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  Fjallraven Sarek Trekking Jacket - Men's Fjallraven Abisko Hybrid Breeze Jacket - Men's The North Face Progressor Short - Men's Marmot Reactor Fleece Jacket - Men's Simms Katafront Full-Zip Hoodie - Men's Fjallraven High Coast Wind Jacket - Men's Mountain Hardwear Fairing Softshell Jacket - Men's Stoic Merino Blend Baselayer Bottom - Men's Mammut Convey IN Hooded Down Jacket - Men's Mountain Hardwear Chockstone Hooded Jacket - Men's Mons Royale Alta Tech Long-Sleeve Crew Top - Men's Mons Royale Alta Tech Long-Sleeve Crew Top - Men's The North Face Morph Vest - Men's Patagonia Sunrise Trail Pant - Boys'
  Fjallraven Sarek Trekking Jacket - Men's Fjallraven Abisko Hybrid Breeze Jacket - Men's The North Face Progressor Short - Men's Marmot Reactor Fleece Jacket - Men's Simms Katafront Full-Zip Hoodie - Men's Fjallraven High Coast Wind Jacket - Men's Mountain Hardwear Fairing Softshell Jacket - Men's Stoic Merino Blend Baselayer Bottom - Men's Mammut Convey IN Hooded Down Jacket - Men's Mountain Hardwear Chockstone Hooded Jacket - Men's Mons Royale Alta Tech Long-Sleeve Crew Top - Men's Mons Royale Alta Tech Long-Sleeve Crew Top - Men's The North Face Morph Vest - Men's Patagonia Sunrise Trail Pant - Boys'
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Brand The North Face Fjallraven Stoic Patagonia Mountain Hardwear Fjallraven The North Face Marmot Simms Mons Royale Mammut Mons Royale Mountain Hardwear Fjallraven
Claimed Weight 7.41oz 10.2oz 7.1oz 7.3oz - [medium] 11.28 oz 8.5oz 11.4oz - - 1lb 3oz - 13.8oz 2 lb
Fit slim regular slim regular regular regular slim regular regular - regular - standard regular
Manufacturer Warranty lifetime 1 year limited lifetime lifetime - 1 year lifetime lifetime - limited lifetime limited lifetime 1 year
Material [body] 89% nylon, 11% spandex (DWR treatment) [seat] 87% nylon, 13% elastane (DWR treatment) [main] polyester, [panels] mesh MerinoEdge (50% merino wool, 50% polyester) 95% nylon (67% recycled), 5% spandex - 54% nylon, 46% cotton 100% nylon, DWR 100% polyester [body] 92% polyester, 8% spandex, [cuff] 100% polyester, [pocket] 85% nylon, 15% spandex 100% merino wool 100% polyester [lining] 100% nylon 100% merino wool Chockstone (91% nylon, 9% elastane, DWR coating) G-1000 Original (65% polyester, 35% cotton)
Pockets 1 hand, 1 zippered hand, 1 zippered thigh 2 zippered hand - 2 hand, 2 back - 2 zippered hand, 1 zippered chest 2 hand, 2 chest 2 zippered hand, 1 zippered chest 2 zippered hand, 1 zippered chest - 2 zippered hand, 1 internal - 2 zippered hand, 1 zippered chest 2 vertical chest zip, 2 chest flap, 2 front flap, 1 sleeve zip
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Fjallraven Sarek Trekking Jacket - Men's

Whether you're hiking to the top of a mountain or down to your favorite cafe, the Fjallraven Men's Sarek Trekking Jacket will give you the protection you need to get where you're going, all while looking good. For waterproofing, the jacket is made with Fjallraven's G-1000 fabric, which uses a Greenland wax treatment (sold separately). The wax can either be removed or reapplied through a simple application process making this jacket versatile for both mountain and around town wear. The Sarek is adjustable at the cuffs, waist, and hem, and it's fitted with a three-way adjustable hood. 

