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The 6 Best Game Calls – Duck reviews

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Duck Commander® Triple Threat Duck Call Hayes Calls Bad Azz Duck Call Rich-N-Tone Duck Hunter Duck Call Combo Buck Gardner Short Buck Brush Duck Call Sean Mann Li'l Big Duck Call
 Rich-N-Tone™ MicroHen Duck CallDuck Commander® Triple Threat Duck CallHayes Calls Bad Azz Duck CallRich-N-Tone Duck Hunter Duck Call ComboBuck Gardner Short Buck Brush Duck CallSean Mann Li'l Big Duck Call
BrandRich-N-ToneBuck Gardner-Hayes CallsDuck CommanderSean Mann

Rich-N-Tone™ MicroHen Duck Call

  • Produces the squeaky, raspy, high-pitched sounds of a young hen
  • Made of Bocote wood
  • Only 3-3/4" long
  • Requires little effort to blow
  • Perfect complement to other Rich-N-Tone duck calls
  • No voice changes here – the MicroHen Duck Call by Rich-N-Tone is deliberately undersized in order to produce the squeaky, raspy, high-pitched sounds of a young hen. A softer wood that allows for the production of softer, deeper, mellower sounds than more dense woods, Bocote is noted for its tannish yellow color with dramatic dark brown to almost black striping. A perfect complement to other Rich-N-Tone duck calls due to its different sound, this call is also ideal for late season calling, timber, or imitating young mallard hens.
    Available: Bocote Wood.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey folks Jim Rhon quits with rnt Kyle's over here with the folks at maxsa Prairie Wayne's talking about the different call models. It rich in town right. Now we're going to go over the micro hen. And a macro here the micro here kind of came from years ago. We come up with a call. We called the baby cow. That Bush made one years ago then. One for folks that were. They just had a newborn child. They were looking for something commemorate. We had a blue and a pink. One well lo and behold. Several guys got to blowing them with the super short board super short barrel. And loved we come up with a col model called the micro here the micro here is a neat little old call it's really cool sounding got a big sound for a little call well. Some people like a double reed over a single reach so. We wanted to have another double reed dad so. We made the macro here the only difference between the micro hand of the micro hand is. You see the barrel is a little bigger looks like a junior richandtim version. And it's a double reed not a single Reed so it's got a little different sample to Regions a single.

    Both of them do a great job you're looking for a couple neat little small calls to add to your arsenal it's got big sound to them check out the rnc micro head. And macro hand at max parent.

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    Duck Commander® Triple Threat Duck Call

    Duck Commander calls are built by serious waterfowlers for hard-core duck hunters. Each call is hand-assembled and hand-tuned to ensure quality and consistency. The patent-pending triple-reed system has proven itself lethal. Easily replicates all the sounds required to put ducks on the water.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Everybody this is Matt we'll survive twelve. Ithought I'd do kind of fun video for you guys. Iwent out and purchased a duck commander duck call. Iwas gonna do a quick review on. It for you in case you guys were wondering what they look like. And the breakdown of them. Everything now basically. This is the duck commander triple threat duck call I'm not gonna lie to. You guys and tell that I'm a duck hunter but. Something I would like to look into looks like a lot of fun. Ilove trap shooting so. Iwould actually like to get into duck huntin so. Iwent out and purchased. This duck call here. And like I said it's a triple threat. And I've already opened. It up but I wanted to show. You guys in the package. And then you guys haven't seen here's the package it's got instructions on the back on how to clean. Everything set to the side here. This first look. It just looks like a hunk of plastic little cylinder tube basically. It has four different parts inside. You have your soundboard here. And then your triple Reed setup. And then they do come with a little well eyelid in there. That keeps them all three together. You can take you know take. This apart clean these Reeds. They are plastic so. You got your triple Reed set up. And then what most duck calls have is a cork. This one's actually made a little bit of rubber then. You have your outer port. You guys can see you might not be able to is.

    This triple-threat on the side. And then DC on the other side so looks pretty well-made. Idid purchase it at a store called Bass Pro Shop. It was about 3995 which is kind of expensive but. You guys hear it you'll understand why so basically. They put it back together take your little rubber stop here put well put your read in first triple read write on the soundboard there take your little rubber stopper. Whatever you want to call. It little wedge then. You slide it back in close. That not bad guys we'll give. You guys a quick little preview of what sounds like basically. What I do was you know put my cut my hand over the end. And just blow through. Iblow open my hand up not bad. This actually sounds really good I'm gonna keep practicing and see.

