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  Kryptek Large Range Bag RangeMaxx® Range Bags Herter's® Range Bag BlackHawk! Sportster Pistol Range Bag BLACKHAWK!® Sportster™ Deluxe Range Bag 5.11 Tactical® Bail Out Bag G Outdoors Handgunner Backpack
  Kryptek Large Range Bag RangeMaxx® Range Bags Herter's® Range Bag BlackHawk! Sportster Pistol Range Bag BLACKHAWK!® Sportster™ Deluxe Range Bag 5.11 Tactical® Bail Out Bag G Outdoors Handgunner Backpack
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Brand - 5.11 BLACKHAWK! Kryptek - Herter's BLACKHAWK!

Kryptek Large Range Bag

  • U-shaped zippered closure provides access to main compartment
  • Fully stitched rubber footpads keep the bag up off the wet ground
  • Rugged, weather-resistant 600-denier polyester
  • Store everything you need for a fun day at the shooting range in Kryptek's Large Range Bag. U-shaped zippered closure provides easy access to the large main compartment. Holds up to four pistols securely. Rugged, weather-resistant 600-denier polyester stands up to tough conditions. Fully stitched rubber footpads keep the bag up off the wet ground, keeping it dry. Padded shoulder strap for comfortable transport. Storage options include: seven magazine holders, elastic accessory holder, removable pistol insert sleeve, ammunition brass bag and five zippered pockets. Imported.
    21"L x 14"W x 11"H.
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    RangeMaxx® Range Bags

  • Provides quick access to shooting gear
  • Ample pockets and magazine pouches
  • 600-denier polyester fabric
  • The RangeMaxx Range Bag provide quick access to handguns and shooting gear while protecting the contents from abuse. Constructed of 600-denier polyester. Imported.
    • Mini ­– (not shown) It has just enough room to carry a handgun or two and the essential shooting gear needed for some time at the range. Inside there are two padded and lined pockets for handguns and eight magazine pouches. An exterior zip pocket carries shooting glasses and hearing protection. Wraparound web handles.
      11”L x 4”W x 8”H.
    • 1000 – Zippered exterior pockets with multiple magazine pouches and mesh pockets keep gear organized where you can find it in a hurry. The main compartment features a removable divider and padded side pockets for handguns. Foam padding in key areas and a nonslip, rubberized bottom. Durable web handles and an adjustable shoulder strap hold up to heavy loads.
      16"L x 8"W x 12"H.
    • 1800 – Zippered exterior pockets with multiple magazine pouches and mesh pockets keep gear organized where you can find it in a hurry. The main compartment features a removable divider and padded side pockets for handguns. Foam padding in key areas and a nonslip, rubberized bottom. Durable web handles and an adjustable shoulder strap hold up to heavy loads.
      18”L x 10”W x 14”H.
    • 3000 – Zippered exterior pockets with multiple magazine pouches and mesh pockets keep gear organized where you can find it in a hurry. The main compartment features a removable divider and padded side pockets for handguns. Foam padding in key areas and a nonslip, rubberized bottom. Durable web handles and an adjustable shoulder strap hold up to heavy loads.
      20”L x 12”W x 16”H.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Herter's® Range Bag

  • Customizable main compartment
  • Four additional zippered pockets
  • Adjustable, removable shoulder strap
  • Simple, efficient and secure storage and transport for ammo and gear. Five pockets keep everything from safety glasses and muffs to ammo and magazines organized and easy to access. Customizable main compartment has an adjustable, removable divider. Removable shoulder strap can be adjusted for a perfect fit. 600-denier poly-oxford nylon construction.
    6-1/4"H x 9"W x 15"D.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    BlackHawk! Sportster Pistol Range Bag

