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  Solvit PupStep™ Wood Pet Stairs PetSafe® Freedom® Patio Panel Dog Door PetSafe® Sliding Glass Pet Door MidWest® Wood/Wire Mesh Pet Gate Pet Gear StRamp Pet Gear Easy Step II
  Solvit PupStep™ Wood Pet Stairs PetSafe® Freedom® Patio Panel Dog Door PetSafe® Sliding Glass Pet Door MidWest® Wood/Wire Mesh Pet Gate Pet Gear StRamp Pet Gear Easy Step II

Solvit PupStep™ Wood Pet Stairs

  • Give your pet access to your bed or couch
  • Beautiful wood construction
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Give your pet quick, safe access to your bed or couch. The PupStep Wood Stairs are constructed of durable wood with a rich, walnut finish to match any décor. Protective side rails add an extra measure of safety. Folds for easy storage.
    Large – Great for small- to medium-size breeds.
    Dimensions: 20"H x 16"W x 24"D.
    Extra-Large – Great for medium- to large-size breeds or for smaller breeds trying to reach a taller bed.
    Dimensions: 25"H x 19"W x 30"D.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    PetSafe® Freedom® Patio Panel Dog Door

  • Dog door fits sliding-glass door frame
  • Automatically adjusts to the proper height
  • UltraSeal flexible flap keeps out heat and cold
  • Secures with locking panel
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Tempered safety-glass flap
  • PetSafe Freedom Patio Panel Dog Door gives your pet the freedom to come and go through your sliding-glass door. The spring-loaded dog door fits into your sliding-glass door frame, automatically adjusting to the proper height. To keep out the elements, ceramic magnets ensure the flap closes completely. The flap can be locked when you want to restrict your pet's access. For security, these patio panel dog doors feature a reversible lock for left- or right-sliding doors. Features heavy-duty aluminum construction and shatter-resistant, tempered safety glass. Energy-conserving UltraSeal flexible flap system keeps heat and cold outdoors. One-year manufacturer's warranty. Imported.
    • Small (8-3/8"W x 76-13/16" - 81"H frame, 5-1/4"W x 8-3/16"H flap, 1-3/4" rise)
    • Medium (11-3/8"W x 76-13/16" - 81"H frame, 8-1/4"W x 12-3/16"H flap, 1-3/4" rise)
    • Large (13-3/8"W x 76-13/16" - 81"H frame, 10-1/4"W x 16-3/8"H flap, 4-1/4" rise)
    • Large-Tall (13-3/8"W x 76-13/16" - 81"H frame, 10-1/4"W x 16-3/8"H flap, 8-1/4" rise)
    Colors: White, Satin, Bronze.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    At pet safe you love your pets. And would do anything to make them happy. And safe also you would like to give them. More independence to come. And go as they please the pets a deluxe patio panel is a semi-permanent pet door. That easily installs into your existing sliding glass door requiring minimum installation. Or tools and gives your pet the freedom. They deserve the pet safe deluxe patio panel comes in two adjustable Heights for sliding glass door sizes seventy-six. And three-quarter inches to 81 inches. Or 93 inches to 96 inches. Both are available in a variety of sizes. And colors prior to installing it is important to consult your sliding glass door manufacturer's warranty before drilling as well. You will need to have determined the height of your sliding glass door frame opening to do. This measure from the lowest point. And the bottom door track to the highest point inside the top door track. Most homes have a sliding glass door with exposed frames. That will be drilled into to secure your patio panel. You may have a recess sliding glass door frame. That is flushed to your interior. Or exterior wall if so your installation will be a little different. You will need to contact our customer care center for a patio panel metal bracket kit in. Either case in this video. We will walk you through. How to install your patio panel for. Both types of sliding glass door frames here are the tools. You will need a drill a 760 fourths inch drill bit a 9/64 inch drill bit a Philips head screwdriver a flathead screwdriver.

    Or an electric screwdriver scissors tape measure tape a pencil. And a pair of safety glasses remove packaging from the patio panel including the cardboard pieces. And the sides of the height adjuster. You have a 96-inch patio panel. You will need to assemble the bottom section to do. This remove the four factory installed screws two on. Each side of the bottom section of the patio panel align. And slide the connection bars on the bottom section of the patio panel into the top section reinstall. And tighten the four screws into the connection bars firmly pull down the height adjuster so. You can place the patio panel into your sliding glass door frame. You may need to pull down on. One side than the other. Now stand inside your door. And place the top of the patio panel into the top track on the interior side of your sliding glass door lift up.

