The 9 Best Heaters & Fire Pits – Portable Heaters & Accessories reviews

Heater or fire pit are helpful things in cold weather conditions. They can warm you and prepare your meal. Portable gas-jet is essential when you are in nature, for example, hiking or climbing.

We have gathered 9 the best heaters, fire pits, and their spare parts so you can be more equipped for outdoor activity at any season. We included detailed descriptions and customer reviews in this post so you can compare and choose the best.

Top 9

Worthington Propane Portable Steel Cylinders Mr. Heater 5-Foot High-Pressure Propane Hose Assembly Mr. Heater Quick-Connect Hose Mr. Heater Buddy/Big Buddy™ Fuel Filter Mr. Heater 12' Hose/Regulator Assembly Mr. Heater Compact Propane Accessories Mr. Heater® Portable Buddy Propane Heater Carry Bag Mr. Heater Stay-A-While Assembly Mr. Heater® 500,000-BTU Handheld Propane Torch
Worthington Propane Portable Steel CylindersMr. Heater 5-Foot High-Pressure Propane Hose AssemblyMr. Heater Quick-Connect HoseMr. Heater Buddy/Big Buddy™ Fuel FilterMr. Heater 12' Hose/Regulator AssemblyMr. Heater Compact Propane AccessoriesMr. Heater® Portable Buddy Propane Heater Carry BagMr. Heater Stay-A-While AssemblyMr. Heater® 500,000-BTU Handheld Propane Torch
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Worthington Propane Portable Steel Cylinders

Cylinders have Overfill Prevention Device (OPD) and can be attached to any grill, stove or portable propane-fueled appliance. Damage-resistant, all-steel construction with rustproof Durabond™ powder-coat paint. Comfortable handholds in the collar for easy transportation.
Available: 5 lb., 11 lb., 20 lb. with gauge.

Mr. Heater 5-Foot High-Pressure Propane Hose Assembly

Replaces most hose assemblies between the regulator and a fish cooker, smoker, torches or other appliances. 1/4" male pipe thread and 3/8" female flare.

The six-foot buddy hose connects appliances еhat are designed to be connected to one-pound bottles to larger propane the hose features a Mel swivel thread in a soft-nosed pol connection here. We have a buddy heater in a 20-pound propane tank first connect the soft nose pol connection to the propane tank just hand tighten. This connection then the in tighten the male end of the hose to your buddy here are other propane appliance slowly turn on the tank. And watch for the hose to charge with fuel before fully opening the tank. You should always check for leaks in your connection with a soapy water mixture check out all the campsite accessories.

Mr. Heater Quick-Connect Hose

  • 12-ft. hose with regulator eliminates the need for filters;
  • Quick-connect fitting easily attaches to your Big Buddy heater;
  • Converts heater for use with larger propane tanks.

This 12-ft. hose has a regulator that eliminates the need for a filter. It has an easy-to-use quick-connect fitting for fast attachments directly to your Big Buddy heater. Converts your heater for use with large propane tanks. Great for all-day use.

Mr. Heater Buddy/Big Buddy™ Fuel Filter

Designed for use with bulk tank hoses, the Buddy/Big Buddy Fuel Filter keeps the fuel line clean.

Mr. Heater 12' Hose/Regulator Assembly

Mr. Heater hoses and regulators for cast-iron stoves allow use of propane (LP) gas bulk cylinders.
Available: 12-ft. assembly.

This is the 12-foot regulator hose. That is required to attach a propane tank larger. Then 13 pounds such as. This 20-pound tank to the mr heater big buddy heater per request I'm going to show. This hose hooks up to. Both the propane tank. And the heater itself so let. You real quick as a quick disclaimer the manufacturer recommends. You use larger tanks such as. One outdoors I'm just showing you the example of how. It connects here so the hose will attach to the tank like. It would any typical propane tank make sure. That is cinched down. And nice to connect the hose to the heater. While looking towards the here it's on the left side here. You just open this flap. You open the flap you'll notice there are two connections. One is the same as the other side. That swivels out and allows for the one-pound canisters. And the other place is back here in the back. That will allow you to attach the hose here. And it's quite simple to get installed. You just push this down with two fingers. And then allow this to slide up onto. That connection there. And you're done very simple the bottom of. This door has a dimple here. You can place the hose in. And then close that door so. It will look more sleek. And not damaged that door the start up process for using this hose is a little bit different. Than the canisters first. You turn on the propane next you're going to hold down the red knob turn.

It to pilot you have to sit. And wait for the hose to fill up with the propane. Because it's a 12-foot hose. It is going to take a little. While sometimes up to a minute so. If you're real quiet. You may be able to hear the sound of the propane moving through the hose after you've let. It sits for a you can turn. It back to the off position. And then to crank you just push down. And turn if you're looking to connect the big buddy here to a large propane tank. I highly recommend this 12-foot regulator hose. I will place a link in the description. You can buy this on Amazon. And hope you've enjoyed. This video as always hit.That thumbs up button. I will see you in the next video you.

