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  Magpul Hunter 700 Magazine Well CMMG .22 LR AR-15 Conversion Kit Sims Limbsaver AirTech Recoil Pad Seekins Precision SP Safety Selector Kit Magpul M-LOK™ Hand Stop Kit Midwest Industries Ruger® Precision Handguard
  Magpul Hunter 700 Magazine Well CMMG .22 LR AR-15 Conversion Kit Sims Limbsaver AirTech Recoil Pad Seekins Precision SP Safety Selector Kit Magpul M-LOK™ Hand Stop Kit Midwest Industries Ruger® Precision Handguard
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Brand - Sims Vibration Laboratory Magpul Seekins Precision Magpul Midwest Industries

Magpul Hunter 700 Magazine Well

  • Drop-in trigger guard and magazine well
  • Requires no special tools or other parts
  • Works with Magpul PMAG AC magazines
  • Convert your Remington® 700 rifle with Magpul Hunter 700 stock (sold separately) to detachable-magazine operation with the Hunter 700 Magazine Well from Magpul. This drop-in trigger guard and magazine well requires no special tools or other parts and works with Magpul PMAG® AC magazines. Rugged polymer construction. Includes magazine well and one five-round AC PMAG magazine. Requires Magpul Hunter 700 stock (sold separately). Made in USA.
    • Short Action (not shown) –
    Works with Magpul 7.62 AC magazines. Requires Magpul Hunter 700 stock (sold separately). Includes one five-round PM 7.62 magazine (not shown).
    • Standard – Works with AICS-pattern long-action magazines. Requires Magpul Hunter 700L stock (sold separately). Includes one Magpul PMAG 5 AC™ L Standard for .30-06 based cartridges.
    • Magnum – Works with Magpul 700L Stock and long-action .300 Win. Mag. AICS pattern magaines. Requires Magpul Hunter 700L stock (sold separately). Includes one Magpul PMAG 5 AC L Magnum for .300 Win. Mag. based cartridges.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The Magpul hunter 700 stock let's check. It out there's just. Something about a bolt-action rifle to. Me especially in 308 it's a standard caliber it's used by NATO's tried. And true but it's really cool to put. It in an exceptional stock system. And there's a lot on the market but. Once Magpul released their hunter 700 stock. This is an incredible very versatile stock. Yet has Magpul quality not only is. It just a great replacement stock for your model 700 to improve accuracy but it's so modular. And there's so many different things. You can do to that it's really gone crazy in the competitive circles we're getting really good accuracy. You really demand good accuracy. It was kind of surprise with a lot of people so. What we're going to do is we're going to install the hunter 700. This is a reinforced polymer. That the Magpul typically uses. One of the cool things. Though about this stock system is the betting block. This is an aluminum insert. Than a betting block. Imean it's actually. It fits down in it comes. All the way up in this direction. And then it extends down into your pistol grip so. This is really going to give stability to your action. You still have the lightweight of the polymer.

    Iget the action installed we're going to go through a lot of the features. One of the things I'm going to do is originally we're going to install. It as is with the floor plate. And then we're going to install the magwell that's optional, so we're going to do. And just give you a good idea of how. This works now with our receiver turned upside down. We have the original Remington magazine well we're going to go ahead place. It into the stock now inside there is an insert. That comes all the way around right here. You add in your mag well from Magpul. You remove this but. What holds the metal mag well into place then just bring in your follower. And your trigger guard system usually. It takes a little bit of messing around to get. This in but that just dropped right in. That is pretty impressive. Now we're going to take our screws. And drop them in have a 5/32 hex wrench bring in our other.

