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  Uncle Henry® Pro Hunter Fixed Blade Knife Buck Knives® 141 PakLite Trophy Kit Buck Knives® Selkirk Fixed-Blade Survival Knife TOPS Knives Fieldcraft Fixed-Blade Knife by BOB Smith & Wesson® Search and Rescue Fixed-Blade Knife Bear & Son Cutlery® Damascus Baby Bowie Knife TOPS Knives Quick Skin Fixed-Blade Knife Uncle Henry® Large Pro Hunter Rat-Tail Tang Fixed-Blade Knife Cold Steel® Laredo Bowie Knife W.R. Case & Sons® V-42 Stilleto Fixed-Blade Knife W.R. Case & Sons® XX-Changer® Fixed-Blade Knives Fremont Knives 5 O'Clock Knife TOPS Knives Baja 4.5 Fixed-Blade Knife TOPS Knives Hazen Legion 6.0 Fixed-Blade Knife TOPS Knives Lioness Elite Fixed-Blade Knife TOPS Knives Micro Hawk Fixed-Blade Knife TOPS Knives Mini Scandi Green/Black G10 Fixed-Blade Knife Cold Steel® Pendelton Mini Hunter Fixed-Blade Knife Fremont Knives Hide Glider Cold Steel® Canadian Belt Knife
 Uncle Henry® Pro Hunter Fixed Blade KnifeBuck Knives® 141 PakLite Trophy KitBuck Knives® Selkirk Fixed-Blade Survival KnifeTOPS Knives Fieldcraft Fixed-Blade Knife by BOBSmith & Wesson® Search and Rescue Fixed-Blade KnifeBear & Son Cutlery® Damascus Baby Bowie KnifeTOPS Knives Quick Skin Fixed-Blade KnifeUncle Henry® Large Pro Hunter Rat-Tail Tang Fixed-Blade KnifeCold Steel® Laredo Bowie KnifeW.R. Case & Sons® V-42 Stilleto Fixed-Blade KnifeW.R. Case & Sons® XX-Changer® Fixed-Blade KnivesFremont Knives 5 O'Clock KnifeTOPS Knives Baja 4.5 Fixed-Blade KnifeTOPS Knives Hazen Legion 6.0 Fixed-Blade KnifeTOPS Knives Lioness Elite Fixed-Blade KnifeTOPS Knives Micro Hawk Fixed-Blade KnifeTOPS Knives Mini Scandi Green/Black G10 Fixed-Blade KnifeCold Steel® Pendelton Mini Hunter Fixed-Blade KnifeFremont Knives Hide GliderCold Steel® Canadian Belt Knife
Blade length 2.5".-3.375".4.75".-6".--4".3".3.5".6.8".4.63".5.5”.3".4.13".4.88".3".3.58”.10.5".
BrandBuckW.R. Case & Sons-TOPS-Smith & WessonW.R. Case & SonsTOPSCold SteelCold SteelTOPSTOPSBuck Knives-BEAR & SONTOPSTOPSTOPS-Cold Steel
OAL 6.75".8.5".6".10".5".--6.9".8.5".6-5/8".7.13".11.59".9.5".-6.5".7.63".9.25".6.13".8.12”.15.7".
Wt&nbsp;1.1 oz.</li> </ul> <div style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-family: Arial, Verdana; color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">12 oz.</li> </ul> <div class="product-warning"> <img border="0" src="/assets/warnings/knife.gif"></div>2.1 oz.10.5 oz.4 oz.--11.2 oz.2.2 oz.2.1 oz.6.6 oz.9.1 oz.10.7 oz.-2.5 oz.3.7 oz.6.2 oz.3 oz.0.44 lbs.1.1 lbs.

Uncle Henry® Pro Hunter Fixed Blade Knife

  • Sharp 7Cr17 high-carbon stainless steel blade
  • Staglon handle slabs for a secure grip
  • Includes leather sheath and lanyard
  • Make quick work of fieldwork with Uncle Henry's Pro Hunter Fixed-Blade Knife. Drop-point 7Cr17 high-carbon stainless steel blade holds an excellent edge and stands up to hard use. Staglon handle slabs offer a comfortable, secure hold. Includes brown leather sheath and lanyard.
    Blade length: 3.58”.
    OAL: 8.12”.
    Wt: 0.44 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This video we're gonna take a look at a brand-new knife from Uncle Henry which comes with a really nice leather sheath the pn1 pro hunter coming up on survival on purpose welcome back survival on purpose my name is Brian thanks for joining me so today after Christmas here in Georgia. We got no dogs today but. We do have an air conditioner humming in the background on the day after Christmas so anyway rambling already the got a really nice new night to show. You here today the folks at Uncle Henry which is a straight company it's rate was kind enough to send. Ishowed you just a pH. One in Pro Hunter knife. That a comes with a really nice premium leather sheath I'm very impressed by. This package here so without much further rambling let's go ahead. And take a quick look at the details. What specs I have on. This thing again this is a brand-new knife. It is not on their website. Even but they sent. Me a catalog I do have a. Few specs from the catalog. And then we'll uh we'll get to doing some of. That knife stuffs alright. Once again this is the Uncle Henry pH. One in Pro Hunter full-tang knife. This knife features a three point six inches. Or nine point one centimeter drop point blade of seven CR 17 MOV high carbon stainless steel with an eight point. One inch or twenty point six centimeters overall length the knife was 69 ounces. One hundred and ninety-five point six grams comes with stag line handles a lanyard hole brass bolsters. And a premium leather belt sheath ok so. That was some of the close-ups. What specs I have on. One in Pro Hunter knife from folks at Uncle Henry got to tell.

    Some very nice feeling knife I'm going to show. You the panel detail it's got a little bit of a finger groove here no jumping which is pretty common on the traditional style Uncle Henry knives. Igot to tell more I'm just getting tired of jumping at. All period for any reason shape. Or form I'm just I may start a anti jumping campaign soon. Idon't know it's just uh seems to be a fad maybe in amongst knife makers. Idon't know anyway rambling again so just a couple of different angles of the knife here he's got a very very slight hollow grind almost a saber grind it's real closest. And got just a very slight concave surface to. It but not a lot which does really good for slicing and hunting which. This is a design to market as a hunting knife it's a pro hunter. Ithink it's just the right size. It fits my hand really well the handles are very comfortable it's um. Ithink for taping skinning.

    That kind of work it's going to be a really very functional useful knife got the drop point blade which. Iliked up drop-point design it's um I'm gonna say. Somebody eighth of an inch stick. It of course it tapers towards the end like. Most of the strays has been coming to. Me the grind is exceptionally. Even they're doing a great job over at the straight factory they're in on their grinds in my opinion okay so. One thing I want to talk about is handles. These handles are stag line which basically means fake stag they're plastic okay. Ithink which is pretty much to be expected in a knife in. This price range I don't like in. Idon't know what the price is going to be but I'm sure it's going to be very competitive. All the other Uncle Henry products are during them. And might what I would consider. You know the high budget high end budget knife from a functionality standpoint not a problem in the world.

    It does exactly what it needs to do. It gives something to hold on to. And very comfortable actually. You know for doing what this knife is intended to be which is a hunting knife but typically. If you're out hunting with your knife you're gonna. You may wind up using this for other tasks like fire prep. You know it's around camp. Ithink overall the drop point blade lends itself well to. That design these handles they've got enough of a texture in them they're gonna their gonna be easy to hold on to. You know you got blood on your hands. Or purse raining or slippery. Whatever sweaty I don't know sweating like the day after Christmas out here so anyway. If these were real stag handles they'll probably triple the price of. This knife you know personally I'd like to see. Another option maybe solid wood handles.

