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  Cuddeback® Moonlight IR 8MP Trail Camera Browning® Strike Force Pro XD 24MP Trail Camera
Bushnell® Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 20MP Game Camera with No Glow Flash Browning® Recon Force Advantage 20MP Trail Camera
  Cuddeback® Moonlight IR 8MP Trail Camera Browning® Strike Force Pro XD 24MP Trail Camera Wildgame Innovations Illusion 12 - 12MP Trail Camera Bushnell® Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 20MP Game Camera with No Glow Flash Browning® Recon Force Advantage 20MP Trail Camera
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Brand Cuddeback Bushnell Browning Browning Wildgame Innovations

Cuddeback® Moonlight IR 8MP Trail Camera

  • Excellent nighttime images, more range and less blur
  • 75-ft. flash range
  • Fast 1/2-second trigger speed
  • 8MP images
  • Made for optimum nighttime performance when game is most active, the Moonlight IR 8MP Trail Camera from Cuddeback uses a low-light sensor with bigger pixels that gather more light for excellent nighttime images, more range and less blur. 24 high-power 850nm IR LEDs have a range of 75 ft. Fast half-second trigger speed means more full-body images and with a super-fast recovery speed that takes pictures within one to two seconds of the first it captures animals that are close behind. Clear 8MP daytime color images and black-and-white nighttime images. One-second to three-minute delay; 12-seconds to 24-hour time lapse; and 10-, 20-, 30-second video. Date, time, moon-phase and camera ID stamp. Cuddeback's Super Simple Setup makes setup virtually foolproof so you can spend more time hunting. Genius™ mount makes it easy to mount and aim the trail camera. Camera will record images without an SD card. Runs on eight AA batteries (not included) for up to six months or 10,000 images.
    5"H x 3.25"W x 2.3"D.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    That's not a critter clinging to. That tree it's the motion detection Cuddeback ambush 5-megapixel trail camera at just. One quarter of a second. This unit's trigger speed is fast enough to catch a deer running at full bound it's slim molded body straps too virtually. Any tree you collect crisp color pictures by day. Or black-and-white images at night with infrared exposure technology. Even takes 10 second day. Or night videos detaches easily for quick handheld setup a rotary knob two buttons. And a switch operate. Everything accepts a 32 gigabyte SD card in the top slot for increased image capacity be in the know of what comes. And goes in your neck of the woods 24/7 NAB. This high-def scout today.

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    Browning® Strike Force Pro XD 24MP Trail Camera

  • Dual-camera-lens technology for sharp day and night images
  • Smart IR video tracks game for recording
  • True 1080p full HD video with sound
  • Lightning-fast 0.15-second trigger speed 
  • The dual-camera-lens technology of the Browning Strike Force Pro XD 24MP Trail Camera uses one lens for razor sharp daytime images and another for clear nighttime images. The fast 0.15-second trigger speed and 80-ft. motion-detection range is sure to capture everything moving by your stand with large 24MP images. SD-card management with Smart IR video continues to record video as long as game is present. Steel adjustable tree mounting bracket, Time-lapse capability and a high-performance video processor with a true 1080p full HD video with sound. Compatible with up to 512GB SDXC memory cards and Browning Buck Watch Timelapse Viewer Software. Fast 0.4-second picture-recovery time. Adjustable flash range up to 120 feet. Up to eight multishot images and eight rapid-fire images. 12-volt external power jack. Effective camo finish. Picture-info bar displays time, date, temperature, moon phase and camera ID. 1.5” color view screen. Programmable picture delay from 1 second to 60 minutes. Runs on six AA batteries (not included).
    4.25”H x 3”W x 2.5”D.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You come up All right so yep today we're gonna unbox the Strikeforce Pro XD 24 megapixel trail cam from Browning it's the new 2018. One with the dual camera lens technology, so I'm really pumped. We just got it in, so we're gonna unbox. And as soon as we're done here. It out set it up in the field so the first thing. That pops out to how small. It is absolutely tiny. Icannot believe how small. This thing is right here. It's smaller than my fist almost. And that's insane so take. That out got the strap it's the same as. All the other straps same as last year straps like those. And then you got your little manual don't need. This so first this I'll see. What we got here you alright so let's plug. Itake six double-a batteries I'll just shoot. That in perfect all awesome okay so no card so. We got to put a card in got a nice car here put. It in the bottom nice ok so see let's go to menu so. We got the date/time mode. Ican just go to the side like. It goes through everything capture delay pick size Ultra multi shot off let's go back we're going to set. One up for video capture delay five seconds the vehicle hi video link I'll do 20 seconds smart IR yep not exposure long range fast motion power save we'll set. It up for long range for now 10 Fahrenheit. And first rep st management off motion test ok. And the name default settings delete. All software upgrade. And then back to the top so that's that's typical that's. What the old ones had. It looks like one is set up almost the exact same way the buttons feel good the screen is its interesting the screen looks really grainy I'm not sure.

