The Best 3 Person Tents

  1. Coleman Hooligan Backpacking
  2. Toogh Camping
  3. Coleman Tent Darwin
  4. KAZOO Outdoor Camping
  6. Coleman Tent Octago
  7. FE Active Camping
  8. Crua Outdoors
  9. Big Agnes Copper Spur
  10. Eureka! Family-Tents Tetragon
TOP #1
Coleman Hooligan Backpacking 3 Person Tent 2021
Coleman Hooligan Backpacking 3 Person Tent 2021

  • Polyester
  • Made in the USA or Imported
  • Lightweight camping tent designed for backpacking
  • 8- by 7-foot interior with covered vestibule fits up to 3 camp pads
  • Fast 10-minute setup with snag-free continuous pole sleeves
  • WeatherTec system and full rainfly keep interior dry and comfortable
  • Full mesh interior for better airflow
  • 3 Person Tent 2021
TOP #2
Toogh Camping 3 Person Tent 2021
Toogh Camping 3 Person Tent 2021

  • High-Quality Waterproof Fabric
  • 100% Risk-Free Purchase
  • Exclusive Patent
  • Unique and fantastic design
  • Camping Tents with Dual Doors
  • Six Angles Design
  • 3 Person Tent 2021
TOP #3
Coleman Tent Darwin 3 Person Tent 2021
Coleman Tent Darwin 3 Person Tent 2021

  • Lightweight and easy to pitch three-person dome tent: Easy to pitch; highly flexible and light fiberglass poles withstand even strong winds; ideal for camping, hiking, or festivals
  • Well-designed camping tent
  • 100 percent waterproof
  • Practical storage space
  • Sleeping area 3.8 m², living area 2.3 m².
  • 3 Person Tent 2021
TOP #4
KAZOO Outdoor Camping 3 Person Tent 2021
KAZOO Outdoor Camping 3 Person Tent 2021

  • 210T
  • KAZOO family camping tent provides excellent convenience 
  • Made of 210T Rip-stop polyester. 
  • KAZOO family camping tent offers 2 large and dual zipper doors
  • KAZOO tents are 100% inspected before delivery. 
  • 3 Person Tent 2021
TOP #5

  • Waterproof polyester fabric
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The inner size of this tent is 80.7*39.4*39.4 inch.
  • Multi-function Footprint 
  • Practical Designs
  • Repair kit 
  • 3 Person Tent 2021
TOP #6
Coleman Tent Octago 3 Person Tent 2021
Coleman Tent Octago 3 Person Tent 2021

  • 360-degree view plus enhanced ventilation
  • Sturdy and easy to pitch family size octagon tent
  • Fully-integrated groundsheet
  • 100 Percent waterproof
  • Enhanced size: 2.7 x 2.7 x 1.47 m (LxWxH); 1 bedroom: 7.5 sq m; pack size: 65 x 20 x 20 cm (11.6 kg); sufficient tent pegs and sturdy; carry bag included
  • 3 Person Tent 2021
TOP #7
FE Active Camping 3 Person Tent 2021
FE Active Camping 3 Person Tent 2021

  • DESIGN: The Banff was designed by outdoor enthusiasts from California, USA. 
  • DIMENSIONS: The base of the Banff tent is 94.4 inch long, 82.6 inch wide, 53.9 inch tall and it weights 5.1 pounds.
  • FEATURES: The Banff tent is easy to set up and break down.
  • 3 Person Tent 2021
TOP #8
Crua Outdoors 3 Person Tent 2021
Crua Outdoors 3 Person Tent 2021

  • Laminated poly-cotton 80/20
  • 3 Person Tent 2021
TOP #9
Big Agnes Copper Spur 3 Person Tent 2021
Big Agnes Copper Spur 3 Person Tent 2021

  • 3 Person Tent 2021
TOP #10
Eureka! Family-Tents Tetragon 3 Person Tent 2021
Eureka! Family-Tents Tetragon 3 Person Tent 2021

  • Easy-to-pitch, familiar classic dome design allows for quick setup and pack out.
  • Hooded rain fly design and mesh windows provide cooling ventilation.
  • Design features such as a gear loft, lantern loop and two storage pockets along with quality materials and construction ensure years of trouble-free use.
  • Sleeps three people;
  • 3 Person Tent 2021

Coleman Hooligan Backpacking 3 Person Tent 2021

Coleman Hooligan Backpacking 3 Person Tent 2021

  • Polyester
  • Made in the USA or Imported
  • Lightweight camping tent designed for backpacking
  • 8- by 7-foot interior with covered vestibule fits up to 3 camp pads
  • Fast 10-minute setup with snag-free continuous pole sleeves
  • WeatherTec system and full rainfly keep interior dry and comfortable
  • Full mesh interior for better airflow
  • 3 Person Tent 2021

  • Item model number: 2000001978-Parent
  • Manufacturer: Coleman
  • Type: 3 Person Tent 2021

Quickly, set up camp after a long day on three-person backpacking, tent weighing only 11 8 pounds, this lightweight camping, tent packs down small and is easy to carry its 8×7 foot interior offers enough room for three camp pads and a fully covered. Vestibule helps keep the interior dry while providing additional storage space. The tent’s compact dome is designed to withstand windy conditions and the mesh interior promotes air circulation to help you stay cool and comfortable.

An interior storage pocket keeps essentials accessible guaranteed to keep you dry. The weathertech system features patented welded floors and inverted seams to keep water out, while a full rainfly extends to the ground for improved weather protection, check the link in the description below to get the most updated price in real time. You never know when these things might go on sale. What makes this product a smarter choice? Number one vestibule a fully covered vestibule keeps the inside of the tent clean by creating a dry entryway and extra storage space for your gear number, 2, pin and ring system.

A patented pin and ring system helps keep corner, pull connections from slipping number three storage: pockets. Stash small necessities with an easy reach and off the floor thanks to mesh pockets conveniently sewn into the side of the tent’s walls. Number four rainfly included enjoy better airflow thanks to the included rainfly that offers added protection in wet weather and allows you to crack your windows during a storm and still stay dry, and so much more thanks for watching.

I leave my affiliate links down in the video description below click on those links and they’ll give you most updated prices in real time. You never know when these things might go on sale. You.

Your Coleman hooligan 3 furs and backpacking tent first pick a campsite that is level clear of rocks and sticks, avoid placing your tent under a tree to set up your tent, lay it out flat and locate the door then place the tent so that the door is in the position. You want pull the corners to make sure the tent floor is tightened.

Now you can secure the tent by pushing the stakes through the Rings at each corner and into the ground, assemble the tent poles, so that they’re straight then insert the poles through the false leaves on the tent to create an x-shape push. The poles upward to raise the tent insert the pins located on the stake rings into the ends of the tent poles.

Next insert the tips of the vent pole into the grommets, which are the metal circles at the tent corners that protect the tent from being torn when inserting the poles. Now for the rainfly insert the vestibule pole into the pull straps on the underside of the rainfly vestibules are like mud rooms at the front of a tent or along its sides.

It provides extra space for gear now drape the rainfly over the tent make sure to orient the rain fly so that vestibule pole is in front of the main entry door insert the pins located on the stake rings into the ends of the vestibule. Pole, connect the elastic s hooks at the rainfly corners to the Rings at the tent corners secure, the rainfly to the tent pole, with the hook and loop straps located on the underside of the rainfly, attach and stake out.

The Illuma line, reflective guidelines, which are the cords attached to the outside of the rainfly, adjust the sliders to make sure that guidelines are tight to take down the tent, follow the previous instructions and reverse order for more information, visit, coleman, comm or download the Coleman app.

The Rocky Mountains in Colorado we’re gonna, be elk. Hunting, I’m gonna, be using this coleman hooligan three person tent trying to stay in it all week. We’re gonna see how it holds up. So here’s the first part of the tent setup. It’s a three person I’m using it as a one-person looks like I’m gonna have plenty of room for one person, so here’s our camping area so far, we’re gonna see if this tent keeps me dry for the full week and make sure that it holds up to the wind all right.

Here’s my tent I’ve got the Coleman who’ll again three person tent. It’s got this little opening here. Show you my setup, and here I’ve got an air mattress. I’ve got two sleeping bags doubled up here. It can get pretty cold at night. I haven’t got cold with the two sleeping bags. I got totes with my clothes in there. I got this pad right here. That’s good I can sit like this and take my boots off in case they’re, wet or snowy.

I. Don’t have to track all that into the tent. It’s three person tent, but I’m gonna trip. Like this, it’s just good for one person, I, think and then come out here and got the view of the mountains.

My comments that got brought up on all my videos was that I should compare so I’ve been on the lookout for a Coleman, hooligan and I finally found one and I’ve got it set up and I wanted to kind of run through some of the specs. Don’t like one of the biggest things that this thing is over 10 pounds. So I won’t say that this is for backpacking really, but it is for a very specific kind of backpacking if you’re going somewhere and you’re setting up and you look like a base camp kind of situation.

This is a good tent for that, if you’re through hiking or gonna be carrying it for a lot of distance or carrying it over multiple days. I really don’t think this is the best tent for that, but if you’re going, for example like up to a lake or up to a campsite that you’re going to stay for a couple days and then coming back out, this is a perfect temp for that. So this is the hooligan 3. It takes an impressive 14 stakes to stake.

This thing all the way out. It’s fiberglass poles and we’ll talk a little bit about that here in just sick, but I mean it’s an OK little tent got a couple of people that you can split the gear up between so first up, this tent has a great big vestibule and it’s got like I said: 14 steaks. Let’s take this thing all the way out. Ivan is saying all the way out. It’s got good venting on the sides which I like and I like that the rain fly comes all the way down to the ground.

You can see up here. You can tie that little vent out. There’s a window on the inside and I’ll. Show that to you guys here in a little bit, but you can see I didn’t even take it all the way out. There’s a couple of steaks that I didn’t didn’t even put out, but to get this thing even just kind of halfway up, you still need about 10 steaks. To get it all the way, all the way done. Opening that vestibule up, one of the things I do like is that the door packs down into this little mesh pocket here, which makes it really convenient to leave it open all the way.

So she’s not messing with that door as you’re camping. As you can see, it’s a pretty sizable vestibule I like that you can leave this door open. It’s really handy if you want to bent the tent out, especially if you know that it’s not gonna be really raining. You can leave this door open and you end up with a good sized vestibule space that you can toss your gear down, toss your packs down toss your boots or your shoes out so you’re not having to deal with your shoes inside the tent, like I, said it’s fiberglass, poles and one of the things I really dislike about Coleman tents is that they use this fabric.

Sleeve I would really prefer that they use Clips, if not just to save weight, but it’s just more convenient what happens over time and you can see on this tent I got this tent used and the the people that had it before me. Actually ripped the fabric, putting this tent up and so over time that fabric sleeves, especially if you’re, not putting it upright, will line up breaking down you’ll end up getting some tears in those fabric sleeves.

So one thing I do really like about this tent is it’s got a lot of ventilation so that you can see that screen goes all the way up to the top. It doesn’t have the two little gear pouches there, so you can keep some stuff in here. It’s got one on either side. This is a three man tent, but I think that realistically you could put two adults and maybe a kid or two in here. Another thing: I really like is this little window system and I’m gonna show you guys that here in just a sec, so, like I, said one of the things I like about this.

Is this the window system here, so you can manipulate your rain fly from the inside of the tent. So if it’s not raining outside, you can drop this down and you get a lot of ventilation here and you can zip this back up and you are fully engaged. But you have that ventilation. This ties out so you’re not seeing this inside and then yeah. If it’s starting to rain again, you just pop this back up and you’re fully enclosed again, and this is crisp.

This is the culligan three like I said it’s just one. Almost tents I think it’s gonna be good if you’re gonna be going and setting up for a little bit of time, but it’s not going to be a kind of tip that you want for a thru-hike or for some series backpack and when you’re putting on some miles again, it’s 10 pounds, 14 stakes and it’s a little bit of a bugger to put out. But it’s not anything.

That’s it’s out of this world I think if you’re going to you pack packing in the car with a couple of kids or if you’re going to be going with a friend and a dog. This is a great tent for that kind of situations so again hit like and subscribe and we’ll see how the next one until then have fun on the trail guys.

Hey guys from YouTube! Here is Léo Heringer From, the Coleman Hooligan 2 tent I, bought it at Mercado Livre From a store in a way known, Let’s open the packaging. Before I show you I’m going to say a few things about this. Tent It is a tent for 2 people, For two people in a sleeping bag or on a double inflatable mattress and that’s it OFFICIAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE, TENT, IN, DESCRIPTION, OFFICIAL, CHARACTERISTICS, OF, THE, TENT, IN, DESCRIPTION In case.

You have big backpacks, Sleeping and sleeping bags. A couple or two people will fit the backpacks inside the tent and STAY UNTIL THE END OF THE VIDEO TO SEE THE ASSEMBLY, STAY, UNTIL, THE, END, OF, THE, VIDEO, TO, SEE, THE ASSEMBLY has a breakthrough too It’s. One of the reasons I bought it STAY UNTIL, THE, END, OF, THE, VIDEO, TO, SEE, THE, ASSEMBLY, This tent has progress It’s, not a light tent But the benefits and features it has They made me choose it and the price It is a cheap tent for category and serves 2 people very well: CHEAP IN, QUESTION, OF, QUALITY, /, SIZE, /, WEIGHT, R $ 350, 00 It’s, not a small tent, but it’s, not too big for you to take a short walk from 2 days to 3 days to transport, especially if it is in 2 people for you to share the parts THE PESA TAL, 3, 7KG, (HEAVY, FOR, TREKKING, ALONE), Another, package! I thought these It’s, not the store’s fault, but Coleman’s It left something to be desired in the packaging.

I think I could have done more with these tapes. Good This is just a detail. You know, It’s, aesthetic, cosmetic, The bottom of the tent is all done in reverse. Stitching Her, waterproofing canvas is at seams. Also inverted This means that they make a fold to be able to do the sewing. The tent’s Espeques I’m, going to take a look at this to see the state of it. It is an interesting tent because it is all on canvas, Inside, Apparently, very resistant, but very heavy I would say that 0 4 kg of the tent are here in these specks Perhaps in the future.

Investing in duralumin spikes on AliExpress. It will be interesting to reduce the weight of the tent. It really looks like a very good tent There’s. No way Tent review has to set up the tent, so I’ll show you this tent set up So. Let’s go I’m recording a video here, No problem!! Pamonha’s car was bothering me more That’s. It folks So I’m, going to show you here: Already passed car of the mush each one winning their own.

That’s it I’m going to set up this tent for you to see BETTER TO FIX, THE, ESPEQUES, BEFORE, PASSING, THE, STICK, BETTER, TO, FIX, THE, ESPEQUES, BEFORE, PASSING, THE, STICK Because. Without the fixed stakes you will not be able to keep the bar upright BETTER TO FIX THE, ESPEQUES, BEFORE, PASSING THE, STICK So. It is very important. Now we place the anchor points: Para fazer, o avanço da barraca vamos precisar de mais, 2 espeques, The espeques are very rigid and very thick I, don’t know exactly the material if it is stainless steel or galvanized But, they just seem to be very resistant and well made.

Here is just one more actually. I was wrong. We can be holding here on the same spike. That’s it The tent is set up. Practically assembled Now, it’s just finishing for the tent to refresh the way she proposes I’m, going to show you the inside With velcro finish. It has a very good waterproofing, with double zipper and honestly I think this zipper came, inverted Usually, the Zipper you open it separating and close it together.

Very strange COMMENTS, THERE, IS, AN, EXPLANATION, FOR THIS ZIPPER It is a very large tent for two people. By making these finishes. You will have the external structure playing its role, leaving it away from the internal walls. Fixing here are you seeing !? and I will do that on the other side. This will also help with the symmetry of the ceiling. I will show you here. This is the logic of the zipper Separates opening and joins closing You close, but you have a feeling that everything is open.

