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  SOG® Pillar Fixed-Blade Knife Uncle Henry® Pro Hunter Fixed Blade Knife W.R. Case & Sons® Winkler Skinner Fixed-Blade Knife TOPS Knives Quick Skin Fixed-Blade Knife Uncle Henry® Large Pro Hunter Rat-Tail Tang Fixed-Blade Knife Bear & Son Cutlery® Genuine India Stag-Bone Damascus Fixed-Blade Knives
 SOG® Pillar Fixed-Blade KnifeUncle Henry® Pro Hunter Fixed Blade KnifeW.R. Case & Sons® Winkler Skinner Fixed-Blade KnifeTOPS Knives Quick Skin Fixed-Blade KnifeUncle Henry® Large Pro Hunter Rat-Tail Tang Fixed-Blade KnifeBear & Son Cutlery® Genuine India Stag-Bone Damascus Fixed-Blade Knives
Rating ★★★★★-----
Blade length4-1/2”.5.5”.3.5".-5”.3.58”.
BrandWR CASE-TOPSBear & Son CutlerySOG-
Wt2.8 oz.-6.6 oz.-7.3 oz.0.44 lbs.

SOG® Pillar Fixed-Blade Knife

  • CPM S35VN steel blade with clip point
  • Stonewashed with machine-ground finish
  • Micarta handle for superior wet or dry grip
  • Kydex sheath with locking mount
  • Fully equipped with a CPM S35VN steel blade, SOG's Pillar Fixed-Blade Knife is ready for any challenge. Stonewashed with a machine-ground finish, the steel blade has a traditional look with modern clip-point blade. Canvas Micarta handle offers superior grip in wet and dry conditions, plus it looks better the more it's used. Kydex sheath with an adjustable low-profile locking mount. Manufacturer's lifetime warranty. Made in USA.
    Blade length: 5”.
    OAL: 9.9”.
    Wt: 7.3 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Uncle Henry® Pro Hunter Fixed Blade Knife

  • Sharp 7Cr17 high-carbon stainless steel blade
  • Staglon handle slabs for a secure grip
  • Includes leather sheath and lanyard
  • Make quick work of fieldwork with Uncle Henry's Pro Hunter Fixed-Blade Knife. Drop-point 7Cr17 high-carbon stainless steel blade holds an excellent edge and stands up to hard use. Staglon handle slabs offer a comfortable, secure hold. Includes brown leather sheath and lanyard.
    Blade length: 3.58”.
    OAL: 8.12”.
    Wt: 0.44 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This video we're gonna take a look at a brand-new knife from Uncle Henry which comes with a really nice leather sheath the pn1 pro hunter coming up on survival on purpose welcome back survival on purpose my name is Brian thanks for joining me so today after Christmas here in Georgia. We got no dogs today but. We do have an air conditioner humming in the background on the day after Christmas so anyway rambling already the got a really nice new night to show. You here today the folks at Uncle Henry which is a straight company it's rate was kind enough to send. Ishowed you just a pH. One in Pro Hunter knife. That a comes with a really nice premium leather sheath I'm very impressed by. This package here so without much further rambling let's go ahead. And take a quick look at the details. What specs I have on. This thing again this is a brand-new knife. It is not on their website. Even but they sent. Me a catalog I do have a. Few specs from the catalog. And then we'll uh we'll get to doing some of. That knife stuffs alright. Once again this is the Uncle Henry pH. One in Pro Hunter full-tang knife. This knife features a three point six inches. Or nine point one centimeter drop point blade of seven CR 17 MOV high carbon stainless steel with an eight point. One inch or twenty point six centimeters overall length the knife was 69 ounces. One hundred and ninety-five point six grams comes with stag line handles a lanyard hole brass bolsters. And a premium leather belt sheath ok so. That was some of the close-ups. What specs I have on. One in Pro Hunter knife from folks at Uncle Henry got to tell.

    Some very nice feeling knife I'm going to show. You the panel detail it's got a little bit of a finger groove here no jumping which is pretty common on the traditional style Uncle Henry knives. Igot to tell more I'm just getting tired of jumping at. All period for any reason shape. Or form I'm just I may start a anti jumping campaign soon. Idon't know it's just uh seems to be a fad maybe in amongst knife makers. Idon't know anyway rambling again so just a couple of different angles of the knife here he's got a very very slight hollow grind almost a saber grind it's real closest. And got just a very slight concave surface to. It but not a lot which does really good for slicing and hunting which. This is a design to market as a hunting knife it's a pro hunter. Ithink it's just the right size. It fits my hand really well the handles are very comfortable it's um. Ithink for taping skinning.