  • G-1000 Original fabric
  • Regular fit
  • Three-way adjustable hood
  • Sleeve, waist, and hem adjustment
  • Chest and hand pockets
  • Item #FJR003U
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    Fjallraven Abisko Hybrid Breeze Jacket - Men's

    The rugged mountains tower high above you as you paddle through the narrow fjords. As the sun rises higher and the afternoon breeze picks up across the water, you pull on the Fjallraven Men's Abisko Hybrid Breeze Jacket and continue on in search of waterfalls cascading down the side of the mountain in search of the sea. Made from a lightly wind- and water-resistant fabric and featuring mesh panels at the sides and back, this jacket keeps you comfortable as you paddle while protecting you from the breeze and sun. The fitted hood is designed with a wire in the brim for customized coverage as you enjoy those once-in-a-lifetime moments.

  • A light, breathable jacket for intense activities in warm conditions
  • Recycled polyester fabric is wind- and water-resistant
  • Mesh panels at the sides and on the back for enhanced ventilation
  • Adjustable hood with wire brim for customized coverage
  • Elastic cuffs keep sleeves in place
  • Item #FJR00CU
  • And welcome to a another one of bailey man reviews today we're going to be looking at the Nabisco shade jacket. Biphale raven it's a lightweight summer. Jacket so we'll just go through what it has but it hasn't got some of the features of it like more reviews are trying not waffle on too much and talk about a lot of crap I'll just give you what you need to know and hope for that will me help you making the decision if you wanted to get this jacket they're on so I've just got this scarlet yesterday again like i said. Before i get a lot of my stuff from either cotswolds how doors or above and beyond this jacket is from above and beyond they've still got their 20% sale so if it's in the sale you get another. 20% off if it's full price you get 20% off they are in our sizes so especially. On the crf and stuff so i haven't ourselves going to go on for so it's worth checking out off stick a link on a bottom of the information bits but have. A look there are some good bargains to be had if you do like phil raven and then obviously got a sale and everything there so check out all right so this is the Nabisco shade lightweight jacket. Kind of greens like a pale green. Reason the like this jacket is i wanted. A summer jacket something nice and lightweight i could just stick on from out for a little walk or if I'm going to the pub or I'm just going to the shop or so it's its not over the top jacket one. Of the biggest things i like about it is there is no know you tend to get her jobs. In these days this jacket is a. Multi-purpose jacket so it's for urban. Stuff as was outdoors stuffed it fits in the same you don't always need a hood when you're out and about doing normal stuff so i like the fact this has other. Bits and bobs about it then snow on the back there is a breathable Zimmerman for. Ventilation there's no maybe side zips or anything on it pocket wise you just get two. Pockets here okay, so we just came in they both have the little fjällräven leather tabs and there are tentacle pockets either side so there's nothing inside here there's no phone holders it's just basically a pocket it goes in. That far and this side goes in that far. Ykk zippers little fjällräven leather. Emblem here the main pulley again he's. Got the little fjällräven leather tab on it ykk zipper and i think the more you use these zips either they get it does. Have a bottom opening zip. So these get into kit then marcin brings. Accessible and there is a little pulley. On the back of the collar here so you could cinch that up not really sure. Why you want to do that but you could but there is a little cinch here so if. You wanted to trap the air i suppose you. Keep it a bit warmer you could do that again it makes it of it makes it a bit more like a bomber jacket sort of style. And then it just simply he says you just. Pull that yeah all nicely constructed. Little Swedish flag emblem on here. So there's another pocket here up on the. Side and just goes around the back I'm. Really short to be fair i put in there but that's that's it so a lot of weight. Material the sleeve it flares out here. With a couple of pop studs the reason being is another reason why i like this. Jacket just fold this up. In here there is a little pulley this. Area it was a little loop on top of the sleeves there so you can actually make. It a short sleeve jacket if you wanted. To and a little detail of the little opening zoom in there yeah the. Little fox on the popper as well so i. Probably personally won't use that. Feature often guess some of you well i. Just pop up from again papa's a little. Co raven so on them as well and so this. Is the size extra large all right so I'm about six foot depends on 40 and a half 15. Stone depends on what's all the week is so. This fits me pretty well plenty of space. Here but on the back is pretty snug so i. Do find that fjällräven coats they are motor their clothing I'm showing that. In-between bit so I've got some jackets I've got like an eco she'll cab and a you. Pick heavy winter coat they're large they didn't be fine I've got a cab normal jacket a sectional large that fits be fine this is extra large this fits be fine so you'd have to have a. Little look and sort see what you tend to err an outgoing extra-large because. It's just easier for me how can stick. Before as persons underneath this a hoodie or a jumper there is a bit of. Space there but it's its about right for me extra large they go inside so. Inside there's not a lot of going on here really snow there're no pockets inside at all is this g1000 air but I'll read that. Information out a bit and there's nothing this side so that's that's the. Inside is what it is. Right g1000 air says it's been developed for low weight. To maximum ventilation in warm conditions the fabric has excellent air flow which gives it a cool comfortable feel and the moisture it releases evaporates quickly it also has some protection top it's about plus forty-five that's pretty good you can wax it i generally don't wax my stuff I'm going to be wet I've got a waterproof coat. I'll take with me upon the top and but you can wax this and then if you want say the way off you just wash it and then the wax comes off this sort does go. Back to normal but never quite goes back. He's out of the same but if you go down. Is wet and you're wearing this obviously won't make this waterproof because it isn't really waterproof without it being waxed 65 percent recycled polyester 35%. Organic cotton and they say excellent. Ventilation and it's got the bit to the back it's lightweight pretty breathable fast drying hardware in that's the g1000. You know if you've worn g1000 before you generally know how good it is uv protection adaptable okay so that is. The er even Nabisco shade jacket. Color green extra large if you liked it gives us a thumbs up please and front builders from subscriptions put a comment below I've got a little rf and. Stuff so I'll start doing a few more reviews on that because you don't tend to get much all that many fjällräven reviews in the uk generally saw sweden. Norway that kind of stuff so i stick. Some more on hand i will do some outdoorsy bits and bobs as well in the near future so again thanks for watching appreciate it subscribes down here. Probably somewhere.