I’m here with my head, almost touching on top there’s more space for one more person, I could have stretched better I was afraid to stretch too much, but I think it is part of her structure. My foot I am 1 83m tall. There was still space for a suitcase And, then for my wife, who will have a lot more space, there will be a lot more space for more bags or suitcases And folks. Look at this advance.

A backpack fits quietly. This one is like Assault, it’s not Assault at all, with an adapted first aid kit, mole, It fits very well You. Could leave your boots here or even use the stove under the tent As I was talking If, you use the spikes with these strings. You will give more structure. It will be stretched. The bad thing about attaching to the spike is because it loosens easily, as it can rotate Removing the outside awning from the inside.

You avoid condensation on the inside of the tent So that she doesn’t touch this internal screen. Final considerations there about this tent It’s, a tent for 2 people, comfortably I, would say that for a long, walk or several days, I would even recommend another tent. But if you are in 2 people It’s a tent that can be used by 2 friends, not too close, they may be using because it has a lot of space It’s, not a tight tent, but you may be dividing the inner part, the awning, the spikes and the stakes between the two people between the two people, so they can be transporting her.

It has 3 7 kg Exactly with all the equipment complete You may be exchanging specks in the future, for duralumin specks to minimize weight, or even the rod can be replaced with aluminum as well Those of flexible aluminum But. Anyway, you will spend more and maybe buy a direct tent. That has all these features comes out at the same price or even more into account. It is a tent that costs from R $ 350 00 But.

It was worth it It’s, a tent for 2 people right, ?!, As I am married. Then you will use me and my wife very comfortable It guarantees very good. Waterproofing I will be leaving in the description of the video its characteristics, including the water column. No description of the videos will always have information, including the social network. If you want have a closer contact with me and learn more about my routine and my life in relation to the outdoor world, which is what I post on instagram.

So the page is published down here: então vocês, podem, estar, seguindo, lá San forgets to LIKE SHARE And. If you are not subscribed SUBSCRIBE to the channel Beauty ?! See you in the next video! Coleman Tent Really man? It’s, not possible!,.

Here’s the coleman hooligan three person tent- this is 8 by 7 3 season. I got it Amazon for about 60 bucks, Coleman gone kinda for 500 and do quick review on it a lot of times. It’s good here’s the door. It’s got a huge door inside about that. They call he’s like the air fence or something they come out about a foot time out.

Nice feature about this: tent is I’m actually inside the 10 right now. I can zip this up if I want to and I shake it up like that now the mesh, if you get local hot and you can do that from inside the tent, which is good so walk around. Now, let’s go inside. It’s got a nice vestibule area here, put all your gear cooler stuff like that.

I know how you let get a little door space here: doors, easy, zip up, parallel mesh pocket right here. Put your stuff in use. The inside of the tent I got a there’s no spot to hang your light like no hook. This is, is the coleman light thing I got and what you do, there’s a metal piece. You put on the outside your tent and bring this to it.

It’s got a fan. It’s got a light. Here’s that thing I was talking about hanging on zip it now I’m on the outside of it heck in. I went to a little ring here that you just bring clip to kind of hard to do with one hand but anyways. That’s that I’m five feet tall and I can stand in here, I’m, a small guy. That’s why I’ve got two pockets got one there you got one over.

There got big door like I, said big door. You can fit one queen air bed in here. If you want to with some gear space fits three comfortably, probably I’m pretty sure would got a lot of ventilation on it. A lot of mosquito netting so and you get hot and salmon or something all you got to do- is keep this door open in that door or close.

This door is half this doors mesh. So better. You can list some of the vestibule up. There’s the air for house talked about. So this is my Coleman three-person hooligan tent that I got it ends on thanks for checking out. Please a comment like it anything you want to do and then thanks for watching I highly recommend it use it arrange for it works while milling.

That’s kept me warm, actually surprised about that, because I, it’s about 35 degrees, out, wise and I, got in the 20s slept in here. I was warm perfectly fine. I highly recommend set. Thank you for watching.

Welcome to the outdoor archives today we’re going to do an overview about a tent. No, not this tent. This was the one that my kids used in the campout we had with the hammock few weeks ago, and I really should have known better. But really this is the only breathable mashed part of the tent and after about an hour and a half two hours in the tent they were done was raining inside the tent.

It was just pulls of water collecting from the condensation, so I went on the hunt for something new, so I went onto Amazon and for about 50 bucks. I found me a coleman hooligan -. This is a two-person tent, but it’s pretty large. So it might even be good for three people we’re going to check it out anyway and for the price I really don’t have super high expectations, but we’re going to find a good place to set it up and we’ll talk about it as we unbox it.

Okay, so see it’s got a pretty robust carrying case here, see whether okay looks like it becomes being a a box that actually might be good, because, if you’re like me and when you package things and I’m package them, they have a first time fitting back in their original case. This looks like it’ll. Give you a little bit of leeway? Okay! So let’s look like it’s nicely wrapped up here.

This looks like we have a full system here, quite a few pegs here this looks like to fly and this is the tent itself, so we’re going to find a suitable place to put this up and we’ll get it going okay. So here we are our first time setting this up, so we’re going to get you buddy to do this. Where are the poles? You know how to put these together.

You can go over there and do it if you want I’ll, get everything else ready. Okay, so here is the fun okay guys this tent only has one pole, so we’re going to see how that’s gonna work out, what a good thing nice girl and my vision here, working for ya, not sleeping, not sleep. This is like a two and a half percent n I think we can probably, if two of us love this way and one of the little ones love that way.

Let’s try this way. Yep I got lots of room here. How for you, okay, you got a lot of room right, but give me hands here. So we’re got to find where the door and and zipper came apart a little bit. So that’s something to watch for welcome again I’ve, let the tent sit overnight. We were supposed to get a thundershower last night. We actually didn’t end up getting any rain, but we did get some high winds there about 25 20 25 miles an hour, just short, bursts and I think the tent has held up nicely.

I, don’t know if you could see it here, but some water on the outside of the tent here, because my trusty sprinkler system went off this morning. I knew it would and I just wanted to test out and see if we have any leaks or anything like that, so I’m going to go inside in a minute and have a look at that, but first I’m going to take a little walk around the outside and show you a few things: okay, so we’re just going to do a little walk-around of the tent.

Here you can see it’s really well protected from weather and despite its one pull design, it actually seems really sturdy I’m actually really impressed with that. One caveat to that, though, is I. Think that’s why there are quite a few tent stakes with this one. So I don’t know how you would like that or not here’s a nice little window, and you can see it’s got a little flap here and keep the weather out.

There’s extra tie-downs for bad weather, I put ammo because last night we were expecting some pretty bad weather. So, and here in the front, you see a little bit of a vestibule or gear storage. It’s not that big, but enough that you can keep maybe a couple backpacks, maybe a cool pair of shoes, something like that. One thing: I don’t really like and trying to figure out how I can deal with this.

Is this here see how it kind of just flops there and if there’s bad weather I, don’t think any rain would get in, but just seems like it’s a little bit a little too flappy for me. So I don’t know! Maybe I just got to stake it out better, but other than that it seems pretty good. We did have one issue yesterday with this zipper. You see there’s a zipper at the top and zipper at the bottom here and in between the two zippers.

This had just separated here and I just rolled this back on to it, and it seems to be fine and I’ve done this about 20 times to make sure, but I definitely will keep an eye on it, but I think it’s okay. So here’s a little vestibule vestibule area or storage area. You can maybe even take this out and kind of pin it out to get a little bit of airflow in there and if you don’t like it, you can actually- or if you just want it open.

You can just kind of roll. This up and I believe there’s a little gear tie here, but I’ll just throw it over there. For now and there’s a little, you have half the vestibule or storage area. It’s not that big, but does does do the job I think so, let’s, let’s crawl in the tent! Well, here we are inside the tent, not very tall I’d say it’s about I, don’t know four feet in the middle, but it’s like an a-frame structure, so you don’t have a lot of room on the sides but to sleep.

You’ve got eight feet from here to you, six feet wide and you saw yesterday. It was me and my two boys in here no problem at all so I see it’s a two-person tent and now you can keep your gear in here as well. That’s pretty good rusty fuel for gear storage, I, don’t know what it’s called. It’s a decent size. You can definitely keep a couple backpacks out there.

Couple pairs of shoes will keep them generally protected, there’s not a whole lot of storage options. There’s a few tie down a few loops in here. There’s a pocket right here will show you see that they’re just a little storage pocket- and let me move you over here, so here’s a nice little window good size. Actually you have to unzip this and then you can unzip the outside all at all pretty decent, and you know what it’s actually really sturdy.

So all in all I think I’m pretty impressed. The airflow looks like it would be really good in this tent. We will that will definitely test that out as soon as you can in the land. We well guys I. Think that’s gonna conclude my review of this pen really it’s an overview because I haven’t slept in it yet, but we will do that in the coming weeks, but and I’ll update you any any issues or anything.

But overall this is a $50 tent Coleman markets it as a backpacking, tent I. Don’t know about that! It’s a weighs in about 9 pounds and for a two-person tent it’s about four and a half pounds of person. You could probably get that down. It came with a really big case in a car in a cardboard box, and maybe you can leave some of the stakes at home and replace them with lightweight stage.

You probably it down to about 8 pounds anyway pretty easily, and you know, even if two people carry that’s four pounds of piece, it’s a bit bulky I mean it’s doable but I’m sure there are better options out there and I. Don’t know if you’d want to take this up into the mountains or anything like that. It is a $50 tent. Let’s remember that right but er, you know what looks like it’s got good airflow, it’s got good space and it seems to keep the water out, at least from a light shower that I tested it from so I think all in all its going to get a thumbs-up.

If you liked this video, please like comment and don’t forget to subscribe, to got videos coming in every week. Thanks.

Toogh Camping 3 Person Tent 2021

Toogh Camping 3 Person Tent 2021

  • ✅【High Quality Waterproof Fabric】Outside tent with a waterproof level of 3000mm is made of 210D oxford fabric + Silicone Coating. The tent floor with a waterproof level of 10000mm is made of 210T
  • ✅【100% Risk Free Pirchase】: Are you unsatisfied with the our tent? we offer 24-hour customer service and a 12-month satisfaction guarantee for a completely risk-free purchase. If there are any problems with the tent, please e-mail us. So do not hold back any longer
  • ✅【Exclusive Patent】 Use high-grade Oxford cloth, fine workmanship.Please select genuine Toogh for purchase
  • ✅【Unique and fantastic design】The tent is Super easy to set up and take down in only 60 seconds,Simply lift up the top of the tent and it will automatic installation. Press the end of the pole at moment which poles have yellow labels, automatically folding tent
  • ✅【High Quality Waterproof Fabric】Outside tent with a waterproof level of 3000mm is made of 210D oxford fabric + Silicone Coating. The tent floor with a waterproof level of 10000mm is made of 210T
  • ✅【100% Risk Free Pirchase】: Are you unsatisfied with the our tent? we offer 24-hour customer service and a 12-month satisfaction guarantee for a completely risk-free purchase. If there are any problems with the tent, please e-mail us. So do not hold back any longer
  • ✅【Camping Tents with Dual Doors】Ultralight tent with extremely dense mosquito net, provides better ventilation and protects against mosquito bites. This waterproof tent has 2 doors, offer easy access, The mesh windows allow the breeze to come in and keep the mosquito out
  • ✅【Six Angles Design】More Stable in the Windy and Rainy Weather According to Mathematical Theory,can accommodate at least 2 adults and 2 child
  • 3 Person Tent 2021

  • Product Dimensions: 41 x 6.6 x 9 inches; 13 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: Toogh
  • Type: 3 Person Tent 2021

Coleman Tent Darwin 3 Person Tent 2021

Coleman Tent Darwin 3 Person Tent 2021

Coleman Darwin
The Coleman Darwin is ideal for short camping trips or festivals due to its compact packing size. The spacious sleeping area of the tent holds. The spacious porch area with groundsheet is ideal for storing gear and is large enough to sit and relax if the weather takes a turn for the worse. Quick-pitch extended dome structure with ring and pin pole attachment.

  • Lightweight and easy to pitch three person dome tent: Easy to pitch; highly flexible and light fiberglass poles withstand even strong winds; ideal for camping, hiking or festivals
  • Well-designed camping tent for three person: Several ventilation flaps for optimal air circulation avoid condensation; mosquito net in the inner tent; inner pockets for mobile phone, glasses, keys
  • 100 percent waterproof tent: 3000 mm water column in combination with taped seams and fully sewn-in groundsheet, absolutely waterproof and bug free; UV Guard 50+ offers high protection from sunlight
  • Practical storage space: The small vestibule is large enough to store luggage, equipment and shoes; small pack size and low weight make this tent ideal for trekking and daytrips in the outdoors
  • Sleeping area 3.8 m², living area 2.3 m², set up: Inner first; pack size 50 x 19 x 19 cm; weight 4.9 kg; hydrostatic head 3000 mm; including carrying bag with zip, guy ropes and sufficient tent pegs
  • 3 Person Tent 2021

KAZOO Outdoor Camping 3 Person Tent 2021

KAZOO Outdoor Camping 3 Person Tent 2021

  • 210T
  • ✔KAZOO family camping tent provides excellent convenience with an affordable price. This family camping tent has a spacious room (82 x82 x53inch) and two zippered doors to make it perfect as a family tent. One person could easily set up in 3 minutes. It provides protection from the sun, rain and wind for all outdoor activities. It is ideal to be used as a family beach tent or camping tent.
  • ✔ KAZOO family camping tent is made of 210T Rip-stop polyester. This family camping tent has passed waterproof test with a rating above 3000mm. The three fiberglass poles offer lightweight and sufficient stability for this family beach tent. The featured shape provides additional space for storage. It could bring you a perfect experience in your tour for camping, hiking, fishing or relaxing.
  • ✔ KAZOO family camping tent offers 2 large and dual zipper doors for easy entry and smooth closure; all seams are taped with waterproof materials. 2 windows and ceiling vents are designed to provide excellent ventilation. As a very convenient family tent, it works well on summer beaches, campsites or just on your backyard BBQ party. This multifunctional family tent makes your family closer to nature.
  • ✔KAZOO focuses on every detail to make the best tents for various purposes such as camping, hiking, fishing, surfing, outdoor BBQ, adventure, family parties and field trips. The high quality details include but not limited to smooth and reliable SBS dual zippers, mesh interior pockets, incredibly durable rip-stop fabric materials, full-coverage rainfly and firm lightweight structure, to stand up to your biggest adventures.
  • ✔KAZOO tents are 100% inspected before delivery. We have 2 major series: Camping tent series and Backpacking tent series. The Camping tent is designed with a high volume hub to maximize strength and increase living space by using best materials and techniques. The backpacking tent focuses on the ultimate performance such as lightweight, eco-friendly, super sturdy, and ultra weather proof. We offer 2 YEARS WARRANTY.
  • 3 Person Tent 2021

  • Manufacturer: KAZOO
  • Type: 3 Person Tent 2021

I’ve been looking for a two-person tent for the summer time, waterproof and spacious room. This tent is super easy to set up, maybe two minutes by two person. The instructions is very easy to understand. The space is enough for two people. There has additional space to put my bags. I also like the ceiling vent. It provide very good ventilation during hot weather. Good airflow is important. Two doors and two windows design is very convenient. As a two three person tent, there is mesh pockets to put small items window flaps and rain cover is provided.

I have used this camping tent during a raining day. It works well, it is definitely a waterproof tent. I love this outdoor camping tent. It is the perfect size for our family, two adults and one three years child. I also like the high ceiling of the camping tent. There is enough room for kids. Stay inside and play setup was easy. First time setup took us less than five minutes. Three poles make a steady frame. The connections of the poles are smooth. The windows are very large and can open it inside ceiling.

Vent is a nice design for provides enough light and airflow. There is mesh pocket to put small items and the zippers are waterproof steamed. Overall, it is a well-designed and high-quality tent. We plan to bring it to beach on summer time, and it should be works well as the sunshade family, beach tent for the sale price. This is a pretty good tent. It’s certainly the most cost-effective tent. I purchased to date. Writing this pre-camp experience, but after trial, unveiling blend up very easily looks spacious with lots of ventilation fit easily back into the carry-all.

