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  IDENTILOCK™ Hornady® RAPid® Safe Liberty HD-225 Provault Sentry® Safe XL Pistol Safe Hornady® RAPiD® Vehicle Safe Stack-On Single Portable Case with Combo Lock Stack-On Quick Access Safe Liberty HDX A/C Adapter Liberty HDX-250 Bronze Smart Vault with HD-50 Key Vault
  IDENTILOCK™ Hornady® RAPid® Safe Liberty HD-225 Provault Sentry® Safe XL Pistol Safe Hornady® RAPiD® Vehicle Safe Stack-On Single Portable Case with Combo Lock Stack-On Quick Access Safe Liberty HDX A/C Adapter Liberty HDX-250 Bronze Smart Vault with HD-50 Key Vault
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Brand Liberty Liberty Stack-On Stack-On Sentinl Hornady Liberty Sentry Hornady


  • Instantly opens with the touch of your fingerprint
  • Technology identifies your fingerprint in about 300 milliseconds
  • Identifies up to three different authorization fingerprints
  • About the same size as a wallet and it weighs less than 12 oz.
  • Your world will be a little safer and access to your firearm will be faster with Sentinl's IDENTILOCK – the quick access trigger lock that opens with the touch of your fingerprint. Boasting the industry's fastest fingerprint identification technology, IDENTILOCK recognizes your fingerprint in about 300 milliseconds, which is as fast as the blink of an eye. It even identifies up to three different authorization fingerprints, or you can unlock it using the mechanical key override. Compact design is about the same size as a wallet and it weighs less than 12 oz. Built-in USB port lets you charge its rechargeable battery.
    Available: S&W Shield 9mm/.40, 1911, S&W M&P 9mm/SDS9, Glock 17/20, SIG 226/229.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Hornady® RAPid® Safe

  • Instant access via RFID wristband, sticker or key fob
  • Spring-loaded lid opens when RFID tag is held near
  • Programmable keypad for manual access
  • Thick 14-gauge steel construction
  • Exceeds ASTM standards for child and pry resistance
  • Secure your handgun in Hornady's KP RAPid Safe while still having instant access via key RFID wristband, key fob, sticker or programmable keypad. Fast, dependable touch-free safe entry instantly opens the spring-loaded lid when an RFID tag is held over the sensor. Program up to five RFID wristbands, key fobs or stickers for access. Unique stickers can be placed on a cell phone, lipstick, pocketknife or anything else that you carry with you. You can also program a four- to six-digit security code into the keypad for manual entry. Certified child-resistant safe exceeds ASTM standards for child and pry resistance, lock strength and hinge-attack resistance. Thick 14-gauge steel construction. Powered by 12-volt AC wall adapter or four AA batteries (not included) to protect your firearm and ensure access 24/7. Includes: safe, AC wall-outlet power supply, RFiD wristband, two stickers and key fob, two circular keys and security cable.
    • 2600KP Large – External: 2.9"H x 10.7"W x 8.7"D. Internal: 2.2"H x 7"W x 7.7"D. Wt: 8 lbs.
    • 2700KP Extra Large – External: 2.9"H x 12.7"W x 8.7"D. Internal: 2.2"H x 9"W x 7.7"D. Wt: 9 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The rapid 8ar gun locker provides convenient and dependable security for. Up to two carbine length firearms many people prefer to use long guns for personal offense the hornady rapid save ar gun locker provides the storage of. One or two firearms under a bed in a. Closet in the trunk of a car and yet with rfid technology you still have instant access to those firearms the rapid safe ar gun locker can be opened. With a four to six digit security code but for those moments when you need quick access to your firearms you can use the rfid decal wristband or key fob. All one of these security products are designed to the highest standards the ar. Gun locker is designed to exceed astm. 24:56 child-resistant firearm storage device requirements as well as california doj firearm storage device the exterior housing is made of 16 gauge. Steel with for internal hardened locking. Lugs the included cable and redrilled mounting holes allow the gun locker to be secured in a set location either. Horizontally or vertically the rapid safe ar gun locker is a versatile and. Secure firearm storage device safe. Secure and always wrap it.

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    Liberty HD-225 Provault

  • Biometric lock programmable with 10 sets of fingerprints
  • Quick, reliable auto-opening feature
  • Perfect size for bedside use
  • Accommodates most handguns
  • Liberty's HD-225 ProVault uses a biometric lock that only opens to your unique fingerprint, ensuring an incredibly high level of security. Quick, reliable access makes it ideal for keeping your personal defense items locked up on the nightstand in easy reach if it's ever needed. Can be programmed to read up to 10 fingerprints so trustworthy people can access the contents. Includes a backup key. Manufacturer's limited five-year warranty.
    External: 6"H x 11.5"W x 12.5"D.
    Internal: 2.75"H x 9.75"W x 11"D.
    Wt: 14.5 lbs.

