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  Hodgman Aesis Sonic Zip Stocking Foot - Men's Simms G4 Pro Stockingfoots Wader - Men's Redington Palix River Pant - Men's Patagonia Rio Gallegos Zip-Front Wader - Men's Redington Skagit River Wading Boot - Sticky Rubber - Men's Caddis Northern Guide Wading Boot - Men's Simms Headwaters Half Finger Glove - Men's Patagonia Foot Tractor Wading Boot - Men's Simms G3 Guide Pant - Men's Simms Guide Windbloc Flex Glove - Men's Simms Tippet Tender Wader Pouch - Men's Redington Prowler Felt Boot - Men's
  Hodgman Aesis Sonic Zip Stocking Foot - Men's Simms G4 Pro Stockingfoots Wader - Men's Redington Palix River Pant - Men's Patagonia Rio Gallegos Zip-Front Wader - Men's Redington Skagit River Wading Boot - Sticky Rubber - Men's Caddis Northern Guide Wading Boot - Men's Simms Headwaters Half Finger Glove - Men's Patagonia Foot Tractor Wading Boot - Men's Simms G3 Guide Pant - Men's Simms Guide Windbloc Flex Glove - Men's Simms Tippet Tender Wader Pouch - Men's Redington Prowler Felt Boot - Men's
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Brand Simms Simms Hodgman Redington Simms Redington Redington Caddis Simms Patagonia Simms Patagonia
Manufacturer Warranty lifetime lifetime 1 year 1 year lifetime 1 year 1 year - - lifetime lifetime lifetime
Material [lower] Gore-Tex Pro (5-layer), [upper] Gore-Tex Pro (3-layer, [booties] neoprene Polartec Windbloc [upper] 4-layer, [seat and legs] 5-layerm [booties] 5mm neoprene - [back of hand] Polartec 200 fleece, [palm] Polartec 100 fleece, DWR coating - 100% polyester, DWR treatment - [lower] Gore-Tex Pro Shell, [upper] Gore-Tex Pro Shell (3-layer) - - [body] H2No Performance Standard (4 layer), Nanosphere DWR treatment, [booties] 3mm neoprene, [booties lining] merino wool grid
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Hodgman Aesis Sonic Zip Stocking Foot - Men's

When you’re trying to deliver the perfect cast for a choosy fish, the last thing you need is to stumble through rocks with numb feet. Pull on the Hodgman Aesis Sonic Zip Stocking Foot, and keep yourself dry when you go in deep. The waterproof upper is constructed with four-layer fabric for increased breathability, while the seat and legs have five layers for extra durability. It’s been treated with a DWR coating to shed water, and the Riri waterproof zipper makes it easy to get in and out without sacrificing any defense. Double sonic weld seams eliminate needle holes and the seams have all been taped to take leak protection to the next level. The booties are constructed from neoprene to insulate your feet and are anatomically correct for a fit that keeps your feet comfortable for long days on the river.

  • Waders for full days of fly fishing
  • Waterproof 4-layer upper for breathable protection
  • Waterproof 5-layer seat and legs for increased durability
  • Riri waterproof zipper makes getting in and out a breeze
  • Chest- or weight-height options for changing conditions
  • D-ring offers convenient net storage
  • Microfleece-lined hand pockets for thawing your fingers
  • Compatible with the Core INS removable insulation system
  • Item #HOD0009
  • We've been out on the south fork river for the past couple of days filled testing the new asus sonic zip front so i stopped by the local pro shop to be able to take you through some of the new features on the asus the first thing. That we wanted to do because we've been working on this waiter for the past couple of years, and we really want to start from the ground up, so we concentrated on developing a new ergonomic lee design anatomic left and. Right fit stocking foot it shapes to the. Unique design of your foot and it's sculpted so it reduces bulk inside of your weight shoe over the past two years we focused our efforts on developing the next generation of sonic welding technology and sonic 2.0 utilizes a. Double folded sonic weld to eliminate. Thousands of stitch holes in the waiter, and we also reinforced it for added. Strength with waterproof seam tape so it keeps water on the outside of your waiter or where it belongs the lowest of. This waiter utilizes our five layer shell fabric that runs all the way to the upper leg and even around to the. Seat where you need added puncture resistance and durability the (upper) of. This waiter uses a four layer shell fabric where added breath ability where you need it most the asis comes with a. Weight belt for safety that is accompanied by three welded belt loops. Two on the side one in the rear so if. You unsnap your belt you won't lose it if we use only the top align waterproof. Zipper on the market which is riri so it allows you to unzip the waiter to. Be able to get in and out more easily the chest pockets on the asis utilize a. Water resistant zipper garage so if rain. Is pouring down it won't actually make it into the pocket, and they're also micro fleece hand warmer pockets on the inside the suspension system on the asis. Allows you to convert it from a waist high without taking the suspenders off. So on a hot day you can just unclick the buckles from the two front ones in the back center convert it to a waist high and you're ready to go also the asus is for ims compatible it. Allows you to convert this waiter to an all-season waiter and install our. Removable insulation system so next time you're at your local pro shop ask about. The new asus sonic zip from hodgman.

