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  Cabela's Northern Flight No-Hassle Decoy Rigging Anchor System
Cabela's Northern Flight® No-Hassle PVC Cord RedHead Braided Decoy Line Mojo Outdoors® Texas Rigs Parker Coatings UVision™ Decoy Paint Kits Cabela's Northern Flight Keel Hook Stretch Cords Higdon Outdoors Nylon Non-Tangle Decoy Line
 Cabela's Northern Flight No-Hassle Decoy Rigging Anchor SystemRedhead® Egg Decoy WeightsCabela's Northern Flight® No-Hassle PVC CordRedHead Braided Decoy LineMojo Outdoors® Texas RigsParker Coatings UVision™ Decoy Paint KitsCabela's Northern Flight Keel Hook Stretch CordsHigdon Outdoors Nylon Non-Tangle Decoy Line

Cabela's Northern Flight No-Hassle Decoy Rigging Anchor System

  • Easy to set up
  • 12 pre-rigged lines
  • Easy to bag for storage
  • Setup, retrieve and store your decoys quickly and easily with the Cabela's Northern Flight No-Hassle Decoy Rigging Anchor System. Kit includes 12 pre-rigged lines. Just connect the Lock Snaps to your decoy keels, bundle all of the line loops onto the carabiner and bag your decoys.
    Available: 4 oz., 36"; 6 oz, 48".

    Hi Justin with Bass Pro Shops. Iwanted to show you the redhead no hassle decoy rigging anchor system the perfect rigging system for your set of decoys. This fall with this system. You can set up retrieve. And store your decoys fast. And easily no more struggling to pull them in at the end of the hunt just connect the lock snaps to your decoy Kiel's bundle them on to the carabiner. And toss them in the bag. It comes with 12 rejigged lines they're perfect for use with our reality series battle zone decoys the red head no hassle decoy rigging anchor system get. It today at Bass Pro Shops.

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    Redhead® Egg Decoy Weights

  • Sliding egg weights for custom duck decoy rigs
  • Great size and shape for Texas-style anchor rigs
  • Egg-shaped weights are less prone to tangling
  • Great choice for ponds and other shallow-water hunting setups
  • Set up your high-performance duck decoy rigs at home with Redhead's Egg Decoy Weights. A great shape and the right size for custom rigs, these weights make a great anchor for any Texas rig. Weights feature a large 3/16" hole so you can use the line of your choice. Egg shape helps rigs avoid tangles better than pyramid or mushroom-shaped weights, making them great for shallow water use. 12-pack.
    Sizes: 4 oz., 6oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Cabela's Northern Flight® No-Hassle PVC Cord

  • Trustworthy PVC decoy cord for long-lasting duck-decoy rigs
  • Tangle-free and stretch-resistant
  • Strong 3mm diameter
  • Build duck-decoy rigs you can trust with our Northern Flight No-Hassle PVC Cord. This tangle-free and stretch-resistant clear PVC cord delivers the long-lasting performance you want for easy rigging and storage. Strong 3mm diameter.
    Available: 100 ft., 300 ft.

    On this week's care of. You we're going to be going over the cabala's northern flight dog pit dog blind. And as you can see. This stands about knee height for me it's a real small compact dog blind plenty of space for your dog but also has. That lower profile that. We like in a dog blind double straps throughout made. Us 600 denier fabric that's going to keep your dog nice and dry. And it's also a tough material super easy to break down put a put back up folds down flat for storage. And carrying in it comes with a shoulder strap on the back. You can hike it in. And what's also nice is. You have a door on either side obviously. You got your front for the dog to come in. And out on the back there're buckles. That you can also open up for your dog just to come in through the back. If you want to but a great dog blind to have out in the field so. If you're in the market for a new dog blind header. Or Cabala's comm check out the Cabala's northern flight dog pit dog line.

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    RedHead Braided Decoy Line

  • 50-lb.-test braided line
  • Built tough to withstand harsh waterfowl conditions
  • Won't rot or float
  • Designed for reliable use again and again
  • Engineered tough for serious waterfowl hunters who take on any waters, the RedHead Braided Decoy Line has the durability you can rely on again and again. Unlike ordinary decoy lines, this 50-lb.-test braided line won't rot or float.
    Available: 200 ft., 500 ft.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Mojo Outdoors® Texas Rigs

  • 2-oz. weights with 36” rigs
  • 400-lb. dark monofilament
  • Tangle-free during transport
  • Eliminate the frustration of dealing with decoys by using the Mojo Outdoors Texas Rig. Easy to install, Texas Rigs are easy to put out and take up, plus tangle-free during transport and storage. The Mojo rigs use lighter 2-oz. weights with 36” rigs for hunting in low-wind areas. Rigs use 400-lb. dark monofilament, stainless steel crimps, heavy-duty swivels and loop correctly at the surface. Includes a carabiner for easy transport. Per 6.

