The 8 Best Climbing Harnesses

  1. Black Diamond Momentum
  2. PETZL Corax
  4. X XBEN Professional Mountaineering
  5. Muddy Magnum Pro
  6. Climbing Oumers Safe Seat
  7. Eleven Guns Adjustable
  8. NewDoar
TOP #1
Black Diamond Momentum climbing harness
Black Diamond Momentum climbing harness

  • Black Diamond Equipment: Designing and constructing the world’s best climbing, skiing & mountain gear since 1957
  • climbing harness
TOP #2
PETZL Corax climbing harness
PETZL Corax climbing harness

  • BETA: Versatile and fully adjustable
  • climbing harness
TOP #3
GABBRO climbing harness
GABBRO climbing harness

  • Quick Dry Polyester
  • climbing harness
TOP #4
X XBEN Professional Mountaineering climbing harness
X XBEN Professional Mountaineering climbing harness

  • Beginner’s Harness: CE Certified
  • One size fit all
  • Wide Range of Uses
  • Strong and Secure
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • climbing harness
TOP #5
Muddy Magnum Pro climbing harness
Muddy Magnum Pro climbing harness

  • Light Weight Padded Nylon
  • Cam Leg buckles
  • Magnum Harness, Lineman’s Belt, Tree Strap, Suspension Relief Strap
  • One Size Fits Most
  • WEIGHT RATING: 300 lbs.
  • climbing harness
TOP #6
Climbing Oumers Safe Seat climbing harness
Climbing Oumers Safe Seat climbing harness

  • Beginner’s harness, basic harness – tension≥15KN, impact force≤6KN, safety first, CE certified, ISO9001 certified. Half body climbing harness you can trust
  • Safe harness fit for person (waist 15″ to 48″ , Leg 10″ to 31.5″ ) – comfortable to wear, and easy to adjust, polyester materials
  • This half body harness has high load-bearing
  • Wide range of uses
  • climbing harness
TOP #7
Eleven Guns Adjustable climbing harness
Eleven Guns Adjustable climbing harness

  • Climbing Harness Material]: Half body climbing harness made of high strength polyester material. 
  • [Climbing Harness Parameter]: Waist ring size: 70-130cm/27.5”-51.2”(approx). Leg ring size: 46-70cm/18.1”-27.5”(approx). One size fit all. CE Certified. Weight limited: 300KG. Tension 25 KN
  • Adjustable buckle]
  • [Benefit]: Half body harness, traditional buckle, harness construction distributes pressure to keep you comfortable while climbing.
  • climbing harness
TOP #8
NewDoar climbing harness
NewDoar climbing harness

  • [MATERIAL]:The half body harness is made of High strength polyester,Strong and Secure.CE 1282 EN353-1:2002, Harness Weight limited:230KG/ 507 lbs, Breaking strength 22KN.Tension:15KN, Impact force: 6KN.Weight:1.23Ib(560g)
  • [FIT]:climbing harness fits waist 20″to 48″(51cm-122cm);Leg 16″ to 31.5″(40cm-80cm). Easy to operate, wear and remove.
  • climbing harness

Black Diamond Momentum climbing harness

Black Diamond Momentum climbing harness

  • Black Diamond Equipment: Designing and constructing the world’s best climbing, skiing & mountain gear since 1957
  • climbing harness

  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 7 x 5 inches; 14.4 Ounces
  • Item model number: BD651068GRPHLG_1-parent
  • Manufacturer: Great Lakes MP
  • Type: climbing harness

Gear comm and today we’re looking at the Black Diamond momentum rock climbing harness. This is just one of the many new rock climbing harnesses and rock climbing gear that going gear has picked up blonde Black Diamond makes some of the best rock climbing equipment out there, and this is just one of the harnesses that we’ve got.

This is the men’s momentum. It’s got really great easy adjustment straps along the belt and on your legs. So no matter what size you are, there’s a harness at going gear for you that you can easily adjust to fit your body type. It’s got four gear loops on here, so you can attach all of your equipment on there.

Chalk bags different things. Your carabiners things like that these aren’t just for the beginner climbers. Anybody from a first-timer to an experienced climber can get in one of these harnesses very easily, like I mentioned, block down and make some of the best stuff out there. So you can’t go wrong.

We’ve got these in men’s, and women’s and just to show you here is the women’s Primrose harness. So we’ve got lots of different colors and styles depending on what you’re looking for, but you can find this Black Diamond harness and other great Black Diamond rock climbing equipment at going gear. Calm.

This is a new momentum, great all-round gym, rock trad sport, everything kind of harness for pressure, molded gear loops hull loop in the back. It’s got your track, fit leg loop, so you can adjust the leg size super easily. It’s actually pretty slick. It’s almost like a magic trick. Speed buckle, super comfy foam way more comfortable than our old version. I mean we just keep up in the bar. You know this is a great.

Do everything harness if you’re getting into climbing this is the one to have. It doesn’t have ice Clippers. So if you wanted to go ice, climbing with it this, you can still do it. You could set the ice Clippers using a little elastic things. The AL had the buckle set. You you double the buckle back and the SI had speeded recipe. Just speed adjust in 2014. That’s gone done so right now it’s just this track hit on the legs yep, but this momentum really has up the game in comfort when you just squish it, you feel it you put it on.

I mean everyone that’s been wearing them are just like whoa. You know like 55 bucks, I mean it’s pretty sweet and women’s it’s called. The Primrose features are the same, but it’s just a different geometry. So if it’s a woman better the rise is different and the shape of the waist belt is different. Friend of one of our athletes sent her first 14a wearing this harness 5495. We went out for lunch the other day me and somebody else.

It was like 45 bucks for lunch, so 55 bucks gets you a piece of life-saving equipment that will last you. If you take care of it and climb, you know semi-regularly. You know three four or five years for 55 bucks. It’s actually unbelievable that we can make a harness this comfortable and this functional for 55 bucks. That’s what we do. We got an army of people and that’s what they do. We need to make stuff better for cheaper.

Good morning, outdoor enthusiasts and rock climbers today we’re going to be reviewing the Black Diamond momentum, vs harness, and this is actually the harness package. So it comes in the screen case. It’s like a carry case for everything, and it includes your carabiner, your ATC, a chalk bag and some chalk. So let’s take a look at it, so this is going to be the smoke and poly version with Howell Blues got this blue accents and these blue accessory hooks. You have your gold, your white gold, chalk bag, it’s not refillable! So it’s basically disposable! There’s your chalk bag.

