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  Cabela's Cot-Side Nightstand Cabela's® Overnighter Camp Cot Coleman® Cot with Air Bed – Twin Disc-O-Bed Under Cot Footlocker Cabela's Cot Pads Therm-a-Rest® NeoAir™ Venture Air Mattress Intex® Quick-Fill™ DC Electric Pump Airhead® Air Pumps Outcast Hurricane Air Pump Therm-A-Rest® DreamTime™ Sleeping Pad Alps Mountaineering® Oasis Air Mat Therm-A-Rest® NeoAir Camper Speed Valve Sleeping Pad Serta Raised Airbed with AC Pump Texsport® Lakeway™ Hammock Cabela's Folding Camp Hammock Grand Trunk Single Hammock with Straps Grand Trunk Air Bivey Extreme Shelter ENO™ Fuse Tandem Hammock System Pawleys Island® Hammock Stand Sea to Summit Pro Single Hammock
 Cabela's Cot-Side NightstandCabela's® Overnighter Camp CotColeman® Cot with Air Bed – TwinDisc-O-Bed Under Cot FootlockerCabela's Cot PadsTherm-a-Rest® NeoAir™ Venture Air MattressIntex® Quick-Fill™ DC Electric PumpAirhead® Air PumpsOutcast Hurricane Air PumpTherm-A-Rest® DreamTime™ Sleeping PadAlps Mountaineering® Oasis Air MatTherm-A-Rest® NeoAir Camper Speed Valve Sleeping PadSerta Raised Airbed with AC PumpTexsport® Lakeway™ HammockCabela's Folding Camp HammockGrand Trunk Single Hammock with StrapsGrand Trunk Air Bivey Extreme ShelterENO™ Fuse Tandem Hammock SystemPawleys Island® Hammock StandSea to Summit Pro Single Hammock
BrandKwik TekALPS Mountaineering-Cabela'sTherm-A-RestOutcastColemanTherm-A-Rest-Grand Trunk-Therm-A-RestSea To SummitPawleys IslandCabela'sIntexTexsportCabela'sCabela'sGrand Trunk

Cabela's Cot-Side Nightstand

  • Rear compartment for a shotgun, rifle or fishing rods
  • Multiple compartments for gear and essentials
  • Great for finding items in low-light conditions
  • Enjoy the convenience of compartmentalized organization in camp with this patented Cot-Side Nightstand. It has a full-length rear compartment to slide in a rifle, shotgun or fishing rods, and multiple compartments for medication, clothing, toiletries and more. Great for finding your essentials in low-light or dark conditions without getting out of your warm sleeping bag or using a flashlight. Fits Outfitter XL and Alaskan Guide® Cots. Imported.
    Dimensions: 80"L x 14"H.
    Color: Black.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    hey guys let. Me welcome you back to the channel my name is Justin. And you're watching survival mindset today. What we're going to be looking at is the Cabala's caught nightstand right here. Ijust reviewed the cot the XL cot. And the cots are awesome. Idecided to get the nightstand here's. What it looks like all the way down. It's actually a really nice nightstand to have with. Any caught it's full-length. It can fit a rifle or a shotgun your fishing poles. Many of accessories its multi compartments we're good with medications clothing toiletries. More the Cabala's caught nightstand will fit the outfitters XL in the alaskan guide cots so yeah only two different cots. You can put and actually the XL Outfitters by Cabala's is an excellent. On the dimensions on. This nightstand are 80 inches long. And 14 inches high it can hold a lot of weight as. You guys can see I got a couple knifes in their right. You could put a beer there. Igot a knife their cigarettes books. Anything and everything can fit in here so remember guys also too with your rifles with the scope. It will fit most of them in there as well sometimes with scopes. They run higher or lower so always check on. That before you take. It out so let's look at. This real close so I can show. All the compartments.