    One same thing now how easy is. We are locked into place ready to go. Now to install the optional trigger guard with the detachable magazine from Magpul. Now the first thing we need to do is to remove. This insert some little fingers. That punch down it is a little bit of a tight fit but. These open you can kind of lift. It out there this is the insert. We don't need if we're going to use the detachable magma. Now not only do you take out your insert. You also take out the metal mag well. This is going to interfere with your magazine. Now I'm using one of the Tim knee flat triggers. And because of that it's not going to fit correctly into the trigger guard in fact. Ihad to relieve it to fit. It into an earlier stock. Ihad so now instead of relieving even. More on my Tim knee trigger. Idecided to relieve. Some on the trigger guard of the new magwell trigger guard. And real easy to do with a little dremel tool but.

    It doesn't take a lot just make sure. It the travel the trigger travel is so short with. It really didn't need a lot take the stock drop. It down take your mag pull trigger guard get. It in place and then just put your screws in it's a really simple install. It is metal reinforced around the Magpul trigger guard. It is made of polymer but. This gives you metal to metal. And it's embedded into the polymer of the trigger guard. Now insert your magazine for test. One of the things you're going to notice is. That you're gonna have to pop the magazine to get. It to stay in place at least that's. What I've experienced.

    You want to make sure. You catch this little lip underneath for your mag release get. It in make sure it's solid. And there you go so. You have a detachable five round box. It is Magpul quality. Any of your a ICS spec mags will fit as well so. It gives you a lot of possibility. Imean there's a lot of different mags on the market. And there it fits just right. Now here we have the action installed it's ready for the range there's a lot of different features on here. Iwant to show now the stock is fully adjustable there's a really nice rubber butt pad at the back, but they're also spacers here. That are half-inch mag pol also supplies spacers to go here so. You can change the length of pull from 13 inches up to 15 inches which is exceptional it's really easy take a 1/8 inch hex. You can take a splat head screwdriver remove your butt pad here. Everything comes out the spacers just slide on.

    And off so it makes. It really easy this is the. That goes up next to the stock. And again you can add. You want to this really makes. This modular then just reinsert right into place put your screws back in but. One of the things also want to show is. That your cheek riser is also removable. It goes from a quarter inch. You can go with a half inch. And actually even make a three-quarter inch. This really gives you a lot of possibilities for your shooting style. And for your size it into place return your butt stock then. You just like that is truly modular. One special note is. You can use your standard Hunter X for your 1020 — those spacers work in here.

    And also for the Remington 870 the stock the Magpul stock the spacers for it for your cheek riser also work so it's a truly modular system for sling attachments. You have a footman's loop here but. You also have a place for the QD kit. And it's just a spacer. That goes in that allows. You to take your QD swivel. And just place it in pistol grip very nice texturing right here. And then there's some ribbing at the front. This really fits the hand very well the stock has a very nice palm swell here at the front. This really allows either set. This on a rest you can actually grab. This with your hand it's really filling and then of course. You have your M lock slots here on the sides. And also the em lock mounts here so. You can put a bipod there are. Some little divots here. And here this is made to be able to screw in standard sling mounts. You want to go ahead. And drill and tap those ins. And also here at the rear of the stock mag release is just forward to the trigger guard bring it down pull your mag out.

    It is a free float system so your barrel is going to ride really nice without. Any contact to the stock. It does fit up to 092 inch barrels so there's a lot of capability of course. You can go with smaller barrels as well but the standard Remington SPS barrel fits beautifully right here in the stock. You can take standard card stock go. All the way up no contact whatsoever no resistance. This is an optional item from mag pol. One of the bipod in lock mounts place. It in to the slot tighten. It down good and secure fit. This gives you a really secure point but. You can also use this for mounting slings. You really want to put a light on here cord to your application guys at the range the stock just fit naturally really. You need to be as comfortable as possible. When shooting having the correct length of pull having the right comb. Or your cheek riser.

    And your cheek being in the right position to see through the scope is really important. Because then you can concentrate completely on. That trigger pull and on your accuracy. One of the great things about the stock. It is so versatile and so adjustable the pistol grip is just at the right angle it's a 60-degree angle. It just gets your hand in the right position to be able to lay. That finger naturally on your trigger. And of course you know taking those shots. And deliberately and really putting them. They need to be I'm really looking forward to not only shooting this. And getting some accuracy with. This upcoming scope. Ihad the primary arms 4 by 14 by 40. This was the art grid it's a first focal plane scope really clear glass.

