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  RedHead® Sling Swivels Magpul MS3™ Gen2 Sling RedHead® Deluxe 3.0 Neoprene Gun Sling Magpul MOE® QD Sling Swivel RedHead® Deluxe Padded Nylon Gun Sling
 RedHead® Sling SwivelsMagpul MS3™ Gen2 SlingRedHead® Deluxe 3.0 Neoprene Gun SlingMagpul MOE® QD Sling SwivelRedHead® Deluxe Padded Nylon Gun Sling

RedHead® Sling Swivels

  • For firearms with swivel studs
  • Quick detachable swivels
  • Choice of 1" or 1.25"
  • RedHead Sling Swivels attach to most any rifle or shotgun that has swivel studs. The heavy-duty, all-metal swivels come in 1" or 1.25", and work with either nylon webbed or leather gun slings. RedHead Sling Swivels allow you to quickly detach your sling when not needed.
    Sizes: 1", 1.25".
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Magpul MS3™ Gen2 Sling

  • Switch between one- and two-point configuration
  • Crossbolt lock bar provides extra security
  • Wear-resistant, anti-chafe 1-1/4"W nylon webbing fits all body types
  • Low-profile adjustment slider quickly adds or reduces sling tension
  • Rapidly switch between one-point and two-point configurations with Magpul’s MS3 Gen2 Sling. Using durable symmetrical Paraclip™ shackles, switch quickly and easily between one-point attachment for maneuverability or two-point attachment for stability, even during emergencies. The crossbolt lock bar in each Paraclip provides extra security and peace of mind when the lever is locked closed. Strong, wear-resistant 1-1/4"W nylon webbing comfortably fits all body types and body armor configurations while remaining anti-chafe. Low-profile quick-adjust slider minimizes bulk while still allowing effortless sling adjustment. Rear sling mounting works with the Magpul ASAP® plate (sold separately) so you can move seamlessly into different shooting positions in one-point mode. Also compatible with the SGA™ Receiver Sling Mount, many snap-hook-style sling loops and standard or QD sling swivels. Front sling mount is compatible with the Magpul RSA®, MSA™, Forward Sling Mount and snap-hook-style sling loops, and works with standard or QD sling swivels in two-point mode. Made of hardened steel and heavy-duty polymer. Made in USA.
    Colors: Black, Flat Dark Earth.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    hey youtube t9 here it's freaking late. Idecided to make a quick video. Ijust came from Rainier arms that's a local gun store here which specializes in ar-15 plot platforms. And I'll tell what if you're looking for something they got. It the stores just awesome. They have a website — I'm probably linked. That on the bottom of. This video but you guys gotta check. This is really if you're looking for any accessories for ar-15s go look them up I'm guaranteed. They have what you want so anyway. Some quick video I'm really excited about. One sling this is Mac pool Mac pools ms3 sling this is the latest version. They have MS 1 I believe. One hell of a sling and. Ijust decided to no flip on the camera. And do the little uh not an unboxing since it's not on the box but I'm packaging I guess yeah so. Idecided to do that on camera. And show you guys how I'm going to use.

    This so let me give my little tactical jungle knife. And open this up for you in camera alright so. This open with my um dangerous folding jungle survival blade here it's almost a whole two inches of a blade. These are you think. You need a class three license for use by the way so let. This right out right off the bat adjust the material feels good. This the webbing is just very thick in. It really feels like it's its going to last for a. While so the reason. Iwent with this with. This sling here because I'm just the way. You can go from a two point sling to a single point. And just a snap you guys see. It really is just what it is it's. This Magpul adapter right here. You just you would pretty much just pinch. It together you can attach. It right here to this loop. Provided at the bottom of the sling and here. You have your sling your a single point version right there.