    You got a compartment here. They show toilet paper being held in there I'm not going to be using. Idropped my flashlights in there. Ihaven't got everything all set up. You do have a pocket below. One as well sorry about the lighting in here it's getting kind of dark right. You do have a pocket here as well very nice. One zips open so one zips open like. That goes down you know a good 10 to 12 inches. You do have a pocket here on. And the pocket with the two knifes. You go down about eight inches in. This pocket in front of. It zips open like so. And then you have this mesh liner. You have a hook here to hang your keys right here. You got a beer cup holder that's very handy down here. You got a mesh pocket a long mesh pocket goes. All the way to this end so yeah that's a couple feet right there. And it's always nice to have a mesh pocket.

    It helps like electronics breathe what-have-you but. This going to be a short review on the Cabala's cot nightstand. This five stars it's a five meaning the best it's an excellent product over. All thanks for watching you're watching survival mindset peace.

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    Cabela's® Overnighter Camp Cot

  • Durable 600-denier polyester fabric
  • Powder-coated 25mm steel frame
  • Holds up to 300 lbs.
  • Includes carry bag for transport and storage
  • Ideal for camping, RV or overnight guests
  • The Cabela's® Overnighter Camp Cot is ready to go at a moment's notice, whether you're camping, sleeping under the stars or need an extra bed for overnight guests. This Cabela's portable bed is made with a sturdy 25mm steel frame that's powder-coated for durability. The 600-denier polyester is rugged and long-lasting for a good night's sleep, indoors or outdoors. The camping cot weighs 18.5 lbs. and holds up to 300 lbs. The Cabela's Overnighter Camp Cot sets up in an instant and then folds and stores in its own carry bag.
    76.5" x 26.5" x 16"
    Wt: 18.5 lbs.
    Wt. cap: 300 lbs.
    Color: Blue.
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    Coleman® Cot with Air Bed – Twin

    Forget you're camping when you're sleeping on this cot with an integrated air bed. The heavy-duty steel frame features an extended side table with a cup holder that holds more than just a water bottle – safely store your keys, glasses and more while you rest. Includes carry case and pump. Pump requires four D batteries (not included). Imported.
    Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
    Dimensions: 74"L x 40.5"W x 23.5"H.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Disc-O-Bed Under Cot Footlocker

  • Fits perfectly under the Disc-O-Bed Bunk Beds
  • Fully colapsible and slopes to maximize capacity
  • Multiple storage compartments inside
  • The PVC-coated waterproof Disc-O-Bed Under Cot Footlocker fits perfectly under the Disc-O-Bed Bunk Beds for handy compact storage. It is fully colapsible and slopes to maximize capacity and facilitate access to belongings. Inside are multiple storage compartment for organizing your gear. The exterior has pockets, riveted handle and a lockable zipper. Imported.
    Set up: 29"L x 23"W x 9"H.
    Closed: 29"L x 13"W x 3"H.
    Wt: 9 lbs.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Cabela's Cot Pads

  • 3"-thick open-cell foam delivers sleep-enhancing padding
  • Straps with buckles quickly attach to your cot
  • Durable 80/20 polyester/cotton cover
  • Upgrade your sleep while camping with our Cot Pad. Integrated straps with quick-release buckles attach quickly and easily to a cot, delivering 3" of open-cell foam padding. Durable 80/20 polyester/cotton cover. Imported.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Therm-a-Rest® NeoAir™ Venture Air Mattress