  • Main inner pocket and two outer pockets
  • Foam padding and two flannel rugs protect guns
  • Heavy-duty shoulder strap
  • BlackHawk! Sportster Pistol Range Bag features a main inner pocket and two outer pockets. Foam padding and two flannel rugs protect your guns. Rugged 600-denier polyester construction. Includes heavy-duty shoulder strap for easy transport. Imported.
    16"L x 9"W x 8"H.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This is PC Roger one to give. You a short to review of. This new deluxe Sportster arrange. And hunting bag I just picked up from Amazon a new kind of bag opening here just comes in a plastic bag from Amazon. And the reason because I've been looking for a range bag for quite a long time. Ididn't really want to spend over 50 bucks so. Ilooked at some of the reviews. Some ones that are up for sale on. Ilike Midway USA some of them were. Even their own kind of house brand. Something and they didn't get too bad reviews but. They talked about you know the zipper didn't hold up. Or well yeah it wasn't. You know — the great bag but. Ijust kind of talked hold. It together something's like no. Idon't want that so finally. Iwas just searching for some other stuff on Amazon. This popped up as a. One of those you know other people bought uh-huh it's got a five-star review. Or almost lutely five-star so. Ilooked at one of the first things always look at. All the reviews one had 35 reviews 27 were five-star eight were four-star. And there were no reviews less. Than four star I thought wow. This looks pretty good. And at the time was priced in the low 40s. Ithink right now might be right at 50 dollars, so we're going to go ahead. And unpack and see what's like okay.

    It's made of 600 deniers don't know. How to pronounce that word polyester. You can get an idea. You know exactly how with the dimensions are. They probably have measurements on the site but it's a pretty good sized bag got the standard two handles with the velcro to hold them together here pretty heavy-duty carrying strap which comes off with the clips dual zipper velcro. Ican look at the inside looks like kind of bend down reinforcement otherwise the bottom is pretty well padded I'm seeing two pockets on the inside maybe with the lighting and kind of see what's. What that's like in their otherwise it's like it's just open the piece of velcro back here on. This strap on no idea. Iguess just I'll whip. That together don't L. And on the front here there is a common inside just kind of inside pouch here. And then a small very small pouch maybe for a couple pens okay found a single padded pouch here other. This pouch is empty spin around take a look at the other.

    One here you can see folds. All the way down the other. One does not and it's got just couple of pouches here on the outside it's got a lot of loops. Idon't like is you can put shotgun shells in there. Something I don't know, so we're not magazines. Anything when people talk about magazine pouches. And such on some of these bags. Idon't see this lease not specifically for magazines. That seem to be quite well-made. And well padded this front pocket there's there's pretty heavy padding between the outer pocket in the inner pocket. And then some additional padding between the inside main compartment as well let's see on the bottom it's got. These feel like a hard rubber.

    Some feet to set it on so Brawl looks pretty nice again for the money. Idon't think I can go wrong on. This looks like it's heavy-duty. And will hold up you gotta be nice maybe to have. Some way of stacking some bags in here but like. Something about my own the last thing. You need are some mag pouches. Something they're either too big. Or too small for the mags. You use, so I guess that's fine but that's. It hopefully I'll update. This a little while but. You know how its held up after. Some usage but it's looking pretty good. And the price is right. Iwas able to get it on Amazon the there's a link in the description of the video then hopefully we'll take. You right there to this bag. You want to check it out for yourself. And take a look some of the reviews. They are as all the reviews are very good one. This four star at the minimum. And there's quite a.

    Few reviews 35 so been used by a lot of people. And looks like it'll work for me again. Ididn't really want to spend a lot of money. One should be fifty dollars. Or under and I'm a Amazon Prime member so. It with a free shipping in two days. You can check out Amazon Prime — it's really pretty nice maybe. Iput a link to that in the description also but. This is the Black Hawk Sportster deluxe range hunting bag I'm happy with. What I see so far you know. It works out you can subscribe to my channel. And you'll know what I've got updates to my other videos. You can leave a comment. And I'll try to respond to. That as well so thanks for watching you.

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    BLACKHAWK!® Sportster™ Deluxe Range Bag

  • 600-denier polyester and PVC laminate construction
  • Dual-density foam padding
  • Removable pistol rug
  • Wraparound web handles
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • BLACKHAWK! Sportster Deluxe Range Bag is a highly functional shooting accessory that carries gun and gear to and from the range. The Sportster Deluxe is constructed of heavyweight 600-denier polyester, with thick PVC laminate for stability. Dual-density foam padding protects firearm and contents; and a removable pistol rug with soft interior fabric further protects firearm. Heavy-duty seam binding uses two rows of locked stitching for extra durability. Rugged wraparound web handles and a detachable shoulder strap take on heavy loads of guns and ammo. The BLACKHAWK! Sportster Deluxe Range Bag features 3 large dual-zippered exterior compartments and one slash pocket, as well as multiple internal pockets for organizing magazines or accessories. Multiple rows of S.T.R.I.K.E.® webbing allow you to attach aftermarket pouches for enhanced organization. Imported.
    15"L x11"W x10"H.
    Color: Black. 

