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  Zeke's® Sierra Gold Floating Trout Dough Bait Atlas Mike's Spawn Net – 3"x 3" Pro-Cure Water Soluble Bait Oil Atlas Mikes King Glitter Eggs Pro-Cure 8-oz. Bait Oil Pro-Cure UV Glow Egg Cure Pro-Cure Shrimp & Prawn Cure
 Zeke's® Sierra Gold Floating Trout Dough BaitAtlas Mike's Spawn Net – 3"x 3"Pro-Cure Water Soluble Bait OilAtlas Mikes King Glitter EggsPro-Cure 8-oz. Bait OilPro-Cure UV Glow Egg CurePro-Cure Shrimp & Prawn Cure
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Zeke's® Sierra Gold Floating Trout Dough Bait

  • Special blend of scents, amino acids, and vibrant colors
  • Soft, elastic texture molds to your hook
  • Releases scent and flavor slowly
  • Zeke's catches the big trout, and fish keep coming back for more! Zeke's Sierra Gold Trout Dough Floating Bait contains a special blend of scents, amino acids, and vibrant colors. It has a soft, elastic texture that molds to your hook so it won't easily wash or slide off while fishing. Powerful scent and flavor attractors slowly release, stimulating fish to strike. Per each.
    Size: 1.5-oz.
    Color: (007)White.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Atlas Mike's Spawn Net – 3"x 3"

  • Perfect for egg clusters and bait sacs
  • Soft nylon fabric stays on hook, even in swift currents
  • Multiple colors available
  • Easily make bait sacs that hold up to casting and swift currents with Atlas Mike's 3" Square Netting. Soft nylon fabric is perfect for single eggs, clusters, liver or any other soft or cut bait. Keeps bait on the hook longer, especially in fast-flowing rivers. Per 50.
    3"L x 3"W.
    Colors: Chartreuse, Orange, Pink, Red, White.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys welcome to outdoors addiction my name is Jesse bringing you guys a quick video here on how. Ilike to fish with chicken livers it's its rare. That I like to fish with chicken livers but it's a it's a good old classic catfish bait. And the way I do it. Either you can use. These you can buy these online. Or you can simply go to like Bass Pro Shops of. Any bait store I shouldn't say. Any based or not every bait store carries on but. You always find them on eBay. You can probably find them on Amazon. And websites I like. That I got these at Bass Pro. Ithink I paid like three bucks. You get three bucks. And I forget how many come in a package right there says 4x4 squares 50 pieces. And this is excellent guys it's excellent. When using chicken livers. You know how hard it is. When you use chicken livers. And I don't like to use treble hooks well. Ithink if you're not gonna keep the fish to eat. It just destroys their mouth man. Idon't know if you guys have ever experienced. That where you catch a fish with the treble. Iuse treble hooks for I used two for my dip baits the fiber baits.

    And all that. Iused to until I saw. How it destroyed a cat fish's mouth. That I didn't intend to keep. And I kept it anyway. And so I ate it but. It just destroyed the crap out of its mouth. And ever since then. Idon't use treble hooks. Now this over here just like combination with the spawn net here. This is an elastic threading. That you use when. You like I take this put the bait in there. And grab all four corners. And twist it as like just twist. It like an AK sort of. And then just take some of. This and line that thing up. And since it's elastic thread. You can just pop it off. And break it off and. It works fairly well. Idid I used circle hooks for this stuff. And it works great. Imean you don't have to go out. And buy this stuff can. You simply use females. Or women's pantyhose. And you can go to the sewing section at Walmart.

    And buy thread it's not elastic but. It does somewhat of the same job. And I thought I'll just bring. That guys I mean I put garlic powder in my chicken liver give it up for a better smell. Idon't know what you guys do but that's. What I do when I'm fishing with chicken liver take a dash their put. Some in their shake. It around but this stuff's great Randy. Imean I don't leave home without. It went fishing with chicken livers it's actually great to fish with your fiber baits. And your dip baits and stuff. If you don't wanna get. It all over your hands. Or if you want to use a circle hook. Or all J hook or whatever hooks you're using besides a treble.

    Idon't like treble smegging say. Idon't want to I don't I'm not out here to hurt the fish. Or anything like that. Iwant to catch and release. Most of the time and there're times. Where I do keep them to feed myself. And feed my family cuz. They also like fish but. This is just a quick little video guys. And what I use when I'm cat fishing out here mostly for channels so that's about. It guys I think I'm out here fishing but I'm not catching anything it's kind of chilly out here but I'll talk to. You guys later alright guys until next time keep fishing tight lines guys peace.