Instructions are sewn into the carry bag. Brilliant post-camping, excellent, tent worked extremely well sets up in under a minute and most shockingly, a ball actually folds back up into its storage bag without insane amounts of effort. This tent is very, very spacious and huge. The built-in side is fantastic. It’s my favorite part of the tent. The hinge door is great velcro door with optional zipper. Closure is definitely a neat touch after loosening the tautness of the anchor ropes it worked.

Well, although it took us a day to realize there was a zipper closure on the door too. After getting it up, it was a breeze to take down and it will likely be much easier to assemble the second time around. Overall, it’s a good value for the price, and I love it here is my experience of this camping, tense, spacious, roman high ceiling. It fits two adults very well. There is still have additional space to put our supplies. The ceiling is high and there has ceiling vents easy to set up and break down.

Instructions are easy to understand. We spent three minutes to set up by two people. Airflow is good click link in description for more reviews. You.

Kazoo outdoors, camping, tent, provides features, set up was fast and easy. It could be done within three minutes by two persons. This outdoor camping, tent has a spacious room, 95 inch 86 inch and vestibule to make it perfect as a family tent. It could bring you a perfect experience in your tour for camping, hiking fishing or relaxing.

We try our best to offer you an ideal, durable family tent check the link in the description below to get the most updated price in real time. You never know when these things might go on sale. What makes this product a smarter choice? Number one kazoo outdoor camping tent, consists of two functional layers.

The liner is made of b3 mesh and 190 t breathable polyester rainfly is made of 210 t-rip stop polyester. We use the best materials to offer you a max durability. Tent this outdoor, camping, tent has passed the waterproof test with a rating above 3000 millimeters all seems taped with waterproof among all the family, tents on the market.

We are the one who focuses on high performance in extreme weather conditions. Number two kazoo outdoor camping tent has two doors and two windows to provide excellent ventilation. We design a porch to offer you a comfortable outdoor, camping, tent the front door could be supported to make a sun shade and the footprint is included in the porch area as a comfortable family tent.

It works well on summer beaches, campsites or just in your backyard. Barbecue party number three kazoo tents are 100 inspected before delivery. We have two major series: the camping tent series and the backpacking 10 series. The camping tent is designed with a high volume hub to maximize strength and increase living space by using the best materials and techniques the backpacking tent focuses on the ultimate performance, such as lightweight eco-friendly, super sturdy and ultra weatherproof.

We offer two years warranty and so much more thanks for watching. I leave my affiliate links down in the video description below click on those links and they’ll give you most updated prices in real time. You never know when these things might go on sale. You.

Kazoo outdoor camping, tent, durable backpack tents, two-person, hiking, tent backpacking, easy setup, three aluminum, poles, double layer, excellent space for the weight kazoo outdoor backpacking tent, provides spacious and ultralight tents with enough features it could be set up perfectly by one person within three minutes. This backpacking tent has a spacious room, 51 inc, hx, 82 inc, hx 39 inch and two zippered doors to make it perfect.

As a two-person hiking tent, the tent weighs 5 29 pounds which could be defined as a lightweight tent. It could bring you a perfect experience in your tour for camping, hiking fishing or relaxing balance of features and weight. Kazoo outdoor backpacking tent consists of two functional layers. The liner is made of b3 mesh and 190 t breathable, polyester rainfly is made of 210 t rip, stop polyester. We use the best materials to offer you a high performance lightweight, waterproof tent.

We specifically designed three premium: 7001 aluminum poles to offer sufficient stability for this two-person lightweight tent two separated porches are designed to provide additional gear storage room, best lightweight, tent kazoo outdoor backpacking tent offers two doors and ceiling vents to provide excellent ventilation, which also provide convenience as a two-person tent. This lightweight camping, tent, has designed mesh panels on the upper side of the doors to improve ventilation and view we try our best to balance the weight and stability to make a perfect lightweight waterproof, tent kazoo backpacking tent, provide you with spacious, room, multiple functions and good ventilation.

Kazoo pay attention to every details. Kazoo focuses on every detail to make the best tents for various purposes such as camping, hiking, fishing, surfing outdoor bbq adventure, family parties and field trips. The high quality details include, but not limited to smooth and reliable sbs dual zippers mesh click. The link in the description to get this product today at the best price.

Kazoo saturn, instant, large, tent built on innovation and reliability. Kazoo has never stopped exploring high products for outdoor tents. Kazoo provides a full range of reliable and professional products which including camping, tent and backpack, tent with kazoo versatile outdoor solutions. Your camping experience will never be the same check the link in the description below to get the most updated price in real time.

You never know when these things might go on sale. What makes this product a smarter choice? Number one spacious room and easy to install kazoo large cabin instant tent uses the cabin shape design to provide an incomparable volume. It can fit four adults very well. It is one of the most spacious instant, cabin tents of its kind as a most convenient four-person tent. The automatic function makes it a real large, instant, tent.

The setup was fast and easy. One person can put it up within 30 seconds, just like opening an umbrella number two waterproof and sturdy kazoo four-person camping, tent, has double layers. The liner is made of no c I’m netting b3 mesh and 190 t breathable polyester. The rainfly is made of 210 t rip, stop polyester and we use all the best materials to offer you a high performance, instant, waterproof tent.

This four person tent has passed the waterproof test with a rating above 3000 millimeters, to provide an excellent large cabin tent. We use ultra lightweight premium 19 millimeters aluminum poles to build a strong but light frame. Number three large, tent porch and optimized ventilation. Kazoo large camping, tent, has full mesh walls and ceiling to provide excellent ventilation. Kazoo four person, cabin tent is a cozy place to stay in two large and dual zipper doors with seams allow for easy entry and smooth closure.

The zipped door can be supported to make a sun shade. Kids can take naps inside the tent and adults will enjoy their time outside as a very convenient four-person instant tent. It works well on most occasions and so much more thanks for watching. I leave my affiliate links down in the video description below click on those links and they’ll give you most updated prices in real time. You never know when these things might go on sale.

Do you.



  • Waterproof polyester fabric
  • ➤Lightweight and portable: MIS tent is consists of 100% waterproof polyester and withstand for a 2500mm rainfall. Packing weight is only 3.96 lbs which fits for backpacking travel.
  • ➤I Person Plus –The inner size of this tent is 80.7*39.4*39.4 inch. It is more spacious and comfidence for one person sleeping ,even put your personal effects beside.
  • ➤Multi-function Footprint — MIS tent includes footprint which can be a picnic blanket separately, putting under the floor of tent to protect your tent, becoming a sun shade with rain flysheet together in the summer.This 3 season tent benefits for beach, camping, hiking, climbing, music festival party ect.
  • ➤Practical Designs — On both side of tent door has big pocket that enough to put the magazine book and convenient to access. You can put light stuff like comb on the mesh ceiling. Half mesh design of the tent top great for watching the starry sky when you lie in the tent.
  • ➤Repair kit — The kit of this tent includes pole clips, guy rope and repair fabric. It can help to resolve some simple matters by yourself.
  • 3 Person Tent 2021

  • Type: 3 Person Tent 2021

Coleman Tent Octago 3 Person Tent 2021

Coleman Tent Octago 3 Person Tent 2021

Coleman OctaGo Tent

  • 360 degree view plus enhanced ventilation: Seven large windows and mesh roof for maximum air circulation; hinged door opens like a real door for easy access
  • Sturdy and easy to pitch family size octagon tent: Colour-coded steel poles for easy set up and good response to wind, flysheet can be removed and tent transforms into a bug-proof screen room
  • Fully-integrated groundsheet: Keeps the bedroom clean, dry and bug-free; camping tent can be used as a playroom for kids or as a great tent for festival gatherings
  • 100 Percent waterproof: Thanks to Coleman’s weather tec system with 2000 mm HH combined with taped seams and fully sewn-in groundsheet, this tent will keep you dry, whatever the weather
  • Enhanced size: 2.7 x 2.7 x 1.47 m (LxWxH); 1 bedroom: 7.5 sq m; pack size: 65 x 20 x 20 cm (11.6 kg); sufficient tent pegs and sturdy; carry bag included
  • 3 Person Tent 2021

  • Product Dimensions: 106.3 x 106.3 x 57.87 inches; 24.03 Pounds
  • Item model number: 2000035194
  • Manufacturer: Coleman
  • Type: 3 Person Tent 2021

FE Active Camping 3 Person Tent 2021

FE Active Camping 3 Person Tent 2021

  • DESIGN: The Banff was designed by outdoor enthusiasts from California, USA. It was created for the camper, hiker, backpacker on the go looking to save space and weight on their pack. This summer camping tent is the epitome of less is more by removing the complexity of hardware and settling for a firmly structured tent that is easy to setup and breakdown. This adult camping tent has one screen door to keep bugs out and a small removable rainfly that allows airflow for a comfortable night’s sleep
  • CONSTRUCTION: This family camping tent is constructed with durable 190T PU polyester and is additionally coated with a 1500mm PU making the Banff a water resistant tent. The included poles to provide structure for the tent are made of fiberglass. The Banff camping tent has a small rainfly to cover the top of the tent allowing for airflow during spring & summer days. The zipper has a dual slider to be able to open & close the tent from the inside & outside making it your ideal backpacking gear
  • DIMENSIONS: FE Active’s camping tent is designed for lightweight compact practicability for the outdoors. The base of the Banff tent is 94.4 inch long, 82.6 inch wide, 53.9 inch tall and it weights 5.1 pounds, which can fit 3 to 4 sleeping bags.When fully packed, it weighs 5.24 lbs and Its carry bag is 19.6 in by 5.9 in. Its compact nature is great outdoor fishing tent for adults and will definitely be part of your favorite camping gear making this tent your go-to camping accessories
  • FEATURES: The Banff tent is easy to set up and break down. It includes a high density mosquito mesh net with dual zipper sliders for easy open and closure from the inside and outside. Additionally, the tent has a built-in breathable screen on the top for better airflow that can be covered and uncovered with a removable top. The Rincon also includes hooks and a quick-to-reach pocket on the inside. This tent can also be used as a fun backyard tent for kids ideal for sleepovers or family trips
  • USES: Great Christmas & birthday gift for those that love hiking, camping, traveling, fishing, hunting, climbing, surf trips, rafting, canoeing, backpacking, trekking, and motorcycle trips. Perfect as a kids camping tent for sleepovers. Neutral design as mens backpacking tent and womens tent for camping. Add our sleeping bags sold separately to build your camping accessories gear bag. The perfect present to add to the camping supplies of those who love the outdoors. Ideal for an RV mobile home 
  • 3 Person Tent 2021

  • Package Dimensions: 17.32 x 7.09 x 5.51 inches; 4.6 Pounds
  • Brand: FE Active
  • Occupancy: 4 Person
  • Item Weight: 4.6 Pounds
  • Pole Material Type: Fiberglass
  • Seasons: Summer
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Type: 3 Person Tent 2021

Crua Outdoors 3 Person Tent 2021

Crua Outdoors 3 Person Tent 2021

  • Laminated poly-cotton 80/20
  • REVOLUTIONARY INSULATED PREMUIM QUALITY 1-3 PERSON TENT: Our patented TT Insulation layer keeps you warmer in cold weather and cooler in the summer. The insulation also provides significant noise dampening and almost complete light reduction.
  • ENGINEERED FOR TOUGH PERFORMANCE: This tent was over-built to be an investment that lasts for years to come. Includes Aero-grade aluminum poles, Patented DuraBreathe technology to prevent condensation, Waterproof, Puncture and Tear resistant 80/20 PolyCotton Fabric, built-in double thickness groundsheet, non-turning aluminum stakes, and luminous guylines.
  • LUXURY OUTDOOR GLAMPING: Enjoy a nearly blackout tent experience to help you stay asleep longer. The spacious 3 person footprint (6.5ft wide x 7.5ft long x 5ft tall) can fit a queen size mattress with room to spare. Also includes additional 3ft x 6.5ft of covered porch space that is wheelchair accessible. 80 sq. ft of total floor space.
  • TENT FOR ALL 4 SEASONS: This tent has been field tested in all types of extreme weather conditions. It has faced over 60MPH winds, frigid snow, desert heat, and torrential rain like a champ.
  • PERFECT FOR MANY USES: Designed for the most perfect sleep. This tent is ideal for hiking, hunting, fishing, base camp, festivals, beach camping, safari, and glamping.
  • EXCELLENT VENTILATION DESIGN: Large window design for enhanced airflow. Has an extendable porch. Great tents for 1-3 person for camping and Climate control for maximum comfort, all year round
  • WARRANTY: All Crua Outdoors products also carry a full two-year warranty against any defects in materials or workmanship.
  • 3 Person Tent 2021

  • Product Dimensions: 34 x 20 x 18 inches; 61.73 Pounds
  • Item model number: Crua TRI
  • Manufacturer: Crua Outdoors
  • Type: 3 Person Tent 2021

Big Agnes Copper Spur 3 Person Tent 2021

Big Agnes Copper Spur 3 Person Tent 2021

Our award-winning ultralight bikepacking tents are built for on and off road adventures with features you know from our best-selling line of Copper Spur HV UL tents. Newly redesigned with more interior volume and using stronger, lighter, more sustainably sourced fabrics. The Copper Spur HV UL Bikepack tent is enhanced and equipped with functions you need for two-wheeled travel, plus a few extras like the awning-style vestibule and our proprietary TipLok Tent Buckle to simplify setup.

  • THE BIKE-PACKERS DREAM – Single-track, two-track, and roadie riders rejoice; our two-door, two vestibule Copper Spur HV UL Bikepack tent is equipped with loads of bike-friendly features that add utility and luxury to your two-wheeled adventures. Now simplified setup with proprietary tent corner construction and unique TipLok Tent Buckle that combines three functions: secure pole-tip capture, rainfly attachment and tensioner, and stake-out loop.
  • TRAIL READY – Don’t hesitate to get dirty; This burly compression stuff sack is designed to withstand all the rigors of trail travel; Daisy-chain webbing allows for multiple bike-frame attachment configurations; 12″ Shortstik Poleset is ideal for packing onto handlebars, panniers and saddlebags.
  • ULTRALIGHT STRENGTH – 4-way, high-volume hub design increases strength by 25% and the useable interior volume by 20% compared to previous versions of the Copper Spur; Proprietary ultralight nylon double rip-stop, mixed denier fabric offers extra tear-strength and puncture resistance without adding weight; DAC Featherlite NSL pole system. Includes NEW lighter, yet stronger Dirt Dagger UL Tent Stakes with patent pending I-Beam aluminum construction.
  • BELLS & WHISTLES – Elastic webbing securely stores your helmet on top of tent body; Oversized ceiling pocket provides great storage space; one fly vent and low vent feature on the vestibule doors for increased air flow without sacrificing coverage; Color-coded webbing and buckles make setup easy; Standard rainfly included. Dry, dirt-free changing and gear storage with extended footprint creates a vestibule floor, sold separately.
  • TECH SPECS & WARRANTY – All Big Agnes products are guaranteed against manufacturing or material defect. If replacement product is not available credit will be given for the original purchase price when returned with a receipt. Trail Weight: 3 lb. 11oz.; Packed Size: 13.5 x 7 in. To extend the life of your tent floor, we recommend using a 2021 Copper Spur HV UL bikepack tent footprint featuring TipLok Tent Buckle – sold separately.
  • 3 Person Tent 2021

  • Manufacturer: Big Agnes
  • Brand: Big Agnes
  • Color: Gray/Silver
  • Item Weight: 3.8 Pounds
  • Material: Nylon, Aluminum, Fabric
  • Type: 3 Person Tent 2021

I’m here at the bike camp bike and boat camp on the willamette river in independence, oregon and uh, I’m gonna show you my new tent. I got and I’ve used it for this trip a couple nights so far: um, it’s the I’ll, get the name right, because here kind of long, it’s the big agnes copper, spur hv ul-1 bike pack. It comes with this bag, which actually I’ve grown to like here’s, the name of the tent there, it’s a little heavy for a bag, but you know it’s designed to go on the handlebars and it does fit in there quite nicely.

