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  Patagonia M10 Anorak - Men's Patagonia Nano Puff Insulated Jacket - Men's Patagonia Fitz Roy Hooded Down Parka - Men's The North Face Warm Zip-Neck Top - Men's Black Diamond Sharp End Shell Jacket - Men's Columbia Titanium Outdry Ex Reign Jacket - Men's Prana Stretch Zion Short - Men's Klattermusen Atle 2.0 Jacket - Men's ExOfficio Hyalite Hoodie - Men's Patagonia Galvanized Jacket - Men's
  Patagonia M10 Anorak - Men's Patagonia Nano Puff Insulated Jacket - Men's Patagonia Fitz Roy Hooded Down Parka - Men's The North Face Warm Zip-Neck Top - Men's Black Diamond Sharp End Shell Jacket - Men's Columbia Titanium Outdry Ex Reign Jacket - Men's Prana Stretch Zion Short - Men's Klattermusen Atle 2.0 Jacket - Men's ExOfficio Hyalite Hoodie - Men's Patagonia Galvanized Jacket - Men's
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Brand Patagonia Prana Black Diamond Patagonia Columbia Patagonia The North Face Klattermusen ExOfficio Patagonia
Claimed Weight 1lb 4.6oz - 1 lb 0.1 oz 7oz - 11.9 oz 8.8oz 1lb 3oz 7.2oz 1lb 6.3oz
Fit slim standard regular slim active regular form-fitting slim natural regular
Hood helmet-compatible - yes, climbing helmet compatible adjustable adjustable - - 3D-adjustable fixed helmet-compatible, single-pull adjustment
Length hip knee - short hip - - hip - mid-length
Manufacturer Warranty lifetime 1 year lifetime lifetime limited lifetime lifetime lifetime 3 years lifetime lifetime
Material [membrane/laminate] H2No, [face fabric] 20D 88% polyester, 12% spandex, DWR 97% nylon, 3% spandex [membrane/laminate] Gore-Tex Pro 3L, [face fabric] 70D nylon, DWR finish [membrane/laminate] H2No (3-layer), [face fabric] 12D nylon ripstop, DWR treatment [membrane/laminate] OutDry Extreme, [face fabric] 100% nylon, [lining] 100% polyester mesh 100% recycled polyester, DWR finish FlashDry Eco (57% polyester, 43% Repreve recycled polyester) [main fabric] 20D recycled nylon, [shoulder reinforcements] nylon, water-repellent treatment polyester Pertex Quantum, DWR treatment (20D nylon)
Pockets 2 hand, 1 chest 2 front, 1 cargo 1 zippered chest, 2 zippered hand, 2 internal drop-in, 1 internal media with headphone port 1 chest 2 zippered hand 2 zippered hand, 1 zippered internal - 2 zippered hand 1 zippered [external] 2 zippered hand, 1 chest, [internal] 2 large stretch mesh
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Patagonia M10 Anorak - Men's

Save weight, save bulk, and save yourself from getting drenched from summer showers and heavy winter snows, thanks to the Patagonia M10 Anorak. This minimalist climbing shell represents years of research by Patagonia in the pursuit of helping you go ultralight in alpine environments, without sacrificing the dependable waterproofing and performance you'd expect from Patagonia. A three-layer H2No membrane ensures your protection from ever-changing alpine weather, while the helmet-compatible hood ensures total coverage from the storm. This jacket is also designed to meet the demands of tough climbing maneuvers. A seam-free design on the shoulders and back panel keep you free from worrying about blow-outs or restricted movement. The few seams that are there are ultrasonic-welded for fully-sealed security that reduces bulk but boosts durability. Elasticized cuffs seal out the elements with a simple design, and roll up easily when your route demands it. When the weather clears up on multi-pitch climbs, you can easily stuff the M10 into its own chest pocket and clip it onto your harness with a handy carabiner loop.