    And we're going to check. That out now during this part of the review. It on a American defense detachable scope mount but I'm getting 30 millimeter rings to really lock. This down but even then. Iwas getting really good accuracy, so we're going to check. It out of course with the free float system making sure. That nothing's touching the barrel we'll be finding. That out in a later review. And kudos to GoPro the case was hit by 308 actually from hitting steel. And then it popped back on. It but the great thing is my camera is in perfect condition. And guys you are shooting steel make sure. You remain a good distance away from the steel. This could be your eye. Now the hunter 700 stock has been introduced in the black color but there are future plans for releasing the fde olive drab.

    And also the gray color the retail price on the hunter x stock is to 5995 on the Magpul comm website. Idid see it at brown O's for two 4695 in stock. Now the magwell runs on the Magpul website 6995. This does come with the five around Magpul magazine. And obviously others are available. Iwant to thank the guys at Zenith for sending the zqi 762 by 5 1. Or 308 ammunition really good quality ammunition. And the price is really exceptional I'll have the link down below but it's Zi Qi mo comm the hunter 700 stock by Magpul thumbs way up be strong feel good courage god bless america long live the Republic. And we're going to install the new. And then we're going to install the new. And then we're going to install there. Any of your aftermarket AIS but. Any of your any of your a ICS spec bring back in okay bring back in your insert the extent search your adjustment but also at the bottom. This is great for your tripod also at the bottom. This is great of course for your M lock mounts.

    You can put a tripod or.

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    CMMG .22 LR AR-15 Conversion Kit

    Don't let expensive, hard-to-find ammo keep you from enjoying your AR-15. Convert it to shoot plentiful and affordable .22 LR rimfire rounds for plinking and practice. This kit changes any .223/5.56 NATO AR-15 to .22 caliber in minutes. No tools needed. Includes bolt and a 25-round magazine.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Sims Limbsaver AirTech Recoil Pad

  • Uniform energy dissipation
  • 35% increase in protection
  • Made of all-weather, nonslip Navcom
  • Reduces noise, vibration and muzzle jump
  • The Sims Limbsaver AirTech Recoil Pad's atmospheric chambers produce a substantial increase in performance through uniform energy dissipation. These recoil pads optimize internal pressure distribution for a 35% increase in protection due to uniform energy dissipation. Made of all-weather, nonslip Navcom® material to reduce noise and vibration. It also reduce muzzle jump for faster target reacquisition. Easy to install.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hi my name is Tenley welcome again to our channel Legion 4com today. We want to show you the little saver air tank recoil pads. This is an air tech recoil clip on pad. You can just put it on to. Most rifles shotguns. Or muzzle loaders you just put. It onto your stock either slip. And then it just works like. It will reduce this recoil up to 70 percent felt recoil okay felt recall means. You reduce the shock on your shoulder by up to 70%. This is really crucial especially. You use a punch of them using a shooting a heavy load such as a buck shot of slap shot that's. You really feel that recall going to your body in those photos. You know you shoot a shotgun. You shoot the lighter load the. You don't feel it as much but. You start to shoot a heavier load but then two grams with a bigger very good shells. And stuff like you will definitely feel. That on your show you know. You will get the bruising and. Icompete in IPSC I should shotgun. And especially when you're shooting the buckshot stages. You after a few shots of. That buckshot my hand is. This lip I don't feel my head anymore so with. This after using this. It makes this world a difference like. It should all day using air tech recoil pad it's real simple. You follow the instructions. If your gun has already has a slip on pad. Or a built-in shot dissolving tab remove. If your gun doesn't have. That it's okay even better. You just pull it rights off just like a condom. You muck okay you should be nice and snug.

