The 3 Best Backcountry Snowshoes for Man: reviews

No matter the reason for snowshoeing, whether it be for sport, enjoying the outdoor activity or simply transportation, you need high-quality snowshoes. Spend some time to find items to fit your specific requirements. Otherwise, you might find yourself struggling through or sinking into the snow-covered landscapes.

The right pair of snowshoes will give you the most traction you can get. It is an essential part of a snowshoe. Other important things are stability and floatation. Below you can see TOP-3 different snowshoes on the market covering the section of backcountry snowshoes.

Top 3

Louis Garneau Blizzard II Snowshoe - Men's
Komperdell Powder 25 Snowshoe - Men's
Louis Garneau Blizzard II Snowshoe - Men's MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoe - Men's Komperdell Powder 25 Snowshoe - Men's
Rating ★★★★★ ★★★★☆ -
Binding PosiLock fixed Contact harness with EVa
Brand MSR Komperdell Louis Garneau
Claimed Weight [pair, 22in] 3lb 13oz, [pair, 25in] 4lb, [pair, 30in] 4lb 9oz - [825] 4 lb 11.2 oz, [930] 5 lb 6.4 oz, [1036] 5 lb 14.4 oz
Deck Material ballistic nylon Hypalon Lightec
Frame Material aluminum, steel aluminum 6061-T6 aluminum
Heel Risers Ergo Televators yes yes, Traxion HCS front crampons
Manufacturer Warranty limited 3 years 3 years 1 year
Recommended Use backcountry snowshoeing, snowshoe hiking backcountry snowshoeing, snowshoe hiking snowshoeing, winter hiking
Recommended User Weight [22in with tails] 250lb, [22in without tails] 180lb, [25in with tails] 120-280lb, [25in without tails] 120-220lb, [30in with tails] 180-300+lb, [30in without tails] 150-280lb [maximum] 220lb [825] 100 - 220 lb, [930] 150 - 250 lb, [1036] 200 - 300 lb
Side Rails yes yes -

Louis Garneau Blizzard II Snowshoe - Men's

Louis Garneau designed its Men's Blizzard Snowshoe for steep ascents so you can get to the summit and back before dinner. Its sturdy Contour frame keeps you light on your feet so you can cover miles faster, and its optimized surface area and easy snow-shedding ability give you a natural stride in deep powder.

The Freeflex pivot provides excellent shock absorption and free foot rotation on the axle for an efficient stride. Traxion HCS carbon steel front crampons offer multidirectional traction for reliable traction on everything from powdery approaches to icy steeps. The Contact harness system utilizes Boa technology to helps you lock in the perfect fit with the twist of a dial so you don't have to deal with pesky straps, and it cinches across any shoe whether its a hiking boot or a snowboard boot. Louis Garneau added EVA padding to prevent any discomfort during all-day excursions.

Lightec decking remains flexible in temperatures as low as -40F for ideal performance regardless of the weather, and the Connect fastener system attaches the deck to the frame to enhance durability and boost the snowshoe's lateral traction over uneven terrain. The Gradient heel riser reduces the distance of each step to minimize calf fatigue when you're climbing steep slopes.

  • Contour 6061-T6 aluminum frame;
  • Contact harness with Boa fit system;
  • Connect fastener system;
  • Lightec decking;
  • FreeFlex pivot;
  • Gradient heel riser;
  • Multi-directional Traxion HCS carbon steel crampons;
  • Item #LGN006T.

MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoe - Men's

When the backcountry is calling your name, throw on your MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoes to take a trek through the mountains and enjoy the backcountry at a slower pace. Featuring decking made from ballistic nylon, the Lightning Ascents can handle steep ascents up snow-covered mountains and leisurely strolls through powder-filled meadows with equal aplomb. The frame provide 360-degree traction when you're crossing a field of powder or ascending a wind-blown ridgeline, and PosiLock AT bindings work with Torsion2 crampons to provide sure-footed traction. Heel risers in the rear work to prevent overworking and reduce fatigue so you can enjoy more time in the untamed winter wilderness.

