other wireless models transmit only short distances, but with Vantage Pro 2 the instruments could be positioned in a farm field, a schoolyard or atop a multi-story building as long as line-of-sight contact with the receiver is maintained. Typical transmission range through walls is up to 400 ft. The sensor suite is solar-powered and components are housed inside a weather-resistant shelter equipped with a radiation shield that minimizes impact of solar radiation and other heat sources on the readings. Receiver console can be powered by AC or three C batteries (not included). Stores over 2,000 historical averages, high ans lows, and totals. Updates data every 2.5 seconds. Weather information includes current temperature, humidity, rainfall data, wind direction and speed, sky condition icons, on-screen data graphing, barometric pressure, forecast information, high, low and average temperatures and data recall from information stored in memory. Made in USA.
    Console: 6.13"H x 10.38"W x 1.5"D.
    Sensor suite dimensions: 11"W x 9.38"H x 14"D.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys it's your good old weather pal Caleb here. And I'm out here with my Davis Vantage view weather station welcome to weather stations Saturday guys. Ipromise it here's our first. One well I'm going to explain to. You first what this part of the station does so here. We have a rain gauge. This obviously measures the amount of rain in the closest to a hundredth of an inch. This here is the antenna. That sends all the data over to our base station indoors. This here is the anemometer which measures our wind speed here is our Station Center. We have our humidity temperature. And dew point and other essentials. That measure the stuff doing to the measurements of the air. And here we have the wind direction of weather vane. That also tells where the winds coming from. This side right here. We actually have a solar panel so. This thing is solar powered during the day. And runs off battery power at night but the solar power panel can actually hold about 18 hours of energy so. It runs for 18 hours. If there's not Sun after dusk it'll still run off of solar power which is really nice. This is a great station. You guys can buy it links to in the description to. This weather station. And let's go inside. And check out the base station. This weather station has.

    You alright guys this here is our base station. That Davis has made for the vantage view, so I'm going to go over. What it displays and the cool things. It can do for us well we'll start up at the top here at the top. You can see that there's temperature. Both inside and out doors. It also gives humidity. Both inside and out doors also is the barometric pressure. You can change the types of units. You need to of course. You have rainfall as. You go farther down. And then you have this area right here. That says heat you can actually change. That's the heat index. We can change that to the wind chill can also change. That to the dew point so. That thing right here can do three different things that's true for a lot of the things on. This weather station. They can do a few other things as. We move farther down. This here is your graph so. Whenever I click on a button here. This is the temperature humidity wind. You can select and I'll give. You a graph about you can actually change their zoom.

    More options about that graph. You can view data about which is kind of cool. Another thing this here is the wind speed then around. You have the wind direction there's a little black thing right here black arrow that's. Where the current wind direction is. And then these two little arrows are the average area of where the direction is in between those that's kind of cool. We get up to the top. You have the sunset sunrise stuff here. You can actually change. You want to display the time side. You can click time but. Idon't usually need to see the time on my weather station. Iusually like actually seeing the sunset. And sunrise stuff that's kind of cool thing so that's pretty much an overview of what it does nozzle right here will give. You a little forecast of what it's going to be like. Any other moon this will tell. If it's be frozen precis. If there is this here tells. If the pressure is dropping rising or staying the same so. You can view a ton of data on.

    This thing but that's just the beginning of what this station can do. You can actually hook. It up to the computer which I'll go on a later video on how to do. If you're a bandage view. Some sort of Davis weather station owner I'll show. How to do where to buy the equipment for it but for now I'm just going to show. That data goes I can view our weather station here at de page. Where authority online. Both on your phone and online so let's get right to. It alright guys so here. We are at the computer. This is the first weather station website. It goes to this one's made by Davis solar software brings. It to here it's weather link calm. And the stuff I had the equipment comes with an unlimited subscription to their website so.

