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  Magpul AFG2™ Angled Fore Grip Pachmayr® Tactical Grip Glove Magpul® M-Lok® Angled Fore Grip Hogue® Laser-Enhanced Grips TacStar Tactical Shotgun Forend Grip Hogue® LCR™ Tamer Grip
  Magpul AFG2™ Angled Fore Grip Pachmayr® Tactical Grip Glove Magpul® M-Lok® Angled Fore Grip Hogue® Laser-Enhanced Grips TacStar Tactical Shotgun Forend Grip Hogue® LCR™ Tamer Grip
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Brand Magpul Hogue Pachmayr Hogue Magpul TacStar

Magpul AFG2™ Angled Fore Grip

  • Compatible with most 1913 Picatinny-railed handguards
  • Provides comfortable, fatigue-reducing weapon control
  • Mitigates recoil for faster follow-up shots
  • Compatible with almost any 1913 Picatinny-railed handguard, the Magpul AFG2 Angled Fore Grip takes into account natural body mechanics to provide a more comfortable, fatigue-reducing and stable means of precise weapon control. By positioning your hand high on the bore centerline, the AFG2 helps mitigate recoil for faster, more accurate follow-up shots. Made in USA.
    Colors: Black, Flat Dark Earth, Stealth Gray (not shown).
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This is going to be a quick video on a unboxing and talking about product inside here. Iknow what's in here so there's no surprise for me. Or an item I don't want. You guys necessarily to see. You guys obviously know. What the item is by checking the title above so. One was sent by Paul from PBA imports. You haven't seen his website I'll list a link just below here in the description check. It out by all means supporting is a local from here in Australia. And Sydney but I just see. It whoas police up have a walk it's an item. Most people have been interested in have asked questions about so. We weren't going to do too much detail but. What we'll do is we'll just open up have a closer look at. You guys are looking let. This hopefully this video will help. You also in the coming weeks up the door reviews on the Weatherman super-tall. Most guys know what the other ones are. If you're looking at a certain model for weathermen. Or just do a review on. One decide it might help. You with your research. We have is the Magpul. And forward one is in black. This will be my second angled forward really white thanks grips, so we'll crack. It open typical mag for packaging and. Some details on the light there anyway so look at. What you get is obviously the brick little bit of information on installation okay. One came with two stickers the other. One came with one sticker so the. You know stickers a always a good bonus. Ipersonally while getting any stickers with products bishop there who put like the notebook so those go.

    Or rock the safe or your angel bag away we're going to use the installation very simple I'll have a quick view of how. Iinstall it but it's pretty much. You know three step fourth steps is there. You go ready to shoot five. That like the bag these obvious leaves in the back as. You can tell and there's quite a. Few limitations of these going around with the S sight Magpul ripoffs. This is a genuine macaroon. You can definitely tell the difference in quality comes with an extra piece which. You can unscrew these bolts here take off. This little riser piece for the finger groove. You prefer put on a just a slimline flat so. It doesn't have that groove there open it's. Ilike the groove there, so I'm going to keep. It there so for the installation of the grip. What you need to do is unscrew. This flathead screws.

    This screen is to come completely out like so. You can see there's a bit of glue around the end of the screw that's the lock type really nice. When companies put that in just makes. It secures we do decide to tighten. That down so you put your grip like. That froggen sake then. You use a bit of Pirating rail. What you do is slide. It on like so you can see. Where the screw hole is. You can see the writing go again. And then get the clear ice then go again yeah so. What we're doing is just pointing where. We want to position. It we're happy with. Where it's going to go. We just slide that screw back in. You might need to play around with the positioning of the grip down like. That screw and that's. It installation complete as. You can see muginami Klee it's fantastic. This is being designed by Michael primarily for the AR application. Where guys used to wrap their hands around the barrel will survey the heat shield.

    This grip now makes. It a little bit easier on the wrists. You wrap your bottle things around like so bring your index finger up. And thumb over you got a nice platform for shooting the ARS obviously here in Australia. That doesn't apply to. Is but it's a fantastic grip for the pumps the Remington 76 15. Or the 76 hundreds and the reason why I want to keep. That on there is we are going to be pulling back. And forth although. It wouldn't have too much of a problem it's good to have a little bit. More of a support there but. We do have the rifle. And the plastic will be constructed material is the durable polymer construction which is like. All the Magpul items really nice and strong as. You can find the rip-offs but for a little bit extra why not just buy the original genuine oil.

