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  Luhr-Jensen® Dipsy Diver Off Shore Tackle Tadpole Diving Weight Big Jon Diver Disk Walker Downriggers TripZ Divers® EZ Tackle Delta Divers Brad's Standard Bait Diver Brad's Magnum Diver
 Luhr-Jensen® Dipsy DiverOff Shore Tackle Tadpole Diving WeightBig Jon Diver DiskWalker Downriggers TripZ Divers®EZ Tackle Delta DiversBrad's Standard Bait DiverBrad's Magnum Diver
BrandBig JonOFF SHORE TACKLELuhrWalker Downriggers---

Luhr-Jensen® Dipsy Diver

  • Takes the lure down to the strike zone
  • Vertical and lateral adjustments
  • Adjust weight in degrees to suit your trolling needs
  • Luhr-Jensen's Dipsy Diver takes the lure down to the strike zone. Vertical and lateral adjustments allow trolling both behind and beside the boat. The unique design of the Dipsy Diver gives you the ability to adjust the weight in degrees to suit your trolling needs.
    Sizes: 003, 2-1/4", dives to 20 ft. with O-ring; 000, 3-1/4", dives to 35 ft. with O-ring; 001, 4-1/8", dives to 50 ft. with O-ring; 003, Magnum, 4-7/8", dives to 100 ft. with O-ring.
    Colors: (001)Silver/Silver Bottom, (002)Metallic Gold/Gold Bottom, (009)Kelly Green/White Bottom, (096)Chartreuse/White Bottom, (116)Clear/Clear Bottom, (166)Fire/White Bottom, (182)Watermelon/Silver Bottom, (264)Everglo Batman/Firetiger/Sparkle, (502)Fluorescent Chartreuse/Purple UV, (504)Fluorescent Chartreuse/Chartreuse UV, (506)Fluorescent Chartreuse/Blue UV, (600)Fluorescent Green/Chartreuse UV, (601)Fluorescent Chartreuse/Green UV, (604)Blue/Chartreuse UV, (611)Orange Fire UV, (612)Pink Fire UV, (613)Purple Fire UV, (633)Wonderbread/White Bottom, (723)Metallic Green/Green Bottom, (812)Batman/Silver Bottom (not shown).

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    I'm captain Ross Robertson I'm gonna tell. What Dipsy divers whatever. You want to call them fish hawk has. Something called the trips divers. Both of these tools are excellent. You need to fish deep. They excel for a lot of things. You can use it for salmon steel head walleyes but. Few things you want to know. This is a size 1 lure Jensen dip sea diver. Iusually use black. Some type of neutral color. When I'm fishing for walleyes. When you're using salmon. And steel head stuff. You can get a little. More of those fancy colors couple tips the ring this ring is going to give. You additional diving depth. It can be kind of pain. You know guys sometimes superglue. These on one of the reasons. Ireally like the FishHawk tripper trip diver is. This size is actually identical to a size. One dip sea diver with the ring so. You don't have to have a ring when you're using the trips diver which is really nice. Because there's one less thing to mess with so. You need to get a little bit deeper. It provides a bigger planing surface. When you're using these. And they're new out of the box. Something you really want to do is mess with the release.

    That release tension just set perfect so. When you're fishing it you're not going to have too much tension. You have to continually pop the fish in. Yet not so tight that the fish won't come out work. This release just back. And forth lat times taking a dremel tool. And clean up any little burrs around there will make a big difference. Another thing I always put a snap on the back. That just makes it a lot easier for taking my leaders on. And off just kind of unhook. Both ways put another thing. That my buddy does is. He actually takes his weight out. And checks it on a postal scale he's really anal about. That stuff it'll make a difference to diving them.

    Because sometimes the weights have a little extra burrs. Or sometimes they don't get poured as much so check. That out but some of the biggest stuff to know is. You can run three or four on a side. You look on the back you'll see there's numbers left. And right left being for the port right being for the starboard. And there it's from a0 to a3. And usually you want to put those. If you're going to run a couple little tip. Ilike to use as a 1. And a half and a 3 setting and that's going to allow. You to run these at different plane angles away from the boat. It changes the direction of the weight so. And a half would be like. Where 3 would be like. And a zero is going to be straight behind the boat you.