  • Durable 75-denier polyester material with air-tight coatings
  • Patent-pending WaveCore construction with 1.8 R-Value
  • 2X the warmth of uninsulated mattresses
  • Compact for easy backpacking
  • Stuff sack included
  • Trust the NeoAir Venture Air Mattress from Therm-a-Rest to give you first-class sleep comfort wherever your adventures take you. This advanced sleeping pad utilizes WaveCore™ construction to give you twice the warmth of an uninsulating air mattress. Packed in a durable 75-denier polyester shell sealed with air-tight coatings, the Venture's WaveCore heart utilizes more than 100 insulating cells to deliver added warmth without the added weight or bulk of a synthetic or down fill. Comfortable design provides 2" of loft and horizontal baffles for maximum stability and support. 1.8 R-value rating. Stuff sack included. Made in USA.
    72"L x 20"W.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    We are taking a closer look at the pack able lightweight. And very affordable Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Venture WV Sleeping Pad Stand out feature here is. That you have got all the durability. And the great features. That you would expect from Therm-a-Rest in a very affordable package And unlike. Some other inflatable sleeping pads. That feel more like a raft. Or like a pool raft. These horizontal baffles give. You a really bed style feel So. This is a fully inflatable pad That allows. It to pack down to be really small You could throw. It in your pack when. You are traveling or back packing So. It makes it a really great back-packable option You have got an R value of 18 with. This pad So it is definitely meant for warmer temperatures And with the lightweight. And affordable nature of. This pad you can definitely pair. It with a lightweight closed cell foam pad like. Ihave right here These are also very lightweight. And affordable And if. You are going into the back country in colder temperatures.

    You can use one of these to pair with the NeoAir Venture. And you will get that R value up a little bit. More But all in all. This is meant for warmer temperature backpacking and camping You have got. All the features you would expect from the high quality of Therm-a-Rest You have got really durable materials here on the top. And bottom And on the top here. You do have kind of brushed fabric a brushed finish So. That keeps noise down These does have a little bit of noise as. You are sleeping on. It and as you are moving but. It is not as crinkly. Or as crunchy as some other pads. That I have seen in. This style So if that is. Something that would bother. You as you are sleeping at night. You know this would definitely cut down on. That noise with the brush fabric there Up here at the top. You have a really nice durable valve And.

    These valves are really easy to use. Ireally appreciate. How you can use the Therm-a-Rest valves to make minor adjustment as. You are sleeping on the pad So as. Isaid this is a fully inflating pad Once. You have it all the way inflated. This valve makes it really easy as. You are laying on it to adjust. It Some people like to kind of sink down into heir sleeping pad to be. More comfortable And. You can use this valve for. That purpose Again it seems like a really durable valve. That is going to last a long time And just. All the seams on this pad have the durability. That you would expect from Therm-a-Rest This pad comes in four different sizes small medium regular.

    And large The small is 20 inches wide by 47 inches long. And that would be a great three-quarter inch pads. If you are looking to save weight. Or for a youth or shorter individuals The medium is 20 inches wide by 66 inches long The regular is also 20 inches wide but at 72 inches long And then the large is 25 inches wide so. You get a bigger girth. And it is 77 inches long So. That gives you a little bit. More sprawling comfort with the different sizes of. This pad Therm-a-Rest also includes a stuff sack So. This does pack down to be pretty small The inflation deflation valve is really easy to use It does. Most of the work for you. When you deflate it So in the morning when. You are ready to pack up camp. Iwould just undo the valve pack up.

    Everything else and let. It does its thing But. You just have to pack. It down into the included storage sack. And throw it into your pack All in. All this is a really great option for backpackers campers. Or travelers who are looking for an inflatable pad. That is really comfortable durable but is also very affordable It is the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Venture WV Sleeping Pad.

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    Intex® Quick-Fill™ DC Electric Pump

    Sleek, aerodynamic design fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, yet still inflates even the largest inflatables in a breeze. Operates on DC power from a 12-volt power outlet in your vehicle or any other 12-volt outlet. Includes three interconnecting nozzles to fit small, medium and large air valves.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Airhead® Air Pumps

    Be ready to hit the water in no time using these efficient Air Pumps. For quickest inflation choose either the 110-Volt Pump or the 12-Volt Pump. Hand pump delivers a continuous stream of air on both the up and down stroke – great for topping off inflatables. Each includes universal valve fittings.
  • Hand Pump
  • Electric 12-Volt DC
  • Electric 110-Volt
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Outcast Hurricane Air Pump

    Quickly inflate pontoon boats and float tubes with this 12-volt air pump. It produces a strong, consistent flow of air and has an on/off switch. Multiple adapters included.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Therm-A-Rest® DreamTime™ Sleeping Pad

