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  Pearl Izumi Quest Short-Sleeve Jersey - Men's Castelli Polare 2 Bib Tight - Men's Sportful Fiandre No-Rain Bib Short - Men's SUGOi RS Pro Short - Men's Louis Garneau Dirt Short - Men's 7mesh Industries Strata Knicker - Men's Pearl Izumi Elite Escape AmFIB Jacket - Men's Castelli Free Aero Race 4 Kit Bib Short - Men's
  Pearl Izumi Quest Short-Sleeve Jersey - Men's Castelli Polare 2 Bib Tight - Men's Sportful Fiandre No-Rain Bib Short - Men's SUGOi RS Pro Short - Men's Louis Garneau Dirt Short - Men's 7mesh Industries Strata Knicker - Men's Pearl Izumi Elite Escape AmFIB Jacket - Men's Castelli Free Aero Race 4 Kit Bib Short - Men's
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Brand Castelli Pearl Izumi Castelli Louis Garneau 7mesh Industries Sportful Pearl Izumi SUGOi
Chamois Progetto X2 Air - yes, KISS Air yes, chamois integrated within bib short liner - BodyFit Pro - yes
Claimed Weight 172g - [large] 350 g - [with removable suspenders] 204g 200 g 388g -
Fit Form-Fitting semi-form form-fitting relaxed form-fitting slim Semi-Form-Fitted form-fitting
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year lifetime 1 year 1 year 1 year limited lifetime 30 days
Material [face fabric] Vortex dimpled fabric, [inner leg] Forza fabric with 38% Lycra content Select Transfer (polyester) Gore Windstopper X-Fast, Thermoflex Core2 Rhino, Revolt, Lightsens, Square Mesh DWR Thermoroubaix No-Rain Thermal 100% polyester Ultra Aero
Recommended Use gravel, road cycling cycling cycling enduro, trail road cycling cold-weather cycling road cycling cycling
Season spring, summer, fall 3-season - - - fall, winter, spring winter -

Pearl Izumi Quest Short-Sleeve Jersey - Men's

Moving comfort to the forefront of design influence, the Pearl Izumi Men's Quest Jersey forgoes flashy graphics and over-the-top tech in favor of clean, uncluttered aesthetics and function-driven details. Select Transfer fabric actively pulls moisture off your body, ensuring proper thermo-regulation when you're riding under the hot summer sun. And unlike race-specific jerseys, the Quest's semi-fitted cut is not overly restrictive or skin-tight.

The 10-inch front zip ventilates your upper body when you're suffering on steep climbs, while the elasticized hem keeps the jersey from flapping at high speeds or riding up when you're dropped over the bars. Other key features include three rear pockets for ample storage of energy gels and extra layers, as well as reflective elements for boosted visibility after dark.

  • Select Transfer Dry fabric
  • 10-inch front zipper
  • Elasticized hem
  • Three rear pockets
  • Semi-fitted cut
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    Castelli Polare 2 Bib Tight - Men's

    A little bit of wind can be refreshing in summer but quickly turns devastating on frigid mid-winter rides. Fend off icy, biting wind gusts with the element-fighting power of Castelli's Polare 2 Men's Bib Tights. Made with Gore Windstopper X-Fast fabric across the front and wrapping around the sides, these tights block the chill whether the wind is coming from Mother Nature or as a result of all those watts you're dropping into the pedals. Across the back, Castelli uses its soft, fleecy Thermoflex Core2 fabric for a blend of breathability and warmth that will have you taking the long way home on even the coldest days.

    The Polare 2 tights also feature Castelli's high quality, long-mile worthy KISS Air chamois, which provides comfortable support without adding extra bulk. The bibs stay lightweight and minimal so you can precisely layer for upper body comfort while reflective accents across the legs increase your visibility to other road users when the light gets low.

  • Castelli's warmest winter cycling tights
  • Windstopper panels keep the winter elements at bay
  • Thermal fabric insulates and breathes
  • Minimal bib straps let you pick your upper layers
  • Reflective accents increase visibility to others
  • Recommended for temperatures dipping into the low 20s
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    Sportful Fiandre No-Rain Bib Short - Men's

    The Sportful Fiandre No-Rain Bibshorts get their name from No-Rain Warm material, a stretchy, insulating fleece-lined material that consists of ThermoDrytex Plus that's been hit with Sportful's nanotech water repellent treatment. Though it isn't enough to keep you dry in a sideways-blowing monsoon, it'll hold off normal precipitation no problem. No-Rain Warm is also insulating and very breathable, so if you get too hot on a climb, these bibs will wick away moisture before you freeze on the descent. Of course, the fact that these are shorts means that you can pull on or take off leg warmers as the situation on the road changes.