It’s the Mojo chalk bag! If you’re familiar with that or if you want to take a peek at that summer, your typical chocolate drawstring and your buckles to secure it, then you’re going to have your ATC and your rock lock screw gate, locking carabiner. So this is the rock lock model x, rated at 7 Killians and your ATC is going to be the XP version. It’s the X P or cuddle belay device, and let’s go over to the momentum. Vs harness. So, let’s see weighs only 14 ounces. It’s! This is the large extra-large version I fit right in between the medium/large, so I bought the large so that I, can you know let my friends wear it or or I can grow into it or if I’m layering up I have a jacket over it and on the winter or under it.

It just gave me more options, whereas if I bought two small one and of course like you know like all right, I just get bigger over time, I guess I will plan on it, but either banana it does have these speed adjust buckles on. So you can make those quick, fast adjustments or you know, loosen them up and get them tighten up real quick. You have one Black Diamond logo on your right leg. You got the Black Diamond on the back. We’ve got another loop back here. It’s it stitched up pretty good, so share the hold a lot of weight.

I, come more from I, have more of a tech rescue background, so always lightweight stuff to me is kind of sketchy so like a small loop here, I wouldn’t I would put money on it to say that it doesn’t hold much weight but because it is lightweight and it’s for rock climbing I bet you. It holds a lot of weight like this carabiner here this certain kilonewtons. It doesn’t feel very, very tight at all cuz, it’s aluminum, the carabiners. We use their tech rescue all stainless steel they’re super heavy.

So this is all new to me, but I’ve gotten into a rock climbing before and a little outdoor, but it seems to be a fairly decent, all-around or all-purpose harness now. These are pretty I want to say flimsy, but I’m not very thick. It’s almost like they took the outer shell of the cord, like some P cord or you know, just took the sheath of the P cord and reacted inside this plastic, and that’s your dearly. It seems like it’ll work, just fine, let’s into bag, or something like that. You know I’m not going to have this right there, typically, but I, don’t know how much what it will look like when I weigh it down.

The outer is like a nylon polyester nylon, so it should be good for weather resistance and durability. The inside is a soft fleece. The foam is about, say a quarter inch thick. Let me sit up ruler here to get pt-r about a quarter inch thick all the way around on legs and the waist again. It’s got your speed, buckles lots of stitching. Of course it needs it for what it is. It’s life savings, so there’s anything else you’d like to know about this. Please let me know I’m sure, there’s other reviews out there.

I bought this because of the package and the durability or I should say versatility of it. The different things I can use it for and because it came with your bare essentials, your chocolate, your ATC and a carabiner to go with that so yeah. If there’s anything else, you’d like to know, let me know or anything I can pull out for you. Let me know: please subscribe if you’re not already subscribed, like my channel or like my video, if you took something out of this, if you didn’t take anything out of it, give me a thumbs down and leave a comment or just leave a comment anyway, thanks for telling me well, you later.

The momentum in Primrose are a great climbing at the gym sport, climbing at the crag or doing long trade routes. These harnesses feature a durable abrasion resistant nylon, shell, which will be long-lasting even if you’re groveling. Your way up is squeezed chimney. Dual core construction features: two bands of webbing at a foam insert around the waist belt for all-day comfort, whether you’re working a project or at a hanging bland at long trade route.

These artisans features, speed, adjust waist belt. No more doubling back. Those days are gone. The quick, easy just track fit leg loops are great for layering, whether you’re climbing in the spring summer or fall. The momentum and Primrose feature for pressure molded gear loops with ample racking space and a haul loop, which is really handy for tagging, a line on a long route, the primos harness features a women’s specific rise, as well as a women’s specific waist belt cut for a better anatomical fit it’s a great all-round super, durable well-made, very comfortable harness.

Get your kids climbing fast with their very own Black Diamond momentum, harness built with the same features of the adult momentum harnesses like the dual core construction with open-air foam for breathable, lightweight comfort. Without pressure points, the adjustable track, fit leg, loop adjustment system quickly and easily adjust to provide a wide range of fit.

Hey everybody how you doing this is beau you about they, a nice little piece of equipment from Black Diamond. Now rock climbing is kind of an investment takes a lot of time takes a lot of energy, takes a lot of money and I know that kind of makes a lot of people a little bit hesitant to get into it. So I’ve got the perfect package for those of you that are thinking about getting into rock climbing.

This is the Black Diamond momentum, starter kit, I’m gonna, show you a little bit about what it has all the goodies inside of here. Standard price is about 100 bucks on got your gear calm, however, through the 16th of June, it got your got your gear calm. It’s only $65 have that seller going on right now. Show you what’s inside this little bag here, tell you about all the the cool stuff you get see.

What comes out first here perfect, so our belay device, you can see the belay device is included here. This is the Black Diamond ATC XP, which is a really cool piece of equipment. They just don’t give you a standard. Atc they actually give you the XP, which is a little bit heavier duty, a little bit nicer belay device and see that the windows there really takes away some weight off of it really really cool little belay device.

Very nice looks like we have your standard standard, locking pair being in here. I believe this is the the rock lock is what they call it so lock and care being a real nice real heavy-duty, really good carabiner first couple pieces of equipment that we pulled out of there see what else we got here and then we have a chalk bag yeah there we go so nice, little chalk bag.

Black diamond looks like it’s just a mojo chalk. Bag on the inside got a chalk ball so that that’s pretty much sets you up there and then, of course, the harness itself. Momentum, harness great starter, harness really good piece of equipment and I know people that have had theirs for years that are still using it just because they’re comfortable with it.

They really like the harness, really nice and lightweight, really really good, harness really high-quality here. So this is what’s included here, guys we got the harness, we got the chocolate bag, we got. The chalk ball got your locking carabiner and your ATC ex Keeble a device like I said: Santa price is about a hundred bucks.

If you were to split all this up, you’re looking about $120, so it saves you $20 right off the bat but, like I said through June 16th, we do have the seller going on with white diamond where all of this is $65. This is perfect for those of you looking to get into this for incredible sport, incredible incredible equipment, Black Diamond, is awesome.

You can get your blank diamond momentum package harness starter kit at got your gear. Calm have a great day. Everybody.

Initially, when we started this project, it was intended to appeal specifically towards entry-level climbers and then, as the project evolved and as the design evolved. What we found is that a lot of climbers were attracted to you know the comfort and the breathability that were created in harnesses we’ve made them very versatile so that those users could use it for all different scenarios, whether it’s sport or starting out with trad or top rope climbing whatever.

So we created a lot of features to make them very versatile, so I think the best thing about the momentum and Primrose design is that dual core construction? It allows for distribution of the load across the waist and also breathability. So this cutaway shows the fills the benefits really well. You have two structural pieces of nylon webbing running along the top and the bottom edges of the harness, and that leaves space in-between for ventilation, holes and the foam padding and also mesh in the in the outside shell, and that allows the breathability of the harness to to run from the inside to the outside and vice versa.