    Ithink the ripoffs come close to looking similar but there are ones. That just way off you know then you're not to sure. What kind of material they're using you know. They sign the ripoffs. Ithink from anywhere from 15 to 35. Ibrought one from memory don't quote. It was about 40 or 45 dollars so for a little bit extra cash you've got the genuine article which is always a better option. You can look at the rail vertical grip the maple round. This is really a sort of stubby short version for the angle buffer for your trip. That put on you can see the angle for it is almost half the length as the stubby Robert. Both do the same thing pretty much. Iprefer you for it but. You know that's just an example of what sizing differences we've got there between the two rail groups here are. Some close-ups of the group so. You can see how well constructed. It is nice serrations there for gripping some morning at the bottom.

    You a the fg1 made in. Is top years make for Industries Corporation the guys hope. You enjoyed the unboxing and just a real quick review on. And boy wait comment. And subscribe and keep your eyes out for the next video is on. Nothing but pingas you.

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    Pachmayr® Tactical Grip Glove

  • Custom designed and contoured for each model
  • Easy installation, no trimming or soapy water
  • Soft Pachmayr Decelerator material absorbs recoil
  • These custom-molded slip-on grips fit like a glove and outperform comparable models. Ideal for polymer frame handguns with no replacement grips. Made of Pachmayr Decelerator material, Grip Glove delivers enhanced control and absorbs recoil. The custom fit feels like an extension of your handgun grip. The ultrasoft, ultrastretchy material makes installation a snap. No trimming, or soapy water. Distinctive ventilated side panels and finger grooves provide more instinctive gun orientation and a professional look.
    Weight: 2 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    We are going to go ahead. And read the patch Meyer tactical grip glove for the XDM 45. This glove it's pretty good in your hands actually. Igotta say ever since I've been using this glove I've actually shot a lot better. More accurate your fingers fit perfectly on there on the grooves there. And just makes it makes the pistol feel a heck of a lot. More comfortable more secure. It actually looks pretty cool too. It is a little hard to put. It on but just keep pushing it in there. And soon it will go in the only bad thing about. If the gun gets really hot. Or you're outside and it's really hot outside. This glove will start moving around. Because it'll start to stretch because of the heat. Another thing is you slide. It a little too high. This the back safety trigger for your palm might get affected so. It about you know two centimeters below the actual safety trigger here.

    You should be good but. You have it a little too high. You might affect the safety trigger. All right but this thing is awesome. You wrap your fingers around. This is just awesome. You can buy it at pistol here calm that's. Ibought mine from for like 12 bucks so it's not bad it's just it's a really cheap upgrade for your XDM 45. IXD pistol if it's on. Both the XD and XDM really nice it's. Even got this back grip just like the XDM has seen it's got the same thing here. It guys ever since I've got in. This thing it's been pretty awesome so. This a good review this catch up a bit review. One of the few ones. That are made for the XDM actually a water made. More for the XD but. Iwill fit the XDM perfectly alright guys thanks for watching don't forget to subscribe. And I'll see you soon in. One of my other shooting videos.

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    Magpul® M-Lok® Angled Fore Grip

  • Provides a wide range of mounting options
  • Helps mitigate recoil for faster, more accurate follow-up shots
  • Stable user interface reduces fatigue
  • Magpul's M-LOK Angled Fore Grip (AFG®) is 3/4" shorter than the AFG-2 while maintaining a similar gripping surface. Helps mitigate recoil by placing the shooter's hand high on the centerline of the bore and helps control the weapon to facilitate faster, more accurate follow-up shots. Takes into account natural body mechanics, providing a comfortable and stable user interface that reduces fatigue and allows for more precise weapon control. Provides a wide range of mounting options and weighs only 1.2 oz., including hardware. All hardware included for installation. Made in USA.
    Colors: Black, Flat Dark Earth (not shown), Grey, OD Green.
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    Hogue® Laser-Enhanced Grips