  • This minimalist climbing shell offers performance without the weight
  • Three-layer H2No membrane gives you ultralight weather protection
  • Seamless back and shoulders avoid blowouts and boost mobility
  • Helmet-compatible hood keeps you dry on the wall
  • Deep chest zipper allows for quick venting and an easy on/off
  • Elasticized cuffs and adjustable hem seal out the weather
  • Entire jacket stuffs into chest pocket and clips into your harness
  • Item #PAT02LZ
  • This is colin haley in the house as well. Known as extreme colleen and I'm here to. Tell you about the m10 the dopest flyest. You'll ever put on your body you want me. To do it again yes I'm colin haley I'm an out playing climber from seattle and. I'm down here yet again in patagonia. This is my ninth season climbing down in patagonia i was here three months last season four months this year and that's kind of become my regular habit it's my. Home away from home because of the super. Strong winds in patagonia i need a hard shell here and this year my hard shell. That I've been using is the new updated m 10 am-10 has exactly the features that. I feel are critical for an alpine jacket and nothing more the cuffs on the m10. Are simple and streamlined the velcro closure that are just big enough to go over my biggest gloves and down to go bare hand it or with thin liner gloves the m10 is cut long enough that it stays under my harness when I'm climbing and the hem is a simple elastic cord that. Doesn't add bulk under my harness and is comfortable the hood on the m10 is designed with a climbing helmet in mind and that's a critical feature for a climbing jacket the draw cords on the back keep it out of my vision and out of my face no matter how windy it is. The m10 comes with one simple chest. Pocket and that's all i wanted a jacket i always put a few bars there or my camera depending on my layers bam 10 is. The lightest waterproof breathable jacket I've ever used and a lot of that is thanks not only to the minimalist features but to the ultralight h2no. Fabric on most roots here i end up wearing the m10 for the entirety of the climb in the descent wearing it for the whole climb means it's critical that it's breathable and this fabric does really well i don't notice it i don't. Have any condensation on the inside and of course that's super important it's. Been a really good year this season in patagonia I've been in the mountains a ton and I've taken this jacket on every. Climb so far that's three months of hard use on rough granite and it's still doing great i honestly think it's the best hard shell I've ever used this jacket rocks this is for real i really. Really like it and that's not bull.

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    Patagonia Nano Puff Insulated Jacket - Men's

    The Patagonia Men's Nano Puff Insulated Jacket offers warmth without weight so you can trek into the alpine with a lighter pack. Its Primaloft Gold Eco insulation adds the touch of warmth needed for active endeavors in cold places, and it's compressible so the jacket stows inside its own pocket for compact convenience on your harness or in your pack. Patagonia treated the jacket's tough, recycled ripstop shell to shed snowflakes and raindrops.

