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  Geissele Two-Stage G2S AR Trigger Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard Seekins Precision Billet AR Trigger Guard LANTAC™ CMC E-CT1 Triggers CMC Triggers AR-15 Trigger Geissele Super Semiautomatic Enhanced AR Trigger
  Geissele Two-Stage G2S AR Trigger Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard Seekins Precision Billet AR Trigger Guard LANTAC™ CMC E-CT1 Triggers CMC Triggers AR-15 Trigger Geissele Super Semiautomatic Enhanced AR Trigger
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Brand - Lantac Seekins Precision CMC - Magpul

Geissele Two-Stage G2S AR Trigger

  • Accurate trigger control to match that of costlier models
  • 2.5-lb. first stage and 2-lb. second stage
  • Superior tool steel and wire-cut sears
  • Outfit your AR-15/M4-style rifle with the smooth precision of the Geissele Two-Stage G2S AR Trigger. You'll enjoy the accurate trigger control that matches costlier models. The 4.5-lb. combat trigger (2.5-lb. first stage; 2-lb. second stage) features superior tool steel and wire-cut sears for quality you can feel with every pull. Standard mil-spec pin.
    Type: Two stage.
    First-stage wt: 2.5 lbs.
    Second-stage wt: 2 lbs.
    Total pull wt: 4.5 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The new guys Lee enhanced triggers are a Brown ells exclusive product. And gives superior performance over factory ar-15 triggers there are two models of the enhanced triggers the BG 2 SE. And the BG RF the BG 2 SC is an enhanced version of their popular two-stage trigger. That provide superior control. And accuracy while maintaining the robustness. And reliability that guys Lee triggers are known for this trigger gives a smooth 23 pound per stage take-up. And a crisp 12 pound second stage break it's also ideal for use in precision squad designated marksman type rifles for firearm accuracy. And reliability are critical the guys Lee rapid fire trigger. Or BGR F was developed to give semi-auto only rifles a smooth trigger pull similar to the guys Lee super select fire trigger. That was developed for the US Special Operations units. This trigger is perfect for fast shooting events like three gun competitions as well as recreational shooting the BG RF can be set up with. Either a three point two. Or a four pound pull note the BG RF is a very short light pole.

    And reset and therefore is not recommended for bench rest shooting like. All products sold by Brown ells the guys Lee enhanced triggers are backed by our 100% unconditional forever satisfaction guarantee you.

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    Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard

  • Lightweight, rugged construction
  • Designed for use with gloves
  • Easy installation with included mounting hardware
  • The Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard is constructed of durable, lightweight anodized aluminum for performance you can count on. Easy to use with gloves thanks to a "V" design. For use as a drop-in replacement for the AR-15/M-16 weapons platform. All mounting hardware included. Made in USA.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You do guys today I'm going to show. How to put a Magpul. And hands trigger guard in your ar-15. This is the package right here that's a picture of the trigger guard comes with instructions on how to install. It but I'm going to show. How to do now it's rather simple but. This will make it easy for anybody. What it does is it gets rid of. This stock trigger guard. And a stock trigger guard is kind of flat its kind of sharp on the edges. It has kind of aggravating gap back here. That rubs on your finger. When you're shooting when you're moving if. You move your finger sideways. Whatever it'll catch. And it's uh it's just urban economic Lee. It wasn't designed well. It was designed to guard the trigger. And there wasn't much thought put into. Iguess a Magpul trigger guard will fill in. That gap making it smoother. And it's curved they recommend. When you're wearing heavy gloves with the stock trigger guard the swing this open to make the room but. You have to swing your trigger guard open leaving your trigger exposed. And not protected what this goes being curved is. More room in that trigger guard for gloves without having to worry about swinging. That out of the way so. What this comes with is. It comes with the trigger guard itself.

