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  Catfish Charlie Dough Bait Fishbites Yeh Mon! Freshwater Catfish Bait Pautzke Catfish Nectar® Magic Baits Preserved Shad Magic Bait Company Dough Bait Little Stinker Catfish Kit Berkley® PowerBait® Catfish Chunks
  Catfish Charlie Dough Bait Fishbites Yeh Mon! Freshwater Catfish Bait Pautzke Catfish Nectar® Magic Baits Preserved Shad Magic Bait Company Dough Bait Little Stinker Catfish Kit Berkley® PowerBait® Catfish Chunks
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Available - - - Strawberry, Vanilla. Blood and Cheese, Cut Shad, Liver and Blood, Liver and Cheese. Blood, Shad, Chicken Liver.   4 oz.

Catfish Charlie Dough Bait

Put some Catfish Charlie Dough Bait on your hook to tempt the big cats out of their hiding places. This strong-smelling, hassle-free dough bait molds directly to your treble hook. Plus, you can harden the consistency by adding flour or oatmeal, or add milk or water and they become soft enough to use as a dip bait.
Size: 14 oz.
Available: Blood, Shad, Chicken Liver.  
 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

What's up YouTube I'm doing a review on catfish Charlie can't be shin obi. Iain't going to review just. Yet but I'm going to camp fishing tomorrow. Ibelieve so I'm going to try. This out I'm gonna bring my camera record a video I'm gonna Shea mus can't fish. Icatch off of I heard a lot of people said. This stuff works good so. Idecided to try for myself. And I'm gonna do it tomorrow. And we're going to find out so peace on YouTube. This is my review well not exactly my with. Me yeah like I said upload a video sometimes. Imean cat fishing with. Me I'll talk to you later.

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Fishbites Yeh Mon! Freshwater Catfish Bait

Are you tired of the stink, fish oils, tissues or extracts found in most stink baits? If so, pick up a package of Yeh Mon! Freshwater Catfish Bait and prepare to be amazed. Upon opening the package, the first thing you will notice is the fact that there is no smell. Its proven scent technology makes the scent activate in the water, leaving you with clean smelling hands before and after you put it on the hook. It features a fiber mesh that keeps the bait together to survive numerous strikes, catches and re-casts. Two per pack.
Size: 5/8" wide x 13" long.
Flavor/Scent: Liver, Crawfish, Shad.
 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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Pautzke Catfish Nectar®

Pautzke Catfish Nectar is made with the same professional quality as their traditional and world-famous Balls O' Fire™ egg juice. Combined with other secret ingredients, it draws catfish in from long distances. Effective as a chum and when baits are marinated in it or have it injected. Works on all species of catfish. Allow bait to soak for 12-24 hours for best results.
Size: 8-oz. bottle.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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Magic Baits Preserved Shad

Live bait is extremely effective when it comes to catching fish, but keeping it on hand for convenient access isn’t always easy. These all-natural alternatives deliver all the benefits of live bait without the mess and hassle. Each bait comes in a resealable package that doesn’t require refrigeration, so you can always have access to the bait you need. Natural coloration, scent and texture encourage strikes and cause fish to hang on longer than artificial lures. That gives you the time you need to set the hook with authority. Made in USA.
Available: 4 oz.
Colors: Natural, Red.
 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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Magic Bait Company Dough Bait

Don't think people are the only ones that love the smell of strawberry and vanilla. This Dough Bait from Magic Bait Company has a delectable smell and taste to lure in carp and catfish for the strike. Knead bait onto hook until covered.
Size: 3 oz.
Available: Strawberry, Vanilla.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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Little Stinker Catfish Kit

  • Includes everything you need to get started catching catfish
  • Legendary Leakin Livers Nuggets
  • Hook remover saves you from powerful jaws
  • Everything you need to start catching big cats in rivers, lakes or streams is included in the Little Stinker Catfish Kit. Blues, channels and flatheads the world over have fallen victim to the included Little Stinker's Leakin Livers Nuggets. Hook remover provides insurance against powerful jaws. Glow-sticks and holder so you don't miss those subtle nibbles.
    •  Two teardrop lures
    •  Bell/glowstick holder
    •  Nighttime glow-sticks
    •  Two spring treble hooks
    •  Six egg sinkers
    •  Hook remover
    •  One package of Little Stinker Leakin Livers Catfish Nuggets
    •  One tube of Little Stinker Catfish Bait
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    what's going on guys back. You again with another video on how to make. Some catfish bait y'all like the last video. Iposted pretty good so. Ithought I bring you. Another video this time with hot dogs is your normal beef hot dogs. Nothing special you buy the cheap time rotted old don't matter. All works the same but yeah that's golf work early. You know did Nate I bring you. Another video so you might recognize a. Few gradients from my last deal so let's go ahead. And get started last. Isaid hot dogs you pick up packs like a buck 99. If they're pretty cheap. If you're looking for a catfish bait. That don't break the bank. You know those did bank. Everything they're really good but sometimes they're pretty dang spits. It makes it not to work so good so hot dogs can never go wrong with hot dogs but. One just make quite a. You make as much as. You want you buy cheap stacks of hot dogs. You really make quite a bit of bait. Some people like to chop them in half. Itend to not like that it's kind of harder to stay on the hook I'm using shuffling about one-inch pieces.