It’s been riding with really well. On the front of my bike. It’s got: cinch straps and velcro fasteners two different lengths of elco fasteners. It has four fasteners to kind of you know, so you can figure out how you’re going to attach it to your handlebars um. So here’s the tent uh, it’s a single person tent. They make a two person version of this tent, which I opted to get the single person version, because I really wanted to go kind of lightweight and I figured this is kind of a summer tent.

For me, I know in the winter when I do certain types of trips I like to fit my backpack into the tent. Of course you don’t have a backpack on a bike packing trip, but if it was winter, really I’d probably pull my saddlebags off and try to put them in here and stuff and um. You know there’s it is a little big for a one-person tent there’s this little extra space here- and this is this- is a wide pad by the way it’s a 25 inch pad.

Yet there’s still a good um 10 inches there for extra just stuff that you want right beside you and it kind of goes on down here at the midsection, it’s probably eight inches and by the time you get to the bottom down there. My 25 inch pad basically goes from edge to edge. Oh and there’s this kind of cool uh loft here this is really quite large. It’s hard to probably tell in the video, but, like you know, a helmet would fit in there really well, but you could fit whatever whatever you wanted to in there and they have uh lots of little tags.

There’s there’s actually three pockets up here, one here, one here and one here and all those little tags to tie things off there. There there’s like one two three: I can’t even count all the tags, uh and there’s another pocket there. That’s really the only lower pocket just that one, but it’s a good interior. You know I really been surprised. I’ve had one person tense before that. I just didn’t like because they were so small, but this has a this cross beam up here, um that really widens out the top of the tent and a little extra floor space and makes it feel really roomy for a single person, tent um and so yeah.

So I think it’s great for a summer or even spring and fall tint, just not like snow camping kind of tint. It’s got these two zippers, one that goes left and right and the other that goes up and down, and I’ve heard some people say they didn’t like the zipper like like they wanted. The type that goes all one zipper would go all the way around. You would actually still have two, but you know uh, and I can’t remember exactly what their thinking was on, why they didn’t like this setup.

But I’ve been using this and I like it. I don’t I just don’t see the problem with it uh. You know the door hangs off. Even if you don’t uh do any securing it hangs off to the side well enough to get in and out so I’ve been liking the door just fine, um yeah and then the fly uh. You know I when it’s due on it, you just flap it over and it stays. But of course it’s got all the toggles and these are actually pretty cool toggles uh, for when you do want to um put the fly up with the toggles.

They work really well. Uh. I’ve actually only used this one toggle. These two are, if you wanna, there’s a there’s another zipper right here that is like you can roll up this whole door, and I haven’t done that. I’ve only swung the door off to the side uh and in reality you know for a lightweight tent. I would just prefer they didn’t have this zipper here, because that would probably shave you know an ounce or so off the tent and reduce the stuffing size of the tent.

So I wish they didn’t. Have that really but uh. That’s the only negative thing I could say about the tent everything else. I like a lot um. I like you know I got it for a few reasons. One is the color in case I do some stealth camping two is the uh length of the poles. You know they, the poles go into this bag and they’re about basically about a foot wide. I think they might even be a little less than that, but somewhere in that ballpark you know they would they would fit inside here.

If I wanted to put them in here, they fit in between the handlebars they’d, probably fit in my panniers. If I wanted to there’s a little vent right here- and you know it- I think ventilation, wise uh, it’s a it’s standard uh, I like it so far. It seems pretty good and I had it has been wet. Here I mean the weather is really nice, but we’re getting a lot of dew in the morning because it’s actually march it’s kind of winter camping in the willamette valley, um.

One thing another thing I want to point out is I really do like the steaks that come with the tin, it’s kind of rare that I’m impressed with steaks but uh I’ll. Just pull this one out, show it to you it’s kind of a different design. It’s like a I-beam kind of design and it’s a little shorter than some stakes. I would say that’s about six inches long or something, and I weighed them and they’re actually really light.

You know the lightest tenth. Normally the lightest tensor stakes are um 10 grams, 10 or 11 grams, and I think these were like eight or nine grams each. So they are a couple grams lighter than your average ultralight steak. Without going to titan, titanium or something another interesting thing: is this stakeout on the side here, there’s actually room. It’s almost like another vestibule over here and I have been putting my helmet in my shoes and and then I put my tent bag over here.

So I put a few items over on this side under the fly to protect them and that’s great to have that extra storage. I could probably show you that from the inside um, because there’s actually one thing, I think if they took that zipper off the side, but in here really see there’s my stuff and that that’s about a foot at its peak, but it maintains pretty well. I think it would be cool if they had a little zipper here, like even just a little, not one to go through, but just a little like 10 inch zipper here just to reach out there and grab things from that, it would be kind of cool.

But oh and I made my own fly, I mean uh floor. What do you call those? I forget what goes underneath it uh but anyways. I just cut it basically to the specs of of the one you could buy and um, so mine weighs like three and a half ounces and the one that you can buy for this tent weighs. I think six ounces, so mine’s about two and a half ounces less, because there’s no uh hardware associated with it and it’s not there’s no seam on the edge.

It’s just cut fabric because I have some bulk fabric that I can use, and you know you can order fabric from rip stop by the roll. The vestibule has been great here. I’m able to fit everything I want under here for a summer trip- or you know, nice weather winter trip. It’s been really good. Zippers seem nice uh, the little clamps that hold the everything just you know it all goes really. Well.

These things click into place nicely. Trying to do it. One-Handed is a challenge, but uh reflective stuff. You know uh, I kind of wish they didn’t. Do that reflective stuff. There’s some there and there’s some uh here on these uh tie outs, and I wish they didn’t do it because it’s a you know. It’s a muted, colored, tent and uh. Why not? Just have it really be muted, all the way around all the time, because I think part of the attractiveness of this is potentially stealth, camping, uh, oh and the other.

So there’s three things: the color the length of the poles and the other thing. The reason really I got this to as well is that it is uh, basically, a freestanding tent um. Four of the stakes are the corners and then there’s a stake basically for this vestibule, which really doesn’t you don’t have access to other than just reaching, underneath it and obviously a steak for the main vestibule and then also a steak there to help with ventilation at the head end of the tent.

It’s funny they. They have another tie out here to tie out the foot into the tent, but they don’t give you a stake for that. It’s kind of kind of funny, so uh and, of course, there’s not enough stakes to do the tie out points which there’s really only two of them, one here and one here, um, but by the head end of the tent there’s. No other tie out points on the fly, so that’s interesting, but I get you know I mean not that the tent feels really unstable.

It’s pretty pretty stout. You know it’s like I said it’s a freestanding. Tint you’ve got uh this. I guess you call it kind of an eye. Beam construction. You’ve got a pole that comes up here to a hub, a pole that comes up here to a hub and then a single pole that shoots over the top and does the exact same thing on the other side, but in a smaller fashion it comes down here. It has a short leg there and a short leg there and then, of course, there’s the.

I don’t know what you call a brow pole across the top. That really gives you the interior space in the tent, and you can see this was like a feature they did for bike packing. They say, let’s put this cord up here, they said you could run clothes in here to dry them out. I don’t do that because really it’s wet up here, usually at night with dew. The only time that would work would be during the day, but during the day I’m on the bike so uh but yeah.

I think it’s a great tent um. It’s like a little over two pounds. I think, and it’s freestanding what else is there to talk about uh? I think that’s mostly it. So that’s my look at the big agnes, copper spur hv ul1 bike pack, tint.

Bike pack tent this specialized cycling tent, takes the award-winning interior space to weight ratio of a popular Big, Agnes backpacking tent and adds features that cater to cyclists on overnight or extended trips. Let’s set it up and take a closer look to set up this tent spread out the tent body and insert the color-coded pulls into the grommets, clip the tent to the poles and attach the cross pole stake the tent down, then throw the rainfly over and use the velcro tabs and the color-coded buckles to connect the fly stake out.

The vestibule use the reflective guidelines and tensioners to get everything nice and taut. This tapering tent measures, 38 inches at its widest point and stretches 88 inches in length, giving you 20 square feet of interior space. The single vented vestibule uses storm flaps and dual zippers to offer 9 square feet of weather protected external storage space.

The tent is supported by high-volume pole architecture, which uses a hub set of lightweight DAC Featherlite NSL pre bent poles to increase the steepness of the inside walls, so there’s more livable space inside the tent as nod2 cyclists. These pole sections are short, allowing the tent to pack down to 13 inches by five and a half inches to better fit panniers handlebars or bike frames, breathable mesh on the tent body, maximizes ventilation and reduces condensation.

The silicone treated ripstop nylon floor and rain fly made with unique high-density materials are further coated with waterproof polyurethane to provide weather protection. All of the tent seams are sealed, with waterproof solvent free polyurethane tape to provide even more protection from the elements there are daisy chain, webbing loops on the outside of the fly for drying, wet clothes or gear on the outside of the tent protected.

Under the fly, these elastic webbing to store your helmet inside a large shelf, takes advantage of the otherwise wasted space above your feet. An oversized storage pocket and integrated media pockets provide other storage options, lightweight materials, shortened, pole, sections and interior storage options make this tent a great full feature: option for bike, packing adventures and long distance cycling.

It’s the copper, spur hve UL 1 bike back tent from Big Agnes for the full specs and latest price click. The link in the description shop in wild calm for great deals on the best outdoor products, with expert advice and exceptional service, whether you’re hiking running or roaming, we’ll help you get the right here for your next adventure subscribe and follow the n wild crew for the latest reviews.

How to’s and backcountry education see you on the trail.

This is the copper spur hv UL, 2 bike, long-distance cycling and backpacking. This tent takes its cue from an award-winning Big Agnes backpacking tent and adds cyclist, friendly features like packable, poles, helmet holders and plenty of pockets. Let’s set it up and take a look to set up this tent spread out the tent body and insert the color-coded pulls into the grommets, clip the tent to the poles and attach the cross bowl stake. The tent down then throw the rain fly over and use the velcro tabs and color-coded buckles to connect the fly stake out.

The vestibules use the reflective guy lines and tensioners to get everything nice and taut. This tapering tent measures, 52 inches and its widest point and stretches 88 inches in length, giving you 29 square feet of interior space, 2, vented vestibules use, storm flaps and dual zippers to offer a total of 18 square feet of weather, protected external storage space. The tent is supported by high-volume pole architecture, which uses a hub set of lightweight DAC Featherlite NSL pre bent poles to increase the steepness of the inside walls, so there’s more livable space inside the tent.

As a nod to cyclists, these pole sections are short, allowing the tent to pack down to 12 inches by 6 inches to better fit panniers, handlebars or bike frames, breathable mesh on the tent body, maximizes ventilation and reduces condensation. The silicone treated ripstop nylon floor and rain fly made with unique. High-Density materials are further coated with waterproof polyurethane to provide weather protection. All the tent seams are sealed, with waterproof solvent free polyurethane tape to provide even more protection from the elements there are daisy chain, webbing loops on the outside of the fly for drying, wet clothes and gear.

On the outside of the tent protected under the fly, there are two places with elastic webbing to store your helmets inside. A large shelf takes advantage of the otherwise wasted space above your feet, several pockets, some with integrated media cord outlet, provide other storage options. The short pole, sections lightweight construction and a durable webbing covered stuff sack make this tent a great option for those riding the trails or the roads.

It’s the Big, Agnes copper, spur hv, UL, 2 bike pack tent for the full specs and latest price click. The link in the description shop in wild comm for great deals on the best outdoor products, with expert advice and exceptional service, whether you’re hiking running or roaming, we’ll help you get the right here for your next adventure subscribe and follow the n wild crew for the latest reviews. How to’s and backcountry education see you on the trail.

Bike packing edition- and that is the last time- I’ll be using its full title, because it is something of a mouthful I bought this to replace my old hoard power lizard that very sadly had to go to the big campsite in the sky and I used this. For the last three or four weeks of my tour this summer, I used it in the rain in the wind in the Blazing, Sun and I have to say, I, absolutely love this 10 it it’s better than I had ever hoped it would be, and I think I’ve kind of got to grips with it.

Enough now, I feel like I can do this. Video I can invite you in and show you around my little home away from home. We’ll start with it packed up. You can see it’s quite a tidy. Little bundle. I can’t remember what the exact weight is. The Big Agnes quote I weighed this this morning and it came in at just over one and a half kilos and that’s with the additional footprint and a handful of extra pegs left over from the old tent.

So it’s not the lightest tent. In the world, but it’s far far away from being the heaviest. There are a couple of features that we can see here that make this bike packing specific. The first is the bag itself, it’s made of fairly heavy-duty material. It separates the poles from the rest of the tent and it’s got various loops and attachment points all over it that let you rig it up. However, you want to your bike, other bags, etc, etc.

I, don’t really know how appealing this is. I mean the bag is weatherproof, but it’s not waterproof and I can sort of see myself in the future. Maybe dips in the bag completely and just having everything in a bar roll or something similar. But I guess that’s personal preference. The other bike packing thing that is very appealing is the short stick pole set I mean this says: they’re 12 inches long, but I actually think they’re a little bit shorter than that I’m, pretty sure you can pack this whole thing down to be less than 12 inches long, which means it will fit into small panniers or anything cages or hang nicely between drop bars.

If that’s your thing, there are a couple of other cycling specific features, but to have a look at those we’re gonna have to pitch it. There are three different ways to pitch this tent. The first one I’m gonna do is the fast fly approach, which is basically just pitching without the mesh in a part of the tent. This does require that you have the footprint which comes extra to the 10. It adds 162 grams to the overall weight and about 65 quid to the price, but I think it’s probably worth it in the long run.

This is a free-standing pitch, it doesn’t require pegs, but if you can get them in, it helps to stop everything blowing around that. It also gives you a bit of extra space by holding the rain fly open, I’m, not gonna, go into massive detail about how you actually pitch this 10, it’s incredibly simple. It’s pretty self-explanatory. There are colored straps on the corners of the footprint, which corresponds to colored straps on the corners of the main body, the rainfly and the ends of the poles, just clip them together.

It’s that simple, the poles are a single set that pretty much assemble themselves, except for the cross brace part which just slips into these little pockets in the roof of the rainfly. It’s very, very straightforward. So that’s the fast fly approach. It’s very quick, very easy! It’s good for stealth, camping I! Did a few nights on beaches like this I did a few nights in the rain like this. If you’re not worried about the cold and you’re not worried about bugs, then it’s a really nice quick option that will keep the weather out if you’re pitching in the rain, you can actually throw this up and then assemble the mesh inner part inside here like this out of the rain.

It’s a bit fiddly, though so, for the purposes of filming I’m going to take the rain, fly off again put the mesh in and show you setup number two I, don’t know I, suppose you’d call it the stargazer or something like that. There’s gonna be no rain and some amazing stars. This would be a fantastic setup again. It’s freestanding, you don’t need the pegs. They help it to stop blowing around. But if you were pitching indoors or in some kind of shelter, which often happens, then this can just stand up on its own.

It also doesn’t require the footprint, although it is recommended kind of reduce, wear on the base of your tent. So a lot cheaper to replace a footprint and aides to replace it with the inner part up. You can see one of the other cycle. Specific features is this little strap, which is designed to hold your helmet now. The argument is that this keeps it up off the ground and out of the bugs, but I have never found that to be a problem.

If I’m, honest I, normally hang my helmet on my bike. If it rains in the night, it’s a bit wet, but it’s made of plastic. It dries in minutes. That’s not an issue on the bike. The slugs don’t get in it here, the slugs, getting it I’ve woken up and found slugs all over this mesh, so this is not out of the slug reach and I would rather wear a wet helmet than a sluggy helmet. That’s not a very nice phrase, but this to me feels like something they added because they wanted to add bicycle things: it’s not very practical.