    That might be a little. More cost-effective. And still be something. That would be you know. More pleasing to the purists in. You guys out there but. Ithink it's a pretty reasonable choice for a knife. That I'm predicting is going to be in the $30 price range I'm pretty known as the prediction have no idea it's my guess don't. It but let's just see. How well how close. Igot on this thing it hits the old Street Market but. Something I really like about. This knife is something straight Uncle Henry no whatever's really stepped their game of my opinion is on their sheets. This is a wet form molded leather sheath. It is welted you can see it's got a nice welt simple design belt loop which is fastened. And sewn inside which. Ithink is pretty cool so it's a very smooth back there's no Brads. Anything to hit the blade. It uh actually blocks in very tightly.

    You know is that gonna loosen up over time probably so but. All it's a really nice-looking nice looking sheath very simple design but vary in my opinion. This is a premium sheath. This is a really nice job from straight. And fits in there really well. And then it's got the leather lanyard on which. Idon't really care too much for but it's there. You need that I've rambled enough let's take. This down to the old stump top. And get to doing some of. That knife stuff okay, so I've got here a piece of poplar here. You can see it's about the maximum you're gonna want you're gonna want the time of. This thing's got like a three. And a half inch blade. This is probably about a two. And a half inch piece of wood maybe. You know two and a quarter but. You can see it's not a lot of room left over there at the bang on, so we're gonna bang a little bit.

    Because so some feathers going okay so. Iam horrible and making feathers with poplar apparently it's. Idon't know some people think it's great. This is really dry poplar I'm not good at making feathers with. It but we're gonna we're gonna see. How well I can do anyway okay actually not too bad for me in Poplar nice little pile up pretty fine shavings here so let's grab. Another piece maybe. Ican do a little better job let's see not too shabby. Iwould call those Farrah Fawcett curls a little bit. More maybe a couple. Some really fine ones here okay we'll call those Shirley Temple curls. If you're not old enough to know. That means then look. It up on the old Internet there so let's see. What we can do with. That okay I've got a bleep Lane really cheap fare right here doing okay. This is not my favorite foul ride it's just want to happen to grab but so we're gonna give it a shot with.

    If maybe we can get. Something going I'm gonna move. These over I can have. This wood to bear down on where. Iwon't continually knock my stuff around a little bit matter of fact here's a little tip. Somebody I'm kind of modifying this a little bit but. Iforget this by putting a groove in the wood to hold your fare right well I'm gonna just make a little notch here to hold. It doesn't jump around on. Me too much let's see. We can do with I don't know. If I'm gonna get because I'm not thrilled with. This ride to be honest with. You okay I'll be right back okay. Igot my straight Ferry rod which believe. Or not is one of my favorite, so we'll put. This piece of junk out-of-the-way well saving do a better job with a straight okay so. We don't really have. Isaid a super-sharp 90 degrees spine back here but. It does have looky there finally. All right well yeah. It yes okays so who finally straight foul rods rock. Me I'm telling you okay well as. You saw it's absolutely capable of striking a fair rod doesn't have the sharpest spine in the world but it's sharp enough to strike a fair rod.

    And that's just another little quick reminder of how important. It is to have you know the right fire making stuff. Because fire in my opinion is so critically important the first fair ride. Ihad it's one of those five dollar. You know cheap no-name brand fair rods the handle has obviously come off of. And then this is the trade. Ithink it's about a six dollar fair ride. You can see the difference in diameter here. This is not a Ferry rod review but the. Ithink the biggest difference in my opinion is a competition. These trades these trade fair eyes. They just have a softer competition. They have a lot more a lot. More flammable stuff in them.

    Or magnesium whatever. This was sharper I have no doubt. It works a little better. Ihave no doubt some fat but in there. Icould have got it with the first. It was throwing out. Some sparks but you may not always have fat wood right so. That was just a piece of poplar. We split out the center baton doubt which is. Another reason that batana is a viable thing to be able to do with the knife. And we're able to get a fire going in. What has been extremely wet weather here in Georgia so. Iwas allowed playing the so. That was a baton test. That was a feather test. And a fire test which in my opinion are three of the. Most important things. You can do with the night don't really have an animal to skin but. This hologram is extremely good for slicing and those type tasks. Ihave no doubt this thing is going to skin like nobody's business so really the only other test.

    Ican think of it's gonna require modification. Ireally need to remove. This lanyard I don't really have a use for lanyard as much anyway. This thing is in my way oh. It just immediately improved the balance of. This knife all right well. Ithink that's pretty much the full range of industry standard testing. That can be done with a knife. Igot to say the Pro Hunter pH won in from the folks at Uncle Henry passed every test with flying colors it's. Once again thanks to the folks astrayed for sending me. It showed to you hope. This video has been helpful looking for a very functional useful hunting slash camp slash take out in the woods with your knife. It really gets the job done. And probably won't set. You back an arm and a leg to do. You might want to check out the pH. One in pro hunter version from Uncle Henry. And again it's got a really nice sheath with. It so anyway stop rambling now as always thanks for watching survival on purpose thanks for subscribing thanks for clicking.

    That thumbs up for sharing this video with. All your friends for watching all those ads. And for doing all your shopping on Amazon through the survival on purpose links. It really helps the channel. Ireally sincerely appreciate the support. Once again my name is Brian you're watching survival on purpose remember survival is not an accident so be prepared. And I'll see you next time airplane. All right correct they must be having a busy day after Christmas at the old Atlanta Airport Natal mark full gamut of engineers the full gamut of industry pretty much the full range of industry industry staying.

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    Buck Knives® 141 PakLite Trophy Kit

  • Two-knife field-dressing kit
  • 8” gut hook knife with 3.5” blade
  • 6.75” caping knife with 2.5” blade
  • Black heavy-duty polyester sheath
  • Cover all the tasks of field dressing game with the Buck Knives 141 PakLite Trophy Kit. The two-knife set includes fixed-blade gut-hook and caping knives. Both are made with 420HC steel with metal handles and have a Rockwell Hardness of 58-59. The 8” gut-hook knife features a 3.5” blade with a fine edge and weighs just 4.1 oz. It uses grip ridges for safe, nonslip grip. The smaller 6.75” caping knife has a 2.5” blade and weighs just 1.1 oz. Black, heavy-duty polyester sheath built with removable liners. The liners can go in the dishwasher and the sheath is washable to remove scent. Both knives have blade control cutouts for refined blade movements. Easy to carry, easy to clean and easy to use.
    • Gut-Hook Knife
      Blade length: 3.5".
      OAL: 8".
      Wt: 4.1 oz.
    • Caping Knife –
      Blade length: 2.5".
      OAL: 6.75".
      Wt: 1.1 oz.


     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hi I'm Joey month vice president fuck nights coming here for the buck knife shot show 2016 in Las Vegas. What we're calling the trophy kid last year. We did a kit similar to. We called the elite pack my delete kit for archery. This is so successful. We decided to bring out. Another version of it features our 135 caping knife in orange. And also a brand-new 141 with a gut hook on. It so typically the 141 hasn't had a gut hook. This is the first year of the pack light 141 with the gullet so between. These two pieces here. You have everything you need to do your animal out in the field mice spinning night. It comes in a nice lightweight package plastic molded sheet. They spit in this nicest. Ispool over that can go on your pack on your belt. And your gear wherever. You normally keep it that's the buck knives pack my trophy kid.

