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RCBS® Primer Tray - 2 Lee Auto Prime Shell Holder Sets RCBS® Rock Chucker Supreme Auto Prime Lee Auto Prime XR Frankford Arsenal® Hand Primer Lyman® Primer Tray RCBS® Hand Priming Tool RCBS® Automatic Priming Tool Hornady® Handheld Priming Tool
RCBS® Primer Tray - 2Lee Auto Prime Shell Holder SetsRCBS® Rock Chucker Supreme Auto PrimeLee Auto Prime XRFrankford Arsenal® Hand PrimerLyman® Primer TrayRCBS® Hand Priming ToolRCBS® Automatic Priming ToolHornady® Handheld Priming Tool
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RCBS® Primer Tray - 2

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Just scatter primers on this tray and shake it. The primers are quickly positioned anvil side up.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Lee Auto Prime Shell Holder Sets

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The Lee Shell Holder Set for the Lee Auto Prime is crafted from the finest steel for a guaranteed secure fit that you can rely on load after load. Kit includes 11 shell holders fit over 115 different cartridges for use with the Lee Auto Prime and Lee Ergo Prime only.
Includes shellholders: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 19.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

The Li priming tool shell holder set includes eleven of the. Most popular sizes of shell holders covering over a hundred. And fifteen cartridges includes an extra spot inside the case to store an extra shell holder not included inside the kit use. These shall holders in our new Auto Prime Peugeot Prime. And Auto Bench prime tools so there is no need to endlessly swap press shall holders to prime you.

RCBS® Rock Chucker Supreme Auto Prime

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  • Speeds up single stage reloading process

Stop wasting time and fumbling with primers one at a time. This tube-fed pull-action priming system eliminates handling primers and holds up to 100 primers at a time. Straight push-pull primer arm reduces chances of primers falling out of the seat plug. Large and small primer pickup and feed tubes and primer seat plugs included. Attaches to the same spot on the press as the standard priming arm. Rock Chucker Supreme Press not included.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

This is the RCBS rock checker supreme single stage press it's designed for precision re loaders. And also budget-conscious beginners. It features a block o cast iron design for strength. And rigidity it also features an ambidextrous toggle block for left. Or right-handed users. And a compound leverage system. That eases the amount of physical strength needed during the sizing operation. And in the back it also features a spent primer catcher I'll quickly demonstrate. How easy it is to reload a cartridge on your rock checker supreme I'll be demonstrating with 308 Winchester cases but. You can quickly be adapted to reload. Most common pistol and rifle cartridges on the market today so you'll first want to take. It properly cleans and lubricate a case. And cert it into the shell holder pull your handle up the bottom a stroke your old primer drops out. That will resize and expand your case push forward to seat your primer. And there you have a completed case size Prime Now we've switched over to our seed dye on our press. And adjusted its depth for the correct cartridge length the next step will be to weigh out a proper charge weight of powder we'll dump.

That into our first case place. That case in the shell holder hold the bullet in the case mouth. It up into your seat die run through the stroke of the press. You have completed cartridge properly seated. And ready to go the rock chucker supreme press by RCBS it's great for. Both beginners and advanced freeloaders alike it's capable of doing around 50 rounds per hour it's strong dependable in the last year lifetime.

You bore it out such. It fits right over the shell holder the idea being. You have a little table here to let the shall go in easily. You don't have to fumble around looking for shell holder so after. Ibore out the washer then put. It on here you can see there's a small lip here that's because the shell holder is 120 24000 thick. And the washer is about 110000 thick so. Ihave a little lip here so. What I'm going to do is I'm going to take the dremel. And shamp for this lip a little bit I'm also going to sham for these 90-degree edges here to make. It a little smoother for the cartridge case to slide into the shell holder here, so I'm going to take the dremel then I'm going to sham for this edge here knock off.

These two corners here so. Iput a little relief on these two edges right here. And sham for these corners here let's see seems to work a little better can put them in their pretty quick looks like it's an improvement okay guys so that's a couple tips to hopefully make your reloading a little bit easier be careful you're reloading watch out for double charges. And make sure you don't put your eye out.

Ido currently load for rifle well. Ilearned originally load on my 32 Winchester special rifle which is a neck depth 3030 old-school bottleneck rimmed cartridge which. Ihave video on the channel. You want to take a closer look. You know what you know. You can look up the video on. Any why it's like to the very first video. We ever posted anyhow the rest of the kit. It came with the press the Inflow powder measure the bracket to hold the powder measure two tips. Iwould thread into the pot into the bottom of the measure. That are designed to have certain size case next fit inside. One smaller one larger so. That way you can dispense directly into casing a beam balance for weighing out the charges a reloading block brass catcher I'm sorry primer catcher not brass a multi size allen wrench a pad for the.

