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  UCO Stormproof Match Kit Coghlan's Waterproof Pouches Ultimate Survival Technologies WetFire™ Tinder Coghlan's Waterproof Matches Coghlan's Magnesium Fire Starter Coghlan's Waterproof Fire Sticks Coghlan's Fire Disc Fire Starters
 UCO Stormproof Match KitCoghlan's Waterproof PouchesUltimate Survival Technologies WetFire™ TinderCoghlan's Waterproof MatchesCoghlan's Magnesium Fire StarterCoghlan's Waterproof Fire SticksCoghlan's Fire Disc Fire Starters
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UCO Stormproof Match Kit

  • Durable waterproof case floats if dropped in water
  • Comes with 25 waterproof and windproof matches
  • Extended length of matches makes them burn longer
  • Having the ability to light a fire in a survival situation can save lives, and this match kit allows you to do that. The waterproof case includes 25 matches (can hold up to 40) and three strikers, including an integrated striker on the side of the container. Its ribbed surface makes it easy to hold with cold hands. Unlike other waterproof and windproof matches, the included UCO Stormproof Matches are easy to light, even after being submerged. Each match stays lit for up to 15 seconds.
    1.7 oz.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hello welcome to a video from Alberta bushmaster my name is dean. This could be a very brief video. He notices getting dark around here it's actually it's about to pour again it's been doing. All my one week vacation just about every day but that's. These will come in very handy. This is the echo you co storm proof match cap. This is actually a good size match safe it's waterproof. This in my person and let's get a closer look at. It actually has one of the things. It as a removable striker pad. And there are two or three extras inside the camp get a closer look here. These are big matches compared to the little coghlan's waterproof windproof matches the extra strikers are down there normally. Itake district are off. It in there is a substantial Oh ring and. Ilike to Snug it rights down. And remove one match at a time. This is the match itself let's see that's a pretty big waterproof. And windproof match. Now I'm going to show. You a demonstration like. Iwas carried a Zippo lighter. Or a Bic several ways of making fire but. These are you know last-ditch. Everything else is wet. Or soaked I'm going to show. Something I've discovered with. These matches that is very cool. What I want to show. You may or may not know. This but something new to.

    That I've just discovered so. We got the match all right. We got a striker this baby up right there. Now watch it's in the water is. That not cool what they also don't blow out very easily until. You get to the wooden part so. Ithought that was really neatI'm not going to demonstrate. It again these matches are. Isaid last ditch her last resort. Idon't want to use them up but. Ithought that was very cool ok so again just a little brief video which. Ithought was kind of neat so yeah thanks for watching hope. You had funned I'm Dean. This is alberto bushmaster take care.

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    Coghlan's Waterproof Pouches

    Perfect for keeping small items dry on outdoor adventures when rain or danger of being splashed is a concern. You receive three watertight bags sized to protect common items such as cell phones, GPS units, maps, books, cameras and personal electronics. Includes one 5" x 7" bag, one 7" x 10" bag and one 10.5" x 13.5" bag.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    I'm going to take a look at. This coghlan's waterproof pouch. These are probably familiar to a lot of people. These are the brand. That are sold at a lot of hardware stores its a four-dollar bag. It looks fairly large maybe for like a manual. Or a map something, so I'm going to open. Idon't see any way to just open. It so we'll cut and it's in a pretty heavy bag. They would have offered a way to reuse. It's really heavy plastic but anyway we're buying the bag in the side so it's in a plastic bag with. This heavy paper and there's the bag so. Iguess it's can measure. It here first off it's pretty obvious. That it's made in taiwan. That right away it looks like it's about 14 inches overall by about ten. And three quarters overall. Idon't know what's going on up here but. It feels like it's made of a metal. Something so it's a line of hook. And loop some heavy vinyl so. This heavy vinyl rough part of the hook. And loop and then the soft part of the hook.

    And loop what's the top kind of unwrapped here. Iguess so it's sort of like a dry bag. That way that it's sealed by folding itself over. And then seals closed. Because the way it was packaged there's. This kind of giant fold down the middle andI'm assuming after. Some use that'll go away. It doesn't look like it's actually damaged the bag at. All first reactions are the edges are kind of sealed, but they're very rough. Idon't think you can cut yourself but. Something might have noticed right away. And fairly pliable this was four bucks. And really groaning it so. Ihave a feeling though. Iwere to crumple this too much. It wouldn't come back an office will focus but there's a sort of grid pattern on. It in the material and let's put. Something inside so again. You open a hook loop on the fold we'll just put.

