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  Daiwa® Tanacom 1000 Trolling Reel Daiwa Sealine® B Linecounter Reel Abu Garcia® Ambassadeur® SX Baitcasting Reel Daiwa Lexa™ Linecounter Reel Okuma Coldwater Low Pro Linecounter Reel Cabela's DepthMaster® Metal Linecounter Trolling Reel
 Daiwa® Tanacom 1000 Trolling ReelDaiwa Sealine® B Linecounter ReelAbu Garcia® Ambassadeur® SX Baitcasting ReelDaiwa Lexa™ Linecounter ReelOkuma Coldwater Low Pro Linecounter ReelCabela's DepthMaster® Metal Linecounter Trolling Reel
Rating ★★★★☆ ★★★☆☆----
Bearings3 / 3 / 36+1 / 6+1443+1 / 3+1 / 3+13 / 3
Braid Capacity (yds/ lb test)380/50 / 240/50 / 240/50140/40 / 300/55660/100-265/30 / 350/30 / 350/30-
BrandDaiwaDaiwaDaiwaOkumaAbu GarciaCabela's
Gear Ratio4.2:1 / 4.2:1 / 4.2:16.3:1 / 5.5:12.3:15.4:15.3:1 / 5.3:1 / 5.3:14.0:1 / 5.1:1
HandLeft / Right / RightRight / RightRightRightRight / Right / RightRight / Right
Line Recovery24.4 in/turn / 24.4 in/turn / 24.4 in/turn25.7 in/turn / 27.1 in/turn16.5 in/turn26.1 in/turn26 in/turn / 26 in/turn / 26 in/turn24 in/turn / 23 in/turn
Max Drag16 pounds / 16 pounds / 16 pounds11 pounds / 25 pounds48 pounds25 pounds12 pounds / 12.5 pounds / 12.5 pounds17 pounds / 15 pounds
Mono Capacity (yds/ lb test)280/20 / 300/14 / 360/14120/14 / 245/17500/40150/20230/14 / 255/17 / 255/17310/25 / 210/20
Reel ModelSG47LC3BL / SG27LC3BW / SG27LC3BLEXA-LC100H / LEXA-LC400PWR-PTANACOM 1000CW354DAMBSX-5600 / AMBSX-6600 / AMBSX-6600 RounDMM-30 / DMM-20
Reel Weight16.9 ounces / 15.2 ounces / 15.9 ounces8.5 ounces / 17.8 ounces52.5 ounces12.5 ounces10.6 ounces / 11.3 ounces / 11.3 ounces22.7 ounces / 17.3 ounces

Daiwa® Tanacom 1000 Trolling Reel

  • Variable-speed Power Lever control
  • Automatic-stop and jigging features
  • Aluminum frame with composite sideplates
  • Waterproof, sealed electronics
  • Daiwa's Tanacom 1000 Power Assist Reel allows you to fish saltwater in ways you never dreamed possible. Just imagine dropping your bait hundreds of feet for big fish you'd otherwise miss. Reel sports a Power Lever™ for instant control of winding speed; LCD display to tell line depth and retrieve distances; a programmable Auto Stop™ feature that stops winding when your lure hits the surface; linecounter and depth memory; washable design with sealed electronics; manual winding option. The Tanacom 1000 is the ultimate kite and deep-drop reel, and features an oversized line-guide aperture to easily clear large knots and kite swivels. It winds in fast and stops automatically to save you time, plus it has a jigging feature to keep your bait looking lifelike. For use with 12-volt batteries.
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    What I chased. Iwanted made that's a new truck. What else could it be a word just came up. And started running hand crank. It ever — no. That was a already way up might be ammeter yo oh my gosh crank. You wanna swing all. That way I'll get my back I'm getting everything back : got. This 5 feet come on yo. Any gloves in your bag right no there's. Nothing here nothing there go get the knife. And just slice the Oh. That a black tiger shaker. All right are we gonna keep peace. You way that's what we actually keep yeah were. You actually go eat.

    It yeah serious, but we're gonna be out here for a. You can't keep are you gonna pull. It can't pull it on from here dude gotta pull. It in front tomorrow today my tile damn gonna grovel that's clear on the floor yeah. We gotta do something with the fish in the cooler. All right you'll have mini flying fish sight take out my phone take a picture mom Oh with. You don't got to record. That already got enough not still quality say no we're gonna watch chop off the lead. And get as much as we can get wants to go back down download. You see that's about a hundred fifty-pound 100 pound at least Sora telecom got. This for you a nigga pure pound swimming like 40 pounds of pressure yeah so. Idon't see why you can't bring up a little sword yeah that's the only reason We gotta get this see. You could reel up where's the boy here crazy well that's. You know I not work for my not gonna sleep. You guys put that on a drag go oh bro.

