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  Tecnica Zero G Scout Tour Boot - Women's DAKINE Heli Pro 20L Backpack - Women's Scarpa Gea RS Alpine Touring Boot - Women's Scarpa Freedom SL Alpine Touring Boot - Women's DPS Skis Nina T99 Ski - Women's Dynafit TLT7 Expedition CR Ski Boot - Women's DAKINE Mission Pro 18L Backpack - Women's Fischer My Ranger Free 90 Alpine Touring Boot - Women's La Sportiva Sytron Alpine Touring Boot - Women's La Sportiva Maximo LS Ski - Women's La Sportiva Gara Aero LS Ski - Women's
 Tecnica Zero G Scout Tour Boot - Women'sDAKINE Heli Pro 20L Backpack - Women'sScarpa Gea RS Alpine Touring Boot - Women'sScarpa Freedom SL Alpine Touring Boot - Women'sDPS Skis Nina T99 Ski - Women'sDynafit TLT7 Expedition CR Ski Boot - Women'sDAKINE Mission Pro 18L Backpack - Women'sFischer My Ranger Free 90 Alpine Touring Boot - Women'sLa Sportiva Sytron Alpine Touring Boot - Women'sLa Sportiva Maximo LS Ski - Women'sLa Sportiva Gara Aero LS Ski - Women's
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BrandDAKINELa SportivaLa SportivaDynafitLa SportivaFischerTecnicaScarpaDPS SkisDAKINEScarpa
Claimed Weight1lb 12oz[pair] 3lb[single, size 25.5] 1lb 7oz[25.5, single] 2 lbs 3 oz[157cm] 2lb 5oz [164cm] 2lb 6oz[pair] 7lb 7.2oz3lb[single, size 25] 2lb 13oz[pair, 168cm] 5lb 6oz1lb 9.6oz[25.0, single] 3 lbs 10.5 oz
Manufacturer Warrantylimited lifetime1 year1 year1 year1 year4 years1 year1 year2 yearlimited lifetime1 year
Recommended Useall-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding, backcountry skiing, backcountry snowboarding, freeride/powder skiing, freeride/powder snowboarding, travelrandonee, ski mountaineeringbackcountry skiing, randonee, ski mountaineeringski mountaineering, alpine touringbackcountry skiing, randonee, ski mountaineeringall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingbackcountry skiingbackcountry skiing, randonee, ski mountaineeringbackcountry skiingbackcountry skiing, backcountry snowboardingalpine touring
Binding Compatibility--techTLT (tech)-alpine, alpine touringtechtech, AT--alpine touring, tech
Liner--Sytroncustom ready-PrimaloftUltralight Women's Light FitIntuition Cross Fit Pro Flex G WMN--Intuition Cross Fit Speed Ride
Shell Material--[shell] Grilamid, [cuff] Grilamid, carbon[shell] Grilamid, [cuff] Grilamid, carbon fiber-thermoplastic polyurethaneGrilamid[shell] Carbon Grilamid LFT, [cuff] Grilamid, [tongue] Pebax--[shell] Pebax Rnew with carbon, [cuff] polyamide
Sole--Grip GuardFormula Pomoca Climb-GripWalkVibram full rubberVibram Cayman Pro--Vibram
Walk Mode--75-degree range of motionyes, Ultra Lock 3.0-yes55 degree range of motionSpeedlock Plus, 60° range of motion--yes, Ride Power Block

Tecnica Zero G Scout Tour Boot - Women's

As the stiffest women-specific offering in Tecnica's touring-specific Zero G line, the Women's Zero G Scout Tour Boot provides the performance you need to slay steep, technical descents, but doesn't compromise a bit when it comes to the climb, either. With an impressive 55-degree cuff rotation in walk mode and Tecnica's new Double Blocking Mobility Cuff System, a lever that engages at the cuff and lower part of the shell to reduce play and increase stability in ski mode, you'll move efficiently on the climbs without any loss of efficiency on the descents. The boot's medium last is generous enough to remain comfortable during long tours without compromising performance, while the stiff 115 flex is most suitable for hard-charging lady rippers who require reliable power transfer to maneuver their sticks.