  • Adventure-ready snowshoes for mountainous terrain;
  • Ballistic nylon decking stands up to rough terrain;
  • 360-degree traction frame provides grip anywhere;
  • Torsion3 Crampons with PosiLock AT binding for support;
  • Heel risers help reduce fatigue during long climbs;
  • Item #CAS00BU.

You guys here to do another quick kind of unboxing, I guess. This is the MSR Ascent snowshoes so I've got two of them. Here I kind of hiked in a little way to start this video so I did use these for a little bit and they're extremely light compared to a lot of the other snowshoes that I've used which is great.

They've also got a pretty nice strap system here it just all you have to do are you hook it around a little hook here and then it kind of pops through the hole on the side and then you can just put the extra stuff in this little clip on the end there. It stays out of the way. If your foot not in there it does come loose quite easily. I was kind of hoping that the heels would stay in place so that I wouldn't have to keep hooking them up and kind of figuring out where my heel needs to be every time.

They are marked as to where the ball of your foot should be. There's a little pad here and it just says ball of foot right here and it marks left and right on them as well which is great because I couldn't figure out which side was which until I found that. So of course as most of my gear its MSR. I really like their quality and these are really great as well. It was kind of between these and the solid ones, and they're not made of plastic but they're made of something similar to plastic. But I did decide to go with these because it is just a material here. It'd be a little bit lighter and I don't know I kind of like the style of these, a little bit better. I thought they'd have a little bit more movement, make it a little bit easier on climbing cables and that kind of stuff I'll just show you the back here as well.

You've got a nice grip on both sides of the back from. It'll keep you from sliding side to side as well as to permanent spikes on here. You can't slide up and down hills and then, of course, you have the toe spike as well which helps you walk as you're going uphill so on my short little hike in here I didn't notice a lot of kick up of snow every time you take a step how that kind of catches up to you. I didn't really notice a lot of that my pants are still pretty dry. Of course, there's a little bit but that's pretty much with every snowshoe I've ever and it always kind of kicks up a little bit but this one's not too bad. It's as well got the foot rail here, just makes it a little bit easier if you're climbing up hills. So rather than having your foot come all the way back to the base here every time. It'll stop right up here and it just makes it so that it seems like you're walking on a little bit of flatter ground. I haven't tried this out yet. There are quite a few mountains right around where I am here but I'm not quite into that much of a hike today. I just went skiing all morning so I thought. I'd try and get this out does a nice little review of these while I was here so other than that like I said, it is MSR, so they're great snowshoes. Never had a problem with any MSR product. I've ever used everything's lasted me at least three-four years before. I've even had to start thinking about replacing it. Most of the MSR stuff I have still hasn't worn out and I've had it for 10 years, 15 years.

Komperdell Powder 25 Snowshoe - Men's

The Komperdell Men's Powder 25 Snowshoe falls neatly into the happy medium of the Summit series, built for the average snowshoe hiker traveling with a day pack or snowboarding equipment. Anodized aluminum provides a lightweight yet robust frame, with a U-shaped tail and rocker profile for easy stomping through deep snow. The decking material is tenacious and snow-repellent, so you won't find yourself gathering heavy powder as you hike, and it's resistant to chemicals, sun damage, and temperature extremes. Komperdell equipped these snowshoes with a front-claw at the fore-foot, and ice-rails integrated into the frame, giving you steady footing and good traction on ice and snow.

  • A quality snowshoe for trekking and split-boarding;
  • Rocker construction designed for travel in the snow;
  • Aluminum frame offers a durable, lightweight platform;
  • Robust decking material is built to last in the cold and sun;
  • Claws and side rails help you bite into icy terrain;
  • Integrated heel lift assists with steeper assents;
  • Easy step-in bindings adjust to fit all types and sizes of boot;
  • Item #KOM003I.


The type of snow you are traversing whether wet or dry, your weight and depth of the snow will all matter when deciding which one to buy. What you are going to use them for, such as running, hiking, cross-training or climbing will all define which snowshoe is the most appropriate for you. We review the best 3 items to make your choice a bit easier.