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    The North Face Progressor Short - Men's

    Durable, stretchy, and built to maximize your performance on the trail, The North Face's Progressor Short is a versatile hiking short that's packed with technical performance. Spandex-integrated fabric is used throughout for a comfortable stretch as you move, while the seat of the pants features a nylon ripstop for added durability. A gusseted crotch adds to your freedom and range of motion, and front pockets hold any small pieces of gear you may need.

  • Give yourself maximum trail performance with hiking short
  • Stretchy fabric gives you unrestricted movement
  • Nylon ripstop seat and leg hems offers durability where you need it
  • Gusseted crotch gives you added range of motion
  • Multiple pockets hold smaller gear and snacks
  • Item #TNF040K
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    Marmot Reactor Fleece Jacket - Men's

    Be proactive about cold with the Marmot Reactor Jacket. This full-zip fleece features flat seamlock construction for comfort so you can wear it day in and day out. Zippered hand-warmer pockets and a bonded zippered sleeve pocket provide ample storage for your cell phone, wallet, or hands. An elastic drawcord and wind flap behind the front zipper adds protection from fall gusts when you're raking leaves.

  • Stay warm on the chairlift or when raking leaves in a fleece jacket
  • Seamlock construction is comfortable and easy to wear all day
  • Elastic hem traps heat and blocks out cold during crisp fall days
  • Reinforced shoulders stand up to extra wear from packs or bags
  • Regular fit easily layers over or under an extra layer for warmth
  • Item #MAR01K7
  • This is the marmot reactor jacket this jacket is a great spin on a traditional fleece insulator this fleece is warm and. Lightweight while being extremely breathable and quick drying it's a perfect mid layer for any cold weather activity the fleece itself is polartec. Power grid which is 100% polyester this. Gridded structure gives excellent loft. While allowing air to pass through freely where the grid splits those. Squares are soft supple polyester fleece and work well to pull moisture through the jacket this fleece has reinforced. Shoulders so if you're wearing it alone with a pack directly on top those shoulders will hold up a bit longer there are zippered hand pockets and a zippered chest pocket for some chapstick. Or snack storage the seams are all flat. Lock construction which eliminates chafing if you were using this thing as a heavyweight base layer the reactor. Has a regular fit now i am wearing a. Medium where i normally take a large so it's pretty tight on me so it feels slim that being said if i did have the proper. Size i would have plenty of room to layer a little bit underneath you will. Get elastic around the cuffs and at the. Hem to keep it in place overall this is. A simple fleece insulator with a high quality polartec synthetic police. Construction it's great as a mid layer for any adventure wear breath ability and moisture management are crucial this is. The marmot reactor jacket call us with. Your questions or visit our store at back country edge comm subscribe to stay. Tuned and follow us for the latest in outdoor gear great deals and trail. Knowledge we're the gear specialists at. Backcountry edge awesome gear amazing. Service see you on the trail.