    Like the full-length version, the Fiandre No-Rain Bib Shorts feature Sportful's Bodyfit Pro cut, which is the same fit that Tinkoff-Saxo rides in the peloton. Some cold-weather gear fits like thermal underwear, producing slack that lets the chamois or the seams get out of place and causing havoc from the waist down. You'll appreciate the proper fit and compression of this cut, which keeps everything right where it's supposed to be and supports your thighs, waist, and lower torso.

    The Fiandre No-Rain bib shorts also use the Bodyfit Pro line's chamois, a seamless affair that Sportful developed with its stable of pro cyclists and that it bills as the most comfortable long distance insert. Since we've not yet ridden to discomfort with any of their other inserts, we assume that "long distance" means something along the lines of a suspension-free 200 mile trek. Through the Rockies. On singletrack.

    The silicone dot gripper along the hems helps the shorts grip your legs or leg warmers, so they won't ride up or expose a strip of skin to the elements. The mesh bib straps reduce bulk and let you control the type and amount of layering you do on your torso. Sportful has also added reflective piping to help keep you visible in low-light conditions.

    The Sportful Fiandre No-Rain Bib Shorts are available in seven sizes ranging from X-Small to XXX-Large in the color Black.

    So let's take a closer look at the. School for gem that no rain I'm sure this is. Basically a sir designed for spring and autumn. Conditions sometimes keep you a little bit warmer than a regular like short and. That's because on the inside of the material here we've got something which is quite fleecy sometimes called a rib a. Tight fabric and that will keep you a little bit warmer in cold condition this is all designed for winter so you know when the conditions get cooler around 10. Degrees or a little bit lower it will keep you warmer basically know what's different about this short compared to other thermal shorts is that it has a treatment applied to the fabric this is regular like herb but it has something called a no rain treatment on the outside not designed to be waterproof. But it is designed that if you get caught in a shower and it rains it'll. Bleed up on the surface and then it will run off over a long period of time or in. A serious deluge it will absorb the water but it is designed to keep you more comfortable and drier if you do get. Caught out at a shower now up top here we've got a mess yoke and shoulder. Straps and that's designed to breathe really well so that if you are pushing and putting in some efforts and you've got a base layer underneath and you've got another layer on top it will still breathe on the legs here we've got some pretty thick silicon leg rippers and. Lots of silicon dots from there which will keep hold of your legs and keep hold of your leg or knee warmers as well the other thing we've got is some reflective detailing here on the inside. We've got sport falls body pro seat pad. Now this is quite thick and they call it. Their long distance seat pad designed to. Keep you comfortable over long distance riding and it's got different thicknesses across the seat pad I've. Also got here a castelli nano flex bib. Type as well know the material here. Between the nano flex and the no rain is practically identical it's same. Thickness same way both fleece-lined and. From the exterior they look exactly the same as well now castelli is kind of. Premium brand but sportful is the sister. Branch of castelli what this means is that it is possible i think to be to get a good bid site with some rain. Treatment on the top very comfortable for a slightly lower price than the castelli brand. So one of the reasons i bought their no. Rain big show's is by example weather conditions like this today actually so it's about five and a half degrees it's pretty wet and as you can see the short. The water is speeding up really nicely. On the short and that's because of the. Water repellent treatment on the shore and the shorts are also nice and warm so. Although it's only five and a half degrees quite windy quite rare. Inculcating bring maintain and they dry. On the way there short key p dry they. Are going to keep me that we warm up the code for there is a spring it's only about nine degrees and I'm home today by. Pair of leg warmers wealth, but they start a nice warm actually in the shorts. Text via well insulated and they're. Protected from the wind which is great I'm also quite slow traded by today to a quarter percent would be a little bit cooler i was working a bit harder and on. The warmer still so and pat the I'm going nice and steady and interning to bring these shorts are nice and warm. How comfortable of these shorts and well. They've got probably the thickest seat pad of the big shorts or good. Types that i own and sportful described. The pad as their long distance seat pad. I think it's called the body fit pro and i have a written a short over a century. Ride or anything like that yet most of the roads i tend to do this time of year being late winter early spring tend to. Be around 50 miles in distance something like that and but so far as those rising. Sun comfortable one thing i will say is that at this time of year again my. Training runs tend to be slower and one. I'm going slower and putting in less effort do you feel more discomfort than to notice that any pain or anything a. Little bit more than if I'm putting in solid effort and actually so over. Those longer rides that have been slow and steady i haven't really felt any significant discomfort so on the comfort. Rating i think now right up too actually. They rate pretty highly. Here's my conclusion on the big shot the. Reason for buying them is that i wanted some shorts that would work across a. Range of conditions i wanted a flexibility and to be able to use them in dry conditions wet conditions cold slightly warm up you. Name it and the benefit of wearing shorts is that you can use them with knee warmers always leg warmers whereas. If you're just wearing bit tights when you go out in them and suddenly it warms up you might get a bit too warm and you've got no opportunity to try and kind of change that and adapt to the temperature similarly you might go out in bit knickers the three-quarter length and you might be too cold in them because the conditions change you get wet whatever so I'm pleased to say the. Shorts do that for me it's kind of like. Wearing garbage earthy and that so many. People will wear these days it's a jersey but it's got the wind and rain protection to keep you dry or warm. Across a range of conditions if you can apply that principle to the top half well i wouldn't use the same logic on the bottom half and so far the shorts definitely been comfortable it's a great seat pride in there they've kept me warm, and they even kept me warm when I've been out in wet conditions and there's wind blowing on wet legs as well they. Are cheryl isn't there keeping the rain off, and they also offer a saving over. More expensive version for example those from castelli and so i can pretty much. See these shorts becoming a staple piece of gear for me actually and yes i can. Recommend them.