    All right everybody can you believe it's in the lambo already it's a middle of november time flies anyway just a quick little. About little safe i was forced to buy i. Was driving to new Hampshire i realized i still had my edc gun on me and i had to cross the Massachusetts so. A little stop at cabala's and wound up. By bees this one instead of just a cheap. $50 lockbox i figure this is something. That can mount in my truck mounted my house believe it was $$139129 so it was. It seemed like a good value. The dimensions are 5.4 by twelve. Point four by eight point five so it's a fairly large battery backup it's battery. Operated with a key backup spring-loaded padded interior he's my 365 it is my infinity as you can. Tell it fits my problem and my 365 fits. There so two guns one big one small to. Compact no issues you can put your. Valuables in their five digit. Code that you set up your program yourself it uses nine volt battery that's inside and it's redrilled with. A three mounting holes to be secured. Whatever you want so fairly good. Valid for the money in my opinion like i. Said I'll probably mount in my closet and i can put when i have a. Company i can just put my home defense gun in there so it's not lying around just a quick and dirty review liberty. Ht5 200 quid vault there's always the. Phone picture.

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    Sentry® Safe XL Pistol Safe

  • Generous interior boasts a two-pistol capacity
  • Quick-entry, zero-feedback electronic lock
  • Whisper-quiet compression gas strut opens door
  • High-intensity inner LED illuminates contents
  • Pry-resistant solid-steel construction
  • Perfect for home firearm storage, Sentry Safe's XL Pistol Safe gives you fast, silent and illuminated access to two pistols when you really need them. After you enter the combination into the quick-entry zero-feedback electronic lock, a whisper-quiet compression gas strut opens the door and holds it open. The programmable, high-intensity interior LED light illuminates the safe's contents so you won't have to fumble around in the dark. Its generous interior boasts a two-pistol capacity which can also store spare magazines. Pry-resistant solid-steel construction safeguards contents. Includes an override key for secondary access.  
    Exterior: 16.4"L x 9.8"W x 3.2"H.
    Interior: 14"L x 6.5"W x 2.2"H.
    Wt: 15.75 lbs.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey this is going to be an unboxing and a review of a new safe i got this is a. Single pistol safe by sentry safe it is. A model number qa p1e and it is a quick. Access pistol safe you can use it for. The things to your belongings but I'm. Going to be using it for a pistol and you can put a couple in here but it. Really is more practical i feel just have one in there because if. You put more than one gun in there they're gonna be clinking around in there so as you can see two will fit in. There pretty well let me clanking in. There if you have it mounted sideways and you really can't put anything else in their like magazines or anything so being a quick access pistol safe i just want one in their I'll be mounting it on a wall so I'll actually have the gun upside down like so and be ready to go. You know fully loaded ready for business. This made by a company called sentry. Safe i got a my local sporting goods stores $100 so it has the keys you can. Just use here you can just use it all. Day long as a regular safe for the key or of course you can use the number pads that so you saw me do you can program this any way you want to with a four or. Five or six digit code you tap it once. Make the back light up and then you put in your code, and we'll pop open. On its own got a little hydraulic thingy on the side here and right inside if you. Can see is a little battery pack this. Think pops up you have four double a. Batteries in there when you lift up the. Doublea's there is a button under there. And the double a's will still be plugged. In but you press and hold the button and. You see some flashing lights and then you're able to put in your new code and that's how you change the code you can change as much as you want the batteries does not reset the code and like i said you can do a four or five or six digit code there's no light. On the inside that would be a nice little plus but there is not got some real nice padding in there so you're not. Scratching up your guns and this is on all six sides that the padding is in there as you can probably see there are two holes so you can put in your lag. Bolts to bolt it down to whatever you want to bolt it down to they do come with it when you purchase it i will be. Screwing this on the studs so those two. Lag bolts will be fine for what i need. It for to hold it in place very durably. Now these two holes are not you know. Sixteen inches apart they're only about. Seven inches apart so there're no studs. That are seven