    And position the lower section of the patio panel into the bottom track of your sliding glass door also on the interior sign move the patio panel flush against the door jamb to check the fit. And make sure there are no gaps make sure the height adjuster of the patio panel is fully extended. And not tilted to one side slide the patio panel out slightly so. You can see the redrilled holes. And the height adjuster use a seven sixty-fourths inch drill bit. And drill into the two redrilled holes on the interior side secure the height adjuster to the patio panel using two 5/8 inch sheet metal screws which are. Provided to attach your patio panel to a sliding glass door with an exposed frame measure.

    And mark these four positions find the center of your patio panel. And Mark it at the top. You can mark directly on your sliding glass door frame as. You will be drilling now measure 12 inches from the top down the side of your sliding glass door frame. And marked one inch above the pet door of the patio panel. And measure the center at the bottom. And mark with a 9/64 inch drill bit drill clearance holes through your sliding glass frame only do not drill through your patio panel before drilling into your patio panel. It is very important. You do not drill inside the ribbed line on your patio panel as. Where the patio panel glass is located inside the frame only drill in the outer edge section of the rib line on your patio panel of show.

    You may need to slide your patio panel over just slightly to correct before drilling now with a seven sixty-fourths inch drill bit drill holes through your sliding glass frames for clearance holes. And into your patio panel fasten the patio panel to the interior side of the sliding glass frame with the four 5/8 inch screws. Provided do not over type. You have a recessed sliding glass door frame take the two metal brackets from your pet safe patio panel metal bracket kit for measure. And marking purposes the kit which is sold separately includes two metal brackets. And screws that will be used at the top. And the bottom of your sliding glass frame to install the patio panel slide your patio panel against your sliding glass door jamb.

    And measure and Mark the center top of your patio panel. And bottom then mark. This on your sliding glass door frame use a pencil. Something that can be easily removed as. These are used as a marking guide only for the two metal brackets. You have a large tall patio panel mark on the bottom door frame. It meets the edge of your patio panel. Now slide your patio panel over enough to be able to place brackets into the track of your sliding glass doors take. One of the metal brackets. And place it at the top of your sliding glass track. Where the hanging down part of the bracket aligns with your mark with a pencil on the inside of the track for your pilot holes do the same for the bottom track the metal brackets are universal.

    And will work in the top. Or bottom track for a large tall patio panel use the edge of the metal bracket to align with the mark at the bottom use a 760 fourths inch drill bit to drill pilot holes for your metal brackets place the metal brackets back into place. And with the screws. Provided secure the metal brackets in the top. And the bottom of your sliding glass door track slide your patio panel back against the door jamb. You will see the metal brackets in front of your small medium. Or large patio panel for large tall patio panels the metal bracket at the bottom will be aligned to the edge of your patio panel. Now use a 760 fourths inch drill bit to drill pilot holes through the metal brackets. And into your patio panel at the top.

    And bottom attach the metal bar bracket to your patio panel with the screws. Provided your door is. Now in place to install the lock first close the sliding glass door tightly against the patio panel. Now determine the location for your latch at a convenient height for you from the floor using the template. Provided align the vertical centerline on the template with the door line between the sliding glass door. And the patio pet panel keeping the latch illustration to the right. And mark the four locations for mounting screws make sure there is not a possibility the holes will be in contact. Where glass is located on the inside of. Either door remove the template. And inspect the location of the holes on the doors again. If needed position the template over a little. More of the center line to correct. Any changes drill for 760 fourths inch holes with the drill bit.

    And do not drill completely through the door to the other side secure the latch. And keeper with four 3/4 inch flat head sheet metal screws. Provided do not over tighten. If over tightening results. You have stripped the connection move the latch slightly up. Or down andrey drill mounting holes. Or drill existing holes to a larger size. And install plastic anchors which are not. Provided plastic anchors can be purchased at. Any local hardware or home improvement store next. We are going to add the glass sweep. And weather stripping these will form a seal between the patio panel. And your sliding glass door first. It is very important. That the back edge and the leading edge of your sliding glass door are clean. And dry before you begin the glass sweep should be installed onto the back edge of your sliding glass door forming the seal between the outer back end of your sliding glass door. And your stationery glass door start on the back edge of the sliding glass door at the glass top edge with the flexible piece touching the glass of the stationary door carefully peel away the backing and press the glass sweep in place as.