    One is aluminum they do make them out of plastic. Either way they're good. Igot the aluminum because that's. What they had at the store then. If they had the polymer. Iwould have been perfectly happy with. It the polymer one actually has the Magpul logo mold. It looks good it's durable. They didn't have any of those are about 995. One is about $1800 I went with. One that's what they had had the other. Iwould have gotten. Either way it will also come with. This roll pin this roll pins may get. Some light on there is meant to replace. This roll pin on the back of the trigger guard. It comes with this screw. This screw here is meant to replace. This ear you look this particular screw.

    Idon't know you can see. This light this screw has. Some thread Locker on. You might want to have. Some thread Locker just in case. They do provide thread Locker on. You happen to get that doesn't have the thread Locker on. Isuggest you use just small drop a thread Locker on. It to keep it from working its way out. Ialso suggest having a piece of wood a small block of wood. Something to support the tabs on your lower receiver. You take this roll pin out. You want something. That the roll pin can drop into but it's gonna support those little ears. Or little tabs they can break they're not very thick. You bang on them too hard. You push you know we're in not straight enough. You can cause some damage. Once those break you know.

    You know you're pretty screwed. We want to avoid all costs okay couple things you're gonna need besides a thread Locker which. You may not need that little block there you're gonna need an eighth inch punch. You have a roll pin punch that's excellent a roll pin punch. Idon't have this is just a flat punch. They do make roll pin punches with basically a little nub. Or little nipple on there. That centers it in roll pin those are great. You have them you don't. This will work just fine. You just be careful. And you'll also need a 1/16 inch hex key. Or allen wrench for. That screw there that's. What we need to get going and you'll also need a hammer. You don't need this big. And do not have any small hammers believe. Or a 3 pound hammer so.

    We went with all right so first thing we need to do is. You take your punch. Ihave a smaller one here use an eighth inch. Either way for this. It doesn't matter you're gonna pop. And spring-loaded push. And then that trigger guard will swing out easy as. That's the easy part next. You want to use your eighth inch punch. You want to make sure. That we've got this set up. And ready to go and make doubly sure. You don't want to throw up your ears suck. It by the deck you want to gently at. This roll pin out you can check on. It makes sure everything looks good not breaking anything definitely do not want to screw up your lower receiver okay. You need help somebody to hold the gun for you hold the block keep. It steadies whatever. You need to do going tapping it gently — let roll pin pops out no roll pin is done there. You can take this roll pin.

    And compare it to the new. They are relatively the same size so the roll pin is good so. Either replace it with the. You can use a new either way. It doesn't matter you keep the other. One as a spare you'll go back to here we're going to take. This trigger guard and that'll pop right out that's the stock trigger guard kinda like. Isaid plain sharp on the edges it's plastic it's thin. It doesn't fill in that gap. They just this is a very minimalist design. They didn't do a lot of thinking when. They did they just wanted. Something to put over there. What this is gonna do your machical trigger guard you're gonna drop.

    You always test fit. Everything line up the holes make sure. Everything looks good. That fills in a little pointer here. That fills in this gap here so. You don't have as much space for your fingers to rub up against. It fills that in much. More comfortable it gives. You a curve more room for your fingers. You are wearing gloves. More room period you got big giant hands. Something Plus as a bonus it's its. More attractive than the stock. One which is nice it is a rather cheap. And ugly looking thing so. We are gonna put that in the spare part of. It okays so what you're gonna do is you're gonna put. This in here and get a lineup. You want to make sure. You put the trigger guard in there before. You try to get this rolled pin in.

    You start banging on. This with a roll pin in. It no trigger guard in there. That eats unsupported. You could break the ear which. Iwouldn't want to do so. You can use a pin oh I'm sorry. You can use the punch to start. You want to use the proper size punch. This case to get it started I'm just going to use the hammer gently since. Idon't have a roll pin punch that'll sit in. Ican't hold the pin. And the punch and the hammer at the same time want to make sure you're getting. That in their good and straight. It go you're gonna put your little support back in here take your PIN punch go-slow do. You feel any resistance wiggle. That around make sure it's right. Now it's not fully seated. You want to go-slow nice and easy.

