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The 9 Best Treestands – Climbing Sticks & Tree Steps reviews

Ameristep® Step-Up Tree Step – Single Hurricane Safety Systems Gravity Forward Climbing Sticks™ API Outdoors Ultra-Steel Stackin' Stik Hurricane Safety Systems Treestand PowerStep™ Ameristep® Tree Steps Millennium Hang-On Aluminum Ladder X-Stand Treestands The Mantis Climbing Sticks API Outdoors Alumi-Tech® 20-ft. Quikstik™ Hawk Mega Step™
Ameristep® Step-Up Tree Step – SingleHurricane Safety Systems Gravity Forward Climbing Sticks™API Outdoors Ultra-Steel Stackin' StikHurricane Safety Systems Treestand PowerStep™Ameristep® Tree StepsMillennium Hang-On Aluminum LadderX-Stand Treestands The Mantis Climbing SticksAPI Outdoors Alumi-Tech® 20-ft. Quikstik™Hawk Mega Step™
BrandAmeristepHawkHurricane Safety SystemsHurricane Safety SystemsAPI OutdoorsMILLENNIUMX-Stand TreestandsAPI OutdoorsAmeristep

Ameristep® Step-Up Tree Step – Single

  • Easy-to-install self-tapping threads
  • Deeply knurled for safe climbing
  • 4" stepping area

For the hunter with multiple stands, the Ameristep Step-Up Tree Step is easy to install so you can get to any stand. Easy-to-install, 2" tapered self-tapping threads make these steps a hunter's best friend. Deeply knurled for safe climbing. Do not exceed 300-lbs. 4" step area. Per each.

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Hurricane Safety Systems Gravity Forward Climbing Sticks™

  • Ingenious design shifts your center of gravity forward
  • Makes climbing balanced, less fatiguing and safer
  • Wave-cut, double-spaced steps provide excellent traction
  • Solid all-steel construction is stable and strong

The ingenious design of Hurricane Safety System's Gravity Forward Climbing Sticks shifts the hunter's center of gravity forward, making climbing balanced, less fatiguing and safer than ever. This new angle of entry removes the feeling of falling while going up or down. It even eliminates painful knee bumps. Wave-cut, C-channel, double-spaced ladder steps are wider, longer and provide excellent traction. Solid all-steel construction is stable and strong. Per each.
Wt.: 16 ft. – 39.1 lbs.; 21 ft. – 48.5 lbs.
Wt capacity: 300 lbs. (both models).
Sizes: 16'L, 20'L.

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API Outdoors Ultra-Steel Stackin' Stik

  • Steel construction
  • Four 5-ft. sections
  • Assembles quickly
  • Easily takes you up to 20 ft. high
  • Six cam buckle straps and three snap pins

The Steel construction of the API Outdoors Ultra-Steel Stackin' Stik provides unbeatable stability and strength. Four 5-ft. sections assemble quickly and easily to take you up to 20 ft. high. Six cam buckle straps and three snap pins make securing it to the tree easy. Product meets industry standards recognized by TMA.
Wt: 27 lbs.
Wt. capacity: 300 lbs.

Hurricane Safety Systems Treestand PowerStep™

  • Adds stability and safety when entering or exiting treestand
  • Three large-tooth rails resist ice and deliver solid traction
  • Easily and solidly attaches to most sticks and ladders

With over 400% more foot room than a traditional ladder stick, Hurricane Safety Systems' Treestand PowerStep adds tons of stability, confidence and safety when you enter or exit your treestand. Three wide, large-tooth rails resist ice and deliver solid boot traction. Easily and solidly attaches to most most sticks and ladders with quickset bolts and adjustment.
Wt: 24 lbs.
20"L x 16"W x 12"H.

Note: Not to be used with non-continuous climbing sticks and Gravity Forward Climbing Sticks.

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Good morning I'm David McCool with hurricane safety systems. And I'd like to introduce to. You today our flagship product it's a tree stand attachment system called the tree stand power lock by hurricane safety systems basically. What this is essentially is a device. That we've developed after the glass two years. It is a tensioning device. You can see here basically. How this works is and you'll you'll see. This square frame is simulating a tree stand frame we've developed a couple Universal brackets. That attach to the tree stand frame. And we also have one for a center post but. You don't see that here so here are the brackets the tensioning device the power lock itself can be used with a drill. Or a ratchet I'm gonna back. It up here so you can see. This pretty clearly. This is the tensioning device again we've been in development of. This for about two years within the tensioning device. What we've created is a micro plush. And this micro clutch provides. What we call calculated radial extraction that's the amount of force. That we are sucking the tree stand to the tree so as. You can see it's got a very healthy size sturdy hook on. It and what happens is. These universal brackets. That you would attach to your stand the power lock simply clips in as. You can see here and the gearing in. It is fantastic we say I'm. Even tightening with my fingers. You can use a ratchet a wrench of. Any kind to do this so. You open the tree simply take our chain pass. It around the tree I'm going to use the drill with.

This thing you're gonna see. That the micro clutch is very similar to the clutch. That you find in a drill so. If you've got a preset amount of clutch. Where this thing punches out you'll get feedback. Imean audio feedback on. It you're going to hear. That with this product right. Now I'm going to show. It to you we simply just start. It you can see the cable is coming in is retracting in. We come forward on it. And you hear that the minute. You hear that that means. That our power lock has flushed out at about 400 pounds again of calculated radial extraction so the advantages of. This very safe product. Because you're working in front of. You're not reaching around the tree to pull the strap tight getting off you're always working in front of. You have left-to-right adjustment.