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    Buck Knives® Selkirk Fixed-Blade Survival Knife

  • 420HC steel blade for superior edge retention
  • Includes fire starter and whistle tool
  • Rugged molded plastic sheath
  • Be prepared for any scenario with the Selkirk Knife from Buck Knives. A rugged drop-point blade is made of 420HC steel for superior edge retention, perfect for extended time in the wilderness. Heavy-duty, snap-in molded plastic belt sheath lets you orient the knife vertically or horizontally for comfortable carry and quick access. Micarta handle won't slip in adverse conditions, and steel bolsters can be used as an improvised hammer. Includes a fire starter and whistle tool. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.
    Blade length: 4.63".
    OAL: 9.5".
    Wt: 10.7 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hi I'm mark McLain with buck knives on the design supervisor here. One of the knives we introduced. This year at shot show is the 863 Selkirk. This is a midsize knife. That has great features. And allows you to use. It in rugged conditions. One of the key things of. Any knife of this size is. It has a 4 and 5/8 inch blade the overall weight is 76 ounces the blade is full tank construction. All the way through. It features a solid guard up front. And a pommel strike surface on the back to use as a hammer. And lightweight light duty conditions the blade is 420 high carbon flat ground. And a drop-point blade. It has jimping at the camp near the handle for good control. And then with any fixed blade knife a key part of how. That knife is used is. How its carried so we've created. It a plastic molded sheet system. That allows you to snap. It into place and along with. This sheath one of the added features is a striker whistle component.

    That allows you to create a spark. And also to signal in case of an emergency. Or to gather other people in your group together so. This works with in combination with the knife to create sparks, so we've put a notch on the bottom of the blade instead of the back. You would put your thumb. We don't necessarily want to use an edge of your blade. That would dull it for the uses. You need so we've got. This little notch that's sharp there. It will spark and create. This box you need to light your tinder. And get a fire going so with. This sheath we can put our striker. And whistle back in. And our knife back together. And so we've created. You can carry it in lots of different positions. Some people like carrying it high on their waist. Some people like carrying a little bit lower. And it's set up one is set up for vertical carry, so we've got a belt loop here. We also incorporated an.

    Another feature on this belt loop people have different size belts. And so to prevent the sheath from sliding up. And down when you're pulling the blade out we've got a spacer in here. It can go in one of three positions so. You have a very narrow belt. You can use you have a white belt. You can take one is set up for horizontal carry. And so it's a matter of unmounting those components. And rearranging them. And putting them into the configuration the best is. You I've even seen. Somebody take it works at an angle so. If you'd like to do things in a cross draw situation at a slight angle. It can be configured. That way as well so that's the 863 Selkirk from buck knives.

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    TOPS Knives Fieldcraft Fixed-Blade Knife by BOB

  • Sturdy 154cm stainless steel blade stands up to survival tasks
  • Durable Micarta handle you can rely on
  • Includes a black Kydex sheath for vertical or horizontal carry
  • Featuring a fully heat-treated 154cm stainless steel blade hardened to a Rockwell hardness of 58-60, TOPS Knives' Fieldcraft by BOB (Brothers of Bushcraft). Stainless Fixed-Blade Knife is ideal for just about any wilderness task. Durable Micarta handle stands up to survival needs. Includes a black Kydex® sheath that allows vertical or horizontal carry.
    Blade length: 4.75".
    OAL: 10".
    Wt: 10.5 oz.


     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Smith & Wesson® Search and Rescue Fixed-Blade Knife

    A practical, fixed-blade knife built around a black, powder-coated 7Cr17 high-carbon stainless steel drop-point blade. All-weather rubberized handle boasts a solid grip rain or shine. Includes a ballistic nylon sheath for convenient carry. Imported.
    Blade length: 6".
    Overall length: 10.5".
    Weight: 7.4 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    We do on YouTube this is prepared to survive here with the Smith & Wesson survival turkey blade. They got the turkey blade frame on. All the weights push forward hope. You guys can see that it's kind of dark out here my buddy Remington it's made by Smith & Wesson is really great knife it's a search-and-rescue queue blade that's pretty worn out here blood guy shot. And yeah I'll hit everything I've had. It for a year it'll take pretty much. Anything you're gonna have at. This is comes with a sheath I've got a plastic frame here covered by cloth it's got a front pouch here with a diamond carbide assuming Smith & Wesson stamp sharpening blade sharpening stone works really great gets. It really sharps this knife will pretty much. Now bear in mind this is ash. And it's a little stuff but it'll it'll slice. It rights up yeah I've hit. Ihit ash Oh I've cut through a brush with. This little too good blade. You can hit you see not hit. It on the top here yet to on bevel the edge oh. It hasn't done yet, so I've got a rubberized handle the only problem.

    Ihave with this blade. This knife rather is. That the steel only goes till about. This line then or rather. This Gr omit you only hand. This little rubber piece so the first. It feels salad and then. You know you back in a couple of times. It feels like comes loose a little wobbly back there. And then this is hilt here on. This finger guard whatever. You want to call this comes loose — no hinders the blade just makes a rattling noise gonna hit things so. It uh good blade along. And off definitely recommend. It Smith & Wesson search-and-rescue. This goes for about 75 80 bucks on the market.

    Igot a good deal got. It for 35 ohs another thing is. This blade actually comes out to a point. That points really weak. It snaps off as mine did as. You can see I did is. Ijust filed that down for like a screwdriver point. You can use it gets up in things try things out. Whatever you got to do with. It so yes listen wesson survival knife definitely recommend. It the chief now has belt loop holes here little cross handle toothbrush here got. This d-ring at the bottom it's got. These little notes from anchor points. Iguess for a thigh rig on your thigh. And then it's got of course your main belt loop here got a Velcro handle strap. And yeah it's actually like. This is a hard plastic getting gonna ain't goes damage. And I've run through the whoops. And he'll out of it so but yeah it's a good blade yeah thanks see.

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    Bear & Son Cutlery® Damascus Baby Bowie Knife

  • 416-layer Damascus steel creates a sharp, edge-holding blade
  • White smooth bone handle with brass guard
  • Made in USA
  • A cutting tool with ancient character, the Bear and Son Damascus Baby Bowie Knife has the utility of a Bowie in a smaller size. The 416-layer Damascus steel creates the kind of sharp, edge-holding blade worthy of its legendary reputation. A white smooth bone handle with brass guard completes a handsome look you'll carry and use with pride. Includes a leather sheath. Made in USA.
    Blade length: 3".
    OAL: 6.5".
    Wt: 2.5 oz.


     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You very much for clicking on my video. Iam the ready raccoon. This is going to be a basic overview of the 502 d american buoy fixed blade knife by bear. And sun cutlery this video is going to be divided into seven short parts. Iwill notate each individual part in the description box below along with the different times. These parts will begin at so. If you're pressed for time. Or you're only interested in. One specific part you can click ahead to. That part and watch the video from their otherwise. You enjoy my video in its entirety. And let's kick this thing off with part 1 MSRP for this bowie knife is going to be 336 dollars. And 99 cents this knife here was purchased for 173 dollars from Cabala's. These are the prices as of the year 2018 so. If you're watching this video at. Any other point make sure. You check your current listings for current pricing so the American movies going to come in a brown box with bear. And Sun cutlery written right across the top made in USA on the side as well as on the top of the box over here. And on the side of the box there's going to be a white sticker with 502 D printed onto.

    It which is the knifes designation okay inside the box is going to be the knife. And sheath itself along with a warranty. And product registration card. It thanks you for your recent purchase of. This bear and son cutlery product to avoid injury. And ensure you get the. Most out of your bear. And son product please take. Some time to complete the steps below. And then it says step 1 review the warranty online. And step 2 product registration online. And then it provides. You two links you can type into your search engine to bring up those two steps. And then of course it looks like there's a code there. You can scan with your cell phone. If you'd rather just hop to. That way I do want to apologize right up front.

    This is a huge knife. Iknow I'm going to be fighting to keep. It up on screen for the duration of. This video but just bear with. Me so let's go ahead. And take a quick look at the out of the box sharpness. They say the slower. You cut the better the test is. That is sharp look at. That, so I'm gonna say the out-of-the-box sharpness for the American buoy on a scale. Where poor is the worst good is right in the middle. And excellent being the best. This knife definitely deserves a excellent rating now like I've explained before in my other videos. One thing I like to do with my brand-new knives is give them a basic quality control look over. Ijust check for imperfections. Or damage anything that's on the knife. That shouldn't be there considering the knife is brand-new.