    You want to make sure. That everything's lined up correctly. You can take this smaller punch. You want and line up. That hole to make sure. That one's lined up I'm going to continue with. This it's going in there slowly but surely Legolas seems to be good. This is the place you don't want to make your mistakes caution pays off here. Everything nothing looks out of the ordinary like. Ihate to seem like I'm being anal but. You really want to be careful with. You nervous about banging this. And having it slips off the receiver go ahead to the store. And get yourself a roll pin punch it'll be like. Isaid earlier it's just the same as. This but I'll have a little nipple that'll fit into the hole on the roll pin. And that'll make it don't slip off as easily.

    Now I'm kind of gonna cover. This with my finger but. All right when you're getting close to flush with. You want to be careful. You want to make sure. That punch is lined up. And they'll give enough light here let. Me grab my flashlight. You want to make sure. That punch is lined up perfectly. You start banging on. That roll pin and you're off to the side. That roll pin hits flush. You start banging on. That ear you can cause. Some damage so we want to avoid. You want to make sure that's lined up it's. Another good reason to have a set of roll pin punches moving around. You want to stabilize.

    What you're gonna want to do is you're gonna want to look on the other side. That your receiver how much. You got to go and about sixteenth of an inch there. And I'm flush on this side so. Iwant to go a little bit. You want to get it to recess just a little bit. Now that's gonna vary depending on your roll pin yours might be a little bit longer a little shorter. You want to make sure. You use the eighth inch punch. You use a small punch like. You might get it in there. And spread that pin apart. And make it harder get in there so make sure you're using the right size punch that's important. Now we're gonna check the other side. You can't see some light on their getting pretty close very close okay so. That in there now you'll notice. You get a little bit of silver exposed on the edge there. And you've got your silver on the end of the roll pin.

    You can take a black sharpie. And touch that up it'll make. It looks like new you have a roll pin punch it'll probably look neater to begin with. This other screw you're gonna take your 16 in sixteenth inch hex key. And you're gonna drop. That in there now you're gonna make sure. That hole lined up properly. You can do away with. This block it gets in your way. Now make sure that hole is lined up properly. This hole in here is threaded so you're gonna want to make sure. These threads you're gonna kind of just sink. It in there till you feel a little pressure. And then you're gonna start turning. That feels like it's going in with just a little bit of tension not much at. All you're good to go.

    You don't want to put much tension at. All just two fingers is. All you're gonna need to get. It go if it seems like it's not going in right take. It out start over this is threaded but it's only aluminum will strip very easily so. You want to be careful safer is better. Ihate to sound anal but. This is not the type of thing you want to screw up. You screw up these threads. You need to go buy a new trigger guard. Now you're going to turn. This get some light on. That for you it helps. That hope keep turning until it's about flush you'll feel a little resistance it's just below flush that's.

    You need these receivers look at the stock trigger guard there's. That comes out the backside so there's. Nothing on the front of the trigger guard. That attaches here it's just that's. It there's nothing there. You got three points of attachment. This side of the back. That side of the back. And the side of the front that's. That holds it in there you're in there you're good. You don't want to go much further. It says to make you look at the instructions. It says using 1/16 hex key slowly hand tighten the front set screw until. It is flush with the receiver tab. And that's it takes care to not over tighten the setscrew as. It can result in damage to your trigger guard so it's flush. You feel like you can go further. You don't want to go further. It needs this to be supported by. This tab to hold the trigger guard. You go too far now it's just gonna flop out. What you don't want you've got your thread Locker on there already you're good to go that's.

    It you're done so that's. All there is to it's pretty simple come up with. Some good instructions. It tells you exactly. What you need to do but sometimes it's a little easier to learn by watching somebody else do. That made it easy for you. That helped you get yours will be easy thank. You liked the video. It helps you can subscribe to my channel. Idon't have a lot of videos right. Iplan on doing a I have quite a. Few plans for videos in the future so there gonna be. That are information technical kind of videos like. That are gonna help. You with things some disassemblies cleanings I've also got. Some ideas for some shooting like I've got.