  • Ultralight, packable puffy for climbing and skiing in the alpine
  • Highly compressible, water-repellent Primaloft Gold Eco insulation
  • Recycled ripstop shell with water-resistant coating
  • Adjustable drawcord at hem stays secure under harnesses
  • Jacket stuffs in its own zippered internal pocket
  • Patagonia's commitment to the environment is evident in its eco-conscious designs
  • Item #PAT01I3
  • Okay how you do my mom just got me. This patagonia nano puff jacket at. Costco for 170 bucks it but if you don't. Have enough time to watch a youtube video i just want to let you know that i love it i put it on for like one minute and i. Fell in love with it after like one minute i just walked out the door and started living in it one little thing to. Notice it doesn't have a cinch on the hood you know so the hood is kind of it fits a it fits a helmet and it kind of. Is kind of flip pity floppity also it's. Got these this little bit of texture around the collar right here because when you zip it up its kind of firm and so that texture is intended to kind of. Rub against your chin here alright but. Otherwise, it kind of goes over your face like this for warmth can go like that. Okay that's kind of like the major issue. Is that it has a funny hood but the. Hood really prevents the top of the jacket from getting cold some salesmen like it rei they might tell you that this is a kind of cold jacket because it's got all this stitching it's got all the quilting on it but really what i found is that the. Cold spots are really on the arm here. And that the hood prevents the chest area from getting cold and the major. Controversy about the nano puff is that the patagonia also makes the nano air so. There's two different synthetic jackets from patagonia one is the nano puff the other ones the nano air the nano air maybe is a little bit better if you're planning on sitting in the cold and eating you might want to get the nano air because it's basically a synthetic. Sweatshirt where the nano puff is an. Upgrade from the old nano puff so the old nano puff from patagonia it had. Primo loft something prima loft one and. This one has got prima left gold. Primal have gold has been around for a while it's basically like the other. Clima shield apex there's a really. Amazing synthetic insulation out there. Called clima shield apex which is offered by through hiker comm and it's. Also in a kit and it's also offered by enlightened equipment already so them together so you can get clammy shield a pix jackets. Or quilts from enlightened equipment and that's kind of like the major competitor. To the nano puff now but the nano puff has a lot more bells and whistles on it for instance pockets the torrid jacket. From a lighting equipment it doesn't have pockets so another competitor would be let me switch this camera around here. Okay this is the thermostatic jacket from mountain hardwear and this is the. Spark from mountain hardwear and that's. The flame all right so these are all made out of synthetic insulation so let's talk about synthetic insulation for a second here we've got the prim left gold which i have one and you've got the cue core from mountain hardwear and there's also another kind of insulation out there called clima shield apex clima shield apex is probably the best premium laughs gold is kind of like. The silver medalist and there's another one called the premium off gold x which is offered by the ramsey don x jacket. And then mountain hardwear has their own. Polyester synthetic insulation called q core now q core is the most luxurious it's the most breathable and the softest. And most comfortable but it's not as. Warm okay so this is actually warmer clean the chilled apex is like the warmest and then maybe primo off gold is. Like the second place warmest and then the q r is the like the bronze medalist. But the important thing to understand about synthetic insulation and how to. Use it as it's really for athletic jackets like this one hold on I'm gonna put the nano puff now so as you can see the proper way to use synthetic insulation right off the bat is as a summer bag so you've got your athletic jacket here for getting exercise in the. Could you got an athletic jacket here for getting exercise in the cold nose you can see they're very similar one has a. Hood and the other one doesn't so the cold spot on the one without the hood is kind of around the shoulders the cold spot on the jacket with the hood is kind of on the arms but i think the hood works better because since there's a cold spot on the arms that prevents you from sweating i noticed that i sweat a lot in the mountain hardwear thermostatic jacket and a little bit. Less in the nano puff since it's a little bit more breathable and breath ability is a huge aspect of synthetic insulation so over here we have the winter bag this is a 20 bag and. This is too big okay this doesn't work. So once you get down to three seasons of four season bags you know that's. Starting to take up too much space in the pack that really just you need a 55 liter pack to put that in there and it's not very small the only advantage of it is that you can wash it you can get a dirty and wet and you can wash it that's the advantage of all this stuff but the. Issue is that if you're in conditions that drop down to freezing it's gonna fail so this spark is a great summer bag i. Used it many times but if it gets cold at 4:00 in the morning and if it drops down to 35 it's not gonna work so you're gonna at the very minimum you're gonna need like a merino wool bag liner. Or