Once you’ve got the rain fly on and stuff in the vestibule area. This is pretty much inaccessible anyway, I don’t use it I used it once or twice and now I don’t see the point of it. So that’s all pitched and guide out properly, and you can probably see it’s a really sturdy little structure, there’s very little movement in there. Even when the wind really gets blowing. It hardly does anything flapping, it’s very quiet which is very nice indeed, also because there’s so much space between the inner and the outer it means you don’t ever have to worry about there being contact between the two and any water getting in that way, condensation wise, it’s yeah, it’s all right, it’s not brilliant, but then our only tents there’s quite a lot of space between the bottom of the fly and the ground and there’s a ventilation opening on one end which which helps I had a few morning’s when it was damp on the inside of the fly.

But nothing too serious. Nothing are to complain about now. We’ve got the fly on. We can see the last of the the bike packing features, which is this strap of loops along the ridge line here now. The idea of this is that you hang wet stuff in it. Gloves I, don’t know, base layers and things and it’s a place for them to dry. To be honest again, this to me just feels like something they added because they had to add some bike.

Packing stuff. I did hang a few things in there, but it’s really the best place to do it generally. There’s gonna be a tree or a hedge or your bike, or just make a clothesline out of paracord. You don’t want wet stuff hanging or lazy, attend I, don’t know again it’s there. If you want to use it, but I didn’t find myself using it very often at all. So now we can get down to the really important features front door.

Nice, big front door rolls up right out of the way to give you a really good view. If, like me, you like to spend mornings sitting in the door of your tent drinking a coffee watching the world go by, watching the Sun come up or the rain come down whatever. This gives you a really nice view, and it does keep the rain out. Even when it’s open, you can also roll up the other side. If you want a bit of a panorama, I generally didn’t, and it was fine for me, but the options there.

If you want it, the zip is very lightweight and does have a tendency to snag a little bit on the material, especially when you open it from inside. But it wasn’t a huge issue. You just just something to consider not yanking the zip open. Every time you go and you just got to be a little bit careful inside the main door. You’ve got your vestibule area, which is very usable space. Actually, if you use the footprint, you get a nice waterproof floor which helps keep the outside outside and not in the intent.

There’s plenty of space for a couple of panniers and then to cook as well. If you should need to the inner door, has a two zip opening run across the top hye-won? What’s the bottom, the doors it’s nice, it falls out of the way it falls down towards the foot and it doesn’t hang on the floor. It’s not in the way. If you really need to clear the decks for action, you can roll it up, and that gives you a nice space to sit in and enjoy.

Waking up. You can also see how dish to the inside is. You’ve got at least six inches of waterproof step. That again just helps to stop bugs and grass and damp and slugs and ticks and werewolves, and all that sort of stuff getting into your tent into your nice dry sleeping sanctuary, and so we come to the interior, the most important part of the tent. This is a one-man tent, so you’re not gonna, be having any parties in here, but it is surprisingly spacious, I’m six foot, one and I can easily sit up straight in here without my head touching the roof.

Even when I’ve got my big thick therm-a-rest camper mat in here, I can still sit up comfortably in it. I can also lie down and stretch out without my head or my feet, touching either end if you’re not freakishly tall you’ll be fine in this tent and usually they’ll still be enough room either down beside you or up by your head to have a small backpack or some valuables, or what have you that said? There’s really good storage in here as well.

There’s a big pocket down the side down here: there’s pockets in the roof up here, three of them, one of which has a little notch, cut out the side. So you can have your headphones hanging down phone in the pocket, listen to podcast or whatever, while you’re in bed and then down that end. At the foot end. There’s the mother pocket, which is huge. All of these pockets are really spacious. You can get a lot of stuff in them and the nice thing is, you can really load them up and it doesn’t make the tent sag it doesn’t distort the shape of it at all.

It’s a very sound kind of structure if you’re the sort of person who travels particularly heavy or you’ve just got lots of stuff that you actually want to keep in the tent with you. Then there are options for even more storage. There are these loops sewn into the ceiling, and you can use those to rig various different gear. Lofts you have to buy these extra and I really haven’t found the need for them, so I haven’t looked into it, but that is an option.

That’s there. If you want it so summon you can see really well now we’re inside is what I mentioned earlier about the mesh being very, very thin doesn’t block any light at all. If you like, sleeping in pitch darkness, this might be an issue for you. It wasn’t for me, but there is a little strip at the bottom of her hair I think they call it no seeum mesh, which is just enough to cover your shame. If you decide that you just have to take your pants off in your tent, but you can’t be bothered to zip up the outer door.

Well, I think that just about wraps things up really I am super happy with my new little tent and I’m looking forward to many more adventures with it in the not-too-distant future. Hopefully you found some of this useful or interesting or entertaining I’m. Assuming you did you made it to the end. Congratulations please consider subscribing liking, commenting all that kind of jazz. There will be more reviews and more riot videos coming soon, I hope until then happy riding all you.

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Giving a long-term review of the tent that my partner and I took around the world with us on our cycle touring, slash bike, packing trip, and that is the big, agnes copper spur high volume, ultralight 3 all right, let’s get into it! Welcome back, I’m ryan from the rad bike adventure the place where we talk about all things, cycle, touring, bike packing and anything bike, lifestyle related.

So if you’re into that sort of thing or you’d like to be hit that subscribe button. Okay, so, like I said we’re talking about the big agnes copper spur tent today and as I said, my partner and I took this thing around the world, so it has seen a lot of action. I don’t know exactly how many nights we spent in it, but I’m going to get an approximation, I’m going to put that number down here, but quite a few nights.

Suffice it to say we bought this in 2018, so it is not the newest model, still a great tent and a lot of similarities to the newest tent. So I think that if you’re searching that this will still be a really really helpful video, for you first thing that it comes to mind is that this has been a very, very reliable tent. I mean, like, I said, a lot of action in all sorts of conditions and it’s held up remarkably well.

So this is the three person tent and one thing that we really liked about. The three person is that there was so much room inside the vestibule. This thing is crazy: it has 41 square feet of room and having that extra head room and just extra space, all around was really really nice. It made the tent super livable. We were very, very comfortable in there.

You know writing in your journal reading just hanging out. It did not feel claustrophobic, I mean you can see. This is definitely not a claustrophobic tent. So if you’re looking for something that has really high comfort standing, I would say without breaking uh your back on the weight. This is definitely a tent to look at. Let me just climb inside, so you can see I’m 5’4 for reference, but if I’m in here there is so much room and again like it’s not fully staked out right now, but lots and lots of room there are pockets on either side.

Here I believe the newer version comes with a pocket that comes across here like an extra gear pocket. So that’s a really nice accessory and then also there’s like a little thing here, so you can put a light which we would do and then there are these gear pockets up top. So that was really nice to be able to like slide your headlamp in there or a book, or you know if you’re drying some wet damp clothes from the trail.

That day, oh hi puppy coming in you want to join in here, you want to see how you can fit inside, hey, say all right so or you can say this is a one person, two dog tent. That would definitely work well. Can we fit two humans and two dogs so another bonus with all that roominess. You also get two doors and I cannot emphasize how much we loved having two doors darren.

Did you like having two doors? Yes, darren’s, filming by the way that is my partner in adventure, and you can see our whole trip up here. I always have to shout out the the vlog but yeah having two doors really really useful. It’s got dual zippers once you get the zipper started. Obviously this would be staked down. I really had no trouble zipping it open or zipping it closed and again the zippers have held up really well occasionally there would be a little snag, but nothing bad, and I really like this feature, because, if you’re lying inside the tent and you decide you want to grab something out, all you have to do is unzip this.

You know, reach your hand out, grab your water or whatever you left out and then zip it back up another positive about this tent. Is it just? Has the two cross poles I’ve done this before I swear that are all connected by this guy here and then this single pole going across. So the setups is super super easy and it’s very very fast to set up, I think, within five minutes we would have the body and the fly and everything staked out no problem with two people.

One person still pretty easy to set up and definitely doable. So I think that this is a great tent if you’re having you know if you’re traveling, with a partner and one person setting up the tent and the other person’s doing something else, you can definitely set it up by yourself. So this is a double walled. Tent the seams are all fully sealed when it comes so that’s really nice, some tents, you have to do seam sealing, but you don’t have to do that with the big.

Agnes copper spur the footprint we bought the footprint and we found that that really really came in handy. I like having the footprint that they make. I know you can just use other sorts of tarps and stuff, but it was really nice to be able to attach the fly right in there and that’s how the fly attaches it just clips in there.

We never had any problems with any of those pieces breaking at all and yeah lightweight, very durable. We really had no damage to the tent over this amount of time since camping a few times with our dogs. We now have a few little nicks in some of the fabric and it had it got a little bit damp. While we were traveling and some of this, we probably didn’t dry out enough, so we did get a little bit of kind of mold going on there, but again nothing.

That’s really caused any serious damage to the tent, and that is after a year and a half of use. So I mean I think at this point. It is time for us to upgrade to a new tent which I’m gonna get to at the end of this video. Let’s talk about uh ventilation, because I think that’s always really important double wall. You don’t usually have too much of a problem with condensation and we definitely did not maybe a little bit when it was really really cold outside and we were like completely insulated, but really not bad at all, and as long as we were able to pop open the vent hole on the rain fly, which I will show you, we had no problems.

One thing I will note, though, is if it is raining. You cannot have that vent hole open. You have to close it because we actually thought something was wrong with the waterproofing in our tent, but it just turns out. It was leaking through that ventilation hole, but you also get tons of ventilation with all of this mesh. So we really never had times where we felt stuffy or overheated in this tent, really really good breathability windy conditions.

We found that it held up pretty well, except for when the wind was insane, but I mean those were probably I don’t know 60 mile an hour winds right, it was wasn’t it like 80 or 90 kilometers, or something 50 mile an hour. Winds, nothing broke, so we were good. You know we really had to tie the guy lines out, there’s plenty of guy lines on this tent to get a really really tight fit when you’re out in the elements we’re having some issues with it kind of trying to collapse in and we had to hold it up, but I think that’s that’s any tense.

If you’re looking in this price range, okay, I’m going to put the rainfly on and then we can talk a little bit about the waterproofing and I can just see how it looks with the rainfly on by the way, if you’re liking. This video make sure you smash that like button, it helps the video and helps other people to see it thanks all right.

So, while I said this time is like super super easy to set up, there is one thing: that’s a little tricky and that is getting the fly to sit in there perfectly. It’s not really difficult, but it’s definitely a little bit harder just to um. You have to really give it a good pull to get it to sit in there, but then it’s nice and taut.

It’s the only hard part of setting it up, but it’s not really that hard gives it a nice pot to pull across the top there and then show you how this clips in just really really easily and if you’re, just using the tent body, then obviously go there. But since we have the footprint, then I go to the outside one. It also makes it really nice if you want to move your tent before you’ve staked it down, because everything is connected there and then this also, you can snug down by pulling this and get a really really tight cinch on your tent with guy lines.

Here’s the guy lines here also has like little bits of reflection, which is nice if you’re in the dark- and you want to be able to find your tent- also comes with a set of stakes and that’s a good way to reduce some weight is you can buy like ultra light stakes if you’re looking to reduce the weight? Okay? So now you can see what I’m talking about with this the single vent hole.

So this is the one ventile that you get on. The rain fly obviously we’d, have it fully staked out, but just for the purposes of this video we’re being a bit lazy but right there. So if it’s raining, you’re, probably not going to be able to keep that open, I mean if it’s just drizzling you’ll be fine, but otherwise you need to put this down and then you’ll have no problems with waterproofing whatsoever.

Okay, so this is what I’m talking about with the vegetable, so really nice, big vegetable. Here it’s got velcro to attach, but also two zippers one at the top one down here. So that’s kind of nice. If you just want to do a step through, you can leave this down at the bottom and still climb through ignore the the bike grease.

That’s going on right here so just like that you can just leave it down or you can also just tie uh just pin one of these down there like that and then you’re going to be able to enter from this side here- and this is a really nice place to store your panniers or other gear, your backpack, if you’re doing a backpacking trip, the newer version also has a zip on this side.

So then you can make this into a sort of awning, which I think is a really really cool feature for the newest version of this tent. I can tie this up. I also noticed the newer version has more ties. I think, because it is that awning. So that was the only kind of downside I thought too, is that I had wished that this maybe could tie up somewhere here, but they have fixed that in the newer versions.

So that was the only other kind of downside that it would kind of not stay as well as I had hoped, but again not a deal. Breaker really wasn’t a big deal. We didn’t really put the tent like this. Very often for packability, you can get stuff sacks to make it a lot smaller, just putting the fly in the body in there, and these poles, I think, are 20 inches long.

We just had a classic bike, touring setup so having it on the back. Rack of the bike was absolutely fine, but again, if you needed to go smaller, you could I’ve read of a lot of people using stuff sacks and fitting it no problem in their packs and then just putting the poles on the outside. So when I’m talking about weather, like I mentioned before, we did get into some extreme wind situations.

We had some serious pouring rain in new zealand and taiwan and it held up beautifully uh one night in new zealand. It got to, I think, negative five degrees celsius and we had a heavy heavy frost on the tent that night we were a little bit cold, but I think that had more to do with our sleeping quilt, which is definitely not rated that low.

But that being said, it was definitely a lot warmer inside the tent than outside and it still held up no problem with all that frost on it. It is a three season tent, but we pushed it to the extremes and hey. It did the job. The other thing about this material, while it is very, very light, so the fly and the bottom of the tent are made out of the same thing.

It’s the 20 denier rip, stop nylon, which is really great repels water, amazingly, but it also absorbs a little bit of water, and I did read a review that said that these tents do tend to retain some of that water a little bit more than other ultra light tents, and we did notice that so when it got wet, it was kind of a heavy bundle and it was a little bit like.

Oh, this is not an ultra light tense anymore. You can see the how much bigger it is. Usually it’s like a tiny little thing, really lightweight. It’s probably tripled in weight now with all the water that it’s absorbed, it’s just that type of material. So you can kind of see it’s like really saturated, like it’ll, keep the water out when you’re inside the tent, but it absorbs it so much that it feels really really heavy when you’re packing it away, but once we got some sunshine on it or were able to hang it up, it dried very, very quickly we’re drying out our tent.

It’s working, it’s working! Actually, it looks like a little parachute back there come on come on good girls. Yes, back to camp wandering puppies back to camp. Do you want to hear my final impressions? Girls? Do you want to hear probably not all right, so the tent that has gone around the world with us? Would we take it again? Absolutely 100? I think we can both say that we were stoked on this purchase because we originally were just going to take an older tent that we had, but once we realized this tent would give us about.

I think 15 square feet more of space at a lighter weight. We thought it was absolutely worth the investment and I would definitely buy it again. It just ranks at the top of tents, and that is definitely for a good reason. Now, it’s not a cheap tent. It is 500 at regular retail price, but you can definitely look for deals around black friday time during the holidays.

Rei usually has a 20 off, which is what we used when we bought this tent. So that brings it more around the 400 usd mark which, again for how many nights that we spent in this tent for how much comfort we got out of it and for its durability. I think that is well worth it and we might be looking at the ultralight four to fit in with our two puppy dogs, so that might be the next purchase get a little bit more space in there a little bit more comfort.

So, overall, we highly highly recommend the big agnes copper spur tent for all of your backcountry bike. Packing needs, especially if you want a little extra comfort and easy setup durability and just plain livability, it’s a very, very comfy tent. So we give it two rad hands up hope that review helps in your search for the perfect tent, and we will see you in the next video.

I would go for one that is green or brown or sand. Colored. That way, you can do wild camping if you’re, a bright, orange or red tent good luck, hiding that in the backcountry, oh yeah and there’s links down in the description. If you are thinking about buying this tent, it will help support our channel if you buy through those, so really appreciate it all right right on.

Two anyway, I love. My people find a rub here, thanks for checking out the video today we are talking about my Big Agnes copper, spur H, vol 2 tent, but more specifically, we are talking about this groundsheet that is produced by Big Agnes sold separately MSRP a whopping $70. However, I was luckily able to get this for cheaper because the agonist released a new version of the tent and obviously all these retailers are just trying to get rid of their old inventory, so over the winter I purchased.

