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  NRS Zoya Type III Personal Flotation Device - Women's
Stohlquist Escape Personal Flotation Device - Women's Stohlquist Cruiser Personal Flotation Device - Women's Kokatat Leviathan Personal Floatation Device - Women's
  NRS Zoya Type III Personal Flotation Device - Women's Ocean Kayak Venus 11 Sit-On-Top Kayak - 2019 - Women's Stohlquist Escape Personal Flotation Device - Women's Stohlquist Cruiser Personal Flotation Device - Women's Kokatat Leviathan Personal Floatation Device - Women's
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Brand Ocean Kayak NRS Stohlquist Stohlquist Kokatat
Manufacturer Warranty limited lifetime - lifetime limited lifetime lifetime
Recommended Use recreational paddling recreational paddling flatwater paddling, river paddling
Closure - front zip zipper zipper zipper
Flotation / Buoyancy - 16.5lb 15lbs 10oz sea level buoyancy of 16lb 12oz 16lbs
Pockets - 2 front 1 zippered chest 2 large zip 8 zippered, 4 mesh, 2 fleece lined hand
USCG Approved - type III type III type III yes

NRS Zoya Type III Personal Flotation Device - Women's

NRS designed its Women's Type III Zoya Personal Flotation Device specifically for women to give you an ideal fit while you wrestle whitewater. Soft PlushFit foam forms to your body while four straps on the side, two at the shoulder, and two at the waist dial in an exact fit. NRS made this PFD out of extremely durable ripstop with a urethane coating to help keep it dry, and mesh covers the lower back for ventilation and to accommodate high-back seats. NRS also added fleecy, quick-drying VaporLoft inside the pockets to warm up your hands on cold days, the lash tab holds your knife, and there's a strobe-holder loop on the back. 

  • Sleek, durable PFD built with comfort in mind
  • Tough 400D ripstop fabric withstands snags and tears
  • Pliable foam in the chest panel is women's-specific
  • Mesh back enhances ventilation
  • Six adjustable points dial in just the right fit
  • Front pockets keep river essentials close at hand
  • Item #NRS00BE
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    Ocean Kayak Venus 11 Sit-On-Top Kayak - 2019 - Women's

    Designed for the fairer sex, the Ocean Kayak Venus 11 Sit-On-Top Kayak is a blast on open water and lazy rivers. Ocean Kayak took design feedback from female paddlers and placed the seat well lower in the boat in order to better accommodate women's anatomical center of gravity. Then it gave the Venus a wide Comfort Hybrid seat that's especially comfortable and efficient for Women. The result is a stable ride for tip-free fun on open water. On long days, pack the rear tank well and Cam Lock day hatch full of gear, throw a cold beverage in the in-mold cupholder, and paddle to your heart's content. If you need a break, just stash your paddle in the side paddle keepers and float for a while as you take in the scenery; just don't forget the sunscreen. This boat is also equipped with the Car-topping handle system, so you can easily load and unload this kayak on your own. 

