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  Zebco® Omega® Pro Spincast Reel Zebco® 808® Spincast Reel Zebco® 404 Spincast Reel Pflueger® President® Spincast Reel Daiwa Goldcast® III Reel Zebco® Authentic 33 Spincast Reel Zebco® 808® Saltfisher Spincast Reel
 Zebco® Omega® Pro Spincast ReelZebco® 808® Spincast ReelZebco® 404 Spincast ReelPflueger® President® Spincast ReelDaiwa Goldcast® III ReelZebco® Authentic 33 Spincast ReelZebco® 808® Saltfisher Spincast Reel
Bearings715--1 / 1-
Gear Ratio3.4:14.1:13.4:1--2.6:1 / 4.3:12.6:1
HandReversibleReversibleReversible--Reversible / ReversibleLeft/Right
Line Recovery19 in/turn18.3 in/turn14.5 in/turn--16 in/turn / 16 in/turn19" Per Turn
Mono Capacity (yds/ lb test)85/1075/890/6--100/20 / 90/420/145
Reel ModelZO3PROGC80PRES6SCX--33MXK / 33MCK-
Reel Weight10.6 ounces9.2 ounces8.6 ounces--12.4 ounces / 5.6 ounces17.1

Zebco® Omega® Pro Spincast Reel

  • All-metal body and frame
  • 20% lighter
  • Dual paddle handle
  • Uses a seven stainless steel bearing system for smooth retrieves. Tough, all-metal body and frame is now 20% lighter than the original Omega. Features a high-end aluminum drive gear that you’d find in a baitcaster.  Power-retrieve handle is equipped with Pro Style EVA knob. Continuous anti-reverse. Quick-change spool system. Triple-cam multi-disc drag. Adjustable right- and left-hand retrieve. Pre-spooled with Cajun Line®. Spare spool  included.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    it's Sharon for just officially want to walk. You back to my youtube channel. And a big hi to all the new subscribers. Irecently gained and today. Iam going to do a bit of review. And kind of unboxing it's already unboxed actually but a bit of a review of a toy I've just purchased I'm justifying this as an early birthday gift because of the cost alright. What it is this right here. It is a Zebco pro 3 spin casting reels I've been wanting to get a spin casting reel for some time. Because that's I learned to fish over 50 years ago was using a spin casting reel. And actually there's a lot of people. That like to use them. This reel has always had a stigma to. That stigma is that it's the kitties reel. If you're using a spin casting wheels. Because you're not a very good angle you're very inexperienced that's not true. This is a real coming in back into its own again the technology being used today to make. These reels it's way ahead of what it was 20 years ago 30 years ago. And certainly fifty years ago. Ihad my first one which by the way was am a $6 combo from Kmart. We had come on stores here in Canada. It was a six-foot fiberglass rod but spin casting reel loaded with. Ithink six pound tests. Icame with a small tackle box of terminal tackle. Some J hooks some split shots. And those round red. And white floats that was. Ifirst started out on a dock somewhere up in Muskox. Even remember it was so. Iremember those days.

    Ithought I'd like to go back I'd like to try it's been cashing especially. Some new ones with the technology. Ioriginally wanted was the Zebco you've probably heard about. That's the fastest spin casting reel there is on the market matter of fact it's its its speed is compatible to a bait low profile bait casting reel but taxes in canadian dollars is over two hundred dollars. Ithought no I really can't spend. That type of money on a real right. Idid my homework I'm gonna tell. You write this wasn't cheap. Either but it wasn't as expensive as the bullet. This Zebco Omega 3 cost. Me altogether taxes in a hundred dollars Canadian yeah 100 bucks Canadian for a spin casting reel but hey why not.

    You only live once eh so let's take a look at what we've got in the box there I've opened the box up so. We can see we have the reel. We have the spare handle the double grip handle. We also have on this side here. What they call a quick-release a speed spool. Something it's as the second spool for this reel. It comes free spool with ten pound test cage. And mono filament line. And there's your spare spool in the box there our replacement spool, so I'm gonna take. And we'll take a look at. Some specs of. This let me just put. This over here take a look at. Some specs on. This rail this reel is in certainly a lot of lighter. Than the its predecessors. Something that zepkow. All the manufactures actually listen to people who like to use.