This haven’t been able to use it. Yet, obviously, we’ve been locked down. It’s been a weird summer, so far a lot of crazy stuff going on in the world, but yeah, it’s been a weird few months, that’s for sure again, I apologize for the noise I’m here in the backyard of my apartment building and there are construction sites all over the place.

So hopefully this little localized microphone with this mini wireless transmitter that I’ve been testing out will do the trick anyway. So about a year and a half ago, I put out my review of this tent up until I released. My backpack video about my Osprey Stratos 34. This was by far my best performing video. If you haven’t seen it I definitely suggest you go check it out.

Just give you a little bit of background for what inspired this video so anyway, in that video I made the argument that you really shouldn’t buy this, because this is already a four hundred and fifty dollar tent and you can basically get the same effect by using just a cheap, regular tarp and you wanna know how go check out my other video, but in this video I’m gonna test this out, based on some of your recommendations from the comments with that video and will maybe talk about some potential alternatives afterwards, once we see how this increases the functionality of alright, let’s open it up, so we got some packaging here, shove that away for safekeeping comes a little drawstring satchel unnecessary if they had included it in the actual tent, but I guess I’ll.

Take it see here’s my main gripe with this type of a thing: it’s like buying a knife that doesn’t come with a sheath or a camera that doesn’t come with a battery I mean you need this to use the tent properly and Big. Agnes really should include it for that high $450 price point compared to the rest of the tent. This is probably the easiest part for Big Agnes to produce it’s just a rectangular tarp smaller than most tarps, that you would buy for other purposes, probably the same material as a rain fly.

They don’t need to do any fancy stitching. This is probably the easiest part of the of the whole package to produce and it cost $70 and so I’m. Assuming that the company makes the most amount of profit off of this compared to the actual tent, that’s why they sell it separately. I’m, not gonna, criticize shrewd business decisions.

Obviously that’s up to the company, but when it comes to reviewing these products, you just really want to see companies going out on a limb for their customers and I. Think by selling these ground sheets separately. Big Agnes is not doing that. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna set up a tent with this and talk about all the different options that this specifically provides that you can’t get out of some sort of DIY version or a average cheap tarp that you get off the shelf.

That’s you know only five bucks or whatever alright. So let me read some of the comments on my last video so that you can get an idea for what I talked about. Oh got some comments on new video okay, so one suggestion that I got more than once was to use Tyvek, which is a building material used to waterproof the outside of buildings before they put the facade or the paneling on it’s a sheet material.

You can get at most hardware stores. Anyway, a lot of people were saying that that’s a better alternative to the blue tarp. Just because it’s lighter and it’s cheaper, you can customize a tiny size haven’t tried that yet, but I already had a blue tarp, so there was no need for me to buy any of that. Hiking with Gus the cattle dog says: I use a chunk of tie back with adhesive strips that have grommets on the end that you can attach to Tyvek sheets.

It’s cheap lightweight and durable yeah. That sounds great okay, Sofia private says honestly, I’ve always just gone to the dollar store and bought a cheap, shower curtain, cut it to size and use it as a footprint, never had any problems. That sounds like a great alternative as well, so there are a lot of different DIY substitutes.

You can use for these ground sheets, and you know, to be perfectly honest: I only purchase this for the sake of this video to address some of the recommendations that you guys put in the comments. I only justified that decision by way of the fact that this tent and this ground sheet are on sale right now because of the new version that Big Agnes released so yeah, if you’re in the market for a tent I would definitely recommend going with the old version of the Big Agnes coppers 4-h, for you all to that’s the one that I have because it’s on sale for a significant discount I actually just got a comment today, Jessie Carlton says I bought this tent due to your review.

Thank you, you’re. Welcome glad you found it helpful anyway. He also says, plus it’s on sale at REI for 291. That is a good deal. Stephen Jenkins says great review bud. Thank you. He says: I live in Scotland and I hike in the highlands. I was watching a see if the tent could be set up using a setup in the rain using ground sheet and setting up the poles first I think from your review.

This is possible and with little work with a sewing machine and some eyelets, no reason why you couldn’t replicate the ground cheat from cheaper, cheaper contractors. Tarps so same idea, F Matt says Tyvek house wrap works well for a ground sheet. You might pick a scrap piece up at a house site just ask permission to keep the peace.

That’s another great recommendation, this guy Joseph dragon. This guy actually recommend that you do buy this groundsheet because he says the third advantage of buying the Big Agnes groundsheet is that it enables you to set up your tent in the rain while keeping the main part of the tent dry, the poles attach to the ground sheet, and then you can attach the rain fly.

And, finally, you attach the tent itself, while under the shelter okay, this guy CW Gibbs says the same thing. The only reason I might buy. The footprint is that it would allow me to set set up the tent in a steady rain by setting up the fly onto the footprint first and then by setting up the actual tent inside the fly out of the rain fairy dust says the same thing.

The best thing about having a matching ground sheet is being able to set up the footprint and the rain fly and then go inside and set up the inner tent. That way, you don’t get any rain in your tent during the setup. Okay, so anybody who recommended that I purchased this all has the same reason and it’s basically so that you can set up the rain fly first with the ground sheet.

So then you can go inside the rain flies and then you can set up the rest of the tent from underneath it so that you don’t get wet when it’s raining. My first reaction to these comments was, you know: I’ve set up my tent without a matching ground sheet many times in the rain and yeah. You do get a little bit wet, but if you just do it quick, you don’t get that wet and it makes no difference because you’re body heat from inside the tent is probably going to make that moisture evaporate anyway, and if it doesn’t, you got a little wet it’s part of being outside.

However, I can see that on principle, it makes sense why you should avoid getting wet at all costs. Obviously getting wet and the wrong weather conditions can lead to hypothermia. That’s very dangerous! You don’t want that to happen. Also. If yet, if you have a down sleeping bag like me, there is the possibility that it would get ruined in the rain.

Obviously it hasn’t happened to me yet. But look everybody’s experience is different and you know that’s what the comments are for so I appreciate those of you who have provided feedback and we’re gonna. You know, do some setup fest today and see see. What’s what alright, let’s, let’s set this guy up? Alright, so I’m gonna move over here, just because the lights a little more, even in the shade protip, if you’re filming outside during the day better to do it in the shade.

You know get those harsh shadows quite as much okay. So now we match up the orange poles with the orange pegs. Here we do the gray ones. Let’s slide it back a little okay. So now that we have the poles set up with the ground sheet, it’s time to put on the rain fly, so you make sure you’ve got your rain fly right side up then find the color of the buckles, whichever side you’re on just like on the bottom.

Here we got our two orange buckles here match up with this side and we’ll just do this action. So now, we’ve buckled the buckles okay buckle the buckles over here. Okay, so now we have what is essentially a shelter without a bug net. This will protect you from the rain, not so much the cold, but I think that’s kind of the point yeah.

Obviously it’s not staked down or anything. This won’t be flapping in the wind when you have it set up so yeah. That would come out to about here all right now that we’ve got this pup set up. Let’s take the rest of our tent hop on inside and see if we can get her set up without getting wet at all, even though this is an imaginary test, because it’s not actually raining but yeah I’m already sweaty.

So does that kind of no, but you go in here, come into my Clubhouse okay. So now we are in the tent protected from the rain. Gonna stake stake down this side of the fly, give us a little bit more space under here so on this part of the tent. There are these two clips on the top that hold the ridge pole in place up here.

So if you’re just chilling in here, you don’t want to use the bug net. There are little pockets up in the corners one here and one on the other side right here for this a-here ridge pole just stick one end up here like that and then stick the other one there. Okay! So now we’ve got a nice Ridge pole in here. Oh it’s hot in here very hot in here humid outside so now.

Let’s try to set up this. Is this tent again, you want to match up the colors same as before, so we’re gonna put the grey with the grey and the orange with the orange, and for this it’s a lot easier. You can basically just use these hooks and then just hook it to the poles you can see. So these are the clips that typically attached to this thing.

So once we get this clipped on here, we can transfer this pull to this clip, pull it out of its little sleeve and then put the clip on here shove it back in and pull this one out put a little clip on shove. It back in and then trap oh inside my outside tent outside the inside tent. So this is not the most graceful process.

I’ve ever experienced, I’m, sweating, profusely and I’ve already just like tripped over myself a few times. I think it would have been a lot easier to just set it up. The regular way and I might have gotten a little bit wet if it was raining, but I really don’t think that makes the difference. It’s definitely a lot easier to deal with a little bit of moisture than to deal with this pain in the rear end.

So there’s some food for thought. I hope that’s a helpful little tidbit of insightful information. Let’s get this my side hooked up here, that’s gonna go down! Well, so I’m not entirely sure what they want you to do here. Maybe they want you to take this out and then sandwich the two like this. Could that work? Oh, it’s a little harder! Stick that in this one first and then in this one wow.

This is a pain in the ass okay. Let’s do the other side! Okay, you got that side. We’re gonna go inside the tent so that I don’t get wet on the theoretical outside of the tent. All right we’re in our tent. Now we’re just going to open this door on this side so that we can do the same thing over here. Okay, so we’ll take this corner of the tent unhook, this grommet from the fly and the ground sheet insert the tent pole into the grommet for the actual tent and then reinsert it into the grommets for the ground sheet.

That’s attached to the rain fly over here. Okay, that’s done! Okay! My official conclusion after setting up this tent from the inside, is that I stand by what I said in my last video. You do not need this stupid ground sheet. It is a waste of money and the effort that it takes to set up the tent from the inside out is not even close to being worth it compared to the little bit of moisture that you might get on your clothes or your tent.

If you set it up the regular way in the rain, so I say about what I said in my last, video buy a cheaper tarp or do one of the people in the comments suggested, buy a piece of Tyvek or cut up a shower curtain, or something like that, so that it matches the size of the footprints of the tent and you’ll, be just as well off as anyone who paid $70 for the ground sheet.

That was a lot of effort to prove a point that I already thought I made, but hey that’s what this dialogue is for and I would still appreciate you guys giving feedback on my opinions and what I say in my videos. So that we can continue to learn about this type of stuff, this channel is really all about enjoying the finer things in life.

Obviously, that’s something that you know it’s been tough lately with what’s going on with the virus and everything yeah like personally I was supposed to get an MRI for my shoulder like months ago, and I only got it yesterday and then I finally got a haircut after that my brother had to cancel his wedding. It was supposed to be at the end of March yeah.

It was really big bummer that we had to postpone it we’re already most of the way into June and yeah, still not sure when that’s going to be rescheduled for my wife was redeployed from her usual podiatry department at the hospital, so she was redeployed to a kovat unit. They basically converted an auditorium into just this giant hospital ward for all these covert patients, and it was just a really nerve-racking and crummy experience to like send her off into a room full of sick people, and you know I really got to commend her bravery and her work ethic for putting up with that and I can only imagine how tough it was for her I mean it was tough for me like having her, go there every day and worrying about her well-being.

But you know that at least has subsided here in New York, and we seem to be past the peak so yeah, it’s it’s just been a real bummer. You know haven’t really been able to get out and film the videos. It’s part of the reason why I’m doing this in my backyard here I have a lot of footage from some really old trips that I’ve been putting out in the meantime and I hope you guys are cool with that.

Just because it’s it’s just what I have to work with right now and a promise that more exciting stuff is coming soon just got to play it safe and be responsible about proper social distancing and making sure that you’re not causing unnecessary strains on the medical professionals and emergency services that might need to help people dealing with the kovat situation instead of coming to rescue someone like me or you who’s out in the woods and hurt their ankle or something it needs to be evacuated as annoying and as rough as it’s been.

For me, there are plenty of people who have it way worse than I do even before this pandemic, just because of the circumstance that they were born into with everything that’s been going on recently with murder of George Floyd and all the other atrocities that have been committed against the black community in the United States.

It’s really a shame, and it’s not even a new problem. You know everybody deserves a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and it shouldn’t matter where you’re from or who your parents are or what you look like. Or you know who you love and yeah? It’s just a real shame. You know, obviously, if, if you’re a police officer and you’re watching this I, don’t hate you because you’re a police officer and nobody should hate you, because you’re a police officer, but I definitely do think that the black lives matter.

Movement needs more attention than it’s been getting, and you know it’s not something. That’s just going to go away. It just sucks that I I feel the need to talk about this, because it’s an extremely important issue and the fact that people are still not paying attention to it or they’re trying to ignore it or they’re trying to downplay the severity of it is just messed up.

I’ve gotten a lot of really nice comments up until now- and you know some people make fun of me and that’s fine I’m happy to have like a funny back and forth, and if I didn’t respond to your comment, you know of you criticizing me. It’s probably because I thought you were right and I was just too stubborn to say anything or I wanted to address it in an actual video.

Instead of a comment, but if you’re just going to sling hate and you’re, just gonna be nasty like I’ve seen on other channels, you’re just going to get blocked, because this is a community of learning and a community of togetherness and I want to encourage people to think that we’re all in this together, because we are I, want people to appreciate a love for the environment and a love for everyone’s ability to partake in that opportunity, which, unfortunately, is not the case.

I’m lucky. You know that I grew up in a well-to-do household. You know, I I am as privileged as they come, and you know I’m lucky that I have the ability to go hiking and to spend my time doing these fun things. You know, and just some people just don’t have that and you know yeah and that, on top of being like afraid to leave your home on a daily basis, just because you’re worried about you know getting harassed by the people who are supposed to be protecting you, that’s not what it means to live in a free country.

That’s the opposite of free and anybody who says or tries to downplay that you know it’s part of the problem and yeah. So you know feel free to have a discussion in the comments. But if you start saying racist start, saying hateful stuff you’re going to get blocked, you’re gonna get banned. I, don’t want you part of my community I! Don’t want you part part of this channel and I.

Want you watching my videos, I! Don’t want you benefiting from anything that I’m trying to provide, because you are detracting from society I’m, not saying that most of you are doing this. In fact, I hope that most of you have have a good attitude about wanting to help. People and I’ll be perfectly honest: I’m, not an expert I’m, not I, don’t have any first-hand experience.

Obviously I’m a white guy I’m. You know able to walk outside and hide behind the color of my skin every day. It’s just really not fair that people should have to live with. That fear. Obviously, I’m not an expert on any of this, as I said, but I’m going to leave some resources in the description about this crisis from people who are informed and who also I’ve gone through.

These experiences. I personally would really recommend this movie. I watched last night called just mercy. It’s with Michael, B, Jordan and Jamie. Foxx was a really good movie and it really helped. You know: I mean it’s not like it changed my mind or anything I already felt this way before, but it really just put me: it really helps put you in the perspective of people who are being oppressed and I think that’s a really important perspective to have into and to be aware of, and I think it’ll help with anyone’s ability to empathize with you know the black community and see why supporting their cause is the right thing to do.

I can’t even imagine what it would have been like to to grow up in in one of these neighborhoods. You know like in Minneapolis, where, where George Floyd was from I mean that video, if you haven’t seen it, you should definitely watch it. It’s it’s horrific, but it is important and just the fact that that can happen on camera and that people can still be against.

It is just mind-boggling to me, so you know what the next time you’re outside appreciating nature and appreciating the beauty of the world that you are so lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy just try to take a moment to think about all the people who don’t have that opportunity and how we can, together, as an outdoor, loving community, help create equal opportunity for for all people to to be able to enjoy the same things that we do.

I mean I, know I’m rambling here, but when I first started, this channel I was hell-bent on never talking about politics or religion. Even though I have a lot of thoughts on the matter, you know because they’re divisive topics and I wanted to create a place where people could come for for positive things and, for you know, good experiences and to learn how how they can create these opportunities for themselves.

You know I have a bunch of videos that I’ve scheduled. You know that I’ve released since this started. Going down- and it just felt very weird, putting those videos out you know, I did put them out, but I, just yeah I felt like I should say something because if, if even one person who’s watching this, you know who is maybe on the fence for whatever reason, because they were misinformed about the facts of the situation or something.

