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  FOXPRO® Snow Pro Digital Game Call Johnny Stewart™ Grim Speaker GS1 Johnny Stewart™ Grim Speaker GS2 FOXPRO® BuckPro Call Western Rivers Mantis Pro 100 Electronic Game Call Flextone FLX 1000 Predator Call Lucky Duck Revolt Electronic Predator Call
 FOXPRO® Snow Pro Digital Game CallJohnny Stewart™ Grim Speaker GS1Johnny Stewart™ Grim Speaker GS2FOXPRO® BuckPro CallWestern Rivers Mantis Pro 100 Electronic Game CallFlextone FLX 1000 Predator CallLucky Duck Revolt Electronic Predator Call
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FOXPRO® Snow Pro Digital Game Call

  • High-performance, high-volume snow goose and crow calling system
  • Helps draw snow geese and crows into gun range
  • Rugged call system built for cold weather
  • Preloaded with 75 high-quality sounds
  • Capable of storing 300 high-quality sounds
  • A compact and powerful cold weather game-call system designed to bring snow geese and crows into gun range, the FOXPRO Snow Pro Digital Game Call makes cold-weather hunts easier. Preloaded with 37 proven snow-goose sounds, 29 predator sounds, and 9 crow sounds, this easy-to-use calling system gives you the capability to store and access up to 300 sounds. Digital circuitry delivers loud, clear reproductions through its two 10-watt external speakers, with ability to connect to another 4 external speakers for even more volume. USB port makes reprogramming the unit's sound library easy. Works with external battery source (not included) for extended run times. Runs on a sealed rechargeable lithium battery pack (included with charger). The Snow Pro's versatile, multi-functional TX433 remote control places a massive amount of calling capability into your hands. This versatile remote features a graphic LCD screen, ability to program 10 user-configurable presets and repeat, single, and jukebox play modes. Elastomeric keypad stands up to winter conditions and makes operation easier when wearing gloves. Manufacturer's 5-year limited warranty. Made in USA.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hi I'm Eric with all predator calls calm in. This video I'll be showing you. One of the best-selling game calls available on the market the Fox pro CS 24 beats let's take a look at what the CS 24 B includes. We have the CS 24 B collars the upgraded TX 511 cluded is the owner's manual. And warranty registration card. Now let's get into the details on. This unit the CS 24 B is an extremely loud collar. It falls into the professional category with it's extremely loud volume. And crystal clear sound to achieve the extreme volume. And clear audio Fox Pro uses a very high quality 10 watt TOA speakers. And combines it with a 24-bit sound processor capable of playing the highest quality audio recordings available Fox Pro uses a high-powered digital amplifier powered by 10 double-a batteries. You can use either normal alkaline batteries. Or nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries the CS 24 B does not include a charge circuitry so. You cannot use any of the internal FoxPro battery packs with.

    This unit the CS 24 B will come custom programmed with 100 sounds of your choice. It has a 4 gigabyte memory. And a maximum capacity of 500 total sounds. All the electronics are miniaturized. And sealed inside the back cap. Though the CS 24 only has. One speaker it will play the true stereo mix sounds. That Fox Pro offers but the playing mode must be changed from the defaulted stereo mode to the mono mode. You are not using an external speaker. This by accessing the menu screen. You then select CS 24 control unit. And then mono stereo. You can change it from stereo to mono by highlighting mono. And clicking the selector knob down. Now play the stereo mix sounds out of the main speaker the CS 24b also features an on/off toggle switch to turn the collar on.

    You cannot operate the CS 24 B without the remote control an external speaker jack is also included for use with an additional speaker an auxiliary is also added for use with. Any FoxPro decoy or set mr the CS 24 B also features a USB port which allows. You to connect the caller to your computer. And change rearrange. Or remove sounds the CS 24 will come with an upgraded TX 500 bucks 500 features an extra large LCD for easy to read text. And menu navigation. This remote features a scroll knob. That is twisted to navigate through your sounds. And menu screens it also doubles as your send command by simply clicking it down also included is a numeric keypad which. You can use to select your sounds. You prefer that method the remote also features volume up. And down arrows for adjusting your volume the volume level is displayed on the LCD screen also included is a mute button which will pause your caller there is also a recall button which will jump back to the previous sound.

