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  Shimano SH-RC9 S-PHYRE Cycling Shoe - Men's Giro Savix Cycling Shoe - Men's Louis Garneau Copper T-Flex Cycling Shoe - Men's Lake CX218 Cycling Shoe - Men's Adidas Outdoor Terrex Trail Cross SL Cycling Shoe - Men's Shimano SH-RP3 Cycling Shoe - Men's Chrome Truk SPD Cycling Shoe - Men's Louis Garneau L.A. 84 Cycling Shoe - Men's Scott MTB AR Boa Clip Cycling Shoe - Men's Sidi Defender Cycling Shoe - Men's Gaerne G. Kona Shoe - Men's Lake CX 241 Cycling Shoe - Men's
 Shimano SH-RC9 S-PHYRE Cycling Shoe - Men'sGiro Savix Cycling Shoe - Men'sLouis Garneau Copper T-Flex Cycling Shoe - Men'sLake CX218 Cycling Shoe - Men'sAdidas Outdoor Terrex Trail Cross SL Cycling Shoe - Men'sShimano SH-RP3 Cycling Shoe - Men'sChrome Truk SPD Cycling Shoe - Men'sLouis Garneau L.A. 84 Cycling Shoe - Men'sScott MTB AR Boa Clip Cycling Shoe - Men'sSidi Defender Cycling Shoe - Men'sGaerne G. Kona Shoe - Men'sLake CX 241 Cycling Shoe - Men's
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BrandGiroLakeShimanoLakeLouis GarneauChromeShimanoGaerneSidiScottLouis GarneauAdidas Outdoor
Claimed Weight310g-[single] 9.6oz-[size 42] 265 g-[Size 42, single] 242g[single, size 43] 270g--335g1 lb 3.9 oz
Cleat Compatibilityuniversal-2 bolt, 3 bolt3-hole3-bolt road2-hole MTB3-bolt Road3-bolt road2-bolt2-bolt mountain bikeSPD-
ClosureBoa L6 (1mm), lower hook-and-loop strapBoa dial, hook-and-loopratchet, hook-and-loopdual IP1 Boalacelace2 Boa IP1 dialsdual hook-and-loop strapsTecno-3, hook-and-loopDual Boa IP-1 dialsBoa IP1-Straditional laces with bungee (stows laces)
Manufacturer Warranty1 year2 years1 year2 years1 year1 year1 yearlimited1 yearlimited 2 years1 year6 months
Recommended Useroad cyclingroad cyclingroad cyclingroad cyclingroad cyclingcommutingroad cyclingtriathloncross-country, enduro, mud/sand/snow, trailtrailmountain bikingenduro, trail
Soleinjected nylonLake Race (carbon fiber)nylon plasticLake Race carbon fiberfiberglass-reinforced nylonvulcanizedDynalast carbon fiberEPS Light EvolutionSidi Outdoor SoleSticki rubber compoundCarbon T-Flex, dual-density lugsStealth rubber
Upper MaterialsyntheticAction leather, meshrubber, textileHelcor Abrasion resistant leather, full grain leathersynthetic leather, mesh1000D CorduraTeijin Avail microfiber synthetic leathermicrofiberPolitex Suede Effect, meshsynthetic PU, 3D nylon airmeshbonded microfiberbreathable mesh, high-abrasion rubber reinforcements

Shimano SH-RC9 S-PHYRE Cycling Shoe - Men's

Shimano shoes are a perennial favorite here in the office as its quality, performance, and durability receive the same dedication it places in its components, which is to say, very impressive. These particular kicks, the SH-RC9 S-PHYRE Cycling Shoe are its range-topping road offering and is analogous to its Dura-Ace parts, balancing weight, stiffness, and reliability in an impressively fitting package. Shoe comfort is critical as its one of your 3 contact points on the bike and thankfully, through professional feedback from World Tour racers, this shoe has it in spades. This updated version of the SH-RC9 includes more perforations for increased ventilation in warmer weather, built in drainage holes for rainy conditions, and a striking new green colorway.