    You move down to the bottom of the door trim. Any excess with scissors next position the weather stripping at the top of the door on the front edge remove the backing and press into place as. You move down to the bottom of the door trim off. Any excess the patio panel does come with a closing panel too. It attaches to the inside of the patio pet panel for inclement weather or to keep your pet from using the pet your patio door is. Now complete and time to introduce your pet to its new door lift the vinyl flap a. Few inches and try to talk your pet into going through. It may help for you to be on. One side of the door. And your pet on the other. While on the other side of the door call your pet. You may persuade your pet by holding a treat.

    Or placing it on the other side of the door after your pet has gone through a. Few times allow the flap to touch your pets back a couple of times until. They are ready to do. It on their own your pet will enjoy the freedom. And convenience that pet safe deluxe patio panel offers relax let. Us take the dog out today for installation help. Or replacement flaps. You can contact the pet safe customer care center. Or by visiting our website at WWF net.

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    PetSafe® Sliding Glass Pet Door

  • Installs easily into sliding patio doors
  • Pets can let themselves out
  • Included latches enable you to lock your sliding glass door
  • Weather stripping and closing panel add weather resistance
  • Give your pets the freedom to let themselves out. The PetSafe Sliding Glass Pet Doors assemble easily to fit into sliding patio doors from 76.81"-81" tall with a 0.75" track. When pets want to step outside they'll be free to simply walk through the flexible, tinted flap and walk back through when their done – no more whining, barking or scratching to get your attention. Included latches enable you to lock your sliding glass door with the pet door installed. Weather stripping, glass sweep and closing panel add weather resistance. Doors fit both left or right sliding glass doors. Kit includes: PetSafe Sliding Glass Pet Door, foam weather stripping, glass sweep, four flathead screws, six sheet-metal screws, two latch assemblies and installation guide.
    Available: Small, Medium, Large.
    • Small: Up to 15-lb.– dog 5.25" x 8.19" opening.
    • Medium: Up to 40-lb.– dog 8.34" x 13.19" opening.
    • Large: Up to 100-lb.– dog 10.25" x 16.38" opening.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    MidWest® Wood/Wire Mesh Pet Gate

    Strong and durable wood and wire-mesh gate easily locks in place with a pressure bar, keeping your pet contained to preferred areas in your home. Variable-width range fits multiple opening sizes.
    • 24"H x 26" to 41-1/2"W
    • 32"H x 29" to 50"W
    • 44"H x 29" to 50"W

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Pet Gear StRamp

    One of the most innovative ramps on the market, it provides a gentle slope so your pets can reach elevated places. Snap-together design doesn’t require any tools. Carpet tread is easily removable for machine washing. Rubber grippers keep the ramp in place. Imported.
    Dimensions: 28"L x 16"W x 16"H.
    Colors: Chocolate, Tan.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Pet Gear Easy Step II

  • Holds pets up to 150 lbs.
  • Wide, deep and designed with a gentle incline
  • Carpeted with treads
  • The Easy Step II gives older or smaller dogs the gift of household mobility. These wide and deep steps give smaller dogs the ability to get their entire body on each platform and older dogs the ability to climb without extra stress. These gentle steps are designed with a slight incline to reduce the number of steps needed to get up and down. Carpet tread removes easily and is machine washable. Sturdy, snap-together construction holds pets up to 150 lbs. Rubber grippers on bottom enhance stability.
    Dimensions: 22"L x 16"W x 16"H.
    Step height: 5".
    Colors: Chocolate, Cocoa, Sage, Tan.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    These pet gear easy step to pet stairs to take a look at today. These are short steps there's only two stairs so it's not gonna get your dog up. And to say like a vehicle but maybe up onto a sofa. Or a bed that's its fairly low. This would be a great option they're very durable on they can hold Pat's weighing up to 150 pounds. They have nice long step depths, so they're great for senior dogs with mobility issues. That have trouble lifting their legs let's take a closer look at these stairs. What their specific details are the pet care easy step to puck stairs are really easy to put together. They do come in pieces but. You give this full side pieces. And the stairs and then. These little I don't know dividers in between. They just snap together. You can see here on the side there's. These little notches made on. Each piece and then holes drilled in the sides.