something to add to the sleep system to get this to work and you can't really go thicker or heavier this really isn't. Snow or winter gear as you can see this. Is the flame over here that's too big okay so basically the proper way to use. These synthetic installations is as an athletic cold weather jacket or as a. Summer bag this is like a two season bag this is like a like basically like an Adidas beastie boy run dmc's sweat. Jacket but it's highly technical it's. Like 10 denier nylon with the. Synthetic insulation inside the nano puff has got thicker nylon now I'll show you that this seven denny or 10 deniers. Nylon over here ripped okay so you see. The tenacious tape patch on the. Thermostatic patagonia has addressed that issue and put some like 20 or 40. Denier nylon on there but that's actually a better idea you know this. Nylon isn't gonna rip which is kind of. Big deal with these with this design so. You know like the nano air it doesn't rip because it's basically a synthetic sweatshirt where it's all fused together where these jackets where the. Insulation is in the middle it's like a sandwich like a peanut butter sandwich the nylon is the bread and the synthetic insulation is the peanut butter okay so. One issue just one extra tidbit of. Information that i want to add to this video is just that you know mountain hardwear has addressed a lot of issues with this technicals polyester synthetic insulation okay when. You exhale the carbon dioxide that comes. Out of your breath it goes down with. Gravity like water and it creates a puddle that's why it's important to use. An air pad with baffles because dirt water and carbon dioxide that you're breathing out drops down into those baffles and flows out away from you because even though it's healthy to breathe the carbon dioxide it helps you feel relaxed it can give you a headache if you breathe too much of it you can choke on it okay so it creates a puddle in front of your face and that you can choke on now when you're inside of a mummy bag that carbon dioxide can gather. Inside of your mummy inside of your hood and you can choke on you can wake up with a headache now mountain hardwear has addressed that this cue core insulation is so breathable that the. Carbon dioxide is actually able to pass through that nylon and out of the bag so. That you feel good in the morning you don't have a headache from breathing your own carbon dioxide so this nylon that they're using on the spark you can see you can see my fingers straight through it's very breathable and so is the cute core so even though this dag isn't warm enough to use in the snow. It's so breathable this is a highly. Technical bag okay so that's something that prima laughs gold and primaloft gold axe needs to address is that you. Now is climate shield apex of primaloft gold just as breathable as cue core because even though cute court isn't as warm it's so breathable and so functional is so versatile and so comfortable and so luxurious and it does so well in the washing machine that's the kind of competition that premium laughs gold and primo f gold x. And clean michelle the effects are. Dealing with i know that i don't know much about enlighten equipments products. But i know that the through hiker comm. Tend any or seven denne or nylon that they sell to people it doesn't breathe so when you put your mouth on it you can. Suck it into your mouth and you can actually choke on it so if you look at the designs of apex quilts they don't have a hood and the reason they don't have a hood is because you can't breathe through that nylon so mountain hardwear has addressed that, and they've given you a nylon that's so breathable that your. Neck's I'd actually is able to flow down with gravity out of the bag this is. Really breathable stuff so you don't get that with like a thorough hiker quilt you know when you look at it enlighten equipment cults and other kinds of down quilts and you will apex. Quilts you can choke on them if you put. Your mouth on that nylon you can suck that nylon into your mouth so that those are the kind of issues that mountain hardwear has addressed that you know is causes the mountain hardwear gear to. Be legitimate competition for the other. Guys like patagonia and rab and enlighten equipment and through. Hiker and some of the other you know you will company that people trust for the. Eighty trail and stuff like that so you. Now these are the jackets okay there's the thermostatic there's the nano puff here's the spark there's the flame i. Don't have you know the wrap xenon jacket here i don't have the enlighten equipment toward here but you know this. Just gives you an idea of what synthetic insulation can do and basically the bottom line is that you can wash this you can't wash down i was at rei the other day, and they said that you can wash down they've got some like wick. Whacks detergent that prevents the down. From bunching up or whatever that i think that's nonsense you can't wash down at all you can't you cannot wash down so that's what you get here. You get to get down and dirty and sweaty and greasy and grimy a you know whatever. You can party and stuff in this in these synthetic garments and throw them in the washing machine and that's pretty much the advantage they are in their stuff sex this is a pretty this is pretty big. And robust it's not that squish able okay. There's the nano puff next to it here's. The thermostatic obviously is a. Little bit smaller now this isn't even that small down is a lot smaller than that so that gives you an idea of how. Big there.