Shimano constructs the upper from a single piece of Teijin microfiber synthetic leather that delivers suppleness and a precise fit. It engineered drainage holes for rain to exit the shoe when caught out in a downpour and the quick-drying 3D mesh lets your feet breathe keeping them feeling fresh even on long summer rides. The micro-adjustable and independent dual Boa IP1 dial closures provide such a glove-like fit, Shimano actually got rid of its Custom-Fit heat and vacuum system we were used to seeing on its high-end shoes over the past decade. The strategically placed BOA dials and well contouring upper fit so well, these shoes simply don't need it.

A rounded one-piece molded heel cup starts at the sole and continues up the back of the shoe. It stabilizes the heel, keeping it planted, and eliminates the possibility of twisting and rolling throughout the pedal stroke improving comfort and efficiency. The lining of the heel features a cat tongue-like gripping fabric, preventing heel lift allowing you to pedal perfect circles while your foot is held firmly in place without excessive pressure over the top of your foot. Flanking the cleat mounting and toe area of the sole is a bonded overly protecting the bottom of the shoe and allowing for stable footing at red lights and stop signs.

If you are a weight-weenie, Shimano shoes might not impress you on paper but when you consider that it refuses to skimp on important performance bolstering features in the quest to shed a few grams, you might start to get it. Similar to a frameset or set of wheels, weight is just one criterion and Shimano balances fit, comfort, and power transfer, in addition to weight, when it's time to design, develop, and manufacture shoes. The sole is an ever stiff Dynalast carbon fiber version designed to improve foot support and comfort and transmits every watt into the pedals. A seamless mid-sole construction process eliminates the board last, which reduces weight and lowers the overall stack height of the sole for maximum efficiency. The sole's stiffness measurement is an impressive 12 out of 12, the stiffest from Shimano, and provides 11mm more fore-aft cleat adjustment over its previous road shoes.

A single size 42 shoe comes in at 243g so it's actually quite at home chasing KOMs in the Grand Tours while durable enough to survive the muddy cobbled classics. If the RC9's were a cyclist, it'd certainly be a rouleur, stiff enough to sprint, light enough for the mountains, and comfortable enough for an all-day breakaway. The fit, performance, and durability is everything we have come to expect from Shimano shoes and we think you'll love them too.

  • Pro-level road shoe blending comfort, performance, and durability
  • Carbon fiber composite sole is light and efficient
  • Breathable synthetic uppers contour to feet
  • Additional perforations increase breathability
  • Better drainage holes evacuate water during rainy rides
  • Dual Boa IP1 closures dial in the fit
  • Compatible with three-bolt road cleats
  • Item #SHI00JZ
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    Giro Savix Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Offering the comfort you'd expect from Giro, the Men's Savix Shoe provides you with a quick-adjusting Boa dial and set-and-forget front strap to get you in your shoe and on the road in no time. The Boa L6 dial clicks in 1mm increments to offer a precise fit, and then a macro-release strap lets you escape the shoe easily at the end of your ride. An injected nylon outsole provides you with versatile options to mount either mountain biker or road cleats, while the die-cut insole assures a comfortable fit.

