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  Cherith Valley Gardens Jalapeño-Stuffed Queen Olives Cherith Valley Gardens Hot 'n Spicy Chow Chow Relish Cabela's Breaded Rocky Mountain Oysters Bass Pro Shops® Uncle Buck's® Extra-Large Virginia Peanuts Hunters Reserve Yard of Game Cherith Valley Gardens® Sweet Hot Jalapenos – 16 oz.
  Cherith Valley Gardens Jalapeño-Stuffed Queen Olives Cherith Valley Gardens Hot 'n Spicy Chow Chow Relish Cabela's Breaded Rocky Mountain Oysters Bass Pro Shops® Uncle Buck's® Extra-Large Virginia Peanuts Hunters Reserve Yard of Game Cherith Valley Gardens® Sweet Hot Jalapenos – 16 oz.

Cherith Valley Gardens Jalapeño-Stuffed Queen Olives

  • Incredibly firm and delicious olives
  • Hand-stuffed with fresh jalapeño
  • Packed fresh
  • If you want to add some excitement to a martini or Bloody Mary, Cherith Valley Gardens Jalapeño-Stuffed Queen Olives are the ultimate solution. These colossal queen olives are hand-stuffed with fresh jalapeño, and then packed fresh for amazing taste. Jalapeño-stuffed olives are incredibly firm and are delicious right from the jar or in most any recipe that calls for olives.
    Size: 12-oz. jar.
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    Cherith Valley Gardens Hot 'n Spicy Chow Chow Relish

  • Spicy shredded cabbage and onions
  • Fresh, all-natural ingredients
  • Great on sandwiches
  • Add a flavorful and spicy kick to any meal with Cherith Valley Gardens Hot 'n Spicy Chow Chow Relish. This age-old traditional Southern relish is made from freshly shredded cabbage and onions, and is just what the doctor ordered to obtain a daily ration of vegetable matter. Chow Chow relish goes great on hot dogs, pulled pork sandwiches, or heaped on red beans and rice. Cherith Valley Gardens is a family owned and operated business that is committed to providing the freshest, all-natural ingredients, free of artificial preservatives, flavoring or colorings. Feel good about the food you eat!
    Size: 16 oz.
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    Cabela's Breaded Rocky Mountain Oysters

  • Bring home the classic taste from local firehalls
  • High-quality bull fries use a 35-year-old recipe
  • Pre-sliced and hand-breaded
  • Re-create the same delicious Breaded Rocky Mountain Oysters you thought were only available at your local firehall. Our pre-sliced, hand-breaded Rocky Mountain Oysters use a 35-year-old recipe and only the highest-quality bull fries. They make the perfect appetizers for large groups.
    Available: 5-lb. bag, 10-lb. bag.

    Welcome to lend that grilling with willow. It is not quite late-night. Yet it's still the daytime but that's because. We have a very special item today. We need to prepare ahead of time well can. What we're doing today. That is a veiny baked potato yeah. We have bull testicles today in order to cook bull testicles properly. You have to sort of parboil them for a little. While here we go mmm cutting some balls Oh God look Amy. Imean oh yeah look at. That there's very much Oh yikes nice membrane, so we're always cutting the balls but mainly the preparation going into. This is getting us so drunk. We don't realize oh my gosh. It is traumatic oh my god. What are you doing so fatty Oh. What have you done. This must be like the vas defer ens that's. All your nut goes out right so here are our balls not like our balls but the balls. We have to positively not the balls. We have the balls we're going to eat. This is semen so it could be fat but I'm pretty sure it's semen it's just a great big old solidified chode we're doing testiclees Oh testiclees not to be confused with tend to cleave very different very good so yeah we're doing a Rocky Mountain Oysters. Or calf fries any number of things. You want to call that doesn't make. It sounds like its testicles yeah. Whatever helps you sleep again so. We did a little bit of pre-prep on these things. Because it's a lot like cooking like a tongue there's like an outer membrane. You don't treat it properly it's gonna be chewy as fuck. And the last thing you want is for your balls to be chewy right see pink nose before.

    We start oh we have a drink today okay to go along with our shots which happened later on mmm well I'm gonna give. You the Underwood all right Rosie Oh God. You get the house Chardonnay oh. You know I'm gonna have the house blend red well oh man. Iguess technically. Igot has four beers in here but. This is very precarious like. All right finally the dream of Dennis let's come true oh it's always funny chardee macdennis remember. You can gesture fight. We can gesture violently. It doesn't matter we don't. Even have to like pour. It in a coke what's not so bad. Imomentarily forgot. Iwas drinking wine that's not so bad. Neither is mine can. Ijust say it looks like. Somebody just shelled. One big peanut I gotta say like. These like I don't know. If everybody's testicles are. These waves like. One of these is definitely not the same so as. Idon't know if they came from two different cows. One of these nuts is not like the other. This is town right here I'm doing this one-handed okay get him around.

    Some balls it shows off. You know I get so excited It definitely looks like. It has the texture of a liver. Something like that yeah like. Iwas peeling the outside membrane. It feels like it would be kind of. That texture all right there looking dry dried. And trouble okay it's hot out. All right its kind of warm bag I'm gonna say. These things are up to temperature squishy balls but yeah they're up to temp. These would like okay so it's just like a bit of a crust on these. What you why you want the char you're plating it well. You know lackluster here well give. Some goddamn like parsley sprigs. And shit man here boom there. Iput a parsley sprig in the middle of. And like put some fucking weird panache.