    These over treble hooks they're like really good over a treble hook so anyway got your weenies. Some small little cubes there. And then you use the tub policies. And gallon bags or ziplock baggies like. You can cut up three packages. Anything lean it works really good. If you're looking for a cheap bait just to go out in the day fishing this is. One of those recipes going to help. You put a bunch next is jello a lot of people were like. What the hell jello huh trust. It works as. You like took up the red conch airy strawberry. What I'm cutting off. You grab the jello rip. And just pour it inside the bags with the women's support. That works pretty good for the next garlic powder catfish love.

    Anything that smells like garlic 90% of your baits. You see in the store for catfish have garlic in. It's just reek stuffs really nasty I'm usually heavy-handed with the garlic don't be shy with. It usually stinks like hell. And also what I like to put in there is. Some cayenne peppers. Some red crushed pepper catfished a lot of people don't know. This but 10 for sections like spice. And things just excellent don't. Ican tell you why but. They actually like things. That are spicy so that in their stick logs. You know and just mix. It kind of looks like a brine mix. You know it looks kind of grainy but. You like to sit my first for a. Few hours and it's going to get real gooey. All the jello is going to pull the moisture out of the hot dog it's going to pull the moisture out of the hot dog. And create like a little gravy as. You can call it in there that's pretty nasty stuff the downside to using this is it's really messy.

    When you're trying to get. It out of the bag and then. It gets on your hands. And in turn it gets like on your rods. And reels and tackle box of stuff so that's kind of con of debate but as far as working wise for catfish it's really hard to be it's really hard to be. And like these little 1-inch chunks on a treble hook. You could cast these suckers out a mile. You want to worry about. It put flying off your hook. One nice little cubes seeped inside. That trouble hook really nice it's really hard for smaller fish for smaller catfish stuff slept your bait off the hook so you're not having to. You know really into an empty hook so. Many times in rebate. And rebate but yeah. You know I mean to sit outside the Sun we're in the refrigerator. That stuff gets pretty rank. And what's good about. You can throw this in the fridge. It lasts a week two weeks three weeks. You could just keep reusing the same amount of bait. You don't finish this come back home throw.

    It in the fridge either no you're my wife might get a little mad at. You for crepes thinking like garlic powder but mine is kind of getting used to. Igo but yeah I just want to bring out a short quick sweet video of jello garlic powder. Some cayenne peppers. And let's forget it's real cheat good bait. You don't check out my last video. It with chicken it's pretty good video. If y'all haven't tried. Ihighly recommend I mean it's. Ilove using corn and other stuff like. That but man he's these hot dogs with. This gel oh man it works out pretty good too catching catfish. Ihope to try it out soon use. This bag soon I've used. Many times but I appreciate the video. Ireally really appreciate. You would like and subscribe I'm coming out with videos every week trying to stay on a weekly basis. You know it's all support you're crushing the likes of views are great. And y'all seem to really seem to like the videos, so I'm going to keep pumping them out there for y'all.

    You know tips and tricks. It helps I would have seen half of the videos. Ihave to this day back in. Iwould have been so much. More off better off with tips. And tricks lives instead of trying to learn. It the hard way that's. What I kind of bring you. These videos to kind of give. All the shortcuts to my headaches. That I've been having over the years so yeah. Igotta guess we'll catch on the next. One thank you

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    Berkley® PowerBait® Catfish Chunks

  • Formula is 185% stronger than before
  • Causes catfish to respond three times quicker
  • Pre-formed chunks for easy rigging
  • Made with a new formula that is 185% more potent and causes catfish to respond three times faster than other dough baits, Berkley's PowerBait Catfish Bait Chunks are sure to make your catfishing action more exciting. Pre-formed chunks make rigging quick and easy.
    Size: 6 oz.
    Available: Blood and Cheese, Cut Shad, Liver and Blood, Liver and Cheese.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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