  • Comfortable, convenient, and versatile cycling shoe
  • Boa dial and front strap offer a secure fit
  • Die-cut insole keeps your foot comfortable
  • Universal cleat mount works for both road and mountain bikes
  • Item #GIR00GK
  • Hi everyone its toby from levite. Chickaletta and today i want to talk to you about jiro cycling shoes now a bit. Of a backstory first eric horton used to have a specialized bg. Cycling shoe program and he thought that. While their shoes were really good for many reasons their design principles. Were a little bit too rigid for his liking, so he wound up in zeros hands and. They told him he can take whatever materials and whatever time necessary to make the shoe best to his liking so. These shoes their biggest selling points. Can be broken into three categories the first being engineering the second being the last and the third being support the. Big story with engineering of these shoes was that jiro teamed up with. Eastern harbin sports to design a carbon else'll specifically for this project. Now easton has a well-established and. Well-respected reputation for their design as well as manufacturer of carbon. And what they gave this project was a. Carbon outsole with the highest stiffness to weight ratio on the market one thing that strikes me about the. Soles is that the heel step as well as. The toe step are actually not replaceable so time will tell seeing how well they go about it with respect to. The upper it's made of tasia 100. Microfiber which you find in high-end nike whoo soccer shoes no what do we have to. Learn from soccer shoes well soccer. Players tend to kick run jump slide pivot go through mud basically there are. A lot harder on their gear than cyclists are so what we have here is a upper. That's actually overkill for a cyclist it's light weights very simple but. Strong and breathable the last point. With engineering is that if you look at the way the straps line up linearly. They're not in the same line so you'll never actually get hotspots to the same spot of your foot zero uses a mid volume. Last which is between the italian model on one hand which is typically very thin. Think seedy shoes and on the other hand you have the american japanese model. Which tends to have a big wide-open entry and then you have to mold the shoe. Down to your foot think of the shimano heat moldable shoes jiro went through 16 last revisions. Before they came out with launched at markets and the us comes in half sized. Greetings throughout the entire size and spectrum. The last big speaking points about these. Shoes is the support now your a-courtin. When he was with specialized thought that the foot beds did not automatically. Need a one-degree canting rather it. Would be much more important to address arch support issues so if you think about it makes a lot of sense most people have a natural arch to certain extensions and if this is your foot. Inside the shoe what's happening is when. You apply force to the pedal on the down stroke first the foot is pushing. Down to fill the volume with the shoe and. Potentially your toes move forward creating fictional hotspots and then only once the foot is completely collapsed you start applying pressure. Onto the pedals so power transference. Becomes a big issue so what they've done is with every shoe model you get a. Footed as well as three arch supports. High medium and low moving through the. Range of shoes on offer here at the top. Of the line we have the pro light sls and the idea was jira wanted to make the lightest cycling shoe on the market so. Notably they didn't actually put a buckle at the very top they found that a strap would. Weigh less and keep you equally as. Secure so the carbon outsole uses easton. Ici 90s lx carbon which is the lightest that they make yes the strongest uses the. Asian 100 microfiber upper the straps. Are all offset from each other to avoid hot spots they actually use titanium. D-ring loops as well as titanium screw. Threads for your cleats and it weighs. 205 grams next down the line we have the. Zero factor which uses easton's ec 90. Carbon outsole has the same offset. Straps aluminum dearing's. And steel screw threads but this time. They actually use an italian ratcheting. Buckle which moves one date science at a. Time so it's very good for being a micro. Adjustments well on the bike as well there's actually two positions which you can put the buckle on the shoe this shoe. Weighs two hundred fifty-five grams and almost the differences between the factor and the slx are pretty minor on. The good better massive spectrum zero. Trans represents a good it uses the east. And ec 70 carbon outsoles so it's a. Little bit heavier a little bit less stiff uses the same offset straps the. Same it's hollien ratcheting buckle with two positions but notably this is the. Aegis antimicrobial compound on his. Insole which will eventually wear off. Over time as opposed to in the upper two models there's the ecstatic antimicrobial threading the shoes weight. A little bit more to, but they have a sister model called me trane's hp which uses a high-volume. Glass and wood represents a double-wide. Shoe but not necessarily any longer zero. Cycling shoes over one year in the market have already jumped in the number three cycling shoe manufacturer, so we. Invite you to check out what it's all about.

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    Louis Garneau Copper T-Flex Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Equipped with features to meet the needs of the most demanding mountain bike and cyclocross riders, the Louis Garneau Men's Copper T-Flex Shoe offers a strong frame that prevents the shoe from going soft on a muddy course and offset straps to reduce pressure on top of the foot when fastening the shoe. Innovative Boa micro-adjustment lets you get just the right fit with the quick twist of a dial, while a light and breathable microfiber upper promotes cool comfort and durability thanks to its bonded protection.

    An ingenious Power Zone increases arch support and power transfer to help you get more out of your pedaling, and the heel-retaining HRS-100 with 0.6mm anti-slip membrane helps cut down on power loss. A patented CoolMax Ergo Air insole helps regulate your foot's temp for comfort in all weather conditions, while the carbon composite outsole with dual-density lugs delivers elevated mud evacuation and prevents heel pressure.