The Grilamid shell keeps the Zero G Scout ultralight without sacrificing any of the boot's necessary stiffness, and utilizes Tecnica's Custom Adaptive Shape shell design, which is anatomically shaped to match your foot, featuring dimples on the shell that makes customization easier for your boot fitter. Inside the boot, the ultralight liner is equipped with laces so you can dial perfectly dial in the fit and the feel every time you step into the boot. To prevent wet, cold feet, the liner also boasts a waterproof, breathable membrane, keeping you out longer on days when the powder is deep. And, since it's rare you'll ever go a season without an icy bootpack to get to the soft, powdery goods, the rockered sole is outfitted with sticky, durable Vibram rubber to ensure you always have a secure grip.

  • Lightweight, touring-specific boot to access fresh lines
  • Stiff 115 flex is suitable for hard-charging lady shredders
  • 99-millimeter last blends performance and comfort
  • 55-degree range of motion ensures efficient uphill strides
  • Grilamid shell is lightweight but maintains stiffness
  • Shell can be customized for precise fit
  • Ultralight liner with laces snugly hugs foot for supportive comfort
  • Vibram rubber soles deliver reliable traction on icy bootpacks
  • Item #TEC003M
  • Got an amazing-looking boot here from technical it's their zero-g tour pro it's. A brand-new boot it's been completely. Redesigned for this for the 2018 19. Winter season it weighs 1320 grams so it's super. Lightweight packed full of features one. Of the reasons why it's high-performance and lightweight at the same time is the gorilla mead that runs through the boot it looks really nice it feels really. Nice the walk mode very easy to click into it gives around 60 degrees a. Flexibility in the warp mode so really. Really easy great for ski touring but once you click it back down this one has a 130 flex on it three versions there's. A 130 or 120 and a 110 and the 130 is. Going to give you really high performance if you're into free ride skiing after you've done that ski tour up the mountain so yeah great looking. New boot from technical so retail price. 680 pounds its high-end but you can see. Why pack full of features looking forward to trying it this year it's the. Technical 0 g pro tour boots launching the. 2018 19 winter seasons.

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    DAKINE Heli Pro 20L Backpack - Women's

    The Dakine Women's Heli Pro 20L Backpack is built to carry everything you need whether you're sending it in the resort, slashing turns in the backcountry, or just kicking it at your local coffee shop. A durable 600D polyester fabric resists wear and tear from frosty chairlifts and piney tree runs, while its women-specific fit remains comfortable when you're riding and hiking. The zippered main compartment keeps your shovel and probe secure, and the two straps along the side secure the handle of your shovel when you need a little extra room inside the pack. When you're not riding, a front pocket keeps all the small things organized, and a 15-inch laptop sleeve protects your computer when you're on the move.