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    Simms G4 Pro Stockingfoots Wader - Men's

    After a long day on the river in the Simms Men's G4 Pro Stockingfoots Wader you'll wonder how in the world you ever managed without this highly comfortable, waterproof, and breathable wader. Designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort, the G4 Pro features Gore-Tex Pro Shell 5-layer fabric on the seat, waist, and legs for superb breathability and waterproofness. Thanks to its intuitive construction, the G4 Pro offers you unprecedented leg articulation and a slim leg fit that minimizes fabric bunching for improved all-day fishing comfort. The G4 Pro offers the same design and materials as Simms' G4Z Stockingfoot, only without the front center zipper so you can enjoy the legendary performance at a slightly lower price point.

  • Gore-Tex Pro Shell fabric (5-layer) found on the seat, waist, and throughout the legs features a robust backer to produce the most rugged and durably waterproof fishing waders with 25% more breathability
  • Gore-Tex microscopic membrane ensures that water from the outside cannot penetrate and cold winds cannot pass through, but perspiration can easily escape which keeps you dry and comfortable throughout your fly fishing endeavors
  • Simm's patented front and back leg seam construction offers unprecedented leg articulation and a slim leg fit that minimizes fabric bunching
  • Fewer seams in high-wear areas reduces seam abrasion
  • Adjustable stretch spacer mesh/elastic suspenders provide the most advanced and comfortable suspender system available on the market today
  • Front side of suspenders feature opposing male and female buckles so you can run waist-high conversions if needed
  • Built-in low-profile belt loops comfortably fit a 2in elastic belt with Simms Trout side-release buckle for extra comfort and a just-right fit
  • Built-in gravel guards consist of 2mm high-density, abrasion-resistant neoprene material with stainless steel boot hooks and a reinforced attachment design
  • Gravel guards' patented built-in construction ensures that the pulling and tugging of the gravel guard won't jeopardize the waterproofness at the attachment
  • Hourglass stocking foot design features a 4mm, high-density Japanese neoprene in an hourglass shape with an anatomically correct left and right feet for an improved, comfortable fit
  • Large zippered chest pocket holds your dry shake, sunglasses cleaning cloth, and other small fly fishing necessities
  • Microfleeced-lined, pass-through hand warmer pocket provides room for heater packs, offers quick and easy hand warm-up, and supplies convenient hand placement
  • Flip-out Tippet Tender pocket includes patented built-in Retractor
  • 1 Simms Retractor for convenience
  • Back side of suspender harness has a D-ring for attaching your net when not in use
  • Made in Montana, USA
  • Item #SMM0016
  • Howdy friends brian flechsig of mad river outfitters in the midwest fly fish school and I'm here today to talk to you about the brand-new for 2018 sims g3. Guide stocking foot waders for 2018 we. Hammer now to deal with our good friends at sims, and they are now a sponsor of the midwest fly-fishing schools and therefore I've been sporting these g3s. All season long and i tell you i told a. Rep tony the other day i said i never. Knew what waiters were and i know yeah. I'm a salesman but I'm not exaggerating i never knew what waiters were this is one of the finest pair waiters ever made. In the history of the sport, and they are sims number one selling pair of waders. So yeah they're pricey but let me tell. You they're worth it the g threes. They've really made some great updates. For 2018 and i think mostly the fit. These things just fit so well they come. In 25 different sizes so you're gonna. Find a to fit you but they're made a. Three-layer gore-tex pro shell material. On the upper and the chest and then four. Layer pro gore-tex pro shall in the legs. And the seat where it matters now they. Also feature a zippered chest pocket. That can zip in and out if you don't. Want it there you can also replace it with a waterproof version but this is a. Tippet tender type pocket it also has a docking station for a retractor or what. Have you this is usually where i will end up keeping my cell phone or cam what have you but then it has a zippered. Chest pocket here it has micro fleece. Line hand warmer pocket here and then. You have a little velcro fly patch you. Can use it as is or you can get one of. The sims little fly patches with velcro. On the back and stick it on there the. Low-profile belt loops which are really. Really nice and it comes with the 2-inch stretch waiting belt you have the. Patented front and back leg seams now. This is pretty smart it's instead of having the seams on the sides where they used to be like you have on a pair of pants that keeps where you get a lot of abrasion there it keeps. Then from wearing on the insides where. Your legs are rubbing together really smart design you have an adjustable one. And a half inch suspender system the. Suspenders are really great comfortable also with alternating buckles so you can. Roll it around your waist and then clip. The suspenders so you wind up with a waist high you do have a highly. Abrasion resistant gravel guards I've. Seen a lot of waders over the years when the gravel guards wear out and get torn up these are highly abrasion resistant they also have the hook to. Hook on to your wading shoes and then of. Course the articulated right and left. Foot neoprene stocking foot and these. Also have an antimicrobial treatment so to them, so they don't want wind up stinking on it i think those are the. Primary features that it's but i just. Can't say enough about the new for 2018. Sims g3 guide stocking foot waders you. Of course can check them out as matter of route fitters comm and then don't forget you can also pair them up with the new for 2018 sims g3 guide boot. Which I've also been sporting by the way love them love them we'll do a. Separate review on those so check them. Out it matter of ral fitters comm all 25 sizes available on our website as always we appreciate you tuning in. Subscribe to our channel and stay tuned we've got a lot more coming at you.