  • MTB shoes built for the most serious cyclocross and trail riders
  • Microfiber upper breathes well and is bonded for protection
  • Boa dial allows micro-adjustments on the fly
  • CoolMax Ergo Air insole helps regulate temp and boost comfortable
  • Carbon composite outsole with dual-density lugs grips reliably
  • Reflective heel helps enhance visibility
  • Anti-slip membrane helps retain heel and reduce power loss
  • Item #LGN00H3
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    Lake CX218 Cycling Shoe - Men's

    With a profile specifically catered for high-cadence riding and higher pressure, the Lake Men's CX218 Cycling Shoe combines some of the best materials available to deliver race-ready performance. Breathable, long-lasting, and form-fitting, the Action Leather upper has a PU surface treatment to reduce stretch and increase water resistance, while mesh throughout keeps cool air flowing through. Then, a Boa closure with a power strap fine tunes your fit and eliminates pressure points and hot spots for comfort all ride long. The last increases toe pitch and heel lift to allow your foot to expand under high pedaling pressures, while the carbon fiber Lake Race outsole keeps weight low and strength high.

  • Top-tier performance and comfort blend in this racing shoe
  • Action leather upper provides breathable, durable comfort
  • Boa closure cinches the exact right fit without pressure points
  • Carbon fiber outsole delivers power transfer and low weight
  • Item #LKC001F
  • Hi this is my shoes.com and city will have the lake cx 241 road cheese lakes. Police the cx 241 that suited the power and performance for road cyclist looking for an edgy shoe on race day. The cx 241 is made from synthetic leather rubber that molds around your foot the competition last features a curved profile that allows the foot to expand under high peddling pressures it. Comes with the two boa closure system that dials you into the perfect fit the. Lake race full carbon outsole is stiff and durable transferring all your power to the road and accepts three boats sbds l style cleats this is available in. Multiple sizes and cover options along with the wide version featured in this video at bite shoes.com.

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    Adidas Outdoor Terrex Trail Cross SL Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Whether you're pummeling down nasty, rock-infested trails or pedaling along forested singletrack with slimy roots threatening to throw you off balance, the Adidas Terrex Trail Cross SL Mountain Bike Shoe keeps you firmly glued to your pedals with sure-footed grip and plentiful support underfoot. This pair of trail riding shoes is designed for use with flat pedals, ensuring you remain securely connected to your bike while riding over technical trail sections. And because you'll often scope out new lines before plunging in, you'll enjoy the shoe's ability to flex and conform to the terrain underneath you while walking down the trail.

    You'll find the same Stealth rubber compound that's made Five Ten Shoes (Adidas actually acquired Five Ten a few years back) a favorite among aggressive trail riders for its tacky grip, even in the slick and muddy conditions encountered on the trail. Not only does the sole employ Stealth rubber, but it uses a triangular traction pattern to evacuate moisture and provide flexibility where you need it and grip exactly where you want it.

    Looking to the uppers, you'll find the breathable mesh does an admirable job of keeping your feet cool and dry, even when temperatures skyrocket on summer days. This breathable upper is reinforced with a protective rubber toe cap, seeing you'll probably smash your feet on a number of trail features, such as rocks and roots. Other key features include an energy-absorbing EVA midsole that smooths out big drops and uneven terrain, as well as a Pro-Moderator medial support system for a bit more stability while pedaling.

  • Confidence-inspiring shoe for aggressive trail riders
  • Sole is designed exclusively for trail riders using flats
  • Ultra-grippy Stealth rubber with triangular traction pattern
  • Flexible design allows you to walk over hike-a-bike sections
  • Breathable mesh uppers reinforced with durable rubber toe cap
  • Energy-absorbing EVA midsole smooths out vibration underfoot
  • Pro-Moderator system provides stability and midfoot protection
  • Lace bungee keeps dangling laces from snagging while you ride
  • Item #ADA009Y
  • Oh what is happening friends my name is richard and today we've got some great looking shoes to check out here from Adidas. Great-looking shoes here made out of a high abrasion textile and synthetic material for the upper got a lisa closure in the front with that protective rubber toe cap up here for added durability really soft and breathable fabric lining on the inside you also have this foam molded foam. Insole ides right on out gives you some added cushioning with every single step got a pro moderator. Midsole to give you some added shock absorption and a stealth rubber outsole on the bottom that helped keep you nice and steady over variety of different surfaces and give great flexibility. Dillon pass you by they are from Adidas.