    And was never previously owned. While looking over this knife. Ididn't find any quality control issues the fit. And finish is perfect. Everything seems to be tightened. And well installed so no issues here. You so the blade metal is going to be high-definition Damascus steel according to bear. And Sons website this particular Damascus steel is 416 layers of medium. And high carbon steel with nickel blade links for the American buoy is going to be 9 inches long. You could have a clip point design here with a false non sharpened edge with a buoy style blade shape blade thickness is going to be 0 point 1 4 inches the blade is going to have a hollow grind the heat treating on. This blade is going to be 58 through 62 I'll the finishing coating is going to be a black oxidized pattern typical of Damascus steel just above the brass guard.

    You can have three blade markings. That says a bear and Sun a second line. That says J ' Vil al standing for Jacksonville Alabama USA. And the date of manufacture for this blade which is 2018 the knife is going to have a full tang design running all the way through to the bottom of the knife as far as special features go I'm going to say the Damascus steel. And oxidize black finished patterns are the special feature of. This knife it's just a beautiful design. And it's as unique as a fingerprint no to Damascus steel blades have the exact same pattern so the handle material is going to be genuine India stag bone you're going to have a handle length of five point three seven five inches I'm getting a handle thickness reading of 08 two inches. All righty and let's take a quick reading on the handle width I'm getting 12 4 inches on handle width so the texture on these stag handles is going to be just as you'd expect a natural Groot bone feeling special features for the handle are going to be the riveted bone slabs the brass cross guard.

    That polished a full tang. We mentioned earlier so the America movie is going to come with a very nice brown leather sheath. This brown leather sheath is going to retain the knife using metal snaps as far as carry options go it's built carry only. You can carry it on the left. Or right hip and draw. It with the left or right hand. It comes to ease a draw pulling the knife out of its sheath is no problem at. However be very careful. You resheath this knife receiving there is an issue. Idon't know you can see here the stitching looks a little different. Than anywhere else on the sheath give. You a closer look at. That the reason for. That is at the store at Cabala's. Ipurchased this knife. They were receiving the knife. They put it in at the wrong angle. And the tip of that bowie knife cut every single. One of them threads. Ihad to take it to a shoe repair place to get. That fixed so be very careful. When receiving this knife. You go in just dead straight.

    You tilt a little bit. This way you're gonna cut. Some thread and have to have your sheath repaired so go straight down just like so. And then Risa cure using. That snap considering you have to be so careful. It is not very quick to resheath. However pulling the knife out is easy. You don't have to put. Any thought into it comes to special features for the American movies sheath there are three of them first is going to be the bare. And Sun logo you're going to have brass hardware on the retention strap. And the last and probably the. Most impressive special feature on. This sheath the retention strap is not sewn into place it's not glued in the place it's riveted into place so is. This an effective sheath absolutely there's plenty of friction from the tight leather on the blade already. Iwould say is sufficient to keep the knife in under reasonable stress. And under intense stress such as. This sorry the camera blur there for a second okay we're back in focus as. You can see the knife did slip from the sheath just a little bit there.

    Iwas shaking it but of course. It did not fall out completely. It was stopped by that riveted retention strap in. That metal snap so absolutely a dependable sheath. You could trust it you're not gonna lose your knife just an overall good package so. It comes to a standing how comfortable. Something is to use. Or carry it would benefit. Us to know how much. That object weighs right so let's take the first of three separate weight measurements first measurements going to be of just the bowie knife itself. Iapologize this isn't fitting all on screen it's just a really big knife I'm getting fifteen point five ounces. Now moving the bowie knife to the side let's go ahead. And get a weight on the sheath by itself. Iam getting four ounces on the sheath so weighing the knife. And the sheath together. We should get a weight reading of.

    One pound and 35 ounces so let's see. What we get here one pound. And 35 ounces so when you're wearing this knife on your belt it's gonna have a low right only a little bit of the handle is gonna stick up past the belt loop which is good. It means it won't be sticking you in your gut. Or in your ribs so continuing on with comfort believe. That the american bowie by barren sun cutlery is the best feeling knife. Ihave in my collection can. You believe this traditional time-tested. And proven design of full tang metal with two slabs at the bottom no contouring or finger grooves. Anything like that just straight slicked back handle. This is the best feeling handle in my collection. All the tactical blades aside. All the cool fancy survival technologies. And grips and textures out their natural grooved bone straight back design. This is the best feeling knife. Ihave goes to show why the design has not gone away.

    And why it's lasted hundreds. And hundreds of years. It is just an absolutely amazing feeling handle no hot spots whatsoever. None yeah this handle. This grip on my scale poor being the worst good in the middle excellent being the best that's right. You guessed it's going to get a rating of excellent so barren Sun cutlery was founded in 1991. And despite being around the past. Several years I never heard of him. It wasn't until this knife was given to. Me as a birthday present. They finally pinged on my radar but I'm happy to finally be aware of. This company they have. Some really impressive things going for them first. And foremost Vera's son operates out of Jacksonville Alabama producing water in my opinion quality made American knives right here in the USA. Ipersonally appreciate. Any company that chooses to keep production here in the USA. And maintain an American workforce. Then sending their production overseas so. Ireally respect ABARES son for this reason the second thing I really like about them is the pride.

    They take in their product. This bowie knife is just beautiful. Ilooked at some of the other Baird son ice at the store. Iwas there they were beautiful as well in fact it's my overall impression. This company really understands. What goes into making an attractive knife look the way. It the Bowie knife design is generally defined as a 9-inch clip point blade with a cross guard bear. And son could have easily met. That requirement slapped a price tag on. And sent it out the door but instead. They took the time to make. This bowie knife beautiful with their Damascus steel grood stag handles high shine brass guard. What taking pride in your product looks like in my opinion. And I'm very impressed with. They executed this bowie knife third thing I really liked about them by customer service experience was amazing like. Imentioned earlier during part 5 there is a receiving issue. If you're not careful. You can cut the stitching on your sheath well.

    Iwas at Cabala's to pick out my birthday knife. Inoticed they had two of these Baird son American buoys in stock. Both blades were beautiful. And had absolutely nothing wrong with them but. Iended up picking this particular American buoy to bring home. Because the stitching on the other American buoy sheath was heavily damaged. This buoy I picked out to bring home was only missing a small section of stitching down here as. Ishowed in part five over the next. Few days the stitching started coming undone. And fraying and I was a little frustrated by. That situation, so I thought about contacting Abele's asking to exchange my American buoy for another American buoy but remembered the only other American buoy. They had in stock had. More sheath damage than mine did so. Ifigured the next best thing would be to contact Baron's son directly. Isent them an email explain the situation. And within 45 minutes had a reply. This the reply was from the president of the company mr ken griffey mr griffey asked.

    Me to send him some pictures of my damaged sheath about 15 minutes after replying to his email with those pictures. He requested I received. Another reply it was his opinion the damage was. Most likely caused by employees of the store in. This case Cabala's not properly receiving the knife after showing their American buoys to customers by subsequent use of the sheath then caused the already cut threads to fray. Though the sheath is not covered under the knife's warranty mr Griffin understood the situation. Iwas in as not being my fault. He offered to mail me a replacement sheath for your charge not only did. The offer to mail me a replacement sheath.

    He also gave me advice on how to repair my damaged sheath. He suggested it to a shoe repair shop. Ihave done she has been repaired. And thanks to his generosity understanding of the situation. Iwas in this happened the package arrived in the mail just like. He promised so let's go ahead. And open what kind of replacement sheath. Ishouldn't have to cut. This package it's pretty should be okay so here. We have the replacement sheath of the finish on. This leather is different. Than the finish on the sheath. It came with as you can see. This has a kind of polished look. More of a rough look but. You still have a riveted retention strap. And metal snaps and the knife should fit in there no problem at. All just remember you very careful not to cut the sheath there go straight down kind of help. It gets past the Picasso there. We go there it is very nice so. What taking care of your customers looks like.