    That kind of work it's going to be a really very functional useful knife got the drop point blade which. Iliked up drop-point design it's um I'm gonna say. Somebody eighth of an inch stick. It of course it tapers towards the end like. Most of the strays has been coming to. Me the grind is exceptionally. Even they're doing a great job over at the straight factory they're in on their grinds in my opinion okay so. One thing I want to talk about is handles. These handles are stag line which basically means fake stag they're plastic okay. Ithink which is pretty much to be expected in a knife in. This price range I don't like in. Idon't know what the price is going to be but I'm sure it's going to be very competitive. All the other Uncle Henry products are during them. And might what I would consider. You know the high budget high end budget knife from a functionality standpoint not a problem in the world.

    It does exactly what it needs to do. It gives something to hold on to. And very comfortable actually. You know for doing what this knife is intended to be which is a hunting knife but typically. If you're out hunting with your knife you're gonna. You may wind up using this for other tasks like fire prep. You know it's around camp. Ithink overall the drop point blade lends itself well to. That design these handles they've got enough of a texture in them they're gonna their gonna be easy to hold on to. You know you got blood on your hands. Or purse raining or slippery. Whatever sweaty I don't know sweating like the day after Christmas out here so anyway. If these were real stag handles they'll probably triple the price of. This knife you know personally I'd like to see. Another option maybe solid wood handles.

    That might be a little. More cost-effective. And still be something. That would be you know. More pleasing to the purists in. You guys out there but. Ithink it's a pretty reasonable choice for a knife. That I'm predicting is going to be in the $30 price range I'm pretty known as the prediction have no idea it's my guess don't. It but let's just see. How well how close. Igot on this thing it hits the old Street Market but. Something I really like about. This knife is something straight Uncle Henry no whatever's really stepped their game of my opinion is on their sheets. This is a wet form molded leather sheath. It is welted you can see it's got a nice welt simple design belt loop which is fastened. And sewn inside which. Ithink is pretty cool so it's a very smooth back there's no Brads. Anything to hit the blade. It uh actually blocks in very tightly.

    You know is that gonna loosen up over time probably so but. All it's a really nice-looking nice looking sheath very simple design but vary in my opinion. This is a premium sheath. This is a really nice job from straight. And fits in there really well. And then it's got the leather lanyard on which. Idon't really care too much for but it's there. You need that I've rambled enough let's take. This down to the old stump top. And get to doing some of. That knife stuff okay, so I've got here a piece of poplar here. You can see it's about the maximum you're gonna want you're gonna want the time of. This thing's got like a three. And a half inch blade. This is probably about a two. And a half inch piece of wood maybe. You know two and a quarter but. You can see it's not a lot of room left over there at the bang on, so we're gonna bang a little bit.

    Because so some feathers going okay so. Iam horrible and making feathers with poplar apparently it's. Idon't know some people think it's great. This is really dry poplar I'm not good at making feathers with. It but we're gonna we're gonna see. How well I can do anyway okay actually not too bad for me in Poplar nice little pile up pretty fine shavings here so let's grab. Another piece maybe. Ican do a little better job let's see not too shabby. Iwould call those Farrah Fawcett curls a little bit. More maybe a couple. Some really fine ones here okay we'll call those Shirley Temple curls. If you're not old enough to know. That means then look. It up on the old Internet there so let's see. What we can do with. That okay I've got a bleep Lane really cheap fare right here doing okay. This is not my favorite foul ride it's just want to happen to grab but so we're gonna give it a shot with.

    If maybe we can get. Something going I'm gonna move. These over I can have. This wood to bear down on where. Iwon't continually knock my stuff around a little bit matter of fact here's a little tip. Somebody I'm kind of modifying this a little bit but. Iforget this by putting a groove in the wood to hold your fare right well I'm gonna just make a little notch here to hold. It doesn't jump around on. Me too much let's see. We can do with I don't know. If I'm gonna get because I'm not thrilled with. This ride to be honest with. You okay I'll be right back okay. Igot my straight Ferry rod which believe. Or not is one of my favorite, so we'll put. This piece of junk out-of-the-way well saving do a better job with a straight okay so. We don't really have. Isaid a super-sharp 90 degrees spine back here but. It does have looky there finally. All right well yeah. It yes okays so who finally straight foul rods rock. Me I'm telling you okay well as. You saw it's absolutely capable of striking a fair rod doesn't have the sharpest spine in the world but it's sharp enough to strike a fair rod.

    And that's just another little quick reminder of how important. It is to have you know the right fire making stuff. Because fire in my opinion is so critically important the first fair ride. Ihad it's one of those five dollar. You know cheap no-name brand fair rods the handle has obviously come off of. And then this is the trade. Ithink it's about a six dollar fair ride. You can see the difference in diameter here. This is not a Ferry rod review but the. Ithink the biggest difference in my opinion is a competition. These trades these trade fair eyes. They just have a softer competition. They have a lot more a lot. More flammable stuff in them.

