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Evolved Harvest Throw & Gro Radish X-treme Whitetail Institute Secret Spot – 10 lbs. Whitetail Institute Imperial No-Plow Wildlife Seed Blend Whitetail Institue Soil Sample Kit Mossy Oak® BioLogic Deer-Radish
Evolved Harvest Throw & Gro Radish X-tremeWhitetail Institute Secret Spot – 10 lbs.Whitetail Institute Imperial No-Plow Wildlife Seed BlendWhitetail Institue Soil Sample KitMossy Oak® BioLogic Deer-Radish
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Evolved Harvest Throw & Gro Radish X-treme

Created by Evolved Harvest and the Bone Collector™ crew, Throw & Gro Radish X-Treme is ideal for food plots that are not accessible to heavy equipment. No-till, nutrient-rich blend provides the same deer-attracting results as the original Throw & Gro, plus the added bonus of forage radishes.
Size: 5-lb. bag - Plants 1/4 acre.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Just wanted to take a minute to look at. Some food plot. That I've planted this is a vault harvest throne grow a little bit after a month from seeding it's a lot of nice big tall rape Brassica there's a lot of. This nice ride wrasse coming up there's clover mixed in. And it's coming along pretty nicely I've seen a little bit of nipping on. Some Brassica but that's gonna be. More of a late season food source. And a lot of places. Ican see where the rye grass has been nipped off they've been deer tracks in. And it's just coming along nicely I'm pretty pleased with the results like. This is just maybe four. And a half five weeks of growth. And about another two. And a half three months to go so. This Braska you can see it's pretty big already. It should get up to be about 24 inches so pretty pleased with the results so far.

Whitetail Institute Secret Spot – 10 lbs.

  • Great for small plots in remote areas
  • Blend of 11 varieties of annuals
  • Plants approx. 11,250 sq. ft.

Whitetail Institute's Secret Spot seed blend needs no tilling equipment to plant. A blend of 11 varieties of annuals with incredible attracting power, created for remote areas that only you and the deer know about. Just clear a small section of land and score the ground with a hand rake to prepare for planting. It works great in any area that receives 2-4 hours of sunlight. Protein content up to 36% and should be planted no deeper than 1/4". Contains soil pH booster. Grows best in soils that hold moisture or are well-drained. An ideal annual plant for small openings or along meadow edges. Recommended fall plant that deer will use well into winter. Plants approx. 11,250 sq. ft.
Available: 10 lbs.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

One thing all mature Bucks have in common. They didn't get that way by being careless mature whitetail bucks know. That the best places to avoid hunters are often remote. And in thick cover and that's exactly the sort of area. That imperial secret spot. And secret spot XL are designed for areas known only to. And the deer you hunt secret spot offers an ideal combination to help. You maximize that advantage it's extremely easy to plant fast-growing graze tolerant. And highly attractive to deer designed for fall planting secret spot can thrive with only three to four hours of broken filtered. Or indirect sunlight a day to plant secret spot just clear existing vegetation well enough to allow the seeds to fall into good contact with the soil fertilize. And broadcast the seed secret spot. Even contains a soil pH booster.

That helps correct low soil pH allowing faster forage development in slightly acidic soils germination. And growth are extremely rapid as little as just a. Few days after planting secret spots huge attraction power comes from its broad makeup of 12 specially selected forages. That reach their most attractive states at different times during the season. Even comes in two sizes to give. You maximum flexibility four-pound secret spot plants up to 4500 square feet. And ten pounds secret spot excel plants up to. One quarter acre if you're passionate about hunting mature bucks. And have been looking for a powerfully attractive forage product that's easy to plant. And designed to last in smaller food plots look no further. Than imperial secret spot. And secret spot excel.

Anything but pelletized lime so therefore. It does help fertilize. If a guy could throw. You know with a four pound bag of a secret spot. He could go in throw a bag of 50 pound bag of fertilizer on his shoulder being triple 13. Whatever it may be available to him. All that's gonna do is feed those plants so. They can grow just as fast as possible. And of course when we're planting this stuff we're trying to get. It greened up for that archery season a lot of times. That draw you can get those dear. And very close to us very good thank. You very much I check out. All your whitetail Institute needs Braves are three grades archery calm. All the products can be purchased off of there subscribe to our YouTube channel.

And follow us on Twitter hope to see.

Whitetail Institute Imperial No-Plow Wildlife Seed Blend

  • Gives your deer herd essential protein
  • Seed can be sown without plowing
  • Requires minimal or no soil preparation

Whitetail Institute's Imperial No-Plow Wildlife Seed Blend is the easiest, no-fuss, no-bother way to give your deer herd essential protein during antler-growing months. Seed can be sown without plowing and with minimal or no soil preparation. It also benefits turkeys, doves, quail, ducks and other game animals. Composed of high-protein (up to 36%) attractive annuals that deer will use in all seasons. Included in the blend is a hardy winter forage grass, clovers and canola. Ideal pH is 6-7.0 and can be planted in the spring or fall. Grows best in soils that hold moisture or are well-drained in areas that receive 3-4 hours of sunlight per day. 16-20 lbs. per acre recommended.

  • 9-lb. bag plants 1/2 acre
 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Don't pass up on a great plot site just. You can't tell the soil. You can get there by four-wheeler. Even just on foot you can plan a highly attractive nutritious food plot with Imperial whitetail no plough first. And foremost no plough is highly attractive. It will draw and hold dear it's so attractive. Many hunters plant no plough. They can't prepare the seed bed with tillage equipment because of its design. Though no plough can also flourish in areas. Where tillage isn't an option the forage grains grasses. And clovers and no plough usually attract deer first as early as just a. Few days after planting the clovers continue to draw. And hold dear as the season progresses. Once the weather turns cold the winter greens in no plow keep attracting deer into the coldest months of the year.

Whitetail Institue Soil Sample Kit

  • Tests for soil pH and nutrient content
  • Results within days
  • Save time and money

The success of your food plot hinges on a variety of soil conditions that can easily be sampled and sent in for analysis by the professionals at the Whitetail Institute. This Soil Sample Kit tests for soil pH and nutrient content, and the institute uses that information to tell you how much lime and fertilizer your food plot requires. In the end you'll save time and money by using this simple kit. Results are usually returned to you in a detailed report in a day or two by mail or email. Kit includes soil collection container, submission form and pre-addressed envelope.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Mossy Oak® BioLogic Deer-Radish

Mossy Oak BioLogic Deer-Radish has deep penetrating roots to break through tough, hard pans and help rejuvenate soils. Whitetails love the highly nutritious forage as well as the long, sweet, nutrient-packed roots. Radishes produce glycosinolate compounds, which can reduce weeds and nematodes. They're an excellent choice for claiming new ground for your food plots without having to use excessive glyphosate-based products.
Size: 2-lb bag plants 1/4 acre.

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