  • Fully programmable, digitally controlled microprocessor circuit
  • Choose from three operating modes and three brightness levels
  • 4 mw laser diode withstands recoil, easy-to-use Class 3R red laser
  • OverMolded rubber monogrips provide a solid grip-to-frame fit
  • Orthopedic hand shape with palm swells and finger grooves
  • Textured to ensure a nonslip grip
  • Designed exclusively for 1911 Government model autoloaders and based on a fully programmable, digitally controlled microprocessor unit, Hogue's Laser-Enhanced Grips take simple analog laser sighting systems one step further. Internal, programmable microprocessor allows you to choose from three operating modes (steady, flashing or stealth target) and three user-selectable brightness levels (low, medium and high) for the powerful Class 3R red laser with a simple press of the Hogue logo and pressure-pad activation buttons. Two common, long-life CR-2032 batteries (included) hidden beneath the grip ensure quick, simple battery changes without having to readjust your sight. Rubber OverMolded® LE Monogrips® conform to your hand and directly engage with your firearm for a secure grip-to-frame fit. Orthopedic hand shape with compound palm swells and finger grooves keeps your hand in a natural, ergonomic position, while the raised Cobblestone™ texture creates a solid, nonslip pattern. Factory bore sighted and features both windage and elevation adjustments via a small set of screws. Rugged 4 mw laser diode withstands serious recoil. Ambidextrous safety design. Three-year warranty.
    Colors: Black, Flat Dark Earth.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hi folks I'm Pat ho I'm out here in meetings. And exhibits we're showing new hope products. One of them is the new le grip. Or laser enhanced hope grip. It has the popular hogue rubber finish finger grooves fits the popular 1911 pistol. We have a momentary on-off switch so. You can enable or disable. This Hogue le grip. This is a microprocessor controlled system which enables the laser to be modulated for energy consumption right. Now the estimated battery life is 40 hours with two cr2032 batteries. And what's also a really key feature. This is the MSRP price are an introductory price is 180 nine dollars 95 cents. Ithink that's its well under the normal price point so. You can achieve the same laser enhanced actuation. You really might want on your firearm. And have the famous hobe shape. That we're known for and. You much for your time enjoy your shooting.

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    TacStar Tactical Shotgun Forend Grip

  • Sturdy injection-molded ABS polymer
  • Ergonomically designed for a sure grip
  • Promotes control and recoil management
  • Easy to install
  • Injection-molded of ABS polymer and ergonomically designed for a sure grip with the proper width, rearward angle and back swell. The shape, angle and finger notches promote painless shooting and positive control of the shotgun. Easy installation with no alterations required. 12-gauge only.
    Models: Remington 870, Mossberg 500/600.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Here's a look at what's new from Lyman. This the texts are tactical conversion kit is the easy no gunsmithing way to convert the. Most popular pump shotguns from hunting style to tactical readiness with. One single kit imagine taking your Remington 870. Or Moss berg 500 from practical to tactical in minutes. You can also convert back to a hunting configuration. Whenever you want here's. What the kit includes a convenient sidesaddle shell holder a replacement pistol grip a replacement pistol grip for end. And tax stars tax lein first. And most importantly check your shotgun to be sure there are no shells in the chamber. Or magazine then conversion begins by installing the tax stars sidesaddle shell holder on the side of the guns receiver on the Remington it's as simple as replacing the two pins. That hold the trigger group in place with the supplied mounting screws then tightening the mounting plate in place fitting the pistol grip comes next remove the butt plate. Or recoil pad from the stock to allow access to the stock screw then use a long flat bladed screwdriver to loosen. And remove the long stock screw. Now it's easy to bolt on the pistol grip using the supplied grip bolt notice. That the grip has a molded in place sling loop. Now replace the guns foreign with tax tars pistol grip foreign by first removing the barrel.

    And four ends using the manufacturer's instructions use caution as the magazine spring may be released as the barrel is removed with the four end removed from the gun use the supplied T wrench tool to unscrew the nut at the front of the factory four ends be careful not to bend the slide bars simply slide off the four end. And replace it with the pistol grip four ends tighten the four end nut with the T wrench. And reinstall the four end on the gun adding the tax lein completes the conversion follow the instructions. Provided to assemble. And attach the tax link to the pistol grip then mount the barrel magazine clamp in front of the four end. If space allows or use the factory sling stud the quick detach swivel is then inserted.

    One additional tax star product. That can enhance the readiness of the Remington 870 is tax Stars magazine extension tube. This screw on accessory adds two. Or three extra rounds of magazine capacity tax stars tactical conversion kits. And magazine extension tubes are available at firearms. And sporting goods retailers as well as. Many big-box and catalogue retailers Lyman products brands. That perform providing innovative products to shooters since 1878 you.

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    Hogue® LCR™ Tamer Grip

  • Offers better handling, maximum recoil reduction
  • Soft rubber insert on the inside of the grip
  • Hardened polymer guide on the left side
  • Get a grip on the recoil of your Ruger LCR revolver with Hogue's LCR Tamer Grip. Soft rubber insert on the inside of the grip at the backstrap absorbs felt recoil. Hardened polymer guide on the left side for speed loaders.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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