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  Evolved® Habitats Dirt Bag Attractant Tink's® Big Game Butter Wildgame Innovations Apple Crush Mix Evolved Habitats Rack-Up Moultrie® Tusk Taker® Liquid Attractants Evolved Habitats Hog Wild Pig Punch Tinks'® Boost73™ Attractant Primos® Pork Chop Pig Attractant
 Evolved® Habitats Dirt Bag AttractantTink's® Big Game ButterWildgame Innovations Apple Crush MixEvolved Habitats Rack-UpMoultrie® Tusk Taker® Liquid AttractantsEvolved Habitats Hog Wild Pig PunchTinks'® Boost73™ AttractantPrimos® Pork Chop Pig Attractant
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Available5-lb. bag, 4-lb. block.-5-lb. bag.Apple (not shown), Peanut.--Sweet Corn, Green Apple.-
BrandEVOLVED HABITATSPrimosWildgame InnovationsBig Game ButterEvolved HabitatsEvolved HabitatsMOULTRIETink's

Evolved® Habitats Dirt Bag Attractant

  • UV coating is more visible to deer
  • Sweet-smelling dried molasses
  • Appeals to deer's eyes and nose
  • The Dirt Bag Attractant from Evolved Habitats looks like ordinary dirt to the human eye, but the UV GLO-Cote gives off a blue hue to deer, giving them a better chance to see the attractant if they approach upwind. Dried-molasses formula appeals to their keen sense of smell as well as their taste buds, ensuring you see more deer.
    Available: 5-lb. bag, 4-lb. block.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Tink's® Big Game Butter

  • Perfect for year-round use
  • Brings deer in and keeps them coming back
  • Rain and mold-resistant design
  • Don't just attract big game, keep them coming back with Big Game Butter from Tink's. Perfect for use around scouting cameras or treestand locations, the specially formulated nutrition profile features 22% protein and 44% fat to help supplement animals' diets. Rain and mold-resistant design makes for better longevity. 8-lb. bucket.
    Available: Apple (not shown), Peanut.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Wildgame Innovations Apple Crush Mix

    Wildgame Innovations Apple Crush Mix is the ideal blend of sliced, dried and crushed apples mixed with an irresistibly sweet blend of proteins and fats that draw game animals from a distance.
    Available: 5-lb. bag.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Evolved Habitats Rack-Up

    Start growing bigger racks in your local herd. This blend of calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and other minerals is irresistible to deer.
    Weight: 6 lbs.

    Vault habitats presents. All wild evolved habitats hog-wild attracting is loaded with the natural. And artificial berry flavors along with the molasses. And minerals that hog simply can't resist. Whether you're chopping them. Or hunting them all go out is your ticket to attracting simply apply hog wild to the ground in. Any area known to hold hogs. Once hogs find the hog wild. They will root dig and Waller. While destroying the file offering you. That perfect opportunity to make a shot hog wild can be mixed with feed. Or grains to enhance consumption no matter the beast they're. All looking to feast pick up hog wild today hog wild by evolved habitats.

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    Moultrie® Tusk Taker® Liquid Attractants

  • Proven Moultrie attractant with leading performance
  • Extra-sweet smell draws hogs in from miles away
  • Proven irresistible to hogs
  • Thick, sticky formula penetrates soil, keeping hogs coming back 
  • Ideal for setting up new attractant sites or to freshen up existing sites
  • Wild hogs make their living using their nose. Nothing will draw them in faster than the sweet smell of Moultrie Tusk Taker Liquid Attractants. These unique hog attractants have a sweet, potent smell, and its thick, sticky liquid will last for a long time. Apply Moultrie Tusk Taker Liquid Attractant in several convenient ways. You can pour it into wallows, on the ground, on a rotten stump, and even onto feed. The powerful aroma of Tusk Taker makes it ideal for setting up new feed sites. Drive hogs wild and keep them coming back to your stand with Tusk Taker. 1 gallon.
    Available: Sweet Corn, Green Apple.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Evolved Habitats Hog Wild Pig Punch

  • Draws wild hogs in close
  • Powerful long-range scents
  • Ultraviolet additive produces a neon glow visible to animals
  • Through a combination of powerful long-range scents, patented Glo-Cote™ UV enhancement technology and delicious, irresistible flavors, Evolved Habitats' Hog Wild Pig Punch draws hungry hogs in close. Glo-Cote, an ultraviolet additive, emits a 360° neon-blue glow that's visible to animals, grabbing their attention and bringing them in. Per each.
    40 oz.

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    Tinks'® Boost73™ Attractant

  • Irresistible flavor provides maximum attraction
  • Enzymes boost digestion of 13 key minerals and nutrients
  • Provides 60 natural minerals for a healthy herd and antler growth
  • Tink's Boost 73 Attractant enhances your food plot by providing deer with the nutrients and minerals necessary for maximum antler expression and herd health. It incorporates enzymes that help deer digest more efficiently and extract more nutrients and minerals from their natural forage. It provides sixty natural minerals and enzymes that boost digestion on 13 critical nutrients, even when deer are eating other food sources.
    4.8-lb. jug.
    Flavors: Fall Acorn, Crsip Apple, Sweet Corn.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Whither man who hunt. And fish scout look withered. Everybody Josh Dahlke here from Scout look. If you're a deer hunter. And you've ever used attractants. You know they can be a great tool for stopping a deer. It comes to getting a shot. Or getting a trail camera image. This year tinks has added a couple new flavors to their hot shot line of attractants. And Terry roms are going to tell. Is a little bit about. This technology and the new flavors right. Now the tinks hot shots is. What we call it our baggie. And cans system as you can see. This is what's different about them. Than aerosols the lure actually goes inside the bag. That surround with compressed air so you're getting 100% pure product with no propellant mixed with. You get 100% almost 100% evacuation of the product no spitting sputtering very quiet. And our heart shot line covers a little bit about. Everything you know glazed doughnuts the bear hunters out there. We got the power moose for moose hunters for stink 69 number. One dopey trophy buck. We got them all coverage so it's a little bit.

    Everything out there for you as well. This year we got persimmon which is used for early season hunting and turnip greens for late season. These can be used on a game trail on a deer trail from a tree stand. You want to learn more about Andy's products just go to our website at thanks comm Whizzer man whose huntin fish Scout Aquila like.

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    Primos® Pork Chop Pig Attractant

    Attract pigs to your stand with this 4-lb. bag of Primos Pork Chop Pig attractant. Simply pour it on the ground and the pigs will eventually create a long-lasting wallow there.

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