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    Shimano SH-RP3 Cycling Shoe - Men's

    The Shimano Men's SH-RP3 Cycling Shoes feature exceptional comfort and functionality with a wallet-friendly price point. Their reinforced soles make for efficient pedaling over long gran fondo routes and weekend club rides, but we wouldn't recommend them for the aspiring racer. With both two-bolt and three-bolt cleat compatibility, these shoes will work with almost any pedal system, including most spin bike pedals.

    The SH-RP3's closure system consists of a middle hook-and-loop strap that passes through a mid-foot D-ring for exceptional stability and adjustability while minimizing tension across the foot. An additional hook-and-loop strap crosses the forefoot and a ratchet strap fastens across the top of the shoe for a customized fit and even pressure distribution. The addition of a padded tongue further distributes load to minimize pressure points for a comfortable ride.

  • Cycling shoes for riding indoors or out
  • Reinforced sole provides rigidity without discomfort
  • Composite midsole provides additional structure
  • Ratchet strap secures the fit and won't stretch out
  • Hook-and-loop straps customize the forefoot and toe box
  • Padded tongue reduces pressure under strain
  • Compatible with most cleat types
  • Item #SHI00AH
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    Chrome Truk SPD Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Snap into your Shimano SPD pedals with the ultra-durable Chrome Truk SPD Shoe and ride without fear of dreaded footwear blowouts. Chrome has been making urba-bike-messenger-worthy gear for years now, and has earned a reputation for quality. Truk SPD shoes keep this tradition alive.

    Truk SPD shoes are made with some of the toughest materials in the shoe industry. 1000-denier Cordura uppers are virtually blowout-proof. For the soles, Chrome chose to use vulcanized rubber for its incredible toughness. It also added a rubber heelcup and a nylon/fiberglass shank for pedaling efficiency and protection.

  • SPD-ready
  • 1000-denier Cordura uppers
  • Vulcanized rubber sole
  • Board-lasted outsole
  • Rubber heel cup
  • Nylon/fiberglass shank
  • Item #CRM0059
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    Louis Garneau L.A. 84 Cycling Shoe - Men's

    You've curious about the return of the lace-up shoe for a while now, long enough to realize that what started as a trend looks to have staying power. Whether you remember when lace-ups reigned or are considering upgrading to cycling-specific shoes for the first time, Louis Garneau's L.A. 84 Shoe is a good place to start if your budget and fit requirements trend more towards self-sponsored and generous.

    Taking inspiration from the lace-up models the pros have been wearing, the L.A. 84 offers a similar fit and feel, in a more approachable price range. Built to Garneau's STD Fit standards, the shoe doesn't have the aggressive, highly contoured fit of a top-end race shoe. While it still provides security and the nearly limitless potential to adjust fit that comes with a lace-up design, the shoe will feel more forgiving for everyday rides. Its fiberglass-reinforced nylon soles lend a mix of stiffness and flex appropriate for its entry/mid-level distinction that will see you loyally through group rides, evening spins, and perhaps your first-ever Fondo.

  • Get the fit you want on everyday rides with this shoe
  • Synthetic leather and mesh uppers wear well in any weather
  • Fiberglass-reinforced nylon sole provides mid-tier stiffness
  • Lace-up closure encourages generous fit customization
  • STD Fit is Garneau's roomier, less contoured fit
  • HRS-80 heel piece included for a slip-free fit in the heel
  • Outsole encourages ventilation for extra breathability
  • Item #LGN009B
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    Scott MTB AR Boa Clip Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Looking and feeling more like your favorite athletic sneakers, the Scott Men's MTB AR Boa Clip Shoe forgoes the streamlined aesthetic and stiff carbon sole of racy mountain bike shoes, but gains massive amounts of grip and a bit more flexibility along the way. It's really a great option if your rides consist of technical trail sections where dismounting is necessary while you scope out your line or perhaps shoulder your bike if it's a bit too difficult for your tastes.