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    Redington Palix River Pant - Men's

    Face it, your trusty old wading pants don't cut it anymore. It took your last fall into the river to realize how much better off you'd be with the Redington Men's Palix River Pant. It's built with that same tried-and-true mentality as your Old Faithful waders, and consequently is constructed with a 3-layer fabric that's both waterproof and breathable. The integrated belt holds everything together, while the high-density neoprene booties, integrated gravel guards, and strategically placed seams ensure comfortable day-long use and years of longevity.

  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Integrated gravel guards
  • Removable wading belt
  • 3mm high density neoprene booties
  • Item #RNG001H
  • Hey I'm corey from avid max right now. I'm going to talk to you about the Eddington felix river waders this is a three layer waiter from Eddington excellent value lots of features for the. Money so this waiter first of all we'll. Start at the top has nice comfortable shoulder straps to be worn as a chest. Waiter one of the cool things is that you can also wear this is a waist level. Waiter so the reason you can do that is. These straps are basically opposable so. They hook together so to turn it into a waist level waiter we'll just roll this. Down take those shoulder straps and it. Turns into a belt keeps that all in place like that so that's now a pant. Later so start so that's the shoulder straps. Converted it into a waist pant as well so another cool feature is we have some. Cinch straps right here at the top so you can cinch that down if it's really cold out you want to cinch that up keep. All the cold weather out or it's warm out you want a little extra airflow you can stretch that out or if you're wearing a coat or something heavy you might want to adjust that a little bit inside the waiter here is a flip-out. Pocket this pocket i like to keep like. My wallet or my phone or my car keys in here that way I'm not going to drop them in the water, and they're going to stay waterproof inside here so this different isn't waterproof but because they flip. Inside the waiter like that chances are it's not going to get wet on the outside we have a very water-resistant pocket so. That pocket you can keep some you know fly fishing gear fly box nippers. Clippers leaders tip at all that kind of stuff then we have a fleece-lined hand warmer. Pocket so this pocket goes all the way through fleece line nice and cozy if. You're out there on the water your hands get a little bit chilly you can warm them up warm them up right inside there next thing is we have a waiting belt the. Waiting belt is built-in that basically keeps that does two things for you one. That keeps the pants up, so they don't fall down keeps it nice and snug it has loops so that that belt stays in place but the other thing is for safety waiting belts basically keep it so that if you fall in the water your pant legs don't fill up with water. Right away if your waders completely fill up with water if you fall in the river it's going to be very hard to stand up and you're just going to shoot down the river so it's a safety feature you should always wear a wading belt these waders come with the wading belt. Next thing is they have to layer reinforced knee area so that. Reinforcement goes all the way down to the shin that way if you're kneeling down on the ground if you're landing a fish you kneel down close to the water or if you've got to take a break and kneel down you're not going to mess up the waders a little bit of extra protection there and then the last thing is we have a standard gravel guard that. Gravel guard designed to keep rocks and. Debris out of the your wading boots and then you have a hook that goes and clips on to the laces of the. Boots and then you have a very high. Density neoprene booties so that keeps your feet warm if you're in a cold river everything keeps everything dry at the same time so again this is the Eddington pale its river waiter check. Then out on at evan max calm you can also see more of our fly fishing and outdoor related videos on our abbot max youtube channel subscribe, and we'll see you out there.