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    Patagonia Fitz Roy Hooded Down Parka - Men's

    Remember the last time you froze to death sitting at an exposed belay while your partner spent three hours piecing together the last pitch? How about when you had to bivy in that howling ridgetop wind? The last traumatically arctic trip downtown? Kiss 'em all goodbye and say hello to the Patagonia Fitz Roy Men's Hooded Down Parka. Its ultra-lofty 800-fill goose down will keep you warm in the most frigid conditions, and used only traceable and ethically sourced down in doing so. The superlight Pertex Quantum shell resists tearing and has a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish to shed off any light snow and any other passing alpine precipitation that may come your way.

    Though it's seriously useful as a an everyday cold-weather jacket, the Fitz Roy was designed for use in the alpine, and has technical features to prove it, like pack and harness-compatible hand pockets, a baffled helmet-compatible hood with a single-pull adjustment, and a drop-tail hem for extra coverage. It even comes with a self-fabric stuff sack, so you can pack it up and clip it to your harness if things ever warm up. Two generous internal drop-in pockets hold gloves, goggles, and other bulky accessories, and the internal draft tubes keep cold air from creeping in through the zipper and spoiling your precious warmth.

  • An ultra-warm jacket for winter expeditions in alpine environments
  • Pertex Quantum fabric is ultralight and abrasion-resistant
  • DWR finish wards off snow and spindrift to keep your insulation dry
  • High loft down keeps you toasty during frigid belays
  • Adjustable hood fits over a helmet to shut out cold alpine winds
  • High pockets work with pack waist belt or harness
  • Elasticized cuffs stay put when you want, roll up easily when needed
  • Stuff sack is included for convenient storage on extended trips
  • Item #PAT01ZP
  • This is the men's Fitzroy down parka. It's great at frigid blaze vivi's or. Just chilling it's got expedition level warmth and incredible loft at only 19. Ounces i had an amazing opportunity this. Winter to take the Fitzroy park on a testing trip to montana back country where i quickly realized it was going to. Be a key part of my kit throughout the winter in colorado and shaman ii anytime. I wasn't fully charging this piece came out of my pack and delivered epic protection and amazing comfort it's a. A Hundred percent nylon lightweight and durable shell throughout and the high sheen fabric on the hood shoulders and arms uses a y-shaped interlocked yarn to. Increase dwr performance the parka is. Insulated with a hundred percent traceable 800 fill power goose down a. A Hundred percent traceable down means that every down cluster can be traced back to birds that were never force-fed and never live-plucked we designed it. With a fully baffled construction a longer cut and internal draft tubes. Behind the 2-way center front zip to eliminate all your cold spots the helmet. Compatible baffled single pull hood comes with a high loft chamber around. The back of the neck to lock in heat to. High hand warmer pockets and an exterior left chest pocket features zipper garages and insulated entries to eliminate draft also one giant stretch. Mesh interior drop-in pocket holds. Gloves hats and other essentials the. Elasticized low profile cuff sits soft. On the arm and pushes up easily out of the way the Douala just dropped tail. Hemlocks in heat and it comes with a. Great cell fabric stuff set the men's. Fitzroy down parka is the ideal belay parka for alpine expeditions and. Cold-weather adventure.

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    The North Face Warm Zip-Neck Top - Men's

    The North Face Men's Warm Zip-Neck Top is your essential midweight baselayer for charging hard on the slopes. And since nothing will chill you off faster than a clammy bottom layer, this 1/2-zip top features Flash-Dry Eco fabric for super-fast moisture-wicking and quick-drying performance. The stretch fabric offers a comfortable and mobile next-to-skin fit, and its anti-odor properties keep the top from stinking out the bar after you've finished your runs for the day.

  • FlashDry Eco fabric
  • Anti-odor
  • Next-to-skin fit
  • 1/2-zip
  • Mock neck
  • Flatlock seams
  • Item #TNF00TZ
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    Black Diamond Sharp End Shell Jacket - Men's

    There's no room for distraction when you're swinging axes 100 feet off the deck, so Black Diamond made sure to design the Sharp End Men's Shell Jacket to keep you dry, comfortable, and focused when you need to be. The Gore-Tex Pro 3L waterproof and breathable membrane keeps you dry no matter how burly the weather, while the DWR-treated 70D nylon shell stands up to sharp ice and rocks, ski edges, and misplaced ice tools. When you're working up a sweat on the skintrack, you can pop open the underarm vents, or flip up the helmet-compatible hood to keep your noggin warm when a storm rolls in.

    Black Diamond knows that little details can make a big difference, so it built the Sharp End with features like the integrated Cohaesive cord-lock system, which is incredibly durable and easy to use, even with gloves on. The expandable chest pockets are compatible with packs and harnesses, and even the hem drawcord is concealed so it doesn't get in your way when you're climbing, skiing, or roping up on your way to the summit.