    You have to do is snap them together it's really very simple. It took just a couple of minutes. And the carpet comes separate but. It just velcro is down so it's a really super easy to put together. It just takes a couple of minutes. You don't have to have. Some strength to really push those stairs. You know push the notches down into the holes so. You know if you're buying this for somebody that's elderly. Or doesn't have a lot of arms strength. You may want to help them out. It together before you just drop. And leave them to put. It together themselves you'll also notice the wider deeper stairs. That for dogs that are really unsteady on their feet. Or dogs are covering from an injury that's really great. If they can't lift their legs up as easily. And they're a little maybe shaky on their feet having this wider stair is a lot nicer. And the deeper landings is great the DS weigh about 7 pounds so not super heavy.

    You want to take them. And move them from downstairs hop up stereo. Or take them with you know to get your dog in the car. Whatever it's their pretty lightweight to carry around the carpet tread is on there it's removable. And it's actually machined washable. Even with the velcro so. That makes it really easy there are. Some referent refers at the bottom of these two fuzzies. All over the floor you can see the little black rubber gripper. That just keeps them from. You know I can push them across the floor but there's a little bit of resistance so your dog won't be sliding all around. While he's trying to climb up the stairs which is a really nice feature believe. These teeny little pet stairs can actually hold up to 150 pounds its just pretty impressive for their small size the dimensions of these its 22. And a half inches long. And then it's 16 inches tall. And are 16 inches wide as well the stair dimensions themselves are about 13.

    And a half they have. These little side it's not much of a bump up but. It is kind of difference in the height so. That your dog can feel. When he's sort of stepping off the stairs. And the actual stairs Elvis 13. And a half 511, so they're still very good size compared to a lot of pet stairs the incline. You can tell it has like a unique design so the incline is kind of it's not. You know just straight across. And straight up like traditional stairs have. That unique incline. And that's a means of stairs. That are needed so most puck stairs might do three. Or four smaller stairs to go. This distance of an incline. One only uses two stairs again. You know that's great for small. And large dogs and it's really nice for pets. That need it for mobility issues so. You can see these stairs are perfect size for Molly. Or beagle, but they also work well for our chocolate lab Sadie -. She can reach just as well because of the weight of these stairs are set up.

    Ilove the chocolate color which cost thirty dollars. And forty-nine cents on Amazon. Now they're also available in cocoa seeds. They vary just a couple of dollars a piece depending on the color. You choose this is the only size available so that's kind of drawback. You want them to go to a taller area come on get up here Molly is not so good with dog stairs so obviously. It takes some training to get your pup to use them. Iknow the truth is she's pretty interested in her right. Now so they're fairly inexpensive. You know again that lack of sighting kind of stinks but. If you're looking for stairs for a larger area. You can always pick a different mop model. And brands actually pet gear has a lot of different options anyway.

    If you're looking for something else. You guys have any questions about the patio easy stuff to pack stairs feel free to email. Me it's Samantha I'm top dog tips com. And I'd be happy to answer. Any of your pet stair questions. Whether it's on this model a different. Or just cut stairs in general whoops. One rolled away come stay tuned to top dog tips. Because Molly I will be back with. Another review very soon thank. You so much for watching my video guys. We really appreciate. You guys tuning in whenever. We post a new video of course. You can check us out on our website toppdogg tips com so be sure to bookmark. And check back often. We are always publishing new reviews product information top ten lists information about dog hair grooming training all aspects of dog hair health.

    We share some vet tips on there. All kinds of great stuff so. If you're a dog owner dog lover that's the site for you also be sure to find us on social media. We are on Facebook Twitter Instagram Google+. You can find us on Pinterest as well so make sure to follow. And then you'll stay up-to-date with. Everything that's going on our website. And on our social media you'll see. All the newest videos. Whenever they're posted. And of course make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel right here. You have to do is go to youtube search for top two our tips we're right there subscribe. And you'll get a notification every time a new video so be sure to do. That thanks again for watching guys.

    And I'll see you back soon with. Another great topic on tips video.

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