    He could have easily received my email. And just replied she's aren't covered under warranty tough look but instead. He asked for pictures of. He could verify for himself. What my issue was he offered a solution on how to repair the damaged sheath. And then free of charge. Provided me a replacement just to be nice honestly just for the inconvenience of having to deal with the damaged sheath from the retailer that's customer service to a tea. That is outstanding customer service so guys. You buy from bear and son cutlery buy with confidence they're gonna take care of. If there's any issue with your product they're gonna make sure. That you're taken care of that's not to say. That your experience with them is gonna be the same as mine I'm not saying they send out free shoes every time. They receive a complaint about them. It is not covered under their warranty. Iwant to make that clear your experience may vary a little bit but I'm just telling you.

    What happened to me showing you. What kind of company. They are presenting themselves to be to. And based on my experience with them I'm gonna be a lifelong fan of Baron Sun cutlery. Once again with the disclaimer I'm not saying they're gonna send. You a free sheath me in the email. Idamage I would have to buy replacement, but they're only $26 on their website so it's not gonna hurt your pocketbook. Now since this is a bowie knife which from the beginning was primarily designed to be a fighting slash hunting knife. And since this is just a beautiful execution of. That design I will not be testing it for this video. Ifinal keeping my american bowie knife cleaned. And polished it was a museum piece.

    Ihave no doubt it would perform well on a survival. Or camp situation so. Ifeel don't need to test. It there and risk ruining its beautiful finishes. All know the design is effective in combat as history famously recorded during the sandbar fight so with. That said this video has given. You the information. You need to craft your own opinion on the American bowie knife by barren sun cutlery. You have enjoyed my video. You did please consider liking and subscribing to my channel for upcoming overviews. Iown the radio a coon. And thank you very much for watching.

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    TOPS Knives Quick Skin Fixed-Blade Knife

  • “All-belly” blade speeds through skinning tasks
  • Edge-holding 1095 steel blade
  • Rugged G10 handle with traction-enhancing jimping
  • Includes black Kydex sheath
  • The “all-belly” blade on the TOPS Knives Quick Skin Fixed-Blade Knife speeds through skinning tasks with efficient ease. The blade shape slices easily into hard-to-reach areas where other blades would slow you down. Crafted from 1095 steel rated at 56-58 Rockwell hardness, the blade holds an exceptionally sharp edge that's easy to resharpen when needed. Rugged G10 handle with traction-enhancing jimping ensures a secure hold. Carry it appendix (front), vertical (inside or outside the waistband or belt), horizontal or scout-style with the included black Kydex® sheath. Designed by Leo Espinoza.
    Blade length: 3.5".
    OAL: 7.13".
    Wt: 6.6 oz.


     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Uncle Henry® Large Pro Hunter Rat-Tail Tang Fixed-Blade Knife

  • Ideal for hunting and camping
  • Stainless steel clip-point blade
  • Brass guard and pommel
  • Includes leather belt sheath and sharpening stone
  • Featuring a high-carbon, stainless steel clip-point blade with an aggressive point and a long upturned belly, the Uncle Henry Pro Hunter is an ideal fixed-blade knife for field dressing big game as well as for bushcraft. The one-piece Staglon® grip is attached with a rat-tail tang and features a brass guard and pommel. The Pro Hunter Rat-Tail Tang Fixed-Blade Knife comes with a sturdy leather belt sheath to keep it readily accessible at your side at all times. The sheath features a snap-closure pouch to carry the included sharpening stone.
    Blade length: 5.5”.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Cold Steel® Laredo Bowie Knife

  • Sharp O-1 high-carbon steel blade
  • Micarta handle for nonslip grip
  • Includes Secure-Ex sheath
  • Made of O-1 high-carbon steel, the Cold Steel Laredo Bowie Knife's blade is precision-ground, heat-treated and Mar-Tempered to ensure both strength and edge retention. Comfortable Micarta handle offers a nonslip grip. Includes Secure-Ex™ sheath.
    Blade length: 10.5".
    OAL: 15.7".
    Wt: 1.1 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Our Natchez Bowie is the definitive fighting Bowie it's long blade is perfectly shaped for reach. And leverage and it's significant heft is flawlessly balanced giving it unparalleled liveliness. And velocity combined. That with its wickedly sharp edge. You have a knife that pierces like a dagger cuts like a razor. And chops like a cleaver Idarn near perfect cut with. This naturally you've got a boy like. This you've got an awful lot of power in your hands That was fun Now right now I've got my blade right through. This rib it pretties easily yeah here. It split right there This is why you carry a big bowie knife. This is why you carry 11 half-inch plate bowie knives. That makes long cuts like. That do 15 pound blocks of meat

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    W.R. Case & Sons® V-42 Stilleto Fixed-Blade Knife

  • Recreation of the legendary WWII fighting knife
  • Double-concave ground-chrome vanadium blade
  • Threaded and pinned pommel
  • Includes leather sheath and certificate of authenticity
  • W.R. Case and Sons created the V-42 Stilleto as a historic recreation of the legendary WWII V-42 fighting knife issued to the first Special Service Forces. The originals remain a symbol of honor throughout the U.S. Special Forces Community. These finely crafted commemorative knives come with a double-concave ground-chrome vanadium blade and hand-worked leather handle. Threaded and pinned pommel. Includes a genuine leather sheath and certificate of authenticity. Add the optional V-42 Commemorative Box with a genuine Case Collectible Medallion for displaying your knife.
    • Available:V-42 Stilleto
      Blade length: 7.33".
      OAL: 12.5"  
      Weight: 6.2 oz.
    • Commemorative Box
      22.88"L x 6.5"W x 2.5"H.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    W.R. Case & Sons® XX-Changer® Fixed-Blade Knives

  • Carry every field knife you'll need in one convenient package
  • Go from gutting, to skinning, to cleaning in no time
  • Lock-back boasts the rigidity of a fixed blade
  • Amber bone scales with brass hardware
  • Includes a genuine-leather sheath with individual blade pockets
  • Having the right blade to do the job at hand can make a big difference, especially when taking care of your wild-game harvest. W.R. Case & Sons' XX-Changer Knives allow you to carry every knife you'll need in the field in one setup. Blades swap out quickly to go from gutting, to skinning, to cleaning in no time. Lock-back folding design is also constructed to provide the rigidity of a fixed blade for tougher cuts. Amber bone scales with brass hardware complete the classic look of these knives. Includes a genuine-leather sheath with individual blade pockets. Made in USA.
    • 110 Changer – Drop-point, gut-hook and saw blades.
      Drop-point blade length: 3.625".
      Gut-hook length: 2.875".
      Saw-blade length: 2.875".
      OAL: 8.5".
      Closed length: 5".
      Wt: 12 oz.
    • 050 Changer – Drop-point, fillet, gut-hook and saw blades.
      Drop-point blade length: 3.625".
      Fillet-blade length: 3.25".
      Gut-hook length: 2.875".
      Saw-blade length: 2.875".
      OAL: 8.5".
      Closed length: 5".
      Wt: 12 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Fremont Knives 5 O'Clock Knife

  • Integrated bottle opener in the handle
  • Rugged one-piece 4CR15 stainless steel
  • Comes with a durable nylon sheath
  • Featuring a built-in bottle opener, Fremont Knives' 5 O'Clock Knife is an essential every-day carry knife for the hard-working outdoor enthusiast. One-piece 4CR15 stainless steel construction stands up to regular use. Includes a tough nylon sheath.
    OAL: 5".
    Wt: 4 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    TOPS Knives Baja 4.5 Fixed-Blade Knife