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    Simms Katafront Full-Zip Hoodie - Men's

  • A hoodie for morning casts and evening campfires
  • Stay dry as you land another fish with water resistant fabric
  • Spandex blend allows for comfortable range of motion while casting
  • Adjustable hood blocks out rain and wind while on the boat
  • Zippered pockets keep your essentials secured and within reach
  • Item #SMM00ES
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    Fjallraven High Coast Wind Jacket - Men's

    Hike, bike, and paddle across Skuleskogen National Park with the Fjallraven Men's High Coast Wind Jacket stowed in your pack, just in case some wet and windy weather rolls overhead. Its HC-Lite fabric feels breathable, durable, and light for fall-to-spring comforts, and Fjallraven waxed the fabric for reliable resistance against water and wind. You can reapply the wax in varying thicknesses for long-lasting protection in a variety of conditions.

  • Light and packable HC-Lite fabric
  • Waxed wind- and water-resistance
  • Adjustable hood and hem
  • Elastic-edged cuffs
  • Zippered chest and hand pockets
  • Item #FJR0096
  • Good morning youtube simple check on two three back again i have a jacket it's called fjällräven high cost wind. Jacket we're gonna be doing this unboxing slash review like i said before. It has to you know two zippers you can push put it up for y'all breathing as a. Napoleon pocket for your cell phone it's pretty decent to side pockets. I mean i got a size medium i weigh about. 163 pounds about five eight five nines. I got a medium size I'm here you got. These two to make the tighter pretty. Cool it's not bad not a bad jacket this is the file ribbon. A high wind coast jacket as you can see. I got a size medium for men's one side. Pocket one here one on the other side. Then we have a napoleon pocket store for. Cellphones or goggles maybe i mean it's. Waterproof but two tweaks to its extent. Not all the way so maybe for like light. Rain you know light snow it has a little. Nice hood that covers your chin to right. Here that's a nice little hatch on the. Top under the hood here it doesn't have. Any inside pockets. Right here's the logo for y'all ribbon see we're on this side. Pretty cool jacket i paid about i think. 199 dollars for it got it from amazon. Yeah check it out lets's let me know if. You guys like it or not I'll leave a comment below if you like the video and. Always remember keep hunting and I'll. Catch you on the next video.

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    Mountain Hardwear Fairing Softshell Jacket - Men's

    A perfect companion for when you're navigating through cold, whipping gusts, the Mountain Hardwear Men's Fairing Softshell Jacket is an adaptable, smooth-faced softshell jacket with superior wind-resistance. Whether you're hiking, skiing, or just out shoveling the walk, the AirShield fabric is engineered to cut the wind to keep you warm without sacrificing breathability when you exert yourself. The interior tricot lining provides softness and warmth for long-lasting comfort, while the internal elastic cuffs help block out the wind and seal in heat. Great for layering, the Fairing has a mock collar for extra warmth around the neck when it's a particularly cold day on the hill.

