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  Astral Brewer 2 Water Shoe - Men's Immersion Research Zephyr Pant - Men's NRS Endurance Splash Pant - Men's Immersion Research Zephyr Paddling Long-Sleeve Jacket - Men's Kokatat Polartec Outercore Pant - Men's
 Astral Brewer 2 Water Shoe - Men'sImmersion Research Zephyr Pant - Men'sNRS Endurance Splash Pant - Men'sImmersion Research Zephyr Paddling Long-Sleeve Jacket - Men'sKokatat Polartec Outercore Pant - Men's
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BrandAstralKokatatNRSImmersion ResearchImmersion Research
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Material-[main body] Polartec Power Dry, [ankles] Polartec grid fleece[membrane/laminate] HypoTex (2.5-layer)[membrane/laminate] WhiteOut (3-layer), [shell] 100% polyester ripstop, [lining] mesh[shell] 2-layer ripstop polyester

Astral Brewer 2 Water Shoe - Men's

Kayakers will find a lot of versatility with the Astral Men's Brewer 2 Water Shoe on or off the water. Its hydrophobic polyester sidewalls ensure long-lasting durability and abrasion resistance, and the Airmesh vamp and tongue allow airflow to help your feet dry quickly. A drainage at the front sidewall and a slit at the heel direct water out of your shoe every time you leave the river, and the Balanced Geometry EVA midsole cradles your foot so you can cover technical terrain easier. To top it off, the Granite Grip sole provides excellent traction on wet rocks and slippery bar floors.