    This inside to see what kind of difference there is in color. Ijust doing that's because. Isuspect there's going to be a little different with. That texture of them plastic. You can see it dulls. It down a little bit. It might make it anti glare. Idon't know if that's intentional. Ismell a vinyl if you've ever liked opened up a beach ball. Or a pool toy so it smells like in the room here. Ithought I'd compare. This map case from Locke sack. This is inside of a carrier, so we'll pull the bag out. Ishould say one of the two bags. That comes with this math carrier unlock. This is a little more pricey.

    Then four dollars one but you've got clear see through a little different. And overall it's a more of a square shape. Then the rectangle shape but. It looks like they'd hold comparable maps. Or manuals we'll use. One for a bit how long. It holds up compared to the lock sack right. Now could have them won. Me over seems pretty heavy at the top here we'll see. That actually means. Anything once you're actually using the thing perhaps a book to go in here. Even a small laptop will see so its a four-dollar waterproof pouch from coghlan's thanks for watching you.

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    Ultimate Survival Technologies WetFire™ Tinder

  • Start a fire under any conditions
  • Burns at over 1,300 degrees
  • Cools instantly
  • Anyone who has ever tried to start a fire outdoors without paper, dry kindling or grass knows how defeating it can be, especially if it's wet. WetFire tinder is the best fire-starting material available in the world, and it even burns longer when it's wet. It burns at over 1,300 degrees, yet cools instantly. Comes with eight individually wrapped cubes. Solid leakproof formula. Odorless and nontoxic. Per 8.
    Weight per cube: .16-oz.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Agood fire starter tinder is. Another critical element of the fire building process wet fire has an all-weather tinder. That actually burns longer. When wet fire is an odorless non-toxic fire tender in order to use the web fire simply scrape. Some shavings from the cube. And ignite with your blast match. Or your strike force. Now when fire burns at 1300 degrees so. If you need to dry out your fire materials simply light the entire cube. Now the cube burns for over 10 minutes. Because the wet fire cube cools instantly. You can smother it. And use it for later use.

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    Coghlan's Waterproof Matches

    Ideal for avid campers, hikers or hunters. Each pocket-sized box contains approximately 45 safety matches that cannot light accidentally. Waterproof striker surface on each box. Per 4 boxes.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    These are Coleman waterproof matches waterproof part really actually surprised. Me so we'll see I will show. That tomorrow just we don't want to use. Any water in case we start running out um buck 88 Walmart gets. You a four pack in one of these. Iwant to say holds 60. Or 40 so either way that's quite a bit of matches um. One big thing once again oh yeah it's 40 matches per pack so a buck 88 gets. You 160 matches um real bad made in China sticker almost as big as Coleman on the actual product. Ikind of ignored that just. It was a buck 88 I'm happy a yes. Idid so um first off we'll look at just the quality of them so decent sized thickness of the match nice good match head not the easiest to break so that's nice and. They light really well so. We added a little bit. More tender this is probably going to light real quick so basically they're not strike anywhere so. You know just right up on the side get. More match they burn for quite a. While as she can probably.

    We have fun while the other side so. This is slightly easier. What we're doing earlier so yes. This is overkill but. Iam trying to show. You guys something stuff. And here the bottom of holding the bottom of the match pretty easy to light alright well we'll show. You the waterproof dimension of. Because right nowI'm sure you're thinking wow that's pretty good so far so you'll like. More after you see the waterproof part, so we'll get back to. That tomorrow alright so. This is like a minute later not too bad we're not making it bonfire out here but um so here. We go match just to give. You an idea of the ignition temperature let's see it's right there ha decent sized flame like. Isaid it'll burn for a little. While just take the light up real well. And that's just the chemicals in. It to make it waterproof so. You in Coleman matches. You know I was kind of. Ididn't think they were actually going to be waterproof but here we'll do a quick test.

    And we'll do a long term test quick yeah our water crisis is over. All right so got doused decently mess around in their head match heads still wet pretty good still lights other two. You want to leave one to soak yeah. This one's giving me trouble oh. We might have our first dud let's check. One there so now we'll let. One soak and then we'll get back to. These two have been soaking it's still raining a little bit I'd say they've been in there for probably like 15 minutes 10 15 minutes. All right one well. It the first time area here's. All ones get a little bit. Wetter and that's been soaking so.

    That was a dud earlier actually let's try. And relight this was the dud. We had earlier let's try. This out of the match little bit. One got rained on to be just rain so. All pretty good so we've got. More Coleman waterproof matches. Ireally want to discuss. These out just because in the last video. That kind of pissed. Me off so we'll just do. More weed on cable dunk the whole box just see. That works alright, so we're just chilling the hot springs right. Now super nice really warm. All right so I just got. This matched chillin on the water let's see. One works so there one was just under water just lit inside of.