  • A snowboarding and skiing pack for the resort, backcountry, or heli
  • Laptop sleeve makes the pack ready to transition to work or school
  • Women's-specific design is constructed to fit feminine contours
  • Hydration compatible and bladder ready for on-the-go sipping
  • Vertical board and diagonal ski-carry hauls your gear to the drop
  • Fleece-lined google pocket lets you stash an extra pair for the sesh
  • Zippered organization pocket lets you stash gear, snacks, and extras
  • Sternum-strap whistle lets you sound off in case of emergency
  • Item #DAK012A
  • What's up benson here for tactics pork. Shop right now you are checking out the 2016 dakine heli pro 20 l it's a great. Riding pack you've got vertical board straps you got a diagonal ski carry so. If you're out on the resort if you're out around anywhere and you need to carry your snowboard your skis this pack will do it for you so your vertical. Board carry straps are these two clips right here you undo them on either side, and then they actually go across the whole pack so your board is going up and down then you've got them strapped here you also have straps right here on the bottom you can undo those and then again. Strap your snowboard to the back of your. Backpack which is rad you do have an accessory pocket right here on the front zip that open as you. Can see sleeves for phones for pencils just whatever you want to put in there it'll fit and you're good to go. Do you have a fleece lined goggle pocket. On the top, so they're your goggles in there if you've lost your goggle bag you know that your lenses aren't going to get all scratched up because you got that fleece lined pocket the way that. You carry your skis on this is actually kind of cool you've got a small pocket up here it's kind of hidden on the top this you can pull out a strap put your. Skis diagonally across your backpack. Strap that around and then on the bottom down here you've got another strap that. You can then just kind of like put your skis in there and it'll just go right across your entire pack so that's cool carry your skis if you're into skiing. And you're a two-pointer if you want to. Just carry your main compartment of stuff it opens up super big that's red. You do have a hydration compatible sleeve so you can put like a little bladder in there and then it has i guess it's just like the hose or the straw mica hose actually goes up here funnels. Out through the back of the backpack and. Then down now if you can see it within. Down one of the shoulder straps so then you can get a drink of water while you're riding so that's super cool you do have adjustable sternum straps right here and then the cool thing is if you're ever lost maybe in the back country and you need to make a lot of noise so people can find you there is a rescue whistle right here on the storm strap well into that people can find you a lot easier than you try to yell and losing your voice and then perishing in. The gold so yeah that's basically it the dakine heli pro 20 l for 2016 header and. Tactics comm you can pick one up for yourself.

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    Scarpa Gea RS Alpine Touring Boot - Women's

    The Gea RS is Scarpa's stiffest and most powerful women's AT boot. It's designed to devour long ascents with the speed and grace of a gazelle while maintaining the ability to charge steep lines like a freeride champ. Scarpa buffed up the Gea RS this year with a lightweight design that's equally at home in pinner couloirs as it is on the skintrack.

    The Gea RS features the same aggressive 120 flex and 101mm last as its predecessor and now houses a revamped carbon-infused Grilamid shell that increases stiffness and power without adding weight. Scarpa ditched the front buckle, jumping to a lower-profile three-buckle system that eliminates bulk and increases the cuff rotation from 37 to an impressive 60 degrees in walk mode—a welcome change that drastically increases uphill efficiency. Scarpa was also able to shed about five ounces per boot, a change you'll definitely notice when you leave your buddies in the dust on the skinner. Scarpa finished off the Gea RS with a grippy Vibram rubber sole, so you'll be steady and confident while traversing icy ridges and slick scree fields.