  • Exceptionally tough 1095 steel blade holds its edge
  • Handsome green canvas Micarta handle
  • Professional heat treatment makes it easy to resharpen
  • Jimping allows for excellent control and handling
  • Comes with a black leather sheath
  • Boasting an exceptionally tough 1095 steel blade and attractive green canvas Micarta scales, TOPS Knives' Baja 4.5 Fixed-Blade Knife is equally qualified for show and for heavy-duty use. Black-river wash delivers unique style to each knife. 0.16"-thick blade with a full flat grind delivers a compromise of strength and precise cutting ability. Professional heat treatment makes the long-lasting edge easy to resharpen. Spine and finger-guard jimping makes it easy to control in slippery conditions. Includes a black leather sheath.
    Blade length: 4.88".
    OAL: 9.25".
    Wt: 6.2 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Tyler here with knives today. We have the tops baja 45 specs on. This knife got a nine point four inch overall length with a 45-inch blade the blade is full tang. And is 5/32 thick it's 1095 high carbon tool steel. It features tops Black River wash it's a nice durable finish on the blade uncoated but still offering some protection against corrosion the weight on the knife is six point three ounces. It comes with a high-grade leather sheath. That weighs six point two five ounces giving the weight for the overall package coming in. And right around three-quarters of a pound as. You can see it does have green canvas micarta handles. Some nice cutouts here for a secure grip comes with brass screw construction nice large brass lanyard hole divin the handle is used for bow drill fire makings the Baja 45 features jimping at the index finger. And the thumb for a very secure grip. And there's some nice white liners between the micarta scales. And the blade just giving it a little bit of a classy look there the Baja 45 would make an excellent field ninth.

    And shares similar qualities to the Brothers of bush craft field craft knife also from tops. Both have high carbon 1095 tool steel blades. Both have micarta handle skills the major difference you're gonna see here is in the thickness. And weight so the Baja has a full flat grind versus the Scandi grind on the field craft. And the thickness in the blades the Baja has a 5/32 thick blade. And the field craft has a 3/16 it's not a major difference but in slicing performance you're really going to notice. It especially with that full flat grind on the Baja. You can see here things down at the tip the nice taper on the Baja. And the thickness and the handle scales is also fairly noticeable cuts down a lot of the weight on the Baja without sacrificing any comfort the Baja is still very comfortable in the hand as nice of ergonomics. Whether in a forward. Or reverse grip the Baja comes with a thick double stitched leather sheath a steel ring and heavy-duty snap fastened leather drop loop.

    It also comes a Ferry rod magnesium fire rod combo fits snugly within the Sheep as well see the Baja so it's pretty deep in the sheath it's very secure it's definitely not gonna come out. You really want it to come out again that's the Baja 45 from tops check. Now at gpknivescom thanks for watching and stay sharp.

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    TOPS Knives Hazen Legion 6.0 Fixed-Blade Knife

  • Combat-ready instincts with everyday outdoor versatility
  • Long 1095 steel blade with deep-penetrating tip
  • Black linen Micarta handle for a non-slip grip
  • Includes a black Kydex sheath
  • The slim, sleek TOPS Knives Hazen Legion 6.0 Fixed-Blade Knife molds combat-ready instincts with everyday outdoor versatility. The long 1095 steel blade with deep-penetrating tip has a 56-58 Rockwell hardness rating, holding an exceptionally sharp edge that's easy to resharpen when needed. Black linen Micarta handle offers a solid, nonslip grip in wet and dry conditions. Includes a black Kydex® sheath.
    Blade length: 6.8".
    OAL: 11.59".
    Wt: 9.1 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Tyler here with knives. And today we have the tops knives hazen legion 60. This knife is a hard use combat. And utility filled knife designed by custom knife maker mark Hayes has over 40 years of knife making experience. He approached tops knives to produce. One of his designs as a production knife. They were all too happy to oblige the blade on the légion 60 is made from 1095 high carbon tool steel. That is going to be tough. And easy to maintain in the field the blade has been finished in a sandblast for low reflectivity with a satin swedge here near the tip for excellent performance in piercing tasks. It does have some index jimping here near the swedge giving you. More control for finer cutting tasks. When using this as a field knife to. Either process game. Or do other precision cutting tasks the blade has a mid height shallow hollow grind which is going to improve the slicing performance. While retaining exceptional strength in the blade the handle scales on the légion 60 are made from Backhand. And micarta this is going to provide for excellent strength. And resistance to the elements. It also provides traction. When the knife handle is wet. You also get a very ergonomic handle with an integral guard here towards the front as well as a little scoop here towards the back. Some nice thumb jimping here on the spine providing a very positive grip the knife is actually very comfortable in a variety of grips. This knife is going to excel as.

    Both a field and a combat knife. And here for a quick size comparison. We have the Allegiant 60 with the SE c-- m6. You can see these knives are fairly similar in size. You get a little bit less blade. And handle length on the SE but overall. These knives are fairly comparable. You can see here both have a very robust blade thickness. And similar shape and size of the scales what's interesting to note about. These two knives is. While the Allegiant six is actually larger in blade length is also lighter coming in at 92 ounces as opposed to the nine point six five ounces of the CM six for a quick run down on the specifications the overall length comes in at eleven point five nine inches the blade length comes in at six point seven inches with a six-inch cutting length the blade thickness comes in at a robust point.

    One nine zero inches the handle thickness is 05 seven inches the weight on the knife comes in at nine point two ounces the included Kydex sheath comes in at a weight of 30 ounces for a total package weight of twelve point two ounces. And here's the légion 60 in its Kydex sheath. It comes with a rotating nonmetallic belt clip for a variety of carry positions. You see here it's a very secure fit a little bit of thumb pressure pops right out locks back in place but. It does deploy quite rapidly. And for a knife of this size. It carries quite well thanks to its slim. And thin profile you like. What you've seen today. And you'd like to stay up to date on. All of our new videos please subscribe to our YouTube channel feed. And like the video below again that's the Hazen regen 60 designed by custom knife maker mark Hayes.

    And produced by tops knives check. Now at gpknivescom thanks for watching and stay sharp.

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    TOPS Knives Lioness Elite Fixed-Blade Knife

  • Contoured to fit small hands
  • Jimping allows sure handling, even when wet
  • Tough, edge-holding 1095 steel blade
  • Durable, easy-to-grip G10 handle
  • Kydex sheath with a clip for vertical or horizontal carry
  • With contours that fit small hands and a wild purple finish, TOPS Knives' Lioness Elite Fixed-Blade Knife is perfect for anyone that wants a high-performance knife with a bit of flair. Integrated jimping allows excellent handling, even in slippery conditions. 1095 steel blade with a Rockwell hardness of 56-58 holds it edge well. Durable G10 handle provides a secure grip. Kydex® sheath with a rotating clip for vertical or horizontal carry. Designed by Leo Espinoza.
    Blade length: 4.13".
    OAL: 7.63".
    Wt: 3.7 oz.


     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    TOPS Knives Micro Hawk Fixed-Blade Knife

  • Combines a tomahawk, karambit and traditional knife into one
  • Tough, edge-holding 1095 steel construction
  • Easy-to-grip paracord-wrapped handle
  • Kydex sheath for simple carrying
  • Featuring a paracord-wrapped handle and a blade design that incorporates a tomahawk, karambit and traditional knife into one, TOPS Knives' Micro Hawk Fixed-Blade Knife delivers the kind of versatility that makes it ideal for everyday use as well as defense. Tough 1095 steel holds its edge well. Black Kydex® sheath holds it in place for simple, out-of-the-way carry. Designed by Shawn Owens.
    Blade lengths: 1.95" and 3.94".
    OAL: 6.9".
    Wt: 11.2 oz.