    This room one of the reasons why they didn't use. That much it was very heavy. You remember the older ones. They were quite after a. You know your arm would get quite tired using a spin casting reel. These reels are now made of aircraft aluminum. And stainless steel workings. And they're about 20 to 25 percent lighter. Then their old counterparts so that's. Something Zebco has certainly listened to so specs on. This particular reel is it's got a capacity of 85 yards mono filament. Now remember it's mainly mono filament is only used since been casting rails. It doesn't work well with fluorocarbon. Because it's too dense. And certainly not very well with braided those are left for bait casters.

    And maybe your spinning reel but spin casters are designed to work with mono filament line. This has got an 85 percent capacity so does the Pro 2 which is a six pound test line reel that's also 85% capacity. It comes with the speed crank. Or handle attached you have in the box as. Ishowed before you have. One which is your double gripped handle so. You get two different types of handles. Whatever you know turns your crank the handles are equipped with really nice soft rubber grips so. You can't you can get a good grip on not. That hard plastic you can steer your hand. If it's wet or fish Cuddy. It could slip off same with your button on the back of the reel here nice it's very well ergonomically designed it's easy to push it's comfortable it's soft.

    And you're less chance of your thumb slipping off the back as you're casting the cover is made of aircraft aluminum so it's incredibly light the handle course can be switched from. One side of the Realty other depending on. You want to be a lefty. Or righty we have the internal drag system on. This reel alright so that's. This dial right here left to increase your. Isorry left to decrease the drag right to increase the drag alright. That with your. When you're on your gives your thumb. You would use to manipulate the drag system so let's take a look on the inside here it's gonna pull the line out. This is the real you remember the video. Idid last year which is playing in the background here. This is the real you must have the cover on for it to work alright otherwise. It doesn't work it's not designed the cover helps handle the line on. And off the spool so here's the bail collar.

    This collar has three of these pick up pins. You see here one there's. One there too and there's the third. These pick up pins are the. What picks up the line. And wraps it around the spool which is located just underneath here the. More pick up pins you have on the bail collar the greater the return on your line is. This reel has a 19-inch return which means for every. One crank of this handle. It brings in 19 inches of your fishing line. Now the gearing ratio on. This spool is 36 to 1. That simply means that for every. One complete turn of. This crank this bail caller will rotate 36 times. All right the other thing about. This reel lets's just put. This cap back on is. That there are seven bearings. And mainly as casting reels come with a maybe at the. Most four as some of the cheaper ones. This is seven it's actually got six plus.

    One has continuous anti reverse. Because it's being a casting reel the handle baloney of the bail. And won't one way so. It doesn't go opposite the bearings are a stainless steel so. They will not rust it has a worm gear for the drag system which is the same type of drag system. That is used in a bait casting reel so. This is a very well-made reel so yes. It was worth $100 I paid for it. Ican't wait to get. It out accord to the reviews from other angles. They say it's a very smooth casting reel. And a very smooth retrieve as well. And it's quite capable of handling the larger fish. Some people said one guy said. He caught a five pound bass. One said he caught a seven pound bass so. They it's a very sturdy well-built reel so. This is the zepkow Omega pro three equipped loaded with a ten pound test line the pro two is the. One for the 6-pound test. You want to use a lighter line comes with two handles the double handle. And the speed handle.

    And also it comes with a spare spool. What they call could change spool with. More fishing line on. It's fully spooled with ten pound test mono filament called Cajun line because of the color. Because it's red alright. And so there she is my birthday present to. Me that's I justify spending a hundred dollars on a fishing reel. You alright so the next time hopefully I'll get to use. This thing and you'll see. This in action and hopefully. We can christen it with a decent size fish so in the meantime. Iwant to thank you for watching please like. Ihaven't shared the video. Iwant to thank those who have just come on board as new subscribers. And of course I'm going to continue with my shout out so at the end of the video for people. That subscribe to I subscribe back to give them a thumbs up check them out see. What they're doing and until the next time hopefully we're out fishing soon it's a sheriff for just fishing tight lines

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    Zebco® 808® Spincast Reel

