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  Brooks England B17 Standard Saddle - Men's WTB Pure Pro Saddle - Men's Selle SMP Composit Saddle - Men's Selle SMP F30 Carbon Rail Saddle - Men's Selle SMP Pro Carbon Rail Saddle - Men's Selle Italia SP-01 Superflow Saddle - Men's Selle SMP Evolution Carbon Rail Saddle - Men's Blackburn Ligera Saddle WTB Rocket Comp Saddle - Men's Ergon SM3 Pro Saddle - Men's
 Brooks England B17 Standard Saddle - Men'sWTB Pure Pro Saddle - Men'sSelle SMP Composit Saddle - Men'sSelle SMP F30 Carbon Rail Saddle - Men'sSelle SMP Pro Carbon Rail Saddle - Men'sSelle Italia SP-01 Superflow Saddle - Men'sSelle SMP Evolution Carbon Rail Saddle - Men'sBlackburn Ligera SaddleWTB Rocket Comp Saddle - Men'sErgon SM3 Pro Saddle - Men's
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BrandSelle SMPBlackburnSelle SMPWTBErgonBrooks EnglandSelle SMPSelle ItaliaSelle SMPWTB
Claimed Weight290g295 g245g263 g[small] 255 g, [large] 265 g580 g210g[L3] 208g, [S3] 203g200g310g
Coverleatherseamless water resistant[black] leather, [white] microfibermicrofibersynthetic leatherleatherleatherFibra-Tekleather/Loricasynthetic
Manufacturer Warranty2 yearslifetime2 years2 years2 years--2 years2 years2 years
Railsunidirectional carbon fiber7mm titaniumCarbonCro-MolyTinoxsteelunidirectional carbon fiberTi 316steelsteel
Recommended Usecross-country, road cyclingroad cyclingcross-country, gravel, road cycling, triathlonmountain bikingmountain bikingcyclingcommuting, road cycling, trail, triathloncycling, mountain bikingcyclocross, gravel, road cycling, triathlonmountain biking, cycling
Seat Length278mm275 mm295mm273 mm287 mm-266mm288mm263mm265mm
Seat Width148mm135 mm149mm148 mm[small] 135 mm, [medium] 145 mm, [large] 155 mm-129mm[L3] 142mm, [S3] 130mm129mm130mm
Shellcarbon reinforced nylon 12Flexure3Carbon reinforced nylonFlex-TunedFlex Optimized GFK-carbon-reinforced nyloncarbon and nylon composite blendelastomer nylon/carbonflex-tuned composite

Brooks England B17 Standard Saddle - Men's

Urban cycling (like cycling in general, to be fair) is all about blending form with function, and nobody does that better than Brooks England. Its B17 Standard Men's Saddle is the epitome of this design philosophy, and Brooks has been making it for over 100 years, so it's not surprising that the company has the B17 pretty much dialed. The full-grain leather cover helps keep the saddle from overheating on warm days, and is designed to conform slowly to your anatomy over long periods of riding, so you'll end up with a nearly custom fit after a few months. The B17's steel rails are strong and absorb road vibrations, and the saddle's wide tail and abrupt taper help provide a solid pedaling platform while eliminating rubbing and discomfort.

  • Full-grain leather cover
  • Steel rails
  • Wide rear
  • Narrow nose
  • Large taper
  • Item #BHS0021
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    WTB Pure Pro Saddle - Men's

    The Pure Pro Saddle is a little bit plusher than most of WTB's other offerings, but it doesn't have a significant weight penalty as a result of the extra cushioning. With its Cro-Moly steel rails, the Pro weighs 263g, which isn't featherlight but won't slow you down on cross-country or all-mountain rides. It's dropped nose and rising whale-tail back prevent short hang-ups and give you a platform to push against when you're climbing, and the Flex-Tuned shell blends suppleness and responsiveness so you have great feel without getting hammered to smithereens on rough trails. WTB also outfitted the Pure Pro with its DNA padding, which conforms to your anatomy almost like memory foam to relieve pressure points and keep you feeling fresh for the long haul.