You put your case lube which is. This here on here so you'd roll your case back north on here lubricate him reduce the chance of getting stuck a hand primer. And the tray to go along with. It which I have tried on a couple of my 32 casings. It works fine it was to my understanding. That was the only option. Ihad without buying some additional equipment so. Icould know what do my primers on the press itself opening it up today. Icome across a reloading you know a primer arm. More closely I realize I'll be able to do my priming on my pressed which is again the way. Ilearned to do it so that's the way I'll just continue doing it I'm not to say it's the best it's just. What I know there is. Some assembly required I'm not. Yet familiar with what everything is perfect example. Ihave no idea what these pieces are I'll have to look. That up on the manual. You guys have seen this stuff not long after. It for the first time is the case trim.

And chamber tool more parts for the reloading arm the. One part of the set besides the dyes which are caliber specific the. One part of the set. This doesn't come with. Istill need to get. It would have come with its a powder trickle. You have a powder that throws consistently I've been told. You can set up the measure. Once you've confirmed that's correct. And then you can just throw directly into your casings hence the adapter tools. Iwas always taught to throw the powder light into the pan here on the balance. Iactually learned on a beam balance then. You set the hill on a powder. And set the you know I've powder filled pan back on. And run a trickle charger to bring it up to the hell about. What it needs to be so. That trickle charger is the. One piece I don't have. And then use a funnel to put. It into the casings themselves my apologies.

This funnel is supposed to be good for it. And from 22 calibers. All up to 50 calibers I'm I'm thinking about getting myself a drop tube at. Some point so I can use. That for certain cartridges other. Iintroduced the calibers. Ihave the equipment to the load I'll show. What I'll show what dies. What powder choices. This kind of stuff up made. Iwill not be providing any. You know reloading recipes that'll be. Something you'll need to look up in a. You know a Sammie spec manual which. Iactually have to have. Iforgot to grab those. One thing ok sorry about. That here is a Nosler reloading guide 8. This actually came with the pressed the other. Igot is the Barnes number 4. You know I number 4 being. That I'm in California I'll be required to hunt meat. You know medium game with non lead. Ido shoot you know. Iam going to be hunting medium game. They also black-tailed deer. You know Barnes is most likely I'm probably gonna go with being. That it's one of the.

More accessible or not the cheapest but. One of the more commonly available slugs for non lead so. Ipicked up one of their manuals. Ido plan on picking up a spear manual as well. Because it's not a bad idea. When you're getting ready to load a new manual that's alright a new load for a new cartridge. Or just changing loads. Or whatnot you're gonna want to reference a couple of different manuals. Some are written more conservatively. Some are written less conservative. And so you'll get even for the same slug same powder you'll get different charge recommendations so being able to cross-reference between a couple different manuals is a good idea so. That way you can to feel out. What a good starting load would be. You don't want to load. It on too hot you fire a gun. It is a controlled explosion the last thing you need to do is loading a lot of hand load. Something incorrectly. And turn that controlled explosion into a non controlled.

And have a pipe bomb going off in your face there are a lot of people over on Gunn channels. That know a far sight. And there I actually asked them questions as. Iget a chance clover tack is. One of them I don't have the. Idon't have logos form but Seahorse is. And the crazy Scotsman has suggested him as. One of the things he suggested timox. He loads is actually to look up the re loaders network com which I'm gonna try to get over there to get. More information as well alright guys. Iappreciate you stop by just kind of wanted to give. You a rundown as to. What equipment I got YouTube regulations prevent. Me from showing you the process. Ido plan on making a video. Iget almost then the next time. It will be set up I do plan on making a video. That shows kind of the step by. Some kind of some of the steps. That will be available over on gun tube org which is the.

You know site created. And owned by night strike. You haven't checked. Ihighly encourage you do so. It just recently went through a series of upgrades which is. You know lovely to hear. Imean that's what I'm glad to hear they're doing well. He is receiving money from patreon but not nearly enough. You can help out that'd be much appreciated. You know you can also check those. You can check me out on gun tube but. You know I'd org so. You know I not calm. You gun tube work as well as gun streamer. And Utah gun exchange. You know or huge tube as. It as little well as. Ialso oppose to Instagram. And occasionally to. You Twitter usually Twitter's. More of a when I'm posting something else. It goes out on Twitter to announce. That I've been posting it's not. Something I do a lot of anyhow guys. Iappreciate you stop by have a wonderful day.