Now we're advocating. That you use your strap. That the power lock is a backup system but. We believe it is the world's. Most technically advanced safest tree stand attachment system. And we're very proud to bring it to market for more information please contact hurricane safety systems. You can go to the web. And find us there or w/e hurricane SS com.

Ameristep® Tree Steps

  • Easy climbing access to your treestand
  • Self-tapping threaded point for quick installation

Screw in these Ameristep Tree Steps below your stand for easy climbing access. The steel tree steps each have a self-tapping threaded point for quick installation. Per each.

  • Step-Up – 4"W step area.
  • Grizzly – 6"W knurled step area for enhanced traction.

Millennium Hang-On Aluminum Ladder

  • Four-pack of hang-on climbing sticks
  • Single-tube design with angled-step design
  • Double-loop connection straps for safety

Climb to new heights and set up your hunting stands safely and easily with Millennium's Hang-On Aluminum Ladder. Lightweight aluminum construction makes them easier to carry in the field. The four-pack of aluminum hang-on climbing sticks have a single-tube design with alternating steps with sure traction angled-step design for better foot clearance. Double-loop connection straps have an easy-pull cam buckle. Stackable design for easy transport.

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After unpack aging the box you'll find the stand along with a manual, and safety DVD a parts bag with strap bolts nuts, and washers. The M 102 s receiver at EMA approved safety harness. And nice touch a lifeline assembly is really simple attach the upright to the base with the three-inch bolt — orange washers to regular washers. And the not take note. That the orange washers go against the upright not the regular ones snug. It up good but it still has to bend without a lot of effort next install the seat using a four. And three-quarter inch bolts — washers in. One night please take note. That the orange washers are already installed in. This step the seat should move freely but still have. Some resistance to hang the stand first install the m102 s receiver to the tree by attaching the ratchet strap to the receiver via the bolt on the right side make sure top is up before securing to the tree completely next slide the standards at the receiver removing the art clip first. Once the stand is seated properly reinstall the our clip. You can attach the lower ratchet strap to the upright near the base tighten. And secure properly to adjust the platform simply lift up on the base to take tension off pull the locking bracket out of position. And slide to the next desired position.

This is going to allow. You to level the base to the tree. You are hung in the seat will lift out of the way. And there's also a bolt. You can move in and out to adjust the level of the seat along with the adjust ability of the seat. It is also very large. And very comfortable the platform is a really good size. It allows a lot of freedom of movement to get set up for. That perfect shot included in the purchase of. This stand are straps to pack the stand in. And out the included footrest is already installed. And is set at a nice angle for all-day comfort the size of the foot grading on the base. And the overall finish of the stand is on par with.

All other top manufacturers the m50 by millennium is a really nice hang on stand in my opinion for a little over a hundred dollars. You get a very nice wide comfortable seat a huge platform to move around on a building footrest for all-day comfort. It comes with a lifeline. They do provide backpack straps. You could pack this stand in. And out at 20 pounds. Ifeel it's a bit heavy for a run-and-gun application but for the reason. Ibought it to hang. It sits for the whole season. Or maybe only end up moving at. One time this is a really nice stand for your money so go check them up.

X-Stand Treestands The Mantis Climbing Sticks

  • Dual-tube construction enhances balance and durability
  • Steps angle away from the tree to provide more space
  • Serrated edges and cutouts eliminate debris and prevent slips
  • Super-lightweight and easy to transport

More durable and more balanced than traditional single-tube stands, X-Stand Treestands' The Mantis Climbing Sticks feature dual-spine technology in the form of two lightweight Pro-Lite aircraft-grade aluminum tubes to deliver years of outdoor use. Its steps are angled away from the tree trunk, providing ample space and improved clearance for hunting-boot-clad feet. Foot pegs boast serrated edges and cutouts that let mud, snow and ice fall away as you climb. Sticks nest within one another to make transport a breeze. Super-strong ratchet-strap attachments for a secure hold. Includes four sections with steps placed 12" apart. Product meets industry standards recognized by TMA.
Steps: 31"L x 10"W.
Wt: 2.5 lbs. each.
Wt. capacity: 300 lbs.

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 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

API Outdoors Alumi-Tech® 20-ft. Quikstik™

  • Five 4-ft. sections
  • Assembles with ease
  • Secures to tree with cam buckle straps and snap pins
  • Aluminum construction

API Outdoors' Alumi-Tech 20-ft. QuikStik aluminum construction lightens your load while still providing plenty of strength to get you up to your stand. Five 4-ft. sections assemble with ease and secure to your chosen tree with seven cam buckle straps and four snap pins. Product meets industry standards recognized by TMA.
Ht: 20 ft.
Wt. capacity: 300 lbs.
Wt: 21 lbs.

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Hawk Mega Step™

  • Self-starting threads dig into hardwood
  • Solid, oversized steel step with raised end
  • Reflective end help you locate your stand at dusk

If you're packing your stand in and out, the Hawk Mega Step is the perfect climbing solution. Self-starting threads quickly dig into dense hardwoods. The solid, oversized steel step has a raised end to provide a secure and stable climb. Reflective step end allows you to locate your stand quickly in the dark. Easily store away in a backpack or cargo pocket. Compact and easy to carry as an alternative to bulky climbing sticks. Per 8.

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