    One video up now shooting I've got. More fun stuff planned so grab to the channel in the meantime put. Some comments in the section below. Imissed something. Icould have done better. Or differently any tricks. Whatever that work can make. Even easier this help. Everybody out tell them. What you got and hopefully I'll see. You on the next video thank you.

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    Seekins Precision Billet AR Trigger Guard

  • Upgrade your mil-spec receiver
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Durable machined aluminum
  • Accommodates gloved hands
  • Upgrade any mil-spec lower receiver with Seekins Precision's easy-to-install Billet AR Trigger Guard. Machined from solid 6061-T6 aluminum, its size and profile easily accommodate use with heavy winter gloves, while ensuring you maintain full trigger control. Eliminates the gap between receiver and mil-spec trigger guards. Securely attaches via a retention screw. Fits any AR platform. Made in USA.
    Colors: Red, Black, Flat Dark Earth.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Alright get by a r22 gonna be looking at the sea conspiration trigger-guard. This is a billet trigger guard it's a drop-in replacement for any mil spec lower. This design would allow for the use of winter gloves. And fills the gap between the standard trigger guard. And the front of the grip she's got a nice little emblem laser engraved into the underside. This one here is on flat dark earth. And you know I think. That kind of dresses up the rifle. And kind of sets it apart from your standard straight across look. It even looks a little nicer. Than the pro mag enhanced trigger guard in my opinion. And being billeted and. All I really like the quality of. It there's the packaging for it made in the USA so. All right well thanks for checking out my videos shoot safely.

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    LANTAC™ CMC E-CT1 Triggers

  • Provide excellent control, accuracy and feel
  • Trigger pull is factory pre-set at 3 to 3.5 lbs
  • 100% drop-in units
  • LANTAC's CMC E-CT1 Triggers are completely self-contained drop-in fire-control-group upgrades for AR-15, LR-308 and AR-10 rifles. Building on the original Super Match design, the tactical Flat and Curved trigger designs yield remarkable control, feel and accuracy, while also retaining the rugged reliability of a mil-spec trigger group. Trigger pull is factory pre-set at 3 to 3.5 lbs., and is not adjustable. Fits most standard mil-spec lower receivers with .154"-dia. trigger and hammer pin holes. Will fit Smith & Wesson's M&P 15-22 Rifles with the longer pin set that is available separately. Made in USA.
    Available: Curved, Flat.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    CMC Triggers AR-15 Trigger

    CMC’s self-contained AR-15 drop-in triggers deliver reliable, consistent, tactical-grade performance without compromising quality. A screwless, nonadjustable design matched with a patented, one-piece assembly guarantees fine-tune functioning and quick, easy installation. Full-strength rocket wire springs offer fast lock time and reliable discharge with factory or military ammo. Clean, crisp trigger release with a factory-tuned 3-1/2-lb. trigger-pull weight. ±.001" tolerance for every engagement surface. Contained in a high-grade 410 stainless steel housing. Designed to fit any lower receiver manufactured to military specifications. Made in USA.
    Available: Flat, Curved.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys will chambers air 1500 calm. We got a new review for you guys today. We are looking at the CMC triggers 2x2 two-stage trigger we've been using this trigger for a couple of months. And so far we're liking what we're seeing we've done a lot of dry fire practice a lot of groups zero in rifles. And getting ready for the varmint season as. You can see here we've taken. Some groundhogs and varmints with the CMC two-by-two to stage. We also took some raccoons a couple of weeks ago. And so far again really liking this trigger. It offers a nice clean smooth first stage a crisp break. And the reset is just awesome. You get a nice positive reset plenty of spring pressure on your finger pushing it forward. And it's also a little bit shorter. Some triggers I've used which. Iactually like so real happy with the performance of the CMC 2x2 two-stage trigger. We have here about the only complaint I've had. This is kind of positive. Or excuse me a negative with a positive is the second stage so. This is advertised as a 2 pound by 2 pound trigger ours is breaking right around 3. And 3/4 pounds its pretty consistent at. That which again is right in my preferred pole range. Ilike a hunting trigger to be between three. And a half and four pounds as a two-stage trigger we're talking single stage triggers. Ilike them a little bit lighter. However the pole weight is beautiful I'm really liking. You start pulling through. That first stage I found it's very easy to dry fire practice to pull right through.