     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hi folks John the wing man. One five channels thank. You so much for checking in I'm out here on location today I'm in northern Arizona about 15 miles north of Sedona out here in the high mountainous regions. Ithought I would take. This opportunity to do a quick video knife review for you folks. This knife is the Tops Cochise. If you're a history lover like. You know that Cochise the Indian chief used to run along the southwest area of Arizona. This knife was named in his honor. Ithought this is no better place to do a knife review. Then right here in Arizona so as always first we're gonna cut away I'll do a quick tabletop specs rundown. And then we'll do some practical application. And I'll come back and I'll give. Some final thoughts on. This blade you're not gonna want to miss. It folks it's beautiful up here come along. And join me let's get her started let's try a chop test with. This blade this is about an inch. And a half limb on this blowdown seems to be a lot of them up here. They get some high winds. It looks like man I can really smell the resins in their like its fatwood pretty cool so got a little bit of resin in there. You can really smell. It smells awesome let's see. How well we can do a tent stake point the display we're the coatings getting dirty. It looks like they've had a fire up here recently I'm sure up here at elevation we're about 7000 feet I'm sure. They get lightning strikes. All the time well that's chopping a tent stake let's see.

    Ican find a piece of wood. Ican do a feather stick let's see. How well we can do a feather stick with the Cochise it's just doing those onion skin thin curls just finding. That sweet spot it just loves doing feathers. You can just see them rolling right off. This blade now I've not touched. This edge this is a factory edge straight from tops for these video reviews. Ido not modify the blade. You folks to see it just right out of the box but look at. That just awesome curls beautiful. Now the Cochise has a pretty robust pommel on there which would make a nice little hammer. If you're processing wood. These pine cones whatever. You might need to do with.

    It bush crafting task camp graph a whole thing about. How far protrudes away from the actual handle is. That the pine cone isn't hitting me in the palm of my hand there's a nice area. Where there's a little bit of room in between there probably about 3/4 of an inch. Ineed crush stuff down always being careful of the sharp edge of the blade my little public service announcement yeah there's a great job. Now for some final thoughts on the tops Cochise as. It chops pretty well. It made feather sticks. Imean just the onion skin paper-thin feather sticks just outstanding I like the way the pommel was able to crush. That pine cone it worked very well my hand was out of the way as. You can see here I've got 3/4 of an inch close to an inch. You could use it as a hammer. If need be I like the scales. Ilike the unpolished micarta the great thing about. That is as hands sweat they're gonna get. More tacky and grippy, so they're just gonna season very nice my only critique on.

    This just the over-pronounce jimping on the top here. And here it's not a deal-breaker for me. It did give me a good solid grip. When using this blade but for a lot of folks out there you're wearing gloves so. Imean that's not a big issue. Iknow the bush crafters are gonna say John. It doesn't have a 90 degree spine for me personally that's not a deal breaker. When I'm not reviewing blades. And I'm out here actually camping and doing stuff. Ireally don't use the spine of my knife for scraping that's. Ihave an axe I have saws for. That sort of stuff and as a kid growing up. Imean never thought about using the spine of our blade to scrape feral rods. And to do things like. It just was something. We didn't do I know the modern trend. Because popular you tubers are doing it is to have a knife. That does that but. This is not a deal breaker. Ilove the old-school design. That hunters point it has just enough angle like.

    Isaid earlier to I was shaving those paper-thin curls. It just worked really nice. This would make a great hunting knife a great camping knife I'm not gonna say a great bush craft knife. Because the guys are just gonna tear. Me up in the comments below but camp crafts field craft hunting its awesome the Kydex. She works really well. You get a positive LOC my only critique on here is I'm not a big fan of the steel clip but that's not a deal breaker. What I would like to see on future ones is maybe going to their thermal plastic clip. They have works really well. Something that'll fit a 2-inch belt. Or maybe even just a piece of Kydex there as a Kydex belt loop would work really well but.

    Iunderstand that folks might want to carry. It Scout style if your left. Or right-handed you want to spin. That around so you're probably wondering if I'm gonna rate. This on a scale of one to five stars. One being that it's going to the boneyard five means. That it's a Grand Slam for me I'm gonna give it four. And a half stars I like to design I'm just a big fan of. And here's the chance. Iwant to take a moment to talk about. This is a older blade in tops lineup. That a lot of us are out there looking for the latest. And greatest and the newest. You folks to take a look at. Some older stuff. You know there's always new. And improved but old. And lousy work pretty well. And I'm not saying this is lousy I'm using. That as a metaphor that there's.

    Some great designs out there. And tops that has a lot of designs in their lineup give. Me a chance take a look through their catalog. They have hundreds of different profiles of blades. You fancy the Cochise. That you're really gonna like. It's a great knife to have out here in the woods. Isaw a sign up here cuz I'm up about 7000 feet. It said watch out for elk. Igot so excited I've been looking around as I'm driving through the woods just wanting to see a bull elk that's like on my bucket list so. You never know on the drive home. Ihappen to catch I will definitely add. This video well that's enough of. Me babbling this is just a short video review of the Tops Cochise look for a sixth month. Or a year update on. This blade I'll let.

    You know how it's working out for me. And leave comments down below. You have questions you have concerns. If you're not a subscriber hey. What are you doing take the moment. That subscribe button be part of the action we're doing a lot of great stuff on. This channel great things are lined up for the summer follow on social media. All the links below as always thank. You so much for being part of the channel watching commenting interacting its awesome until the next time folks. Iwill see this is wing man out. Now it's time to get out here. And play a little bit take care.

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    TOPS Knives Mini Scandi Green/Black G10 Fixed-Blade Knife

  • Compact design is easy to conceal
  • Edge-holding 1095 steel blade
  • Rugged, easy-to-grip G10 handle
  • Kydex sheath allows vertical or horizontal carry
  • TOPS Knives' Mini Scandi Green/Black G10 Fixed-Blade Knife gives you all-around performance in a compact, easy-to-conceal package. Tough 1095 steel blade holds it edge well and boasts a modified scandi grind, allowing it to be used for a variety of tasks. Durable G10 handle stands up to rough use and is easy to grip, even in wet conditions. Includes a black Kydex® sheath that allows vertical or horizontal carry. Designed by Leo Espinoza.
    Blade length: 3".
    OAL: 6.13".
    Wt: 3 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Cold Steel® Pendelton Mini Hunter Fixed-Blade Knife

  • Edge-retaining, easy-to-sharpen U.S. CPM 3-V High Carbon blade
  • Four-finger-grip Kray-Ex handle provides a solid grasp
  • Secure-Ex sheath makes blade safe for transport
  • Excellent at skinning, dressing and processing game, Cold Steel's Pendelton Mini Hunter Fixed-Blade Knife makes the perfect addition to any hunting or camping pack. Blade made of U.S. CPM 3-V High Carbon with a Diamond Like Coating (DLC) holds an excellent edge and is easy to sharpen. Four-finger-grip Kray-Ex™ handle ensures excellent control. Secure-Ex® sheath keeps knife sharp and safely protected when not in use.
    Blade length: 3".
    OAL: 6-5/8".
    Wt: 2.1 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    What's up everybody. This is my cold steel mini Pendleton Hunter almost forgot the name there. Ihave had this knife for about four weeks. Ihave carried it a lot have cut with. It a lot I have already made a video about. One just after it was just awful. Itook apart the sheath on camera. It didn't work out as. It should have it was just awful so the only mod. Ihave done to this knife is add a little para cord just give. Something for the pinkie because of pinkie presses against the bottom here with my large hands. It is my first knife in vg1. Idon't have vg-10 knives. This vg1 seems to be very niceI'm only thing after. Icut up some fruit. Ilet the blade it was just lying around a little bit wet so. Some water spots on there also on the back here not super pretty but. You can definitely see. This mirror finished full flat ground blade. And the secondary bevel. You can almost not feel. It is that subtle it's almost convex behind the edge. It's a very nice blade geometry. It is razor sharp from factory. It still is sharp I didn't cut. You know rope or cardboard.