    And volume level there is an auxiliary button on the side of the remote for activating any of the FoxPro decoys. Or sent misters the TX 507 speeches. It has preset capabilities for saving up to 10 of your favorite sounds which. You can access instantly by hitting the preset button on the right. And then one of the numeric buttons on the keypad also included are the p1. And p2 buttons for extra quick access to your number. And two favorite preset sounds the TX 500 stocks been an innovative feature which will detect the discharge of your firearm. And instantly jump to your preset number. One such as a chi or coyote up distress sound fox fate is. Another advanced feature which allows. You to adjust the volume between the main speaker. And an external speaker. You have one plugged in remember. This feature only can be used with an external speaker fox cast is a sequencing method. That allows you to design your own series of calls. When used the caller will play the custom series of sounds for you automatically the TX 500 can operate off of 16 different channels which.

    You can change by rearranging the channel switches in the back cap. And setting your remote control to the coinciding channel via the menu screen the CS 24 becomes standard with 100 sounds of your choice. When purchased here at. All predator calls calm the CS 24 B also features a five-year limited manufacturer's warranty visits online at. All predator calls calm our call. Us toll free at 8 8 8 8 2 6 9 6 8 3. And thank you for choosing all predator calls.

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    Johnny Stewart™ Grim Speaker GS1

  • Programmed with five authentic Johnny Stewart predator calls
  • Loud, 16-bit clarity brings predators from afar
  • 30-second loops keep predators interested
  • Handheld remote with up to a 50-yd. range
  • Easy-to-transport, lightweight, compact design
  • Never let a sticky reed blow your predator hunt again. Johnny Stewarts' Grim Speaker GS1 electronic caller comes programmed with five authentic Johnny Stewart® predator calls in 16-bit clarity. Each call loops for 30 seconds to ensure hungry predators don't lose interest. Handheld remote operates the call from up to 50 yds. away so you can strategically place the call to bring coyotes, foxes and bobcats into your lap. Lightweight, compact design is easily portable and runs on four AA batteries (not included). Remote uses one 12-volt A23 battery (included). Includes cottontail distress, coywolf barks/howls, coyote pup distress, fawn bleating and vittles a la jackrabbit. Apply now

    Johnny Stewart™ Grim Speaker GS2

  • Delivers of authentic Johnny Stewart predator calls at 110dB
  • Comes with 10 calls and has 256MB of storage for adding more
  • Calls can play by themselves or simultaneously
  • Handheld remote with up to 100-yd. range
  • Lightweight, compact and rugged design
  • Boasting of authentic Johnny Stewart® predator calls and a 110dB volume, Johnny Stewarts' Grim Speaker GS2 electronic caller is sure to bring predators from afar. Comes programmed with 10 Johnny Stewart calls that can be played alone, looped or simultaneously, plus it has 256MB of storage for adding more sounds. Handheld remote operates the call from up to 100-yds. away, enabling you to strategically place the call so coyotes, foxes and bobcats aren't looking at you when they come in. Lightweight, compact design is easily portable, yet durable enough to stand up to inclement weather and difficult terrain. Runs up to eight hours on four AA batteries (not included). Remote uses two AAA batteries (not included). Included sounds: Jackrabbit Buffet, Grown Cottontail, Canine Puppies, Johnny's Ky-Ki, Chicken Distress, Yellowhammer, Distressed Kitten, Fawn Bleating, Coyote & Raccoon and Coyote Pup Distress. Apply now