  • AirShield softshell
  • 89% polyester, 11% elastane lining
  • Windproof
  • Elastic cuffs
  • Mock-style collar
  • Regular fit
  • Item #MHW009I
  • It was so turtles it's creek here with. Blackout outdoors today I'm going to be doing a video on the mountain hardwear trinity jacket this jacket is courtesy. Of sierra trading post i want to thank to sierra trading post for giving us the. Opportunity to review this jacket. Also there will be a link included in. The description that will give you the viewer a 25 percent off discount any. Pretty much any item on sierra trading post so what you need to do is put that link in the address bar and I'll take you to the site and a discount will be applied if you don't know what sierra trading post is its a really great website for discounted gear so if you're. Looking for a certain piece of gear definitely check that out and you can probably find it discounted but. This is the mountain hardwear trinity soft shell breathable and completely. Waterproof jacket so in sierra trading. Post this jacket is going for 251. Dollars and some change retails for. Believe three hundred and fifty dollars and like i mentioned before it's a soft. Shell and that literally mean does basically the texture of the fabric it's. Soft you really don't get that crinkle effect as you would normally on a lot of. Weather and waterproof shells excuse me. It is completely waterproof and this. Sort of falls under the line and in the activity categories as you know high. Activity levels in the colder months of. The year I'll touch on that once i get. Into some of the features of the jacket but on the bottom running the entire. Circumference of the jacket there are is. A drawstring and there's two different positioning or i guess cinching points. There's one on the left side and one on the right side really likes to have it on both sides that way you can even the jacket out you don't have it just pulling from one side you have two. Pockets on the front right here that feature ykk zippers and sort of reversed. And or meaning they're waterproof because you have this fabric running on the entire. Outside of the zipper track and as i pull this down you'll see the track exposed and then as you zip er up when. The track meets this isn't you know 100%. Completely waterproof but it's almost there and you'll find that. On you know all waterproof shelves this type of taped a zipper track if you will and at the top of the zipper there's sort of this little I'll call it a carport for the zippers so that there is a little gap where the zipper meets at. The end where the tracks me to keep this I'll keep elements keep water out of that and that's featured on the other. Side as well under each armpit through. Our zip pit zips again feature that. Finished material over visit the zipper. Track this is black contrasting here. Two-way zipper on here up or down these. Are kind of pain not the easiest or smoothest pull while you're wearing the jacket to open these up a little bit one. Of the few gripes i have with this jacket I'll talk about the other ones as i touch around the jacket but nonetheless a nice feature that if you do need to get some extra you know heat if your activity level is increasing and your body temperature is rising and you feel like you do need to you know get you know dump some more heat it's nice because obviously the pits your head you. Know your crotch all those in your feet those areas are really high heat areas. Where your body expels heat what's important to keep them you know keep them covered but also to expose them. When you need to dump excess heat moving on each end of the sleeves each wrist. There are there is an adjustable system. Here to accommodate to if you're wearing. A glove will fit securely this. Is large enough to have a glove pinched under there and then you can cinch it to the size you need which is really nice to keep cold breezes keep snow from coming up your sleeves anything like just hooking loop system present on both sides and since I'm here in the icon. Service is the dry queue this is the technology and i lined from mountain hardwear it's basically there's an elite. A core and active this is the core which. Is right in the middle the elite obviously is to say the highest. Technology and the dry queue line that's sort of reserved for the most extreme sort of activities in the colder. Months but basically it has to do with. The fabric mounting hardware not buying any finished fabric and assembling it they're doing it all themselves with. This with the polyester of the shell but. Nonetheless, it's a really nice highly breathable waterproof shell for. Colder months not an insulated shell it is a shell so you wouldn't need to insulate properly depending on the weather but it's really gonna work nice as a show and it does work really nice as a show moving on to the hood system i. Really like it on this jacket for a few reasons one it already has or it has a. Sort of reinforced or shaping to brim if. You were if you will stiff brim which is really nice as it sits on the head it doesn't allow the hood to come over the eyes depending this hood will accommodate a helmet it does accommodate a helmet but just this who this brim is a really nice feature very nice feature i really like the hood system on. This and the way you can cinch it down via right here this will pull the port. Down sort of round your head if you will. Using this and then on the back of the. Hood again there's a string that runs. Underneath here that you can cinch this. Down and it tightens the hood to yourself and as you move and articulate your hood from left to right it stays close to the head as you move your head doesn't move inside of it you know it's like depending on some hood systems it's. A really nice and awesome feature of this jacket i really like it the main zipper here does. Feature again the sort of tape to zipper. Track one thing i would have liked to see on this main zipper is actually two zippers. On here it only has one it would be nice. Though to have a second zipper here so that effect if you are potentially