Lee Auto Prime XR

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  • Includes both small and large primer trays

Introduced in 1979, the original Lee Auto Prime was limited by its ability to accept only certain brands of primers. This updated version does not have that limitation and will function well with any primer brand. A patent-pending elevator pin safely separates a single primer from the others and presents it for priming, greatly reducing any possibility of a chain fire. A new, unbreakable comfort curve lever makes the priming process more comfortable and reduces hand fatigue. Includes two primer trays that accept all brands of large and small primers in a size and shape that makes transfer of primers from the manufacturer’s box to the tray easy with less chance of spillage. NOTE: Shell holders are not included with this priming tool. The manufacturer offers special shell holders for use with this tool. Standard shell holders will not fit this tool.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Frankford Arsenal® Hand Primer

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  • Design provides adjustable seating depths of 0.001"
  • Hard stop keeps you from crushing or damaging the primer
  • Primer tray’s built-in ridges help guide primer orientation
  • Strong die-cast zinc body and steel internal components

Add total consistency and error-free perfection to your priming tasks. Frankford Arsenal's Hand Primer provides adjustable seating depths of 0.001" and it has a hard stop that eliminates the possibility of crushing or damaging the primer. Primer tray has built-in ridges that guide primer orientation. Die-cast zinc body and steel internal components are built to last. Includes 12 shellholders that cover the most popular cases and a heavy-duty, injection-molded storage case.

Well hey YouTube for Zach's 777. And today I've been experiencing some ailments. That goes along with old age. Iwas gonna go ahead. Some bullet casting and. That sort of thing, but we're gonna do a product review instead. Ican go ahead and sit down. You know go through here so the product. We are going to be looking at today is the Frankfort Arsenal handy priming unit okay, so I've already unboxed. It out of the box everything like. And the first thing I want to address the cost of the unit could vary from. You know different outlets there on the internet. One thing is I found out about Frankfort Arsenal stuff. It comes on sale you know. When it's on sale he's just glad buy. You review it's a really good product gets good review. Everybody likes it well it's probably won't come on sale. Any time soon so with. That being said you know.

Idon't know this product is really going to take off file. And really see too many reviews about. Ibought one so let's go ahead. And move on here okay first of. All let's go ahead and look at the instructions here. All the metal construction. Iwas a quaint you know impressed. And got out of the box. You know it had the heft. It did it's made out of die-cast aluminum. You know III I really feel. This thing's made for the yelling in long haul. This isn't this isn't. Something you just. You know it's cheaply made. Whatever so let's go through the instructions a little bit before. We move on to the unit okay. What you have here is. You have it de priming I don't know. You guys can see you have a de priming pin inside. This inside this holder. You have an o-ring you also have a end cap. And the thing you do is. You go ahead you take. And select one of these. You know for the caliber size. That you're going to go ahead. And insert it into the bore of the holder put your overhang on.

And then you go ahead. You take your adjustment cap here. You screw it on there. And the whole thing is to adjust. These little fingers here okay so. They close but they don't grip. You know the shell casing when. It in there you don't want. It to get stuck you use the unit. All the primers are collected here. This is a little plastic tube. You know the primers shoot out. You know it collected there. You can take this thing off. And dump them out the whole point of. This whole thing you know the whole deal here is so. We are not tied down to our bench. We don't have to stand in front of our bench with a universal decapping die.

And switch cases in. And out of a shell holder to decap our cases before. We wet tumble wet tumbling its. You know it's the way to go. It really is it really cleans your clays is really good. If you're gonna do you might as well just go ahead. And cap them so that way the inside of your primer pockets get clean as well. You can see there there's the collet. This is just the illustration here so let's go ahead. And move on all right okay here. We go guys this is the unit. And basically what you do is. You just go ahead you pre the cartridge case on there. You want to do prime press down on to hold. It in place you press forward pops the primer out clutch. It in here it comes back I'm at.

It resets like you take the case out put. Another case in back down again. You know simple operation. This is a no-brainer so let's go ahead I'll just go ahead on demonstrate for you have. Some 38 special cases here. Idon't know you guys can see. Or not wet tumbling really cleans your brass real well. It restores it unfortunately. These got mixed in with. Another batch I was doing and. Ididn't deep frying them, so I'm gonna go ahead. And do prime and then throw them in with the next batch. You know anyway so here. We go down their seats up. You feel like you know engage the decapping pin there. You go there's your spent primer okay there. You go that's it primers gone. You just keep on moving on. You know like you know. You can go up you know put on net flips. You know watch a few old episodes of Colombo. Whatever just sit there. You know lazy boy and go from.

One can to the other. You know you prime of your brass. You know next thing you know next thing you know. These things are done so. One thing I've noticed about. This unit so far is. You go to D prime you gotta come kind of take. It easy with it too hard then the case gets stuck in there that's. Something I'm gonna have to kind of work out that's a little glitch that's happening with. And but other this thing is really an awesome little tool definitely won't worth. What I paid for it, and they're anywhere between the. You know thirty to forty dollar range. Iwould imagine you know. You go through this sue. This through the strands of time price on these would probably come down I'd really like to know the reason why the thing is stuck in like.