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys how's it going some a little bit different today she's going to be giving you a quick look at the range bag. That I've had for probably about a year. Now doesn't have a ton of use. Ibeen a little busy to enjoy the firearms hobby as much as. Iwould like to but I'm hoping to change. That going forward so. Ijust sort of quick overview. If anyone's interested in buying this bag I'll put a link to. It off Amazon I believe. And the price everything down in the description below but. More just took a quick look at kind of what I have in. And the quality of the bag so like. Anything what's in here always changes. Ifind I need something and. Idon't have I like to add. It at the same time. If there's something in there. Ihave to move out of the way every time I'm looking for something else. Idon't use I typically get rid of. That stuff so anyway just a quick look at the bag. This is a I'm sure how the lighting is going to be. When it's a black hawk bag again I'll put the model. Everything specific down below but really happy with the bag quality nice thick quarter of fabric. All the hinge points for the straps. Everything is nice and rugged zippers are definitely overkill but that's a good thing so just a quick look at the bag. You can see front pocket in here. Some of these little field notes books a small first aid kit just for mostly cut scrapes.

    That kind of stuff this book just has old in Canada. You need a certificate like an ownership basically a registration certificate for restricted firearms so. Ikeep those in here. And just some sharpies pens. And markers that kind of stuff so that's in the front pocket. That zipper they do accommodate two little eyelets so. You can add a lock to. That right and behind. That there's a front pouch doesn't zip her. All the way down the sides but nice large opening in the front. And here some paper targets. Some stickers for targets. And also here I have a staple gun in staples which obviously comes in handy for putting targets up. And the stapler decides to break.

    One day which it doesn't. Ibought a good one just. Some electrical tape in the main compartment. You can see it's got a Velcro closure on the end. And like a double zipper with a pole so. This is your main compartment inside included with the bag is. This padded pistol pouch which. Idon't use I carry my pistols in a separate place but. Ijust keep that in there in case. It for something one day laser bore sight that's my favorite way to sight in a scope. Ifirst have it mounted. Ihave a pair of Oakley just clear glasses for my safety glasses as well as a bunch of sets of standard ear protection. Some extra ones in there for anyone forgets duct tape but. You can see I haven't had to use. Some vortex you buy a scope just sort of the microfiber cloths as well as. Some other microfiber cloths just for cleanup lastly.

    Ikeep a just a torque wrench with the instructions. Some sculpt levels in there as well so that's. Everything in the main pouch again. Itry to keep it pretty basic on a ton of extra stuff. Ihaven't run anything yet. That I've needed outside of. This but we'll see also inside the main compartment there are three velcro closure pouches so in. Some pads some boar snakes. Ithink they're hops ops makes. One obviously is out of its case but. Itry to keep them into little tins just to keep them organized nice pouch beside. It just a little zipper pouch. Ihad my girlfriend made. Ihave a little short screwdriver as well as. You might need this came as a set from like Canadian Tire.

    Ijust put it in here. This is smaller than the plastic case. It came in lastly I have a little case here. This kind of takes up. Some space I might swap out. This system but 19:11 barrel wrench little hex wrenches. Anything you might need for little tweaks. And adjustments all the little mini wrenches. That come you buy triggers. Or little systems for an AR. Something like I put them in here just so. Ido need it by chance. When I'm over fitting I can just grab. It out of here so that's. It for the inside apartment again nice heavy-duty zipper which is always nice to see turn the bag around. You have this moly webbing on the front. This is a nice pocket. It does zip all the way flat so that's in frame.

    Ijust keep all my cleaning stuff in here. Most of my cleaning stuff so brushes. And tooth brushes I got a little punch set. Some oil some cleaner. And that's that pocket so anyway guys just a quick look at. This bag just for like. Even a sizing parasite. If you're curious about. You can see my hand here. Even like that that case. That pistol size case. You can see fits pretty much. This hole inside here. Although not the shoulder strap as well. And the handles have the velcro closure everything's nice and over built on. This bag which is what I like. Something in the mail for the first time. And your first impression is just. It feels like cheaper. Or poor quality this definitely is a nice quality bag mine the cat hair but it's got.