having the zippered up then you could. Have a second one down here too actually. You know if i could zipper this up a little bit that way i could have this open has i know some more heat get. Out or just whatever just another nice little feature for you to be able to tailor depending on the activity doesn't feature that not sure why but it would be nice to see it on this jacket one other thing since I'm on the outside. The jacket and this is pretty much the last thing I'm gonna touch on the outside the jack is there's no accidental pockets no chest pockets up. Here these hand warmer pockets and or just you know two external pockets in. General are nice but it would be nice just to see one up here depending on if the zipper tracks running perpendicular to the ground or parallel it would have been nice just the stash some smaller things up out of the way of hip belt harness anything like that which these pockets are long enough they will accommodate being able to i wear a hip. Out or a harness and still be able to get your hands in if you need to warm them which is a nice feature but still would've been nice to see another pocket on the outside there is a mesh pocket on. The inside which I'll get into right now. On the inside of the left side if. You will there's a small little mesh pocket generously sized about the size. Of my hand and that's it on the other. Pocket on the jacket nothing on this. Side at all and since this is a. Waterproof shell means it has fully. Taped seams and for instance just on. This seam right here you can see this where fabric meets it's completely taped. And see it here then running down all. These other seams end of a zipper right. Here are some tape on it see owe something to look for you know to see the quality and the effectiveness of a waterproof shell to see the you know. The extent of the tape seems and all that mm-hmm this. Is just does a really nice job and I'll dump some water on it then to show how it just you know repels water. And beads off of it and the this gray. All the gray accents and basically get this whole panel on the back here is this little bit of this shamwow type material really. Comfortable in the skin like i said this. Jackets really not gonna offer that much insulation it will block wind does a pretty nice job at that as well but if you're gonna be using this in the cold weather like i said all activity-dependent I've done a video on wool while i like that for certain activity activities in the quarter months of the year you know this is sort of contrast to wearing wool because from wearing wool I'm really not gonna be moving around that much but this is basically meant for you to be active in still be able to breathe without sweating too much which is very important in the winter you don't want to work up a sweat and that's basically. The features of this jacket i believe. The shell is made out of complete 100%. Polyester i believe that's what it says on the tag depending on the size this jacket is going to be about a pound and a half give or take a few ounces so not really. A lightweight ultralight shell for those. Who goes into that you know trying to find. Something that's really ultralight but nonetheless really effective effective jacket for what it's intended for so this is definitely not. A cheap not a cheap jacket i like to do a lot of things in the forest i like to be outside doing a lot of different things so the clothes and. The gear i have sort of reflect that specific activity level so this is why. I'll sign it sort of interested in getting this type of garment from sierra. Trading post just to try it out use it because one i probably could never really afford or afford to spend the. Money to try out something like this so i was really interested to do it and I'm really happy with these soft shows they're really cool i know the military sort of uses this type of technology the soft shell waterproof like that just because it's a pretty rugged layer considering all things. Considering obviously not as much as like you know some other nylons or different poly blends but nonetheless pretty rugged really waterproof hold. Tight I'm going to grab a bottle and just dump some water. Just send up some water to show you. Obviously dumping water is really not gonna mimic rain cuz its ton of water. One spot but let's pop straight off no. Absorption and this is a pretty extreme. Test you know that much water that. Concentrated in one single spot but nonetheless super repellent really awesome type of technology and shall in general there's. Any things i didn't cover or any. Questions you have about this jacket this type of technology this you know sort of shell or garment outer layer leave a comment let me know start an exchange like i said for the price it's pretty expensive for show so depending on your activity level if you're going to be out in the dead of winter being really active you sort of do need a proprietary you can't just go out you know it can. Jeans and a sweatshirt stuff like that as opposed to your code if you're hanging out by fire so that's where the sort of you know price comes into play and technology for those who want to be super active in the dead of winter and you know really snow-covered environments but all in all it's a. Really cool jacket the colors i could give or take but this black you know i really like just cuz it's muted i don't. Only like a lot of bright colors in general but with that being said i hope the video is helpful like i said leave a comment if you had experienced using soft-shells waterproof probably breathable all of that type of stuff let me know I'd like to thank sierra trading post again for giving this the opportunity to work with them and be able to you know try out some different gear and specifically I'd like to thank chris as sierra trading post go check out their site if you're looking for any pieces of gear you might be able to find it at a discounted price remember tech outback outdoors comm. Check us out on facebook check out blackout on Instagram this is craig. Signing out with black outdoors later turtles.