    If it's wobbling too many means. You still need to remove the other pad. Or change the sides. Most guns I know of are in the medium range. And then there are the large range for the large range are mostly peopled to browning more the Remington's with just the. All depends on so find the right sizes. We on the website or askers. We can always advise. You accordingly so it rights on. You might want to adjust your the length of the stock. It does add about an inch of pull to your stop. Once it's fully adjusted that's. It jobs done you can use immediately start using shooting it. You can feel the difference riding with right away the little saver air tech recoil pad is made in the USA. It has been tested in laboratory to prove. How effective you check on YouTube. Even put M&Ms; under the recall fat. They have a drop test the mmm doesn't. Even get scratched whereas with other brands the same M&M; is crushed by the same impact force but.

    It really shows what different inmate with using the air their lips a bird air tank recoil pad there are. Many other models but for our simplicity sake we'll just. We sell only slip on pad with precision pads. You need to use need to bolt. You need to grind it to size which is a bit of work for many of our customers are so weak. We offer this really simple slip-on solution for air for everybody. You want to purchase. This is available from our website Legion products calm. Or from our retail shop right here in an address located below ok as again as always thank. You my name is Tenley please subscribe

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    Seekins Precision SP Safety Selector Kit

  • Operate your safety from either side of the gun
  • Short- and standard-length throw levers
  • Can be adjusted to have a 60° or 90° throw
  • Replace your mil-spec selector safety switch with Seekins Precision's SP Safety Selector Kit and you'll be able to operate your safety from both sides of the gun. Has a standard-throw lever on one side and a short-throw lever on the other. Can be adjusted to have a 60° or 90° throw. Ambidextrous. Made in USA.
    Colors: Black, Red, Flat Dark Earth.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Isteered harder at the seeking safety there is a long lever. And a short lever there also is a long. And a short throw on. This safety so to set. Igot my detent here my Springs already there the screw is started for the stock I'm out the short throw side on the top. Where the detent is going in. You wanted to do the long throw. You do the long throw side. This is really tight so little problems. They regarded so that is the position. We want to bolt these in hand tighten. And tighten the long side on. This side so then we got out. And safe that will not fire. And flip over to fire hammer is gonna fire. You shouldn't do that without the hammer firing block Yatta in place safety selector detent in place for the first spring out of the wires a little shorter. Somebody caught it probably took. It out of a different rifle. It wasn't working should probably just chuck. That rip this baton down then. This should be as far as. Ican get tonight on. We will give you the other project. Ipromised no I promised. What was in the blue Smith & Wesson case I'm gonna show. You my other Smith & Wesson project first I'm sure you'll like. One just as much just get. That tightened in their shirt throw extra big safety ambidextrous. Ireally go look at. That see kins that match the color but. Iwon't say that every time. That just because that's not an anodized finish but that's as far as. We get to I might get to the barrel. Ijust don't know alright thanks for watching guys peace.

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    Magpul M-LOK™ Hand Stop Kit

  • Enhance rifle control and prevent reaching the hot muzzle
  • Lightweight, low-profile kit adds minimal bulk to your rifle
  • Aggressive TSP textured finish
  • Magpul's M-LOK Hand Stop Kit improves control and serves as a forward stop that prevents your hand from reaching the hot front-sight assembly or muzzle. Lightweight, low-profile kit adds minimal bulk to your rifle. Includes one M-LOK hand stop, index panel and Type-2 rail cover. Aggressive TSP texture delivers enhanced control. For use with polymer M-LOK handguards and forends and wider-profile rails. Made in USA.
    Black, Flat Dark Earth (not shown).