    Or magnesium whatever. This was sharper I have no doubt. It works a little better. Ihave no doubt some fat but in there. Icould have got it with the first. It was throwing out. Some sparks but you may not always have fat wood right so. That was just a piece of poplar. We split out the center baton doubt which is. Another reason that batana is a viable thing to be able to do with the knife. And we're able to get a fire going in. What has been extremely wet weather here in Georgia so. Iwas allowed playing the so. That was a baton test. That was a feather test. And a fire test which in my opinion are three of the. Most important things. You can do with the night don't really have an animal to skin but. This hologram is extremely good for slicing and those type tasks. Ihave no doubt this thing is going to skin like nobody's business so really the only other test.

    Ican think of it's gonna require modification. Ireally need to remove. This lanyard I don't really have a use for lanyard as much anyway. This thing is in my way oh. It just immediately improved the balance of. This knife all right well. Ithink that's pretty much the full range of industry standard testing. That can be done with a knife. Igot to say the Pro Hunter pH won in from the folks at Uncle Henry passed every test with flying colors it's. Once again thanks to the folks astrayed for sending me. It showed to you hope. This video has been helpful looking for a very functional useful hunting slash camp slash take out in the woods with your knife. It really gets the job done. And probably won't set. You back an arm and a leg to do. You might want to check out the pH. One in pro hunter version from Uncle Henry. And again it's got a really nice sheath with. It so anyway stop rambling now as always thanks for watching survival on purpose thanks for subscribing thanks for clicking.

    That thumbs up for sharing this video with. All your friends for watching all those ads. And for doing all your shopping on Amazon through the survival on purpose links. It really helps the channel. Ireally sincerely appreciate the support. Once again my name is Brian you're watching survival on purpose remember survival is not an accident so be prepared. And I'll see you next time airplane. All right correct they must be having a busy day after Christmas at the old Atlanta Airport Natal mark full gamut of engineers the full gamut of industry pretty much the full range of industry industry staying.

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    W.R. Case & Sons® Winkler Skinner Fixed-Blade Knife

  • First in a series celebrating American Heroes
  • Lightweight, well balanced black walnut handle
  • 80 CRV2 steel blade with tapered trailing point
  • Designed with the extensive experience of retired U.S. Army Special Operator and Navy SEAL Kevin Holland in cooperation with Master Bladesmith Daniel Winkler, the W.R. Case & Sons Winkler Skinner Fixed-Blade Knife is the first in a planned series celebrating American heroes. Manufactured in Case's modern production facility by an elite team of knife makers and held to strict quality standards. Lightweight, well balanced and built for dependability. American Black Walnut handle and 80 CRV2 flat ground steel blade has a tapered trailing point. Includes molded black leather sheath that's specially reinforced to keep its shape. Reversible belt attachment carries knife on either side of the body.
    Blade length: 4-1/2”.
    OAL: 9-5/8”.
    Wt: 2.8 oz.


     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    TOPS Knives Quick Skin Fixed-Blade Knife

  • “All-belly” blade speeds through skinning tasks
  • Edge-holding 1095 steel blade
  • Rugged G10 handle with traction-enhancing jimping
  • Includes black Kydex sheath
  • The “all-belly” blade on the TOPS Knives Quick Skin Fixed-Blade Knife speeds through skinning tasks with efficient ease. The blade shape slices easily into hard-to-reach areas where other blades would slow you down. Crafted from 1095 steel rated at 56-58 Rockwell hardness, the blade holds an exceptionally sharp edge that's easy to resharpen when needed. Rugged G10 handle with traction-enhancing jimping ensures a secure hold. Carry it appendix (front), vertical (inside or outside the waistband or belt), horizontal or scout-style with the included black Kydex® sheath. Designed by Leo Espinoza.
    Blade length: 3.5".
    OAL: 7.13".
    Wt: 6.6 oz.


     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Uncle Henry® Large Pro Hunter Rat-Tail Tang Fixed-Blade Knife

  • Ideal for hunting and camping
  • Stainless steel clip-point blade
  • Brass guard and pommel
  • Includes leather belt sheath and sharpening stone
  • Featuring a high-carbon, stainless steel clip-point blade with an aggressive point and a long upturned belly, the Uncle Henry Pro Hunter is an ideal fixed-blade knife for field dressing big game as well as for bushcraft. The one-piece Staglon® grip is attached with a rat-tail tang and features a brass guard and pommel. The Pro Hunter Rat-Tail Tang Fixed-Blade Knife comes with a sturdy leather belt sheath to keep it readily accessible at your side at all times. The sheath features a snap-closure pouch to carry the included sharpening stone.
    Blade length: 5.5”.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Bear & Son Cutlery® Genuine India Stag-Bone Damascus Fixed-Blade Knives

    Get the best of both worlds – exotic 512-layer Damascus steel with hand-forged American quality. Valued by hunters and warriors since before the First Crusade, Damascus steel offers unmatched sharpness, premium edge-holding durability and a one-of-a-kind look. All-purpose drop-point blade for improved tip strength and control. India stag bone handle. Leather sheath included. Made in USA.
    Blade length:
    Overall length: 7".
    Weight: 4.3 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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