Mr. Heater Compact Propane Accessories

Use these propane cylinder accessories for more safety and versatility. Imported.

  • Compact Distribution Post – Connect up to three propane-powered grills, cook stations or appliances to a single propane cylinder. Its three-outlet, QQC1 connector is compatible with all Type 1 propane cylinders. 30"-high post breaks down for space-saving transport. Carry bag included.
  • Propane Bulk Cylinder Adapter with Handwheel – Allows camping appliances designed for use with 1-lb. propane cylinders to operate on a bulk cylinder. Attaches to 20-lb. or larger cylinders.
  • Propane Gauge/Leak Detector – Monitors fuel pressure/cylinder level and detects dangerous leaks. Reliable Acme-nut connections.

Mr. Heater® Portable Buddy Propane Heater Carry Bag

  • Makes it easier to carry your Portable Buddy Propane Heater;
  • Padded shoulder strap for easier carrying;
  • Zippered main compartment.

Make it easier to get your Portable Buddy Portable Propane Heater where it's needed with the Portable Buddy Propane Heater Carry Bag from Mr. Heater. This durable, heavy-duty nylon carry bag holds a Portable Buddy Propane Heater and all the fuel needed to run it. Bag features a large opening on the main compartment for the heater with side mesh pockets for two 1-lb. propane canisters. The Portable Buddy Carry Bag also features a padded shoulder strap for easier carrying. Manufacturer's Note: Before placing heater in bag, disconnect fuel source and make sure heater has cooled. Imported.

The Mr. Heater Big Buddy indoor safe propane heater is perfect for eating workshops and closed porches, hunting, blinds campers, tailgating, ice fishing. It's safe provides hours of warmth and is easy to use and store. Let's get started. First, remove the unit from the box and check for any shipping damage to the unit. It is very important that you read, understand, and follow all safety instructions and warnings in the manual before setting up and operating the unit.

To start setting the unit up make sure the five-position control knob is in the off position then swivel the regulators on the right and left side outward for easy tank installations make sure the unit is outside. Or way from any flames. Or other ignition and. That the heater is cool to the touch. Now screw the one-pound tanks clockwise to the regulators located on the right. And left sides if using one pound tanks two tanks must be used to operate the heater in the high setting tank threads must be aligned with the heater threads to avoid damage to the heater using soapy water check for leaks at the threaded connection under the domed plastic cover during operation the heater. And the attached cylinders must be in an upright position the big buddy heater can be used with propane tanks up to 40 pounds using the mr heater hose number F 273 701.

And fuel filter number F 2 7 3 6 9 9 the Mr. Heater hose number F 273 702. And fuel filter F 273 699 the mr heater hose F 2 9 8 802. And fuel filter F 273 699 the mister heater hose F 273 704 a fuel filter is not required for this model the big buddy heater is also equipped with a Quick Connect fitting located on the left side of the heater the fouling hoses can be used with a Quick Connect mr heater 12 foot hose number F 271 802 connects to the quick-connect at the heater. And a 3/8 inch female flare connection on a regulated 11 inch water column propane sources a fuel filter is not required mr heater hose F 271 803 connects to the Quick Connect at the heater. And a bulk tank up to 40 pounds no fuel filter is needed with. This hose using soapy water check for leaks at. All fuel filter and hose connections before starting heater check for clearances to combustible objects top 30 inches front 24 inches sides 6 inches rear 0 inches depress.

And turn control knob counterclockwise to pilot position the lighter will spark to light the pilot burner as the knob is turned to pilot. If needed repeat to step until pilot lights. When the pilot lights continue to hold the knob down in the pilot position for 30 to 60 seconds then release until the pilot light stays on the control knob should return to its fully extended position to light the heater turn the control knob to the low. Or medium position leave on. This position until the left burner tile turns bright. Or then adjust the heat output by turning the control knob to the desired position. Both tiles turn orange in the high position only to shut off the heater slightly push down. And turn control knob clockwise to the off position the tips which is an important safety device.

That shuts down the heater. If it is knocked over. Or tilts past approximately 45 degrees. Once the tile is turned bright orange tip the unit to test the tip switch safety device for proper shutdown of the heater. All infrared heaters including the mr heater big buddy consume oxygen in the process of burning and must be properly vented the big buddy is also equipped with a life-saving oxygen depletion system ODS the ODS senses the level of oxygen around the heater. And shuts the heater down automatically. If the oxygen percentage falls below a factory preset level the big buddy has a built-in blower fan for added heat circulation the fan is powered by four D cell batteries. That are installed in the lower back panel of the year.

