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  18.5" Classic Pit Barrel Cooker Package Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite 30" Window Smoker with Value Kit Masterbuilt 30" Electric-Smoker Cover Bradley® Smart Smoker™ Bradley® Non-Stick Surface Jerky Racks - Per 4 Cabela's Pro Smoker Cleaner
 18.5" Classic Pit Barrel Cooker PackageMasterbuilt Sportsman Elite 30" Window Smoker with Value KitMasterbuilt 30" Electric-Smoker CoverBradley® Smart Smoker™Bradley® Non-Stick Surface Jerky Racks - Per 4Cabela's Pro Smoker Cleaner
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18.5" Classic Pit Barrel Cooker Package

  • Evenly heats food for increased flavor and shorter cook times
  • Easy to use – no need to constantly regulate temperature
  • 30-gal. drum is porcelain-coated for weather resistance
  • Hang meat vertically or use as a traditional grill
  • Upgrade your backyard meals with the 18.5" Classic Pit Barrel-Cooker Package. A 30-gal. drum lets ribs and other meat hang vertically while cooking, resulting in even heating, increased flavor and shorter cooking times. The barrel's cylindrical shape and Hook-N-Hang™ method places food in the center of the heat for perfect heating without the need to turn food or regulate temperature. Porcelain-coated, 18-gauge-steel barrel is weather-resistant for years of like-new performance. A grill grate makes the unit even more versatile – allowing you to use it as a traditional grill as well. Package includes 30-gal. steel drum with lid, three-point barrel stand, eight stainless steel hooks, two steel hanging rods, one charcoal basket, one grill grate and one wooden hook remover.
    36"H x 22" dia.
    Wt: 64 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite 30" Window Smoker with Value Kit

  • Built-in window and internal light let you visually monitor progress
  • Thermostat-controlled temperature setting
  • Meat probe monitors internal food temperature
  • Learn about everything Masterbuilt Learn More Button

    See how your smoked meats, cheeses or vegetables are coming along with Masterbuilt's Sportsman Elite 30" Window Smoker Kit. Built-in meat probe displays the food temperature at the touch of a button. Thermostatic-controlled temperature with digital temperature and time controls to precisely dial in the perfect setting for your food. Built-in internal cabinet light shows you progress without having to open the door. Four racks provide 730 sq. in. of cooking space and can hold six racks for a total of 1,095 sq. in. of cooking area. 25-lb. capacity.
    33.5"H x 20.3"W x 19.6"D.
    Wt: 56.05 lbs.
    Kit includes:
    • "Dadgum, That's Good!" CD-ROM: John McLemore's own savory recipes to view on your home computer with full-color photos.
    • Smoker Cover: Keep your smoker protected from the elements when not in use. High-quality reinforced polyester. Imported.
    • Sausage Rack: Hang kielbasa, summer sausage, bratwurst – anything you can think of smoking on nine evenly spaces hooks.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This is my review of the Bass Pro Shops master built sportsman elite electric smoker. Igot the same couple months ago, so I've had a chance to use. And I'm going to tell. You the pros and cons. What I think about you come over on the side over here is a little latch. You open you see the inside so. It has plenty of room for not only. Several pork butts and cook a couple of chickens in there. And get lots of your favorite meat inside there. These grates you can move around as well down here you'll see the water tray which is right here it's as well. Where a lot of the grease runs into as well. You want to be careful. You don't fill that thing all the way up there's a little mark right here for the water line. You fill it up with too much water it's going to overflow. When the grease runs in there. This pulls out and inside there is your heating element. And here's you put the wood so that's. All the wood you need. You want to add more wood. While it's on you come over here to the side turn.

    This pull you put the wood chips in there. That way you don't have to open the door. And let the heat out as a nice seal. All the way around how it's a black interior before. You ever use some smoke through. It to season it readies to go so. This stuff this comes out water tray comes out. This take out this pan the grease trap there's a little hole there. That drains into you pull out. This stuff you can throw in the dishwasher that's. What I've been doing with. It that's easy to clean the surfaces. Where the grease drips down onto. And over here is my smoke vent. Ican open and close. And the thing I like best about. It has electronic controls. You set the time the temperature. It keeps an exact temperature. This whole thing everywhere in the exterior.

    This is cool so I can use. This thing out here on my back porch. Idon't have to keep. It outside it starts raining water is going to be hitting it. It on carpet there's no danger of. It get too hot down there to set. Anything on fire shut the door. And forget once in a. You have to come back. And add a little wood the only thing. Idon't like about it as much as a regular smoker is. These reaches say it on 225. It reaches that temperature. Iknow the element doesn't need to come on as much. Because it's really well sealed. Idon't get as much smoke so. Iget a lot of smoke. While it's building up temperature in. That first hour — I needed to start smoking again a lot. Iwanted to I need to open the door to let the temperature down to let. That element kick back on so you're not going to get as much smoke but.