  • Versatile water shoes for summer adventures
  • Airmesh upper drains water and breathes well
  • Polyester sidewalls are super durable
  • Balanced Geometry EVA midsole for all day comfort
  • Granite Grip soles hold traction on slick surfaces
  • Lace closure allows a snug, secure fit
  • Item #ASL001W
  • Hey guys nick here just wanted to do a. Quick review on the astro brewer water. Shoe I've been I've had them for a. Couple years so i feel like i can give a pretty honest review on them so. Sorry in advance for the firm being kind. Of dirty and beat-up i wear these every. Time i paddle or anytime I'm in any sort of boat i have these shoes on and I've. Even would just kind of worn around the house too but real quick the specs the. The intended use for these guys are going to be as water shoes boat or. Casual shoes is kind of what they haven't listed um you know i wouldn't. Necessarily just throw them on and go out to dinner or anything like that but if i had a morning i had to run and do something i wouldn't feel like i couldn't because i had some weird you know water she won't or something so that's that's cool that was one of the things that we attracted to me to them was the fact that they don't look like a water shoe so the top are made of a code. Or a nylon and this is like a what they. Call their air mesh insert here so you. Can almost kind of see through this mesh you really have to look but it vents and. You know let's the shoe breathe and dry. Quickly the insides are a tv a closed. Cell foam they feel just like a you know. Like a reef sandal or something on the bottom they're super soft and comfy you know they don't they're. Extremely comfortable on your foot they. Also do have these drain holes in the. Front of the shoe that will you know. Drain off any excess water help drain off any excess water i will say this. That i did have to use a like a. Scratch awl to push through there and. Cut open these up i didn't feel like they were draining fast enough for me and that that helped i just you know. Poked around there a couple times and bam it was done so the other thing on the back of the shoe itself it has some a couple holes here. So that when you are entering you know. Your kayak or your boat and you're. Sitting on the back of it and you kick your legs up to get them into the boat they train out super quick out of the. Bottom so you're not giving me excess water into the boat they the rubber that. They use on the bottom of these it's super sticky they call it gss sticky. Rubber it's supposedly a technical rubber that's their softness and stickiest that they make i can basher that it is extremely tacky. It does not slip really at all on any. Sort of slick surface I've tried on purpose in the past to try to get it to. Slip on like mossy rocks and you know. Just wet slick stuff on that i. Walk around on and just kind of make a mental note, and they do not slip so. I'm real happy with that i was kind of concerned on how they would wear i figured that they would wear really quickly, and they haven't, so they wear in. The back obviously because of the you. Know your heel and everything but. They've done extremely well been real. Happy and they work very well as you. No on wet surfaces so let's see what. Else so that's it as far as the specs of. The shoes they're online they're marked. As 8 ounces I'm going to say they're 8 ounces each just by guessing they have. To be 8 ounces each they're super duper like they really. Don't feel any heavier than a light. Sandal or flip-flop or something like. That they're extremely light so it's not like you're you feel like you're you know when you're getting it out of the kayak like you're swinging the big ole shoes around they feel like almost like you have nothing on just my quick take. On them you know after paddling with them for a couple years i paddle. Typically, a couple times a week sometimes more sometimes less you know. Depending on weather and season and all that but typically you know two times a week the. Things that i noticed about them or that. You know to make note of for me are they. They drain, and they dry extremely quickly between the national in the front of the shoe the holes and the you know from the ball of your foot you. Now here and around and then the. Holes in the back they drain super quick. And dry super quit so that's a good. Think you don't feel like when you're walking around in them after you've you know slosh to the water or once they're. In your boat you don't feel like they're all slimy and sloshing everything a they. Just feel like you know slightly damp. And then you know with a little bit of time they dry pretty quick, so they grip. Anything a step one like I've said before they grip extremely good there's. Not been a situation where i feel like. That they haven't, or they didn't perform in the way intended so that's definitely. A thumbs up already said they were. Lightweight they're great if you have to. Do a wet exit or a reentry into the cot. Into your kayak so you know in the past. You know you visit the forums. And threads and just get kind of see what other guys are doing you know with their boats and their gear and stuff like that and some guys who were kind of. I don't think noc know, but they were kind of concerned was these laces you. Know snagging on the you know railing of. The foot pedals or the foot pedals. Themselves in your boat and they come. They come loose so easy and i think. That's a design choice i would have to. Say the type of laces that are using that was a design choice by astral i. Will say this i typically do not tie. Then when I'm in my boat i will just put. Then on and slide the laces down between the tongue and the outside of the shoe, and they fit just fine now if i come out of the boat and I'm doing you know if I'm camping or something like that and i walk around camp or something then i will tie them you know securely but typically in. My boat i do not tie them now I'm not. Saying that you couldn't but yeah i do worry about stuff snagging possibly and. So that was a concern for me but it's. Not been and many many wet exits. And reentry's it has not been an issue. There's never been a time when i or it's snagged or i thought it wasn't going to be able to get out of the boat or anything like that so that's about it. I bought these on amazon i think when i. Bought him a couple years back there were about 69 bucks i think that they were on sale or that was like a year and closeout with the with a retailer on. Amazon now you can get them from. Anywhere from about seventy-nine to a hundred depending on color and size they do make a handful of colors about i. Think five different colors in the men's and the same in women's just more you. No women friendly colors, but they do have women's sizes and all that good. Stuff so that's just my quick take i hadn't seen a lot of reviews on these guys I've seen a couple of like super quick ones but i just wanted to. You know put my two cents in now that I've had it for you know for a couple years so hope you guys enjoyed things

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    Immersion Research Zephyr Pant - Men's

    Are you a die-hard angler looking for some water protection for those days when the water is choppy, but the fishing can’t be missed? Maybe you’ve got experience paddling, but now you’re ready to become more of a three-season paddler. The Immersion Research Men’s Zephyr Pant answers your prayers. Breathable, waterproof, lightweight, and packable … what more could you ask for in an affordable pant for open-cockpit adventures?