    You can store the data for up to. Ithink it's three years maybe but. That doesn't matter as. Another website that will be hooked up to. That stores it forever so. This is a map you can view on the website. And here is our weather station right here in Roselle. You can click on the station name. And it'll come up with the current conditions the highs in low temperatures. That happened they'll give. You pretty good information about as well. You can give you a summary of the weather for the station which is kind of nice too. This gives you a lot of data but the sad thing is there's no grass on. This website but that is why it is set. And uploads here you have an account. You can upload your weather station to other websites. One called Weather Underground. Iwas actually on this weather channel. Ihave a Weather Underground station on their show the Weather Underground so.

    You can view that video on our Channel but so here. You can view the current conditions here. You can select other stations as well. Ijust have mine selected. Because obviously you want to look at mine but there are a ton of stations. You can view in the area as. You can see here there's like a ton in the Chicago area alone. They have a lot of stations throughout the whole world but. You are information about my station actually felt like. Ilook at history records. And stuff on from my station. You can do this too on. Any weather station on here actually I'll show. You with here on a map the current conditions mine doesn't have solar. This stuff here but that's not really important but. You can view the highs for today. You can view weekly monthly yearly modes of information. And here's the daily graph so. You have temperature. And dew point displayed here.

    You have wind speed wind gusts wind directions precipitation. Though there was an ie today. And barometric pressure. And inches so that's that's. Another website we use to view. You guys can use one better. It also has an app and honestly it's better. Than the other you can view a lot. More information from the same weather station but finally. This is our website local weather service moon fruit calm. You can view our weather station on an ad-free website which is just the bonus there so. You can view it on here. And it's its much less cluttered. Than other websites. You can view all the data here which is pretty nice. You could sort of thing. You can still go on to the other websites by clicking on their links here but yeah so. That is the computer side so. Now we're gonna head over to the mobile side alright so here. We are at my phone another way. You can view a Weather Underground data so first I'll show.

    You the Weather Underground app it's available on. Both iOS and Android I'm going to just display the iOS app to start out with. And I'll show you the Android. One let's get started. Though so you click on. It loads up so it set to my weather station at the moment. You can view the data on here very nicely actually. You can get a forecast for the location hour-by-hour just there. You go like you get a summary of the forecast which is pretty handy get. More data information videos. That Weather Underground PO out. And Sun rise data air quality UV index flu index. And webcams and pictures so. You can actually get hurricane tropical cyclone information down at the bottom. And radio so this is a pretty handy app it's available on a Apple Store so there's an Android.

    One which is what I'm going to show. You guys next but this works for your current location the current location we'll put. It to the nearest weather station for you. You can actually select. You don't like this weather station. You can still select the better. All right, so we move over to the Android version alright guys so here is the Android version. This is on my Android tablet but. You can also get it on here it's pretty similar yeah pretty much. All the same details on. It given to you just in a different format like Android wise gives. You your quality again UV index flew so it's pretty much the same as the iOS version.

    Ijust have in the black scheme. You can change it from black to white but. This also both of the versions of apps are. Both for Apple and Android give. You weather alerts so. When there's our severe weather winter weather. It will give you alerts for. That ooh look at this in our forecast here snow. That looks nice doesn't. It yeah but yep this app is great first just so. Many weather station needs so yeah that's just a great thing to have. You guys get the app it's great alright guys hope. You enjoyed that weather station Saturday here. You like the weather underground house. Both for Android iOS. You can get on the website. This Davis bandits view is a great weather station. If you're looking for one. And you're in a home. Or the city where it's really hard to have like a large. You just want a smaller. One is it's slightly budget-friendly too.

    You want one that's not so expensive as. Some of them are this is the cheapest. That Davis makes so it's a great. You want a Davis one for sure so just make sure. You take a look at those. Some they'll help when you're just wanting to see the weather outside at your house. It just gives you a ton of cool data. If your weather geek it's like it's a must-have so. This is a great weather station. You look into one look at. One next week I'll be giving you a little bit of information on how. It online what tools. You need to do you have. One already is next video will be great for you. And it'll also help. You guys that don't have. What to buy you do get. One so thanks for watching guys links to Twitter Facebook. And Instagram and my personal vine down below. And guys don't forget to subscribe. Iwould like to reach 50 subs by the end of the month so. Iknow it's possible. We already have 39 so it's only 11. We can do it guys so share. This video with your friends tell them about my channel.