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    Stoic Merino Blend Baselayer Bottom - Men's

    The Stoic Merino Blend Baselayer Bottom features a blend of merino wool and polyester that's both toasty and strong, a good layering piece for ripping groomers at the resort or taking peaceful hikes in the snow. Wool helps regulate your body temperature, is odor-resistant, and naturally breathable, while polyester enhances the fabric's durability and helps to wick moisture away from your skin.

  • Backcountry Exclusive
  • Baselayer leggings add warmth to your winter pursuits
  • Wool-poly blend is warm, wicking, and odor-resistant
  • Slim fit conveniently layers beneath hardshell pants
  • Australian-made fabric is sourced from non-mulesed sheep
  • Item #SIC00EW
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    Mammut Convey IN Hooded Down Jacket - Men's

    Keep the Mammut Men's Convey Hooded Down Jacket near the top of your backpack so you can pull it out at a moment's notice. Down insulation keeps this jacket light, lofty, and so compressible that you can pack the Convey in its own pocket for compact storage. The Pertex Quantum shell is reliably windproof

  • Lightweight, compressible down jacket for mountainous adventures
  • 700-fill down insulation is light, lofty, and compressible
  • Pertex Quantum shell is water-resistant and windproof
  • Elastic-bound hem and cuffs and adjustable hood secure the fit
  • Jacket packs in one of the zippered pockets for compact storage
  • Item #MAM015Z
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    Mountain Hardwear Chockstone Hooded Jacket - Men's

    Free movement is paramount in the mountains. Whether you're high up on sheer rock walls or grinding your way up steep summit trails, you don't want stiff or burdensome clothing making the experience even more difficult. Well, if you're rocking the Mountain Hardwear Chockstone Hooded Jackt that won't be a problem. This softshell jacket boasts lots of stretch for multi-pitch climbs, cool-weather hiking trips, and backcountry ski tours. It's got a mobility-enhancing four-way stretch fabric that keeps no route or trail off limits, and even has a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating to shed lighter rain when it makes an unexpected appearance in the day's activities.

  • Stretchy and durable softshell jacket with multi-sport versatility
  • Four-way stretch fabric enhances movement for tricky climbing moves
  • Tough construction withstands abrasion on rugged walls and trails
  • DWR coating keeps you dry when you're out in lighter rain and snow
  • Fixed hood provides snug protection from alpine elements
  • Zippered pockets are harness compatible for easy access to gear
  • Item #MHW01AV
  • This is the woman's mountain hardwear super shaft stone hooded jacket soft. Shells are known for being the do it all type of jackets that you can wear almost anytime anywhere and i see this jacket. As really the ultimate go-to for any active outdoor enthusiast you can throw. It on in the evening when the sun sets and the temperatures drop can layer underneath of it in the winter where it's work and then go hiking it over the weekend so really comfortable and really. Stretchy because of this nylon mixed. With the last pane fabric so you can see. That incredible stretch there the materials also really abrasion resistant so you can be really rough in it without showing a lot of wear like in some other types of materials it's lightweight there's no insulation at all here so. It's great for in the summer when it's. Warm out and you're just looking for something that take the edge off of that cold but you can really layer underneath it in the winter because it's so stretchy and this material is actually pretty water resistant it's not waterproof in the true sense but a few. Passing clouds are going to be no match for this material and if it does become wet it's going to dry really quickly it's got simple but really effective features down here on the bottom you. Just have a lightweight cinch cord that comes out to one side so you can cinch it down if you're wearing a climbing harness so the bottom of the jacket doesn't kind of push out you've got two hand level pockets here, and they're actually lined with a nice soft material. So you can put your chilly hands in. There to warm them up they're set up high enough that if you are wearing that. Climbing harness you can still access that pocket full length zipper here so. Easy on and off down here on the cuffs. You just have a nice stretchy cuff and. It actually has a little bit more durable material here on the inside and. A gusset there to give it a little more stretchiness the only other pocket here. Is a nice small convenient chest pocket right here on the top of course you've. Got a hood here and i love hoods in general because of their versatility this one is nice and lightweight it fits under a climbing helmet and can offer that extra little bit of protection when you need it from wind and from cold if you're. Looking for that do it all soft shell that looks nice enough to wear downtown after a day on the trail check out the. Women's mountain hardwear super shocks tone hooded jacket thanks. For watching if you have additional questions about the gear you just saw please feel free to visit back country edge comm and get in touch with me or. One of our other gear specialists we also have technical specs about that gear on the product pages of our website and often times we have bonus videos if. You like our channel please subscribe.