    What it's about but the screen looks extremely grainy but other. This thing's pretty amazing it's got. This little you can twist. It on in the back it creates a little angle. You want right here. Whatever angle you guys want. Or for your setting off the tree. You want angle it down a little. You want to angle it straight flat. And then you just tighten. It up right there that's pretty cool. That but I'm just amazed right. Now at how small this thing is. Imean seriously that's that's insane but let's go set. This thing up we'll go switch out to. That video and show. You guys what it looks like setting up. And hopefully in the next couple weeks. Some video on it my god, so we're here today at the barnyard I'm gonna go ahead. And stuff this trail camera off right over here on. This big open section on. This road and hopefully get a lot of pictures for it we'll see.

    It works alright guys so. We got the camera set up right here. We had to put a little stick underneath. It rights there just. Because the way the tree was. Nothing to do with the camera but honestly just check out. How his camera tree blends in pretty amazingly so. We talked about and then. We just used that little tilt feature on. It to tilt it out a little. More so that's pretty cool -. All the pro models have. That so cool part about. It so we'll be back. And hopefully about two weeks to check. And then hopefully we'll get. This review out you guys real quick we're out. All right so it's been two weeks we're back here at the barnyard we're gonna pick up. This brown broken when we'll check out. It did hopefully it's got a bunch of good videos on. We can see it did at night remember.

    This is the cam with the dual. And technology so we're really pumped to see. If the two lenses make. It takes better nighttime. And daytime so stick around we'll see. What it did good videos. And stuff like that Hansa dear torn off the trophy rock. And it's like Turkish grass. And they're all around too so hopefully. Some good videos on here card full. Idon't know if that's a good thing or bad thing, but we'll check. What it came up with alright guys, so we're gonna wrap up the review for the Browning trail camera, so we're just gonna talk about. Some things we liked about. And then some of the things. We didn't like about. It then gives you guys an update on. It for next week alright so there was only really. One thing we did not like about the trail camera.

    It is somewhat fixable. We had the trail camera set on ultra resolute resolution ultra resolution. How will it kind of looked like not real fake kind of so. We went checked it the first time which was yesterday. We changed that to high resolution so hopefully that'll fix kind of the fakeness looking on of. It but really that's the only thing we did not like about. Now they're good the nighttime video is superior the animal. It moves it is clear. All the detail the animal was clear from the entire body the background aside so. That is that's extremely good then. One video a coon ran through. It through and right on the right side. Ipicked and then all the way through. It took video so that's good. It had deer walking 25 yards in the background so picked up further. And closer there's a turtle on the ground walking it picked.

    That up so overall the camera we're extremely happy with. And I'm gonna definitely buy a. More of those yeah so. It went well we liked a lot about. We only did it for a week. Iwas out but it had 630 videos so. We still got tons of video. We were still able to analyze a lot of stuff, but we're gonna actually keep. This going we're gonna probably give. Another updated around a month. Because really a weeks not good enough, so we're gonna go a month. And maybe a two-month update to give. You guys a two-month update on how it's doing and. Everything like that but thanks for watching if. You like this video comment below give. Is a thumbs up subscribe to our Channel chase Brian tree brought here from Brown Brothers outdoors have a great day

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    Wildgame Innovations Illusion 12 - 12MP Trail Camera