    You alright and then. We didn't do this last time but. Ithink the failure was on the box, so we're going to dump the box so just dunk. It real quick because there's. You fully a submerge your pack. You actually have matches under water for a long period of time that's going to be a problem alright so let's check. That out quick boxes kind of soggy but there's water inside. All right now let's see. How well they do yeah. And that's where the failure is going to be is. That box you spell disaster for a Coleman waterproof match dunk in the box since ripping the sides off so matches are waterproof box not so much so as a package doesn't work.

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    Coghlan's Magnesium Fire Starter

  • Reliable fire-starting method
  • Easy to pack and carry
  • Ignites even when wet
  • A reliable fire-starting method is not only a convenient campsite tool – it could someday be a life saver. By keeping size down to a nearly unnoticeable 3/8" x 3", this solid magnesium unit is easy to pack and carry. The full-length, flint-sparking insert ignites (even when wet) to a temperature of 5,400°F to light the most stubborn campfire. Made in USA.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    With coghlan's the outdoor accessory people today we're going to do. Another how-to series video on the 7870 magnesium fire starter so that's. This right here the magnesium fire starter is a solid block of magnesium it's made in the USA. And it's got a flint striker built on to the backside of the block. What you do is you take your knife the back side of your knife. You scrape off magnesium shavings into your tinder. That you're going to ignite so. What we've done here is we've prepared a little bit of a bird's nest tinder pile here. And we've made some shavings in the pile. And I'll just show you briefly. How to get the shavings off of the block just take the back side of your knife. And just scrape along the back. And that'll create nice little shavings of magnesium then on the other side is the flint striker. You just ignite those shavings that's. All there is to it that's the magnesium fire starter from coghlan's. You want to see more of our products go to our website at coghlan's com. You can go to our facebook page at coghlan's gear.

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    Coghlan's Waterproof Fire Sticks

  • Reliable fire-starting method
  • Easy to pack and carry
  • Ignites even when wet
  • A reliable, quick and convenient fire starter that’s not only handy at the campsite – it could someday be a life saver. Use it to start barbecues and fireplace fires, too. Each nontoxic stick leaves no odor and is completely consumed by the fire it ignites. You can even light it after it’s been submerged in water. Per 12. Made in USA.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This is gonna be a test of the Cullens waterproof fire sticks as. You can see there were proof. This has been this piece has been immersed in water for about 24 hours. Now it's still floating it has discolored the water a little bit the water is kind of pale amber color might be able to see. It there so something is leeching out of. That into the water but the main thing is to find out. This actually will still work it's still floating so. That means it has not absorbed. Any water let's remove. This piece here it on the table it's rough up. Some edges there see. That helps it takes a spark well actually not taking a spark. It takes a light because the wind would kick up I'm gonna start. This doesn't clear say for once to burn. And we'll compare this to a fresh stick which looks like. It starts to burn right away. It looks like a little pieces caught there. And the fresh stick is going all out. That looked like a gust of wind caught. It just as we're starting to do. Something, so I guess the moral of the story is. That immersion in water for over 24 24 hours might be a bit much for it but. It is burning you okay. Once again this was a test of the Kaufman's would approve fire sticks. One of the sticks was immersed in water for about 24 hours. That difficulty starting and being lit but. He got lit it was just as effective as the.

    That was fresh and dry so. Iguess the moral of the story is. It shouldn't be immersed in water for a long period of time. Or perhaps and maybe I'll give. This a shot should be allowed to drive first dry off a little bit first before it's attempted to be lit. You guys use this let. Me know about I think it's a decent product get 12 pieces they're little on their waiting side but as. You want to get a fire started maybe. Or two added to your kit broken into sections maybe thirds. Or quarters would be a good thing to have.

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    Coghlan's Fire Disc Fire Starters

  • Ideal fuel source for starting campfires and woods stoves
  • Made of cedar and highly refined wax
  • Easily light and burn hot for approximately 30 minutes
  • When the weather turns and a fire is a must, you'll be glad you packed Coghlan's Fire Disc Fire Starters. Made of cedar wood and highly refined wax, these fire discs are easy to light and they burn hot for approximately 30 minutes – long enough to get a roaring fire going or cook a hot meal.
    1"H x 4" dia.
    Wt: 3.5 oz. each.
    Available: Per each, 24-Pack.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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