    Any particularly nasty stuff with. It is a very classy blade shape that's. What attracted this knife in the first yeah that's. What attracted this knife almost looks a little bit like the Falcon. Even f1 but shrunken down. And the only thing really. Idon't like too much on. This knife is and the lanyard hole there's. Something like a ceramic ring I don't know. What for and the Keaton handle so. You have a full tang knife. You coat this rubbery material. It looks like it's well. It feels very cheap. You have some gaps here. This part is just the rubber treyton material. Ithought in the beginning. It might even break off. Or maybe I should cut. Ihave to have it still on there but yeah. Iwouldn't give my hopes up but. That doesn't look too sturdy. It is very grippy it is very small it's a three finger knife. And the pinkie aligns on the bottom here but then. It really is comfortable especially with. That lanyard it really is comfortable. Ibought this knife originally.

    Iwanted to carry it around the neck. Iwatched video not ganas. You know mention any names but. Iwatched a video by a German jerk-off who had absolutely no idea about knives who shot. This knife and the sheath. And took apart the sheath well took off the belt loop with those two screws. You can without any problems use. This as a neck knife well asshole no. You can't actually so. What happens you take off those screws the entry of the sheath gets very loose. It almost isn't held in securely. Because it's very tight. Even used the upper holes for the belt loop instead of the lower ones just to have. It rides a little bit higher on my belt. This gets a little bit looser. You put the screws back on without the back plate. It doesn't work so now it's just friction it's not like the famous cold steel secure ex click in. You know like with the other neck knives. And it's very unfortunate so the only thing. That really grabs is a little yeah. You can see this bent in here.

    That goes over that rubber material. You can see it rubs against. It so that's another thing that's not well. Ijust would have wished. If they had done it a little bit differently but. It is very secure in sheath. And in combination with. This extra attachment. It is very secure the thing about the belt sheath is about the belt loop I'm sorry. You have the belt in there. This part wants to ride on the seam of your pants. You have to really get. It behind them behind. That seam it is very secure. It carries very nicely. It is not heavy at all wait for you at only in grams so with the sheath. It only weighs 94 grams without 54. It is very light it is full tang. It is reasonably thick actually it's not super thin but the black geometry is just outstanding I did a lot of food prep with. This knife had no issues only thing maybe. That won't hold up after time is. This piece of Keaton rubber but oh well it's not a super cheap knife but I'm certainly glad.

    It means I have to carry. It on the belt which. Igenerally just like carrying fixed plates. That way at least small ones. This could have been very well concealed around the neck but the retention is not super good so. You very much for watching have a good night roll tide.

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    Fremont Knives Hide Glider

  • Compact, ergonomic and efficient skinning design
  • 4Cr15 stainless steel construction adds strength
  • Two finger spots for a number of grip options
  • Utilizes a ton of belly and angle in the skinning surface
  • Guthook pull-cutter gets through thick hides with ease
  • Featuring a unique and compact design, Fremont Knives' Hide Glider takes ergonomic and efficient skinning power to a whole new level. Not only does it offer two finger spots for a number of grip options to choose from, it utilizes a ton of belly and angle in the skinning surface to make skinning tasks quick and smooth. The guthook pull-cutter gets through thick hides with ease. The entire lightweight construction is made of 4Cr15 stainless steel for strength and years of high-end performance. Nylon sheath included.
    Blade length: 3.375".
    OAL: 6".
    Wt: 2.1 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Cold Steel® Canadian Belt Knife

  • Sharp German 4116 stainless steel blade
  • Lightweight, durable polypropylene handle
  • Includes pouch-style Cor-Ex sheath
  • Taking inspiration from an old 1950s classic, the Cold Steel Canadian Belt Knife boasts a sharp German 4116 stainless steel blade with an elliptical profile that will glide through just about anything. Lightweight yet tough polypropylene handle offers a comfortable, nonslip grip. Includes pouch-style Cor-Ex™ sheath that can be attached to your belt or slung from a cord around your neck.
    Blade length: 4".
    OAL: 8.5".
    Wt: 2.2 oz.

    What's up everybody. Itook a gamble here. Iordered in tonight. This is why I didn't really read reviews out. Or watch videos I just kind of dug the. That the way the knife looked. You know the handle. And the blade let me just go ahead. These specs out of the way real quick for anybody that's interested. You may have seen this here. This is a cold steel's version of a knife. That was designed in the 1950s by a canadian company known as the gram. Or the d h russell belt knife. You know the canadian belt life the blade is a 4-inch spearpoint blade I'm cold steel version here. They use German for one six stainless Krupp steel 25 millimeters thick on. On the handle is four. And a half inches okay. It has propylene scales pretty much a pretty tough durable weather resistant plastic scale here okay 22 ounce is very light feather-light makes. It a nice EDC option. You know a nice what type in general being so light the sheath here is. What cold steel calls corex it's pretty much a tough very tough nylon material let's put. This in so you can see there're no liners on. This but it's fairly tough. You can see the knife goes in pretty far it's got very good retention has a so Don Nehlen belt loop not the fanciest but for what you're paying on. This right here I think it's a good deal. This right here can be had I'm lined for raid around $15 roughly so. You know that puts. It in the lines of a lot of the war knifes fairly good runner-up ok my thoughts on.

    This here after using this. Istarted using this in the kitchen first thing I did it's funny. Iend up doing they have a lot of cold steel nice and. Ihave to say I just absolutely fell in love with a knife the feel of. How the blade is uh away from the handle. You know it makes the great work knife. This would be a great first intended use. What it was designed for that's kind of like a trapper knife skinning animals. You know small to medium. Or large food prep pretty much a great option for I really like. Even proportion bleed. Ilove my spear points the Hollett Brian. This is very nice but I'm gonna have to say. This is probably my favorite all-around use knife pad over here. Idefinitely in the future will be ordering in. One of the originals. They still make. They cost five hundred dollars just. Iactually want I love the feel of. It just great perfect size for an EDC blade. Or out in the woods. All around use knife in my opinion four inches a couple hits on.

    One here which aren't too big is the jimping here kind of being the blade is kind of thing its kind of little uncomfortable too for extended use putting your finger here in kind of putting a lot of pressure on. Iimagine he had gloves on. You probably wouldn't feel. It but yeah my opinion the jimping here is a little too aggressive for how thin the blade is not a big deal. And deal I have on. This here and it's not. Even really that bad. This is the first knife. Igot from cold steel. That wasn't here popping sharp. Ijust watched some videos today. Everybody had you know razor-sharp edges. This came with like a 30. Or 35 degree angles grinding on. It a real fast grind. It wasn't really you know. It wasn't buggered up. Anything but I had to take. This to my baby, so I'm kind of grinded down. It shape here now just to show.

    This index card very sure but. Iabsolutely love this pattern here. And from what I've seen today is my first day. What watching videos today. This is a pattern either love. You hate I have to say. It a lot like I said it's my favorite real quick. Everybody uh there's a guy came across here. Italked with he has a YouTube channel he's called the iced tea powder. He did a video out of night. He had custom-made by a guy named David Manley absolutely beautiful. And a mere polished finish on the blade beautiful sheath very nice brown micarta scales I'm not sure. What he paid for that but guys check out. This channel here that's the Asia ta I'm gonna link in his video in my description check out his canadian belt life absolutely beautiful there're other options.

    And other bakers out there. Ibelieve mace of Alaska. Ithink they're called. They offer these too. And I've seen in d2 steel but very cool. That for the price here for $15. Even go wrong I personally like. This better than the. More amazed just the feel of. It I'm not a huge Scandi grind fan. Iliked the Hollin grind. Or a full flat grind just personal preference Mauro's great bang for the buck for sure. And their Steel's awesome but there's. Something I really think about. This pattern here and like. Ifound my new favorite knife thank. You so much you guys for stopping by check my description for the Asia ta video. You guys take care and have yourself a great night.

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