  • Convenient self-inflating design
  • Supportive foam topper keeps your body aligned
  • Durable nylon cover takes on rugged camp adventures
  • Soft microfiber top delivers chafe-free comfort
  • Therm-A-Rest's DreamTime Sleeping Pad uses a self-inflating mattress beneath a foam topper all inside a tough nylon cover with a microfiber top to deliver like-home comfort to your camping nights. Self-inflating design takes the hassle out of using an air mattress, while the foam topper stabilizes your body to reduce stiff muscles. Machine washable shell stands up to rugged adventures, yet the microfiber top is soft against your skin. Imported.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Made in the USA in Seattle WA the Therm-a-rest Dreamlike provides the ultimate comfort for year round camping when size. And weight or packed size. And weight really aren’t of concern The Dreamlike consists of three elements. And those elements include a thick 3” self inflating pad stacked on top of. That is a plush layer of memory foam. And then a top protective layer with a microfiber surface. That provides just a great next to skin feel. And a comfortable night sleep The self inflating portion of the Dreamlike. You can see is a very thick pad It can be removed entirely. And used independently as a very warm self inflating sleeping base This layer of isotopic memory foam. That lies right over top of. It provides absolute contour hugging comfort; really bolstering the comfort level on. This pad An finally on top.

    This protective covering which is removable. And machine washable not only delivers next to skin comfort but. This microfiber top. You know very easily allows. You to brush away dirt. And debris and looks brand-new On the other side of the Dreamlike you’ll see the exit valve here; the exit port for the inflater which makes. This easy to inflate You’ll see a nice haul handle here. And integrated roll up straps with buckling. That makes this really easy to store. And to transport A feature here on the side. Some lash straps that run up the side of the pad. That allow you to couple. It with a second Dreamlike to build your home away from home Therm-a-rest does recommend. You store any self-inflating pad with the integrated valve open When. They ship the pads they are in a compressed state so.

    You purchase a new self inflating pad it’s recommended. You open that valve. And give the pad 24 hours. Whatever time you can give it open so. That the foam can rebound a little bit. And get to something closer to full inflation.

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    Alps Mountaineering® Oasis Air Mat

  • Internal coil system provides a supportive platform
  • Tough, lightweight nylon-ripstop construction
  • Built-in pump for hassle-free inflation
  • When your outdoor day is over, sleep well with Alps Mountaineering's Oasis Air Mat. Just because you like to venture outdoors, doesn't mean you enjoy sleeping on the cold, hard ground. That's why you'll enjoy the internal coil system that ensures a solid platform for a restful night's sleep. Lightweight nylon-ripstop construction stands up to your adventures, while a built-in pump means a hassle-free set-up each night. Fits inside most tents with ease, yet won't weigh you down on the trail. The Oasis is also designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Comes with a convenient carry bag and a repair kit. Imported.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You don't want to sacrifice comfort for weight be sure to bring along the Nimbus air mat on your next back country trek to use your air mat first get the Nimbus out of the included stuff sack check. If the valves are tight. If they aren't make sure. They are tight so you don't have. Any issues with your mat leaking next unroll the mat so. You can start inflating place the air mat upside down open the black cap so. That the foam and the built in pump can start expanding cover the hole with the palm of your hand. And using both hands pump up. And down until the mat is fully inflated. You can obviously adjust the amount of air. You put into the mat to the firmness. You prefer the first time inflating your mat. Or possibly after storing it for a long period of time. You may have to be a little. More forceful on your first pump to allow the valve to fully open then simply close the cap flip the mat over. And it's ready to use the Nimbus is offered in a regular size as well as the long size. Both sizes inflate in just over a minute the regular size is 20 by 72 by three. And a half inches and the long is 24 by 77 by three. And a half inches the regular only weighs 20 ounces. And the long weighs in at 25 ounces with. This light of a mat. How small they pack up bringing along a Nimbus air mat is essential for a comfortable night's sleep the fabric is an ultra lightweight ripstop for long-term durability.