  • A durable and lightweight shell for fast-moving alpinists
  • Gore-Tex Pro shell is waterproof, packable, and breathable
  • DWR finish provides durability and protection from precipitation
  • Integrated Cohaesive cord management system
  • Hood is compatible for climbing helmets for safety
  • Climbing-specific underarm gussets for temperature regulation
  • Item #BLD00JK
  • Designed for fast-moving alpine minimalists the black diamond sharpened. Shell is your go-to lightweight gore-tex. Pro jacket the center front zipper is coated with ykk vis lon aqua guard as. Are the harness compatible waist pockets. Inside the shell you'll find a brushed micro suede collar lining and an. Internal stretch media pocket with corn port crank up the todo.

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    Columbia Titanium Outdry Ex Reign Jacket - Men's

    When you're two days into a week long backpacking trip, you don't want to get caught in rainy weather only to discover that the shell you brought along is about as waterproof as a plastic bag. Well thanks to the Columbia Titanium Outdry Ex Reign Jacket you'll never have that problem. This versatile rain shell uses Columbia's OutDry Extreme waterproof system, which represents a stark departure from traditional shell construction. Rather than have the jacket's waterproof and breathable membrane fused to a synthetic outer fabric, the OutDry Extreme system places the membrane in direct contact with the elements, and puts a synthetic wicking fabric on the inside of the jacket. This eliminates the need for the DWR (Durable Water Repellent) on the outer fabric, in turn preventing the soaked feeling and reduced breathability that can often occur when a DWR fails. The result is a more breathable, more reliable, and more durable system.

    OutDry Extreme isn't the only thing to like about this jacket. It's got all the bells and whistles that'll help you thrive on the trail. An adjustable hood ensures that your head will stay as dry as the rest of you when you're caught in the rain, while zippered underarm vents let you expel heat when you need to really cool off in warm summer storms. An adjustable hem will keep wind from creeping up your jacket on exposed summits and steep slopes, while the full-zip design allows for extra venting and the ability to easily swap out under-layers.

  • Innovative rain shell to keep you dry while hiking through the storm
  • External membrane offers durable waterproofing and breathability
  • Adjustable hood ensures complete coverage from stormy weather
  • Underarm vents let you cool off in warm and wet conditions
  • Drawcord-adjustable hem helps you keep cool or windy weather
  • Water-resistant pockets keep gear, snacks, and maps drier
  • Item #COL02L9
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    Prana Stretch Zion Short - Men's

    The Prana Stretch Zion Men's Short prefers to spend the summer navigating slot canyons and working on bouldering problems, and like you, it'll also welcome some day-time refreshments along with lunch with friends in the city. Its four-way stretch fabric delivers mobility and quick-drying comfort to handle crowded sidewalks and bustling national parks alike, while abrasion-resistant nylon withstands the abuse the comes with long rocky scrambles and brushy approaches through the brambles. It's also water-repelling for rains and stains. Then, the ventilated free range gusset brings a refreshing level of breathable comfort through hotter days, and the mesh pockets pockets offer lightweight storage for your maps, wallet, keys, and snacks.