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    SUGOi RS Pro Short - Men's

    Getting more performance out of your gear, the Sugoi Men's RS Pro Short uses three strategically placed fabrics for maximum comfort on the road. The outer legs utilize Sugoi's Ultra Aero fabric that's dimpled for a slippery aerodynamic surface, while the slimmed-down front panels leverage ultra-thin Tri-Force fabric for enhanced breathability and temperature regulation. Increasing durability along the inner legs, the short's Firo fabric reinforces the chamois area for extra resistance against saddle abrasion.

    Designed to eliminate chafing and bulk, the included Formula FX Chamois is molded and welded for an excellent fit without an inseam, meaning there's no seam rubbing against the saddle. This chamois features breathable perforations and a V-notch for extra ventilation on hot summer rides. Its 4-way stretch fabric and advanced lamination provide a smooth, seam-free surface that conforms to your body, while the welded center channel and high-density vibration dampening relieve pressure and fatigue from long, punishing rides. Moreover, you'll find the short's clean-finish leg grippers prevent the short riding up, and its single side pocket holds your smart phone or energy gels for close-at-hand convenience.

  • Pro-level performance and cush comfort in a road-ready short
  • Stretchy fabric provides flexibility and wicks moisture
  • Form-fitting design allows you to move freely
  • Engineered fabric on outer thighs maximizes breathability
  • Chamois uses poron foam for comfort in the saddle
  • Perforated forward ventilated chamois keeps things airy
  • Leg grippers provide slip-free comfort without constriction
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    Louis Garneau Dirt Short - Men's

    When steep slickrock and tacky loam beckon, slip yourself into the Louis Garneau Men's Dirt Short before embarking on epic rides across varying ecosystems ranging from scorching desert mesas to temperate rainforests. The Dirt Short features a relaxed cut that's perfect for everything from long trail rides to aggro all-mountain outings, providing enough mobility to pedal without restriction, as well as draping over your knee pads without snagging. Louis Garneau includes a detachable bib short liner, which has a chamois to absorb excess vibration and disperse saddle pressure from irritating your most sensitive areas, especially when you're pummeling over rough terrain.

    The short itself is comprised of quick-drying, highly robust fabric with 4-way stretch capabilities that conforms to your every pedal stroke and movement. It's water and stain-resistant, shedding outside moisture and flinging dirt from adhering to the short, which makes your life easier when it's time to do laundry when your trail ride is finished. Numerous pockets carry your tools, snacks, and daily essentials for quick access on the trail. There's also adjustable waist tabs for a secure fit without it slipping down as you ride.

