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  Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack CamelBak® ThermoBak® 3-Liter Hydration Pack
 Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault PackCamelBak® ThermoBak® 3-Liter Hydration Pack
Empty Weight1.3 lbs.2 lbs. 8 oz.
Overall Size H x W x D18" x 9.2" x 5"18" x 9.5" x 12.5"

Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack

  • 20 liters of storage
  • Padded shoulder straps and back panel
  • Hydration-reservoir compatible
  • Be prepared to tackle any situation with Red Rock Outdoor Gear's Assault Pack. Four expanding compartments combine for 2 liters of storage, and compression straps keep your gear snug and compact. Rugged 600-denier polyester is lined with PVC for rip-free, water-resistant performance. Padded shoulder straps team up with waist and sternum straps for fatigue-free wear, and a ventilated back panel provides cool, refreshing airflow. MOLLE straps line the outside of the pack, making it easy to add extra gear. Reinforced top carry handle for one-handed transportation. Back panel secures hydration reservoirs up to 2.5 liters (sold separately). D-rings on shoulder straps hold small essentials. Imported.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys woodsman survival here. And today I'm going to be showing you guys the Red Rock outdoor gear assault pack so with. That for the dudes getting this review so first I'm just going to go over the specs as always. This little card here. That the pack came with. Ijust going to read off. All the features of. And then point to them as. Igo through so on the top. We have a reinforced carry handle. They say reinforced. It really does feel reinforced like. This thing is not ever going to quake on. You which is really nice so you're not breaking off your carry handle a mesh ventilated back panel as. You can see here the whole back is ventilated with. This mesh and padded so. You can get some airflow through your back cannot get. And it's also very comfortable to wear I've worn. This thing for almost a week straight every single day I've been out in the woods. This thing is extremely comfortable. And also has a Velcro top closure which is for if. You can see here this little pull tab on the top which is basically just for AM a bladder.

    Or so water container. Whatever heck you want to call. One of those things hydration pack. Whatever but I wouldn't really recommend putting one of those in here. You filled those hydration bladder things up. They get kind of like. They puff out it might be a little bit uncomfortable to wear but. You want to have one of those then. You can obviously just test. It out yourself you don't like. It then that's fine from there on. We have fully adjustable. And contoured padded shoulder straps as. You can see here you want to take a closer look. These are all padded. And fully adjustable with also which. Ireally like this feature on here. You can see here these little straps so. You adjust the shoulder straps to your size they're not dangling anywhere. Whatever the length of them may be so. Ireally like that feature. Ihave a little bit of OCD. Idon't like straps flapping all over the place everywhere so next is a medium two litre external organizer pocket.

    And the medium I'm guessing is going to be. One right here you can see here. And we're going to be taking a closer look into. All the pockets later in. This video so that's the medium. And then we have four quick-release compression straps. And those compression straps are just on the side here which. Idid carry my hatchet in for a. While but then I didn't really like the way. It was feeling on I just moved on to the inside of the pack but. You can use these for multiple things such as carrying sleeping bags. Or tarps whatever the heck. You want to put in their extra clothes. That stuff so really nice addition. This pack makes a lot better next. We have MOLLE webbing platform for attaching as. You can see there is Molly. All over this pack. This whole entire pouch ears covered in. We have velcro Molly here which I've put.

    Some two patches on the sides. You can see there all Molly there on. Each side they are two so. This thing is not going to run out of space ever for you to add. Whatever heck you want onto. This thing next is adjustable waist. And sternum strap so here. You can see we have our waist strap which buckles in like. You can see there you have. And then we have the chest. One which is clips in here over your chest. That also adds to just stability. When wearing this thing so. It doesn't move around a lot. It keeps it nice and secure to your body next. This is made out of 600 denier PVC lined construction denier yeah 600 deniers so from. What I know that is really nice quality which is.

    This just nylon this really just. You ever decide to buy. This pack which you do after watching this video. If you're looking into. It look into buying this then. You get your hands on. This thing you're just going to as soon as. You grab it you're just going to feel. How such high quality. This backpack is made out of. And just for the price of. This thing people usually say it's good for the price. This thing is good for the price but. This thing was a lot. More expensive this thing is still amazing quality so. This is amazing for the price. Idon't want to just say for the price over. And over again this is just an amazing pack overall but the price is about 39 to 45 dollars.

