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  Bass Pro Shops® XPS® Boss Glide Swimbait Bass Pro Shops® XPS® Crazy Bug Storm® Live Kickin' Shad Storm® FlatStick Jointed SPRO BBZ-1 Baby Shad Bass Pro Shops® XPS® Z9R Mini Swimbaits Cabela's RealImage® HDS Entice Minnow LIVETARGET® Herring Swimbait
 Bass Pro Shops® XPS® Boss Glide SwimbaitBass Pro Shops® XPS® Crazy BugStorm® Live Kickin' ShadStorm® FlatStick JointedSPRO BBZ-1 Baby ShadBass Pro Shops® XPS® Z9R Mini SwimbaitsCabela's RealImage® HDS Entice MinnowLIVETARGET® Herring Swimbait
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Sizes--4-3/4”, 6-1/4”, 6-1/2”.4-1/2", 5", 5-1/2".3", 1/8 oz., 4", 7/16 oz.-3", 1/4 oz.; 4" 1/2 oz.,  5", 7/8 oz., 6", 1-3/8 oz.-

Bass Pro Shops® XPS® Boss Glide Swimbait

  • Deadly on bass, pike, and muskies
  • Gliding swimbait with ultra-lifelike action
  • Side-to-side searching action on a slow retrieve
  • Can be popped and twitched for darting moves
  • Realistic 3D texture and finish
  • Larger bass, pike, and muskies often prefer a larger meal. Invite them to dinner by sending out Bass Pro Shops' XPS Boss Glide Swimbait. This slow-sinking, smooth-swimming lure specifically targets big fish as it glides along, searching side-to-side on a straight retrieve. For more urgent presentations, a few rod pops and twitches will make the Boss Glide dart erratically, much like a baitfish in trouble, then glide to a rest. Its 3D texture and finish, drawn from nature, look incredibly realistic in the water. Equipped with premium black-nickel hooks, including a T-shaped belly hook that rides tight to the body without nicking the finish.
    Sizes: 4-3/4”, 6-1/4”, 6-1/2”.
    Colors: (825)Threadfin Shad, (828)Rainbow Trout, (829)Hitch, (831)XXX Shad.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Bass Pro Shops® XPS® Crazy Bug

  • Highly-realistic crawfish-bodied crankbait
  • Resembles the motion of living crawdads
  • Integral silicone strands give it realism
  • Natural colors for matching the hatch
  • The Bass Pro Shops XPS Crazy Bug features a unique and highly-realistic crawfish body modeled on the actual crustaceans that bass love to feed on. The tight, scooting wiggle at 7'-8' depth closely resembles the motion of living crawdads, and the integral silicone strands give it more realism than any other hard-bodied crawfish imitation on the market! Our wide range of natural colors allow you to match the crawfish species native to your region, assuring your success even on a tough bite. Great for largemouth, smallmouth, and even walleye. Two #4 black nickel trebles.
    Size: 2-3/8”.
    Colors: (905)Chart Green Craw, (906)Natural Green Craw, (907)Ghost Brown Craw, (908)Ghost Green Craw, (909)Natural Brown Craw, (910)Red Swap Craw, (911)Emerald Green Craw, (913)Ozark Craw, (912)Devil Craw, (914)Red River Craw, (915)Melon Craw, (916)Election Red Craw, (917)Burnt Orange Craw.  
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This is fish and gamer doing a review of the bass pro shops tournament series Rican bug there's a lot of detail on. This particular lure see there're eyes. That protrude here it has worked for us. One issue is the tail no. You can look closely. How those this vein here in the middle. That allows for a lot of movement in action unfortunately weakens the Talbot so there's been times. When things have been caught in vegetation like the tail. Or just hung up and it's broken off a little earlier. We would have anticipated so given the fact. That there's only six in the pack. We would like to have. More durability kind of shown on. This particular lore has worked but overall we're going to give it a rating of three out of five cause. You really what it would expected. More durability out of. It so that's our review. That is the bass pro shops. We can bug thanks so much buy.

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    Storm® Live Kickin' Shad

  • Swims with a natural action
  • Segmented kicking-tail action
  • Rigged with a black-nickel VMC hook
  • This soft-body, lipless bait swims with a natural, tantalizing action that's irresistible. It has a lifelike, segmented kicking-tail action combined with a durable soft-body, holographic insert and Wildeye. Rigged with a black-nickel VMC® hook. Per each.
    Sizes: 3", 1/4 oz.; 4" 1/2 oz.,  5", 7/8 oz., 6", 1-3/8 oz.
    Colors: (002)Blue Gill, (019)Yellow Perch, (935)Bleeding Roach, (939)Chartreuse Shad, (942)Pearl Shad.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Ilike to introduce. You to the live kick. And shad from storm. This is an ultra realistic soft bait. You can see it's got the classic shad profile. These segments in the tail section here. It enables it to have an ultra realistic bait fish swim bait type action in the water you've got soft plastic body got a hard insert. And you've got your great VMC hooks. And here fish is low up relatively simple on a straight retrieve segmented body is going to give. You a really naturalistic action it's going to look like a little fish in the water. You can stop pause and a little will slowly sink down cups like a bait fish that's been hit. Or wounded and it's slowly sinking down. Any predators around will see. That they'll respond to. It they'll attack, and they'll get hooked after you've paused. It for long enough and recommence.