  • A powerful terrain-crushing touring boot
  • Stiff 120 flex for aggressive skiers
  • 101mm last accommodates medium to wide feet
  • Carbon-infused Grilamid shell with Pebax tongue
  • Women-specific moldable Intuition liner
  • 60-degree range of motion maximizes uphill efficiency
  • Vibram soles holds traction on icy bootpacks
  • Low-profile three buckle closure
  • Item #SCR005G
  • Hey this is dave with tomm mountain. Sports I'm here to talk about the scarpa 80 boots that we have in stock today the. Gia rs for women and the australia rs. For guys or women with larger feet I'm gonna point out some quick features of. These two boots for you so you can kind of get a handle on what's going on here the mists rolly and the jia rs are the. Bigger earlier cousins of the regular. Mr. ali and jia they are stiffer 20. About 20 percent stiffer and their flex. Is going to be a more progressive flex, and they're also going to be a little bit lighter so if you're looking for. Sort of the lightest the highest performing boots on the market from scarpa this is gonna be where you want to go scarpa has a great system here it's called the exclusive excuse me the axial. Alpine technology it allows the boot to. Fully open up and what it also does is. Creates great power transfer when you're in ski mode of the boots and when you really when you're really forcing or. When you really are leaning forward and putting some pressure on your skis what this is doing is its transmitting power all the way through the bottom of the boot in a much consistent manner as you. Can see it opens up fully so you can get in and out with ease but having the buckle system all integrated is really. Going to keep it within a great power. Transmission zone a couple of other things to point out and I'll use the women's version on this one is this over. The cuff buckle right here this is going. To be great to keep your heel in place better than a lot of the boots are it's lowering that buckle so traditionally you'll see a lot of boot buckles up here. On the shin by having this come down further what you're really doing is locking that heal in place and allowing. For a better power transmission forward because you're not inhibiting the flex. On the shin area of the boot you're staying out of the way there so by locking your foot down and allowing for. A better flex that's what that piece is doing right there still have your traditional heel walk mode really nice. Big power strap on their feature we want to point out on all of these scarpa boots as scarpa works with dina fit quite closely they. Utilize the dean effect quick steppin system both dina fit and scarpa are the. Only boot companies to utilize this. Patented system from dina fit as you can see this little groove right here in the. Tech part of the toe allows for a very. Smooth step into a dena fit binding as. Opposed to i have a technical coach ease. Right here you can see the differences in the toes and basically you can see that this groove right here on the scarpa boot is going to allow you to step right in you have a nice clue. Little arrow there on the top toe area which is what you're going to be looking at when you actually have these boots on your feet verse is a technical or some of the other boots that do not have that quick step in system so on these boots for example you're going to be trying to align the toe piece of a dean of fit binding with. The holes here and the tech fittings on this boot verses on this scarpa boot you're going to be able to just step right in almost like an alpine binding and have a nice quick step in a. Couple of differences on the men's versus the women's boot and you can't quite see it because i have this liner out is that the women's liner is gonna come down lower on the calf women tend. To have a little bit of a shorter calf area, and so they're not going to be pinched by a higher liner and then both of these boots also come with intuitions pro liner this is an amazing liner. Superuser lightweight really flexible. You still have your walk mode flex zone. Here on the back as you can see you have. Some great stiffness here in the back of the calf and you have just a really lightweight package it's fully moldable. You can walk around let's say you're in camp or staying in a hut or you're just. Out in the back country camping out you can walk around in this boot on snow or ice no problems whatsoever then again highly moldable really easy. Super comfortable extremely lightweight. That's gonna do it again dave here with tom mountain sports come check us out online TLA mountain sports comm we've got both these boots in stock and happy but anywhere in the world for you.

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    Scarpa Freedom SL Alpine Touring Boot - Women's

    The Scarpa Women's Freedom SL Alpine Touring Boot is Queen of the Mountain in the Scarpa freeride line. It's the burliest, with a 120 flex index, but almost a pound lighter than the standard Freedom. The SL also uses a lighter Intuition liner and more aggressive sole. Compared to Scarpa's touring boots, the Freedom SL is more versatile (added alpine capability) and is stiffer and more powerful, but it does weigh more than the Maestrale or F1. It has a Ride Power Block that delivers frictionless motion for efficient climbing and locks in back support for power transmission on the downhill. For the woman who needs a boot that can charge off the lift in alpine bindings or slip efficiently into the backcountry with tech (TLT) bindings, the Freedom SL has few equals.

    Rather than rebadge the men's version with a little pink and a soft flex, Scarpa's engineers made the last a little smaller and the cuff a little lower to match the shape and size of a woman's foot and calf. The Pebax Rnew shell overlaps for a gap-less fit. Its Carbon Core technology wraps it around a bomber carbon frame for lightweight and allover stiffness for precision control. The Intuition FR Speed liner boot is molded with the shell for a seamless fit and powerful performance, key in making the distinction between a competent alpine/AT boot and one that kills it. The 101mm anatomic last features Axial Power Control for lateral stiffness and sensitivity.

    The interchangeable Vibram sole gives you lugged tenacity when hiking over scree or down-climbing into a rocky chute—the boot comes with the Rockered Mountain Plus sole for AT and tech bindings, but the Mountain Piste sole is available separately for those who rip on alpine bindings, too. You'll feel the advantage in an instant and respond with a peaceful mind. After all, you don't want to charge down a finger chute with already-frayed nerves.