    Isaid I've made pork butts check. It in here and make. Some fish today everyone that's tasted has loved. It myself makes excellent smoked food. And like you don't have to make your wood wet just a little bit of wood chips so. One bag of these wood chips last. You quite a long time so for the price. And the lack of trouble. Ifind this thing was well worth. And I'm glad I bought it.

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    Masterbuilt 30" Electric-Smoker Cover

  • Protects your smoker when not in use
  • Durable reinforced polyester 
  • Keep your Masterbuilt Smoker protected when not in use with their 30" Electric-Smoker Cover. High-quality reinforced polyester. Imported.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Delmarva backyard today. What I have is a product review of the master bill 30 inch electric smokers I've had to master built 30 inch electric smokers for about six months I've used. It about a dozen times. Ithink I've used it enough. That I'm comfortable giving a review that's. What I'm going to do I'm going to let. You know my thoughts on. It I'm going to show. You the main features with. It so stay tuned alright guys so with the master built third against electric smoker. Even with the 40-inch electric smoker I'm sure it's going to be very similar. You know there's there's. Some pros and cons the big appeal about an electric smoker is going to be the Senate. And forget it kind of feature. That was kind of what drew. Ihaven't had that much success with the Senate. And forget it mentality with the master built electric smoker. What it is I don't get paid to do. Any reviews I'm just going to tell. You the truth it stinks. It stinks if it's great it's great. If it's in the middle it's in the metal.

    One of the great things the master built smoker has is a remote. And the remote works the same way as the control panel on the smoker. It does the same functions. You have an on/off switch. You can raise and lower the temperature set the temperature set the time has meat probes so. You can check the temperature of the meat through the probe. And then it has a light on/off switch so. Imean that's that's a really great feature so right down here is. You put your tips in. You put them right here. You need to be careful. When you're putting them in during a cook. This is going to be very hot. It doesn't hold a lot of chips. And that's because you'll see on the inside the tray above the burner doesn't hold a lot of chips but. It does hold enough to get. You a decent smoke rolling you know it's pretty convenient.

    You don't have to open the door in order to insert chips so. Ido like it won't come out. When the loading card is down so that's good so. You don't have any spills. Or problems the latch on. This door is adjustable. And it's very important. You check that adjustment every time. Because the door seal is vital to. This thing being able to maintain get up to. And maintain temperature so. You can see you can adjust. That little knob there. And that's going to make. That longer or shorter to make sure. You pull that door. And tighter what you have inside. You have four racks you've got. Ihave two up here one there.

    One there I usually put a pan on. That level and then. You know to catch grease. And also to put water in okay. That seems to work the best down here. Where your tips fall into. And just below that is your element. All your heat from and seems to be pretty reliable. Ihaven't had any problems. Idon't believe with the element itself. It does a pretty good job as far as getting the chips to produce a decent smoke here is your manufacturer grease tray. Ihave better luck I put a bigger water pan. Or grease tray at that level so. Idon't have to worry about the little grease tray overflowing because it's just. It seems to be a little small plus. Iusually want water. Most of my cooks keep. That environment moist there is as well. Another grease tray down here it's. More like an overflow. What I find is like.

    You use the manufactured grease tray. That then spills into the other the. One on the bottom there you're going to get. It's going to spill on to. Whatever surface you have them the grill set out on so. Ilike my setup here little cutter it's. Everything is pretty easily accessible so. You can clean you like. Another feature here meat probe comes with. It I'm going to be straight with. This thing is hit or miss sometimes. It sometimes works it do we're going to do a test on. If it's working today. You can see I didn't clean. It last time I really need to clean. It but I've had times. This thing is 15 20 degrees off. Ijust find it's just not reliable at. It the machine does have a little built-in tray on the side of.

    You can slide that meat probe in there for when you're not using it so there. We got our meat probe. It is in a cup of ice water we're going to hit meat probe that's showing 29 degrees probe is probably touching on piece ice directly that's probably pretty close you're thinking about purchasing one of these. This does not do chicken very well. This will not go above 275 we're going to be cooking a pork tenderloin to get. It rollin set temp and then. Igo up to the 10th you're looking for and watch. This 275 rolls over 235 so just so. You know that's we want to be 275 so. You got your 10th then. You go to set time I'm going to set my time for 6 hours.