    Ifound out on Amazon for around $40 which is a really good price for this okay first thing I want to say before. We get into each individual pack. Or pocket these zipper pulls. You see here they're black. This backpack did not come with those at proposals. They came with these really cheap very poorly made tan zipper poles that's. They just didn't feel very good quality at. All like they're just going to shred apart so not really big deal. Ijust cut a little bit of para cord pieces out on for. And individual one just didn't overhand knot. Ihave my own really nice pair of cords. And poles for that so not a big deal. You can just change. This out you want to so starting off we'll start with. This medium pocket opens up halfway as. You can see and then. You can see in there. We have four little pockets here for like pens.

    Some small pocket knives. Anything and then here. This waterproof material so you're inside your pack won't get a little bit wet. You do happen to drop. It in the water this will just help with. That waterproof and then on the in heat. And the inside here there's just a little bit larger pocket for anything you want to put in there. We already have these Mali rose. You want to add anything on their um then we'll go to the top which the top doesn't have. You can see you can see there's a shadow there's. Nothing to see in there there're no pockets in here it's just a smoke just a. One big pouch to see in there.

    One big pouch so no little slots. Or organizing things in there. You store whatever. You want in that so is. That huh medium-sized. One again goes halfway through. You unzip you can see in here again. This waterproofing material. And then on the back. Another large pocket as just as in the first. One for whatever you want to keep in there. And then to mesh pockets for anything else. That you're going to keep in there. This is I'm going to get into. Another video soon showing what I keep in my pack so hit the thumbs up button. You want to see a video on. Everything I keep in my pack for just going out into the woods on.

    Any ordinary day so. This is pretty deep pocket. You can see my arm how deep my arm goes through there. And just pull it out it's a really deep pocket so that's the medium size pocket. Or the middle pocket compartment for whatever. You want to keep in there. We get to the largest. You can see one zips. All the way down throughout the whole pack so. Iunbuckle me on buckle. These things real quick so. Ican show this the whole pack itself folds out so. This is the largest pocket as. You can see we have a over here. You can see here we have a mesh a pretty decently sized mesh pocket there. And then as you get closer they're also just waterproofing material. All throughout which. Ireally like and then.

    Ican turn this around. You can see these little lanyard things. You could put your keys on there. You wanted to any other little small objects. You have even getting there so then. This pocket which is again a pretty decent sized pocket for anything you really want to put in there at. All so a lot of organization features with. This pack I really like. That part so it's the largest pocket in. This pack alright so the last thing of. One of the features on. This pack we just have. These little retention straps on the bottom of the pack. You wanted to keep another shirt pants. More clothes sleeping bag hammock. Anything basically tarp. Whatever you want to put in here. You have to do is just loosen. These things up and slide. It through and then. That adds a lot more to the cup of the holding capacity for this pack alright thank. You guys for tuning in to my review on the Red Rock outdoor gear assault pack. Iinfluenced you in a good way to get. This pack you were looking into buying it's great for the price a great pack overall as.

    Isaid before I really recommend getting this pack not. Even for it you could use. This for EDC this for a day pack just going out in the woods hiking and survival. And bush craft as you may already know. You follow me on Instagram so that's just things. This for things you could use. It for so it's this pack is really good for those things so remember to Like comment subscribe share my videos share with your friends we're almost at the 100 subscriber mark we're about 20 subscribers away from. That so thank you for even getting me to. Many subscribers which is like around 80 right. Now so share it with your friends whoever. You want to so we can get to. That 100 subscriber mark so thank. This is going to be the end of my video as always Whitman survival out.

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    CamelBak® ThermoBak® 3-Liter Hydration Pack

  • Mil-spec Antidote reservoir boasts a 100-oz. capacity
  • Quick Link exit port for fast and simple refilling
  • HydroLock bite-valve adapter
  • D-rings allow attachment to packs with MOLLE systems
  • Reservoir compartment is insulated with 5mm closed-cell foam
  • Perfect for the minimalist, CamelBak's ThermoBak 3-Liter Hydration Pack sports a hydration reservoir for quick excursions outdoors. Mil-spec Antidote™ reservoir boasts a 100-oz. capacity with Quick Link™ exit port for fast and simple refilling. HydroLock™ bite-valve adapter ensures no water overflows when you're done taking a sip. An extra-large fill port boasts a watertight lid that locks with a quarter turn and can't be overtightened. Pack is constructed of 500-denier Cordura®-nylon ripstop with a 420-denier high-density nylon back panel, ensuring long life in almost any environment. Back panel has 5mm closed-cell foam. 135-denier polyester lining and nylon webbing. Quick-release shoulder straps. D-rings allow attachment to packs with MOLLE systems. Reservoir compartment is insulated with 5mm closed-cell foam. Integrated hook-and-loop patch to add nametags and unit badges. Backed by CamelBak's Got Your Bak™ lifetime guarantee. Imported.