    And the two brass valves allow for a quick. And easy deflation the horizontal tube design featured on the Nimbus series makes for a comfortable sleeping area should. You have any issues a repair kit is included so. You don't have to worry about buying any accessories. When it's time to get things packed away open. Both valves and air will immediately start being released fold. It in half to force out. Any excess air to make your pack as small as possible flip the air mat over. And open the black cap. And compress the foam in the pump without covering the hole andrey closed the cap hold the mat in half roll. And re tighten the valves it's as easy as. That thank you for taking time to learn. More about our Nimbus series.

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    Therm-A-Rest® NeoAir Camper Speed Valve Sleeping Pad

  • Camper Speed Valve inflates three times faster than traditional valves
  • WaveCore technology delivers low-bulk stability and comfort
  • Advanced ThermaCapture layer adds extra warmth retention
  • Designed with raised side-rails to keep you on top of the comfort
  • Equipped with the Camper Speed Valve, Therm-A-Rest's NeoAir Camper Speed Valve Sleeping Pad inflates three times faster than a traditional valve and it deflates in a flash. Enhanced with WaveCore™ technology and built with a ThermaCapture™ layer for extra warmth retention and low-bulk stability. Design even boasts raised side-rails to keep you on top of the comfort. Both pads are 3” thick when inflated and built out of 75-denier double-diamond polyester and 75-denier polyester. Imported.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey I'm Brandon and I'm going to show. How to inflate the Neo air camper speed valve first thing you want to do is take the mattress. It out flats next make sure. This inner valve is completely tucked in. That the little valve is closed to inflate you're going to blow into. This opening holding it open with your hands blow into. It like you're blowing out candles to a birthday cake. And keep your mouth approximately 6 inches away. Once it's completely inflated to about three inches. You roll up this feed valve the two top straps should be touching with. That inner valve stuck completely inside roll. It up tightly approximately seven to eight times. All the way to the end of the speed belt. And then buckle the top strap. You can lay on and use the little valve to adjust pressure as needed to deflate. It simply unbuckles and the patent-pending self reversing valve will just open up. You put extra pressure on. And let the air out. And there you have it.

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    Serta Raised Airbed with AC Pump

  • 35 circular coils pair with reinforcements for exceptional support
  • Select between three levels of firmness for like-custom comfort
  • Built-in NeverFLAT pump system monitors air pressure all night
  • Raised design makes it easy to get in and out of bed
  • Fast automatic inflation and deflation
  • There may not be any place like home, but with Serta's Raised Airbed with AC Pump you can get home-quality sleep even when you're on the road. 35 circular coils team with horizontal and vertical reinforcements to maximize support. The integrated NeverFLAT™ pump system lets you select between plush, medium and firm settings, then it constantly monitors pressure through the night to keep it inflated at your desired level. Soft-touch flocked top keeps sheets from slipping all over. Raised design makes getting in and out of bed easy. Fast automatic inflation and deflation make setting up and packing up a breeze. Fits standard queen sheets. Includes a convenient carry bag.
    Inflated: 78"L x 60"W x 18"H.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This bed has never flat pumped technology meaning. That the bed truly never goes flat there's a silent pump. That kicks on throughout the night. It senses any drop in pressure so. You can rest assured. That the bed will maintain the same level of firmness throughout the night. Another feature that makes. This airbed unique is. It has a self inflating option. You plug you turn it on the desired firmness setting the bed inflates. And then it shuts off on its own so. You can set and forget. It's also unique about. That feature is it has a self deflating option as well so clean up is just as easy additional features of. This bed is the flocs top. This Velveteen material allows your sheets to stay in place throughout the night the supportive coil construction really does make. This bed feel like your bed at home the problem with regular air beds is. They get saggy over time rest assured. That with our air bed you're guaranteed to have a restful night's sleep so you'll never wake up on a flat air bed again.