    Ican get any better with sounded. More like a duck but. It sounds great not a bad little setup for 40 bucks so. Ithought I'd do this fun little video for you guys. Iknow it's kind of off the theme of what I normally do but. Iwas excited about the stuff Cole. Ithought you guys might want to see. You guys are interested um just send. Me a email PM whatever. And I'll let you know. It works out for me so hope. You guys enjoyed this is Matt with survivalist 2012 peace.

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    Hayes Calls Bad Azz Duck Call

  • Acrylic barrel
  • Polycarbonate insert
  • Double-reed design
  • Bad boys need a bad call, and Hayes Calls Bad Azz Duck Call is the baddest. Double-reed call with an acrylic barrel and polycarbonate insert.
    Color: Black Swirl.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Today I'm here to talk to. You about some duck calls but. You should by nut by Rd Hays box. This well with the echo. Iwouldn't really buy. They say it's not gonna stick, but they're right but. It sounds crappy like. You fall can't tell but it's really low that's about $30. This RIT single read. It sounds good but you have to like wipe. It down that's a good call but. You have to take the readout take the cork out scrub down the inside down everywhere. And then I have called the bad ass twosies right there it's a double reed it's got a rubber cork that's good like. You heard that was. This one's probably intermediate that's good come in -. You like it there couples 20 yards away go Soph -. It goes soft trees you ever do a nice little theater yes awesome call by hey to. And the guaranteed for life like the reeds are like for your reads like blow out won't work anymore email him. You know Bob Hayes and they'll give. You to read free of charge.

    And like this call probably get. It Bass Pro Dix comes. This felt case and then comes in. This box but like it's got a big white barrel bell sounds a little bit bigger. Then a quarter and the smallest part of the chef it's like. What sounds a dime so it's pretty small big it's called bad ass duck by Hades calls with two Z's black. And white it oh by.

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    Rich-N-Tone Duck Hunter Duck Call Combo

  • Learn to call ducks from world-champion Butch Richenback
  • Single-reed call with cocobolo wood barrel and polymer insert
  • Includes instructional DVD, call and lanyard
  • Learn to call ducks from world-champion duck caller Butch Richenback. Rich-N-Tone's Duck Hunter Duck Call Combo provides a premium, easy-to-use call and quick-start instructional DVD hosted by Richenback. He teaches you the basics of operating a duck call. The included single-reed call's barrel is crafted of the finest cocobolo wood with a hand-tuned polymer insert. DVD includes 30-minute quick-start lesson and one full RNT-V episode. Combo comes with call, lanyard and DVD.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hallo mam enthousiast budget aan de kou goed zou het idee dat de ar ict zieker dit is minimaal twee fiscaal zich bij mij oké mandala nieuwendijk kalf snijden mailadres pimp eerder greg haalt mee naar de grote bal jullie dan 2 dollar stond hier zo'n mooie locatie checken maar ik ga bellen.

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    Buck Gardner Short Buck Brush Duck Call

  • Short Barrel Technology makes call easier to control
  • Acrylic construction resonates well and is highly durable
  • Indvidually hand-tuned and tested
  • By implementing Short Barrel Technology with a classic tone-board design, Buck Gardner made his Short Buck Brush Duck Call far easier to control than your typical call. Delivers the classic Arkasas-style ring on the top end and more low-end duck than a real hen. Acrylic construction resonates extremely well and withstands hard use. Handcrafted as well as indivually hand-tuned and tested. Certified ready to hunt.
    Colors: Black Pearl/White Pearl, Blue Pearl/Orange Pearl.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    It's like and garen here for but garner cause of Memphis Tennessee I'm gonna do shoot. One of our poly carbonate single reeds. This is a great call for guys to get started out on. That may be intimidated from a single read range but. Ilike to recommend. It for everybody you learn their control machinery. And make that much better of a caller. And just those another trick in your bag for this duck season here a little bit with. This collar before you

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    Sean Mann Li'l Big Duck Call

  • Versatility of a single reed
  • Duck-deceptive sound of a double reed
  • Sensitive to the subtleties in your voice
  • Match up the versatility of a single reed with the duck-deceptive sound of a double reed and you get the Sean Mann Li'l Big Duck Call. The super-short barrel puts the reed as close as possible to your mouth. This makes the call quick to react to air pressure changes and more sensitive to the subtleties in your voice. Blow soft for a little sweet talking or pop it to command the birds to your will and your bag.
    Color: Green.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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