  • Adventure-ready short built to hike, climb, and enjoy nature
  • Stretchy nylon fabric is durably abrasion- and water-resistant
  • Gusseted construction ensures mobility on the mountain
  • Adjustable waist ensures a low-profile, secure fit
  • Item #PRA01JT
  • What's going on guys this is birds want to talk to you today about the piranha stretches ion shorts now if you remember a little while back i reviewed the piranhas Bronson pant probably around the beginning of the springtime and for the summer i. Decided to get these zion stretch shorts and one reason was because of the actual. Length of the short a lot of the nc :. Performance shorts out there they're kind of short now like its kind of doesn't make any sense to write well what i mean as far as short is actually i don't like anything above my knee feel like I'm an elderly individual if i have something above the name so what i like to have is around the knee or a little bit below the name and these have a twelve-inch inseam so it definitely is. Not something that's super high on the leg so it's good then again the construction here so as you can see all around here there is actually triple. Stitching so it isn't even you know double stitch a lot of people talk about double stitching how great that is these actually have triple stitching so pretty. Much throughout this entire pant you're gonna have a really good construction and i've worn these probably 50 times by now and probably. Wash them about maybe you know 12 to 15. Times and i really have seen zero wear. On these they look pretty much just like the day i got them and really impressed with that the part that you'll see with. This is you know it has that stretch and the name there and what that is there's three percent spandex in this so you get a little bit of a stretch in the material so what you're gonna get is actually an actually have a gusseted crotch area so that you really have an. Extremely flexible pant or at long. Shorts in this review but they actually. Do make pants they make the zion pants so you can get these in pants as well as shorts and it's probably my next ticket. As far as for the fall time and going backpacking in outdoors but as far as these go they're made really well and let's go up to the top here, and we'll kind of start with the functions and what kind of features it has starting at the top here what you have is you have a zipper and at the top here you have a button to kind of finish off the fly there like you would have a normal stuff and you can see there on the where i mean there's a little bit of where the button goes through but like i said you. No i probably taking these on off close to a hundred times if not more and. You can see that there you know there's really not too much where there you can. See the stitching down the sides here you can see the belt loops has some stitching on them so really good as far as the construction goes like i was saying so as you move up to this area here what you have is a little bit of webbing and you can actually use that to adjust the waistline so you can go a little bit larger a little bit smaller and I'd say. You probably get a good two to three inches of adjustment with this little area right here as you move down to the side here you're gonna have you know triple stitching alongside along the. Pocket there on the inside you have a. Mesh kind of lining for the pocket so. That's really nice and these really breathe very well as you move down and. We'll move to the back here you can see a little bit of a difference in the left and right pocket on the right pocket you have a little bit of a flap over the top so you're not gonna have stuff flying out but on the left here you don't have that flap and i really haven't noticed anything coming out you know papers and stuff i put in this pocket I've never noticed them coming out so that's not really a problem you have a few belt loops on here the one thing I'd like to see the belt loops are definitely what i would call the point of weakness on this pant you. No i use 1.75 or one three-quarter. Belt and that it's pretty much the width. Of what this belt loop is, and they definitely have taken a little bit of a beating but I'd like to see is actually a double belt loop on the middle back here so I'd like to see two belt loops in the middle back but you know they work well, and they definitely keep your pants up you can still see this triple. Seam construction around the majority of the pant as we move to the side here. We'll look at the cargo pocket on the left hand bottom side so what you have. Here is you have a zippered cargo pocket. And then on the side you have another kind of hidden zipper pocket that goes behind that one so you kind of have like a double pocket there so that's pretty cool, and then we're on the way to the front again and that pretty many sums it up i mean you have like i said you have the gusseted crotch area you have a lot of. Different colors i think they have four different colors like a blue they have a light khaki this is what's called mud which is more of a brownish color and. They have some other colors not sure the discontinued but those are the colors that they have and as far as like i said where goes these really look like the day i got I'm really impressed with them and I'm definitely gonna look at get another pair here for next year you know as far as for the price are these going to be something that you're gonna want to invest in you know a lot of people say oh i really want to spend that much money on shorts and you know i can definitely vouch for the fact that these have taken a beating like i said. Were these a ton watch them a ton they've been through the dryer i really. Have been these a lot i haven't seen i. Don't see any pilling or anything there's really no stains or anything on them there're no rips or tears and you. No i've worn these a lot so i can definitely tell you these are definitely going to last over the years you can see on these that the construction is really good from top to bottom from inside to outside you definitely do a great job of. Making sure that you know even though you're gonna spend a little bit money for these they're definitely going to last, and they're gonna be something that you're really how happy with really lightweight it's not heavy at all and you know pronto is really in the business of making a very good product you can see that in their attention to detail with how they're they're stitching is you know they're stitching it straight it's bark tacked in the right places there's nothing coming apart as far as the construction triple stitching you really can't beat piranhas. When it comes to actually making you know top-end apparel and that's. Definitely a parent here with this xion stretched short so you guys have any. Questions or anything go ahead and let me know if you guys have any comments go ahead and put them down below or better yet make a video about your piranha experience with the apparel you have until next time later you can just. See the construction on this is really well it's really well does that sound right that doesn't sound right.