The momentum and primrose family feature our track, fit leg adjustment system which allows you to increase or decrease the diameter. The leg loop simply by sliding this buckle backwards and forwards on the leg loop. The beauty of the system is that it has the adjustability of a typical buckle system, but the security of a fixed leg system. So we took a beedi approach to designing these, which is to take out everything: that’s not needed for the product strip it down to its most basic simple elements: make it highly functional and really address the needs of the user without anything extra.

So that’s the approach we took to these as we stripped everything out that we didn’t meet and then added just the features and just the elements to make it really comfortable, lightweight and durable.

The black diamond momentum, kids, full body harness, is a super secure, harness with the same construction as black diamonds. Time-Tested momentum harnesses the height I endpoint keeps kids from flipping upside down and the easily adjustable straps allow for maximum comfort for growing kids.

Msrs elixir to backpacking what you want and then you can roll it up and need to stash it away so never get close cell phone hi. Today, I’m gonna be talking about about the momentum vs harness by Black Diamond. This harness is an entry-level all-around, harness good for indoor gym, climbing traditional, climbing and ice alpine. Now the momentum vs harness, has multiple advantages over the momentum harness for one.

It is more adjustable. The momentum vs harness, has two straps in the front. Instead of the momentum vs of the momentum harness having only one, this allows for more adjustability and why a bigger variety of users and allows you to grow with the harness if you’re, but if you’re not like, if you’re a child, it allows you like grow into the harness more another benefit of this harness that has a better padding than the momentum harness I I haven’t tried the momentum harness, but from what I read, it does in fact make a difference.

Aside from that, it’s pretty standard. It has four four gear loops and one haul loop in the back. The whole loop is generally for the chalk, bag and accessories gear loops are, if you’re doing traditional, climbing anything if you’re dangerous, which most most beginners won’t really need that until they go outside the gear, loops are the same color as the belay loop, and the rest is just black. So now, before I teach you how to put the harness on I’m gonna, give you tell you a little trick that I’ve learned to help improve to help improve like my time that it takes to get ready to climb.

So this is a haul loop, it’s on the back of the harness and it stays around the tailbone and what it’s used for. It’s used generally used for putting on chalk bags. This is a black diamond chalk bag and it has a little strap on the back now to put it on before, I put the harness on I attached a chalk bag. The reason I do this is because, if I have the harness on already it’s way harder to accurately put the strap through the loop when it’s behind my back, it’s just a lot longer now, once I have that in place and I’m ready to the harness on I make sure that the belay loop.

This is this blue thing is in front of me and I hold it out like this. So I pulled that out. Then I put the first leg through there and the second leg through the second loop, while I’m doing this I make sure that my straps are in front and not behind, because then I’m putting it on wrong. Now that I put it on the correct way, I’ve checked that both the straps are there push thing out. First thing: I’ll do is that I’ll tighten this, but it’s pretty much hugging.

My waist once I’ve done that once I’ve done that I’ll tighten these to a comfortable tightness that isn’t like killing your legs, but it’s just holding you there snug once you’ve done that you have attached the harness and you’re ready to climb and just for reference. I’ll show you what it looks like, so that’s the chalk bag. It’s hanging off near my tailbone, and these are the gear loops. Then these are the harnesses and you got to make sure when you put it on that B’s that this does not flip these leg holders.

Don’t flip, because if they do, you might not notice it, because this is a lot very elastic, but it could be a safety hazard. Thank you for watching our video on the momentum. Ds harness by back Dimond like subscribe and hit that Bell button we’ll see up top.

What’s going on guys today we’re talking about the Black Diamond momentum, harness anybody, who’s looking to do gym, climbing or maybe even a little bit of outdoor sport or probably not tread but we’ll see? What’s up, you guys are a fan of the outdoors, whether it be backpacking rock, climbing, mountaineering, camping, you’ve ever seen a trail if you’ve ever even looked at a tree. Definitely subscribe to this channel. We’ve got all kinds of gear reviews.

How-To videos subscribe to the channel because we’re awesome and specifically I’m also Phil, he’s okay, but me I’m great, so subscribe to the channel and I promise. You won’t be disappointed. What’s going on guys trevor long here for saw backyard today, we’re gonna be talking about the Black Diamond momentum harness this bad boy. This is actually the first harness that I ever bought. Now, let’s be clear, Black Diamond momentum is a very broad range of harnesses.

They’ve got all kinds, and this one specifically like I, said it’s the first one I ever bought, so it’s been a while it’s already out of like stock. So we’re not gonna be talking about this harness specifically, but we’re gonna be talking about the Black Diamond momentum line in Jim Lee, alright. So let’s get started so the first thing that I want to say about the Black Diamond, the momentum harness line is that they’re great entry-level harnesses they’re, not expensive.

All of them are in a very affordable price bracket, they’re roughly between like 50 $60 right around. That range, which is great because you know, especially if you’re buying your first harness you’re, not gonna, want to spend a lot of money and get that in general. All of the momentum harnesses are fairly comfortable they’re, not the world’s most comfortable harness. If you’re looking for a very comfortable harness check out our review of Black Diamond solution, harness specifically in addition, Alex Honnold, this harness will work really well in the gin.

It’s fairly comfortable, very durable, it’ll. Last you a long time, it’ll also be decent for outdoor sport. Climbing there’s plenty of room on the for gear loops. To clip your quick draws. You could use it for traffic. You wanted to it’s not super comfortable for sitting. In long periods of time like where you’d be on a big wall or whatever, but in general there is room on the gear racks to fit trad gear, maybe not a huge trek, but then again you can supplement it by wearing shoulders legs.

So, if you’re looking for a track harness, this would not be my first go-to, but it would work other than that. This is probably my first go-to beginners gym, slash, maybe sporting, but climbing harness. So some of the reasons that I like it and the other models in this line, the leg adjustments are very intuitive. Some of the some of the Black Diamond harnesses they try and cut weight by not allowing their – the leg, adjustments or removing like just the features, and this harness does not do that.

It’s a little bit heavier at 13 point 1 ounce, as we measured it sorry, is confirming it still. It’s a little bit heavier at 13 point 1 ounce, as we measured it, but some of the things that it adds are leg loop adjustability. So you can change the size of the leg loop, making a little bit more comfortable and feeling a little bit more severe. It’s got quick-release jelastic webbing in the back, so that you can remove the elastic with webbing and the webbing is completely adjustable by pulling it through this little tightener thing will turn it’s got a hall loop on the back in case you need to haul anything normally I.

Just maybe hang a climbing knife from there. I, typically don’t haul things with this harness, but, like I said you could, if you needed to it’s, got four medium-sized gear loops that are all covered in plastic, so they are all fully rigid, which makes it a little bit of a pain to wear with a backpack. But to be fair, that’s not what this harness is designed for, so it actually makes it a lot easier to be grabbing your gear, especially the gear.