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    Texsport® Lakeway™ Hammock

  • Extra-wide double-size hammock
  • 170D polyester/cotton bed with comfortable padding
  • Braided recycled cotton ropes
  • Hardwood spreader bars and sturdy welded suspension rings
  • Includes 2 pieces of polyester/cotton rope for easy hanging
  • The Texsport Lakeway Hammock is extra-wide and double sized, and made of a durable 170-denier polyester/cotton bed with comfortable padding. A roomy 118" x 57" overall size, the Lakeway Hammock comes with hardwood spreader bars and sturdy, welded suspension rings, as well as 2 pieces of braided, recycled polyester/cotton rope for easy hanging. Also includes a heavy-duty carry/storage bag with straps. Imported. 
    82" x 54" bed size.
    Maximum weight capacity: 400 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Cabela's Folding Camp Hammock

  • Sturdy steel frame and durable polyester fabric
  • 225-lb. wt. capacity
  • Folds up quickly and easily
  • Includes carry bag for convenience in storage and transport
  • With a compact size for easy carry, our Folding Camp Hammock offers every campsite a restful retreat for reading, napping or just lounging. The strong but lightweight steel frame makes setup and takedown fast and easy. It's the perfect hammock to use outdoors if you like to sleep under the stars or bask in the sun. It's also great to take camping to use in your tent, providing you with off-the-ground comfort. Polyester fabric. Imported.
    87.4"L x 39.7"W x 27.9"H.
    Sleep surface: 76.77"L x 36.22"W.
    Packed: 48.4"L x 11.0"W x 6.7"H.
    Wt: 28 lb.
    Wt. capacity: 225 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Grand Trunk Single Hammock with Straps

  • Lightweight for easy carry in a pack
  • Cabela’s-exclusive combo
  • Includes attached stuff sack and rope hanging kit
  • Up to 200-lb. capacity
  • If you think hammocks are too heavy to go in your pack, pick up a Grand Truck Single Hammock and feel just how light they can get. Carry it with you on your backcountry expeditions and you'll always have a relaxing spot to rest in the woods. Exclusive to Cabela's, this combo includes an attached stuff sack and rope hanging kit. Made of rugged polyester rip-stop polyester with strong steel carabiners. Best suited to hold one person – rated to 200 lbs. Imported.
    9'6"L x 4'6"W.
    8.5"H x 4.5"W x 4.5"D (packed).
    Wt: 19 oz. (with rope kit)
    Wt. capacity: 200 lb.
    Colors: Insignia Blue, Green, Red.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    And welcome to another rock family video. Iam your host just Afr it. And due to the popularity of the crack grande truck sent. One of their double cameras for review set. It up for you and show. You about some of its features so it's its quite small as. You can see so you can easily fit. This in your you're climbing pack. You can just kind of latch. It to the outside it's 20 ounces so it's quite light. This stuff sack is actually attached to the hammock so. That makes it really convenient so the first thing you pull out the hammock are. These small pieces of cord. All of the features of. This hammock I thought were really well done it's simple it's light but it's very effective so. One of the simple features of. You string this hammock up. What this is its just a piece of cord. They double and then. They tied a couple overhand knots on. You string the hammock up. You need to adjust the hammock. These two knots you can just tie. More overhand knots in. This piece of the tree. And that's how we're going to hang the hammock so let's pull. It out so first thing again first thing about the hammock is its a very light parachute nylon so. That keeps the weight down again. This is 20 ounces so it's quite light. These simple features about. You know it's very effective it's simple keeps the weight down. They have a small carabiner. This is like a carabiner. You can get at a hardware store. This isn't like a climbing grade carabiner so.

    What they did is I'll come in close. What they did is they just ran cord through the loop at the end of the hammock. And girth hitch that through so that's. One big girth hitch there. And then they just girth hitch to the carabiner so really simple but. It works really well just take. And click the other so the stuff static is attached so. That makes it easy you're not gonna lose. Anything it's very comfortable very lightweight. They have various colors of belief. One is kind of dark blue. Or purple and brown so. You can easily get into. It just fit in and then lean back. And relax so come on in. Iwant to talk to you about crag hammock etiquette so. One of the last busy weekends. Iwas at the New River Gorge. We went to a popular spot. And there is people everywhere well. One of the biggest problems were. Some some of the climbers. And their crag hammocks. What they were doing is. They were actually blocking the trail. And putting their hammocks too close to the wall so.

