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The 3 Best Gun Storage – Sleeves & Camo

For the shooters and hunters, it is nothing more important than keeping the gun rightly while not in use. Whether you use a rifle, handgun, pistol, or shotgun, you should always have a proper material for proper maintenance of it.

We present you TOP-3 the best gun socks for firearm storage. It can help you to find the right gun sleeve for keeping your weapon with proper care.

Top 3

Ruger® Gun Sock Cabela's Knit Gun Sock Beretta® Transformer™ Light Gun Case
Ruger® Gun Sock Cabela's Knit Gun Sock Beretta® Transformer™ Light Gun Case
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Brand Cabela's Beretta Allen Co.

Ruger® Gun Sock

  • Easy-to-use protection for your gun;
  • Silicone-treated knit fabric will not hold moisture;
  • Protects firearms from humidity;
  • Fits most tactical guns with or without scopes.

Ruger's Gun Sock is a great way to protect your firearm while also protecting it from humidity in the air. Constructed from a silicone-treated knit fabric, this gun sock does not hold moisture. Simply slide your gun inside the sock and slide the drawstring closure shut. It fits most tactical guns with or without scopes. Sock is black with a red Ruger silkscreened logo.
Length: 52''.

Cabela's Knit Gun Sock

  • Silicone-treated polyester construction;
  • Fabric prevents condensation on your firearms;
  • Stretches to accommodate most any firearm;
  • Ideal for year-round storage;
  • Drawstring closure.

Our Knit Gun Sock is built with silicone-treated polyester to protect your gun's finish from dirt and scratches. Fabric resists moisture absorption. Stretches to accommodate most any firearm. Ideal for year-round storage. Drawstring closure. Imported.

  • Shotgun/Scoped Rifle – 52"L x 4"W.
  • Muzzleloader/Recurve Bow – 66"L x 4"W.
  • Oversized Scoped Rifle – 52"L x 6"W.
  • Tactical Rifle – 45"L x 6"W.
  • Handgun – 14"L x 4"W.
  • Value Pack – 6 Shotgun/Scoped Rifle – 52"L x 4"W

Beretta® Transformer™ Light Gun Case

  • Anti-shock padding and EVA protection;
  • Lightweight polyester shell;
  • 2-way, lockable zipper;
  • Adjustable shoulder strap;
  • Padded handles.

The Beretta Transformer Light Gun Case keeps a shotgun or rifle well protected while remaining lightweight. The gun case uses anti-shock padding and extra EVA protection around the firearm's action and receiver while using durable yet lightweight polyester for the rest of the case. The 2-way, main zipper is lockable. Carries comfortably with double-padded handles or with an adjustable shoulder strap. Made in USA.
55"L x 8.25"W x 2.25"H.


Gun sleeves are an optimal way to protect your weapon from corrosion and rust.

Here we have presented different types of gun sleeves with their basic features and reviews. You need to be picky and attentive when you buy the gun sleeve because it is not the thing you buy every day.