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    Patagonia Rio Gallegos Zip-Front Wader - Men's

    Any angler knows that just "holding it" doesn't really work when you're standing out in the middle of a river with the sound of rushing water on all sides of you. And while waders have come a long way since those pure-neoprene beauties you used to sport, few advancements have been made in the areas of personal relief before the Patagonia Men's Rio Gallegos Zip-Front Waders. Built with all the high-end materials you'd expect from Patagonia, the Rio Gallegos is made with a four-layer H2No membrane and Nanosphere DWR finish, and it features a waterproof center front zipper so you can wade deep and enjoy instant relief wherever you are.

    Fit is a big deal when you're spending upwards of ten hours a day in your waders, so Patagonia designed these waders to be as comfortable as possible, with anatomically curved knees and removable knee pads on the inside for those times you need to take a knee to remove your hook. Patagonia also added 3mm neoprene booties with a merino wool grid lining in order to provide the same warmth as traditional 5mm booties, but with more breathability and less bulk in your boots. The lower legs are reinforced with a double-weave taffeta face fabric to resist wear, while the single seam construction eliminates seams in high wear areas to prevent leaks and blowouts along the inseams.

  • H2No Performance Standard shell (4-layer)
  • Nanosphere DWR finish
  • Single-seam construction
  • Waterproof Tizip front zipper
  • Waist-mounted EZ-Lock suspenders
  • Anatomically curved knees
  • Built-in gravel guards
  • Neoprene booties with merino wool grid lining
  • Two handwarmer pockets and one interior waterproof pocket
  • Field repair kit included
  • Item #PAT019Y
  • the toughest highest-performing and most feature-rich waders we make and they've now been completely re-engineered from the booties up we build them from a

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    Redington Skagit River Wading Boot - Sticky Rubber - Men's

    Your old tennis shoes are going to be slicker than snot if you try to wade in them, and the last thing you want to do is take a slider right as you finally hook into that 20-inch brown you spotted feeding behind a log. The Redington Men's Skagit River Wading Boot has got you covered with its sticky rubber sole that will cling to slick river bottoms. The Skagit is made with a quick-draining upper with mesh side panels that will let water pass through the boot, so you don't end up lugging a bunch of water around all day. Redington reinforced the Skagit with a rubber rand and heel, so you don't rip them out when you scrape them along a submerged log or boulder. And if you need a little more bite from these boots, you can attach metal studs to their stud-compatible soles for even more grip.

  • Mesh paneling
  • Rubber toe cap
  • Lace closure
  • Padded collar
  • Non-corrosive metal hardware
  • Sticky rubber sole
  • Stud compatible
  • Item #RNG001N
  • Hi my name is adam I'm here to talk to. You about the pale looks river boots it is a lightweight durable waiting boot for all occasions offered in sticky walnut rubber or felt our souls this. Boot features a highly pack able and classic design so you can take it with you on all your angling adventures it is. Constructed of high denier durable nylon. Fabric this boot is designed with deep. Draw lacing to keep your foot in place while waiting all hardware is anti. Corrosive to help your boots last longer in the field the neoprene line interior. And collar offer exceptional comfort for. Long days on the river halex river boot features a high rubber rand for. Excellent durability and protection this boot is constructed of quick drying. Lightweight synthetic materials both soles are stud compatible for safe. Weighting in all conditions overall the. Pail looks but is an affordable option for all your fishing endeavors.