    It just became it was inhibiting to. All the other climbers in the area so don't be. That climber you know make sure. That you're off of the trail don't block the trail with your hammock there was actually. One guy who was literally blocking the trail. That was a problem so don't block the trail with your hammock don't be. If there're trees right next to the wall right next to the cliff line. Where people are climbing and belaying and try to communicate with their climber don't put your hand weak there try to step off to the side so. Ijust wanted to kind of say. That is a little bit of a kind of public service announcement about crag hammock etiquette. And with that it's been. Another rock climber Lite video be sure to check out the blog rock climber live com for more thanks for watching.

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    Grand Trunk Air Bivey Extreme Shelter

  • Stay protected from sun, rain and bugs in your hammock-style bag
  • Hammock features insect-resistant No-See-Um Mesh
  • 210T, polyurethane-coated rain fly locks moisture out
  • Durable parachute nylon with rugged triple-stitched seams
  • Water-resistant polyurethane coating
  • Mildew-resistant for years of use
  • Enjoy hammock-style sleeping in any conditions with Grand Trunk's Air Bivy Extreme Shelter. Included rope kit and nautical-grade carabiner allow you to rig it up over the included ripstop-nylon hammock or other hammock-compatible sleeping bag for reliable protection from sun and moisture. No-See-Um Mesh prevents pesky, biting insects from gaining access and disturbing your slumber. An included 10' x 10', 28-oz. rain fly with water-resistant polyurethane coating seals out moisture to ensure you remain comfortably dry. Triple-stitched seams ensure years of packing, unpacking and use in harsh environments. It even boasts mildew-resistant properties. Super-durable parachute nylon construction with water-resistant polyurethane coating. Includes an 8' x 4', 17-oz. hammock, rope kit, carabiners and guy lines. Stuff sack makes storage and transport simple. Imported.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    ENO™ Fuse Tandem Hammock System

  • Tandem hammock security system
  • Aluminum-alloy spreader bar
  • Keeps friends and family close for relaxing
  • Relax with a friend and set up two hammocks using only one set of anchor points with the ENO Fuse Tandem Hammock System. The aluminum-alloy spreader bars allow two hammocks to hang adjacent to each other so your companion stays close at hand while keeping your hammock all to yourself. This is the perfect accessory for friends, couples or families who want proximity with unparalleled comfort. Aluminum-alloy construction.
    31"H x 3"W x 2"D.
    Wt: 9.8 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Pawleys Island® Hammock Stand

  • Hangs up your hammock easily and securely
  • Textured Cape Shield powder-coated 12-ga. steel construction
  • 360° Right Connection welds for foot and base poles add stability
  • Pawleys Island's Hammock Stand hangs up your hammock easily and securely. Textured Cape Shield® powder-coated 12-ga. steel construction withstands years of outdoor use. 360° Right Connection® welds for foot and base poles add stability. 2"-dia. poles. No tools required. Made in USA.
    15'L x 4'W.
    Wt. capacity: 600 lbs.
    Colors: Green, Bronze, Black, Taupe.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You the police is. More of our countries. That have type we're. More relaxed here because it's not overcrowded. We can go any with. It the closest right there. We can walk on the beach. And enjoy it's a different lifestyle here hammocks is really original here in. All of our ever since 1938. It was originated here from John Chapman Ward him. And his brother lot doc logic are those were the ones. That created the Paula's Island rope hammock the hammock got real popular in the seventies. And ever since then. It was just something different. You know you can leave between two trees two sticks with. Some rope there's a difference it's. Something you never thought. You would fall asleep in rope it's nice constant for the kids to those. More for more relaxation types. You want to get off your feet feel good well just lay back enjoy yourself. You come here to polish out the original hammock shop a lot of kids. That come in here they're actually finished right. Ibring them back their lessons right. They have more fun here.