    And help me get to 50 thank. You guys for watching and don't forget to keep watching the weather.

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    La Crosse Technology® Indoor Temperature and Humidity Gauge

  • Measures temperatures in F or C
  • 10% to 100% relative humidity
  • Five comfort-scale rankings
  • Easy to mount free standing or hanging
  • The La Crosse Technology Indoor Temperature and Humidity Gauge is a dual-gauge indoor thermometer that measures temperatures from -10°F to 110°F (-20°C to 50°C), and humidity from 10% to 100% RH. Humidity plays a big role in comfort, so it monitors five levels of indoor comfort: Dry, comfortable/dry, ideal, comfortable/wet and wet. Can be used on the wall or placed wherever you need to monitor indoor conditions. Batteries not required.
    6.30" x 1" x 3.18".

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    La Crosse Technology® 724-2310 Wireless Digital Rain Station

  • Accurately measures current and historic rainfall
  • Self-emptying cups for automatic reset
  • Convenient adjustable rainfall alert
  • Wireless data transmission of up to 330 ft.
  • Integrated clock and snooze alarm
  • Whether your livelihood depends on it or you're simply a curious weather observer, keep a keen eye on rainfall with La Crosse Technology's 724-2310 Wireless Digital Rain Station. Self-emptying cups mean you don't have to trudge through dreary weather to reset them. Measures current rainfall along with the past hour, 24 hours, week, month, year and since last reset. Sends data wirelessly up to 330 ft., while a signal-strength icon shows how strong your wireless connection is. Adjustable rainfall alert lets you know when rainfall exceeds your preset amount. Integrated clock with 12- or 24-hour display as well as an alarm with snooze mode and a daily calendar. Displays indoor temperature. Low-battery indicator ensures you know when it's time to replace the batteries. Indoor temperature range between 32°F and 99°F. Rainfall range up to 393.6". Display and sensor each run on two AA batteries (not included). 
    Receiver: 4.27''L x 1.47''W x 3.88''H.
    Sensor: 6.00''L x 5.10''W x 4.21''H.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    I'm terry with lacrosse technology. And this is the nine zero four wireless rain gauge we're going to go through the initial setup of. This gauge and to do. That we're going to initially put the display away. And turn our sights to the sensor itself. And opening the sensor on the bottom. You have two small taps just pressing those tabs towards the center allows. You to open the rain gauge find the tipping mechanism. And we're going to put batteries into the rain gauge the batteries in here are triple eighth. We just lift the edge up. And put a set of fresh triple-a batteries in here according to the diagram. We want to make certain. That our batteries our name-brand. And to guarantee freshness. We take the current year. We add six and that should be the year on our battery a year after. That so if you get 2017. You have 2018 or 2019 is. Even better initially we're not going to put the top back on the rain gauge. You may have noticed. That come out that just makes easier cleaning, and we're going to put the gauge about three to five feet away. And take the display unit. We peel the protective coating from the display unit. And we're just going to turn. That over open the bottom by pressing the tab towards the battery door. And again triple-a batteries. And we're looking for the same idea of name brands. And date codes we close the unit up notice. It beeps and it's going to search.

    Now for that sensor. When it finds that sensor those dashes should go to zeros. And it can take up to two minutes to receive. That signal from the sensor. Once we have those zeros. What we want to do is set the time to set the time. We press the set button the alarm set button. And hold that down. We can set a maximum rate alarm for 24 hours by pressing the set button until the 24-hour rain flashes on the bottom here you'll hear the beep. And we can use the plus button to determine. What amount of rain in 24 hours. We want to have set an alarm let's say. We want a quarter of an inch to 24 hours we've set. It at a quarter of an inch press the alarm button again. It goes back to the zero that's been read. And a little alarm icon is on notice. That we have a little battery here with TX in. It that's really telling me. That the batteries I put the outdoor unit are not completely charged. That they should be replaced pretty soon there's.