  • A Goldilocks-style balance between weight and performance
  • Stiff 120 flex provides power for gals who charge hard
  • 101mm last accommodates medium to medium-wide feet
  • Generous walk mode with a 27-degree cuff rotation
  • Thermo-moldable Intuition liner for ultimate comfort
  • Four lightweight alloy buckles with a power strap
  • Compatible with tech and alpine touring bindings
  • Item #SCR003G
  • This is the new scope of freedom sl it's. A free ride touring boot so the idea. Being you can easily go on any tours. Generally probably more a day tour than. A full overnight longer tour but the. Beauty of this boot is it can be your one boot does everything it's. Performance downhill when your skin on piece is absolutely brilliant the lateral performance is good the power. Forward into the turn is good but it's. Still, pretty lightweight so for touring. You know it's still very good if you're into free ride tutoring with a. Bigger wider ski this is the kind of. Boot you want to be looking at the scope of freedom sl comes complete with the. Vibram tekken's sole unit but the beauty. Of this as a boot is you can unscrew the sole unit and put standard alpine piece. Soil unit on so it does mean that this boot can be used in a touring pin type. Binding a touring cage type binding or a. Standard our point binding sl is. Available at ski barclays in hillingdon or it's also available on our website at. Skybar lucam.

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    DPS Skis Nina T99 Ski - Women's

    DPS's Women's Nina 99, adored by many women for its versatile yet powder-hungry shape, is now offered with the lightweight Tour1 construction, creating a backcountry-specific ski that's ready for all the ups and downs. Weighing in at just over 5 pounds per pair, it's obvious why the ski is an uphill machine, yet its combination of shape and construction maintain fantastic downhill performance.

    The 99 millimeter waist provides just enough float in deeper snow, but not so much that you can't rip through harder snow or spring corn with nimble ease. A rockered tip and tail make skiing in powder feel effortless, while camber underfoot adds reliable edge hold and energy through each turn. The Tour1 construction features a carbon and fiberglass laminate, keeping the ski remarkably skiff so you can plow through variable backcountry conditions at high speeds without flopping tips and teeth-chattering vibrations. A balsa wood core works to further dampen vibrations and maintain the overall stiffness of the ski, still preserving the playfulness and pop that makes each turn enjoyable.

  • Lightweight touring ski that slays the ups and shreds the downs
  • 99mm waist handles early season powder and spring corn with ease
  • Rockered tip and tail offer float and maneuverability
  • Underfoot camber gives edge hold in firmer snow
  • Carbon laminate keeps ski stiff and stable without adding weight
  • Balsa wood core further dampens vibrations and keeps ski playful
  • Item #DPK001U
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    Dynafit TLT7 Expedition CR Ski Boot - Women's

    You don't wake up at 4:30 a.m. on dark winter days to lollygag, and neither does the Dynafit Women's TLT7 Expedition CR Ski Boot. Traditionally, weight savings and performance in skimo boots have stemmed from removable tongues, walk-mode switches, softer plastics, and other frillery and frippery—such is not the case with the super-stiff Grilamid and carbon fiber combo Lambda shell and UltraLock 3.0 system. You can flip the boot from the generous 60-degree range of cuff mobility to fully tightened, locked, and loaded with the single top buckle, and if your forefoot needs a little TLC, the micro-adjustable lower strap provides even more customization.

    Everything about the TLT7 Expedition CR boot has been streamlined for speed, so much so that one might mistake it for a snow leopard when you zoom by others in a blur on the skin track. The all-new Speed Nose bids adieu to the toe bail and Snowdynamic contour shape does away protruding buckles and components, thus dramatically reducing resistance when ascending and skiing down. Stepping into tech bindings is easier than ever with the new Master Step inserts, which utilize improved channels to guide pins in for precision and security. Even if you're obsessed with summiting, a little comfort never hurts on long days in the alpine, so Dynafit added an extra cushy heat-moldable liner for a customized fit.