That drive me nuts overall. Ithink the unit is well-built it's well-made. These are their little storage areas for your Kaulitz okay. These are actually what you know grips the case. It down inside there like. This got this end cap okay has an o-ring and here's the collet there. It is put the call in trade cap back on. And start it going its starting on the threads guys. You know it's dampened like. That from the o-ring so. That the this Cape. This cap won't move see. We can get this thing stop sticking like. Idon't know what's going on with. That again like you just keep on turning down on their like. That okay there you go there. Ithink there's some flashing down in there. Ineed to go ahead and take care of but anyway um hey. Ithink it's well worth money gets. You away from the bench. You watch TV you can prep your cases for your wet tumbling you know get primers out of them so. You know the little stainless steel pins will be your parent rifles.

And that's what Proctor review well worth money so good heavy-duty construction hey. This piece right here will have a home on my bench. You know use it in my convenience. Ithink that's really great good product so anyway. This is for Zach's 777. And I'm signing out.

We align this little notch over the large area then it's going to prevent. Any primers from exiting out the large side next we're going to attach. This to the vibra Prime pistol grip. And load some primers, so we're going to begin by picking up the pistol grip. And then we're going to take the primer tray. And insert the small primer tab with the drop port into the unit. Now we're going to take our tube in. This case we've got the small primer tube. And we're going to insert. It into the bottom of the unit the way. That the tabs line up. And then it's going to tighten anti-clockwise okay. We are basically ready to go here we've got the unit I'm just going to squeeze the pistol grip. And then angle the primers so. They direct the primers down into the tube. That has loaded a primer tube by the conventional method of flip. And stab it's going to find this to be an incredibly fast way to get the job done. We can take the tube out take the tray out.

This tube is now ready for us to insert into our progressive reloading press. And we're going to drop. These primers in just like. We would with a conventional pickup tube so as. You can see the frankfort arsenal viper prime is a tool. That can definitely save. You time and frustration. You want to know more about. This product please go. And check out ultimate rear loader comm. Where I've got the accompanying blog post with a lot. More information and pictures thanks a lot.

It just happen to have. It at my local gun shop. They are online you want to pick. One up I'll put the Amazon affiliate link in the description. It runs about 5999 at least that's. What it was today so. You know what prices fluctuate there a little bit like. Ipicked it up for. That exact same price at the local gun shop. Ihave not opened yet, so I'm going to go ahead. And do a little bit of an unboxing here we'll see what's inside. And then we'll give it a test run, so I'm doing a nice plastic case here like it's got. Everything inside there make a little room here so. Everything is contained within. This nice plastic case so far we've got to bail the case holders. And her Ford is already in the primer tool very heavy well it's been a little. While since I actually held.

Some other ones the plastic ones but very nice take a look at. This video and kamilly very nicely machined. This is actually two parts here that's not a scene very heavy-duty looking make. That the primer holder. And it's like you know the usual instruction manual. And a chart that tells. You which case holder to our shell holders to use for your different calibers. Everything that's able to reload, so I'm going to go ahead. And take this out and redo the instructions a little bit. And then you know it back together we'll try out the reloading some nine-millimeter here.

Icould normally do alright guys, so I've tried. This out a couple of times gotten comfortable. Ithought I'd just show. You a couple of rounds in crimes with the Union here so. Ikind of go up what I'll do is I'll just start from the beginning so obviously I've got a tray here with. Some primers orange in. It in order to open. You just kind of slide. It out similar to a couple other manufacturers at least. Ithink I've kind of wrote. It same design here there is a little plastic gate here. This slide back and forth so. When you're storing it. You know your framers aren't going to fall out there are dimple guns on here so. You can kind of shake. This around you get the primers just right. Or just looking individually here we're like. Ijust did you get the primers in there. All of them are turned over the right way basically just slide. This selector back on there are little plastic traps here on.

Either side you know. If they got to kind of be careful. You don't want to break. These but I'm not sure. How much your replacement tray would cost but very keep. It nice and even slide. They are in here they don't turn over. And again you've got the little plastic stopper there. You can run up, so they're not going to fall out that's nice with. That okay moving on to. This thing very happy. Ithink it's a zinc is the metal. That the unit is made out of with eel parts its very happy. Idon't see the thing breaking even. You drop it a couple of times. Idon't think anything's gonna break on. One thing to know I don't know. If there's a newer model in an older model. Idon't know you remodel. Or the older model but. You can see here where you've got the. Some relief here and have to change your shelves. And also to change your primer size from small to large it's right here on the front.

Some some of the sights. Isaw online that we're selling these. They have a slightly different model of. That thumb is on the side here. And then the actual feeder here is on. This side I don't know. That helps with ergonomic sore again I'm not sure. If that's the new or old model but. This is the that was in the store I'm guessing this is the newer model. Because the other model. Where the little thumb thing is on the side those. All seem to be out of stock so hoping this is the newer model. Or I've used it here I've reloaded maybe a hundred. Ireloaded oh you know Prime about a hundred shells here. And had no problems whatsoever, so we're going to go ahead. And I'm going to do a couple here just for a demonstration so. You get your you get them in there we're going to stick them into the little holder here.