That’s on the back two loops of your harness. It’s actually a convenient feature in my opinion, I consider it a pro. The waistband itself is pretty thick contoured to the male hip. They’ve got some mesh lining in here. So it kind of makes it a little bit more breathable and in general I found the harness to be fairly comfortable, especially or even in the heat. It doesn’t overheat too much, but it’s not the most breathable harness that I’ve ever tried.

It’s got one strap for adjustability on the waist loop, you pull it tight and you can tuck it in behind over to your left and I found that, although it does not provide a whole lot of adjustment, it makes it simple, straightforward and you know for what you might be using this for like gym climbing you really don’t any other adjustments tight-knit. We go other than that. The black diamond momentum, harness is just all around a solid harness.

I have very few complaints. It doesn’t excel in very many areas, with the exception of its price point. So if you’re, just looking for a good harness that you can wear for a myriad of things as opposed to something that would specialize in one individual aspect of climbing and you’re looking for something that won’t be a huge investment for you, because you’re just starting out or you’re. Looking for a second backup, harness whatever it may be, I would definitely recommend you check out one of the items in the Black Diamond momentum harness range other than that now I’m curious.

What is the first harness that you guys ever bought or was given to you or you stole. Don’t tell me that because I’m gonna have to report you that being said, what was your first harness and did you like it? Yes, No? Why not double yes, who knows go ahead and leave a comment in the comment section down below cuz we’d be interested in hearing from you guys, and maybe you can make some recommendations to to the rest of our viewers go ahead and like the video, if you like the liked the video leave a comment question anything you can think of, because that would make me feel better and definitely hit the subscribe button because I want you to hand and because of please so yeah like the video comment subscribe all that kind of good stuff other than that I’ve been Trevor, longer saw back gear and, as always, I look forward to seeing you outside.

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So new for spring ’19, the solution guide harness so what we did with this is we took the solution, harness which is a great comfortable, awesome harness, and we said, let’s make a super, durable kind designed for trad, climbing and chimney and grinding and like just a super burly rig, it’s almost the same geometry, not quite exactly it’s a little wider through the waist for a little more support.

We kept the same gear loops, fixed legs, of course same belay loop. We added a fifth gear loop in the back. If you want to hang your gloves or knife or belay device or whatever you want to do back there, it still has your zero kN tag line to tag a line, but the really cool feature on this guy is this fabric.

That’s used on the leg loops and on the waist, and it’s called super fabric, which is not very exciting, but that’s what it’s called and it’s incredibly durable. So the reason we picked it is for the guys that are lying back at Indian Creek and like grinding in the chimneys in the valley and stuff, like that, it’s I don’t want to say it’s indestructible, because you can break anything if you try hard enough, but it’s really super super durable and it’s some kind of laminated epoxy ceramic dots onto the fabric or something it’s really cool.

We also have the women’s women’s comes in this color called coral, which is a different on the legs there. So this replaces our Chaos harnesses kind of our big wall, free routes, sort of sort of rig at 99 bucks. It’s a great harness, that’s literally gonna. Last you forever available in January, $99, 95, 394 grams, our whole engineering team army of folks over there when they were tasked with hey.

We need a new fabric, that’s really durable. We have a guy here that burns through a harness a month like just grinding up the creek. You know just lay it back and usually right here on. The legs is what takes the the biggest brunt of the wear. So we just tried a bunch of different fabrics and literally just gave it to him and said: go and then he would come back and you just go.

I mean you go, that’s no good, and so these guys hunted down this company called super fabric and they had this fabric for our purposes. It ended up working out great and it’s super super durable and at 99 bucks. The Chaos used to be $129, so a really great value for the super, durable big long, free route, type of guy or girl he’s still along a sample yeah for real, it’s good yeah.

So it’s pretty nice 99 bucks.

PETZL Corax climbing harness

PETZL Corax climbing harness

The Petzl CORAX is the versatile harness par excellence: easy to use, comfortable and adjustable. It is designed for rock climbing, mountaineering or via ferrata. The durable construction works for summer and winter activities. Waistbelt is equipped with two DoubleBack buckles which easily adjust and center the harness, keeping the equipment loops in optimal position. Adjustable leg loops allow easy adjustment of the harness to different body types and clothing. Numerous loops to carrying and organization of equipment with two rigid front equipment loops, two flexible, high-capacity equipment loops in back for carrying all necessary equipment without interfering with a backpack and accessory loop in rear center. The Corax is compatible with CARITOOL EVO for transporting ice screws. Designed for comfort with FRAME Technology design allows the weight to be distributed between the waistbelt and the leg loops. Pressure points are lined with soft fabric and padded with closed-cell foam. Sizing: Size 1- Waist belt: 65-96 cm, Leg Loops: 48.5-59 cm, Weight 490 g; Size 2-Waist belt: 76-107 cm, Leg Loops: 54-67 cm, Weight 540 g.

  • BETA: Versatile and fully adjustable climbing and mountaineering harness with designed for comfort and safety
  • COMFORT: Wide, padded waistbelt for hours of comfort. Pressure points lined with soft fabric. FRAME construction technology allows optimal weight distribution while in the harness.
  • SAFETY: Two DOUBLEBACK buckles for easy centering and adjustment. Adjustable leg loops allow easy adjustment of the harness to different body types and clothing. Certification : CE EN 12277 type C, UIAA
  • ENGINEERED: Waistband construction pairs durable nylon webbing with high-quality closed-cell foam. Interior of the harness is lined with a soft, yet long-lasting fabric.
  • 4 GEAR LOOPS: Two rigid front gear loops for easy clipping and unclipping of quickdraws. Two flexible rear gear loops. One center rear loop for carrying belay station gear, shoes or other special gear. Compatible with the CARITOOL EVO for transporting ice screws(sold separately)
  • climbing harness

  • Manufacturer: Petzl
  • Type: climbing harness

I’m Chris McNamara with super turbo gear, core axe harness this is a great all-around harness for trad, climbing or fork ragging, because it’s relatively comfortable, it’s got all the features of adjustability in both the leg loops and the waist belt. It’s actually one of the few kind of smaller harnesses we tested where there’s two buckles. It lets you Center the gear loop so that they’re always on the you know, eight they’re always symmetrical on the sides.

The downside to all these buckles is you got a lot of buckles when you put it on you’re kind of always having to stash lots of different webbing. So for people who really want the most thin streamlined harness. It’s not ideal, but it’s you know a real workhorse. This is the harness that a lot of guides use. This one has been used, I think over like 700 days by Ian Nicholson and it’s you know, maybe about ready to retire, but it’s got a ton of use and gear loops are easy to clip they’re strong, yet they kind of fold away so that if you’re wearing a pack, you know dig into your sides.

