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  Ass Kickin' Microwave Popcorn Great San Saba River Pecan Company Pecan Pie in a Jar Pelican Bay Bread/Brownie Mix Wabash Valley Farms Classic Popcorn Trio Wabash Valley Farms Mini Burlap Bag Popcorn Set
 Ass Kickin' Microwave PopcornGreat San Saba River Pecan Company Pecan Pie in a JarPelican Bay Bread/Brownie MixWabash Valley Farms Classic Popcorn TrioWabash Valley Farms Mini Burlap Bag Popcorn Set
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AvailableTraditional, Chocolate.-Big and Yellow, Flavorful Medley, Tender and White.S'mores Brownie, Classic Monkey Bread, Pumpkin Toffee Quick Bread, Banana Caramel Monkey Bread.-

Ass Kickin' Microwave Popcorn

  • Each flavor packs a unique, fiery punch
  • Features zesty seasoning that heat up your taste buds
  • Great for tailgating, parties or snacks
  • Want a spicy snack that's ready in minutes? Ass Kickin' Microwave Popcorn gives your movie-time snacks a little attitude. This popcorn puts a spicy spin on the regular ol' stuff you grew up with. Make sure you have a cold beverage handy, sit back and enjoy the heat and flavors. 3.5-oz. bags. Made in USA.
    • Ass Kickin' Habanero – Seasoned with habanero to set your taste buds on fire.
    • Ass Kickin' Spontaneous Combustion Ghost Pepper – Tasty treat for those who love some kick. Heat explodes in your mouth to stimulate blood circulation and open your nasal passages.
    • Ass Kickin' Kettle Korn – Old-fashioned sweet and salty taste that melts in your mouth. Loaded with butter.
    • Ass Kickin' Chili Lime – This medium-heat popcorn brings you the natural lime flavor with a little bit of heat. If you're in the mood for a salty, spicy, citrusy treat, give this a try.
    • Ass Kickin' Sriracha – Just enough capsicum chili pepper to stimulate your taste buds without burning them.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You hey youtube I'm gonna do a review. Another food review on samaa ass-kicking habanero popcorn. Some ass-kicking jelly beans well those were a big disappointment. You saw my video I was pretty bummed out there were lame so. Idon't know I just wanted to try. Hotter popcorn and for two dollars a bag. That ain't quite not about too much money so let's get into. This hopefully they're spicier. That Dave since insanity gourmet popcorn. Itried the other day. It doesn't smell spicy at. All is there any ingredients read off popcorn so let. Iwelcome salt spices natural artificial flavors habanero pepper so. This should be spicier. This is an Arizona bread ass-kickin is, so we'll see maybe. They should stick to the salsa. And hot sauces I don't know so let's see cool find out after. This little vibrator almost like the seasoning those tips up walls with a bang. Another disappointment come on an ass-kicking there's there's almost no heat to. Iknow it's a habanero on the bag but I'm not lying there's almost no II to. All it's just like a good little spice they're tasty but honestly it's just like buttered popcorn with the hint alike pepper thumbs down no go. Another disappointment yeah. This is why two hours. Igive it up 0151 heat it's like two out of five on flavor there's.

    Nothing special about. It done in a waste your time. Another disappointment lame well like. Ialways say thanks watch my videos. You guys build anything that's hot. That actually try send. It in the comment box on the side. And appreciate guys watching rate comment subscribe. And have a good day thank you.

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    Great San Saba River Pecan Company Pecan Pie in a Jar

  • Simplifies the pie-baking process
  • Contains all the fillings you need for a delicious pie
  • Comes in a great-looking glass jar
  • Baking pies has never been easier and the finished product has never been yummier than it is with Great San Saba River Pecan Company's Pecan Pie in a Jar. Glass jar is filled with all the delicious fillings for a traditional or chocolate pecan pie. Simply add eggs and butter to the contents, cook in a pie shell and bask in the glory.
    Available: Traditional, Chocolate.
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    Pelican Bay Bread/Brownie Mix

  • Create quick treats with easy-prep mixes
  • Bake up brownies, bread or muffins
  • Classic favorites and freshly inspired recipes
  • Add a couple simple ingredients to these Pelican Bay Bread/Brownie Mixes to create quick, easy treats to feed hungry appetites. S'mores Brownie satisfy fudgy cravings with bonus melty marshmallows and graham crumbles on top. Add water and butter to the Classic or Banana Caramel Monkey Bread for a gooey pull-apart cinnamon snack that's delicious anytime of day. Pumpkin Toffee Quick Bread mix bakes up a full loaf or 12 muffins.
    Available: S'mores Brownie, Classic Monkey Bread, Pumpkin Toffee Quick Bread, Banana Caramel Monkey Bread.

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    Wabash Valley Farms Classic Popcorn Trio

  • Includes 6 lbs. of popcorn
  • Perfect for movies or entertaining guests
  • When you've found a favorite from the Wabash Valley Farms lineup of connoisseur-worthy popcorn, you'll want plenty of it on hand and to give as gifts. Just pick up the Wabash Valley Farms Classic Popcorn Trio and you get 6 lbs. worth of flavorful kernels to pop for everything from movie nights to entertaining guests. Includes three 2-lb. bags of popcorn.
    Available: Big and Yellow, Flavorful Medley, Tender and White.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Wabash Valley Farms Mini Burlap Bag Popcorn Set

  • Includes three 1-lb. bags of popcorn
  • Wooden display crate with carry handle
  • Three delicious varieties of popcorn
  • Pop up a true treat this holiday season with the Wabash Valley Farms Mini Burlap Bag Popcorn Set. The set includes three 1-lb. bags of Vintage Red, Sweet Baby Blue and Big & Yellow popcorn kernels. Plus, they come in a wooden display crate with carrying handle. The Vintage Red kernel pops to smaller pieces but is packed with flavor and lots of crunch. Sweet Baby Blue carry a slight hint of sweetness and pops to a large, fluffy tender piece of popcorn. Big & Yellow kernel popping corn is a customer favorite because it pops into a “butterfly” shape that catches all types of toppings. It pops up large, perfect for those who like large, movie theater-style popcorn.
    9”L x 2”W x 13”H.
    Wt: 3.5 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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