    Another battery too says rx that's just to the left of. That if that comes on it's telling you. That the main unit needs to have its battery replaced to reset the rain hole in the top window. You press the reset button. And hold it the total will go to 0 the 24-hour rain total cannot be reset. That resets automatically every 24 hours from the time. You start the station as well. What you'll find is. This is really an inches. Now it can be set 4 millimeters. And there is a little cloud icon showing whether. You have light or heavy rain depending on how much rain is received in a certain amount of time. If we tip the buckets on the gauge you'll notice. That we've made a little bit of rain. We have a 24-hour rainfall amount of just under. That quarter of an inch. We take it to a quarter of an inch. That we set up we got past. It's giving us an alarm pressing the alarm button turns. That off and it's still going to flash for a.

    Few moments to reset our total rain just press. This and hold it down. And we get to zero you.

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    Bass Pro Shops® AcuRite® 5-in-1 Weather Center With Color Display

  • Illuminated color display and an always-on backlight
  • Indoor/outdoor temperature with trend arrows
  • Indoor/outdoor humidity with heat index and dew point
  • Rainfall totals for today, yesterday, last week, month, and all-time
  • Measures barometric pressure and wind as well
  • Bass Pro Shops' AcuRite 5-in-1 Weather Center With Color Display features an illuminated color display with an always-on backlight and dimmer control so you can stay up to date on changing conditions. Features indoor/outdoor temperature with trend arrows and stored historical data; indoor/outdoor humidity with heat index, dew point, and stored historical data; and barometric pressure with indicators for rising, steady, or falling. Provides rainfall totals for today, yesterday, last seven days, month, and all-time. This AcuRite weather station has a 12- to 24-hour future forecast with icons for 14 different weather conditions. Displays wind direction, speed (current, gust and average), and chill. The self-emptying rain gauge has a wide collector for accuracy. Main unit has a temperature range between 32ºF and 122ºF. Outdoor Sensor has a range between -40ºF and 158ºF. Humidity range for the main unit is 16% to 98% and1% to 99% for the outdoor sensor. Measures wind speeds between 0 and 99 mph and rainfall from 0" to 99.99". Requires AC adapter (included) and seven AA batteries (not included).
    Main Unit: 8.2"H x 7.4"W x 1.2"D.
    Outdoor Sensor: 10.8"H x 5.6"W x 13.75"D.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    La Crosse Technology® V21-WTH Professional Wi-Fi Weather and Wind Station

  • Wi-Fi capability for use with an app and detailed NWS forecasts
  • Fast wireless data transmission from up to 400 ft.
  • Tacks current and historic wind speed, temperature and humidity
  • Forecast icons let you check predicted weather at a glance
  • Heat index and dew point deliver feels-like-adjusted temperature
  • Featuring a Wi-Fi capability that allows connectivity to a dedicated app and incorporates forecast information from the National Weather Service, La Cross Technology's V21-WTH Professional Wi-Fi Weather and Wind Station delivers the weather data you need in the most convenient form. Display receives data from up to 400 ft., allowing you to set the sensor and display where they're most convenient. Tracks current and historic (up to a full year) wind-speed data, while the wind-speed graph gives you a quick view of recent data. Colored forecast icons let you check predictions at a glance. Displays what conditions actually feel like by incorporating heat index, wind speed and dew point into the data. Integrated clock with a calendar and snooze alarm. Tracks indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, providing daily highs and low for each and boasting adjustable alerts for each, as well. Backlit display with five intensity settings is compatible with up to two additional sensors. Indoor temperature range between 32°F and 122°F, while the outdoor ranges from -40°F to 140°F. Records humidity between 10% and 99% and wind speeds up to 111 MPH. Display includes a 5-volt AC power adapter and can also run off three AA batteries (not included) for portable use. Weather sensor runs off two AA batteries (not included), while the wind sensor requires two C batteries (not included).
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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