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The 5 Best Swimwear for Man reviews

We gathered 5 the best men's wetsuits and swimming shorts. All of them are available online and affordable.

The right swimwear must be:

  • stretchy;
  • durable;
  • easy to wash;

Take a look at this TOP-list and select the best swimwear for your summer outdoor activity.

Top 5

Quiksilver Syncro 5/4/3 Back Zip GBS Wetsuit - Men's Matuse Hoplite 3/2MM Full Wetsuit - Men's United by Blue Swell Scallop Board Short - Men's O'Neill O'Zone Crew Rashguard with Hood - Men's Hurley Phantom Crown 18in Board Short - Men's
Quiksilver Syncro 5/4/3 Back Zip GBS Wetsuit - Men's Matuse Hoplite 3/2MM Full Wetsuit - Men's United by Blue Swell Scallop Board Short - Men's O'Neill O'Zone Crew Rashguard with Hood - Men's Hurley Phantom Crown 18in Board Short - Men's
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Brand United by Blue Matuse O'Neill Hurley Quiksilver
Fit regular - next-to-skin regular -
Manufacturer Warranty 60 days limtied 1 year 1 year 30 days 1 year
Material 60% recycled polyester, 36% organic cotton, 4% elastane Geoprene (3/2mm) nylon/spandex 92% recycled polyester, 8% elastane [body] FN Lite neoprene (92% nylon/polyamide, 8% elastane), [lining] Bio-fleece thermal neoprene
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Quiksilver Syncro 5/4/3 Back Zip GBS Wetsuit - Men's

Summer surfing in the Northwest requires a wetsuit with the chops of the Quiksilver Men's Syncro 5/4/3 Back Zip GBS Wetsuit. Quiksilver's F'N Lite neoprene is 16% lighter than standard neoprene, making the suit flexible and comfortable to surf in. Thanks to the suit's thermal lining, it easily deals with water temps between 45 and 55F. Built-in knee pads keep your knees feeling great after back-to-back days of surfing, while triple-glued and blind-stitched seams ensure that you don't spring a leak while you're out in the water. A back zip makes getting in and out of the Syncro super easy, and an internal key pocket solves the dilemma of where to stash your rig's keys.

  • Burly wetsuit for the cold waves of the PNW;
  • Light, flexible neoprene helps you move freely in the water;
  • Thermal lining traps precious body heat for warmth in 45-55F temps;
  • Ecto-flex knee reinforcement maintains durability;
  • GBS seam construction and silicone beads prevent flushing;
  • Back zip entry stays out of the way for comfort mid-paddle;
  • Internal key pocket gives you peace of mind in the water;
  • Item #QKS037B.

Hi! Welcome to pleasure sport Samuel like. Take a look at the brand-new Quicksilver Syncro 543 millimeter wetsuits. This is for men as well as for boys, so we have two different wet suits here, but they're identical in construction.

Let's take a look at what's happening in this new 543. This is for 2012-2013. This suit is actually made of a hundred percent super-stretch, hyper-stretch three neoprene so the new high percent three neoprene is lot lighter and it's actually quicker drying. We've got here in this particular wet suit is we've got five millimeter thickness knee and pray in the core of the wetsuit. Meeting in front of the back and the front body underneath part of the arm panels we have four millimeter neoprene and in the shoulders and arms we have three millimeters neoprene.

What that actually allows us to do is to get the most stretch and the most warmth in the core area, so we want to keep our core our organs front and back really warm and our arms and move around a lot. We need more, we need thinner neoprene so that we can move around a lot easier and these areas tend to be a little bit warmer in the water because the moving around the most. So that's sort of how this suit is designed and set up.

In the front panel of the suit you'll notice a different type of material here. This is like a sharkskin material, its wind resistant. Repellent water hits. It drips off. Wind can't go through it.  It's really wonderful. Helps again keep the core warm. The front part of the suit you can also see is anatomically cut to naturally already have a shape of a body. We've got bend in the butt naturally, and we've also got some bend in the knees which is. Really beautiful and it really fits natural.

In the collar area of the suit, we have overall net glides get two pieces of neoprene put together rolling that helps prevent rashing and choking around the neck. The glide skin actually makes a connection with our skin and actually makes a seal so that water doesn't flood into the suit. We stay again nice and warm at the wrist.