All of the instructions on the battery cover for battery installation. Or if you desire instead of the four D cell batteries. You may use the optional electrical AC to DC power adapter to the left of the battery compartment turn the red fan switch to on. Or the white dot position please note the big buddy is not designed for elevations over 7000 feet due to the advanced ODS safety system. When using the big buddy remember. That after turning the heater off the wire guard will remain hot make sure. It thoroughly cools before storing do not operate store. Or remove cylinders near. Any flammable items. Or ignition sources always disconnect the LP gas cylinders from heater. When not in use you're. Now ready to use the big buddy heater to keep. You warm and comfortable any time of the year. Be sure to watch the big buddy cleaning and maintenance video for tips on how to care for your. Either Mr. Heater is America's. Most popular brand affordable eaters you.

Itested this out I've heated up. This garage with when it's been below zero. It to a nice comfortable temperature at least. It takes a little off. This garage is probably. Idon't know 200 square feet. It heats it stays company so there's a couple settings on. This to use it's really easy. It to the pilot position push down on the knob. That will do is ignite the pilot light. And then once the pilot light is ignited. You can turn it on to the low. Or the high setting and then. It will just ignite. This front grill you can see. It turns red it produces a ton of heat. You the base of the unit itself doesn't get too hot the grill here obviously does so. It does have this metal grill here so. Ihaven't found it was hard to handle. Anything unsafe about.

This unit in my research. While looking for one of these. It was quite interesting I came across the wall the wall--the actually makes. One of these heaters as well. And it's pretty much the same heater. All the part numbers are the same as the mr heater the only difference is the walt has added a fan in. It so it's powered by their 20 volt line. Ididn't have I don't have. Any of the 20 volt all my stuff is 18 volts so. It just to get to mr heater as backup. This thing I hope we'll never have to use but. Ifigured hey it's good too just to have. It in case of an emergency. This is the most popular. And gets the best reviews. Ifigured I'll give it a try. And yeah it does seem to work fairly well just be really smart about.

It makes sure you're well ventilated. You are going to use. One of these inside. It says on the box all the literature out there on. That it's okay to use nice inside. You still got to be smart about. And the benefit of running off of propane is readily available. You can have a bunch of little one-pound cylinders. Or the 20 pounds tank with the adaptable hose which. You can pick up one of those extension hoses anywhere they're really just meant for portable barbecue as well they're very readily available weekend at Walmart so thanks for watching consider subscribing and. Iwill see you guys in the next video

And burner tile if necessary clean with a vacuum. Or gas computer duster please note the portable buddy is not designed for elevations over 7000 feet due to the advanced ods safety system. When using the portable buddy remember. That after turning the heater off the wire guard will remain hot make sure it's thoroughly cools before storing do not operate store. Or remove cylinder near. Any flammable items. Or ignition sources always disconnect the LP cylinders away from heater. When not Jews they are. Now ready to use the portable buddy heater to keep. You warm and comfortable. Any time of the year mr heaters America's. Most popular brand of portable heaters.

Mr. Heater Stay-A-While Assembly

Employ more than one propane tank at once and have clean-burning fuel for a long time. In most applications, the Stay-A-While brass tee is used to connect to an existing bulk cylinder and the included 5-ft. hose securely attaches to the tee and a second bulk cylinder. Now, two gas sources are running from the tee for a long-lasting fuel source to your gas appliances. The propane hose has a POL and a 1/4" inverted male flare connector. The Stay-A-While tee has one 1"-20 male throwaway cylinder connector and female POL and Acme nut connector on the tee.

Mr. Heater® 500,000-BTU Handheld Propane Torch

  • Burns weeds, melts snow and ice and heats asphalt for repairs;
  • Produces 500,000-BTU smoke-free flame without fumes;
  • 36" HD shaft with ergonomic handle;
  • Includes 10-ft. hose and striker.

Producing smoke-free flame without fumes, the Mr. Heater 500,000-BTU Handheld Propane Torch proves a practical tool for burning weeds, melting snow and ice and making asphalt repairs. The 36" HD shaft with ergonomic handle ensures easy torch control. Hook it up to a propane gas source using the included 10-ft. hose and light the torch using the included striker. Control fuel flow using the needle valve adjustment. Excess-flow P.O.L. fitting. Propane not included. Manufacturer's one-year warranty.
11.6"L x 9.6"W.
Wt: 4.1 lbs.

Hey, Joe Brown tool guy here. Just picked up the Meg fire 500000 BTU Torch Kit propane. Torch Kit comes with everything you see here other. You have to pick that up yourself same tank e-juice on your barbecue grill you connect. It is a left-handed thread on both connections to the torch into. The tank comes with the flint.

Let's light it up. Works great in farm applications, home applications. I'm going to demonstrate it burn weeds and rocks where it's great for. You can see it burned away all the small weeds here. This thing puts out a lot of heat. You have to make sure you're wearing some safety products. I have safety glasses and gloves on but much faster then pulling weeds and it's chemical free. This thing is a lot of fun to use check.


Portable gas heaters are much cheaper compared to all other types of heaters. They are more energy efficient as well. We recommend you to consider buying a propane heater (torch). It will be worth purchasing in case of emergency or during outdoor activity.

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