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    Caddis Northern Guide Wading Boot - Men's

    You can never be sure what you're going to step on when you wade out into the river, so be prepared for the variable surfaces riparian zones will throw at you with the Caddis Northern Guide Wading Boots. Constructed with a durable nylon upper, reinforced toe cap, and stud-compatible sole, these basic wading boots will give you the security you need to wade out into the river with confidence.

  • Simple and streamlined wading boots for fly fishing
  • Reinforced toe cap increases durability
  • Rubber sole is stud-compatible (studs not included)
  • Cushioned insole for additional comfort
  • Item #CAD000C
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    Simms Headwaters Half Finger Glove - Men's

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    Patagonia Foot Tractor Wading Boot - Men's

    Aluminum bar technology on the bottom of the Patagonia Men's Foot Tractor Wading Boot lets you find grippy traction on even the slickest, algae-ridden rocky river bottoms, cutting down on those moments of limbo when you don't quite know whether or not you're about to take a cold water bath. The Foot Tractor's Clarino synthetic leather upper offers the ultimate in wading durability, and Venergy monofilement mesh panels allow for supreme drainage while cutting back on unnecessary weight. A Texon trimaliminate toe box and heel counter offers a roomy feel that won't squish your toes while providing protection from those unseen rocks and boulders.

  • Clarino synthetic leather upper
  • Venergy monofilement mesh panels
  • Texon trimaliminate toe box and heel counter
  • Multi-directional aluminum bar technology
  • Item #PAT00EB
  • this is patagonia's foot tractor waiting. Booth built with our friends at danner in portland Oregon it's the toughest most high-performing waiting boot we've ever built, and we think it's the last boot you'll ever need to buy the uppers. Are constructed of two super tough materials saline treated full grain. Waterproof leather and a thousand denier. Nylon these materials are tough but they. Also dry quick and have minimal water uptake and perforated drain holes on. Both sides of the boot help clear water quickly the lacing system uses non. Corrosive hardware throughout there're traditional eyelets over the instep and speed lacing at the top of the boot that. Allows you to quickly adjust it for a secure fit a tough heel counter and toe. Box provide additional support and protection the upper is stitched down to. A dual density mid sole it uses a stiffer. Material for stability and a softer. Material for cushioning the foot tractor. Is available in three different outsoles this is our aluminum bar model it uses. Our patented aluminum bar technology paired with a vibram hydro grip rubber. Outsold aluminum bars provide. Exceptional traction in the snot iasts waiting conditions here's the foot. Tractor sticky model it uses vibrams id. Rebirth rubber which is their stickiest water specific compound the sticky rubber outsole also has reinforced stud. Attachment points should you want to install studs for additional traction we. Also make the foot tractor with a traditional felt outsole it's been both glued and stitch to the mid sole all. Wading boots require proper cleaning to avoid transporting invasive species with. Belts old boots be sure to check the. Watershed regulations where you're planning on fishing to make sure that the boots are allowed with heavy-duty. Support quick drying materials outstanding traction and the ability to. Resole we think patagonia's foot tractor is the last wading boot you'll ever need to buy.

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    Simms G3 Guide Pant - Men's

    When accessing the deepest corners of the river is overkill, trade in your waders for the Simms Men’s G3 Guide Pants. Whether you’re standing on a deck of a drift boat or searching for trout in a shallow mountain stream, the G3 Guide Pant features Gore-Tex Pro Shell fabric and Gore taped seams for unbelievable waterproofness and breathability. Simms' exclusive 5-layer Gore-Tex Pro fabric found in the seat, waist, and throughout the leg offers incredible durability and protection, while the G3 Guide Pant's overall construction supplies less wear and tear and enhanced durability. Its YKK Aquaseal waterproof fly zipper minimizes corrosion and provides high-performing, durable wear for years to come. Simms also gave the G3 Guide Pant its patented front and back leg seam design that allows for an unprecedented amount of mobility and leg articulation in the wader while eliminating seams from the critical wear zones at the inner leg. Its articulated knees ensure maximum comfort and mobility when you reel in your catch.The wide elastic belt has a secure hold without pinching, so you can wear these pants for long hours in the water without discomfort.