inches apart so i did. Have to cut out from drywall and. Actually screw in this new 2x4 in there. Across why is it in order to have it bolted down and i have since replace the. Drywall mudded it back in so i can mount this on their so kind of bummer i have to go back and paint that later but at least it'll be given a very durable mount this thing is really cool it's. Really tight the way it's closed so you. Can't really get a screwdriver in there it's a fairly strong gauge it could be. Stronger but it's pretty hard to get something in there to pry this open so. If you have like big enough hammer big. Enough crowbar or some persistence you. Will be able to break into it just like most pistol safes this size but this is certainly gonna be the deterrent and be. Very hard to rip off the wall and that. Was kind of the goal I'm looking for i want to be able to keep children from. Going into my room and accessing a loaded firearm that is an important value in my house in this fulfills that need so it does have some cool functions. To it like i said simplicity is kind of the strongest point about it if you get. This wrong the password wrong three times this will link to a red light for. Two minutes and lock you out of being able to try and get into it so you got to get into the first three times or you got away two minutes the keys are always a backup you can. Always open this even if the red lights. Blinking if you forgot the password. Whatever you can still use your keys to open it so it's a good idea to hide these keys, so they're not able to be accessed by someone you don't want it to the instructions clearly say do not lock. The keys in the safe i thought that was pretty funny that i said that I'm sure somebody has actually done that though the whole length of this thing is about 14 inches 12 inches correction. Correction so it doesn't really fit between studs tightly if you want to. Like you know hide it in the wall it does have grooves on the side that you can put in you know like a 2x4 on each. Side and use this groove to kind of. Clamp it in there if you will and you can put it between two studs i won't be. Doing that this would just be going on the outside of the wall the way I'm gonna be mounting it will be upside-down so it's kind of kind of bummer because it. Makes these letters upside down I'll either just leave it that way or I'll put a sticker over the top of it but it. Does work upside-down even though the instructions say not intended to be mounted vertically but it will work fine. So the pistol will be upside down and i. Tried it even when you open and close it the gun does not fall out and that's. What i wanted when i purchase this so. It's a quick access and late at night if i need to access it so a great safe if. You guys are looking for a good pistol sight that's quick to access secure has. The buttons or key this is a really. Good one it doesn't have a lot of extra things that can go wrong and that i. Really appreciated about the safe so I'm very happy with the safe so far the only thing i would change is probably not. Have the letters on the outside here because it's going to be upside down i probably make the safe made to be open. On a vertical mounting surface that's. What I'm gonna be using it for i would. Like to see a back light on the inside even if it's very dim just something that when you. Pop it open you have a little bit a light inside there where you can see what you're grabbing and the last thing. I probably add is these buttons you. Really have to push them deliberately when you push the button the light will. Light up here and if you press it too. Too lightly it won't activate of course. It won't work so you have to watch make. Sure this lights up every time you push a button and sometimes i accidentally blocked with my hand so I'm pushing buns i can't see the light then end up locking myself out so I'd make these a. Little bit more distinct let's go give. It a tribal man around the wall all. Right so here's our mounting area we're gonna mount it right here on the wall i did have to cut this part out like i. Mentioned earlier to put a nailer in there 2x4 nailer in there so okay let's. Give it a function check i got a nice and level with my handy level as i put it'll be here to stay opens up nice and quick and quiet I'm. Ready to go at a moment's notice and you. Also still have your key if you forget. Your code or anything easy to open that. Way as well there goes be a permanent. Addition to my bedroom okay something goes bump in the night I'll be ready to go if you're looking for something well priced super durable but really simple. You know not a lot can go wrong this is a great safe get the century safe and pick one up and whether you mount it vertical or horizontal think it'll serve you well i appreciate you watching we'll see you next time.

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    Hornady® RAPiD® Vehicle Safe