This is plastic this feels like a hard plastic put. That in there it slides in nice and nice. And snug okay I've got my 9-millimeter shell holder in there so. What I'm going to do is lift up the little gate here that'll let the shells come in. And I've noticed that the. You know different people on. Some videos they hold. This way they hold. This way this is actually the proper way to hold. It here but you know. Whatever works for you. Whatever you're comfortable with as long as. You get the shell crime we're good to go so. What you do is you're going to dump in. Some kind of tilt this way. Ican see inside there a primer has already been dropped into their take your shell. What I like to do is. It away from me right which is. Ilike the way this is designed.

And the way I'm holding it. Ijust get that it's pushing up on the case. And actually you know people get. This on so you to see the primer getting ready to go up there right. And there you go framers done thanks we'll go ahead. One I'll show you I'll do the next three here. You just be how fast go Although frames you can see. How fast I did four of them there it's a lot faster. Than doing, it on the press here we're going to take. One primer it down here. You know take one primary big stain about. It hmm so which is why I've been looking to get. One of these one here is real nice like. Ijust did four here really quick the overall build quality. This thing is like super sturdy. Ican see a lasting forever is. One of the things I did want to point out on.

It does come with a adjustment so. You could raise and lower the plunger in here. You know changes the depth. That you're seeding your primer. That works perfectly nice the. One thing is you got to kind of keep an eye on. Because the roller here rolls very easily. You can easily just hit. While you're while you're. While you're manipulating it. You know with your thumb. Something like that as well. What I did was here see a little white mark basically. What I did was some paint. Ijust made a little white marker. Iseated my you know first dozen. And check the spacing on. And make sure they were seated nice and flush. And then I just put a white mark right there so. That my nine-millimeter are going to be seated right there.

Anything it's quick guide here just in case. Ido hit it a little bit. That does move quite easily there're no clicks. Anything like that there's a little bit of clicking once. You get a little bit farther away from my guess throughout the whole thing look very light. Idon't know if that's just the unit. Or that's just the way. They are but figure ID duh. That in the video here too just to let. You know you want to kind of keep an eye on. Or check yours to see. If it's a little bit stiff. Or maybe there's a there's a little adjustment. Something can do in there to stiffen. That up so there's more positive clicks. You do move it over supposedly you're supposed to be able to click.

And there is a little bit of a detent in there but it's very like. This thing it might move they've been in there but anyway other. That by seeing it so far the fact. It comes with all the shell holders in the case here for pretty much. Any caliber you're going to be priming comes with. This video be larger primer. And its holder comes in a nice case so. You don't have to just lying around. You can put when you're done so overall. Ikind of like this again the first. One I've had but you know. Ihave kind of held the other ones in the stores. And stuff this is definitely a thirty pieces are pretty piece of machinery like. It you'll definitely be happy with. It so that's it for now again I'll put a link down in the video.

You can take a look at. If it's available to order. Or go check it out with. One of your local stores so. You can have it thanks for watching go ahead. And subscribe to the channel. You like I'll try to do. More videos on just reloading and shooting and shooting here in Southern California hit the like button. That helps with the channel.

That comes of all the shareholders. One of those by other manufacturers ten to twenty dollars so it's its a great piece of kit the other great thing about. This hand primer it comes on a good sturdy packet. And probably the single biggest thing. Ilike it's you can hand. Is the seating depth for this hand primer so. You can seat your primers in a little bit deeper. Or a little bit less with a ticket mop here. It works 100% that's really good. It takes all the variances out of different case manufacturers. And the depth of their primer pockets it's a great better cut. Ithoroughly recommend. It cargo path it's heavy its well-made.

You wouldn't want to cop. That from here I can assure. If you're looking for a tool that's going to last. You a lifetime can't go wrong Platinum Series perfect primer cedar by Frankfort Arsenal it's made to last a tree load of supplies. We don't sell tents. We don't sell fishing rods. We self Kansan's shut the guys been you.

Lyman® Primer Tray

Check price

  • Saves time by orienting primers anvil-side-up
  • Facilitates loading priming tools or auto-feeders
  • Constructed of durable plastic
  • Easy to use

The Lyman Primer Tray is an essential piece of reloading equipment that saves time by flipping primers anvil-side-up for easier loading into priming tools or progressive feeders. The Lyman Primer Tray is easy to use: simply dump primers out onto the tray's specially grooved surface, replace lid, and shake. No reloading bench should be without one. Made of durable plastic.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