    These little rubber bumpers on the bottom to avoid scraping up. This as much as possible. Though like I said it's fairly nice thick Cordura so. It feels pretty good anyway guys other. Another thing I just noticed here with the bag upside down. You can see that the handle straps kind of come in. This pocket and actually go right underneath the bag. All the way through which is always a nice feature just for. That extra strength so guys thanks for watching just wanna give. You a quick look at. That I'm always open to comments again. One of those things. That always changes. You find something new. You need and like I said before there's. Something that's in there. If there's something in there. You find yourself not using you can always swap. That out but again for the. Few times I've gone out shooting this year. This has been than enough for what I've needed so anyway guys thanks for watching.

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    5.11 Tactical® Bail Out Bag

  • Holds 6 AR magazines readily accessible
  • MOLLE/SlickStick web gear expandability
  • Large zippered main compartment
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with quick-release
  • Rugged 1050-denier nylon construction
  • 5.11 Tactical designed their Bail Out Bag for shooters who need to have all their gear in one place and ready to go in a moment's notice. These Tactical Bags carry 6 standard size AR/5.56 magazines readily accessible, double-stacked in 3 front pockets. The main zippered compartment provides ample space for optics, maps, or a sidearm. Both the interior and exterior of the 5.11 Bail Out Bag has generous MOLLE / SlickStick™ web gear platforms to allow modular expansion with other compatible pouches or accessories. A heavy-duty, padded shoulder strap carries heavy loads of ammo and handguns, and features a quick-release drop. The entire 5.11 Bail Out Bag is built from lightweight, rugged, weather-resistant 1050-denier nylon, with padded aero-mesh on the backside to prevent abrasion. When you need to move fast with your shooting gear, 5.11 Tactical Bags provide just the right combination of proper size, durability, and ready access to your gear. Imported.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Well here to show one of the new 511 bags. This is called the bailout bag again designed with operator input of a quick easy to go bag. Some nice features on. This bag you have a quick-release snap here. You do need to drop the bag for some reason. You look over on the side here has a number of pouches. All too designed large enough for 30-round AR mags also has Molly on. Each end so you can get. It out additionally the way. You want half zip pockets. That really allows you to get good access into the pocket. You can carry any spare gear. You wanted handcuffs so. You could fit a radio in here as. You open up the bag. It has a Molly system. All on the inside here so. You can again kit it out the way. You want and on the outside here. It has the loop part of the velcro so. You can put any of our patented 511 backup belt system on there. You move the bag some of the nice features mesh. And padding all on the inside here to protect your hips nice strap here is. You do get it an active situation. You can take it around your belt loop just better secure the bag to the body. This is a 5 11 s new bailout bag you.

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    G Outdoors Handgunner Backpack

  • Heavy-duty nylon construction
  • Visual I.D. Storage System organizes essentials
  • Holds up to four handguns in the vertical position
  • Waterproof pull-out cover keeps contents dry
  • Use the free-standing G Outdoors Handgunner Backpack to carry up to four handguns, 12 extra magazines, ammunition and all your shooting essentials to and from the range. Heavy-duty nylon construction withstands the rigors of travel. Visual I.D. Storage System allows you to easily find the gear you're looking for. Holds handguns in the vertical position for easy retrieval and 360º protection. Cradle is made of high-density foam that holds each pistol by the trigger guard and slides in and out of the lower compartment for easy cleaning and storage of your handguns. Waterproof pull-out cover keeps contents dry. Imported.
    16.3"H x 14.6"W x 10.6"D.
    Wt: 5.65 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Welcome to residue boost a YouTube channel today we're doing a review about the GPS hang gunner backpack. Now right before I bought. Iwas just carrying around a little Winchester bag. That only held about two guns in a. Few boxes of ammo I bought. This guy off of ebay for about 80 bucks. You go to Amazon you can get. This guy in black gray. And ACU for anywhere from like $97 to just over a hundred dollars. This for a few months. This thing is incredible. This is model 1 I believe there's a 2nd generation out there I'm not exactly. What they're calling it but pretty much. What they did is they removed. This patch here and embroidered. This logo and there. And their little saying and. Everything right into the bag itself. And then they covered. This entire surface area here with velcro instead of giving you just a little piece right here which is really nice. That feature but they sometimes change with a gun department. Idon't like and we'll go over. That a little bit later let's stop start at the top. And work our way down so first things first your main compartment here is going to be for your hearing protection it's a pretty nice sized pocket as well pretty much. What I have in here are. Some non low-profile electronic headgear which is really nice. This as a gift, so I really can't complain about. That being non low-profile. And then I have a little bit slimmer profile browning just standard hearing protection.