  • Waterproof pants for shallow wading and fishing
  • Five-layer Gore-Tex Pro seals out water
  • Three-layer Gore-Tex Pro promotes airflow
  • Front and back leg seams reduce wear
  • Wide elastic belt for secure comfort
  • Built-in gravel guards keep debris out
  • Simms Trout buckle for accented flair
  • Item #SMM00DG
  • One of the most exciting products we. Have coming out for the 2010 season next. Year is the new g3 guide pant waiter. It's something we've been working on for a couple of seasons now here at sims and it's i guess the best way to. Describe it is that it's built off of the same platform as all of our g series. Waiters which includes obviously the highest quality neoprene feet that you'll find in the marketplace the built in gravel guards if you look at the lower half of the waiter you'll see it's identical to all of our g series waiters and one of the unique features on this is the patented center front seat. Technology all of our g series waiters. Feature the gore-tex pro shall laminate in the case of this model you've got a five layer gore-tex pro shell reinforced. Lower half with three layer gore-tex pro shall in the upper half however the unique things about the new pant waiter start right here you'll notice that this. Waiter does come with a ykk thermal. Laminated water resistant pocket detail. On it so a great place where you can keep things when you're out there fishing possibly tippit's pools dry shake small fly boxes great place to. Keep your hands on cold days as well you'll also notice two comes with some. Of the same technology that you see in our high-end g4z waiter with a rear e. Waterproof center front zip fly so very. Easy to get on in the morning very easy. To go to the bathroom in just a very. Very comfortable design and then the last thing that comes with a really nice. Reinforced padded back stay which just. Gives you a little bit of support over your lower back for those long days of fishing this is a new product that will. Be coming off from sins in january 2010.

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    Simms Guide Windbloc Flex Glove - Men's

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    Simms Tippet Tender Wader Pouch - Men's

    Keeping your tippet options right at hand can mean the difference in casting at the right moment during a hatch, or hiking back to your gear and missing prime opportunities. The Simms Tippet Tender Wader Pouch zips into compatible Simms waders to secure not only your tippet, but also other gear you may need on the water. Its low-profile design is lightweight and stays out of your way while casting, yet its three pockets and attachment point keep plenty of gear at your fingertips so you can re-rig at a moment's notice.

  • Low-profile pocket system for wade fishing
  • Tippet attachment point is secure and convenient
  • Zippered and hook-and-loop pockets secure small items
  • Fits nearly any tippet spool size
  • Compatible with Tippet Tender Simms waders
  • Item #SMM00I3
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    Redington Prowler Felt Boot - Men's

    Stalk trophy-worthy trout across slippery streambeds when you're wearing the Redington Men's Prowler Felt Boot. This premium wading boot offers sure-footed grip and robust durability, all wrapped within a sleek, modern-looking boot. This particular version sports a stud-compatible felt sole for plenty of grip across freestone streams, as well as quiet walking performance, as to not disturb weary trout.

    Molded rubber overlays ensure high levels of protection when you're bumping into rocks and downed debris strewn across river bottoms. The widened toe box and sole provide maximum stability when you're wading across fast-moving streams. Non-corrosive metal hardware won't rust out after long-term use on the river. Plus, its mesh-lined interior dries quickly with built-in drainage ports that quickly expel river water.

  • Molded rubber overlays, padded collar
  • Widened toe box and sole
  • Mesh-lined, with drainage ports
  • Non-corrosive metal hardware
  • Molded polyurethane midsole
  • Stud-compatible felt sole
  • Item #RNG001I
  • The prowler is our premium men's waiting. To that offers all-day comfort in a. Lightweight design but is also exceptionally durable and support this boot is the product of a multi-year development timeline and was designed with contemporary aesthetics and supreme. Comfort in mind the prowlers most. Obvious feature is its wide toe box that. Offers comfort and stability but most. Importantly provides an increased surface area for additional traction. While you wait this boot is constructed around a durable molded pu mid sole rubber. Overlays have been placed in critical wear areas for additional durability and. Protection the prowler boot is available. In two out so options felt or sticky. Water and is constructed around a rigid. Polymer chain that protects your foot and adds durability with it combines a mess wines interior and. Ample drain holes for quick drying after. Use the prowler boot is our most comfortable waiting boot offering that combines modern aesthetics classic. Performance yolo.

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