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    Selle SMP Composit Saddle - Men's

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    Selle SMP F30 Carbon Rail Saddle - Men's

    The F30 Carbon Rail Saddle is one of the newer models in the Selle SMP lineup and it provides the same ergonomic and anatomic benefits like the rest of its saddles with a shape that's a bit more conservative. That said, it still has the SMP DNA and it'll provide greater comfort in the drops than conventional saddles and allows plenty of freedom to move about without excessive pressure. Part of that has to do with the patented, ergonomic center channel that provides relief of compression in the perineal and prostate area that can often lead to tingling and numbness. Additionally, nerves in the area as well as the vascular region are protected and the entire area receives increased blood flow and better airflow.

    Towards the rear of the saddle, the tail kicks up for better pelvic support and stabilization. This yields a powerful foundation when throwing down the watts as well as a better position while climbing. The tail also gets a slight rear cutout to relieve pressure on the coccyx.

    This particular saddle gets covered in leather on the black version and microfiber on the white one. It receives a minimal amount of foamed elastomer padding covering a carbon reinforced nylon shell. The saddle uses high modulus, unidirectional carbon fiber rails offering a healthy fore and aft range, excellent shock absorption and it saves 50 grams over the stainless steel version.

  • A minimally padded saddle focused on riding comfort and lightweight
  • Carbon rails offer a strong foundation while dropping grams
  • Leather and microfiber offer durable covers
  • Foamed elastomer padding cushions impacts without adding much weight
  • The saddle is structured for those with small to large pelvises
  • Ergonomic and anatomic cutouts relieve pressure
  • Item #SLL001Q
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    Selle SMP Pro Carbon Rail Saddle - Men's

    Selle SMP designs its saddles with an overall objective of reducing pressure on the perineum and eliminating the pressing of neurovascular structures while riding. It's achieved through the Italian manufacturer's innovative designs and countless hours of research and development, with the Pro Carbon Rail Saddle being a favorite amongst those who like to rack up the miles.

    The Pro Carbon is best suited for cyclists with medium-wide to wide pelvises who shop for pant waist sizes in the 34 to 39-inch range, as it features a longer and wider shell than other models in this range. It bears the distinct curvature and support features inherent to this group of saddles, with the characteristic "beak" shaped nose designed to provide a flat base while sitting, without excessive pressure on the genital area. SMP's pronounced central channel is also incorporated, which further reduces pressure on the pudendal nerve and surrounding soft tissue. The back of the saddle is raised for an enhanced seated pedaling position, where body weight is divided between the rear and lower part of the ischial tuberosity region. This shape also helps reduce overall pressure on the coccyx while riding over rough surfaces.

    The saddle's foam elastomer padding gets wrapped in soft leather over its durable nylon/carbon composite shell that rides on carbon fiber rails, ensuring a secure perch that'll hold up both road and mountain applications.

    The Selle SMP Pro Carbon is available in one size, 278 x 148mm, and comes in the color Black. The Pro is handmade in Italy and has a claimed weight of 290 grams.

  • A supportive, comfortable saddle for long rides
  • The nylon-carbon composite shell keeps things light and durable
  • Carbon rails further drop grams and are strong and durable
  • Covered in soft leather that's also hard-wearing
  • Shapes and profiles are designed to reduce pressure
  • Handmade in Italy with pride
  • Item #SLL001D
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    Selle Italia SP-01 Superflow Saddle - Men's

    The SP-01 Superflow Saddle is a recent addition to Selle Italia's lineup and introduces a futuristic design consisting of an adaptive rear frame that allows independent flexing of the left and right sides of the saddle. The concept behind this design is that the "suspension link movement" effectively supports the movement of your pelvis for enhanced comfort as you're spinning, all without compromising your stability during more intense pedaling efforts. Selle Italia pairs this technology with a large center cutout that helps reduce numbness and pain by relieving pressure in the perineal area during long days of racking up miles on the road or trail.

    The SP-01 Superflow uses Ti 316 rails made from a blend of titanium and stainless steel that provides some shock-absorption over rough terrain while increasing strength and reducing weight compared to traditional rails. The carbon and nylon blend that comprises the shell also helps to keep the weight down while offering a supportive platform for hard pedaling. The saddle is available in two sizes to support a wider range of sit bone widths, and uses a sturdy Fibra-Tek microfiber cover that resists tearing and abrasion for long-term durability.