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    Off Shore Tackle Tadpole Diving Weight

  • Gets your lure down deep where the fish are
  • Resettable coastlock snap trips when a fish is on
  • Powder-coated 99.99% lead-free construction
  • Off Shore Tackle's resettable Tadpole Diving Weight offers a great solution to getting your lure down deep where the fish are. Outfitted with two coastlock snaps – one attaches to your line, the other trips from the clipped position to the fish-on position. Powder-coated 99.99% lead-free construction for long-lasting durability. Per each.
    • Size 1 – 1 oz.
    • Size 2 – 1.3 oz.
    • Size 3 – 3 oz.
    • Magnum – 4.5 oz.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    We also introduced a new product in. This particular program. Something called a tadpole I've been playing with the tadpoles for a couple to three years in the prototyping stages but. Now they're out and available for everyone to use. What is a tadpole is a sinking diving planer. Some unique functions. It dives like a crank bait. And pulls your lures down to depth then. You catch a fish it pulls in line. And allows you to have no resistance. When you're fighting the fish so. When you're fighting the fish. You feel is the fish don't feel the weight itself they're dynamite systems. Or spinners crank baits spoons. You name it just about. Anything you might want roll tadpole will get the job done for you see. We can't get a pattern going here that's a good fish it's not the it's not the fish. We caught the first time but it's definitely good to. Something a good well closer whoa. We got him in the bucket that's a little bit bigger man. This little guy in my hand here is called the tadpole new product mantra tackle. And essentially what it is its a diving planer but it's not directional doesn't go left. Or write it just goes straight down in the water.

    And we're using the inline planer boards to get them out to the side to get our outward coverage. You notice it's got a little bit unique design to. It's got a little snap here in the front. It slides up and down. When it's in this position the opposition. It dives like a crank bait okay. You hook a fish it pulls to. This position now it's in line. You have very little resistance. While you're actually fighting the fish so the beauty of. You a little bit deeper but. You don't have to feel the resistance. Or the weight while you're actually playing beautiful walleye. Ilovely dude no place hasn't bigger. This man get in their buddy you.

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    Big Jon Diver Disk

    Add depth to your lure presentations with the Big Jon Diver Disk. It features a low visual profile so it won't spook fish. Plus, it will even correct the position of your lures. Just set the nose weight on center and the diver will run straight behind the boat. Set it off center and the diver will run to the side. Simply tie your lure and 4 ft. of leader to the clip at the rear of the diver, then tie the fishing line coming from your rod to the clip at the diver's top – it's doesn't get any easier. And when a fish takes your lure there is no need for line release. The diver disk is pulled straight in line so there is no water resistance to deal with and you're only fighting the fish. Per each.
    Colors: Red, Green, Black.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Walker Downriggers TripZ Divers®

    Achieve and maintain trolling depth without adding resistance with this revolutionary buoyant diving planer system. It’s easy to retrieve, releases on strike and has adjustable release tension. It floats at rest and has a fish-attracting rattle in addition to coming in a variety of fish-catching colors and sizes.  Per each.
    Sizes: 20, 30, 40.
    Colors: (001)Silver, (003)Copper, (004)Black, (005)Firetiger, (006)Metallic Purple.
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    EZ Tackle Delta Divers

    Stay in the strike zone! A must-have in any salmon trolling angler's arsenal, these divers run straight and true, diving deep to where the fish live. Per each.
    Size: 5.25", 0.4 oz.
    Colors: (200)Chartreuse/Silver, (280)Clear/Red, (970)Lazer.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Brad's Standard Bait Diver

    The Standard Bait Diver is a pro at getting down deep where the fish live. This lure does this through its unique two-piece construction with metal bill for increased strength and longevity. Produces an enticing wiggle action that's irresistible to fish. Fish this lure trolling, casting or even back bouncing. Dives 12-14 feet when trolled. Per each.
    Colors: (001)Black, (002)Metllic Red, (003)Metallic Green, (014)Metallic Blue.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Brad's Magnum Diver

    Sporting an effective metal bill, Brad's Magnum Diver delivers a superb diving and wiggling action that begs for attention. Its shining, two-piece, metal body is built for hard-hitting action. Ideal for trolling, casting or back bouncing. Dives 14-18 ft. when trolled. Per each.
    Colors: (001)Black, (002)Metallic Red, (003)Metallic Green, (014)Metallic Blue.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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