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    Mons Royale Alta Tech Long-Sleeve Crew Top - Men's

  • Technical baselayer with a casual look ideal for mountain or city
  • Merino wool offers midweight thermal regulation and odor-resistance
  • Merino also wicks moisture and dries quickly
  • Rolled shoulder seams prevent backpack strap chafing
  • Thumbholes secure sleeves when layering
  • Item #MNR004O
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    Mons Royale Alta Tech Long-Sleeve Crew Top - Men's

  • Technical baselayer with a casual look ideal for mountain or city
  • Merino wool offers midweight thermal regulation and odor-resistance
  • Merino also wicks moisture and dries quickly
  • Rolled shoulder seams prevent backpack strap chafing
  • Thumbholes secure sleeves when layering
  • Item #MNR004O
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    The North Face Morph Vest - Men's

    Whether you're heading to the cafe or going up the mountain, there's always room for The North Face Men's Morph Vest. Its 800-fill down is so lofty that you can pack it into its own pocket for compact storage in mountaineering packs or messenger bags. The North Face's ThermoBaffle construction weaves chambers together in order to eliminate exposed threads and create stronger wind barriers compared to other puffy vests.

  • Insulated vest packs into its own pocket for any cold adventure
  • 800-fill down is lightweight and compressible for compact storage
  • ThermoBaffle's woven chambers create a stronger wind barrier
  • Water-resistant shell sheds snow spray and light moisture
  • Item #TNF040P
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    Patagonia Sunrise Trail Pant - Boys'

    It wasn't long ago that you were toting him along the trails in a front pack and now he's powering up steep terrain and lugging all the heavy stuff. It's in part because he learned from the best, but it could also be because he's got his Patagonia Boys' Sunrise Trail Pants on. These comfortable hiking pants feature a tough nylon construction, with a hint of spandex and articulated knees that stretches to let him move freely up the hill. If he's motoring up the hill way too fast, hide some rocks in those deep back pockets if you want to pump the brakes and slow him down.

  • Hiking pants for your speedy little hiker
  • Durable nylon construction
  • Spandex allows stretch and movement
  • Articulated knees for unimpeded mobility
  • Deep back pockets hold kindling for your fire
  • Fabric is bluesign approved
  • Item #PAT02G0
  • Our girls sunrise trail pants are. Technical hiking pants made with a durable quick-drying 95 percent nylon 5%. Spandex fabric with four-way stretch 40. Upf sun protection and a durable water repellent finish to help shed moisture the nylon is 67 percent recycled content which reduces our need for petroleum the. Waistband is elasticized for comfort and stretch it fastens with a button closure and a zippered fly and the elasticized back eyo panel helps to provide a great fit front pockets of webbing infants in. The corners that serve as tool clips back patch pockets secured with hook and. Loop closures the knees are slightly articulated and the seat is gusseted for maximum freedom of movement jogger style cuffs are elasticized on the regular fit pants our girls sunrise trail pants are durable hiking pants built for comfort on the trail.

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