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    hey guys thanks for tuning in so today. Iwant to talk about the Magpul em lock hand stop kit. All right I've had this on my a our pistol build for quiet. Some time it has worked great for its intended purposes. It is modular which is great. You can actually break. This in different pieces. And we'll talk about. That but what's great about a hand stuffed kit like. It allows you to put your hand on the same spot on these thin rails every time without. Any problems and also protects your hand from going forward. And actually what's great about. You can push back into your shoulder for a better grip on the rifle. Or the pistol you can push forward. If you'd like to do. That as well but it does work really well it's very low profile it's affordable. And the modularity we'll talk about here in a second. Ihave a brand-new kit I'm going to install on a CZ scorpion hand guard so let's go ahead. And take a look at that up close, so we're at the table. And like I have a brand-new hand stop kit right here to show. You guys and then as well. Ihave my cz scorpion right here with a brand-new Manicure Arms hand guard alright. Iactually will be doing a full review on. This hand guard I get a better feel for it. More rounds downrange with. It on there to make sure. It runs great for you guys. Idid have some installation footage as well. That I'll share with. You so make sure you guys hit. That subscribe button below so. You can take a look at. This in the future but let's jump into.

    This hand stop right here alright comes in typical medical packaging alright instructions. What I want to get to is the parts right here here's. All your nuts and your t bolts. Or your t nuts and your bolts so. You will need a key. This is actually a 1/8 hex key alright. Idon't know why I came with. Idid have one lying around luckily so 1/8. All right there's a. Few ways you can go. And configure this depending on what you want to put. This scorpion hand guard here is a little bit broader bigger. Than your typical thin rail on a. Or thin hand guard are an AR okay so on my AR. Idid was actually just use. These individual pieces like so in a line. This nice curve here.

    And the way the nuts actually fell into place lined up perfectly alright which would make. It rounded off just around the rail perfectly. However is actually. It won't even engage the holes it's a little bit. Flatter a little bit. Broader alright so that's. One way to do you could actually probably cinch. This down but just know it's kind of not gonna be flush compared to a thinner hand guardrail alright so the other way to do. You could do these pieces individually like. Ishowed you could do. You could do and just know. It might not be flush to the rail. You can also go and put the whole kit on alright like. Ihad earlier on whether a are like so. You can use the included bracket here. This bracket is kind of like a base plate for the whole system alright. You want to use the full-blown system. You can actually see. It will wrap around a little bit better. This might be the way to go especially.

    This does design how its kind of curved a little bit. Iwas kind of worried about. This cut down here but. It looks like it shouldn't interfere at. All with it which is good alright. You can go you would bolt. All down I'll show you guys. How to do all right. You didn't use that then. This piece that's included actually goes in. You get the middle piece in like so. You can actually go. And take this plastic piece. This is kind of plug. You push you can always take a bullet tip. It out but make sure. This middle piece doesn't go anywhere alright so let's go ahead. And get a closer shot. What I'll do is I'll show. You guys how to get. These t-nuts set up so. You can go ahead. This attached, so I'm actually use the included base plate on here like. That didn't do't use. It on the AR it actually worked really well. How the curvature is of these pieces here but with. This kind of flatter hand guard. And the same thing with like the HPI of the manicure arms.

    Ithink the base plate might actually add. More grip to it might be a little bit easier. And risk less risk of. It kind of wobbling at. All my course is very solid lockup so usually have to worry about too much of. Any kind of wobble but with. That curvature not seating very well. You can see its gonna kind of go back. And forth you know. Imight as well just use the base plate. Somebody is the base plate so you'll see I'll use pretty much the whole kit — the low profile middle piece. We were to go that route so. What you want to do is actually go ahead. And take one of the bolts here right there's already. Some Loctite on their alright run. It through so you see actually. These pieces on that base plate first. All right and then want to take. One of your tea nuts. And you'll see the t-nuts. How they're designed. It looks kind of like a tea alright so let's say the stem of the tea for instance let's go right here like.