  • Captures clear 12MP still images with a 1-second rapid trigger speed
  • Video mode captures HD 720 imagery in up to 30-second clips
  • 21 high-intensity infrared LEDs detect as far as 60 ft. away
  • Wide angle 16:9 aspect ratio option for more open area viewing
  • FlexTime+ time lapse technology saves flashcard space
  • Enjoy viewing wildlife in their natural habitat with Wildgame Innovations' Illusion 12 – 12MP Trail Camera. The photo capability captures crisp, clear 12MP still images with a 1-second rapid trigger speed while video mode captures HD 720 imagery in up to 30-second clips. 21 high-intensity infrared LEDs detect movement as far away as 60 ft. Wide angle 16:9 aspect ratio option captures wildlife moving in more open areas. FlexTime+™ time lapse technology saves on flashcard space so you capture more events over a longer period of time. Exterior covered in a Kryptek Highlander camouflage pattern for outstanding concealment. Flashcard drive compatible with up to a 32GB SDHC card. External battery port for longer life. Operates with eight AA batteries (not included). Includes a USB cable, mounting strap and FlexTime software CD.
    Camo pattern: Kryptek Highlander™.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Today at Walmart I purchased a third Terra trail camera. Now have three of this camera. This is the better one of them. All so I'm gonna open. It up the maximum card. You can have her this camera is 32 gigabytes which. Ialways get in case. It fills up you know. Ialways get the better batteries. This cost 6 bucks for the 8 pack which will last a. Few months taking pictures maybe just a. Few weeks you could have. It on video constantly. These are much better. Than cheap batteries from the dollar store batteries tend to last maybe a week. These tend to last for me at least four months, so I'm gonna open. And check these cameras here. Ilike a lot better. Than other companies. These the sensor is not sensitive at. All there has to be an animal in front of. It other companies throw cameras. It takes pictures every time the wind blows the tree drifts leaves blowing in the wind snowflakes falling in front of. You get thousands and thousands of pictures a day of.

    Nothing these they're always great pictures they're high quality. Even at night it's awesome other ones overexposed. They never over expose no matter. How close the animal is the infrared on. One is dimmer than others well infrared may spook animals like deer but other things like raccoons bear coyotes they're not affected by. It animals do look at. Because in the daytime it's completely silent. And unnoticeable but at night. It turns on it makes a small clique that's why I get a lot of pictures of animals looking over at. It but never actually scared them as far as. This is the display on their unlike other cameras. One tells how much battery. You have left which. Ireally like about. This camera also this camera here comes with two bungee cords which is easy to put onto a tree.

    One does not come with a tripod hookup. Ijust took the SD card out of the packaging and. It just comes in as flimsy stuff the newer cards. These days don't come with a case. They used to come with a nice case so. You could close to protect the card. When it's not in the camera. These trail-camera cards. You put them into your computer to view them before removing it from the computer make sure. You always unmount you don't. That really screws up the format of the card as well. Something else about. This trail camera it doesn't have which others do. It doesn't tell you the camera number like. You have 4 cameras in the woods other companies you're allowed to number them camera 1 2 3. These don't have that option. You take it out of the packaging it feels super light until. You put the batteries in. You put the batteries in. You program everything every time. You change the batteries. You want to do it kind of quickly. Because after about a minute it'll clear its memory meaning you'll have to reset the time.

    And date so you open up the bottom part. Where your batteries go in. This part yeah you put them in accordingly. You put the card in I'm gonna go ahead. And put the batteries in. Ialways buy these microSD cards with the adapter so. You can put it in the new computer. Or your phone it's good to have. That choice okay this is the first time turning this camera on. And it's got a full battery. You see it's flashing nope SD I'm gonna go ahead slide. It goes in upside down with the terminals facing up okay. Iget to set the time. And date on this I'll post. Another video just showing how to use. This is a review it's a very good camera okay so first it's asking for the time. Igot my time here time is. It's 10:03 pm so uh okay yeah start off with 10.

    And there it's still 10:03 enter today is January 16th 1 ok 16th enter. It is 2019 and there 0 photos on the SD card at the time enter ok. Now it's flashing the word still which means. Iwas to just leave the camera alone. And close it would start taking pictures to change. You will go petition button. You see it's flashing video to make videos. You hit enter until. It stops flashing now it's set. Ican put and turn. Now it's flashing again. Ican go back hit enter. Now let's just pretend I'm flipping this up after a. Few seconds the screens gonna shut off. That light flashing. That means it's seeing motion so. This gives you the opportunity to walk around in front of. It to see what where it's ranges. This here I don't know. If that's a light I don't think. Ithink it's just symmetry for the camera looks. You just heard it shut off yeah it's still it's not taking pictures.