  • On or off-road saddle with a futuristic flex-engineered design
  • Tail flexes independently to support alternating pelvis movement
  • Ti 316 rails shed weight while increasing durability
  • Large center cutout relieves perineal pressure on long rides
  • Carbon-reinforced shell supports hard pedaling efforts
  • Tough microfiber cover is built to last
  • Item #SEL002R
  • I'm here with massimo from cellar italia. And he's gonna tell us a bit more about some of their new saddles this year we present two important sellers the first one is the spc r1 is a new we say the. New year of the design because in this case we have a saddle with a flow system. Just go on the back and not on the one. The front as the other set off for sale italia our laboratory study allowed to. Have this saddle coming from the automotive designer so it's very cool in. Terms of style design very high in terms. Of material and technology and it's. Helped the rider to have two different kinds of comfort the first one is thanks to the super flow system sorry just to be clear the same price system is the kind of the cutout on the in the middle of the saddle besides the rider to spread out. All the pressure you can have on the perineal area the other comfort is the. Movement that the two wings out the. Rider to feel more comfortable even if. The body is a agnes a helping by the. Shape of the saddle moving a little. But when the rider's pedal it's now. Moved on something a bit different because this has got the cuts out down the front yeah exactly this is the novice booster it's coming from the novice and run super floor it's perfect. For the rider that want to have a performing product in a comfortable. Product that the comfortable elements are the double padding coming from. The back up to the nose and even the nose has the padding t in the front so. Even if the rider say on the front of. The saddle it feels very it feels a good sensation. And then there is the super flow cut out. And as for the especially one and the. Other shadows its absolute right to don't feel so much pressure on the perineal area and its helps rather to. Think about only about riding pedaling. And not about any possible pain or. Critical elements and you feel like more of your customers are buying the saddles with cutouts now. Most of the riders now is moving from. The classical settle without the cutout. Or a field shape to this kind of cell so. A big cut out that is the rider to feel. More comfortable in this case we create a compact product with this kind of. Elements if you move forward you feel. The two elements of comfort but you can. Push very hard on the pedal this is the. Right shadow for the amateur rider for. The gran fondo rider that i want to have a very good comfortable performing. Product we give the possibility to all. The customer to find the right saddle in. The right size and to find the price that is suitable for the pocket of every. Single customer so we are working for. The riders not only working for the performing now on something a little. Different I'm here with luke the creator of any clip facing system our system. Have a new idea that's to fit to. Adjust cleat under the foot we put the. Shoes in the system that's position. Permit us to have a fix at the shoes on. Our workstation we choose the. Characteristical cleat, and we use the goniometer that have the same shape of the glitter. We put on the system and we can regulate. The distance to have the good fitting to. Individuate the right position we use. These instruments to measure the characteristic of food length width and. The position of the head of the first. Metatarsal these measurements we can put. In a web app that each customer can. Download the system inside have an. Algorithm that calculate the right. Distance from the internal heel of the. Shoes to the point on the axis of the. Pedal we replicated this distance. This scale we can put the right position. Cleat in terms of distance and rotation. Inside or outside for the road. Shoes is possible to determine a the. Inside or outside position of the click. Under this shows so the algorithm is. Likely going to make sure that you can get the perfect click position on any show you with any clay yes absolutely. Nice jess

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    Selle SMP Evolution Carbon Rail Saddle - Men's

    A saddle is more than just something to sit on. It's a key interface between you and your bike, a place where you can feel the road underneath you and exert control over your steed, so having a saddle that suits your physiology and riding style is important. Selle SMP's Evolution Carbon Rail Saddle is designed for riders with average-to-narrow pelvises, as it has a relatively thin profile, only moderate padding, and Selle's trademark beak shape, which is designed to remove pressure on your you-know-whats.

    Strategically located foam elastomer padding and a pressure-relieving central channel provide support in some key areas and space in others, while the raised tail of the saddle provides a powerful platform for seated pedaling. Wrapped in smooth leather, this saddle's nylon and carbon composite shell provides a firm but not brutally stiff platform, while the carbon fiber rails deliver strength and comfort at a supremely low weight. Even better, the Evolution is versatile enough for both road and trail riding, something not too many other saddles can claim.