  • Store a handgun in your vehicle for self-defense
  • Fast, reliable RFID-activation
  • Backup security-code access on keypad or use keys
  • Inflatable bladder mounting system customizes for installation
  • Thick 14-gauge steel housing with two internal hardened locking lugs
  • Make your safety a priority in any vehicle. The Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Safe stores your handgun for self-defense at a moment's notice. Fast, reliable RFID-activation using the included wristband, stickers or key fob instantly opens the spring-assisted lid for easy touch-free entry. Up to five RFID tags can be programmed at once. You can also program a four- to six-digit security code on the keypad or use the provided barrel keys for secondary access. The inflatable bladder mounting system conforms to fit securely inside your vehicle without requiring any vehicle modifications. Use the included 12-volt car adapter or four AAA batteries (not included) to power the safe. Thick 14-gauge steel housing has two internal hardened locking lugs to prevent tampering. The safe exceeds ASTM international safety standards for child and pry resistance; lock strength; drop, pick and saw tests; and high-attack resistance. Secure to a car seat using the security cable. Includes RAPiD Safe, 12-volt car adapter, RFID wristband, two RFID stickers, RFID key fob, two circular barrel keys and security cable.
    Exterior: 12"L x 6.4"W x 2.2"H.
    Interior: 7.5"L x 5.6"W x 1.7"H.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The hornady rapid vehicles saved features fast and dependable touch free access to your firearm while in your. Vehicle the rfid wristband key fob or. Decal instantly opens the rapid vehicle. Safe for immediate access to your handgun the conventional key lock can also be used the included mounting system allows the safe to be secured without the need to modify your vehicle this patent-pending mounting system features an inflatable bladder that slides between the seat and center console securely positioning the safe in a ready position the vehicle safe is designed for vehicle application. Specifically it's designed to be mounted vertically near the center console or between the seats and it opens up there's a presenter in there so that the firearm actually presents as the lid opens for great easy access to it with an exterior housing made of 14 gauge. Steel and to internal hardened locking lugs the rapid vehicle safe exceeds astm. International safety standards for child. And pry resistance the vehicle safe is designed in the same astm standards as all of our other rapid saves which means it goes through the same prayut acts saw tax pole hinge attacks as all of our. Other rapid saves so that means it's certified for as a youth resistant firearm storage device the rapid vehicle safe from hornady ensures your handgun. Is always protected and ready to go wherever you go the hornady rapid. Vehicles saved features fast and dependable touch free access to your firearm while in your vehicle the.

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    Stack-On Single Portable Case with Combo Lock

  • Secure valuables and a small handgun while traveling
  • Compact size fits in a briefcase, luggage or under vehicle's seat
  • Steel cable ensures security when attached to any fixed object
  • Three-tumbler combination locking system for keyless access
  • Secure your wallet, passport, valuables and a small-frame handgun while traveling with Stack-On's Single Portable Case with Combo Lock. Slim-line design easily slips into a briefcase, under your vehicle's seat and in luggage for enhanced security. Steel construction with a foam-padded interior protects contents. 1,500-lb.-test steel cable ensures security when attached to any fixed object. Key-free access via the three-tumbler combination locking system.
    6.5"L x 9.5"W x 1.75"H.
    Color: Black.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Stack-On Quick Access Safe

  • Electronic keypad for fast access
  • Foam-padded interior protects contents
  • Keypad is backlit for easy use in the dark
  • Secure handguns and other valuables with the Quick-Access Safe from Stack-On. An electronic keypad with customizable three- to eight-digit combination lets you open the safe in the blink of an eye, yet keeps out unauthorized users. Backlit keypad for easy viewing in the dark. Foam-padded interior protects the finish of handguns, jewelry and other small items. Keypad beeps can be turned off for silent operation. Includes backup key. 8.25"H x 10"W x 12.25"D.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Everyone into weapons back again with you gonna do a product review on a little safe that we found at a local. Hardware store for around $80 my wife. Mandated that i find something to lock. Up our weapons before the end of december here as her daughter is now getting to the age where she can walk around and get into cabinets and other. Things of that nature our night stands where we keep our weapons, so we wanted. Something what we were able to quickly access our weapon if needed but get that safely locked away from our daughter so. She's not able to you know obviously. Access the weapon and shoot herself or somebody else so what we came up with as. There is a lot of different options out there is the stack-on quick access safe. It is a little bit cheaper than other models running about $80 where some of the better brands run about $100 for this size model but this one works. Pretty well it's got a three finger. Button combination as you can see there one two three it's got a red light a. Green light to tell you if you're accessing the safe with the correct pass code it will lock out after three. Times for five minutes if you do not enter it correctly it does have a backup key there and it does come up with two. Backup keys you're able to get into the. Safe without needing the pass code this way if you do lose both those keys it does come with a way for you to off mail. Into stack-on with the serial number of the safe down here and go ahead and. Get a replacement key sent in this isn't. Really meant in our family to utilize as. A safe for you know anti-theft reasons. Again this is mainly just to keep this. Safe from our daughter, so she's not able to access it so if you're looking for something to actually secure your weapons in an anti-theft manner i would. Definitely recommend something a little bit more heavy-duty than this while though this is all steel construction it. Is a pretty solid little unit the hinges along here seem to be pretty sturdy but I'm sure a crowbar or something else would get into this pretty quickly it does come with some mounting hardware where you're able to mount that to the ground or any other hard type surface, so they're not able just to kind of carry it away my intention is just to slip this under the bed and utilize it if necessary by sliding it out hitting the button combination and pulling out the weapon if needed so hopefully that won't. Come down to it and if anything my. Daughter pulls the cell from under the bed she won't be able to get into it now i did program just a easy combination here to use as an example of how the safe works as you can see there the motor lock does take a little bit whirl. Around and release that door but it does come down fairly quickly the door here is padded and as you can see it's got a. Pretty sturdy hinge there so it's not something that someone can just pull in and pry open I'm sure it would take a. Good amount of effort to get in there along the bottom it does have some waffle type padding for the gun. As well as on the left and right hand. Sides of the safe also along the top we. Have a battery compartment that runs off for double-a batteries which operates. The lock and the lock mechanism as well. As a reset button back there to program. Your pass code overall it's a pretty. Decent size it is small enough where i can slide underneath my bed and not have. To worry about it but still big enough. Where I'm able to maybe fit an additional smaller pistol in there as well with my full-sized smith and wesson m&p; nine-millimeter it does also come. With some instructions here that kind of. Run you through the operation you're able to record your combination and your serial number on there tells you how the indicators work it also goes through. Kind of the operation and the installing. Of the batteries over on this side we. Got the reset button and how to walk you through on how to get that programmed in. There sure this really isn't coming through on this focus very well but you. Get the idea just basic instructions etc overall pretty good unit for $80 guys. I'd probably recommend it you know if you're looking for something that's small enough to contain a regular sized. Pistol in a home defense type situation. Again not wanting to find something that's anti-theft as this won't do that. Trick so hope this helps guys if you have any questions feel free to let me know otherwise appreciate watching take care.