    Boa IP-1 dials provide a fine-tuned fit and feel with the quick twist of each dial, securing the entire shoe uniformly to reduce excess slop from sapping your power output. The synthetic PU uppers and 3D nylon airmesh are incredibly tough and breathable, helping to release excess heat while withstanding the rigors of trail thrashings. It's finished with a Sticki rubber sole with SPD compatibility, allowing you to either clip into pedals or use flats on the trail.

  • Sneaker-inspired trail shoes with a flexible, grippy sole
  • Dual Boa IP-1 dials for a secure, micro-adjustable fit
  • Sticki rubber sole grips aggressively over slick rocks and roots
  • SPD-compatible sole allows you to use clip-in pedals or flats
  • Synthetic PU and 3D nylon airmesh is breathable and durable
  • ErgoLogic footbed provides anatomically correct support
  • Item #SCO00RH
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    Sidi Defender Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Lightweight and super stiff may have a cult following when it comes to cycling shoes, but those of us spending our bike rides chasing adventure, hiking-a-bike, and charging into the beyond are looking for a bit more from our shoes. Enter the Sidi Defender Cycling Shoe for Men — supple, stiff, and supportive, and just the right amount of overbuilt with all-mountain ready lugs, and durable uppers that hold your foot in place like a firm handshake, and reinforced heel and toe that gives you support from your local trail network well into the wiliest of backcountry adventures and bikepacking excursions.

    The Sidi Defender cycling shoes are constructed with Sidi's Politex Sude Effect uppers, paneled for support and backed with mesh that lets your feet breathe. Sidi's Politex material is unique in that it combines several different materials in thin layers to compound their strengths, and then coupled with compacted PVC to ensure rugged durability for long, hard miles bushwhacking through trail debris. Politex is designed to stand up to laceration, stretching, and ripping, with resistance to fading to keep your kicks looking as fresh as the day you got them, three years in. The panels of Politex hold your flippers snug, and are paired with both hook-and-loop straps and a Tecno-3 buckle system that cinches down to keep your foot comfortable for the long haul. The Tecno-3 system involves two ratcheting dials, Sidi's proprietary, non-stretch wire, and a customizable fit at the instep and forefoot. Since adventure-minded shoes may spend a little more time on-foot and off bike, the Defenders feature a higher ankle design, giving cushion to stray cranks, and support to ankles for the moments when you have to throw your bike over shoulder and scramble up sketchy rock faces.

    Over time, Sidi has become synonymous with supportive soles, and the Defender Cycling shoe is no different. These kicks use Sidi's Outdoor Sole, which is designed with rubber that can adapt to variable trail conditions, offering serious grip through muddy and wet trails, and rocky faces alike. The tread pattern is strategic and deliberate, both aiming to target exceptional mud shedding skills, and comfort on foot. This is done by utilizing directional lugs that are designed to propel you forward in the front, and work as virtual brakes in the back. Ample spacing in between the beefy lugs keep the mud shedding, so your footing can stay sure, and clipping back in after a steep hike isn't a burden.

  • Serious shoes for all-mountain adventures
  • Beefy lugs keep you secure on foot
  • Stiff sole transfers maximum power to pedals
  • Politex uppers are extra-durable and tough
  • Tecno-3 closure cinches down for perfect fit
  • High ankle coverage for hiking a bike
  • Reinforced heel cap keeps your foot locked in place
  • 2-bolt mountain bike cleat compatible
  • Item #SID009O
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    Gaerne G. Kona Shoe - Men's

    Call us biased, but we think the best leg of a tri is between T1 and T2. The cycling portion is where a race can be won or lost, and if you're looking for some lightweight, tri-specific kicks, have a look at the G. Kona Shoe from Gaerne. The brand was founded in Italy in 1962 by Ernesto Gazzola and Gaerne still builds its shoes in the old world way using the skills and traditions of expert craftsmen while utilizing modern materials. Its shoes are renowned for their durability, high quality, and technical innovations which have made it a favorite amongst triathletes.