The drop seat on the back of the pencils is one of the easier to operate, and this harness is pretty well ventilated. It has this foam that has all these perforations in it, so that when you’re, climbing and hot environments, it’s it’s not too sweaty relative to a harness that doesn’t have that perforation. So, overall, a great trad climbing, relatively comfortable harness that works in a lot of situations.

I’m Chris McNamara for super turbo gear reviews.

Today, we’ll be talking about some of the unique most every climbing company that make harnesses are gonna have a version of what I’m talking to you about today, however, we’ll be highlighting the Petzl line. To start it off, we’ll talk about the Petzl sama harness. This is your standard, harness with an adjustment in the waist loop, no adjustment in the in the leg, loop for gear loops and some options for ice clips.

One thing that makes this harness unique is that it doesn’t have a speed adjust in the leg loop. This harness is great for the gym climber great for somebody who wants to go outside and climb on either sport or trad. It’s also going to be great for your ice climber. Next, we have the Petzl ajoomma, harness with the speed adjusts in the waist and leg loops and for gear loops makes it an all-around harness that’s a little bit more customizable.

The biggest difference between these two harnesses is the fact that this has a speed adjust in the leg loop, and this harness does not everything else about the harnesses are gonna, be the same, which makes it great for sport, climbing trad, climbing whether you’re going to be doing bigger, Trat or setting routes at your local gym. It’s a comfortable harness that works well all around.

Next we have the ultralight, Petzl Haroon dose with weight saved in the belay loop and waist and leg loops. This harnesses are someone who’s, not looking to be limited in any way on their sin, go on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. We have the Petzl core axe. This harness comes with a super beefy waist and leg loop, two speed adjustments in the waist and an articulated speed adjustment in the legs.

This makes this harness very comfortable built for someone who’s looking for comfort in the gym or big wall, trad climbing above everything, it’s important to find a harness that fits you and your style of climbing you.

– Hey guys!, I’m Miranda, with REI, and today we’re going to talk about how to put on and check the fit of a climbing, harness (upbeat music) – So. The first thing that you wanna’ do when you take your harness out of the bag is just make sure that there are no twists in the harness before you put it on On this harness. You see that you have the waist belt which goes around your waist and then the leg loops, which obviously go around your legs What we’re looking for is that there are no twists in any of the elastic or any of the front part of the harness The easiest way to do.

This is just to hold it in front of you so that the belay loop is facing away from you. And make sure there are no twists in the elastic on the back of the leg. Loops This looks pretty good Before you step into the harness, make sure all the buckles are loosened up. It just makes it easier to put it on On. This harness there’s only one double back buckle, but sometimes they’ll have up to four So two on the waist belt and then two on the leg loops as well.

There are two main ways that people will put on harnesses. One is just to set it on the ground and then step into it and pull it up. The other is just to put it on like pants, which is what I generally do You just step into it. The same way that you would the legs on your pants, One and two leg loops We want the waist belt on the harness to be over your hip bones. This is just so that in case you were to flip upside down. You’re, not gonna’, fall out of the harness Once I have the leg loops up and the waist belt on the harness up over my hip bones: I’m gonna’ go ahead and tighten it down I’m just grabbing this strap that comes from one side of the padding and then pulling it in the opposite direction.

And then adjust the leg loops There we go So. Now that I have the harness on we’re. Gonna’ talk about fit The, most important thing for fit of a harness is ensuring that the waist belt fits you A good way to check this is by grabbing on to the gear loops and pulling down making sure it doesn’t go over your hip bones Or. You can take a flat hand and insert it under the waist belt of the harness, make a fist and make sure you can’t pull it out Ideally.

When you have the right harness the padding on the harness will be touching or slightly overlapping If. It’s totally maxed out. You don’t get a ton of adjustability and it’s probably a good idea to try a larger harness If. The harness is so loose that you have a significant amount of webbing showing with no padding it can uncomfortable as that webbing can cut into you, while you’re climbing Like this So again, once it’s tightened down and it’s the right size that padding will ideally be touching or overlapping like I.

Have it here Once the waist belt is on. We can go ahead and check the fit on the leg. Loops These leg loops are slide adjusters, but some leg loops will have a buckle. Just like I have up here on my harness Some leg loops will be just be fixed leg, loops, meaning that there’s no adjustment to them, but this one again has the slide. Buckles I can slide these to tighten it and slide them back to loosen it up, As long as the leg loops fit, they don’t need to be super.

Tight They should be snug, but not uncomfortable, I like to climb with my leg loops a little bit looser. But again that’s just up to personal preference. As far as sizes of harnesses go, you can get a general idea of what size you need by checking different brands and looking at their size, charts measuring your body and then choosing the size that corresponds. Again all harnesses are going to fit differently. So it’s a good idea to be prepared to try on multiple different harnesses Now that I have this harness on.

We want to go ahead and do our safety checks. So I mentioned this buckle up here before Ensuring that the webbing is doubled back What. That means is that we wanna’ make sure that the webbing runs through both of these metal loops and comes back in on it itself. So you have metal showing on the side with the strap If. You forget to go through the bottom piece of metal on the buckle here, the harness can come undone when you weight it or you sit in it.

Now that we have this closed. We’re just gonna’, take a look at it ensure that we have that piece of webbing showing here and tell ourselves it’s closed Now. This harness only has one buckle, that’s double back, but some will have up to four or more Two on the leg loops and sometimes two on the waist belt of the harness You’ll wanna’ check this before you start climbing and also have your partner check their harness before they start.

Climbing You can do this just by taking a look at it, ensuring that you have that webbing showing and tapping it and saying “closed” These are both closed because they’re adjustable at the buckle with the slide and I’m ready to climb Like backpacks, most climbing harnesses, are going to feel comfortable until you climb in them So. It’s a good idea to hang in it for a little while until you purchase it to make sure that it fits you right.

Most REIs will have the ability to do this, for you so come on down and talk to the experts. We’ll see you at the crag (upbeat music).