  • Ultralight boots for ski mountaineering
  • Stiff flex enables skiers to navigate techy terrain
  • Built from a combination of Grilamid and carbon fiber
  • Pomoca Climb sole provides grip and weight savings
  • UltraLock 3.0 system modulates walk mode and fit
  • 60-degree range of motion for a natural feel
  • Speed Nose and Snowdynamic contouring reduce drag
  • Heat-moldable liner ensures a customized fit
  • Item #DNF009X
  • hi I'm carla from a technical and this. Is the deena fit tlt seven expedition. Tearing boots ideal for that skier who. Wants to maximize on downhill performance but also make it as easy as possible by going book hill is the lightest possible The speed nose creates a short toe box. Making walking more efficient and more. Natural the lambada carbon frame is an. Exo skeletal carbon frame which provides. Lateral and vertical rigidity for. Immediate response and added sensitivity. The ultra luck closure is a one buckle. Closing system which means reduced weight but also because it's streamlined. It reduces the risk of breakages and the. Buckles actually coming undone with the. Drill functions the buckle enables the. User to switch quickly between ski and. Tearing mode. For more information on the data 57. Boots please visit our website. Www.sceeto.com.

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    DAKINE Mission Pro 18L Backpack - Women's

    Whether shredding a powder day at the resort or bootpacking for glory turns in the backcountry, the Dakine Mission Pro 18L Backpack can help you be prepared along the way, from lunch break to full-on rescue. The Mission Pro's women's-specific design is built to conform with smaller torsos, so it'll fit better than the average pack. The vertical board and diagonal ski carry utility lets you rig up your planks and gain vert hands free, and the specifically designed avy-tool pocket lets you keep your most important gear organized and close at hand. The fleece-lined google pocket lets you keep your eyewear fresh and fog-free for the descent. Plus, the Mission Pro is compatible with Dakine's DK Impact Spine Protector (sold separately) which absorbs shock form unexpected impacts you could possibly encounter while sending the line.

  • A snowboarding and skiing pack for the resort, backcountry, or heli
  • Vertical board and diagonal ski-carry hauls your gear to the drop
  • Avy-tool pocket lets you stay organized for quick access
  • Fleece-lined google pocket lets you stash an extra pair for the sesh
  • DK Impact Spine Protector (sold separately) absorbs shock
  • Zippered pockets hold snacks, gear, safety kit, and extras
  • Sternum-strap whistle lets you sound off in case of emergency
  • Item #DAK01EX
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    Fischer My Ranger Free 90 Alpine Touring Boot - Women's

    The Fischer Women's My Ranger Free 90 Alpine Touring Boot is designed for anything from enjoying groomed runs all season, exploring in-bounds bootpacks to get some fresh turns, or getting into the backcountry before work. Its forgiving 90 flex is soft enough for lighter or intermediate to advanced lady shredders, and the 99-millimeter last provides comfort without sacrificing a performance-oriented fit. The walk mode delivers efficiency on steep skintracks or when you're walking across the parking lot at the resort to the chairlift, and the high-traction GripWalk soles give you confidence-inspiring grip on icy bootpacks. Complete with a Primaloft liner for all-day warmth and comfort, there's no place on the mountain that you can't go.

  • Versatile boot for exploring the resort or the backcountry
  • Forgiving 90 flex is perfect for intermediate to advanced skiers
  • 99mm last blends comfort and performance
  • Walk mode makes in-bounds bootpacks or morning tours efficient
  • Plush Primaloft liner keeps toes warm and comfortable
  • GripWalk soles offer reliable traction on slick, icy surfaces
  • Item #FIS007Q
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    La Sportiva Sytron Alpine Touring Boot - Women's

    Crush the competition at your local hill's nighttime race series or power up speedy spring objectives in your La Sportiva Women's Sytron Alpine Touring Boot. Designed for terrain-crushing chicks who enjoy the uphill just as much (if not more) than the downhill, the Sytron is a lightweight offering built for speed and efficiency.