RCBS® Hand Priming Tool

Seats primers quickly and securely. Patented safety mechanism separates the seating operation from the primer supply, greatly reducing any possibility of tray detonation. Tray installation requires no contact with the primers. Uses the same RCBS shell holders as RCBS presses. Large and small primer plugs included.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

this is the RCBS automatic priming tool. Or apt for short this unit is a must-have for those re loaders who enjoy bench mounted priming systems versus a handheld priming system the unit comes standard with two primer plugs a large. And a small comes standard with the feed tubes. That double as a pickup tube large. And small and this unit will accept our CBS standard shell holders to use. This unit first step is to dump primers onto your tray. And this instance we're loading 308 Winchester cartridges, so we're going to use the large primer tube. You dump some primers on the tray flip them over Cup side down. You just run the pickup tube over the primers. And capture them as such place the feed tube into the feed arm pull the cotter pin. And search your large primer plug assembly lower the handle drop a primer in the primer cup raise the handle lower the primer below the shell holder. And search your case. And then Prime it's as simple. And easy as that if you're into bench mounting priming systems the apt unit is a unit for you

And you've got your thumb button going oops. And press down on here like. This gently and put in a li Auto prime shell holder unfortunately. This model doesn't take. Anything other than the Li Auto prime shell holders. You can't have a shell holder with a piece on the bottom. This has got to be one of these luckily. Though they're not badly priced so in. That goes and we're good to go. One of the things I really like about the auto prime is the ease with which. You can put on and take off the top in. This case you just push on the edges. Or on here it says open. It slides off just catches over. These lugs here on the edges on the corners. And then similarly you just line. It back in or actually. You can just catch this hinge here. And swing it back in like. That but it's dead easy to use it's very well-thought-out very simple under here there's a little piston which is part of the Li system of keeping the Primus separated.

And the price tag on. This unit makes it a very attractive proposition. Ijust want to come in close on the way. This system actually works. You push up that first piston presents the primer there. It drops in under the shell holder. And then while you're doing with the previous case. You let the handle out. It pops into place there then. You put your next one on squeeze. And home it goes okay I'm set up with the large primer tray. And you'll see that on the li primer tray there's a line which. They have to form you like. And go down there the other makes. They just have an open trailer the Li system hasn't come down there like. That, so I've got my shell holder in hem. And we'll have a half-dozen 303 Brits okay here. We go just put it in their press with your thumb don't think. We had a primer there nope put. It in press with your thumb takes quite a bit of pressure actually there. You go next one's ready squeeze.

That might just be me oh hang on a minute think. We need to put more pressure on. One we'll come back to. Or leave it might just be. Icouldn't do it with just thumb pressure I'd have to squeeze. You can actually turn. It around that way. You could do it just means. That there the whole unit tips away from. Some would consider. That a safety feature. Ihaven't figured out. Yet which is the most comfortable. Now remember I said was. That hadn't quite been pushed in far enough I'm going to do. Now at the end we've actually still got a couple of primers in there but. It doesn't matter they want to interfere. You just put your cartridge case back in give it the required amount of pressure. And then take it out again you've got. Another primer under there. Now obviously because you've pressed the lever but. It won't it won't try. And load — and there. You have it that's the lis auto prime XR next on our list is the Lyman ez prime hand priming tool.

And I'll confess straight away. Iwas gobsmacked how simple a kit. It actually is you have your handle unit. These two priming trays. And that's the whole kit it's. All been rather cleverly thought out. Everything slots together quite neatly. And in the hand it feels comfortably weighty but not overbearing there are two primer trays of course. One for large one for small primers. Both are made of an extremely durable heavy plastic. You don't have to add. Any parts they're already spring-loaded take your handle slip off. That collar there which is. Where the shell holder will go in a minute insert your primer tray. It only goes in one way around so that's. That way around drop the handle to do. That then that goes press. It down then rest your shell holder facing the right direction on there. And reinsert the collar. And that's it that's. You have to do you can put your cartridge on top there like.

Each time and that's. You haven't prime with the Lyman ez prime okay let's do. It for real I've just opened up the large primer case here. And it's really very solidly made that's very thick plastic thicker. Any I've seen on any other hand primer okay tip in a. Few large rifle primers — the usual fears of shaking them around. All the right way up. All I've got to do is get. And keep it down the right way around without sending them everywhere dump shut the gate so. They don't do and as before slot. It into place and long goes the collar so let's take a handful of 308 cases let's do a. Imeant to say by the way. This will take shall holders from. Any company earlier on. Ihad on our CBS this happens to be a Hornady. It works with all of them open the gate. And let the primers out there. And then I'll do this way around. Because it's a billet backhanded squeeze. It comes there you go with the next. One give it a squeeze you'll get to feel. When they're bottoming out. That one's fine just take the ready primed ones out of the way so.

We don't go and plan them twice their goes. Another it's very quick very comfortable too I've switched over to a reading shell holder. Now but just to check myself um. Iwas finding that you'd get. One primer wedged in here but apparently. It says in the instructions. That the trick is to tip. It towards you to get the primer into there. And then tip it away from. You press the handle up so it's towards. When loading a new primer away from. When presenting it into the primer pocket so that's the trick. It so let's just put. That to the test tip. It towards in goes the primer on goes the cartridge tip. It away squeezes that's better tip. It towards and goes the cartridge squeeze. Ithink part of the genius of. This simple system lies in the fact. That you've got to tip. It back to get your primer into place but then you've got to tip. It away from your eyes in order to squeeze the handle.