    Igot a little Drago family had caught up on a damn actual big thing we can be sure. You can hold them up that's not. That big I don't bother just almost up go on try to graph. It but to look up how slack on Slugger Legos black. Ican't let go a little bit damn. Iwish had underwater camera no. Idon't have my mount with. Imean to my housing yeah the brew owners right there yes right still sick ain't. It bro it's like we got our own program right here okay. It wasn't it your mother cast net nice II don't know. Nothing landing it yeah a little. One yo there's their tile underneath.

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    Daiwa Sealine® B Linecounter Reel

  • Three ball bearings
  • Linecounter measures in feet
  • U.T. drag system for smooth control
  • Tough, one-piece composite frame
  • A great trolling reel for the price, this precision-built Daiwa Sealine B Linecounter Reel features a built-in Sealine linecounter that measures in feet. The spiral-cut gears mesh perfectly for strong cranking power while the tough, fish-fighting three-ball-bearing Power Mesh® drive permits slick line payout. U.T. drag system delivers smooth, fade-resistant control, and a loud spool click keeps you in tune to your line. One-piece composite frame with machined-aluminum spool. Automatic, self-engaging clutch. Models 17 and 27W come with a double-paddle handle.
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    Abu Garcia® Ambassadeur® SX Baitcasting Reel

  • Bent star and handle
  • 3+1 stainless steel bearings
  • Thumb-release clutch
  • Duragear brass gear
  • 5.3:1 gear ratio
  • A versatile, powerful, and affordable round reel for pursuing a variety of species – from bass to striper, catfish to redfish – the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur SX Baitcasting Reel does it all. This slick workhorse boasts improved casting performance, plus the precise Swedish engineering that has helped Abu Garcia stand the test of time. Advantages you get with the SX include: bent star and handle, 3+1 stainless steel bearings, thumb-release clutch, Duragear brass gear, and a powerful 5.3:1 gear ratio.

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    Hey it's Josh over J. And H today we're taking a look at the Abu Garcia ambassador c4 there 6600 round bait casting reels. You might not know this but Abu totally redid the C 3 s. And C for this year much better look to them. Ilike the blue on this reel really nice. You could tell the difference immediately from the handle the new version has the bent handle bent star drag. You can see how that's bent in towards the reel makes a. More ergonomic it brings. Everything closer to the reel the other big change is. They added a booze during ear to gear system which is a. More efficient way of doing a gear system so. That the alignment of the gears give. More power with less with the. More effortless turn of the handle so. You don't have to struggle to turn the handle to get the same amount of power. You would so it's definitely a much smoother reel then last years. You could feel it right away. If you're familiar with the older C fours great reel. You know if you've never seen. This reel you're not familiar with Abu c3s. These are like you know workhorse reels it'll last your lifetime. You take care from great bait caster wheels great casting reel they've got the built-in six pin centrifugal brakes. They really are great for casting great for bottom fishing great for a freshwater saltwater. Anything I mean they're really versatile so great reel to have in your arsenal retail on. It is just about 140 bucks it's totally worth. One of those reels will last. You a lifetime six point three to. One gear ratio gonna hold 320 yards of 12 pound test mono which translates to three hundred.

    And little over the range of yards of thirty pound braid. These are made in Sweden so you've. Any quality and a lot of guys are averse to having reels made in overseas. You know in China and other countries in Asia but. One is made in Sweden. They do a really good job of quality control. They make a great product so check. Ihighly recommend it's got the push button right here. You can just push it down to putting your in a free spool turn the handle pops back up engage a nice comfortable thumb bar right there. This thing weighs just ten point nine ounces so it's nice and light fifteen pounds of drag with the carbon matrix drag system which is. You know the drag system. That ably uses in their iron rails it's just it's just a great value great real use. It every day fantastic. Ishould mention it's also got the clicker Clippers right here.

    You need you just put. It up like that nice clicker not the clickers not gonna be on the smaller models only on the 60 606 601 so check. It put it's the Abu Garcia ambassador c4 — 6600 round bait casting reels. They are in stock and available at JH com

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    Daiwa Lexa™ Linecounter Reel

  • Built-in linecounter keeps you in strike zone
  • Spool click lets you know when line goes out
  • Extra line capacity for heavy lines
  • Daiwa's Lexa Linecounter Reels are saltwater and freshwater tough, with extra line capacity for heavy lines and powerful fish. The built-in linecounter measures line out in feet to make setting trolling patterns a snap. And, once you've hooked up, you can repeatedly drop right back into the strike zone without guessing. Convenient spool click lets you know when line starts to sneak out. Ultimate Tournament carbon drag (UTD) with oversized carbon washers provides maximum fish stopping power. Cut-Away Swept Paddle Handle featured on most models, Power Handles on the P models. Rugged aluminum frame stands up to years of use and abuse. Infinite Dual Anti-reverse provides solid hooksets on game fish. 