    You retrieve it'll kick straight back into. That classic swim bait action the pulsing tail the flash inherent in the lures body will be sending out light vibrations through the water. It pauses it again rather slowly sink. And track the action for any predatory fish until. You finished your retrieve very effective technique for many predatory species storms leave kick. And shad anything more realistic is an actual fish you.

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    Storm® FlatStick Jointed

    With its jointed body and open mouth, this FlatStick crankbait screams for attention underwater. The 3-D holographic eyes, external scales and classic and UV bright finishes strengthen its visibility, plus the loud, deep rattle the jointed body and multiball construction produce is just what freshwater predators want to hear. Each lure has a premium black nickel VMC® treble hook on the tail and belly. Weighted mouth brings bait down to run at 1-1/2 to 8 feet deep. Per each.
    Size: 6-1/4", 1-3/4" oz.
    Colors: (654)Mossy Orange Fire UV, (653)Pink Fire UV.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You flat stick jointed there's not much. More realistic than a segmented lure. It comes to imitating the real thing and the flat stick jointed is no exception the design represents the primary motto at the storm factory think like a fish. And that's exactly what we did the flat stick joint. It features a unique swimming lip. That stops the lure dead in its tracks. When the angler pauses the retrieve in addition to. This instant stock the Leo produces a short rocking motion on the spot much like a shocked bait fish. It realizes there is no escape. When in motion the flat stick jointed creates an extremely strong kicking and wobbling action due to its deep flat sides combined. This with a noisy internal rattle. You have the ideal yer. When a slow presentation is required our pro tip slow presentation is key. It comes to jointed lures so fish it's slow. And take advantage of the flat stick joint its distinctive shock stop diving lip allowing it to sit stationary for short periods at a time the large sides Amit masses a flash during this stop-and-go method.

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    SPRO BBZ-1 Baby Shad

    Use as a finesse swimbait to entice a multitude of game fish. With an inviting shad profile, shimmering tail, and a small profile, this bait offers a new approach to finicky fish. Equipped with a strong, premium No. 8 Gamakatsu treble hook. 1-ft.-per-second fall rate. Per each.
    Size: 2-1/2", 1/4-oz.
    Specify color: (001)Killer Gill, (002)Sexy Lavender, (003)Rainbow Trout, (004)Silver Fish, (005)Natural Shad, (006)Blue Back Herring, (007)Wicked Perch.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    let's check out the new 4-inch bbz. One shat by SPRO from telling you guys. This is no different. Than throwing an 8-inch BBC. One there's a sharp edge. That drops into 30 foot of water up. This point I'm gonna use my fast sinking vbz. And count it down for 30 seconds. It hits the bottom to a directional change. And work it rights up. That Ridge these are the bait should meet catch those quality fish bbc1 forage don't overthink. These baits very simplistic to use. You just want a chunky wine but there's so much built in. These baits you want to get high-tech be trolling long line. You know fishing like a cycle doesn't matter. You fish catch fish man that's gonna catch every (fish) to swim We have the floater a slow sink. That drops approximately 1 foot every 4 seconds with 15 pound fluorocarbon. And then we got the fasting drop to 1 foot per second nicely bass Democrats.

    He begets more room Oh trust. Me take a bath sink babies. Once throw it out off the breakpoints three channels 11 golf bottom just rip. You know smoking a jig. Or a big spoon I'm telling you. Most realistic fake fish. Or a lure you can ever do. And the techniques are accruing that's a nice look fat that's go to WWE my nubby bc1 products.

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    Bass Pro Shops® XPS® Z9R Mini Swimbaits

  • Loaded with high-quality components for top performance
  • Unique bristle-style fin and tail create a lifelike look, feel, and action
  • Topped off by a premium finish for bass-baiting realism
  • Get hooked on the realistic swimming action of the Z9R Mini. Bass Pro Shops' XPS Z9R Mini Swimbaits are loaded with high-quality components for peak performance in the water, all topped off by a premium finish for bass-baiting realism. Unique bristle-style fin and tail create a lifelike look, feel, and action. Per each.
    Size: 4", 7/16 oz.
    Colors: (001)Bluegill, (002)Shad, (003)Green Gizzard Shad, (004)Baby Bass.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Cabela's RealImage® HDS Entice Minnow

  • Minnow profile with realistic swimming action
  • Lifelike HDS finish
  • Quality Matzuo hooks
  • Proven minnow profile with a realistic swimming action merged with a lifelike HDS finish is a combination fish can't pass up. Swims slowly while the lip design keeps it from rising to the surface. Runs at 2-4 ft. on the retrieve. Equipped with quality Matzuo® hooks. Per each.
    Sizes: 3", 1/8 oz., 4", 7/16 oz.
    Colors: (009)Rainbow Trout, (021)Chrome Shiner, (043)Perch, (222)Alewife, (223)Chrome Alewife, (445)Chrome Perch, (503)Golden Shiner.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    LIVETARGET® Herring Swimbait

  • Mimics an important baitfish in select waters
  • Incredibly realistic detail
  • Anatomically correct
  • Casts long and has a medium-slow sink rate
  • Deadly in open water
  • Blueback Herring comprise an important food source for big bass and stripers in some waters, but it's a tough bite to tap into. The LIVETARGET Herring Swimbait changes that, giving you a dead-on imitation that far exceeds anything out there in terms of realism. Not only does this anatomically correct swimbait look like it came out of a baitwell, but it also casts long and has a medium-slow sink rate, allowing you to cover lots of ground whenever that open water bite kicks in. Per each.
    Sizes: 4-1/2", 5", 5-1/2".
    Color: (526)Blue/Black.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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