GABBRO climbing harness

GABBRO climbing harness

  • Quick Dry Polyester
  • ☀【CE CERTIFIED】: This is CE certified, but not certified for indoor climbing. The Repel Harness weights limited-250KG / 551 lbs, breaking strength-22KN. The treestand harness is suitable for almost all people. Half body climbing harness with double-side metal buckle, ergonomic designed safety harness makes it move with your body well and distributes pressure and keep you comfortable while climbing. So you’ll feel comfy even for long time wearing.
  • ☀【ONE SIZE FITS ALL】: Gabbro Safety Harness Fits waist strap 20″ to 48″, Leg strap 15″ to 33″, one size fits all ages and can be shared with members of the whole family. The climbing harnesses can also be easily adjusted for different clothing while wearing thick mountaineering clothes or ski boots. Easy to operate, wear and remove.
  • ☀【EQUIPPED 2 D-RING & STORAGE BAG】: 0.48 kg / 1.05 lbs, the rappelling gear is extremely light-weight, portable with the storage bag. There are 2 tool rings on the right side of the rock climbing harness, which make it easy to carry more climbing rope, chalk bag, grappling hook, belay device, or other tree climbing gear or rappelling gear without impeding rock or tree climbing.
  • ☀【2.5″ METAL BUCKLES, WIDER & THICKER WEBBING】: The rappelling gear is Safer & Stronger for customer consideration. Wider waist belt for mountain climbing harness provides comfortable positioning. 2.5″ high load bearing metal buckles on waist belt and leg rings, 2″ polyester webbing with 5000lbs tensile strength, all the connections and webbing are double-sewing and very sturdy with reinforced ends to bear your weight and protect your safety at all times.
  • ☀【100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE】: We promise worry-free warranty and 24 hour friendly customer service to our customers, any product quality of Gabbro Climbing Harness, we will provide timely after-sales service. The safety line is perfect for rock climbing, tree climbing, mountaineering, rappelling, tree trimming, indoor & outdoor climbing, arborist, zip lining, fire rescue, working at height. So just feel free to bring the Safety Climbing Harness Kit home and enjoy a happy climbing time!
  • climbing harness

  • Manufacturer: Gabbro
  • Type: climbing harness

X XBEN Professional Mountaineering climbing harness

X XBEN Professional Mountaineering climbing harness

  • Beginner’s Harness: CE Certified, but not certified for indoor climbing. Harness weight limited: 300KG,breaking strength-22KN. The fixed working position, the strong waist will bear the especially widen and thicken waist pad. The pad of waist strap and leg strap are made from breathable foam so the rescuer can feel more comfortable.
  • One size fit all: Great for women, men and older children. Fits waist strap 20″ to 46″(51cm to 118cm), Leg strap 15″ to 27″ (38cm to 70m), one size fits for person. Well on all ages and can be shared by the whole family. Easy to operate, wear and remove.
  • Wide Range of Uses: Great for use in Construction, Demolition, Climbing, Welding, Roofing, Camping, Emergency, Firefighting On Tree and other outdoor activity. Comfortable cushioning to ensure safety during rock climbing.
  • Strong and Secure: The half body harness is made of High strength polyester. High load bearing, all the connections and webbing are very sturdy with reinforced ends to protect your safety at all times.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we guarantee to provide customers with best product &service. Any climbing harness issues, we are very happy to either provide a Refund or a Replacement!
  • climbing harness

  • Manufacturer: Xibei
  • Type: climbing harness

Muddy Magnum Pro climbing harness

Muddy Magnum Pro climbing harness

  • Light Weight Padded Nylon
  • Cam Leg buckles
  • Magnum Harness, Lineman’s Belt, Tree Strap, Suspension Relief Strap
  • One Size Fits Most
  • WEIGHT RATING: 300 lbs.
  • climbing harness

  • Manufacturer: Muddy
  • Type: climbing harness

The magnum harness is made of shoulders and waist for extra comfort during long sits. The easy cinched torso straps and the noiseless buckles, with no metal on metal contact make up a quick and quiet harness the rugged tether on the Magnum harness reduces chances of a fall or injury. This harness comes with a Lyman’s belt, a tree strap and a suspension relief, strap and is rated for up to 300 pounds.

Unboxing, video of the muddy magnum pro harness first of all, let’s hit it with the new intro. So, first off I picked this thing up at walmart for twenty five dollars instead of fifty dollars. It’s the end of season here, so I can pick it up a lot cheaper. That’s why I wanted to do an unboxing video and see if it was worth it um the 25 and see how good it actually performs. So this is an unboxing video. It’s not a super in-depth review. I might come back with that later in the fall or some other time when I’ve actually had time to test it in the tree.

But this is an unboxing, video and first impressions. So let’s get right into it all right, so we’re just gonna cut open the end, careful not to cut anything that I don’t want cut. Okay. So now, let’s flip that out rolls out of the package like this wow. That is pretty cool, so fits all nicely into the package here. It’s probably 14 15 inches from end to end- and one thing I really like about it is how un un sloppy. It is I’ve I unboxed our other one already. We got two of them and just look at how unsloppy this is.

You can pull it out and immediately get into it and not need to worry about getting it all tangled up, it’s just already right there and it’s super easy to not get tangled up in and confused. So it comes with the actual safety harness here, and this is a suspension. Relief, strap here right in to the safety harness. So if you fall, you drop that down over your feet and you can provide relief for your feet. So it also comes with the lineman’s belt here and the tree strap.

This goes around the tree to hold you in place. The lyman belt goes around the tree when you’re setting up a tree stand or for multiple other reasons, so super easy grab a knife or whatever cut off the straps, be careful not to actually cut the fabric of this stuff and just pitch it all right. So two things that you need to cut off this uh tree belt and the lyman’s belt. I’m gonna weigh this entire package with everything on it and see how much the safety harness and all the straps actually weigh so got the scales here.

So I’m going to set this thing on and then tear it, so it goes to zero and set the safety harness in it. So this is what you would be wearing up in the tree stand. This is how much weight would be on your body, one pound and 11 ounces, so that was without the weight of the plastic. This here weighs one pound and 11 ounces. So that’s honestly not very much extra weight that you’re gonna be having on your shoulders to keep you safe in the tree stand. I would recommend that if you had the time- and you didn’t need the safety harness right away to wait till the end of season and go to walmart or rural king or someplace and pick it up for about half price they’re not hard to find for cheap, and so that’s what we did here and I can’t wait to use this this fall.

So if you want a more full in-depth review about this, I hopefully can be bringing this to you uh sometime later on so subscribe, if you’re not already, so that you don’t miss out whenever that video drops we’re also putting out a whole bunch of other videos so subscribe, so that you don’t have fun out there try out, have fun out there stay hey, you’re, making noise. So if you want to afford a move and stay safe from coven, no jk, if you like this video, make sure uh.

No Billy there’s three things that should be important to every hunter and that’s his family. His wife and his health and I mean if we’re going to go deer hunting climb a tree and take that chance. There’s no excuse why we shouldn’t be wearing. You know one of these new safety harnesses bye, buddy, you know exactly spook and you and I are both guilty of it. You know, but but these new muddy harnesses that they’ve come out with you know, are not like the old traditional ones.

This is not bulky, it’s fully adjustable. You know, because a lot of us just have one right, you know and but a lot of times, you’re hunting in hot weather and then you’re going to cold weather, and you know some of these harnesses can’t adjust to do it. This harness adjusts have whatever clothing, you’re wearing and and it not only is it not bulky, but it has a full range of motion. You know I mean when I’m you know in my stand. You know something. That’s just tight on me.