If one person can can you know, change their perspective and change their minds. That view I mean I, can’t believe I’m saying this because it should be a given like people are people and you should treat them the way you want to be treated as a person and yeah. It’s just sick. It just sickens me that that there’s so much abuse that goes on by the people who are supposed to protect.

You know yeah, it’s it’s just it’s really sad and it’s really messed up and if you want to go to a protest, I definitely think you should. You should support the cause. It’s an important cause, but I would say you know. Obviously coronavirus is still very real thing. You know you should practice proper social distancing.

You should wear a mask. You should wear gloves, especially you’re gonna, be around people and should wash your hands thoroughly and yeah just be safe out there yeah the right to assemble it’s the first amendment. So if you believe in the manifesto of the United States, then you should also believe in the manifesto of the black lives matter movement because they are one in the same I mean I, don’t know what more I could say about this, because it just seems so obvious.

It’s just like I’m working myself up here like talking about it. Just because there’s no argument, it’s just cruelty to human beings is wrong. Kindness to human beings is right. Okay, treating somebody differently because of the color of their skin is wrong. Yeah I, don’t even yeah anyway to all of you who have subscribed to this channel I wholeheartedly appreciate all of you.

You know it’s it’s! You know it’s been a journey for sure, we’re still very much at the beginning of this whole thing and you know I hope to grow a lot more over the next year. You know it’s it’s June now and you know last June I had less than 100 subscribers and now I’m like almost at 800 or something like that, and it’s grown a lot in the last few months, especially and and it’s like really just continued to speed up.

So thank you so much to all of you who have supported me and to all of you who have you know, posted positive comments and posted feedback yeah. So just a big thank you to everyone who has supported this channel up until now, especially my friends and family I know you guys I, probably sick of me texting you links to the videos that I’ve just posted, but you know I really do appreciate it.

So thank you very much, especially my wife, for putting up with me as I’ve, been making these videos in our living room and to everyone who has subscribed and who has you know been given the thumbs up or even thumbs down. You know, I appreciate the feedback. I’ve, definitely gotten some criticisms on some of my videos and you know I’m taking those seriously but yeah.

Mostly, it’s just been positive and so I really appreciate that and yeah. Thank you guys. So much and you know, let’s, let’s all try to help the world appreciate the finer things in life together and yeah. I’m excited to continue this journey with the rest of you. If you’re new to the channel I, usually post every other week and I, usually make camping, backpacking videos and gear reviews, so you know that content will resume next week.

I, just you know felt like I should yeah say, say this stuff, because it’s just really been on my mind and you know I I wanna I want to get better at you know, being a little more personal, and my video I definitely have been relying a lot on my scripting process because maybe I’m a little self-conscious about my ability to speak coherently directly to the camera, but yeah I’m gonna try to do more.

Videos like this, in addition to the other stuff that I’ve been doing I’m gonna leave some some resources down below that. You know. I felt were very informative about the current situation. That’s going on in our country- and you know, I’ll put a link to that movie. That I recommended I also will leave a piece by John Oliver, which I thought was very well put together and well researched and well well said, and then I’m gonna put two testimonials by by two African American I guess you know public personalities that I follow one is marques, Brownlee and KB HD he’s a tech youtuber who I really think you should check out, but he and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

You know he’s the curator of the hidden planetarium at the Museum of Natural History in New York. They both released sort of testimonials, I, guess titled. The same thing called reflecting on the color of my skin and they’re just about what it’s been like to live in America as a black man and I think that it’s very important to listen to these types of perspectives, because you know some people grow up in insulated communities.

I definitely know that I did and you know they may never be exposed to this information if somebody doesn’t show it to them. So yeah I’ll leave some some links down below to some resources, for that and I really do suggest that you listen to these testimonials by marques and by Neil deGrasse Tyson, and also watch that movie just merci, because you know these are important things and register to vote.

That’s probably the best thing you can do it’s an important time in our country, we’re going through some growing pains, and you know if we want to continue to lead the world in the way that we have. We need to get our act together because we’ve been setting a pretty pretty bad example. You know I’m, not gonna hate on any individuals.

I think that everyone has good in their hearts, but everyone also has the capacity for bad and I think it’s important for everyone in this age of information, where we have the ability to share our thoughts over the internet with people across the world that we open ourselves up to the experience of other people who may not have it as good as we do and understand why they’re hurting, because they definitely are- and it’s it’s definitely avoidable, so yeah I’m.

Sorry for rambling on for this long but I’m also not sorry because yeah this is important so anyway. That concludes today’s episode of the Feinberg Joe already tried the Big, Agnes groundsheet or one of the alternatives I’ve mentioned in this video or, if you’ve already seen one of the movies or the testimonials that I linked below I’d love.

To have you comment below, especially if you think you’re in Psych, and help me disprove something that I think I read. You know if you’re looking for new gear or planning your next trip, don’t let the small details stress you out, remember life’s an adventure, so relax, breathe in the outdoors and don’t forget to appreciate the finer things in life and also don’t forget to appreciate everyone around you, because we’re all people and we’re all in this together in this beautiful environment that we call planet Earth and we should do what we can to protect it and the people within it so that we can all live harmoniously and appreciate.

What is there to appreciate? And you know if we don’t we’ll all reap the the consequences of our misdeeds, so yeah just yeah in this age of information, where we actually have access to multiple opinions, and we don’t have to just wait for the one or two channels on TV to tell us. What’s what or the newspaper? Even you know, we have a responsibility to actively seek out the truth, and you know I feel, like my purpose- is kind of meaningless in a time like this, because yeah I just I really think that, in order to appreciate the finer things in life, you should first have to acknowledge that some people can’t in conclusion watch the links and the videos down below don’t buy this groundsheet.

Now I stand by what I said in my first video about this tent. You do not need this ground sheet. It is a huge waste of money. Anyway, that’s all for today, as the illustrious potato jet would say, remember to eat your vegetables and try not to act like a dick peace. Oh I screwed this up. This is supposed to be on the top oops.

This bar is supposed to be over the top of this, so that it rests nicely here. It’s still a pain in the ass, though, to set up from the inside. So I stand by what I said, even though I screwed this up also another pro tip I, don’t know if I mentioned it in the last video, but should never like fold up your jackets or your or your tent material should always smush it in crumple it up, because if you start folding it you’ll create creases on places where you fold, it continuously the same place over and over again and creases can lead to rips, and we don’t want that.

Do we okay, another technique, pro tip, get all the dirt out of your tent before you take off the before you take off the poles, just lift it upside down, get out all the dirty dirts and the Yuk Yuk’s. Therefore, back up pop-up up-up yeah did I. Look like dr octopus I’m gonna get you spider-man blah blah by the way who’s excited for that new Schneider cut of the Justice League movie I mean I.

Don’t want to get my hopes up or anything, but yeah I mean how often do movies get re-edited and rereleased like that, because they were bad the first time, not many, not many at all get off my tent, maybe ants! You know out away no ants allowed all right. The thumbnail should have done a thumbnail okay. Let me see if I’m in frame here, this tarp costs, $70 I only paid 50, but that’s still too much blueprint accomplished.

Bert he’s really ready to that thumbnail, dunno, okay,.

Today’s video I’m going to be reviewing the big, agnes copper spur hvul2 tent. If you are new here, welcome, I make hiking and backpacking vlogs as well as gear reviews and general tips and tricks videos. So if you are interested in content like that click that red subscribe button and the notification bell so that you are notified every time, I make a new video and if you want more content for me, go ahead and support me over on patreon for as little as one dollar, you can get two to three extra videos a month, so I purchased the big agnes copper spur hvul2 tent at the beginning of the season.

I think I bought this in may and I had had my eye on it. Multiple of my friends have the copper spur tent and big agnes in 2020 came out with a brand new design, so I was super super excited about it, so I went ahead and purchased it. The main reason I purchased this tent was the roominess as well as the fact that it is a free standing tent. I went backpacking in numerous places where a freestanding tent was going to be necessary and I’ve also backpacked in a few places where not having a freestanding tent was super cumbersome.

Before I show you all of the cool things about it, I just wanted to talk about some of the specs. It costs 449 95, so basically 450 dollars. The tent, along with the stakes, weighs a total of three pounds which is not super lightweight, but it is one of the lightest weight tents that you can get at places like rei, especially such a roomy, two-person tent. You have a 29 square feet of floor space. You get 40 inches of headroom.

So when you are sitting up, it is from floor to the highest point. It is 40 inches, which is super cool and I can actually stand in it not obviously upright, because I’m not tiny, but I can stand in it enough to where, like I can be bent over, and I can pull up my pants if I’m changing so that’s super convenient. So the tent comes with all of the stakes. The poles, the rain fly, does not come with the big agnes footprint that is an extra seventy dollars and obviously also not included in the three pound weight of the tent.

I just got some tyvek and I have cut it to size because I did not want to spend seventy dollars on a footprint. It is nice to have the footprint it does clip in nicely and and whatnot, but it is definitely not necessary and you can totally get away with going to a construction site and just asking someone for a piece of tyvek. It really does not take a lot and it will last you just as long as the footprint and it’s free, I’m just going to quickly set up the tent, and then I will show you some of the awesome features.

Hmm, so here’s the tent all set up as you can see, it was very, very, very simple to set up and, like I said, the beauty of it being freestanding is that you can literally pick it up and move it if it is not in a place that you desire it to be so. I have set it up completely, obviously without the rainfly and it’s uh freestanding. It just stands here by itself, which is absolutely magical to me, and I love it as you can see here, it has two doors.

So all of this is connected, except for this bar. This one is separate and you just kind of put it on top and then anchor it with this, and that creates that 40 inches of headroom that I was talking about for the ceiling that is 40 inches. So before I put the rainfly in I’ll just go inside and show you some of the inside features, so the zipper is pretty easy to do even with one hand- and you can take this and tuck it into here.

So the inside of the tent, as you can see, is super roomy. There are various mesh pockets. There’s one up above here then there’s a super super large one right here and then along the side. Here there is one on this side and one on this side. That is a lot of storage space and it’s come in handy quite a bit. There’s the other door, which is also really really convenient. If there are two people sleeping in here, it is really nice not to have to step over anybody.

You can just open the other door and get out because it is a two-person tent. It is so so so roomy for one person, I’ve absolutely loved having the extra space when backpacking being able to just put my gear in here and not even have to touch it or deal with it. When I’m sleeping and kicking it and whatnot, it’s just been a very, very roomy tent. I think really, what makes the difference is the headroom all the corners are raised up, whereas some tents, you know it slopes down and really you don’t have a lot of headroom, except for the very middle, whereas this tent it really just has a ton of headroom anywhere.

You are inside the tent, so I’m gonna put the rain fly on and show you what that looks like so so the awesome thing about the 2020 new copper spur design is that the door can be a awning as well. You have to have two trekking poles, though you unzip both sides and then, if you have two trekking poles, you basically poke them into these corners here and then in your bag with stakes. It comes with some horde that you can then guy line out your trekking poles so that they stay like this and you have a whole another thing of space.

That’s covered, so let’s say it’s raining or something like that. You could easily cook underneath your awning and not get wet, which is really really cool. Basically, I get super annoyed with this because I don’t use it as an awning and I find it super annoying to have to roll it up, and then there are these little hooks here that you can you know it’s just it’s super super obnoxious and cumbersome. I find so what I’ve been doing is I just take it and I stuff it up above and it’s gone, and I don’t have to deal with it, and that means I also don’t have to deal with it when I get into bed at night, and I don’t have to deal with undoing these little strappies and whatever I have, I just tuck it in and it’s it works super super great.

Actually, the vestibule area is definitely big enough for my backpack as well as my shoes. There were a few days where it was raining. I don’t ever keep my shoes in the tent because they generally smell, so I always keep them outside my shoes never got wet. I obviously keep my gear inside just because there’s room so I can, but if there was two people sleeping in the tent, you would definitely have your gear in the vestibule and it’s plenty of space your gear will not get wet.

One nice feature about the rain fly is that it has this little mesh window here that gets propped up by this little rod, so it does make it so that there’s air flow, and so you don’t get as much condensation inside your tent, especially if you are near water or if it is raining. I carry this tent all summer, long on all different kinds of backpacking trips, as well as when I went car camping. I did also camp in the tent.

It’s so roomy, there’s privacy. When you put up the rain fly. If you want to see the stars, don’t put up the rain fly and you’ll have the stars just up above you and it’s absolutely an awesome tent. I highly recommend it. I know it’s expensive if you take care of it, this tent will last you years and years. I highly recommend that at the end of the season wash your tent and your rain fly just with water, not put any soap or anything on it, there’s actually a tag inside the tent.

That gives you directions on how to clean your tent, and I highly recommend doing that at the end of your backpacking season. It will prolong the life of your tent just because the dust and all of that does eat away at the coating, that’s on the rain fly and it will make it not last as long and not be as waterproof. So definitely do that and your tent will last you years and years and you will not have to replace it.

This is my ideal tent. There’s honestly, not much I dislike about it. I love the features. I think big, agnes really created a awesome, awesome, tent design and the amount of headroom, I think, is probably my favorite part and the fact that it doesn’t taper much so that you have the most space you can get out of a tent. So if you are looking for a new tent, I will link this in the more info box below that you can buy it as well and we can be twinning out on the trail.

I hope you guys found this video helpful, make sure to follow me over on instagram. That’s where I post pictures of all my recent hiking and backpacking trips, and if you want to backpack and hike in this amazing state of oregon, check out my website, hike, oregon net and you’ll find tons of information there. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll catch you on the next adventure.

Hello Trail Fam So. Today we are going to look at my Big Agnes new tent, that I got When I was on the Appalachian Trail thru hiking I had a Lightheart Gear solo tent, and it worked really well during the trail and everything But I wanted to try something new um just to try something. New And I wanted to see how I liked the dome shape better than more of a triangle. Pyramid shape like the Lightheart Gear tent is But.

Here we go So. This is how it’s set up in my living room, I’ve got the Big Agnes Copper, Spur, HV, UL2 I, believe One of the reasons why I got it is because you can The orange part and the oh dear I forgot the name of it. The ground cover sheet um. You can set them up really quickly if it’s raining outside and get underneath a covered area. Now. This thing is a freaking palace!, It’s, huge So I, don’t know if I can back up far enough So if you can see kind of, like the pyramid, shape triangle shape, coming down? That’s, roughly about the size of my tent, that I had on the AT So.

The dome shape makes it a lot space, more spacious, However. Of course, this thing is a lot heavier compared to my trekking pole, tent But, yeah Just, one second I’ll open it up So. One of the reasons why I wanted to get a two instead of a one person tent is I, wanted the double doors Also one thing: I really liked is: there’s these big pockets on both sides plus little pockets down there. And then there’s just like different ways to open it up too One thing that I learned today was that this part here in the front, unzips and I did not know that But yeah I, don’t know I really like it.

It’s big I know this. Isn’t such a great review I can’t wait to Anyway, so I know it’s not the best review like I said, but I can’t wait to get it out. Camping, And testing it out and see how I, like it It’s to me. It’s really big And. It’s because of the dome part that seems so huge to me. It’s. Definitely heavier I! Think my tent on trail. Since it’s a trekking pole tent was like 1 8 pounds or something And.

Then this one, you know it has poles. It’s got extra parts in the sense of it’s got its own. Like rain cover fly And, then it’s got the actual tent and then it’s got the ground cover Instead of just like the Tyvek sheet that I had plus the tent that had everything kind of built into it. So this one I think is like two to three pounds? I’ll. Look it up and I’ll. Add it as a comment on here or something But, yeah Just, a quick look at my new home in the future On the PCT from what I was watching and stuff.

It seemed like a freestanding tent would work better for some reason to me on that trail than than a non-freestanding tent I. Don’t know why Maybe because I like having it where, like I, don’t have to rely on it being necessarily like pound, like the stakes pounded in the dirt, for it to function as a tent Obviously. You want to secure your tent, but like with the trekking pole tent. In order for it to stay upright, you really have to make sure that all of the tie outs are in the ground pretty well to keep it taunt enough, Especially, with the type that I had.