    Because it's really liked. All free it's like a hard class but. You know your something different working with rope I'll tell. You take I try not to charge the money that's. Something for them they put their mind. And effort into doing this hammocks like. You Lena she was never. You with this five. Somebody buys you have. You would really enjoy. It that's the best gift. You ever give anybody you.

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    Sea to Summit Pro Single Hammock

  • Breathable nylon-ripstop fabric wicks moisture
  • Integrated, Cordura-nylon compression sack
  • 400-lb. maximum wt. capacity
  • Whether you're camping or catching a nap in the backyard, Sea To Summit's Pro Single Hammock delivers the classic wraparound relaxation you crave. This lightweight hammock is made of a breathable nylon-ripstop fabric that wicks moisture away for dry comfort in the heat. The integrated compression sack is made of Ultra-Sil® siliconized Cordura®-nylon for water resistance and maximum durability during storage. High-strength buckles fit up with Sea To Summit suspension straps (not included). Imported.
    10'L x 5'W.
    Wt: 12.7 oz.
    Wt. capacity: 400 lbs.
    Colors: Blue, Red, Lime.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    G'day my name's Clive. And welcome to CDP outdoors. What I'd like to go through today is the new sea2summit Pro single hammock. And suspension yes g'day whilst. Iwas out in the bush. We caught in this video for you. One thing I forgot to mention the weight. And the size of the tree holders. Or tree protectors we're gonna call them the hurry our tree protectors 135 grams. You want to four point eight ounces. You can here see here they're about five feet in length so. You enjoyed the rest of. This video okay we have a choice of two ways I'll secure a nice. Either wrap it around the tree. And then just push the buckle through the loop on the end. Or which is the way. Iwill do it today carabiner say. And there we go hopped on. Now I'll go and do the other side okay. These suspension straps. They weigh has to read. It rights 170 grams which is six ounces. And they're 15 millimeters wide by three meters in length I'll show. They connect to the tree straps. Now let's show how easy.

    It is to connect the tree straps aren't to. These suspension straps. You have the two block cause. Each end you just simply push up on throat. And cinch done this small buckle which is on the end of your suspension strap is. All image you can see. It of a tree and a arrow pointing up. This goes into the hammock buckle which is very similar to. That has to be pointing towards the tree. It the opposite way around. It will just undo and you'll end up on the ground so remember small tree sticking up I'll be good okay. This is the hammock. This is a an additional stop slack. Iordered for it because I've got a. Few extras on but the original stuff suck.

    It came in compression suck actually as well at least half the size of. And can be compressed down to be probably the size of a large orange. And the actual weight was 368 choose twelve point seven ounces okay well I'll do today I'll just go over to a tall hammock. And then in my next video I'll show. All the add-ons up out onto. It okays I'll start with the tail end. And remember in this buckle. Any picture of the tree. And yellow as to point up towards the tree just like. That gaint up towards the tree just give it a bit of a tuck maybe the double-ended stuff sack up to the headend can help out the way oh it's a hammock. These are the pieces. Or add-ons me get my piece of paper so. Ican give you the accurate weights again. It is for a single weight 360 grams which is twelve point seven ounces it's made up ripstop nylon package die minutes packed away in the smallest package comes with the compression sack it's 13 centimeters in length by 7 wide by 7 centimeters high.

    And a weight limit is a hundred. And eighty-one kilograms my eyes are a bit heavier. Now so let's have a lot let's check in. Igot a zinc face in the right direction so. Idon't end up flat on my ass ah yeah perfect height for my little legs Lane in a hammock. Everybody says you end up like a banana yeah. You lay in you do Natan in their correct way with your diagonal which is feet left headlight. Or head left feet right whichever is your choice whoever. You want and gives. You a nice flat comfortable lay. Ishould have put my head the opposite way but there. You go no banana no falling out just laying here relaxing just fall asleep actually been enough. That gave you a basic of the sea2summit single Pro hammock. It in my day pack perfect for overnight as. You forget stop or just to get. Isay chill ax relax. Idon't know what they say nowadays but yeah its beautiful place beautiful. You know you have a great day. And I'll catch you in the next video.

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