    Now it's taking pictures it's probably just taking the picture of. Me right now I'm gonna go ahead turn. It back on you turn. You wait a few seconds hold the power button until the screen shuts off then. You can pull the card out plug in your computer see what's on. It pretties easily got. These bungees for the tria comes with the instructions. It also comes with a tag. It says do not return to store. You can still return. It to the store I got the two-year protection plan for 4 bucks from Walmart so. It breaks down I have two years. Ican return it to Walmart. And get a replacement. That tag is in there. Because the company wants. You to go through them. They want to know about. They want to make it right that's fine. Either way also something else notice in here. This does not apply for images. It applies for just video. It records in this weird format called JP e J which. You plug into the computer. It says avi files you need a Mac.

    Or Windows computer to view. You have a Google computer like. You cannot view the videos just the pictures so. You got to go through a video editor. That converts it that's just. Something you want to look out for with. These so you got home. And you're disappointed on. Most people have windows that's fine but. You don't you're gonna have to use a video converter. That converts it from avi to mp4 which is. What I do the post videos online thanks for watching.

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    Bushnell® Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 20MP Game Camera with No Glow Flash

  • No-Glow black infrared flash with 48 Hyper Night Vision LEDs
  • Full-color images in 20MP and 1080p HD Dynamic video
  • Hyper PIR motion sensor and Hybrid capture mode
  • Field Scan 2X mode captures time-lapse and trigger-activated images
  • Three location presets allow you to match the setting to the scenario
  • Bushnell's Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 20MP Game Camera utilizes a No-Glow black infrared flash with 48 Hyper Night Vision LEDs that reaches out 80 ft. to give you detailed nighttime images without spooking wary bucks. Triggered by a Hyper PIR motion sensor that reaches out 100 ft. and activated by an incredible 0.2-second trigger, this camera won't let fast-moving bucks slip by. Three location presets allow you to match the setting to the scenario: feeder, trail/scrape or food plot. Hybrid capture mode captures a full-resolution image followed by a video clip each time the camera is triggered. Field Scan 2X mode captures time-lapse images and trigger-activated images, while multi-image mode gives you the option of capturing up to three shots per trigger. This camera takes full-color images in 20MP and 1080p HD Dynamic video clips with sound. Backlit five-way buttons allow you to set the camera up at night. Runs for up to one year on eight AA batteries (not included), and is compatible with the 119756C solar panel (not included). Uses SD cards up to 32GB (not included). Comes with an adjustable web belt with a metal cam buckle, and 1/4"-20 socket for multiple attachment options.
    20"H x 11.75"W x 10"D.
    Colors: Tan, Treebark (not shown).

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This is the trophy camp HD address. Or no globe available in brown. And Realtree extra camo the new aggressive design improved easy open latches. And strengthened cable lock channel ensure maximum ruggedness. And security with the lightning-fast 02 second trigger speed. And recovery speed of less. Than a second capture high quality 14 megapixel images day. And night as well as true 1080p HD video the no globe black LEDs won't spook. Where a game and have an 80-foot flash range automatically snap images at preset intervals with fields can 2x time-lapse technology to watch over an entire field for football. Or use the hybrid capture mode to capture a full resolution image followed by a full resolution video the trophy can HD aggressor only from Bushnell.

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    Browning® Recon Force Advantage 20MP Trail Camera