    This pocket is pretty big. Idon't know you can see in there but. It is pretty big you can fit a good amount of these guys in here. And then you can fit probably around three. Or four of the non low profiles. And there as well let. Me just try to fix the lighting here. Now there's a little glare from. Everything that should be a little better but. Another part up here is going to be your rain protection. They gave you a nice little bag up here so. It starts raining you can just flip. It over so everything doesn't get ruined which is really nice starting on. This side over here then. You have just little pouch here it's just an ammo cup in there. They say you can put silicon-silicon qualifier but here's your little ammo it's good just to throw. It on your low range bench. Iguess but I don't really use.

    Iusually will take. This little guy out. And throw some ammo in here right. This guy right here — right next to your strap so go on be your target holder so. If you're using paper targets. You just throw them in one throw them on in there. These top and bottom well should come undone so then. You can get that full wraparound without actually having to sit here. And try to shove paper through. Both the hole there which makes. It a little bit nicer. This side here you have your binocular stuff which. Ijust have a cheap pair of little binoculars in there. Iusually you just use a spotting scope but. This is just in case. Iforget it gets damaged. Somebody else that wants to see downrange. Ican just throw them. And pretty much I don't really care about. And then this pocket here it's on. Both sides it holds six magazines which. You don't have six magazines is. Another good pocket for strong. Some ammo in there as well moving on over here. You have your little tool pouch which.

    Ijust have a few screwdrivers in there. And I'm a little small key chain multi-tool just for scopes. Or in case you know. You have to you just have to adjust. Something or whatever but. Icarry a lot of these guys around just. Idon't know exactly what's going to. Either break on what I'm going to have to just out there so. Or adjust somebody else's scope. Or gun out there I should say. And then these two pockets down here. This front ones just. Another magazine pouch will hold six magazines. And then this guy is your target hanging yes accessories pouch. You could say you have legal tax in there just a little pocket. Ihave to use clothes hangers here at my range my help side range anyway pretty much. They threw up that plastic orange construction fencing that's. What we pretty much hang our targets on. And that's just connected with like. Some two by fours and four by fours but yeah so let's move on the main pocket here.

    This main pocket is going to be your sunglasses. Or safety glasses some smaller hearing protection their glasses in their little small earbuds in there. And then this is as well. Ikeep my range memberships as well but that's. That pocket really is. And then a little key cord in here. You want to call now let's move on the main pouch down here. Something I really like. They gave you the ability to. You can see that to lock your pouch down here there. We go which is really nice especially. If you're going beyond the veil. Or in case like you have to leave your bag in the car for whatever reason. You can lock it up so. If the car gets broken into. You know they still won't really be able to access. This compartment here which is really nice. What I liked about the first generation between the first gen. And second gen the second gen being all the velcro up here is. They got rid of this is just. Some styrofoam pistol holders which is really nice and instead of having this in the second gym.

    They have individual like eggs so. You can just throw your gun in the bag. And then they got rid of. They have like little like key chains hanging from the inside here. You can like clip the bag to. And slide and it's just it's weird. Idon't like the bag idea that's. What my old range bag had. Ican just put this in the safe. Ican just put the guns in. Iget to the range just take. And then just put it rights on the bench not really have to worry about. Anything another good thing is. It comes with this little extra like safety flap. You want to say so in case. Something really butts up against. It your guns are clearly Harmons side. And then down here is. Some little extra storage as well the only thing I don't like about. This egg is the fat. You cannot store a lot of ammo in. They give you the little ammo can. And a pouch for it but that's about. It I've been doing some research on Amazon. These are about 15 bucks so. What my plans are doing is buying another.

    One of these pretty much cutting it rights down the middle. Or cutting it over here so. That extra protection for this guy but cutting it here throwing it back in the bag. And then taking the extra space. And being able to put my ammo boxes in there so. All my ammo and my guns are going to be secured in. This department caters with the flap with an extra hard casing out here. And also I'm able to lock. Ineed to but uh yeah that's that's about. Ireally do like this bag. Ijust wish they put velcro. All over this instead of just. This little patch here but that's easily fixed. And again eBay you're looking around like anywhere from like 97 bucks just over 100 depending on color so make sure. You stay tuned we do have a podcast coming up tonight it's gonna be a live podcast so make sure.

    You guys check that our thanks.

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