    What's going on guys this is verse a video here for you today talking about the camelbak thermo back three liter hydration pouches and the kit as you want. To call it and i really like this and let me get into some of the specifics as to why first though i want to start and say that they don't have a humongous amount of adjustment right here for the strap i guess the sternum strap you know. It doesn't get very tight so i mean. That's one thing that you might notice might not whatever it's not a game changer but the way i had this set up on my plate carrier was i had these taken. Off and i had them shoved into this couch right here and then i had i used. The d rings to attach to my plate here and that's how i ran it until recently. When i took it off because I'm getting rid of the plate carrier but I'm keeping this because i really like it you know you get 100 ounces of fluid. Kalmec makes their own hydration. Solutions that don't have sugar so it's not gonna get all sticky and grimy inside of this and you can use those or. You just run water like i did a lot of. Different you know colors and patterns and whatever and you know this seemed to work really good there and i got this on ebay like super chief right like 20 bucks and you know that's why i got this. Pattern because i guess not a lot of people are running the dcu but it works good out there when i was using them you have the grab handle here and here's. Where you want to open up the camel back pouch and put the water in no real. Problems there you know it's just like any other camel back put it in their go to town put your hundred ounces in there gonna get a good longevity with you know. Three liters of water you know that's uh. Three nalgene bottles basically and you. Know gonna get you a pretty long way throughout the day now the one thing i will notice you know i will tell you with this minimal you know insulation on. This to that comes with you know you will for people haven't used camel back some stuff you know i was out in over one whether for the majority of the day you know for a week and you know this too. You know just so you know that this tube will get hot and the first probably few. Ounces of water that you're going to get out of this is going to be hot so if you're not used to using camel backs and hot conditions as we're going to get and probably you know you're going to get. Hot water for the first yonce is whatever this tube is that's going to be all hot um the other thing that you're going to notice is the quality of this and it's top-notch you can see the stitching on this is very even there's nothing wrong there they're not huge you. Now um it's not huge threading but i. Mean this thing that was on the back of my plate carrier there're bumps and bruises and scrapes all over it and you know there's nothing you know there's no. Fraying or anything i mean this is some top-notch stuff nylon that you're gonna. Get you have a you know flat back here. Nothing really to talk about there but. You know just top-notch stop right here by camel back they did recently change this an alley the thermo back three liters is where this line runs right here. Is actually a zipper so this is all zippered and it flips up and that's how you get the pouch out with this one which is an older thermal pack three liter you have three snaps right here that lead to getting into the hydration. Pouch so there's a little difference there but as far as quality and what you're going to get that doesn't change at all one thing i hate about camel back. Is the fact that they put this big-ass camel back label on and it really irritated me with my armor back which. Actually tore it off of here it was up here and it's a camel back right here and. They do this with all their stuff that has like camo on it and i hate it. Because I'm not paying all that money to. Have something say camel back this big on it so you know camel back if you could. Maybe come up with some way to not put a. Huge freaking pat you know you can put camel back somewhere else maybe on the back i don't know if you're trying to advertise but for people who are into like candle and stuff it's annoying. Now you're talking about a patch the. Size of you know four inches by two. Inches its right there right in the. Middle okay it's talking a lot shari's anyway you have your handle here so. You can uh you know whatever but yeah. It's good stuff your um this is actually. This says right here that this is you. Know cordura de pod good stuff and obvious it's good. Stuff because this has been dragged around the desert and you know in. Training and it's without the test of time and i really like you know majority. What camel back is doing out there so you guys any questions on the stomach back go ahead and put them down there and the questions the comments down below if you guys have one and I'll hostas go ahead and put your comments or video responses down below and until next time later.

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