    Iusually set it for much longer. What I'm going to actually cook. Idon't want to cut off. You can see the little eating light came on. That is preheating angers here's a little pro tip for you I'm sure master built would hate. This but it works pretty well who. That is Oh piece of charcoal slide. That in there this is just going to help. It out flavors okay it's been 35 minutes. It just came off the temperature so. That gives you an idea. How long it takes to get up the temperature I'd say it's a little bit slow getting up to temperature. Although it's got a pretty good heating element on. It gets stuck with crud grease. Whatever and it's not made very sturdy so. You need to wait — it's hot before. You adjust it otherwise you're going to break.

    You can say I've had. This charcoal and the wood hanging out in here for a half an hour. And I'm just not a lot of smoke content I'm going to put. This probe one probe in the meat. This is for my I grill — I'm going to put the other probe hanging there. We go that's going to give. Is a good idea what the temperature inside the master built is. And that's going to compare to the probe. That comes with because we're going to do the same thing with. And there's more wood chips. You can put too many in you'll feel. It kind of get jammed up, so I'm going to put two rounds in here. All right just an update. What I have is the meat probe push down look at. That temperature 226 okay. And remember I'm just pulling ambient with. Igrill to the green is my ambient 236 C alright buts. It can't get there we're not at 275. We are way under 275 hours. And a half in not really putting out.

    Any not much smoke you're seeing more heat. Then smoke okay so this is the crucial time. You need the most smoke, so I'm going to put. More chips on this will be the third time I've put chips in green probe is the ambient temperature 272. And on here it's reading 260 okay so. You got a mixture of heat. And also smoke You all right so. We finished the cook on the master bill. You know the port turned out fine. And the video is not really about the pork as much as. It was the cook and the cook. If the temperature was. Ihad to stay right on top of. It had to watch it the cost. You know constantly babysitting the temperature. And the problem is. You run into the top temperature is 275 degrees. You can't go above what I found is mine.

    It at 275 when it's. When it's acting up it's going to run to 40 so. Anything that I'm cooking I need to make sure. That I'm comfortable cooking it at 240. That almost every time. Icook with it runs a period of about an hour. It will only go to 240. Ihave written emails. Ihave called and left messages. And not gotten a response from master bill. This has been going on since maybe the seventh cook. It was the reason I went out. And purchased my other grill which is not let. Me down my right tag party 680. You know hope the whole reason. Iwent for the master bill was for the set. And forget it kind of cooks.

    Me down there and you're starting having the set is. Something in the oven not for me the master bill is the smoke contents just. Now there you have to add widgets. You have to go above. And beyond with they would tell. You not to put charcoal in. You really want to touch up. Any kind of real wood flavor. You need to put a piece charcoal in there. And then you need to add wood chips maybe every 20 minutes. And then open the door. You open the door it lowers the temperature in the chamber. That requires the burner to come on. And then that brings the wood chips to a higher temperature. More often which will produce. More smoke you have to have an electric smoker. Iwould seriously seriously look into reviews of other smokers.

    Iwould not recommend. It I'm going to give it a 2 out of 5 stars. Because it's unreliable. It is not set and forget. You like quality barbecue. You have to set and then watch. It no response absolutely zero for the manufacturer. That said I mean that's that's. This day and age but. You know what it is guys thanks for joining me. Iappreciate your interest in the video leave your comments in the field below give. Me a thumbs up I would greatly appreciate. And we'll see you next time oh don't forget subscribe to the channel thanks

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    Bradley® Smart Smoker™

  • Control smoke and temperature from Bluetooth-enabled device
  • iSmoke technology allows you to control the settings
  • Large 780-sq.-in. cooking area
  • Control smoke and temperature from anywhere. Bradley's Smart Smoker's iSmoke™ technology allows you to control the settings from a smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth® capability or from the user-friendly touch screen. Large 780-sq.-in. cooking area holds up to 10 racks of food (six racks included). Two removable, color-coded probes lets you keep track of two areas at the same time. Four adjustable wheels for easy movement.
    Exterior: 40.5"H x 24"W x 14.25"D.
    Interior: 33.25"H x 15.5"W x 11.75"D.
    Wt: 58.75 lbs.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Bradley® Non-Stick Surface Jerky Racks - Per 4

    Teflon-Coated Jerky Racks have a smaller mesh opening. They are ideal for cooking smaller items like beef jerky, oysters, almonds, vegetables and sausages. Per 4.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Cabela's Pro Smoker Cleaner

    Cabela's Pro Smoker Cleaner wipes out the tough grease in your smokehouse and grill that standard cleaners can't. Environmentally friendly, this cleaner is noncorrosive, nontoxic and biodegradable. Nonfilming formula. Made in the USA.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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