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    Pro-Cure Water Soluble Bait Oil

  • Fish smell bait oil from a long distance
  • Loaded with strike-inducing amino acids
  • Won't mat down hair or feathers
  • Fish smell Pro-Cure Water Soluble Bait Oil fast and from a long distance. Also, because it's loaded with amino acids, this substance tempts fish to strike, making it an excellent fish-catching addition to live bait, marabou jigs, glow bugs or chunks of sponge. Won't mat down hair or feathers, so your lures will retain their underwater movement. Comes in a 4-oz. squeeze bottle.
    Scents: Squid, Anise Plus, Sardine, Krill, Herring, Sand Shrimp, Bloody Tuna, Garlic Plus, Shrimp, Anchovy.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Atlas Mikes King Glitter Eggs

  • Jumbo-sized king salmon eggs with glitter
  • Sparkle will have trout coming in for a better look
  • Dry-packed process keeps them fresh and ready
  • Trout everywhere agree, Atlas Mike's King Glitter Eggs dazzle the eyes and are so tasty, they're nearly impossible to resist. Glitter has been added to these jumbo-sized king salmon eggs for a sparkle that will have trout coming in for a better look. Dry-packed process keeps them fresh and ready for action. Ideal for lake and stream fishing. Per each.
    Size: 1.1 oz.
    Colors: (005)Red, (007)Yellow, (008)Pink.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Pro-Cure 8-oz. Bait Oil

  • UV enhanced so fish can see and smell oil
  • Four powerful scents
  • 8 oz. of strike-getting oil
  • Thanks to the introduction of UV enhancement, fish can both see and smell Pro Cure Bait Oil, which greatly enhances the chances they will bite.
    Size: 8 fl. oz.
    • Bloody Tuna – This blend of real, ground-up dark tuna meat, bloody tuna powder and tuna oil creates a deadly fish-catching concoction. Excellent for enhancing your salmon, marlin, sailfish and wahoo baits.
    • Herring – Made of premium herring oil. Marinate or inject directly into your salmon baits.
    • Kenai Cocktail – Ground-up salmon eggs, sardines, herring, shrimp, squid oils and amino acids make this a potent cocktail for catching king salmon. Can be injected into or used as a marinade for cured salmon eggs, wraps, quickfish and strip baits.
    • Butt Juice – A powerful scent for bottom dwelling fish such as halibut, sturgeon and ling cod. The blend of fish oils, salmon-egg juice and bite stimulants sinks then breaks up to attract fish from yards away.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys captain Joshua Taylor here with salty scales comm. Iwant to talk to you today about bait sense specifically procure baits actually specializes in fish oils super gels. And also grinds most people know. When you're targeting a fish there are primary senses. They use is smell sight. They also pick up the vibrations with their lateral line but those are the three main things. And of course sound, so we'll say four main things. That pretty much help. When you're catching fish but. One of the largest aspects is the smell a lot of the fish. Some people just use cut beats. And the fish are grabbed gravitate towards. That scent so procurer has implemented. All kinds of different gels. And brines and oils for all different major species of fish for example. This oneI'm voting is a shrimp krill super gel. And there's literally hundreds of different products. They use what they do is. They actually use the bait fish. They break it down into a gel a brine. Or an oil so that way. You can apply either solve plastics hard swim baits like the mera dine. You can literally apply them to spoons. You comply all assortments. Imean literally you can apply to. Any type of lure and typically you're going to match the hatch so for example. Iwould obviously put shrimp oil. Or shrimp gel on this particular lure. And for this one the mera dine. Or swim bait I could use the sardine the thread fin super gel herring so there's a variety of different gels.

    Ican use alright guys so just to touch base on what I was previously speaking about are the different varieties of gels. That procurer produces here just a select. Iactually use on a regular basis. Iwant to use for example. Ihaven't used the blue-crab product. Iplan to that would be. One here it's the probe procure a blue crab super gel. Some other cents just to run through them real quick. We have procured sardine procure shad here's a generalized. On its procure inshore. And shore saltwater so. You can use this on pretty much. Any type of bait and it's. More of a generalized scent here's the herring procure of course the blue crab. Ihaven't tried yet, so I'll give.

    You feedback it here's the shrimp. Ispoke about earlier that's a great. One fresh water they also offer a whole line of freshwater products. One here is the procurer trophy bass. They also offer I asked them for the garlic crawfish that's going to be a good. One here's mullet procure thread fin shad. Ispoke about earlier. And last but not least. This is the krill slash shrimp so. These are all very good. And the latest thing. That they've actually recently added was the procure chump blast which. You guys use like Chum. Or chopped local Purina fish food. And man Hayden this is an awesome make sure to add to. That in order to entice the bait fish so it's really productive plus. You can use it just to create a chum slick for redfish shark. Whatever you may be fish for so. You can see it here it's a great solution. This stuff creates an awesome slick.

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    Pro-Cure UV Glow Egg Cure

  • Eggs glow and leave a UV trail
  • Extremely effective in muddy water
  • Cured eggs give off a strong odor
  • Fish using irresistible bait eggs with super-charged Pro-Cure UV Glow Egg Cure. Brilliant UV powder is added so your eggs glow brightly and leave a glowing trail for fish to follow. Highly visible in all water conditions, including muddy and silty waters. Eggs cured in Pro-Cure give off a strong odor for cast-after-cast attraction. 12-oz. shaker bottle.
    Available: Double Red, Natural Glow.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Pro-Cure Shrimp & Prawn Cure

  • Loaded with amino acids to increase and trigger strikes
  • Krill powder added to intensify smell
  • Special curing salts toughen bait and prevent spoilage
  • Incite more strikes with Pro-Cure's Shrimp & Prawn Cure. It's loaded with amino acids to increase scent and trigger bites, plus pure raw krill powder has been added to intensify the smell and give you that extra edge on the water. Special curing salts toughen baits and prevent spoilage. Pro-Cure has been the major supplier of shrimp cures and shrimp dyes to many of the Northeast's top cured-shrimp suppliers since 1988. Its popular formula is now available to the public. Per 14 oz.
    Colors: Fireball Red, Pink/Magenta.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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