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The 5 Best Decoys – Dove reviews

Lucky Duck Clip-On Dove Decoys Four-Pack Mojo Outdoors® Mojo Voodoo Dove Lucky Duck Dove-N-Air Decoy Lucky Duck Air Dove Decoy Hard Core Dove Decoy Five-Pack
Lucky Duck Clip-On Dove Decoys Four-PackMojo Outdoors® Mojo Voodoo DoveLucky Duck Dove-N-Air DecoyLucky Duck Air Dove DecoyHard Core Dove Decoy Five-Pack
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BrandMojoLucky DuckLucky DuckLucky DuckHard Core

Lucky Duck Clip-On Dove Decoys Four-Pack

  • Sure to bring in doves for a closer look
  • Life-like coloring and position adds to realism
  • Steel clothes-pin style clips where a dove's feet would be

These ultrarealistic polyethylene decoys come with steel clothes-pin style clips where a dove's feet would be, so you can clip them onto trees and fences for a lifelike spread. Their detailed paint and colors make them hard to tell from the real thing and are sure to bring other doves in the area in for a look. Four decoys per package.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Mojo Outdoors® Mojo Voodoo Dove

  • Battery-operated, spinning-wing action
  • Realistic design with magnetically connected wings
  • Includes steel support pole

Updated with a larger body and more correct landing position, this field-proven winner also eliminates tough thumbscrews with time-saving, hassle-free magnetically connected wings. Super-realistic design with trademark Mojo spinning-wing action that’s proven to bring in birds. Runs for up to 16 hours on four AA batteries (not included). Includes steel support pole. Per each.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

I'll have to bear with. And my camera work I'm out hunting by myself I'm sorry. Ido a little review for you know I've always been a little reluctant to use a decoy dove hunting I've always had great dove shooting in my area. And after talking some guys. They said it really didn't make a difference brought a lot of birds closer to him for some. More action I said just really increase their shot opportunity so. Ifigured you know. What I'll give it a try. Iwas at Walmart and came across the Mojo dove relatively inexpensive decoy about 30 bucks. It out today and I'm gonna tell. What I was pretty impressed I've got 14 Birds here just. One shy of a limit I've got. One out there I can't find, so I'm gonna go ahead. And call it a day and the thing is its only about 4:30. We hunt them in afternoon here in. This area and typically it'll start heating up about. Igot out here a little early figured. Ijust throw the decoy out. What happened I was definitely impressed.

Me to say so I want to show. This decoy my said Walmart about 30 bucks real lightweight wings. They snap on and off so to carry a man. Ijust throw these in my pocket. Ithrow the bird in the back of my bird bag on my way in Scout comes with a metal groundstake here. And the only thing I would change about. It is mojo sends that OD green which is great for waterfowl. You know blends in with the water real well but. It didn't really blend in with my surroundings. If you're in a field. Something like it probably worked just fine so. Iwent ahead and just hit. This with a little bit of spray paint. And then one thing I like to go setting it up I've noticed a cluster of cactus. Or so there's not really a lot to show.

You about this decoy but. You know if you're on the fence. Ijust wanted to go ahead. And say definitely give it a try you'd probably be pretty happy of course check with your state. And local Game and Fish laws before. You use an electronic decoy well I've got. You here one introduce myself Andrew Marlin I'm really avid wing shooter. And waterfowl hunter but. Ido enjoy hunting anything. That moves really I just want to bring you guys. Some honest reviews so. You know we're kind of the up-and-coming so. You have to bear with. Is but check out my facebook page it's Andrew Marlin outdoors give. Is a like right now there's not a lot going on — like. Isaid we're gonna work on getting. That up I've got some articles I'm writing specifically on dove hunting they don't want to get up in the near future but.

If there're any products. You want to see review on I'm not a millionaire. Ican't go out anything but let. Me know just add in the comments. Something I can put together I'd love to do. That for you any questions feel free to contact. Me as well so stay safe. This year you guys. And have a good year.

Lucky Duck Dove-N-Air Decoy

  • Decoy mimics fluttering movement
  • Attracts passing doves
  • Ground stake that can be adjusted from 7 to 12"
  • Removable wings for easy storage

Doves are constantly fluttering and shifting when feeding on the ground. This decoy mimics that fluttering movement and attracts passing doves to bring them in close and low. Includes a ground stake that can be adjusted from 7 to 12" high. The wings are removable for easy storage. Includes storage bag. Uses four AA batteries (not included).

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Lucky Duck Air Dove Decoy

  • Wind-activated
  • Automatically orientates to the wind
  • Simulates the motion of a dove landing
  • Detachable wings

You won't have to worry about batteries with the Air Dove. The decoy is wind-activated and automatically orientates to the wind. The spinning wings simulate the motion of a dove landing. Includes an adjustable-height (7 to 12") stake and detachable wings.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Hard Core Dove Decoy Five-Pack

  • Lifelike decoys are fully flocked to mimic feather sheen
  • Collapsible, high-density HDPP bodies are a breeze to transport
  • Rugged clips attach to fences and branches
  • Carry bag included

Hard Core's fully flocked Doves look just like the real thing, meaning they're your best bet for reaching that daily limit. High-density HDPP bodies are collapsible for easy transport and storage, and feature super-strong spring clips that secure them to branches and fence posts. Convenient carry bag included. Per 5.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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