  • Low deck profile
  • Women-specific seat well
  • Comfort Hybrid seat back
  • Stern tank well with bungee
  • Cam lock hatch with storage bucket
  • Click seal bow hatch
  • Car-topping handle system
  • Side mounted carry handles
  • Paddle keeper
  • Molded-in cup holder
  • MP3 deck area mount
  • Item #JOP001N
  • Paddling tv is brought to you by. Suspends kayak and canoe storage racks. Designed to protect your kayaks and canoes and keep them looking like new check out our two kayak freestanding rack for either indoor or outdoor use at suspense calm if you've. Got a good launching spot then getting in and out of your kayak is really easy on the beach you place your kayak right on the sand hop in and push off using. Your hands and paddle away if you don't. Want to slide your kayak across the sand you can float your kayak and a few inches of water straddle the boat with one leg on either side using your feet to balance next sit down in the seat and. Lastly pull your legs inside the kayak either technique is very simple get out. On the beach just paddle your kayak up onto the sand so the boat beaches or go. Relatively close to the sand so that your kayak is floating in a few inches of water from here you can balance to. Get out by stepping your feet out one at a time if you're getting in and out on an uneven shoreline then you can use your paddle to help you balance line your kayak up parallel to the shoreline then set your paddle across the back of. The cockpit so that half the power crosses the boat and the other half lies on the shore to get in position your. Body in front of the paddle and hold the paddle with your hands behind your place. Your feet in the kayak and quickly sit down in the seat while maintaining an even weight distribution across your paddle if you don't keep your weight evenly dispersed between the end of your paddle on your boat and the other end on shore your balance will become very unstable to get out you can use the same. Technique in reverse. It's important to feel comfortable in your kayak but you don't want to relax so much that you look like you're sitting in a lounge chair most kayaks. Now come with back support that looks like it's inviting you to slouch and lean back the idea behind the backrest. Is actually to keep you from leaning back even though it may feel relaxing. And comfortable initially leaning way. Back is actually quite hard on your shoulders and lower back not to mention that it's pretty tough to paddle when you're leaning way back here kicking. Back and enjoying your kayak trip is important but when you're paddling its important to sit up nice and straight. You want to use your backrest as a support for your lower back to keep you nice and upright you want to feel like. Your chest is lifted the balls of your. Feet should press firmly against the foot pedals and your knees should drop out to either side if you feel pain or. Discomfort in your lower back after kayaking it may be because you're slouching back too much or because your hips and your hamstrings are tight it's. Important to stretch before you kayak and it can be beneficial to do so after. You kayak as well stretching your. Hamstrings with forward folds and the front of your hips with lunges are a good place to start If you're using a spray skirt for your. Students ikea you'll want to put it on once you're comfortably seated in the boat put your spray skirt on lean back. So that you can place the skirt around the back cockpit rim first it's much. Easier to put the back of the skirt on before the front make sure that the. Skirt is on the back of the cockpit all the way to your hips before trying to put it over the front of the cockpit if. You're wearing a spray skirt it's very important to make sure that your pull cord is on the outside of the skirt once it's over the cockpit rim if the pull. Cord is tucked under your skirt it will be harder for you to get your skirt off because you'll have no way to pull it off so always check to make sure that the cord is on the outside of the skirt before you head off to paddle. You. If you're paddling a wreck kayak without. Thigh braces and without a spray skirt and you don't need to practice the wet. Exit because you'll automatically fall out when your kayak flips upside down it's important to practice the wet exit. The first time you get into your touring kayak so that you know what to do if you flip over unintentionally and you know what it feels like it's still very easy. To get out of your touring kayak even if it has thigh braces and you're wearing a spray skirt due to the natural pull of gravity to practice get into your kayak. And paddle out in a safe flat area that. Is deep enough for you to flip over but relatively close to shore flip yourself over and reach forward and pull on the pull cord to your spray skirt to pull the skirt off of your cockpit then place your hands on your kayak beside your hips and push yourself out of your kayak in a forward somersault if. You're not.

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    Stohlquist Escape Personal Flotation Device - Women's

    The Stohlquist Women's Escape Personal Flotation Device combines clean, functional design with a women's specific cut to make your day on the water more comfortable and secure. The chest area of the Women's Escape is carved out to offer support and reduce the often too-tight feeling of unisex PFDs. Ideal for flat-water paddling and rafting alike, this Stohlquist PFD includes a zippered chest pocket for your sunscreen or glasses and padded adjustable shoulder straps to ensure all-day comfort.

  • A fully adjustable, women-specific PFD for a reasonable price
  • Low-profile buoyancy foam for unimpeded mobility
  • Zippered pockets keeps snacks or camera secure
  • Padded shoulders double down on comfort
  • Reflective accents assures added visibility in low light
  • Item #STO002D
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    Stohlquist Cruiser Personal Flotation Device - Women's

    Wouldn't it be nice to comfortably paddle in a life vest that truly complements your physique? Rather than repackage its men's PFD with some pastel colors and call it a women's model, Stohlquist gave the Women's Cruiser Personal Flotation Device a smaller cut, a shortened torso, supportive inner cups, and the new Wrapture shaped torso to ensure ergonomic comfort for female paddlers. Half flotation and half airy mesh on the back provide cool, low-profile comfort in today's rec-tour boats, and the padded mesh shoulders and lower-back waistband are easy on the skin when worn with a swimsuit.

  • Paddling life vest designed specifically to suit a woman's body
  • Wrapture shaped torso ensures a comfy fit for female paddlers
  • Cross-chest cinch harness won't ride up
  • Half-flotation and half-mesh back for comfort in rec-tour boats
  • Contoured inner cups provide comfortable support
  • Ventilated shoulder and back pads keep cool air flowing
  • Open sides for even more ventilation
  • Item #STO002J
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    Kokatat Leviathan Personal Floatation Device - Women's

    Designed specifically for fishing from a kayak, the Leviathan Personal Flotation Device comes packed with all the bells and whistles you need to stay focused on the fish. For peace of mind on the water the Leviathan boasts a 16lb buoyancy rating that makes it easy for you to keep your head above water in the event of a spill. On days when you don't take a tumble, the leviathan has your back with super durable nylon in high wear areas paired with quick drying Araprene mesh on the back and shoulders that work well with high back seats on boats. To keep your flys, bait, and tools nearby at all times this PFD boasts 14 total pockets that let you organize your goods however you want.

  • PFD built to keep you prepared during long fishing outings
  • USCG type III certification gives you peace of mind on the water
  • 16lbs of flotation has got your back if you take a spill
  • High tenacity nylon rip-stop handles day to day wear and tear
  • Body-mapped Gaia foam panels contour to your body for comfort
  • 14 pockets keep all of your fishing gear nearby, your hands warm
  • Hydration pack compatibility staves off thirst
  • Item #KOK003Z
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