  • Wide neoprene waistband comfortably holds the pant in place
  • Lightweight 2-Layer ripstop fabric offers maximum breathability without allowing water to penetrate
  • Antimicrobial mesh liner throughout prevents bacterial growth caused by sweat and moisture
  • Fully-taped seams won’t allow water to penetrate the stitched seams
  • Item #IMR0026
  • I was up here at the ir pattern room. And with jess Whitehorse are whose head. Of r&d; and technical development here in immersion research, and we're going to talk a little bit about the comp pants. These are the companion piece to let's. Say our comm jacket rear compound x jacket so just you design a bulk of this. This product here why don't you go ahead and discuss some of the key features of what we have going on here ok the pant. Is made out of the same four layer fabric that we made our dry suit and dry tops out of that's got a high liberally. High waist band made of neoprene it's. Got a zippered pocket and it's got. Neoprene ankle gaskets underneath of a. Four layer over cuff the pan is shaped. Organ ah mac lee it's shaped to work very well in the sitting position the kayaking position i don't from a powder. Making standpoint that a pair of pants. Like this well when you're standing will sit very high that's right but and some. People think that it's silly looking but the problem is if you wear a pair if you make a pair of paddling pants that's cut of your waist what happens when you get in the boat you get carpenter crack you. Can't have that yeah that so let's go eat or these things inside out and take a look at some of the construction so i. Now from working on these pants, so they're very similar in construction and design to our the pants. Found on the dry suit once you tell us a little bit about what's going on there with the features yes just. Like the dry suit the seams are all. Relatively straight so that the taping. Of the scene is easy and. More waterproof with the pant a lot of. Times you'll notice in a pair of pants you have a big cross seam down in the crotch area where we have avoided that through a design that enables you to. Have plenty of freedom of motion yet no cross seems so that the taping is all. Good we double tape around the ankle cuff area that seems to be an area that. Has issues with waterproofness so we've. Double taped it to ensure dryness and. There you have it so you know i note. That with a neoprene waistband and neoprene angle costs these are not dry. Pants they're just going to keep you. Very warm, and they're, so we're going to keep any water for quite through the fabric itself that's right yeah the just. As soon as you start putting in latex ankles on a pair of pants you start getting water built up at your ankles. Because latex won't let it out because water goes into the waistband so i guess. The message is if you want to have a dry pants you should buy a dry suit right so. The comp pants are great choice for anyone who's paddling in certainly in. Cold weather or in conditions where you're you're hiking through brush or you're exposed to high winds maybe. You're wanting to extend your paddle season beyond just a paddle jacket i may. Not quite ready to commit to a full dry suit these pants are our top align. Paddle pants and i think they're amongst. The best pal fans that money can buy right now.

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    NRS Endurance Splash Pant - Men's

    You're still taking your boat out despite the pouring rain outside because you're armed with the NRS Men's Endurance Pant. Its waterproof and breathable HypoTex 2.5-layer fabric fends off persistent rain, icy winds, and sea spray, and a generous cut allows plenty of room to pile on warm layers underneath in cold conditions. The dual hook-and-loop waist straps and adjustable ankle cuffs seal out water if you happen to get tossed or flipped, and the reinforced fabric in the knees and seat extend the life of the pants for multiples seasons of paddling.

  • Made to keep you dry through cold and wet weather
  • HypoTex 2.5-layer fabric is waterproof and breathable
  • Reinforced knees and seat for lasting durability
  • Generous cut for layering underneath
  • Adjustable neoprene waistband provides comfortable seal
  • Splashproof thigh pocket secures small essentials
  • Item #NRS00BL
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    Immersion Research Zephyr Paddling Long-Sleeve Jacket - Men's

    Light, breathable, and waterproof, the Immersion Research Men's Zephyr Long-Sleeve Paddling Jacket provides plenty of versatile protection without the sticker shock. It's made with a paddle-tested WhiteOut waterproof and breathable membrane and has a neoprene closure at the neck, hook-and-loop cuffs, and a drawcord hem to keep you dry when you're fishing, SUPing, or shooting moderate whitewater. A mesh inner layer prevents things from getting clammy, and fully taped seams make sure moisture doesn't creep in where it's not wanted.

  • WhiteOut 3L waterproof and breathable membrane
  • Mesh lining
  • Fully taped seams
  • Neoprene hook-and-loop neck and wrist closures
  • Drawstring hem
  • Chest pocket
  • Item #IMR000Q
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    Kokatat Polartec Outercore Pant - Men's

    Thanks to its heavy-duty Polartec Power Dry fabric, the Kokatat Men's Polartec Outercore Pant ensures you stay warm and comfortable as you paddle. As previously mentioned, the Outercore pant features a Polartec Power Dry fabric, which not only provides paramount warmth, but it also wicks away moisture efficiently and dries quickly to deter that unsavory swamp feeling from amassing in your drysuit. The Polartec grid fleece at the ankles offers comfort compatibility with socks, while the flatlock seams prevent hot spots and chafing.

  • Stay warm while paddling with this baselayer
  • Heavyweight fleece maintains warmth
  • Fabric regulates temperature and manages moisture
  • Flatlock seams prevent chafing and discomfort
  • Smooth finish won't snag up against your dry wear
  • Slim fit maintains a barely noticeable feel
  • Item #KOK002J
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