    Some shit no I'm going to not eat like the cancer balls. That are over here the pale balls actually. Idon't know maybe like. These are like normal balls yeah. You don't know which. One of these are the cancers really okay, so I'm gonna eat the. That looks the most like your twice baked potato also like a giant peanut oh yeah the slice. It does look like a fucking potbelly mushroom yeah weird okay so stick by Maggie's dead of seasoning barbecue sauce oh my god it's a very close-up of the ball. It looks fuzzy yeah fuck. It looks like a weird like. It looks like a thousand-year-old peach slice well target a pen paper cut right yeah it's a bull apricot yeah see. They should start calling bull apricots instead of like Rocky Mountain Oysters Thanks so. More people would eat them congratulations finally on film balls in his mouth hmm the texture is different look Neely like the flavor is almost like it's not quite there but. It almost has like a Vienna sausage flavor no.

    Now I'm interested yeah those two a Vienna sausage. You say it's kind of like chewing on an eraser mmm nein pearl no it's like. You get like the double-sided eraser uh-huh like the. One is supposed to erase ink it's like chewing on the ink portion of the areas. It is like the texture is terrible but the flavor is not bad. And the seasoning that was done to. It like it's its good thankfully there was seasoning like. We would have just eaten. These things without. Any seasoning yeah it would have been bad. It would have involved there would. We wouldn't be in the balls yeah. Some balls in my mouth does. This happens every time there's. Something gnarly there's. Something like yeah. You know it's a protein but there's there is. This like gross taste the texture is gross too but there is just. Something in there that that just tastes like it's its worse. Than like in organs yes custom to them.

    That you're learning I am still put a paddle on no yeah between the texture. And the flavor it's absolutely revolting to. Ididn't get enough of the seasoning on. It it tastes bad. You know that old saying grab life by the balls here's. One yeah it's dusty yeah just the old balls. This belongs to Grandpa cow nothing's dryer spit you thank testicle will be a little bad boy a little juicy but it's not as drastic where's the cream feeling hey Stace no. Iget the liquor taste. It tastes like liver mix with gizzard not quite kidney it's not quite the kidney. Yet huh it's called a circle. Italk of a group loafie it's not very good. It was kind of sandy yeah. Ihate swarming it honestly the Vernita rub did not save. It as much as I thought. It would I needed to fucking pound. That thing with something some sauce needed barbecue sauce first. It needs sauce it's too dry oh no I'm done eating boss come on the night is so young oh god.

    That it's like the vaguest yeah sense of an organ meat it's. Something I can't put my finger on. It it's not it's definitely not good. Idon't know we just like maybe the parboiling like. Ifeel like the boiling aspect of. This is kind of what ruined. It just cooked out every bit of. Whatever natural juices as would. Ijust took out every single bit of flavor except what's the strongest thing in there. And then you grill. It didn't really add. Anything to it by grilling it. Even the spice didn't really add a lot of flavor there so. Iwould say do not grill your testicles. You can take that straight from happy. You heard your first folks theoretically there's probably. Some way you can do. This right like maybe like. Iwould have to try. It somewhere they actually deep-fry the things. And coating and whatever maybe they're okay but. If they're anything near.

    If they taste just like deep-fried gizzards I'm not gonna like them. Idon't like gizzards. Idon't like liver so maybe I'm not the best person to ask maybe. Somebody would like. Imean not loafie yeah well we've discovered here today loves those late-night really would wear oh. And his balls please like share subscribe go check. Us out on all our social medias down below. And check out loafie on twitchtv slash looking blesses thank.

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    Bass Pro Shops® Uncle Buck's® Extra-Large Virginia Peanuts

  • Extra-large crunchy Virginia peanuts
  • Choose from five delectable flavors
  • Makes a great afternoon snack
  • Treat yourself to the crunchy deliciousness of these Bass Pro Shops Uncle Buck's Extra-Large Virginia Peanuts. These 22-oz. gourmet peanuts are roasted and sprinkled with delectable seasonings, delivering a crispy crunch like no other. Makes a great afternoon snack. 
    Available: Salted, Bacon Ranch, Dill Pickle, Honey Roasted, Hot & Spicy (not shown).

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    Hunters Reserve Yard of Game

    You and your guests will enjoy the taste of six wild-game summer sausages. Each package contains six 6-oz. summer sausages; one each Elk, Venison, Wild Boar, Bison and Duck, all blended with a little pork for texture and flavor enhancement plus one Pheasant blended with a small amount of turkey. A great sampler that is perfect for the holidays or any time of year. Our food makes a great gift for family, friends or business associates. To place a multi item food order for your business please contact Cabela's Corporate Outfitters at 1-800-243-6626. Made in USA.

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    Cherith Valley Gardens® Sweet Hot Jalapenos – 16 oz.

  • Features crunchy onions and peppers
  • Sweetened with delicious, pure cane sugar
  • Free of artificial preservatives, flavorings or colorings
  • Great gift or addition to a gift basket
  • Add fabulous flavor to any dish with Cherith Valley Garden's Hot 'n Spicy Sweet Jalapeños. You're sure to savor the crunchy peppers and onions, combined with the mouthwatering sweetness of pure cane sugar. Cherith Valley Gardens is a family owned and operated business that produces garden fresh products with pride. The Werner family is committed to providing the freshest, all-natural ingredients, free of artificial preservatives, flavorings or colorings. Feel good about the food you eat! Made in USA.
    Size: 16-oz. jar.
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