    You guys can tell fobbing. And we're just to push off. This adapter here it switches to a two points thing if. You guys needed to swing it on your back let's sort of rifle. You need to climb something or crawl along the ground there but. It just it's just a matter of seconds. You can switch it from a two to a single point. Ireally like that just the way. How fast this works. What I also purchased with. This is let you guys my rifle happened to come with them. What these are adapters forty on quick disconnects. This is a Walter disconnect. You can do't even say bolt. Or no so it's a swivel disconnect swivel. Ican zoom into the rifle a little bit here my rifle came with three of those disconnects. One is right upfront right there. You guys can see that right here at the front. Me zoom out again here. What I'm doing and the second.

    One is right around the end. This is the one I'm probably going to be using and then there's. One on the own stock on the Magpul stock right here anyways I'll be using this. One here and they're pretty simple. You just pretty much push them in push the button. They stay in so uh, so I'll be able to really just attach. That is its on there. It doesn't go anywhere until. Ipush the yarn pretty much to your quick disconnect that's. Provided by Mac tool it's its real it's really. It already this is the first time literally I'm using this. And I'm pretty impressed already so like. Isaid before I'm going to probably use. This in a single point configuration like such. And there you go it's done it's on there it's a single point. And that's I needed pretty much.

    This my quick review um. Imight do a follow-up after using it maybe at the range. You know maybe do some transitioning to firearm from rifle to uh to a handgun. And just to see this to the test. How quick it works. And give you guys an update after. That but that's flew that's. It for now I can't wait to use. This at the range. It works I'm probably not going to finish. This video with a close-up like. Iusually do just you know it's a sling because. You guys sort of just of. It so with that t9 sanding out see.

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    RedHead® Deluxe 3.0 Neoprene Gun Sling

  • Shock-absorbing 3"-wide neoprene shoulder strap
  • Soft, nonslip backing
  • Easily adjustable
  • Thumb loop for easy carry
  • Includes QD swivels
  • The RedHead Deluxe 3.0 Neoprene Gun Sling allows you to carry your gun in comfort and shoot with greater accuracy. The generous 3"-wide neoprene shoulder strap absorbs shock and features a soft, nonslip backing for superior grip and comfort. The integrated webbing thumb loop allows easier carrying and less shoulder fatigue. Includes QD swivels for easy attachment to any firearm with swivel studs.
    Colors: Black/Camo, Tan.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Magpul MOE® QD Sling Swivel

  • Allows you to quickly switch between a one- and two-point sling
  • Compatible with QD attachment points
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Quickly combine the Magpul MOE QD Sling Swivel with an MS1™ sling for a standard two-point sling, or with an MS1 MS4™ adapter to easily switch between a one-point and two-point convertible sling. Accepts custom 1-1/4-in. wide nylon webbing. Compatible with QD sling attachment points. Heavy-duty, push-button allows for simple detachment. Manganese- and phosphate-finished steel construction. Made in USA.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The Magpul qdm is not a restyled QD swivel but rather a completely redesigned quick detach mechanism with side mounted levers the mellow Knight finished steel qdm provides low profile snag free sling attachment to attach simply hold. Both side levers and push towards the socket. Once installed pushing or pulling one lever will not release the qdm to remove simply grab. Both levers and pull Magpul qdm works with. All conventional QD sockets in 125 inch webbing and features pullout strength exceeding 500 pounds for exceptional strength you.

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    RedHead® Deluxe Padded Nylon Gun Sling

  • For firearms with swivel studs
  • Quick detachable swivels
  • Wider, padded shoulder area
  • Adjustable web straps
  • The RedHead Deluxe Padded Nylon Gun Sling comes with quick detachable swivels that attach to most any rifle or shotgun that has swivel studs. The heavy-duty 1.25" web strap adjusts from 20" to 48" in length, so you always have the right fit according to the layers of clothing you're wearing and the hunting gear you're carrying. A wider, padded shoulder area, measuring 16"L x 2"W, distributes the weight of your gun over the shoulder evenly so you can carry your firearm comfortably all day. The shoulder pad's nonslip backing keeps your gun in place as you track through rugged terrain. The RedHead Deluxe Padded Nylon Gun Sling frees your hands when walking out to your treestand or duck blind, allowing you to carry hunting gear, or use your hands to part brush for a swift approach.
    Color/camo pattern: Black, TrueTimber® Kanati.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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