That was more of a pyramid diamond kind of strange shape compared to most tents, But, yeah, Anyways, I’m, rambling I just wanted to quick, show you my new home whenever I start to thru hike again And. What about you? What’s your favorite tent? What? Are you liking? What? Are you testing out? What? Are you thinking about buying? If I were to do another Lightheart Gear, tent I would change from a Solo to a Lightheart Firefly It’s got the two doors same shape.

It’s got better ventilation, So that if you’re looking into getting one of those tents, I highly recommend going for the Firefly instead of the Solo Anyways talk to you soon, Bye.

So, hey guys, ben with pathway, alaska here just wanted to go over another piece of equipment that I got recently. It’s the big agnes copper spur hvul3, it’s uh, an amazing tent as all big net big agnes stuff is but uh built as a three person. I’d say it’s more like a two plus a dog. Really, though um it’s spacious, but a little tight for three people. I would say I’ll. Take you guys inside here in a bit and kind of kind of give you an example, but it’s got a couple of configurations that you can set this thing up with, which is really nice.

I’ll show you that here in a second but uh, big, agnes, does a great job with their ingenuity when it comes to all their equipment. So let me kind of take you around and show you guys a little bit of this setup. So big agnes suggests, when you guy out the lines on this thing, that you pull the guy lines back to this center stake right here, as you can see, and they only give you one two three four five: six, seven stakes that come with a tent which I’m kind of disappointed in, but I see I I see why they do it.

They, according to big agnes. They wanted to save weight by going with as little stakes as possible. So I’ll show you on the other side here that how it should be set up now, as you can see, I’ve got the foot of the tent the guy lines staked out traditionally to the ground. Both sides right here instead of coming back to the center like big agnes suggests so when I have this tent up here at this exact location, I’m up at crescent lake in cooper, landing alaska and we’re known for high winds here right here on the lake front, the winds were just barreling down the hillside, down these mountains and came right up onto the shore and when the gusts would come I’d say they were at least 50 60 miles an hour and when they’d hit the foot of the tent and if your guy lines are staked together right here, I’ll show you uh.

This is how big eggness suggests you set it up, but if your winds are strong enough, they come and hit your tent. You can see I’m not pushing that hard on this thing. It really adds no support to the tank. I mean the poles and the fly aren’t really connected up top here and everything can just bow right in and that’s what happened when I was here before. Is the winds were so strong, the wind, the poles pushed right down, and then they eventually pop back up.

So by guying your lines out here to this center stake. It’s really not adding any support to your tank, so absolutely get yourself four extra stakes for this thing and bring them out to the bring them out to the corners and get them taut just like you’re supposed to, because now, as you can see, it doesn’t go anywhere, and another thing is big: agnes should have added another velcro strap right here up top, as they have right here at the guy point on either side.

There’s little velcro strips under here that you can attach the fly to the poles, which they should have done up here too, because you can see the pole doesn’t stay attached to the fly there. Is that one? So just something to be aware of so so now. Another nice feature of this tent is on the doors. What big agnes did was, allow you to unzip and there’s two tie-off points at the end of the doors and as you can see, this is paracord, but you can get guy line.

You can attach them here and here and if you hike with trekking poles, you got here. You can stake out your line like this. That’s your other stake. Go and now you’ve got yourself a sun shade like that. What you think is pretty nice all right now I’ll. Take you guys inside and show you why. I think this is more of a two-person tent, so I’ve got about eight inches here between my pad and the door, the other bag, pretty close together, the other side.

It’s got about another eight inches, so really, there’s not a whole lot of room so to fit three people in here would have to be pretty squeezed in now you got I’m almost 5 10. My head is just now a couple inches away from the head of the tent got enough foot room down there really, but steph had her feet down just a little too low last night and the bottom of her bag was touching the tent and it ended up getting just a little damp this morning.

It wasn’t bad at all, but uh yeah, it’s it’s a little tight in here for three people. So, as you can see, there’s two air mattresses right there. These are both 20 inch wide. So, as you can see, here’s two 20 inch wide air mattresses side by side with barely enough room to fit another one in there. So if there were three people sleeping on a standard, 20 inch wide pad, the people on the edge would be up against the sides of the tent and you’d be getting wet so just be aware and be a little cramped for three people, but for us, two plus a dog yeah perfect and you got storage pocket here.

You got storage pocket in each corner and you get another one right down here. So with the ability to add some up top, you got two vestibules one on either side. So still pretty happy with this thing, though, for an ultralight, backpacking tent. This thing, I think, is three pounds: six ounces and we like to go with our dogs. So one nice thing about this tent is we ended up, adding the tent floor protector to take you back in show you right here.

You can see it’s basically like a waterproof, blanket nice and durable. So your dogs can get all over your tent floor because this material is pretty darn thin. But this thing comes in at 11. Ounces covers the whole floor, space and clicks in with you. Attach these things the floor and it’s another big agnes product you just snap them in. If I can get it back in place there we go and your dogs can come in and out without tearing up this floor, and I still carry the uh footprint for this thing to protect the bottom.

Well all said and done packed weight with the tent floor protector, the footprint and the tent itself and comes in right at six pounds, which is still lighter than my eight pound gore pass three that I used to carry from big agnes, but pretty nice tank guys just uh only my second use. So after after I get used to this thing, a little more, I might do an update on the big, agnes copper spur hvul3. You.

Hello- and you know why we’re excited you know what we got. A tent yep you’re excited he’s like a little kid very first tent so and this. So what is it um? This is the footprint footprint. I have a lot to learn. I have everything to learn um, so we’re going to try and set it up and and see how it goes and we’re going to try and set it up without uh reading the instructions. So we’re going to see how that goes. Ah, yeah, okay, so we chose the big agnes copper spur hvul3, which stands.

The three is for three person right or for six foot, seven and five foot four person: ten right exactly. We really felt like we definitely needed more room than your average couple. First, we’re setting up the footprint yeah, I mean basically the foot. The idea behind the footprint. If I understand correctly, is it’s just to protect the the tent itself so that the lifespan of the tent will will last longer any kind of like um uh damage that would be normally caused to the bottom of the tent would be happened to the footprint which you can replace, which would be cheaper to replace it easier to replace and also we’re setting up the tent part here, the tent section over the footprint.

But there is the option of just setting up the footprint and then the rain fly on top of it. If, if it’s nice out- and you don’t need yeah, the tent part yeah and my favorite part of this setup- were the poles where they’re just already together, which is wonderful and the clips clipping the tent to the poles was great yeah. I mean I’ve, never owned a tent before um, but I’ve seen tints where you have to feed the poles through, and maybe that’s just an older through the material yeah.

But this the men, the clips, are so easy to use and the poles went together really fast as well right, and I just like that. There’s a lot of options like you can set up the vestibule. You can use the trekking poles to assist you with setting them up and make it like an awning there’s a lot of different configurations. You can open the window and prop it open. I mean the fact that we’ll both have a set of trekking poles and we can use them on either side if you want to you, could just roll it back like like we did, but yeah being able to have the trekking.

Poles is kind of a nice setup. I can see using that like just for shade. If you want to sit under the little awning part, there’s um there’s also this little uh venting thing on top um that you can see uh that just uh allows more airflow when you have the rain fly on there’s a lot of orange. A lot of orange can be easy to find. Yes, hunters will not mistake this, hopefully not we’re inside the tent got the tip set up. It wasn’t bad yeah. We I think it went together easy. We didn’t read the instructions or anything I mean.

We’ve watched a couple videos of people setting them up, but a couple uh but yeah, so it went together quick. I love that I am I’m sitting up right now, I’m not hunched over and I and I got some headroom, which is shocking. I mean we had to buy this in part because of his high 867, and so we needed something extra long and it fits great and there’s um, I’m going to turn it around. So there’s just all these pockets, where you can store things right up here, there’s um here, yeah, it’s great and so there’s two doors which is really nice.

So in the middle of the night um you don’t have to wake the other person up. If you’re getting out this um, it’s pretty nice. It is uh extremely hot right now, it’s july in florida, yeah, it’s too hot to be in a 10. We’re happy final thoughts. Uh! I I love it. I mean we haven’t stayed in it yet, but the yeah it went. It went up really fast. We’ve been um kind of playing with different configurations for the vest, fuel and stuff like that. But um but yeah, it’s great, that’s great.

I think two thumbs up for the big agnes we’re going to practice a lot. I think just putting it up taking it down so that we don’t have to think about it and what I want to do is practice putting it up in the rain. Yeah, like I mean that’s going to be amazing yeah. The appalachian trail has a lot of rain well, even in florida, so well yeah. So we just have to wait till four o’clock any day and we will get rain and then it would be good to practice, but so hopefully you enjoyed it and uh.

If you’re considering a tent um this I envisioned a much more difficult process, but it was great yeah thanks.

Eureka! Family-Tents Tetragon 3 Person Tent 2021

Eureka! Family-Tents Tetragon 3 Person Tent 2021

  • New for 2021, the Eureka! Tetragon NX 3, three person, 3 Season tent is an ideal choice for casual car campers. The durable frame and easy setup combined with smart design features make it the perfect car camping companion.
  • Easy-to-pitch, familiar classic dome design allows for quick setup and pack out.
  • Hooded rain fly design and mesh windows provide cooling ventilation.
  • Design features such as a gear loft, lantern loop and two storage pockets along with quality materials and construction ensure years of trouble-free use.
  • Sleeps three people; tent area is 49 sq ft; measures 7 by 7 feet (floor) and 4 feet 4 inches tall at peak; weighs 6 pounds 8 ounces (at minimum) and packs to 5 by 22 inches.
  • Includes Tent, poles, etc…
  • Ideal for: car camping, family camping, recreational camping, campground camping, beach camping, backyard camping, kayak and canoe camping, Overlanding, adventure camping.
  • Eureka! found its humble beginnings in 1895 and today their camping gear gives you the freedom to have fun – from tents to cooking systems, and sleeping bags to camp furniture – reliable, easy-to-use, and packed with features campers care about.
  • 3 Person Tent 2021

  • Item model number: 2629153
  • Manufacturer: Eureka!
  • Type: 3 Person Tent 2021

Hey everybody brian here with eureka, and today we are checking out the tetragon nx. It’s a great option for anyone who generally camps in fair weather and is looking for a user-friendly car camping tent now before we dive in an older version of this tent is actually the first tent that I ever bought back when I was in high school, it was a great tent that served me well for a lot of years and I’m really pretty stoked that this tried and true design is still in production.

So the tetragon nx comes in a two three four and five person model and I’ve got the three person model set up right here. As you can see, it’s plenty roomy. The three person model actually has 49 square feet of living space. 52 inches of headroom, so nobody’s gonna, be short on space inside whether you’re sipping coffee in the morning or playing cards at night.

The great thing about all eureka tents is that, unlike other brands, when they say three people, they mean three full-size people, so you’re not going to have to size up to fit your whole group in there. The tetragon nx has one large door here on the front that makes it really easy for everyone to get in and out of, and as you can see, the door has a built-in mesh window that you can unzip for more ventilation.

Now, speaking of ventilation, this thing stays nice and airy. Thanks to the hooded rain fly design and the mesh windows on all the walls, it keeps you dry when you need to, but it’s not going to bake you out, like other tents, can in fact the tetragon nx is so well ventilated. It’s best suited to warm three season, camping on the inside of the tent you’ll, find a gear, loft, two storage pockets for everyone’s stuff and a lantern loop here in the middle.

The tetragon nx is made with durable materials, that’ll hold up to years of abuse. The frame poles are made of fiberglass, and the frame design itself is a dome structure which keeps things really simple with just two poles. It’s super rugged but, more importantly, it’s very easy to set up and take down when your trip is over. It rolls down and packs away easily into its own carry case and it weighs just over six pounds, so it’s really easy to transport.

It also comes in these nice cool colors, so it’ll stand out from the other tents at the campground. Overall, the tetragon nx is a great option. If you’re looking for a solid car, camping tent, that’s easy to set up and will last for years.

Eureka Tetragon hd5 now for those of you that understand tent sizing. If a tent says it’s five men, you better be really really really friendly with about three of them. To me, a five person tent is a three person tent at best just because the way I haul gear and things like that and I wanted in this tent I wanted kind of the cross between you know a high-dollar, tent and and the bottom of the line I mean this is not a cheap tent.

Don’t get me wrong, but it’s not I mean some of the tents out there all have wheels on them as much as that cost. So I wanted something that was kind of a cross between that high-dollar, and you know good quality and and the stuff that’s almost throw away and I didn’t want that, but I’m then again I’m, not climbing Everest.

You know and and three season camping for me and Alabama means every once. While you got to put a fan in the tent and everyone’s like I got to put a heater in there, so I wanted one that I could haul with me. On the travels my gear, it was big enough to hold my cot. You step inside yeah I got mice, lumberjack, Excel cotton in there and I put my gear underneath there stuff it comes with these cute little things that you can.

You know, hang up little shelves and all that and I never do that. Those will probably throw so I, don’t use that kind of stuff. It does have pockets in each end. So if you need to put something in there like it’s like a shooting iron or whatever something you need to get to quickly, he could do that. It’s got plenty of ventilation.

Hey I got my little lantern hanging up there, so it does breathe real well. If you want to, you can drop that back fly a little extra extra air in it. It’s got a real good rain fly and rain fly comes pretty far down and the splash zone comes pretty far up and my main thing was I wanted a exoskeleton type frame for putting it up, because I tend to do better, putting those type of up- and you can see it in there, I tend to do better, putting that type of a 10, and so that was my one one other thing that I had to have: it’s got four guy wires, holding the outside of it.

You know plenty room, big door, nice square and and I’ve been real impressed with it. I had one other Eureka tent a smaller, a free man that I like the whole lot, that I use when I solo camp and but then I when I got to where I was using the cotton. More often I wanted something a little bit bigger, because I got old, I, don’t like laying on the ground.

No more so, but anyway, that’s the Eureka Tetragon hd5. You know it came in at a pretty good value. I found them on sale and I’ve been real pleased with both Eureka products that I’ve had so I just kind of wanted to walk through that show y’all. You know my my setup and how I’ve got it done and- and it’s been real good to me so enough- talking about camping, let’s get on water.

Picked up this little Eureka – man throw some stuff all right, so I didn’t get to the review and I had it out camping. Maybe I’ll put some slice, some imagery of us camping using this side. I got the rain fly on right now, but this is a Eureka two-man tent and give you some measurements. What I think and then do a follow-up review after we taken it out camping a couple times, but I’ve been itching to try to get a couple videos up with some things.

I got this one has the whole tent. Is that polyester deal so I recommend putting a tarp underneath this this one in particular it’s a backpack tent. So it’s very lightweight! We have that other Columbia one it’s heavier! It’s got the bathtub Deeley on the bottom, so yeah tarp on the bottom of this one, but pretty nice tent jump on it all right so, jumping in here and I believe this is like four and a half feet wide by six and a half feet long. You had some holders right there for stuff, one big one for a tablet or whatever I believe that that’s what this is like a tablet holder, you got your top little canapé deal to put your light, plus a little hook up here.

To hang something. Maybe if you didn’t want the canopy, pretty spacious too man Eureka, please tetra touch with something or other yeah I got that freaking rain fly on there, so just setting up by myself is probably about ten minutes to set up two people, maybe just under but uh. My rain fly is pretty snappy. There’s the only camera I have now. So that’s why my stuff is like all iPhone, but yeah Tetragon, HD -. It seems pretty nice very light. Like I said you got to put a tarp underneath it.

These are made in America, so I took the shack, probably not probably made it via Vietnam or Thailand, or something I’m sure, but yeah. So you got you get your windows here. You got this other I believe this is a window. This goes up, so you could close that. But take these big windows right here front window front: has a window also have to use up up the door, but yeah or the price is made in China for the price is pretty pretty sweet, I’m liking it, but we’ll do uh.

Do some more on this down the road see how long this thing lasts. Pretty spacious, pretty nice! Oh it’s over my camera! It’s like closed.


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