    The G. Kona is Gaerne's only tri offering, however it shares similar details to its road offerings. It uses double hook-and-loop closures for quick adjustments on the bike and makes getting into and out of the shoes quick and easy during transitions. Additionally, a rear loop allows for quicker entries and exits and comes in handy after the swim and before the run.

    For breathability and water evacuation, the upper is crafted of a soft microfiber with laser-drillings. The one-piece frontal section also minimizes stitching for a more comfortable fit. On the internal in-step, a mesh insert provides additional ventilation without sacrificing stability and support. It's all-new injection molded anti-slip heel-cup anchors your heel in place during out of the saddle pedaling efforts and will not deform or weaken over time. It claims that this anti-tendonitis form allows for the best foot stability and control. For the footbed, Gaerne uses its lightweight Transpirant Insole which offers great comfort and is replaceable. Like the upper, the insole is perforated for maximum breathability.

    For the sole, the G. Kona uses its EPS Light Evolution Sole made of nylon for cost savings and achieves a 6.0 out of 12.0 on its stiffness scale. It's light and thin, so your foot sits close to the pedal spindle for maximum pedaling efficiency. And to keep you from slipping anytime you're not clipped in, the sole has an anti-slip insert at the toe and heel. Lastly, reflective inserts provide maximum visibility in low-light conditions.

  • Gaerne's tri shoe helping you set a PR on the bike split
  • Handcrafted in Italy and built to exacting standards
  • Perforated upper ventilates and allows water to escape
  • Injection-molded heel cup anchors the rear of the foot in place
  • Anatomic insole conforms to the foot for exceptional comfort
  • Nylon EPS Light Evolution Sole saves cash without sacrificing stiffness
  • Double hook-and-loop closures allow for quick adjustments and transitions
  • Item #GAE001L
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    Lake CX 241 Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Without a doubt, our favorite non-bolt on bike accessory is shoes. New shoe day feels our hearts with glee and hopefully, our feet with comfort. It's no secret that we're fans of Lake shoes here and the CX 241 Road Shoe is no exception.  Features like Boa closures, full grain leather upper, and carbon sole check off everything we look for when shopping for new kicks.

    This shoe is race ready and looks great. The CX/TX Competition last still offers a roomy toe box but has a tighter heel than the Sport last found on some of Lake's other offerings for a snugger, glove-like fit that's perfect for high-cadence spinning and big wattage efforts. A heat moldable carbon heel counter allows for fine-tuning of the fit and the Nufoam lining feels like it's giving your foot a hugging embrace every time you put the shoes on.  Down below, the lightweight and stiff Lake Race carbon fiber sole with drillings for a 3-hole road cleat put the power to the pedals.

    Like we've seen on Lake's Endurance mountain bike shoes, the CX 241 gets hardier materials for the upper ensuring excellent durability and long life. Full grain leather is supple, easily contouring to your foot's shape while the higher wear areas like the toe and heel receive Helcor Abrasion resistant leather for increased resilience. Dialing in the fit, and easy to adjust on the fly is the almost now ubiquitous dual side mounted Push/Pull IP1 BOA lacing system with releasable lace guides.

  • A race-ready shoe with extra durability features
  • The Race Carbon sole provides efficient power transfer
  • Supple full-grain leather upper conforms to your foot
  • Dual IP1 Boa closure dials offer a micro-adjustable fit
  • Compatible with three-bolt road cleats
  • CX/TX Competition last is snug but still allows room under hard efforts
  • Item #LKC002B
  • Hi this is my shoes.com and city will have the lake cx 241 road cheese lakes. Police the cx 241 that suited the power and performance for road cyclist looking for an edgy shoe on race day. The cx 241 is made from synthetic leather rubber that molds around your foot the competition last features a curved profile that allows the foot to expand under high peddling pressures it. Comes with the two boa closure system that dials you into the perfect fit the. Lake race full carbon outsole is stiff and durable transferring all your power to the road and accepts three boats sbds l style cleats this is available in. Multiple sizes and cover options along with the wide version featured in this video at bite shoes.com.

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