  • Versatile saddle for cyclists with narrow pelvises
  • Carbon fiber rails ensure strength at an ultra-low weight
  • Elastomer padding with leather shell adds comfort
  • Carbon-reinforced nylon cover bolsters support and durability
  • Item #SLL0014
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    Blackburn Ligera Saddle

    Whether you ride or race, you probably strive to build your rigs with the lightest components available. But light doesn't always mean comfortable. The Blackburn Ligera Saddle gives you a narrow, race-ready profile with a shape and padding that will make all those long rides super comfortable.

    The Ligera is designed with a narrow 135mm-wide paddle area. And while it won't be comfortable for every rider, those with smaller frames or who enjoy maximum room for leg movement often prefer the narrow width. At 275mm long, it provides ample room to move fore and aft to situate yourself for maximum power transfer. The saddle features foam padding that is comfortable without being too squishy. A cutout in the center helps to additionally relieve pressure to sensitive areas such as the perineal zone. It also uses the design from the Ciento, the Flexure3 base, which helps to minimize the vibration from rough roads.

    The Ligera is built upon titanium rails that also absorb shock while keeping the saddle a lighter 295 grams. A seamless cover ensures that you won't feel irritation from rubbing, and it also helps to save your expensive cycling bibs from undue friction and pilling.

    Blackburn's Ligera Saddle is available in one size and in the colors Black and Silver.

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    WTB Rocket Comp Saddle - Men's

    If you could have one saddle that works equally as well on your mountain bike, gravel bike, or road bike, the WTB Rocket Comp Saddle would be it. It's an incredibly versatile saddle that uses substantial padding, a flex-tuned shell, and a center channel to keep you comfortable whether your navigating a 30 mile backcountry ride, sending a hair-raising downhill, or embarking on a multi-day bikepacking excursion. The narrow nose and midsection prevents chafing during long pedaling efforts, while the thick padding and swooped tail keeps you locked in position for ideal power transfer and comfort on any length of ride. Steel rails offer some compliance on rough terrain while ensuring durability is never an issue.

  • A versatile saddle that's comfortable for any type of riding
  • Narrow nose and midsection prevent chafing while pedaling
  • Thick padding and swooped tail keep you locked in position
  • Center channel relieves perineal pressure to improve blood flow
  • Steel rails absorb some chatter and ensure durability
  • Item #WTB003Z
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    Ergon SM3 Pro Saddle - Men's

    When you're pushing hour six into an endurance race, 20 millimeters might not seem like a great distance. But, that's the difference between a Small and Large Ergon SM3 Pro Saddle. And when it comes down to determining long-term comfort on the trail, it's a significant factor. That's why Ergon saddles comes in three different sizes.

    The German-based Ergon always places its focus on comfort, and accordingly, its first handlebar grips gained a quick cult following because of their support and ability to reduce fatigue. And when those grips took off, instead of sitting on success, Ergon expanded its offerings to include more contact components like hydration packs, gloves, and now, even saddles.

    Using the same benchmark design principle, Ergon designed the SM3 saddle from the ground up. To start with, the the ultra-thin shell used an extensive finite element method analysis to map loads and areas of stress. This gives the saddle its distinctive shape, but more importantly, it allowed Ergon to tune the shell construction for optimized deflection.

    The shell has progressive dampening layers that are individual to the different saddle widths. Every size option gets its own layer for rider-specific compression. Adding to the SM3's trail taming, is a nose mounted micro damper. This damper, located in between the shell and TiNox rails, filters out smaller vibrations. The rails are hollow to reduce weight and allow 30mm of adjustment. The SM3 also has an easy-to-clean synthetic leather cover -- just wipe it off with a damp rag.

    After developing the SM3, Ergon enlisted the help of the saddle perfectionists at Selle Italia for production. So, every SM3 has been made in Italy by expert craftsmen. To size yourself for an Ergon SM3 Pro Saddle, you'll need to measure the distance between your sit bones. Widths between 9-11cm should ride a Small, 11-13cm medium, and 13-15cm should opt for a Large.

    The Ergon SM3 Pro Saddle is available in the colors Black and White and in the sizes Small, Medium, and Large.

  • Comfort-driven saddle for enduro and cross-country mountain biking
  • Padded nose offers comfort and support on steep climbs
  • Relief cup reduces pressure on sensitive areas
  • Ultra-thin shell tuned for optimal compression and deflection
  • Micro-damper in nose filters out trail chatter
  • Synthetic leather cover is easy to clean ultra-comfortable
  • Item #ERG0053
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