    And just kind of start. It for now keep it on there. Ihave insane for these the tea kind of stem facing towards the bolt. And then more in there. This one's a pain to tighten. And obviously it's a little bit. More tight space there but it's not too bad alright so there're different methods who actually tightening this down to the rail here. All of them are great. Imean it's not a super complex system it's just a matter of kind of gauging your depth in terms of where. These nuts are one way to do. It is grab a pair of pliers. And go ahead and grab the t-not like so. All right you can go ahead. And just crank it down until it's about the level of where.

    You want it to be so for example. You cranked this much. You can see you have a little bit of play in there. You would sit this in side your rail. It actually might connect on. This side on how this works is actually the bolt goes. You bring the whole bolt with the knot through the hand guard on the side. And then what's going to happen is. You turn with the hex key on. This side this T nut is going to turn. And then catch and lock down like. That right it's gonna lock down real tight. You can always loosen. And you're gonna kind of wiggle. It to get it out but. You can loosen whenever you'd like as well but so solid lockup so go ahead twist.

    These down a little bit just to get them started you're gonna play with a little bit to kind of see. You need to go how deep. You want to go this rail is actually a little thick so. Idon't think these need to be tightened down too much. They won't catch on the other side. Now let's see we're at here so. What you go do is. You got your rail right here. All right you got your tea nuts. All right go ahead and attempt to line them up with three it's a little. More difficult or two but we'll see. We can do here attempt to line them up place. What you want them alright goes back to first. Once they're in I'll show. You a trick you can actually loosen. It doesn't connect very well so. You can see this is kind of how it's gonna look. All right it popped in so. What you can do now is gone ahead put your key in. You can see this one's actually a little bit too much too tight to begin with so.

    Iloosened now it's kind of hard to hear but it's clamping on to the hand guard. All right so that's clamped on tight let's do. One might be too tight then too. It spins freely you're good then. You just twist it locks down just like. Isaid is kind of estimating where. You want to be these through the hand guard. How thick of a space. You have between the hand guard in. That not on the other side but. You start to feel like their kind of wiggling free. You can actually tighten them down. And really clamp it down nice and tight just hand tight no reason to go anywhere else. And that's all right so there. You go so there she is guys so.

    It actually in the long run. It might be better to over tighten. And then kind of loosen. It up just a little bit especially with. These different bolts sometimes. You can kind of gauge. You want it to be but. This is not going anywhere so over tighten it's a little better. And then slowly back. It off until it just starts to free spin a little bit. And then crank it back down just hand tight. And you're good to go. What this is gonna allow. You to do is have a good handhold on the Scorpion at. All times you can see. It makes you can actually wrap your hand up top here. If you'd like put your hand up here on the ledge but. It won't let you go past. You won't put your hand in. Any kind of danger zone here with the muscle. You could of course flip. This completely around. If you'd like you feel a little comfortable having the bigger hand stop on the front here but for me a lot of times. Ikind of end up putting my hand down here towards the magwell with.

    This I'll be able to keep my hand in the same place here access a light over here without moving my thumb too much. Iwant my hand at all really. This will be allowing me to pull back which is kind of the way to go. When you're trying to keep a steady shot. That works well on the AR so. Iwould work well on the scorpion so. This is helpful guys let. Any questions below I'll be happy to answer them hey make sure. That subscribe button below like. This video and I'll see an interview

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    Midwest Industries Ruger® Precision Handguard

  • Lightweight, durable hardcoat anodized 6061-aluminum
  • Patent-pending torque-plate mounting system
  • MIL-STD 1913 top rail makes optics setup easy
  • As rugged as it is functional, Midwest Industries' Ruger Precision Handguard installs without the need for a gunsmith. Slim 1.75" inside dia. MIL-STD 1913 top rail makes optics setup easy. Lightweight, durable hardcoat anodized 6061-aluminum enhances the rifle's balance. Patent-pending torque-plate mounting system provides a secure fit. Fully dehorned for a smooth finish. Magpul M-LOK™ compatible – one-slot Magpul M-LOK polymer rail section included. Manufacturer's lifetime warranty. Made in USA.
    Models: 15", 18".
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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