    That second stage without. Even hit you know hitting a wall like. Many of the others two-stage triggers I've used. Or possibly you've used. And at first I was concerned about. Iwas concerned while out hunting it was gonna cause an issue. When I'm out hunting I take. That slack up in the trigger. While I'm getting on target. And then once the shot is there. Ijust barely have to give it a little bit. More pressure that trigger. And the hammer drops. Itake the shot and hopefully make the shot. Iwas concerned that with not having. That real defined second stage wall. Iwas going to have. Some issues well I didn't in fact. What I found was it actually made. Me practice a little bit better trigger control which is the positive side of. This negative so never had.

    Any issues where the rifle. You know surprised and just went off as. Iwas slowly pulling the trigger. Iwas able to find the wall of the second stage. Each time when shooting. That critters with my heart just a pumping and the Adrenaline's going I had no problems like. It performed very well also think I liked about. This thing with that short reset in the very minimal lock time is follow-up shots. Another groundhog a couple days ago. You might have seen. Some pictures on her Facebook page. And the first shot I hit the hog but. Igrazed him he left the tough a hair up by his hole. And took off running well. Iwas able to make a quick follow-up shot thanks to using the air 15 semi-automatic rifles. And because of the CMC 2x2 two-stage trigger so real happy with the results pricing is right in line with the competition right about $230 retail. You can find them cheaper at other places. They have some stinkles single-stage triggers as well.

    Some of those are a little bit. More affordable this one's price. You know right in line with the competition. And it's definitely a sound investment. If you're looking for a higher quality trigger for your hunting rifle plus its 100% made in the great state of Texas what's not to like about. That so thanks again for watching you guys will be seeing some dry-firing video. Where we're sitting here with our rifle in a jig. And we're doing some dry fire practice so. You guys can hear how the trigger moves. And see the reset and here. And we've also got some video of. Me shooting when I was earring a couple of rifles so stay tuned. We appreciate you guys watching please subscribe to our Channel. And watch out for our upcoming videos.

    We got a lot of playing this summer take care.

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    Geissele Super Semiautomatic Enhanced AR Trigger

  • Smooth, light first-stage takeup and crisp second-stage break
  • Well-earned reputation for robust reliability
  • Ideal for use in precision AR-15/M4 rifles
  • Outfit your AR-15/M4-style rifle with a Geisslele trigger – known for its smooth, light first-stage takeup and crisp second-stage break. As a finely tuned semiautomatic-only version of the full automatic, two-stage combat trigger used by U.S. special ops, the Geissele Super Semiautomatic Enhanced (SSA-E) AR Trigger has earned a reputation for robust reliability. It's ideal for use in target shooting or precision shooting rifles where reliability and spot-on accuracy is critical. Standard mil-spec pin.
    Type: Two stage.
    First-stage wt: 2.3 lbs.
    Second-stage wt: 1.2 lbs.
    Total pull wt: 3.5 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This guy's Lee super three gun trigger a little bit is I'll just beat. Me up a little bit I have stock turn around before so. Irun 12 reload with 12 see that's a big difference tell. Ican tell right away the trigger pull is a lot louder. And the resets a lot shorter. Than stock trigger it is a two-stage trigger think it's. And a half or three. And a half pound second stage feels like a 1/2 pound to. That was most probably. Some of the fastest shooting I've done ever I'll practice with a little. More gets a little better on my reload. He got them from guys Lee automatics yeah I've shot. Few there triggers I really liked. Everyone I've shot they do have a YouTube page so just run over their check. That out check out the website thanks for watching

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