  • Relaxed shorts for trail rides and all-mountain outings
  • Detachable bib short liner with chamois for pressure relief
  • Durable, quick-drying fabric blend with four-way stretch
  • Fabric is resistant to outside moisture and flinging dirt
  • Designed for optimal integration with knee pads
  • Seamless inner-leg won't scratch or irritate skin
  • Zippered front pockets carry your riding essentials
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    7mesh Industries Strata Knicker - Men's

    Providing the knee coverage your go-to bib shorts lack, but still leaving enough space for heat to escape at your ankles, knickers are as much as sign of fall riding as fiery foliage and wool jerseys. Whether you're a knicker devotee or a bit leery to try another pair after fitment issues, we'd suggest giving the 7mesh Industries Men's Strata Knicker a go. Constructed to work as part of a system with the brand's Foundation liner, MK2 short, or any other liner you choose, the Strata comes with a more adaptable construction than many difficult-to-fit knickers.

    Removable suspenders mean you don't end up with double bib straps for no reason if you choose a bib liner, and micro-stitch seaming keeps seams low-profile and less likely to cause irritation. Lightweight, stretchy Thermoroubaix fabric repels unexpected raindrops with its DWR treatment, while its brushed interior establishes a lofty layer of next-to-skin warmth. This brushed interior retains heat and pulls moisture away from your skin as your temperature rises and falls over the course of rides with rapid elevation gains and variable temperatures.

  • Thermal knickers for riding through chilly months
  • Thermoroubaix fabric is light, quick-drying, stretchy
  • DWR finish repels oncoming showers and drizzly weather
  • Brushed interior for next-to-skin warmth on chilly rides
  • Removable suspenders retain a secure, non-slip fit
  • gClip attachment for MK2 and Foundation bib shorts
  • Wide gripper elastic leg band won't ride up
  • Item #SVN001E
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    Pearl Izumi Elite Escape AmFIB Jacket - Men's

    Pearl Izumi claims that its Elite Escape AmFIB Jacket is its warmest offering making it ideal for those of us who live in colder climates and want to ride year round. The AmFIB fabric on the front and shoulders is not only windproof, it's 50% more breathable than traditional softshell jackets and it has Thermal panels strategically placed on the back, so it offers exceptional thermal regulation and manages moisture. A full-length zipper makes it easy to dump heat on tempo climbs, and its internal draft flap keeps the wind from sneaking in when zipped up. Other handy features that will be appreciated during cooler months is its water resistance, zipper chest and back pocket for the storage of extra layers, and a drop-tail hem that eliminates the gap between the tights and offers protection from road spray. Lastly, BioViz reflective elements help improve visibility in low-light.

  • A cycling jacket equipped for winter's worst
  • Windproof, water-resistant softshell fabric
  • Thermal paneling for breathable insulation
  • Fit accommodates winter layering
  • Two zippered pockets secure and protect ride essentials
  • Reflective details help maintain visibility under overcast skies
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    Castelli Free Aero Race 4 Kit Bib Short - Men's

    The professionals on Team Sky had a heavy influence in the construction of the Free Aero Race 4 Kit Bib Short from Castelli. Although most of the riders agreed the existing Free Bibshort was already pretty well dialed, they did request the addition of a loop on the bib to hold a race radio microphone and one rider wanted his chamois shifted back a touch. Apparently, the racers on Team Sky aren't the only ones who like it, the Free Aero Race Bibshort is Castelli's best-selling short, so when it came time for an update, it only wanted to make subtle changes for the better and nothing too drastic. As far as the "Kit" moniker in the title goes, the only difference we can tell over the standard version is the inclusion of color blocking bands at the leg openings.

    First up is a new leg gripper that still features a lie-flat, raw-cut edge but now has vertical silicone stripes to hold it comfortably in place without restricting stretch. Next is a new fabric that allows for better print quality and Castelli updated the seams to improve the fit and looks. It also re-engineered the bib straps with new fabrics and construction so they help you stay cooler, lie flat, and are more durable. Finally, it also receives the updated Progetto X2 Air seamless seat insert featuring one of the softest surfaces we've ever felt in a chamois.

  • Castelli's popular racing bib updated
  • Vortex dimpled fabric on the legs offer an aero boost
  • Forza fabric on inner legs stretches for a perfect fit
  • Stripe mesh engineered minimalist bib construction keeps you cooler
  • Doppio V construction in the front increases support and comfort
  • Flat-lock stitching throughout reduces irritation
  • Progetto X2 Air Seamless chamois offers long ride comfort
  • Giro4 leg gripper elastic provides better grip that's distributed over a larger area
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