  • QuickSet Anti-Reverse system
  • Dial-adjustable Magnum drag
  • Powerful 2.6:1 gear ratio
  • Switchable Bait Alert
  • Pre-spooled with 20-lb. line
  • You know the saying: go big or go home. The Zebco 808 Spincast Reel is an upsized reel with the guts to go after big fish in big water. Its single cranking handle and metal reel foot provide the leverage needed to go toe-to-toe, backed by a powerful 2.6:1 retrieve ratio driven by all-metal gears. QuickSet™ anti-reverse system delivers positive hooksets, and when the fight is on you'll, appreciate the ease of access to this reel's smooth, dial-adjustable Magnum™ drag. Features a handy on/off switch for the Bait Alert™ clicker system, just above handle level on the right side. Changeable left/right retrieve. Pre-spooled with 20-lb. line.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Zebco® 404 Spincast Reel

  • Easy to use and reliable
  • QuickSet anti-reverse
  • Dial-adjustable drag
  • Built-in Bite Alert
  • Pre-spooled with 15-lb. line
  • When you're ready to go after the big guys, step up to the Zebco 404 Spincast Reel. This classic reel is the ultimate fisherman-friendly reel for tough duty, especially when using heavier line and bigger baits to catch walleye, bass, catfish, or pike. Designed for long-term reliability, the 404 features strong all-metal gears backed by the Quickset™ anti-reverse system; the dial-adjustable drag helps you quickly find the settings that work best for you. Zebco's built-in Bite Alert™ system gives you the edge in tough conditions; built-in Hook Keeper™ safely stows your bait rig when not in use. The Zebco 404 comes pre-spooled with 15-lb. monofilament.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Pflueger® President® Spincast Reel

  • Five-ball-bearing system
  • Dual titanium pins
  • Aluminum frame and cone
  • Get unmatched performance with ease with the Pflueger President Spincast Reel. The five-bearing system uses dual titanium pins for smooth operation and retrieves. Frame and cone uses highest-quality machined aluminum for precise gear alignment. Aircraft-grade aluminum handle with soft-touch knob.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Daiwa Goldcast® III Reel

    Durable Daiwa Goldcast reels offer quality spincasting at an affordable price. Reels have an oscillating spool level wind for a smooth spincast drag, and a ball bearing drive for even retrieves. Rugged metal body and nose cone provides durability. Reel also has an on/off anti-reverse for solid hooksets and a strong, oversized stainless steel line guide. Each reel has a rotating tungsten carbide line pickup pin and each comes wound with premium line.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Zebco® Authentic 33 Spincast Reel

  • Smooth ball-bearing drive and a quickset anti-reverse clutch
  • 3.6:1 gear ratio brings in 16" of 10-lb.-test line on a full spool
  • Lightweight graphite frame with brushed stainless steel covers
  • Brushed, die-cast metal handle with PVC rubber knobs
  • Zebco's Authentic 33 Spincast Reels are durable, simplistic and hardworking for both avid anglers and first-time fishermen. Smooth ball-bearing drives and a quickset anti-reverse clutch makes fighting fish a pleasure. Lightweight graphite frames with brushed stainless steel covers resist corrosion. Brushed, die-cast metal handles with PVC rubber knobs. Convertible to right- or left-hand retrieve. All reels come pre-spooled with Cajun Line®.
    • Authentic 33 Spincast Reel – Built-in Bite Alert™ audible clicker and pre-spooled with 10-lb.-test line.
    • Authentic 33 Max Reel – Built-in Bite Alert™ audible clicker and pre-spooled with 20-lb.-test line.
    • Authentic 33 Micro Reels –  Spincast and Triggerspin™ versions that are ideal for light fishing situations. Comes pre-spooled with 4-lb. Cajun Line.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Zebco® 808® Saltfisher Spincast Reel

  • Smooth stainless steel ball-bearing drive
  • QuickSet anti-reverse clutch
  • Dial-adjustable Magnum drag
  • Zebco's 808 Saltfisher Spincast Reels are durable, simplistic and hardworking for both avid anglers and first-time fishermen. Smooth stainless steel ball-bearing drive and a QuickSet™ anti-reverse clutch makes fighting fish a pleasure. Corrosion-resistant finish protects reel from harsh saltwater environments. Also features dial-adjustable Magnum™ drag and switchable on/off Bait Alert™. Convertible to right- or left-hand retrieve. Pre-spooled with 20-lb. Cajun Red® line.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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