    Okay I bought this mojo til there's a link down below. It was a pretty good deal. It comes with decoding a body with motor 3 PC support three-piece supported whole two wings feet double a battery holders. And I got to get some delays. And then I have this v12 monster remote control I've given a bunch of these out on my duck hunters page I'll put. That down on the lake too. And show a bunch of my buddies but. Ididn't have a mojo myself so. Icouldn't try it out but it's supposed to make an on remote mojo a mojo, so I'm gonna, so I'm gonna take. This out show you what I got see. If we can get it working and then make. Another video and I'll put the link up there. If it's if you're watching the day. This video came out you'll have to wait till tomorrow other. Than that the link is up there. And we'll see if this remote works too. And I can hook you up with. These guys if you're interested 12v monster com so let. Me get my knife and. Some batteries I'll be right back so. Igot my favorite knife my duck hunter. One from John the Schrade got a couple batteries.

    This sucker is sharp let's turn to the side for now congratulations on your purchase Oh stickers barrel stickers maybe I'll put them somewhere purchase your mojo teal with super fast wings a new concept in duck hunting twice as fast as the typical ok. All you need install the wings by attaching the magnetic wings to the magnetic adapter on the motor insert the plastic bead on the bottom of the side of the decoy my friends are always missing their feet assemble the three-piece support pole insert the mounting pig but hablaba free DVD. What 3dv looks like Oh looks like a dove. Or a pigeon from the top just pay the shipping and handling no thanks ok well it's pretty small but Eli small will put.

    That in my gun safe. This is the battery well--there's on. And off there's the battery part. That looks pretty easy slap the batteries in there. Iget these northern two on a hydraulic. You can get no northern two. And hydraulic batteries. You can get like 40 of them for four bucks. Ishould send salty bunch of foaming let him run his tests. Because they work pretty good. Idon't know maybe all right so. Igot that all the right way close. That up oh yeah she's running well. It looks like there's an extra. One I see feet go like theirs so. They push him pretty hard it's like. You make the hole that's wrong you're definitely it's like a plastic but it's not big enough. And then this thing has like ribs on. It but that's in so. Even though these feet break off. All the time they kind of design. This I mean you don't want to take those out. Now would you just putting them in for the.

    You know the reveals. Ican't I got to put them in but. Ididn't want to put them in. All right let's see. You do it because. Now you know I don't want to take them off. And run them so this. All right it's got like a little set screw there okay. And on this side set screw so. It has it on the in. It clicks in with the magnet oh yeah that's really good. Ilike it and it's small that's the. One thing I like about. It I think I might. Even be able to fit. This into my blind bag I'm going to think of. Something and I'll do a video on. It how to save these guys cuz I've. Even looked into you know making those feet. Because they are undermined they're impossible to find so there. You go yeah that clips on. And off there and so. You could easily switch out the batteries in the field must chew up the batteries the rechargeable.

    One probably would have been better but. This one was pretty cheap so. Now I'm going to try to figure out. How to make it a remote. One that sounds cool huh figure out. How to do this and that'll be in my next video which. Isaid is up there hopefully. This answers all your questions. If you have any other questions comments concerns go ahead. And put them in the comments below thanks for watching.

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    Parker Coatings UVision™ Decoy Paint Kits

  • Keep goose and mallard decoys looking lifelike and brand-new
  • Patch and fill cracks, checks and damage from shot and pellets
  • Includes a step-by-step instruction sheet
  • Refresh the appearance of your goose and mallard decoys to keep them looking lifelike and brand-new with Parker Coatings' UVision Decoy Paint Kit. Perfect for patching and filling cracks, checks and shot/pellet damage. Prepare decoy surfaces by sanding and cleaning to remove dirt, loose paint and other debris. Prime with decoy body color before painting. Included instruction sheet provides a detailed diagram of the duck/goose to be painted. Mallard kit will paint approximately 24 decoys and the goose kit will paint approximately 12 decoys. 
    Available: Canada Goose Kit, Mallard Kit.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Cabela's Northern Flight Keel Hook Stretch Cords

  • 12 pack of keel hook stretch cords
  • Tough and flexible rubber construction
  • Keeps decoy cord wrapped tightly around keel between uses
  • Helps protect decoy finish in storage
  • Put an end to slipped anchor weights and tangled cords with Cabela's Northern Flight Keel Hook Stretch Cords. Designed to help protect the finish of your floating goose or duck decoys during storage, these easy-to-use rubber cords stretch to maintain tension on the decoy line wrapped tightly around your decoy's keel. Durable cords are made of highly durable, yet flexible rubber to withstand the harshest conditions imaginable. Per 12.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Higdon Outdoors Nylon Non-Tangle Decoy Line

  • Tangle-free performance
  • Customizable and strong
  • 100% nylon for seasons of use
  • Throw 'em in and pick 'em up with ease. Set your floaters up with Higdon Outdoors' Nylon Non-Tangle Decoy Line for tangle-free performance. Customizable and strong line is made of 100% nylon for seasons of use.
    Available: 100 ft., 500 ft.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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