    The 75-degree range of motion in walk mode keeps your stride smooth and comfortable while you're hammering up the hill at lightning fast speeds, and CavoBike Lever Pro buckles deliver a secure and simple closure ideal for ultra-fast transitions. With a stiff Grilamid shell, carbon-reinforced cuff, and 100 flex, these kicks will keep you feeling stable and powerful when you click back into your skis and rip down to the bottom. 

  • A lightweight touring boot built for speed
  • 100 flex is responsive yet forgiving
  • 100.4mm last accommodates medium-sized feet
  • Grilamid shell is stiff, durable, and light
  • 75-degree range of motion in walk mode for an efficient stride
  • Grip Guard sole keeps you upright through scree fields
  • CavoBike Lever Pro buckles for a snug fit and fast transitions
  • Item #LSP00E4
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    La Sportiva Maximo LS Ski - Women's

    Your penchant for human-powered descents may lead some to call you a glutton for punishment, but that could have something to do with the fact that they've never skied the La Sportiva Women's Maximo LS Ski. With a lightweight construction that will fly up steep skintracks like you're on an escalator and a fun-having progressive shape, this ultralight offering from La Sportiva will keep a smile plastered on your face whether you're skinning to the base of a steep couloir or making hop turns down a line you've been dreaming about skiing all season.

    La Sportiva teamed up with with Italy's Ski Trab to produce the Maximo LS. Building its skis in Italy, Ski Trab specializes in ultralight backcountry skis that inspire confidence on the descent. Utilizing Ski Trab's 14-layer Technology, the Maximo is home to a wood core with air canals to save weight and a stiff-but-light construction to keep the Maximo responsive when you're confronted with less-than-ideal conditions. Adding to the ski's overall skiability, La Sportiva commissioned the Maximo to be built with the Low Omega Profile, which makes initiating turns a breeze and reduces the chance of hooking up edges as you exit your turn, giving the skis a fluid, easy-to-ski feel when you're making your way down techy lines in the alpine.

  • Touring ski that rocks the uphill and doesn't skimp on the downhill
  • 92mm waist offers plenty of float in pow and is quick edge to edge
  • Camber profile gives you good edge hold on exposed faces and ice
  • Short turn radius boosts control in tight trees and rocks
  • Wood core with air canals is lightweight, stable, and responsive
  • Carbon reinforcements boost torsional rigidity and stability
  • High quality sintered base easily glides across flat areas
  • Item #LSP00JD
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    La Sportiva Gara Aero LS Ski - Women's

    La Sportiva teamed up with Ski Trab to produce the ultralight, vert-devouring Women's Gara Aero LS Ski. Built to the specifications of gram-counting rando racers, the Gara Aero sports an feather light weight that will fly up the mountain and progressive shape that will inspire confidence once you rips skins and point 'em down the mountain.

    Ski Trab built this ski in Italy with its ultralight 14-layer technology. The technology utilizes 14 different layers, including carbon, fiberglass, wood, and Aramid, that wrap around the ultralight honeycomb core to reduce vibration and increase rigidity while tipping the scales at feathery 3lb. In the end, all these materials simply mean the Gara Aero will remain nimble on the ascent and stable on the descent. The progressive shape consists of an early rise tip to ease turn initiation in difficult conditions and plenty of camber underfoot to give the ski the ability to carve smooth turns when the terrain and conditions allow for it.

  • A vert-hungry skimo ski for crushing the competition
  • Early rise tip eases turn initiation
  • Camber underfoot lets you carve confidently on the descent
  • Carbon fiber provides strength without the weight
  • Honeycomb core reduces vibrations
  • Cap construction is super durable
  • La Sportiva teamed up with Ski Trab to create this ultralight race-ready offering
  • Item #LSP00ED
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