And prime your case. That in itself is an added safety feature so. You just carry on like. That until the whole batch is done. And then you just drop the machine to pieces like. And you're done simple as. That right well it's time for look at workaday's contribution which is. This handheld priming tool. This lovely brushed aluminum handle let's go on. That classic Hornady feel. They seem to imbue all of their stuff it's very simple in design. That just slots under there like. That then the provides leverage against the spring. That will fit in a moment so the unit comes supplied with two different sizes of rods. One spring and you take the rod of your choice which in. This case we're going to use. Some small primers, and we're going to do a little batch of 357 so. We put the rod on their like.

That then the spring over the top. And then there are actually in the kit two primer holders. Now the black one is for Hornady shareholders. And the green one for our CBS just those two makes right we're loading small primers. This time, so we have to pick the correct side of the dish there's. One for large one for small so pop. That in there we have to wiggle. It a little bit just to get. It in the first time. Because like everything when it's brand-new you're going to be gentle as well. You don't want to snap. It off, so we've got the thing in down there. We want to just hold. It down with our finger like. And then we put in a Hornady shell holder so. This is the 1 4 3 5 7 Magnum we'll put. It face the primer train like.

And then just press gently on the lever. All comes upwards there. You go so the first couple of times. It'll be a little reluctant. It comes back but it seemed loosen up to dismantle press. And hold down firmly but gently on. That dish wiggle out the shell holder. And then gently let. This piece out like. That okay so there you back to your handle. You want to change pins. You just pop the spring off. And then that should just drop out. Or come out in your hand by. That it's metal your primer holder just hold. Each side and turn gently. It just comes apart like. That it's these little plastic lugs which catch under. These little plastic lugs so it's. That way you see the gate round their locks the entrance to the tube that's locked. And that's unlocked a smattering of small pistol primers shake them around until.

All turn over as that doesn't want to — in. This case okay time to open the gate for primary use so at the moment they're blocked off just tip them away for a minute push the dish Ram. And lock and there goes the first. One into position here comes out cartridge case squeeze the handle gently like so feel. It comes okay it goes squeeze till. You feel it bottom out that's. It just shy of the base of the cartridge that's. What you want we got on their yep. We have push it pushes the cartridge case in got to keep the shell hold around the right way of course of whoops squeeze. And so on until the batch is finished. And that's your Hornady handheld priming tool finally. We have the our CBS Universal hand priming tool I've chosen to show. You the universal type. Because it's a little bit.

More money but it'll handle. Everything from a 32 ACP right up to a 45 70 in those jaws. You only have the one tray but. You have two different sets of these inserts depending on. Whether its large or small primer so it's a little bit. More complex to take down. And put back together. Some others but I've been using this for several years. This is actually my own. And it's been absolutely smashing it's about 30 percent dearer. Then the model which takes shall holders but. What you lay out in extra cash to get the universal jaw system at the top. You get repaid in spades because of. All the versatility for instance just put in the selection there's a 308 is a 76 2 by 39 357 Magnum 2 2 3 44 Magnum see. Where I'm going with. This I'm a jolly old 303 Brits. What you get your order the universal unit there's your hand piece. One then there's your single tray. And finally a little bag of nubbins. And it's actually those gubbins. Iwant to talk about next. You can just see on the side of.

That black primer feed sticking out there the letter L obviously that's large primers. And the white one has s so swapping from. One to the other squeeze in gently. And release this nailed screw take. It rights out it's very important don't let. This handle fly open just gently let. It too quickly you'll end up with the parts needing to be realigned inside withdraw the safety arm take out the primer feed so there's the large. One close and with the allen key. Provided lock off this set screw there. Now the handle can come away freely. This is the clever bit. What I'm holding in my hand here is actually a kind of socket to take out the primer platform just push. It over there like and unscrew then. We take the small primer platform. This goes in a little further. Because there are actually two sockets in their one's a bit further in for the small.

One screw that in a little bit fiddly but you'll get. It in the end go finger tight take. Now we've got the small primacy plug in place. We no need to release the handle so. We can do the rest of. We turn the set screw again don't let. It flies open there goes the primer plug downwards. That means now put in my small primer. That in their okay you should be able to just see the light through. That hole there we go good. We put in our safety arm slide. It through squeezing the handle just enough to line. And then take your nut. And tighten it in again. And then you are you're. All changed over another handful of three five seven mags. And put our priming unit together. And goes the first case open the gate the first primer comes up gently squeeze there.