  • Captures 20MP images and full-HD 1920x1080 video
  • Up to an 80-ft. detection range lets you set it up off the trail
  • Infrared flash illuminates wildlife out to 120 ft.
  • Adjustable IR flash modes optimize night images
  • Adjustable trigger speed between 0.4 and 0.7 seconds
  • Browning's Recon Force Advantage 20MP Trail Camera keeps watch day and night, providing you with the hard evidence you need to formulate a plan. 20MP images and 1920x1080 full-HD video – with sound – that can be recorded at either 30 or 60 fps ensure exceptional quality, while an adjustable detection range up to 80 ft. means you don't have to set it up right on top of where the deer are moving. Adjustable IR flash modes optimize picture control at night. Preview camera positioning and check images in the field using the built-in 2" color display. Infrared flash illuminates wildlife out to 120 ft. Smart IR video continues recording footage of moving game. SD-card memory management option overwrites older images on the card when memory reaches full capacity. Supports up to a 512GB SDXC card (not included). Fast trigger speed can be adjusted between 0.4 and 0.7 seconds and pairs with a speedy 0.6-second recovery time to ensure full-frame images. Camera takes up to eight multishot or Rapid Fire pictures and has delay settings ranging from one second to 60 minutes. You can program each image with a data strip, including time, date, temperature, moon phase and camera ID. Threaded 1/4"-20 insert on bottom of camera for tripod mounting. Compatible with Browning BuckWatch Timelapse Viewer software. Powered by eight AA batteries (not included), while a battery meter lets you know how much life is left whether you use alkaline or lithium. Camera equipped with TV out, USB port and 12-volt external power jack.
    5"H x 4"W x 2.5"D.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey there YouTube hey George a Bigfoot thanks for checking out. This video this is first initial thoughts. And we're gonna include. Some video as well of the 2018 Browning recon force advantage trail camera its model BTC 7a. It my first Brownian trail camera back in 2013. That suckers been chugging along ever since then. It was a recon force that's sort of their flagship red flash camera. What I've been most excited to see. What this camera would be like for 2018 is the fact. That it's got alleged 120 foot flash range which is 20 feet further. Than last year model. And 24 mega predatory megapixel images a 2-inch viewing screen inside it's full HD that's 1920 by 1080 you've seen my videos before in the past know. Ilike to review my videos. And images on my big-screen HDTV. Because it's a fantastic way to view browning images. What is of note on the camera. This year to me also is the fact. It has what's claimed to be an adjustable trigger speed from point four seconds to 07 seconds let's see. It has a 6/10 of a second picture recovery time. It supports up to 512 gigabyte cards. And for image resolutions which. Ithought I'd pass along let's open. And take a look at it out in the field okay so. Ipulled it out of the box plastic clamshell case here's our 6-foot strap include every year which is durable. Inever had one fail it's been a fantastic there's there just be a little faux cover in their use the camera like.

    Ilike the muted camo as a heavy-duty steel slot for a strap. And for a Python cable in the back that's the quarter by 20 threaded inserts in the bottom don't compare to at. This size it's not that big also comes with instructions hey. You know in the past least include the disc for the buck watch software but. They know most people just view the images at home on their TV. Or a computer or download the buck watch software from their website let's open. This up BTC 7a let's five. Some batteries in and put a card in. And um since we can't figure out. What the story is on. This adjustable trigger speak alright I've just put eight double-a batteries inside of. Ishould also mention. It has a port with the weather seal on. It for it external battery also has a TV out. And USB cord out but. Iuse a SD card reader. And I'll put the SD card in the USB port of the back of my television. Or in a computer to review the images so let's turn.

    This on see what we can get here camera setup way back in screen. You camera setup libration mode photo quality video link video quality photo dope a multi shot mode temp unit camber name image data strip motion test motion detection that's got to be the trigger speed motion detection for a 60-foot range motion detection for an 80-foot range let's just click 60 trigger speed. How about it has a fast trigger speed. And a normal surface let's go fast. And battery type that's a new thing to choose I'm going to choose alkaline. What here's a huge advantage notice. You run lithium's and the camera's lithium voltages read higher. Then alkaline so therefore by actually having something. That it's calibrated for lithium batteries it's a really nice bonus. That which is alkaline let's see time-lapse period we're gonna get a live st management feature. That basically allows. It will overwrite the oldest file.

    If it's set to that I'm gonna do autumn fat. And I'm gonna go back to the camera setup I'm gonna set up the date. And time here in a moment I'm gonna set. It up to record 10-second video let's get. It on a tree what we can get thanks for watching and. More thing to pass along here through. Now on the Recon force the photo delay has a minimum of. One sex in the past starting last year the Strikeforce. And the dark ops had a. One second photo delay alright had a. One second further delay but not the larger cameras. This year for 2018 it appears them for size cameras also have a. One second which is fantastic it's almost to think about. It makes it like the near video image capture for stills. That recon exclaims. All right it is set up for ultra video.

    That is going to be the 1920 by 1080 resolution Full HD we're gonna put. It up on a tree what we get. Ikeep finding things on a camera. Iwanna add and show. You guys there's a IR flash power. This year autonomy long range. And boy reduction I'm gonna set mine for a long range. And earlier I mentioned the about. How there was an adjustable trigger speed. Ilooked inside the manual. Iwill read what it says to. You real quick in case you're curious about. It seems reasonably self-explanatory but know your camera can be configured to a custom trigger speed of normal 07 seconds. Or fast point four seconds depending on the location of your camera.

    We recommend the normal setting for areas. Where game is moving more slowly such as feeding areas the fast setting is normally used for monitoring trails. Ihad mine set on fast. It on a tight trail so. We have to see it goes anyway. Ithink that's the last little bit of tidbit. Ineeded to pass along. We will be adding videos as soon as. We start getting up thanks.

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