I have no full range of motion which I have with this. You know and another thing that we really love about. It is some of the old traditional ones. Just don’t have a lot of points of contact like when you do fall out of the tree. You know the old belt. Harness are just a vest itself. You know when you fall out of these trees. You know it takes a heck of an impact on your body. When you stop, you know, and with this thing catching you around the legs around the back shoulder chest strap all of these features help that fall no Brian I’m so excited that boot nation is teamed up with Larry, Kendall and muddy outdoors, and that was gonna, be on stickam archery, comm yep.

We touched about how important it is to wear a safety harness. We went over how you know that responsibility we’ve got to our families and ourselves. Yes, I really do and- and you know now, I want to touch on some of the features of the harness I love. The fact that they, just these snaps on here has really nice I mean that makes it awesome. You know what are some of the other things that you like about it for me: I love the fact that this safety harness is so lightweight, I mean when we hunt in the southeast.

You know it’s hot and you want to be able to have a harness, but that is gonna be very lightweight and this harness is actually less than 2 pounds and that’s half or a third of many of the other safety harnesses that are out there on the market and when you think about the total construction of this safety, harness it’s again light weight, low profile, I love the chest buckle that way again, you can keep your clothes and everything close to you. So when you’re drawing your bow you’re not going to have any construction, you know obstruction in this area.

It’s got the parachute buckle, which is nice and think about those other old. You know harnesses that have the car seat buckles and it worked, but it had that click again, just a little bit of extra noise. If you really don’t need out in the woods so these parachute buckles got a little bit of a rubber coating, makes it safe, but very easy. Very quiet. You’ve got these leg straps that are 1, 500 pounds I mean so they are exceptionally durable. You can, you know, wrap them under your legs.

You can adjust them and then, when you’re done, you can trim them and then burn them. So that way that you know you seal them off, but just overall a very light weight. A very you know mobile harness that has not compromised in the safety. You know area at all demonstrate by doing a little fall out of a stand for, and so let’s get him over here and absolutely you know and the thing about in all seriousness, spook I mean you know we want to show you know just how well these safety harnesses work, but also if you’re, do fall out of a tree.

How do you? How do you get out of that situation? And you know- and you think about it’s not going to ever- have to meet? You do wear the harness, but again in the event that it does we’re gonna have Billy, you know, show you how to kind of get through that situation to make sure you stay safe, I’ll get over here. Okay, now that we’re in the stand and we’ve got our harness on we’re getting set up. You know one of the important things that we like to do is put your harness up high as high as you can.

You know it’s not going to obstruct any shot. You’re gonna make it actually kind of gives you a little bit more mobility and the straps are not going to be catching you in the arms as you’re shooting. Another thing, that’s great about having the strap up high like this is that if you do fall out of the tree, one you’re not going to fall as far before it catches you and two you’re, not gonna fall below the stand to where. If you do fall out, you know you’re going to be easier to get up in the stand the higher you are than if you catch it by your fingers, trying to pull yourself up now.

I’m going to give you scenario that we’re all guilty of you know and that’s one of the main things is falling asleep in the stand, and this is going to explain you why we put our strap up so high, where it catches us at an earlier moment. Okay, so say you fall asleep in the stand and you roll off to the side. You know you’re caught I mean there’s no trauma, I mean you caught me right off. The bat I can get right back up in the stand with the ease just by swinging around you know it it’s perfect for what you’re wanting to do and it saved you all right.

One of the things, though, is what what happens is say. You fall out of the tree. You know I’m sitting here suspended and a lot of things that happen with guys that are in these suits and they’re hanging. Here like this is suspension trauma, and so what you got is this suspension, strap you know and how what this is for, and it’s very important guys you know, keep it on this harness you’re hanging here. You want to take this. Strap and they have loops, provided you slide it through the loop back through itself, and it’s there hold on to the end, pick your feet up kind of bend at the knees and go through the other loop.

When you tie this in a knot on this side, it allows you to take your feet now and put some weight down on your feet to where you can keep the blood flowing and you’re fully suspended. Now to where say, if you were stuck and you couldn’t physically climb back up in the stand, you would be able to hang here safely until somebody came to rescue you hey, come check out these muddy outdoors. Safety harnesses on stickam are true calm. These new safety harnesses by muddy are unbelievable, super-lightweight, actually less than 2 pounds provide full body support and are extremely safe and durable again come check them out on stickam archery comm, the A to Z of archery.

Today, I’m going to be showing you the muddy, safeguard safety, harness it’s a really lightweight safety, harness starting on the back. Here it’s got tearaway stitching. If you do happen to fall, these tearaway help break your fall. So don’t Ricky is bad. Just pull this guy out of the box haven’t even fitted into myself. Yet it’s also got a very convenient vinyl harness system. Ok, so we’ve got. This is a large extra large. It might be a little bit big but looks like it’s going to fit.

These are rubber-coated for extreme quiet, but a quick and easy system. Here you tighten up this. They are padded on the on the bottom. In case you do happen to fall opinion too good feeling and also your binoculars sit right there. It’s got the nice clips which I’ll be demonstrating in a moment. Hang stands on which these are extremely nice for hanging stands. Ladders stakes, climbing sticks so on and so forth. So, let’s step outside and hang a couple sticks and see how this works.

Show with the new harness from the muddy line as a tree stand company muddy, finds it really important that we make sure you guys are safe out there and what we’ve done this year, people love our safeguard harness. You know we’re trying to make harnesses for everybody out there, and this is one of those harnesses that you can get in. You have a lot of the features, a lot of the performance, but without breaking the bank.

So this is our Magnum. Harness super lightweight tangle, free, very easy to use. Has a chest: strap easy leg: buckles, simple and quiet tangle free design has the breakaway stitching. This harness is going to have everything you need it’s going to have a tree, strap it’s going to have a lineman strap, it’s also going to have a carabiner. So basically, this harness includes absolutely everything you need to be safe and effective in the woods check out the Magnum harness from muddy as sportsmen guide, calm.

Morning guys this mad from the whitetail obsession outdoors just came out from a hunt this morning. I want to talk about something important. That’s tree stand safety. This harness by far was my favorite. It’s light its thin its padded and it’s really comfortable the best part. Is it’s really easy to use? It’s got these buckles down here that are actually made of metal, which is nice and they’re coated rubber, so they’re really quiet.

It’s got hooks on here for your linesman and when you’re set your portables, so let me just go ahead, throw it on for you and I’ll. Show you how easy it is put your hood up so that way it doesn’t get caught around your hood doesn’t get caught in it. So you got a bullet, lift up. The gentleman just sits in there and you got your weight and it just fits in the little one goes into the big one.

Then that’s on there. Then you got your leg: straps, they’re, padded, but they’re, also nice and thin for bowhunters early-season they’re, not gonna, sweat them camlocks for the legs love these things. Every time you get in it. You get to the justice the way that you want, so, if you’re haunted in the morning it’s cold outside, you got your bibs on it’s good to go through the afternoon.