All done and goes the next. One shake them down squeeze gently. One just needs a bit. What you can do with. This unit you can't with. Some others is empty the primer well there. And put the case back in for a further squeeze. And just needs to go in buy a. More thout there it bottomed out. That time along comes the case squeeze snap. And go to the next one squeeze it's very quick squeeze. And that's it they're done so there. It is the our CBS Universal hand priming tool it's a little. More complex to set up. And change over some of the others but. Ithink it's worth having for the good direct feel of. When your seating home primers. And so there all are I'll leave. You to decide which.

RCBS® Automatic Priming Tool

Check price

A fast, precise, reliable and sensitive single-stage lever system that automatically feeds primers through a tube one at a time to prevent spillage and contamination. Two primer rod assemblies and two primer feed tubes are included.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

This is the RCBS automatic priming tool. Or apt for short this unit is a must-have for those re loaders who enjoy bench mounted priming systems versus a handheld priming system the unit comes standard with two primer plugs a large. And a small comes standard with the feed tubes. That double as a pickup tube large. And small this unit will accept our CBS standard shell holders to use. This unit first step is to dump primers onto your tray. This instance we're loading 308 Winchester cartridges, so we're going to use the large primer tube. You dump some primers on the tray flip them over Cup side down. You just run the pickup tube over the primers. And capture them as such place the feed tube into the feed arm pull the cotter pin. And search your large primer plug assembly lower the handle drop a primer in the primer cup raise the handle lower the primer below the shell holder.

And search your case. And then Prime it's as simple. And easy as if you're into bench mounting priming systems the apt unit is a unit for you.

That really quickly. And after you do enough of them. You get a really good feel for when. That primers seated. When you're flaring. That case there's a lot of resistance as. You go to insert the primer just back off a little bit. And play around with. It cuz it's got to just be in their right. Now here that one's. That one's not gonna go so. What I'm gonna do is I'll just tweak. It a little bit you can feel. That pointed centers itself yeah. And you'll get a very nicely seated primer every time. Ijust thought I would run a. Few pieces through here so. You can see how fast. This goes and I'll remember work flaring. That pistol case that's at the same time.

If they ever feel funny. Ialways like to check. You also don't have to take the case. All the way down and then. You can kill two birds with. One stone pretty easy. It takes up yes see there's. That just kind of snapped. It wasn't wasn't exactly Center. You just gotta get a feel for. That but you can see. You get zip right along. You gotta flare the case anyway so. Ireally like this method works good for me. Ihave no intention of cranking the hand primer tools. It just looks like way too much work. This is so effortless okay that's it.

We have to fill the primer tube so to do. That you're going to take a primer tray. These tubes hold 100 primers. And like always just shake them stand in the right way. And for this tool you actually need them to face opposite of what you standard would so. You put your cover back on flip. It over take the bottom off. They are facing the correct way. You just sit here and kind of click your primers into the two. That gives you an idea of how. That works I'm not going to fill the two, but we'll hold. All hundred primers so. You have your primers in your tube insert the tube. And the top of the mechanism then. You got to pull this little pin out. That releases the primers down so. Now to insert your first primer into the machine you're going to push down as.

You can see you have a primer in the priming seating plug insert your case push down see your primer. And there you go nice to see the primer. And it's that simple guys. Iwas running a little bit slow their kind of just to show. It operates you can work. This machine a little bit faster. What I do like about. This versus a hand primer is. This gives you a lot. More feel you really feel. When you're seeding your primer. Ican get a better more precise seeding with my primer with. This tool thanks for watching and check back for our next video.

You will enjoy the RCBS automatic priming tool. One less step to worry about. One less thing go out the primer in insert the case insert the primer. And we're done thank. You for watching I'd appreciate feedback. You design your own I'd like to see.

Hornady® Handheld Priming Tool

The perfect companion to a single-stage reloading press, Its new, one-piece primer tray has an improved lid retention system. Integrated molded primer bushings eliminate the need for separate bushings. An additional tray designed for use with RCBS® type shell holders is included. The seater punch and spring are captured inside the priming tool, allowing shell holders and primer trays to be changed without removing the spring and punch.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Hello I'm Dustin with mid-south shooter supply. This is the Hornady hand priming tool. This ergonomic bench necessity is easy to assemble. And offers advantages. That press priming just can't match assembly is quick. And easy just slide the handle into the grip portion making sure to hook the lever into the bar inside the grip just like. This fit the spring into the pin then slide the pin home within the handle you'll see the place. It fits next slide the tray matching your primer size with the pin. You inserted into the grip apply downward pressure to allow the shell holder to slide home in the grip also not using a Hornady shell holder the green plate is for our CBS. And our CBS shelf holders. Now you're ready to start priming your cases quickly. And efficiently this is a preferred method for several reasons but the. Most important is being able to fill your prior seat correctly. It takes a bit of finesse but there's no mistaking the feeling when a primer fits perfectly into the brass.

You can just check and after a. You just get the hang of. You guys shake it gets the make sure the next primer in here. This is very simple I'm about to go watch TV. Any cases this I'll be a. Few hundred yeah I'll go like clockwork.

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