You're going to take a look at a feature that's on the inside of the suit. We've got taping along some of the critical seems inside the suit and that actually gives more durability to the suit as well as helping prevent rashing from those scenes. On the knees we have a abrasion resistant knee pads which are great and let's take a look at the back of the suit and the inside. We have an adjustable collar which is really beautiful. We've got more of that Sharkskin mesh on the back here. The wind repellent water resistant.

Take a look at the inside of the suit again 5 4 3.  We have a flood barrier here and this actually helps any water if it actually gets into the suit it not touches our back. So that we can stay a little bit warmer and what happen is this water barrier whatever hit it would drive the water down to the lower lumbar. If you look here in the lower lumbar there's a nice pinhole and then actually will drain any residual water that gets into the soup which is great.

Behind the flood barrier, we have a nice material along the chest. This is heat retaining. Its yellow-orange material. Just really wonderful. We also have spot taping on critical seams in the suit which again provides extra durability and again health prevent against that rashing. We have a nice place little key loop here. We want to hook our key.  We're going to be in a session in the water and way from your phone so this is a wonderful suit. It's really well priced, and we highly recommend it too.

Just to show you the junior model. It's identical in construction and the key difference here in this model is that there're zippers for kids in the lower part of the legs and that's to help parents who are helping their child put their suit on get in and out of suit a lot easier with this.

Matuse Hoplite 3/2MM Full Wetsuit - Men's

Warmer, lighter, faster-drying, and longer-lasting than most of the competition out there, the Matuse Men's Hoplite 3/2MM Full Wetsuit is the perfect companion for gray days and chilly waters (ranging from 58-66F) that are bound to scare away the less dedicated and ill-prepared. Crafted from the incredibly innovative Geoprene (which is actually made from limestone, hence the name GEO), this suit's material is over 30% more water-impermeable than petroleum-based neoprene suits, way less water-absorbent for a lighter and quicker-drying performance, and offers 400% greater stretch than your own skin for an unbelievably flexible design that never gets stretch marks. Since Geoprene is naturally warmer than neoprene, less of it needs to be used, resulting in not only a lighter design, but also a far smaller impact on the environment when manufactured. And worry not about a single scratch destroying the suit's integrity, Geoprene rubber has a uniform microcell structure that, when scratched, allows new independent concave cells to be exposed for continued functionality and warmth. Plus, a rear zip entry system makes for exceptional comfort when waiting for your drop-in.

  • Full wetsuit made of limestone-sourced Geoprene;
  • One of the few 3/2mm suits suitable for 58 - 66F waters;
  • Satin seal taped with Hydrasilk gaskets to keep water out;
  • Hidden air chambers lighten weight, amplify stretch, and warm up;
  • Item #MSJ0010.

United by Blue Swell Scallop Board Short - Men's

O'Neill O'Zone Crew Rashguard with Hood - Men's

You need as much protection as you can get when you're surfing under the scalding sub-tropic sun. The O'Neill Men's O'Zone Crew Rashguard with Hood shelters you from harmful rays with its hooded design and UPF 50 + rating. This rashguard uses ultra-flexible four-way stretch material and seamless paddle zones for plenty of freedom on the water. Designed for maximum comfort, this rashguard features a premium fit, flatlock seams, and adjustable cinch waist. The zippered utility pocket along the backside allows you to stash items without chafing or pressure points.

  • Maximum sun protection for tropical shores;
  • 4-way stretch fabric moves with you and dries quickly;
  • UPF 50+ sun protection shields skin from UV rays;
  • Seamless paddle zones allow unrestricted arm movement;
  • Boardshort connector keeps it from riding up;
  • Item #ONE011T.

Hurley Phantom Crown 18in Board Short - Men's

When you hit the beach on the weekend, grab your surfboard and slip on the Hurley Phantom Crown 18in Board Shorts. These stretchy and quick-drying shorts make transitioning from the swells to the beach comfortable and move with you whether you're paddling out or burying your friends in the sand.

  • A classic boardshort with modern performance;
  • Polyester fabric is durable and dries quickly;
  • Stretch construction moves with you for playing beach games;
  • Regular fit;
  • Item #HUR022T.


Different swimming conditions need different swimwear. Pay attention to the characteristics of an item and follow the recommendations of the manufacturer. This will allow you to get a safe and comfortable swimming activity.