    FOXPRO® BuckPro Call

  • 300-sound capacity comes with 25 whitetail and 10 predator sounds
  • Full-function remote can operate up to four units
  • Easy-to-read LED screen and glove-friendly keypad
  • Clean, loud single Mylar cone speaker
  • Durable housing can easily be strapped to a tree
  • Add hands-free convenience and electronic accuracy to your deer-hunting arsenal with FOXPRO's BuckPro Call. 25 included whitetail sounds and 10 bonus predator sounds can be controlled from a full-function remote with an easy-to-read LED screen and elastomeric keypad that's simple to use – even when wearing gloves. Single Mylar cone speaker deliver crisp, loud volume, while a convenient jack lets you connect an external speaker for additional volume. Up to four units can be controlled from a single remote. Housing can easily be strapped to a tree to move the sound away from your location. USB port lets you add and reprogram sounds, and the unit holds up to 300 sounds. Battery indicator. Powered by 8 AA batteries (not included). Manufacturer's limited three-year warranty. Made in USA.
    Sounds: Grunts, Bleats, Rattling, Snort Wheeze, Buck Roar, Fawn Bleats, Predator.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Every deer hunter knows the feeling the big buck approaches. You can do is hope he walks into a decent shooting wing and oftentimes. He doesn't it's the feeling. That inspired the buck Pro. It places the sound away from. You the reading here from being winded. And better concealing your location high-quality sound steadily guide deer in your ideal shooting lane so. You can focus on making a great shot the buck Pro a new generation of electronic deer calls.

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    Western Rivers Mantis Pro 100 Electronic Game Call

  • 32MB internal memory with 100 pre-loaded sounds
  • Built-in 4" Reflex loudspeaker amplifies sounds up to 110db
  • Integrated, removable remote control with 300-yd. range
  • Durable ABS construction with swivel legs
  • Take to the field with 100 pre-loaded sounds ready to enhance your hunt. The compact, handheld Western Rivers Mantis Pro 100 Electronic Game Call has a 32MB internal memory with a full library of calls including elk, wolf, deer, turkey, bobcat, coyote, moose, rabbit, duck and fox. The built-in 4" Reflex loudspeaker amplifies sounds up to 110db. External jack allows you to plug in another speaker for even greater calling range. Integrated, removable remote control operates all functions up to 300 yds. away and has a backlit screen with text display. Durable ABS construction features swivel legs for stability. Attach a Western Rivers Mantis Pro motorized decoy (sold separately) using the external power jack with mounting bracket. Powered by eight AA batteries (not included).

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Flextone FLX 1000 Predator Call

  • Can hold up to 1,000 calls
  • Comes with 100 calls pre-loaded
  • Three 10-watt speakers play sounds in multiple directions
  • Long-range remote-control activation
  • With the ability to hold up to 1,000 calls and 100 categorized calls pre-loaded, Flextone's FLX 1000 Predator Call is sure to have the exact sound you need when you need it. Three 10-watt speakers play sounds loud and clear in multiple directions, reaching predators from afar. Long-range remote-control activation lets you operate the call from a distance, keeping the predator's eyes off you. Large backlit LCD display is easy to read. Docking station recharges remote control unit. Unit and remote can activate calls. Remote uses one lithium-ion battery (not included). Call uses eight AA batteries (not included).
    9.75"L x 5.25"W x 8.25"H.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Endorsed by the dog soldier himself world champion predator caller Steve Greiner the FLX 1000 electronic. All puts the power in your hands to choose between manual control. Or remote activation with a 200 yard range no predator is out of reach the FLX 1000 comes pre-loaded with 100 categorized calls organized by species in a user-friendly sound library. It has enough memory storage for up to 1000 total calls 3 ultra powerful 10 watt speakers. And to high quality 3 watt speakers deliver loud far-reaching calls in. Any direction this easy-to-use system features a large backlit LCD panel on the unit. And a color LCD panel on the remote to clearly show. What calls are in use increase your odds. This predator season with the dog soldier FLX 1005 Lex tone.

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    Lucky Duck Revolt Electronic Predator Call

    Call predators with incredible volume and 360° of coverage with Lucky Duck's Revolt Electronic Predator Caller. Four remote channels allow four sounds to be played at the same time. Four-channel feature allows predator callers to use one remote to control multiple callers. Tripod base swivels by remote control, turning the call and reaching coyotes in any direction with maximum effectiveness. Erratic decoy movement draws predators in close then stores conveniently in the handle when it's time to change stands. Pre-loaded with 100 sounds of predators, prey, crow and snow geese recorded by Rick Paillet. Expandable to 2,000 MP3-, WAV- and LD-formatted sounds. Remote controls the call from up to 300 ft. away. Call is powered by 10 AA batteries (not included) and remote runs on three AA batteries (not included). Includes lanyard for remote. 
    16"H x 9"W x 10"D.
    Wt: 5 lbs.

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