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    Okuma Coldwater Low Pro Linecounter Reel

  • Mechanical counter is easy to read at a glance
  • Clear View Technology prevents fogging for use in adverse weather
  • Dependable, rigid diecast aluminum frame and handle side plate
  • Aluminum ratcheting star controls a multidisc Carbonite drag system
  • Fatigue-reducing balanced power handle and Ergo Grip knob
  • Automatic trip, spool-engaging mechanism
  • Drop jigs at precise depths or troll multiple rigs without tangling up with the Okuma Coldwater Low Pro Line-Counter Reel. Clear View Technology prevents fogging so the mechanical line counter always gives you a clear view of how many feet of line is out no matter the weather conditions. Dependable, rigid diecast aluminum frame and handle side plate. Multidisc carbonite drag system that's easily adjusted via the aluminum ratcheting drag star. Balanced aluminum power handle with Ergo Grip knob allow you to fish all day without fatigue. Automatic trip, spool-engaging mechanism. Manufacturer's limited one-year warranty. Aluminum spool.

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    This is John pretzel director product development with a kuma fishing tackle here to introduce. You probably the most exciting new product from Akuma in 2014. We call our cold water 350 low profile first thing you'll notice it's a 350 sized baked cast real for the line counter on. You go to the other side of the line counter just like. All newer generation Okuma line counters. What we've done is we've recessed the counter. And moved it aside so. When you're cranking. That reel you don't accidentally bump. And knock it into a zero position so it's a little. More hidden a lot more user-friendly for those. That love to troll you guys are targeting fish like salmon striped bass walleye kokanee trout. This is ultimate reel. We refer to this as a game changer from okuma there's. Nothing like it out there in the market it's a mechanical lion counter which measures off the rotations of spool it's calibrated. What we call 042 millimeter mono filament line so it's going to be.

    Most accurate based on a full spool line with. That point four two millimeter lines so. If you're using braided line real thin diameters it'll be. More of a reference point but as. That spool diameter goes down it'll become less accurate so it'll be important for you to understand the reference point in. How the reel is calibrated. One thing that sets. This reel apart from the other cold water line counters. We produce in the regular cold water series is. It the frame and the gear side plate are aluminum we're on the regular cold water. All the side plates in the frame are graphite. This will have a graphite side plate Lumina frame. And aluminum frame so it's extremely rigid extremely strong. And the reason why we did. It puts a tremendous amount of drag pressure 25 pounds of drag so. You hook that trophy salmon. That trophy striped bass you're going to be able to land. This cold water just like the other cold water line counters. We quipped the 350 sighs cold water with our CVT.

    Or Clearview technology. That is a lens coating technology. That help prevents the reel from fogging up in cold weather early morning when. You have condensation. If for some reason you do get. Some condensation in there. Some water in there. We also have the drain port here. You do is back that screw out. And it'll help dry out help get. Some airflow in there for those of. That are really die hard trolling fans you're interested in a cold waterline counter check. More on the web a tokuma fishing comm.

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    Cabela's DepthMaster® Metal Linecounter Trolling Reel

  • Rugged, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame and spool
  • Mechanical linecounter measures in feet
  • High-strength, durable XL gearing system
  • Innovative Carbonite drag system with ratcheting star control
  • Its base is a lightweight, yet rugged frame built of A6061-T6 machined aluminum with reinforcing stainless steel sideplate rings. The spool is made of anodized aluminum and is fed by a heavy-duty, stainless steel, wide-mouth levelwind that’s titanium-coated to withstand abusive braided and wire lines. The levelwind’s opening is enlarged to allow snag-free use of double lines and passage of knots. A mechanical linecounter measures line out in feet. Cranking power is provided by a hardened-brass XL gearing with an enlarged gearing system and enlarged drag system. Large gear teeth increase the reel’s gear strength and cranking power, while the drag surface area is more than 50% larger than most standard gearbox designs. The larger drag system features Carbonite, an innovative, carbon-based material that displaces heat and friction consistently and affords optimal control, even in harsh conditions. Ratcheting star drag operation allows precise settings. Two stainless steel ball bearings plus one anti-reverse roller bearing. Balanced aluminum handle with oversized, soft-touch handle knob. Silent retrieve system for ultrasmooth operation.

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