You don’t want to wear your bids, you’re good to go. You don’t have to adjust anything for the one just cents a month, make it good and comfy good to go. The other thing that a pretty sooner all new harnesses come with this guy. This is a false, strap I, usually just take it tuck. It up, put it somewhere accessible using my back pocket, but you don’t want to trip on it either when you pull, then this will be in your instructions.

Go around your feet, you stand in and it takes the weight off. Your crotch. Did that trust me I progress like hell, I, don’t know, I usually put it on like this, and if I wear a jacket, I’ll just leave this guy here put my jacket on, and then this goes up comes a little little lanyard with carabiner. Look! This guy sit this right through here whip it around the tree.

Like that it you take up the slack said: oh it’s good and tighten up behind you. You want to put that as high as you can. So, if you do fall, you can still climb back up in your stand. Hopefully, if your stands still there and fall asleep you roll out, you don’t want to fall a foot below your stand or three people on your stand where you can’t get back in.

So that’s this guy. Yes, this is really nice – metal, carabiner, metal, buckles, everything’s metal, which is really nice. If you do, they come with clips on here’s I’ve removed, my because I don’t hump with binoculars, but if you do for night, those straps pretty little handy feature right there, but yeah. This is what I wear.

This is what I think is the best you go to buddy outdoors comm check out all their sizes specifications break it. You know whatever you need to know about it, it’ll be there so, and you can check us out on Facebook and white tails session outdoors thanks for watching guys. You.

Climbing Oumers Safe Seat climbing harness

Climbing Oumers Safe Seat climbing harness

Women Man Child Half Body Climbing Harness

Why Oumers:
Oumers INC. mainly engaged in the development and export of outdoor products. Products of high quality, stylish design.
Oumers has always adhered to ” High quality products, good customer experience” business purposes.
Committed to providing you with high-quality products and quality services.

Reinforced Buckle—It is firm and the weight has been tested.
Bearing Loop–It is the unbroken belt with reinforced loops. So it can bear your weight. It is fit properly, and appropriate to the type of climbing you’re doing.
For rock climbing and mountaineering. Climbing is dangerous. You are responsible for your own actions and decisions. Familarize yourself with this harness’s capabilities and limitations.
We recommed every climber seek qualified instruction. Please have all equipment safety checked by a qualified professional prior to use.
Extensive Use:
1.You can choose this safety harness in the park for outdoor activity with your family.
2.You can choose this climbing harness in climbing gym or camp activity
For the Work Demands
It may be dangerous for your family member to work on the high place. A safety harness may keep you safety and let your family feel relieved.


Warm Prompt:
If you receive the item with any problems, please contact us at the first time, you will get the best after-service. We will do our best to help until this is fully resolved. Have a good time!

  • Beginner’s harness, basic harness – tension≥15KN, impact force≤6KN, safety first, CE certified, ISO9001 certified. Half body climbing harness you can trust
  • Safe harness fit for person (waist 15″ to 48″ , Leg 10″ to 31.5″ ) – comfortable to wear, and easy to adjust, polyester materials
  • This half body harness has high load bearing, all the connections and webbing are very sturdy with reinforced ends to protect your safety at all times
  • Wide range of uses – perfecting for tree climbing, tree service indoor climbing, outdoor training, comfortable cushioning to ensure safety during application
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we guarantee to provide customers with best product &service. Any climbing harness issues, we are very happy to either provide a Refund or a Replacement!
  • climbing harness

  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 2 inches; 14.4 Ounces
  • Manufacturer: Oumers
  • Type: climbing harness

Eleven Guns Adjustable climbing harness

Eleven Guns Adjustable climbing harness

  • [Climbing Harness Material]: Half body climbing harness made of high strength polyester material. With strong stitching, wear resistance, stronger load bearing and high tensile strength. Thickness harnesses make comfortable while climbing
  • [Climbing Harness Parameter]: Waist ring size: 70-130cm/27.5”-51.2”(approx). Leg ring size: 46-70cm/18.1”-27.5”(approx). One size fit all. CE Certified. Weight limited: 300KG. Tension 25 KN
  • [Adjustanle buckle]: There are 3 adjustable buckles on the waist and leg ring, make the waist and leg ring can be adjusted according to your actually size.Allow the harness to be donned while wearing mountaineering or ski boots, can easily adjust the size for different clothing
  • [Benefit]: Half body harness, traditional buckle, harness construction distributes pressure to keep you comfortable while climbing, which is perfect for mountaineering and rock climbing, outward band, fire rescue, working on the higher level, caving
  • [100% Guarantee Satisfaction]: We offer 100% Guarantee Satisfaction. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us before you return or leave something
  • climbing harness

  • Package Dimensions: 16.61 x 6.3 x 4.8 inches; 3.31 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: Eleven Guns
  • Type: climbing harness

NewDoar climbing harness

NewDoar climbing harness

  • [MATERIAL]:The half body harness is made of High strength polyester,Strong and Secure.CE 1282 EN353-1:2002, Harness Weight limited:230KG/ 507 lbs, Breaking strength 22KN.Tension:15KN, Impact force: 6KN.Weight:1.23Ib(560g)
  • [FIT]:climbing harness fits waist 20″to 48″(51cm-122cm);Leg 16″ to 31.5″(40cm-80cm). Easy to operate, wear and remove.
  • [COMFORTABLE DESIGN]:0.983lb(446g),Waist belt and leg loop are lineed with breathable mesh to ensure comfort in warm temperatures. Two steel Adjustable Wait and Leg buckles allow waist belt to be adjusted and secured in a single movement.
  • [TOOL RING]:There is 1 tool ring on the right side of the rock climbing harness , which makes it so easy to carry more climbing rope, chalk bag, belay device or other tree climbing gear rappelling gear. Two steel Adjustable Wait and Leg buckles allow waist belt to be adjusted and secured in a single movement.
  • [WIDE RANGE OF USES]: Perfecting for mountaineering, rappelling, tree climbing, indoor & outdoor climbing, rock climbing, outward band, fire rescue, arborist, working etc.
  • climbing harness

Most people reviews this proof. They also say this product is. The price is quite good. What found pros and cons on this type of product, but overall, it’s a supreme product and we are well recommended when you, however, want to know more details on this product. So read the reports of those who have already used it visit the product detail, link in description for an item you wish to buy tap.

Add to cart when you finished adding items to your cart, tap the shopping, cart icon. If you need to edit the items in your cart, tap, save for later or delete next to the item in the cart, tap proceed to checkout and follow the on-screen instructions, review your order information and have place your order to complete your purchase. You’ll see an order.

Confirmation screen when your purchase has been completed purchase has been completed. You.


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