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    Liberty HDX A/C Adapter

  • Access your HDX-series vault in one second or less
  • Constant power means there's no wake-up time required
  • Use only with HDX-150 and -250 Smart series vaults
  • Access your HDX Smart vault more quickly with Liberty's HDX series specific A/C Adapter. With the adapter plugged into your unit, you're able to gain access to your safe's contents in one second or less – no wake-up time required. Comes standard with HDX-250 vault only.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Liberty HDX-250 Bronze Smart Vault with HD-50 Key Vault

  • Biometric finger swipe remembers fingerprints for simple entry
  • Tamper alert lets you know if someone has tried to break in
  • Anti-pry technology stops unauthorized entry
  • Heavy-duty steel mechanism and body
  • Includes HD-50 key vault – a $30 value
  • Ensure that you – and any others you choose – are the only ones that have access to your handgun with Liberty's HDX-250 Bronze Smart Vault with HD-50 Key Vault. Biometric finger swipe and auto-open door make the vault easy to open for those who have their fingerprint programmed, keeping all others out. Backup key lock comes in handy if you ever forget your combination. Tamper-alert light lets you know if anyone has tried to break in. Anti-pry technology, steel body and heavy-duty steel mechanism keep ill-intending parties at bay. Interior lights make contents easy to see in low light. Angled front opening makes accessing contents easy. Includes HD-50 key vault (a $30 value) and an AC power cord. Manufacturer's limited five-year warranty. Cabela's Exclusive bronze finish. Made in USA.
    7"H x 12"W x 11"D.
    Wt: 15.5 lbs.
    Color: Bronze.

    Okay now we're going to get on to the bigger boxes ups just dropped this off. Now i know what's in it actually it's. It's got very good ratings this is I'm. Getting scared but all this isis stuff you know what i. Want to do just to make sure that i got. Things right a little veil boy to me if. And when isis comes yeah how's that look. Hdx 250 smart vault made by liberty made. In the usa that's eventually when I'm. Out of this house I'm gonna get a big liberty safe and get rid of the junk. That i currently have this is one of those biometric or whatever they call. The five-year warranty fingerprint boom drop something it's got. Very good reviews its on ebay you get them as cheap as like two hundred and three dollars width shipping of about 17. Bucks or you can he's the most generally. You see them on amazon and everywhere from 229 to 239 with free shipping no. Tax amazon with drudge me tax though so i avoided that i went to ebay pay no tax. So it's something to think of if i open. It up later it looks pretty sealed and stuff i got to run across the street and do a little work than this rental real quick in the meantime it looks like a. Cool device look at the reviews everybody loves it and it's nice about. It doesn't come with a mounting plate but this one you could buy optional for about 25 bucks a metal mounting plate. Which you could secure to the ground or to the wall or something and then secure the box to it's like somebody can't just pick your box up and walk away with $2,000 pistol so something to think. About all right oh my bitch fell on the floor. What happened oh man i gotta go get her all right talk to you a bit.

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