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    Klattermusen Atle 2.0 Jacket - Men's

    For your next trek up winding trails, big walls, or high-altitude peaks, pack along the Klattermusen Atle 2.0 Jacket. Versatile enough to not be out of place in your everyday life, but high-performing enough to help you thrive in extreme conditions, this jacket is a reliable option for anyone looking to level up their puffy game. It's filled with toasty warm 800-fill down insulation, which packs easily into a pack or travel bag, and layers well under a shell thanks to the jacket's slimmer fit. It's also got plenty of features to help cut back on stress and help you stay focused on the task at hand. The 3D adjustable hood is easy to operate with mittens or gloves on, and follows the head without obscuring vision. Down-filled storm flaps over the main and pocket zippers prevent snow and ice buildup, while raglan style sleeves enhanced your movement as you work through tricky ice-climbing routes. And you don't have to worry about durability concerns when carrying a pack thanks to the reinforced shoulders, which also boost this jacket's water-resistant properties when you're out in snowy weather.

  • Backcountry Exclusive
  • Versatile and reliable insulator with hassle free features
  • 800-fill down offers packable warmth in even the coldest conditions
  • Reinforced shoulders add water-resistance and durability under packs
  • 3D adjustable hood is easy to use and won't obstruct vision
  • Storm flaps prevent snow and ice build up on zippers
  • Raglan sleeves won't limit your motion as you climb or hike
  • Fleece-lined hand pockets give you a cozy place to stash your digits
  • Recycled materials give this jacket a low footprint
  • Item #KLA002W
  • Our vision with the adlam it was to create a low weight insulating jacket so. Light and pack able that you can bring it along in any situation including a 3d. Adjustable hood the applet counts with our signature angled front zipper and a. Down fieldstone flap with snap buttons for extra closure we then added rattling. Sleeves meaning the jacket will stay in place even when you put your arms above your head its box construction means the. Adler jacket has no penetrating seams which make it impossible for any cold. Air to get into the jacket the adlai is. Not completely water repellent it has a. Tight fit and is perfect underneath your meet car jacket or as an outer garment when it is not raining the inner pocket. Counts with Cipro pullers on both sides which make it easily accessible the. Outer fabric of the adler jacket is crafted from a plant-based nylon and treated with a pfoa-free water repellent. The insulation is 800 fields white goose. Down blue sign approved and certified by the responsible down standard.

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    ExOfficio Hyalite Hoodie - Men's

  • Lightweight hoodie to block the sun during sunny days on the river
  • Quick-drying polyester fabric wicks moisture to keep you cool
  • UPF 50 sun protection keeps your skin safe from strong summer rays
  • Fixed hood keeps your head and face shielded from the sun
  • Thumbole sleeves cover the backs of your hands when you cast
  • Flatlock seams won't chafe when you hike to your favorite spot
  • Zippered gear pocket features mesh lining for quick draining
  • Item #EXO00HJ
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    Patagonia Galvanized Jacket - Men's

    When you're heading towards the highest heights and most technical ascents, don't forget to bring along the Patagonia Galvanized Jacket. Designed to meet the demands of serious alpine climbers and mountaineers, this jacket features a fully waterproof three-layer H2No membrane that offers lightweight protection from ever-changing high-altitude elements. It's made with a super stretchy fabric and boasts a seamless construction on the shoulders and back, ensuring that you have all the movement you need when you're navigating icy walls or scrambling to cold summits. The backing fabric trades the usual technical feeling for a soft jersey-knit material, giving you the moisture-wicking performance you expect with an added element of comfort that you'll love in extreme conditions. Large hand pockets sit above a harness for easy access to important gear, and the Optimal Visibility hood offers quick coverage that fits over any climbing helmet. The cuffs are easy to adjust, and feature inner polyurethane lining that grips gloves when you're swinging a tool.

  • A stretchy waterproof shell for alpine climbing and mountaineering
  • Three-layer H2No membrane is lightweight and durably waterproof
  • Stretch fabric gives you unrestricted motion for technical climbs
  • Seamless shoulders and back prevent abrasion points and blowouts
  • Harness compatible pockets keep essential gear close by at all times
  • Helmet-compatible hood ensures coverage during alpine storms
  • Inner PU cuffs grip gloves when you're swinging ice axes
  • Hem can be adjusted with one hand to quickly shut out the cold
  • Item #PAT02LW
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